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Emergency Dentist London

A broken tooth or a filling is a dental emergency it would require treatment to prevent pain and further deterioration of the tooth.

We recommend a full assessment however if you would like to have a particular treatment without assessment then please inform us in advance so that we book for an appropriate length of time.

We recommend you provide us with information on any specific requirements you may have, like wanting treatment at your visit or anything that you would like us to do to make you comfortable in the dental setting. We will try our upmost to meet your requirements.

Our dentists advise brushing your teeth before visiting. It is not in any form a mandatory requirement, however clean teeth allow quicker and easier visual examination of your teeth. If you didnt get a chance to brush your teeth before your appointment, its not a problem.

Address:- 222 Essex road, Islington, London, N1 3AP


Email: reception@detalskin.co.uk

Reception: 02081274567

Whatsapp: 07974910222


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