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  • H A R Ti n t e r c i v i c

    eSlate ' * E lec t ron ic Vot ing System

    Bnu-or OnlclrunnoruSornruaRE SYSTEMTnaIruIruG MANUAL

    BOSS Version 2.8

    -From Black Box Voting Document Arcives-


    BOSS Version # 2.8

    lnformaJon belonglng excluslvely to Hart lntorclylq lnc,No parl of this publlcaflon may be rproducod, stored in aretigval system, or trangmfttd in any torm or by arry m6anselectnonlc, mchanlcal, phobcoplod, recordd, or othorwlse

    written prmission of Hart InlErCMc. Inc.

    Page 2T-17, Revislon L7

    Hart lntorcMc. tnc. @ 2001All Rights Rosruad

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  • BOSS Tralnlng Manual

    Tabl6 ol Contents

    TnaIe or CONTENTS

    BOSS MenBOSS Fleld Limits .........................9BOSS User Privlleges............ .....10Sequential Steps for Creating an Election in 8OSS.......11

    Course Iabus

    BOSS Operator TralningBOSS Operator Training

    Course Content Ghart.,...........12Course Outline ........................ 1 3

    Page 3Hart lntercMc, Inc.

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  • BOSS Tralnlng Manual

    Table of Contents

    Appendix A: Glossary of TermsAppendix B: lnformation, Confirmation, Error, and

    Appendlx C: Accents for Second Lan9ua9e...................23Appendix D: Tips and Trlcks ,...,,24Appendlx E: Gopying a Database Fonrard

    Clean lng .wav Hlad.Mlcrapttone ContolCloanlng .wav Flled$ound Recorder

    Appendix G; Creating and lmportingNon-Audio Fi1es.......,.. .................35


    Creatw an Equtpment UetExample EqulpmentLlst Fl16...................,..........,...-............., 42

    lmportlng Preclncfs and Pol ng PlacohFofing S'd|'eContes'slmpoddg Eq/flp/|nentF eB 45qea ng hpon Flles ln MS Access

    Appendix H: Backing Up Election DatabasestoaGD '-..,.......,...,....' 56Appendix l: Ballot Creation Worksheet ........69Appendix J: Outline for BOSS CourseExercises Election...,. .....,....,.......20Appendlx K: Sample JBC/MBB Tracking Log.................72Appendix L: Sample MBB Labels .......................,............73Appendix M: Course Self-Check List............. ..................24

    Page 4Han lnteroMc, lnc.

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  • BOSS Tralnlng Manual


    l ru rnopucr roNWhat is BOSS?

    Ballot Origination Softtrare System (BOSS) is a software application that accepts userinplrt ot jurisdictional and elction specific information. BOSS is a Windows-basedprogram and uses a commercid database produc,t to store and manipulate data. Theballot genration tsature ot BOSS creates electronic ballot styles based on thejudsdictional and elec'tion specific informatlon supplied by tho user. Ballot generationcreats a singlo data file that is used to conduct ths election at any polling location. TheeSlatem proprietary data file is written to multiplo PC card memory devices calledMobile Ballot Boxos (MBBS) rM. MBBS are transported to various potling locationsthroughout ths county. Each MBB contains the same information so that they can beused in any location. In a polling place, the MBB is used to configure ths Judge's BoothControllers (JBCs) and connec'ted eslates, and to configure Ballot Now for papr ballots,should that option be used. The MBB supplies ballot data for the election, Tallyru usesths came MBBS from tho deptoyed JBCs and from Ballot Now to retum the ballot imagescaptured to Elction Headquartsrs for tabulation. Once BOSsro generates the file forthe MBB, the BOSS database becomes locked so that no more changes can be mad,thus protecting the integrity of th MBB data file. The BOSS database is subsequentlyused to initialize the Tally database.

    This Document:This Document is a training manual designed to guide operator training, and it is meantf,or uss in conjunction with the Ballot Origination Software System (BOSS) OperationsManual. This training manual is meant for both initial training with Hart IntercMc tralningspecialists, and as a reference to supplemgnt the operations manual onca training iscomplote.

    Course Oblectives:Through this murse trainees will create ballots uging BOSS. These ballots will be readyto run on the suite of products aviailable in the eslate Elestronic Voting System.

    Take Note:Allstepg that refer to a button or menu on the BOSS screen have tho buttonin bold (i.e.: Sarre, Close, OK).All step6 that refer to a key on the keyboard have lhe key underlined (i.e.:g!, shn,Edeo.All steps that refer to a mouse cfckhave the wordas) italicized (i.e.: click, rightclick, double clicl

  • BOS Trainlng Manual

    6late Data Flowchart

    eSLATE Dare FlowcunRr

    Page 6Hart lntercMc, lnc.

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  • BOSti Tralnlng Manual

    The BOSS Wlndow

    Tne BOSS Wt t tDow

    B{f$ ntb Bst

    Page 7Hart lnterCMc, lnc.

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  • BOSS Tralnlng Manual

    BOSS M6nus

    B O S S M e n u s

    Page 8Hart lnteroMc, lnc.

    -From Black Box Voting Document Arcives-

  • BOSS Tralnlng Manual

    BOSS Fleld Umlts

    BOSS Fte lo Lnurrs

    Page IHart tntercMc, Inc.

    -From Black Box Voting Document Arcives-

  • BOSS Tralnlng Manual

    BOSS User PrMlegs

    B o s s U s e n P n T v T L E G E SAdministEtors and Oprators login to the BOSS application by typing a User tD(usemame) and password after opening BOSS.

    It is recommended that the user cunently logged in:> Stay at the computer while running the application,> Exit the application if dhe steps atday from the system.

    An administrator sets user prMleges. See the BOSS Operations Manual for direc.tionson setting usr prMlsges. The following charts show user pfMlegss for BOS9 functiongand Admin menu commandg:

    BOs6Funcfron VlawCreate Daiabss No No Yes

    ( Databases Yes No YesNo No Yes

    Prir* Reoorb Yes Yes Yes

    Yes Yes Yes

    l Usels No No Y6

    Pag 10Han lnteroMc, lnc.

    -From Black Box Voting Document Arcives-

  • BOSS Tralnlng ManualBO$ Seguentlal Sleps tor Creatlng an Electlon ln BOSS

    SeoUENTTAL Sreps Fon Cnre r rNc AN E lec r ront N B O S S

    $@ More htanrdtlon1. Create an Election Databaso. Under the Adminisfation Menu2. ODon the Election Database. Under the File Menu3. Define th Election's Type, Date,

    and Title. Undor the Election Menu

    Detine the Jurisdictlon intormation.> lmporting Precincts and Polling

    Plac6 is covered in theAdm inistration Menu (eseepage,f,l).

    Undsr the Election MenuDsfining the Judsdiction includos:

    > Jurisdiction Namo,> Precincts,> Type of ballot rotration,

    Contest tiues in English and which precincts will use them,Polling Places,Rules.

    5. Assign the precincts to pollingDlaces. Under the Election Menu

    6. Defin th Political Partis. Defining the political party titles for active cutests is th6

    "[4aintaining Parties' menu item under the Adminigtration monu.7. Dsfine contest titls in second

    lanouaq. if nocessary. Under the Administration Menu

    8. Defins the candidates and votingootions for contestg. "Active Contests" under the Election Menu

    9. Proofraad the available ballotrepons.

    Ballot Rports should be printed bofore gonerating the ballotformat so you can proof and conect errors.

    10. Record audio strings for DAUrueSlates.

    Add audio belore generating the ballot. Elport all audio beiorewriting an MBB."Audicf is under the Administration menu.

    1 1. E@rt all audio and save databaseto CD (optional measures).

    e For diroc'tions on how to export audio 6@ page 29. For directions on how to save to CD ses oase 56.

    12. Generate the ballot formats,including paper format if you areuslnq Ballot Now.

    13. Cr@te ths Mobile Ballot Boxes(MBBS) tor use in the JBC, DAUeslates. Ballot Now. and Servo.

    Under the Electlon Menu, create 1 MBB for each JBC, I MBB forBallot Nou at least 1 MBB for Servo, 1 DAU card for each DAUeSlate, and 2-10"/o excss MBB and DAU cards tor emerqencies.

    14. Lock for Tallv. Under the Administration Menu

    15. Pdnt Audn Trail and Polling PlacesReports.

    The Audit Trait report gives a record of opsrator ac{ions, and thePolling Places Fleport is useful when gMng instructions to JBCoperalors who are entering Polling Place l.D.s.

    16. Verify that the MBBs contain therequired information in the desiredformat.

    Test the Tsst MBBS in the eslate polling place system and/or withBallot Now. Conducl Logic & Accuracy Test, if applicable.

    17. lf necssary, copy the BOSSdattabase foruard, @nect enors,and rtum to steD I in this list.

    See Copyfng a BOSS Database Fotward, page 27.

    18. Backup the BOSS database bycoDt inq it to a CD-B. F Sae BacKng Up Etectlon Databds to a CD, page 56.

    Page 11Hart lntercMc, lnc.

    -From Black Box Voting Document Arcives-

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