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Straight-forward instructions equipped with illustrations on how to make an envelope clutch bag, with wallet like inserts for credit cards and money.


<p>Envelope Clutch Bag Instructions:</p> <p>Materials: Fabric Lining Interfacing 6-inch zip 2 snap fasteners Thin elastic (7-inches / 18cm)</p> <p>Instructions: 1. Cut out pattern pieces 2. Trace pieces on to chosen fabric and lining, and then cut out leaving a 1cm seam allowance around all edges. 3. Apply iron-on interfacing to the wrong side of all pieces except the inner pocket and the change pocket. 4. Fold the pieces for the two card slots and note slot in half vertically wrong sides together, topstitch along the upper folded edge. 5. Place card slot B on top of note slot with bottom raw edges lined up, stitch horizontally across the pieces about 45mm down from the top edge of card slot B. 6. Place card slot A on top of card slot B with bottom raw edges lined up, stitch vertically down the middle from the top edge of card slot B to the bottom edge. 7. Cut along the cut line of change pocket. Place the two pieces back together right sides together. Sew at either edge leaving a 1cm seam allowance, sewing only about 15mm in on either side (leaving an opening the length of your zip). 8. Sew zip in place in the opening of the change pocket. 9. Sew two rows of long basting stitches along bottom edge of the inner pocket.</p> <p>10. Fold upper edge over wrong sides together and sew a channel as wide as your elastic. Feed the elastic into the channel and secure it at either end. 11. Gather the bottom edge of the pocket to about 20cm long.</p> <p>12. Take outer piece that has been cut from your lining fabric, place the pockets in place as shown in diagram:</p> <p>13. Baste card and note slots in place. 14. Fold seam allowance of three raw edges of inner pocket under and topstitch, with the lower edge of pocket covering the bottom raw edge of the card slots. 15. Fold upper and lower seam allowance of change pocket under and top stitch in place. Baste the side edges in place.</p> <p>16. Fold all sides of the outer lining piece up so you get a box shape with right sides together (as shown in diagram below). Stitch from the bottom corners to the top edges on all four corners. Trim seam allowance.</p> <p>17. Do the same with the outer piece to make another box shape. Turn right side out. 18. Hand sew a piece of card onto the bottom of your lining piece so it keeps its shape. 19. Pull the outer piece over the lining piece with wrong sides together. Fold in seam allowance, press, pin. Topstitch all the way around the upper edge. 20. Add one side of the snap fasteners to the closure flap as marked on the pattern. 21. Close the bag folding the sides in neatly then press flat. 22. Mark on the outside of the bag where the snaps fall and attach the other half of each of the snaps where you have marked.</p>