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Emerging Asian Beauty Trends

Arpapat Boonrod, Ph.D. November 2010

Projecting Trends from Consumers Needs, Behaviors and Expectation.

FADS emerges QUICKLY and Ends RAPIDLY.

TREND is longer lasting because itemerged from collective NEEDS of Consumers that is a crucial part of their life.

*Data from InsightAsia Research Group, July, 2010


The Emerging Trend in Asia is linked toConsumers Behaviors and Psychological Patterns that reflects the unique thinking and culture of Asia


Mapping out the Beauty Trends of 2010-2011Whitening Boom Eco-Friendly Trend

Natural Trend

Neo-Femininity Trend

Constructed/ Transformation Beauty*Data from InsightAsia Research Group, July, 2010

Peter Pan Trend4

Whitening Trend


New Interpretation of White SkinPinkish White

Beautiful skin is pinkish white, look natural just like a babys skin..radiant like having aura Thailand

Beautiful skin is not pale white but radiant and flawless skin..overall the skin must be healthy Indonesia Healthy and Flawless

Beautiful skin is white and bright with fine texture..no need to be white like European people.. Must look natural Vietnam Natural White

*Data from InsightAsia Research Group, July, 2010

Whitening still a strong trend in Asian Market despite its emergence several years agoWomen in Asian Countries esp. in Korea, Japan, Thailand, China, Vietnam and Malaysia are using whitening products in their daily routines and whitening benefits is the main purchase criteria for their selection of brands. About 80% of Japanese women are using whitening product daily. Leading the Trend is facial care followed by body care. Core needs are whiter and flawless skin and even-toned skin.*Data from InsightAsia Research Group, July, 2010 7

Emerging Trend of Whitening in Male Segment in 2010 and going strong for 2011

Male consumers are also into whitening benefits and white and flawless skin is aspirational. Researches in several countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia reflects that male consumers aspire white skin viewing that it is more attractive and support good characteristics. Most male consumers want to be whiter but still maintain masculinity- not white like females skin.

*Data from InsightAsia Research Group, July, 2010


Why is the Whitening Trend still on the rise?Reasons: Reasons Align with cultural and social belief i.e. reflect high status and upbringing Linked skin color with sex appeal and success Definition of beautiful skin the norm White is

More new innovation of whitening products are available and increasing expectations of consumers now whitening is achievable and not just desirable


More Complex Needs of Whitening is Projected for 2011 Advanced and Controllable WhitenessThe Right Shade of Whiteness is expected Not pale white but pinkish or pearly white White is not enough radiance and glowing white skin is the ultimate goal More Knowledgable More sophisticated needs for white skin i.e. able to gauge the level of skin lightness, predict the time of whitening efficacy. CaviarSkinfood Gold Caviar Powder

Technology + Whitening and Natural + Whitening is in- Get white skin FASTER and LONGER LASTING10

*Data from InsightAsia Research Group, July, 2010

Optimizing Whitening with new advanced technology and ingredients

Alpha-Arbutin Powder to help reduce melanin development and making skin whiter and more radiant

Melothria Extract - Sekkisei Lotion from Kose made from Chinese and Japanese herbs for whitening and radiant benefits

Magnolignane Extract- whitening effects from Magnolia i.e. Kanebo brand

Tomato Whitening with nanotechnology, Skin FoodGluthione H2 Injection, cream and even food

Hot item in S/E Asia and Japan


Peter Pan Trend


Aging Phobia is related to self-image and life of Asian ConsumersFear of Old Age My worst fear is getting old and wrinkled and ugly..I need to look after myself now to prevent that from happening Thailand

I want to always look young..otherwise my husband might stray longing young helps to make your life happy Indonesia Linked to happiness in life

I feel less confident in myself as I am approaching 40..most people I know still looks young and I need to catch up with them. Japan

To fit in/Feel confident

*Data from InsightAsia Research Group, July, 2010


Peter Pan Trend is expanding to both male and female consumers and closely linked to their self esteem and social needsAnti-aging is not enough: Asian consumers are looking for MORE THAN ANTI AGEING Not only to stop skin deterioration but to revive and bring about younger looking skin Anti-aging not only impact

physical change but also has psychological impact aswell affect self-esteem and social needs of consumers as seen in cases on several countries that we have conducted studies i.e. Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, China .*Data from InsightAsia Research Group, July, 2010 14

Peter Pan TrendTrend :

Reverse, Renew, Revive want to look younger than actual age and to maintain youth Make up, clothing, style of living, technology must all support the need to be physically and psychological young Growing in Asian Countries Influenced by Media and social pressure

Why?: Why?Align with social belief and way of living Growing older population New technology and innovation hat are available to support needs


Hot Hit Ingredients/Technologies are in demand

Gold extract previously used in spa now in skincare and cosmetics Peptide to help reduce restore skin youth i.e LOreal, Dr Evans, Microdermibrasion. Tiny particles Olay brand are placed on the skin and used to buff away the dead and dying layers of skin.

Collagen well known in Asia markets and recognized for Hydrating and lifting affects

Botox : No need for plastic surgery to shapefacial shape and face lift-widely used in China and Thailand

Stem cell Technology to revive skin condition i.e. using stem cell of under water plants/seaweed like The Face Shop Marine Stem Cell Revive Toner

Retinoids. Or tretinoin by prescription and retinol from vitamin A and and stimulating collagen by increasing the rate of cell turnover i.e. Shiseido Benefiance Pure Retinol Revilitalizing Face Mask


Natural Trend


Natural Trend is becoming more popular in Asia because of its perceived benefits and credibilityPower of Natural Nature is believed to be the ultimate creator and healer of beauty. Natural and organic cosmetic and skincare are believed to be clinically cleaned and works better with its organic ingredients. Natural Trend is emerging in many Asian countries significantly in China, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Natural is In! To capture the emerging needs, mainstream mass market is offering natural product i.e. Garnier, Vaseline, and smaller brands are gaining market share like Korean brand like Skinfood*Data from InsightAsia Research Group, July, 2010 18

What are the influences that boost natural trend?Experiences and perceptions on the negative impacts of Synthetic products i.e. chemical accumulation leading to illnesses like cancer, damage skin while producing quick results, irritation to sensitive skin Perceived to provide sustainable and longer lasting beauty linked to the believe of holistic medicine, Chinese and local medicine Asians are mostly familiar with natural ingredients which is incorporated into their life, culture and food and believe in the goodness of natural ingredients i.e.Bengkoang and Mangir in Indonesia, Kaffir lime and Turmeric in Thailand and India19

Influences of Nature on Beauty Natural Color inspiration Organic anduncultivated colors i.e. pomegranate red, teakwood brown, fungal brown Local Herbs and spice are the hot beauty items i.e. added in cosmetic and skincare product, beauty drink or spa treatment Natural Luxury in beauty treatments Spa & Cosmetic and skincare Not just beauty but indulgence/ Aromatherapy/ capture the essence of freshness, nature and relaxation India and China are in the lead due to their authentic remedies like Chinese herbs and medicine and Indian Ayuredic Medicine. Brands are inspired by this and offer natural product line i.e. Aveda Brand.20

Example of hot natural ingredients that brand utilized to capture the trend

Ginseng Cream -> in Chinese and Korean brands i.e. Skinfood and Sulwhasoo

Chinese Herbs- i.e. Peter Lamas Chinese Herbal Cream

Magnolignane Extract- whitening effects from Magnolia i.e. Kanebo brand

Gumbo (Okura) extract to provide bright and radiant skin in Japanese brands like Kanebo

Mimosa Extract to provide bright and radiant skin i.e. in Clarin products

Peony Extract A Chinese flower that is believe to deliver whitening and moisturizing effects i.e. Loccitane, Bath and body, lOreal


Eco-Beauty Trend


Eco-Friendly Trend is surging in among young consumers in AsiaEco-friendly Trend is becoming more popular and one of the hottest buzz word along side sustainable and natural skincare and make up brands. Eco-friendly is emerging significantly in young people of higher class in countries like Japan, Korea, China, Thailand as studies show that they would consider eco-friendly as a criteria in selecting cosmetic products. It has great growth opportunity in the next decade. Environmental concerns for cosmetic and skincare products is closely linked to the natural trend but emphasizing on the packaging that do not harm the environment while the natural trend emphasize on the benefits for consumers*Data from InsightAsia Research Group, J


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