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Liz Brown Bullock, Director of Social Media & Community, Dell, discusses how you can successfully find your virtual voice with ten ideas strategically starting off to more in depth tips on content curation and building influencer relationships. Presented at the Womens Empowerment Conference 2012 in San Diego, CA. #socialmedia #socialmediatraining


<ul><li> 1. Empowering Your Virtual VoiceLiz Brown Bullock, Director Social Media &amp; Community, Dell@lizbbullock#wec2012</li></ul><p> 2. Global MarketingBusiness issocializingwithpurpose2 Confidential 4/16/2013Graphic thanks to Gapingvoid.com Hugh MacLeod 3. Global MarketingAugust 2006Blog outreachexpands beyondtech SupportAugust 2006Blog outreachexpands beyondtech supportDecember 2006Ratings andreviews onDell.comJuly 2006Direct2Dell launchedToday Direct2Dell exists inEnglish, Spanish, Norwegian,Japanese and Chinese.February 2006Michael Dell AsksWhy dont we reach out and helpbloggers with tech support issues?January 2007StudioDell launchedDells video and podcast site,with helpful tips and tricks.Eventually expanding this intothe YouTube channel makingsharing easier.February 2007IdeaStorm LaunchedA voting based site allowingcustomers and others to submitideas for Dell.June 2007Dell joins TwitterDell launchesEmployeeStormInternal BlogsLaunched forEmployees.October 2007Michael Dell quote in Business WeekJeff Jarvis story quote, These conversations aregoing to occur whether you like it or not. Do youwant to be part of that or not? My argument is youabsolutely do. You can learn from them. You canimprove your reaction time. And you can be abetter company by listening and being involved inthat conversation.November 2007DellShares launchedThe first investor relations blog bya public company.January2008Dell alignsorganizationfor successFebruary 2008Twitter expandedMarch 2008Accepted Solutionslaunched on CommunityDell France begins OnlineCommunity OutreachMay 2008Dell Outlet achieves$0.5M in sales via TwitterCommunity team active on TwitterSmall Businessblog launchedApril 2008Inside IT launchedBlog focused on businesscustomers, and CloudComputing.June 2008Channel bloglaunchedJanuary 2009Dell Organizes in to4 customer focusedbusiness unitsSpring 2009Some Members ofCommunity andConversationsdeployed within eachof the new DellBusiness unitsJune 2009$2M+ Salesvia Twitter2009Dell TechCenterJune 2009Global Twitterrevenues of $6.5 MDecember2009HuffingtonPost BlogChina Micro-Blogging2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 20113 ConfidentialOctober 20101Altimeter recognizes Dell withOpen Leadership Award forInnovation and Execution onListeningJune 2010Dell launches B2B pagesFacebookApril 2011 Dellnamed #1 mostsocial brands inranking of 100 topDell Social Media andCommunity Universitylaunched/5,000 teammembers trained byend of year(Aug.)March 2010Launch @DellCares;today 24/7 11 languagesDec 2010 launchedSocial Media ListeningCommand CenterFive year journey of embedding social to be a better business 4. Global MarketingHow companies organize for social media: Holistic: Everyone is in customer service and support and any employeewho wants to be social is enabled Dell &amp; Best Buys Twelpforce are examplesConfidential5 4/16/2013Source: Survey of 140 Corporate Social Strategists, Altimeter Group, November 2010 5. Global MarketingThis discussion will coverHow Social Media ischanging ourlandscapePlanning: 10 tips to getyou started &amp; keep yougoing!Confidential7 6. Global MarketingWhat is social media? Any tool or service that uses Internet tofacilitate conversations Words, pictures, video, audio, experiences,observations, opinions, news and insights Connections and collaborations betweenfriends, peers, and influencers The redistribution of influence An opportunity and privilege- Brian Solis, Engage!Confidential8 7. Global MarketingThe Social Media Revolution9Video Thanks to Erik QualmanSource: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eUeL3n7fDs&amp;feature=related 8. Global MarketingSocial Media is reinventing how business is doneRed Robin, Gourmet Burgers 460-restaurant chain used internal social network to launch new sandwiches Traditional 6 month process: mailing spiral-bound books, getting feedback, etc Taught managers recipes, fastest way to make them all via video &amp; online indaysCompanies are using social to: Build teams that solve problems faster Share information among employees, partners &amp; customers Bring customer ideas &amp; input in to the companyConfidential10 4/16/2013 9. Global MarketingCustomers want to interact 93% of Americans believe a companyshould have a social media presence 85% believe a company should beactive with customers in social media 56% feel a stronger connection withcompanies they interact within insocial mediaConfidential11 4/16/2013Source: Cone Research of 1000+ Americans, September 2008 10. Global MarketingPlanning12 Confidential 4/16/2013 11. Global MarketingYour social strategy needs as much forethought as anyother business processConfidential13 4/16/20131. Planning2. Listening3. Engaging4. MeasuringTip 1: Write up a planAccording to CRM industryanalyst, Brent Leary:Strategic users are almost3xs more likely to executeactivities for engaging prospectsthan informal users (53% vs. 19%)Source: Brent Learys Strategically Social: 5 Keys to Becoming a Social Business 12. Global MarketingQuestions to Ask in the Planning Stage: What are the organizations goals? What is the business plan? What is the current relationship with our customers? What is the relationship we want with our customers?How does social media support these goals?Tip 2: Tie social media to your business and customer objectivesConfidential14 4/16/2013I think it starts with understanding what the organizations goalsarepart of the problem is that too many people want to jump into aFacebook strategy or a Twitter strategy Shel HoltzSource: Shel Holtz: http://labs.openviewpartners.com/shel-holtz-talks-content-and-social-strategies/ 13. Global MarketingEmbedding social to Dells purpose:Confidential15 4/16/2013 Deepening our customer relationships and helping our customersthrive Dell encourages thoughtful and customer focused interactions at everytouch point 14. Global MarketingListening16 Confidential 15. Global MarketingQuestions to Ask in the Listening StageTip 3: Identify and target your community Any social strategy first begins with listening to feed &amp; inform your strategicplan Listening should be for conversations about the company, product(s),category, competitors and the industry By listening, you gain insights on what people are talking about &amp; how theytalk about companies and products What are people saying about your brand? What are the popular topics about your brand? Who are the advocates, detractors and influencers in your industry? Where are the conversations happening?Confidential17 4/16/2013 16. Global MarketingDells Social Media Listening Command Center25,000 posts a day 17. Global MarketingListening report: 2012 Egyptian Elections19 Confidential 18. Global Marketing21Listening to conversations: Twitter searchConfidential 19. Global Marketing22Listening to conversations: Google.com/AlertsConfidential 20. Global Marketing23Listening to conversations: Socialmention.comConfidentialGoogle.com/Alerts 21. Global MarketingFish wherethe fishare24 Confidential 22. Global MarketingWhere? Broad use social media platformsConfidential25 23. Global MarketingLets startengaging26 Confidential 4/16/2013 24. Global MarketingEngagement pyramidConfidential27 4/16/2013 25. Global MarketingStandard conversation values for engagement: Authentic Personal Transparent Inclusive Honest Conversational EducationalIts not just about being outthere and participating, itsabout being authentic andbringing valueConfidential28 4/16/2013 26. Global MarketingEngagement Ideas to get startedFacebook Like Comment Post link to an article of interest Check inTwitter ReTweet relevant, useful content Reply promptly Twitter events with hashtagLinkedIn Recommend a team member Provide status updateBlogs Comment on relevant blogsSlideshare Upload most recent, relevant presentation Tweet and/or post on facebook that you uploaded presentationConfidential29 4/16/2013 27. Global MarketingDevelopcompellingcontent andmake itshareableSource: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/14353/60-of-Social-Media-Messages-are-Links-to-Published-Content-Data.aspxConfidential30 28. Global MarketingContent rules 80/20 People more likely to do business with a friend You need to make friends to influence people Follow 80/20 rule: 80% to support others and20% self promotion Being real on social media makes 80% targeteasy to reach When you share a great article or blog post,use their twitter nameConfidential31 4/16/2013 29. Global MarketingIdentifying good content to share: Idea 5: Follow @lizstrauss (twitter) What publications do you already read? Follow their Twitter account Follow customers, partners and your industrythought leaders Follow industry experts and thought leaders insocial media Stay up to date with industry blogs onGoogle.com/readerConfidential32 4/16/2013 30. Global MarketingGoogle ReaderConfidential33 4/16/2013 31. Global MarketingOnline curated sites for relevant content:Idea 6: Vary your content and keep target audience in mindLionel Menchacas, Dells Chief Blogger, recommendation:techmemeGuy Kawasaki recommendations:Smartbrief (customize industry topicsfor daily top stories via email)Stumbleupon (customized by yourinterests includes photography)Alltop (top stories by popular media)My recommendation:LinkedIn Today@LinkedInToday (twitter)Confidential34 4/16/2013 32. Global MarketingSchedule posts via BufferApp.com Idea 7: Avoid pushingthe same content toall your platforms Buffer: Available forTwitter, Facebook &amp;LinkedInConfidential35 33. Global MarketingIncreasefans &amp;followers36 Confidential 4/16/2013 34. Global MarketingIncreasing fans and followers: Idea 8: Adopt a relationship mindset. Just as you do withyour friends, engage fans and followers in meaningful ways Keep asking questions Create virtual projects Brainstorming for a campaign or raising $$ for disaster relief Celebrate follower activities &amp; achievements Add value Give sneak peeks, exclusive content and special promotions Complete the circle Tie off the communication: Thank them for reaching out and ask ifyou can be of additional assistanceConfidential37 4/16/2013 35. Global MarketingBuild stronger relationships by bridging social &amp; in-person Idea 9: Take advantage of in-person interaction to deepen relationships Events are powerful opportunities to build relationships Recommended tools: Twitter &amp; Slideshare Offer inside access by live-tweeting during the event &amp; use hashtag Join conversations to share your thoughts and opinions Connect with influencers attending or covering the event Post-event, share presentations on SlideshareConfidential38 36. Global MarketingWhat the heck is a #hashtag?!? Relevant keyword or phrase prefixed with the symbol# (no spaces) Objective: categorize on common topics &amp; allowssearch Searching by hashtag, allows you to see allconversations Hashtags are extremely popular at events. It allowslikeminded folks to connect, plus share conferenceinsights to the outside worldReminders: Before you publish a new hashtag, check &amp; see if it isbeing used Keep it short! Only 140 characters in Twitter Publish out your hashtag everywhere before eventsConfidential39 4/16/2013 37. Global MarketingMeasuring40 Confidential 4/16/2013 38. Global Marketing41No single measurement for social mediasuccess Idea 10: Select key performance indicators based on your objectivesConfidentialInfluenceEx. # page likes,/shares, externalRTs, # of subscribersAwarenessEx. Monthly gross impressions, #of fans/followersAdvocacyEx. Message delivery, sentiment,recommendationsEngagementEx. Total interactions, # fanphotos/videos, % engaged onpage, comments/posts 39. Global MarketingTop Ten Ideas:Idea 1: Write up a planIdea 2: Tie social media to your business and customer objectivesIdea 3: Identify and target your communityIdea 4: Sign up for free Listening tools if you havent alreadyIdea 5: Follow @Lizstrauss (twitter) for content inspirationIdea 6: Vary your content and keep target audience in mindIdea 7: Avoid pushing the same content to all your platformsIdea 8: Adopt a relationship mindset. Just as you do with your friends, engage fans andfollowers in meaningful waysIdea 9: Take advantage of in-person interaction to deepen relationshipsIdea 10: Select key performance indicators based on your objectivesConfidential42 4/16/2013 40. Global MarketingMake time for social media43 Confidential Add 30 minutes to your calendar 2x a week tolisten or engage in social media Dont go overboard just start with 1-2 platforms Download social applications to your phone Find a social media mentor After a customer meeting, thank the customer insocial media Use relevant hashtags to connect with eventattendees, speakers, etc. 41. Global MarketingWhen you rock, the world pays attentionConfidential44 4/16/2013 42. Global Marketing45 Confidential 4/16/2013Thank YouQ&amp;A 43. Global MarketingDell social media toolkitGuide to how small and medium businesses can make the most of social mediawww.slideshare.net/DellSMB/dell-smb-socialmediatoolkitThe guide includes: How to develop a social media strategy Creating social media guidelines Best practices and case studies Choosing your social media channels Measurement and influence Tips from social media experts Practical advice to get startedAvailable online 44. Global MarketingInfluential women on TwitterGigi Ibrahim@Gsquare86Cairo, EgyptFollowers: &gt;52,800Marina Petrillo@alaskaRPMilano, ItalyFollowers: &gt;7,600Franoise Boivin@FBoivinNPDGatineau, QCFollowers: &gt;1,900Confidential47 45. Global MarketingDont forgetabout yourpersonalbrand48 Confidential 46. Global MarketingIf you are not brandingyourself, you can beassured that others aredoing it for you49 Confidential 4/16/2013 47. Global MarketingScott Monty, Ford, is a big deal in social media Monty best recognized face for Ford Ford first brand to debut car on Facebook vs. auto shows Ford first major brand on Google+ Successful for forging new social media pathsExample: Ranger Station, fan site, received cease &amp; desistletter for copy infringement Bloggers started igniting torches on a case of corporate bullying Ford had already been in online conversations Monty previously spent 5 years blogging &amp; making connections Ranger site could continue operating, so long as theydiscontinued the sale of unlicensed Ford merchandise. A first for social leading crisis managementConfidential50 4/16/2013 48. Global MarketingWhy employees should care?Strong personal brands add value to corporate brands! Publicity &amp; visibility Build organizational credibility Increased Engagement levels Expands influence Human connection to organizationsConfidential51 4/16/2013 49. Global Marketing5 QuestionsQuestion #1: What are your goals?Question #2: What do you value?Question #3: What are you passionate about?Question #4: What motivates you?Question #5: What makes you remarkable?Confidential52 4/16/2013 50. Global Marketing5 RulesRule #1: Be DiligentRule #2: Be ConsistentRule #3: Be RelevantRule #4: Be Inter...</p>