english  holes by louis sacher  poetry –imagery and language  fiction –different genres...

Download English  Holes by Louis Sacher  Poetry –Imagery and language  Fiction –Different genres  Non-Fiction – Recounts Hola Mexico! Art/Geog/History/D&T

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YEAR 6English Holes by Louis SacherPoetry Imagery and languageFiction Different genresNon-Fiction RecountsHola Mexico!Art/Geog/History/D&TMexicoMayansMexican foodFrida Kahlo

ScienceThe Nature LibraryEverything Changes

English Skellig by David AlmondPoetry Language and imageryFiction Take one bookNon-Fiction Reports and ExplanationsDarwins DelightsArt/History/D&T/ScienceEvolutionObservational drawingDarwinMap work


Eureka!Pig Heart BoyPoetryNarrative workshopPersuasionOTHER THEMES IN THE YEARA Childs warGoodnight Mr TomPoetryTake one bookDiscussionBonjour FranceRooftoppersPoetryTake one bookDebating

Our first topic is THE KINGDOM OF GOD

Our second topic is JUSTICE

New School Year Mass Thursday 17th September 9:15am.


Behaviour :Contract decided and agreed by the classBehaviour codesBehaviour ExpectationsPrefectsHouse CaptainsEco AmbassadorsLibrariansBuddies

RewardsHouse Points.Marvellous me.Bronze Award.Gold Book.Class awards

MULTIPLICATION TABLESLearning tables and being tested each Thursday

SPELLING10/12 spellings a week that will be tested on a Thursday

LEARNING LOGSA range of subjects to reinforce learning in the classroom.

MATHSWorksheets / AbacusHOMEWORK

Buddy SystemYear 6 will continue to be buddies to the Year 2 children.

They will be paired up and get a chance to read with, sit with them in special assemblies, and in the playground on certain buddy events.

BOYS Years 1 to 6 Winter

Navy blue trousersWhite shirt or white polo shirtSchool sweatshirtRed tie (with shirt only)Navy socksPlain outdoor coats in school colours

GIRLS Years 1 to 6Winter

Navy blue pinafore or skirtPlain navy tailored trousers White blouse or white polo shirtSchool sweatshirt or cardiganRed tie (with blouse only)Navy or red tights or white socksPlain outdoor coats in school colours

SummerSame as for WinterLightweight plain outdoor coats in school colours

SummerRed gingham dressSchool sweatshirt or cardiganWhite socksLightweight plain outdoor coats in school colours


On 1st July 2016 Year 6 will be setting off on an exciting journey to France, linked to our Geography, History, English and MfL work.

School Journey

Summer termY5/6 Summer productionSATs meeting- JanuaryHomework diariesHelpersMorningsOptional requestsOther informationThank you!Please take a Curriculum Letter.