END OF YEAR ACTIVITIES - Kingswood High are 2 days set aside for end of year activities these are

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<ul><li><p>EEENNNDDD OOOFFF YYYEEEAAARRR AAACCCTTTIIIVVVIIITTTIIIEEESSS </p></li><li><p>END OF YEAR ACTIVITIES There is no need to be bored at the end of the year. We have activities to suit everyones taste and budget. You might like to go to Wet n Wild, Bowling or stay at school and help beautify the </p><p>school or join the Playstation/Wii Battle! Its all here so make the most of it! Be part of it all. Check out the activities, ask your Mum or Dad and be ready to enrol. There are 2 days set aside for end of year activities these are Thursday 15th and Friday 16th December, 2016. </p><p> You may pick a whole day session or two day sessions depending on your interests. </p><p>Morning sessions will run from 8.45 am till 11.15 am Lunch is from 11.15 am until 12.00 pm. </p><p>Afternoon sessions run from 12.00 pm until 2.30 pm Cost means the total cost for the activity. Teacher means who to see for more details or come to see Ms Sadler Train Fare For activities requiring train travel, it is the responsibility of each student to have their OWN opal card. School opal cards are not valid. Check activity to see if it is included in the price. Water Activities Students participating in water based activities need to be competent swimmers. Parents are required to sign a permission form indicating their childs swimming capabilities. </p></li><li><p> SELECTION OF ACTIVITIES </p><p> Selection day is </p><p>Wednesday 16th November, 2016 Student will be called upon from class to make selections and pay </p><p>deposits to the front office on this day. On selection day, you must have the enrolment form indicating what activities you will be selecting (pull out in the middle of book), with either a 50% DEPOSIT FOR EACH ACTIVITY or the whole amount. Parents please note that ALL money must be paid by Monday 5th December, and some activities may operate outside school hours. </p><p>OR A Non Attendance Form indicating that you will not be taking part in activities week and your parents will be responsible for you during this time. You will be called from class to do this at an allocated time. You will also be given the opportunity to make payments at the office on this day. To secure your place in the activity, 50% DEPOSIT for EACH activity is required. Teachers have made pre-bookings and need to organise your activity. You may wish to make full payment. Please note that Wet n Wild, Escape the Hunt, Madame Tussauds, Skypeak Adventures and Horse-riding require full payment upon selection. </p><p>Payments can be made at the OFFICE during recess and lunch AFTER SELECTIONS have been approved, to finalise the payment. </p><p>THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR ACTIVITIES Group bookings at special prices are offered and refunds are not available. For further clarification </p><p>check with the teacher running the activity. If you do not intend to participate in End of Year Activities please complete the Non Attendance Form indicating that you will not be taking part in activities week, stating your reason and your parents will be responsible for you during this time. This SIGNED non-attendance form MUST be returned to Miss Sadler. </p></li><li><p> INFORMATION FOR PARENTS </p><p> Students in Years 7,8,9 and 10 are required to apply for activities. Students </p><p>in Year 11 may choose to apply for activities. Students who have been suspended during Term 4, 2016 will only be </p><p>allowed to attend activities on school grounds. Students doing activities out of school will meet their teachers at the venue or at the Train Station as indicated by the organising teacher. For activities that require a train ticket, these need to be purchased on the day by the student or as organised by the teacher. Costs are as follows: </p><p> Students are required to use their own OPAL cards. </p><p>*Any students eligible for a new concession pass, please pick up from the front office Students will be dismissed at the local venue in the afternoon. Parents are asked that they make arrangements for their children after this time. Students who travel to venues on bikes, scooters and skateboards must do so in a safe and appropriate manner. Parents must ensure that their child should wear appropriate protective equipment and comply with laws governing road safety. The school is unable to be responsible for students arriving at a venue or going home if they are traveling independently. Please note that the Canteen will be CLOSED on Thursday 15</p><p>th December AND Friday 16th December. </p><p>Students need to bring all food and drinks. </p></li><li><p>ACTIVITIES FOR THURSDAY 15th DECEMBER All day activities outside school All day activities at school Half day activities at school Bowling &amp; Lasertag </p><p>Escape the Hunt </p><p>Madam Tussad/Aquarium </p><p>Monster Skate Park </p><p>Movies at the Plaza </p><p>PCYC Survivor Games </p><p>SCG &amp; Allianz Tour </p><p>Skypeak Adventures </p><p>Taste of Asia Food Tour </p><p>Ultimate Sports with Mr. Lang </p><p>Warragamba Dam Excursion </p><p>Wet n Wild </p><p>Garden Plaque &amp; Claywork </p><p>KHS Amazing Race </p><p>School Beautification </p><p>Brain &amp; Board Games </p><p>Movies at School </p><p>Wii/Playstation </p><p>ACTIVITIES FOR FRIDAY 16th DECEMBER All day activities outside school All day activities at school Half day activities at school Chinese Friendship Garden </p><p>Featherdale Park </p><p>Flip Out </p><p>Horseriding </p><p>Ice Skating </p><p>Monster Skate Park </p><p>Movies at the Plaza </p><p>Op Shop Safari </p><p>Shopping at the Plaza </p><p>Skypeak Adventures </p><p>Chocolate Making </p><p>School Beautification </p><p>Taste of India </p><p>Brain &amp; Board Games </p><p>Hip Hop Dance Workshop </p><p>Movies at School </p><p>Wii/Playstation </p></li><li><p>A FULL LIST OF ACTIVITIES </p><p>Brain &amp; Board Games </p><p>Bowling &amp; Lasertag </p><p>Chinese Garden </p><p>Chocolate Making </p><p>Escape the Hunt </p><p>Featherdale Park </p><p>Flip Out </p><p>Garden Plaque &amp; Claywork </p><p>Hip Hop Dance Workshop </p><p>Horse Riding </p><p>Ice Skating </p><p>KHS AMAZING RACE! </p><p>Madame Tussad/Sydney Aquarium </p><p>Monster Skate Park </p><p>Movies at Plaza </p><p>Movies at School </p><p>Op Shop Safari </p><p>PCYC Survivor Games </p><p>School Beautification </p><p>SCG &amp; Allianz Tour </p><p>Shopping in the Plaza </p><p>Skypeak Adventures </p><p>Taste of Asia Food Tour </p><p>Taste of India </p><p>Ultimate Sports with Mr. Lang </p><p>Warragamba Dam </p><p>Wet n Wild </p><p>Wii, Playstation </p></li><li><p>END OF YEAR ACTIVITIES Brain &amp; Board Games GALORE! </p><p>Cost: NIL Venue : School Teacher : Mr Lebens &amp; Mr N. Gillard Bring along your favourite game to play or try something new! </p><p>If you like playing interesting and unusual games then sign up for this fun activity! Plenty of games will be returning (like Ascension and Elder Sign!) and new games recently acquired! If you have any questions just ask Mr Lebens or Mr. N. Gillard. </p><p>Bowling &amp; LaserTag </p><p>Cost: $30 + spending money for lunch (payable at the venue) Venue : AMF Bowling Centre, Batt St, Penrith Transport: Make own way to and from the centre Teacher : Mr OMeara &amp; Ms Barnier </p><p>Students get to bowl and play laser tag at AMF bowling in Penrith. Student can play 2 games of bowling and/or purchase a package to include Laser tag in their time at the centre. </p><p>Chinese Friendship Garden </p><p>Cost: $3 (payable on the day) + Lunch Venue: Darling Harbour Transport: Train (own opal card) Teacher: Miss Meduri, Miss Sahyouni &amp; Miss Carroll </p><p>Have you ever imagined your own secret garden? A place to escape; to breathe deeply and feel the sun on your face. Darling Harbours Chinese Garden of Friendship is that place. Much more than just a city garden, the walled Chinese Garden respectfully recreates the philosophy and harmony of a traditional Chinese garden with waterfalls, lakes, exotic plants, pavilions and hidden pathways. With koi carp swimming in the lakes, willows weeping in the breeze and a Teahouse serving Chinese tea and dim sum, be careful when you discover Darling Harbours secret gardenyou may never want to leave. </p></li><li><p>Chocolate Making </p><p>Cost: $15 Venue: School Teacher: Miss Sadler </p><p>Use your creative expertise to make and design mouth watering chocolates. This activity will appeal to die hard chocoholics or you can share your goodies by giving them as Christmas gifts to your friends. </p><p>Escape the Hunt </p><p>Cost: $28 + Trainfare + Lunch ($28 payment required on selection day) Venue : George Street, Sydney Transport: Train Teacher : Mrs Green, Mrs Rigney &amp; Miss Case </p><p>Escape the Hunt is a real life first person escape game. You are locked in a room and must explore your surroundings, solve riddles and clues in order to escape. It requires players to be observant and use critical thinking skills. We will then have lunch in the city before returning home. </p><p>Featherdale Wildlife Park </p><p>Cost: $15.50 + Train &amp; Bus (Opal Card) Venue : Featherdale, Kildare Road, Doonside Transport: Train &amp; Bus Approximate Return: 4pm Teacher : Mrs Joseph &amp; Mrs Nagpal </p><p>Fantastic Featherdale! - Visit Featherdale Wildlife Park - Pat a koala and hand feed a kangaroo at no extra cost! Featherdale is Sydney's 'hands on' wildlife experience. Meet over 1,700 animals from more than 280 different species- little Penguins, Wombats, Wallabies, Saltwater crocodile, Bilbies, Emus and 40 species of reptiles in the Reptilian Pavilion! We will travel by train to Blacktown. Then we will catch a bus to the Wildlife Park. Do not miss this opportunity to visit the park with your friends! </p></li><li><p>Flip Out </p><p>Cost: $20 Venue : Flip Out Penrith, Batt Street, Penrith Transport: Make own way to and from venue Teacher : Mr Lucas </p><p>Have a great day with your friends jumping and bouncing around at Flipout. Learn a few new tricks or just sit and watch the world bounce by! BRING YOUR SOCKS! </p><p>Hip Hop Dance Workshop </p><p>Cost: NIL Venue : School Dance Studio Teacher: The Legendary Hip Hop Guru Mr North! </p><p>Do you want to learn some moves? Beginner and experienced dancers are welcome to come to this FREE hip hop dance workshop taught by Mr North. On the day you will learn a short routine as well as individual breakdance moves to show off to friends and family. Please wear sensible clothes for moving around on the ground and comfortable shoes. Dance is a great way to enjoy music and keep fit. </p><p>Garden Plaques &amp; Clay Work </p><p>Cost: $5 for materials &amp; lunch! (payable on the day) Venue : School Art Room Teacher : Ms Bennett </p><p>Design a garden plaque in clay. A decorative 3 dimensional wall tile for your garden featuring animals and flowers or your own design. Pizza for lunch is included in the cost. </p></li><li><p>Ice Skating </p><p>Cost: $ 8 (payable on the day) Venue: Penrith Ice Rink, Pattys Place Jamisontown Transport: Make own way to and from venue Teacher : Miss Keevers </p><p>Want to spend a day keeping cool? Want to prove you can ice skate? Than a day at Ice Skating is for you! Get your group of friends together and spend a day seeing who is the best on the ice! We will meet at the venue at 10am and finish at 2pm. There is a canteen at the venue if you want to buy lunch or you can bring it with you. Winter wear: Long pants, Long sleeve shirts, Jumper, Jacket, Gloves, Beanie, Long thick socks... etc. </p><p>Horse Riding </p><p>Cost: $99 (3 hour option) or $70 (1 hour option) + $10 transport Full payment required on selection day. Venue : Darkes Forest Please note this activity will run from 8am to 3 pm. Transport: School Bus Teacher : Ms Marita BYO all food and water. </p><p>Option decided upon will depend upon students registered interest. </p><p> Come and spend the day at Darkes Forest Riding Ranch. Excellent value for money. You will learn full grooming and care for your horse and how to saddle up. You will then have an opportunity to learn dressage working in the arena followed by a one hour Trail Ride. Full Day - 1 1/2 hours travel either way, lesson runs 10-1pm. </p></li><li><p>KHS AMAZING RACE! </p><p>Cost: FREE Venue: School Teacher : Mr Liu </p><p>The Amazing Race Kingswood High School! Want to win some cool mystery prizes!?!?! Looking for a fun but free activity??? Solve puzzles, work together with your friends to complete challenges. Bribe the teachers (if you need to). The team that finishes first will win mystery prizes (!?!?!) Finished last? Come along for a celebratory party full of delicious food and drinks. </p><p>Madame Tussauds/Sydney Aquarium Wildlife </p><p>Cost: $ 20 + Train + Lunch FULL PAYMENT for VENUE ON SELECTION DAY Venue: Darling Harbour Transport: Train (Using OWN Opal card) Teacher : Mrs Srinath &amp; Mrs Rehka </p><p>Take pictures with your idols - Actors, Leaders and Singers. Experience the magic of wax-making by getting your very own wax-hand made at Madame Tussauds Sydney. This once in a life-time experience takes approximately 20 minutes and each hand is completely unique. Also see the marine creatures in Sydney Aquarium or enjoy the Australian Out back animals. Buy your lunch or bring it with you! </p></li><li><p>Monster Skate Park </p><p>Cost: $35 + Train Fare (+Hire of safety gear if needed) Venue: Olympic Park Transport: Train Teacher: Mr Church &amp; Mr Castell-Brown All riders must use a helmet, if you don't bring one you can hire one for $6. Entry into the park is at the discretion of Monster Skatepark and based on patrons signing either the Monster Participant Waiver or the Monster Spectator Waiver and accepting and abiding by the Conditions of Entry to the park and the Park Rules. </p><p>Monster Skatepark has the only international ramp facility in Australia with an indoor street course and outdoor vert and mini ramps plus an action skate and scooter shop. Sessions for skateboarders and scooters are all catered for at Monster Skatepark. To use or visit Monster Skatepark you must complete the Monster Skatepark Waiver either online prior to your visit or electronically in the retail shop. Parents or legal guardians must authorise your waiver. </p><p>Movies at Plaza </p><p>Cost: $21 (Two Movies) Prices vary due to the day picked. Venue: Hoyts at Penrith Plaza Transport: Make own way to and from plaza Teachers: M. McNamara, Ms. Fry, Mrs Geyer &amp; Ms McCullen Students will be dismissed directly after the conclusion of the second movie. Movies are rated G and PG only. </p><p>HOYTS MOVIES PENRITH PLAZA!!!!!!! Enjoy the opportunity to watch two of the latest movies in air conditioned comfort. Sit back and relax with your friends while you eat popcorn and choc tops. You will watch one movie and then move directly to the next afterwards. What a great way to spend the day!!!!! </p></li><li><p>Movies at School </p><p>Cost: $2 (copyright &amp; nibbles) Payable on the day Venue: School Teacher: Mrs Rock </p><p>Join in the fun and relax whilst watching your favourite movies. Enjoy your favourite Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney or even a classic movie! You can get a group of friends together and see me about what you would like to watch on the day - cartoons, comedy, action drama. I have access to a vast range of movies for your viewing pleasure. BYO popcorn, jaffas and drinks to and chill while watching some blasts from the past. </p><p>Op Shop Safari </p><p>Cost: $ Spending money Venue: Penrith Area Transport: Teacher s Car Teacher: Mr Taylor &amp; Mr Cueva </p><p>Do you love a bargain? Lets go foraging for those funky clothes, old vinyl or nic-naks. We will drive between ops shops in Penrith, St Marys and the lower mountains spending around 30mins at each place. Bring s...</p></li></ul>