emergence: complexity, state & art

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Digital processing brings order from chaos, an artistic expression from Isabella Wesoly


  • 1. EMERGENCE APERSPECTIVAL CLOUDS By Isabella M H Wesoly, BA (Hons), Dip.IRIS 2014

2. Processing Cellular Automation What are clouds? How are they reflections of mental/emotional state?Isabella M H Wesoly, 2014 3. Photograph byIsabella M H Wesoly, 2012, 2014 4. METHOD: Saturated colour = more pixelations / more information Isabella M H Wesoly, 2014 5. Greater depth = more perspective Isabella M H Wesoly, 2014 6. Cognition = ComputationCreativity = ComputationDIGITAL COMPUTATIONS 7. IMAGES of CLOUDS Digital reproduction of Natures expression Pixelations permits human effort in creative expression Means for processing emotional traumaMethod for assessing evolving computations Mastering ART via cellular automationIsabella M H Wesoly, 2014 8. CRITICAL STATE (Grasping & Releasing) THREE OVERSEERS of EMERGENCE Archaic, Magical, Mythical Isabella M H Wesoly, 2014 9. 4 PROCESSES (FIFA) FocusInterpretAdapt Isabella M H Wesoly, 2014Fashion 10. MENTAL opens to APERSPECTIVAL Do we regurgitate what we already know, or open our mind to new meaning? PERCEIVED RELEASE DISMISSETH FUSS Isabella M H Wesoly, 2014Turning a circle on a feeling, creative/mental effort permits multiple perspectives 11. Clouds are Information. With this digitally recorded cloud formation I attempted to move from physical pain and emotional state (chaos) to a sense of solace (order)Water = Emotion Emotions = Computations Isabella M H Wesoly, 2014 12. Interepreting pixelations via SCHEMATA (physical injury to artists left shoulder)Gripping sensation = grasping new information Isabella M H Wesoly, 2014 13. Flower of Life http-www.phoenixmasonry.orgsacred_geometry_the_flower_of_life 14. Cloud of Emotion Photograph by Isabella M H Wesoly, 2012, 2014 15. DIGITAL COMPUTATIONS On the Flower of LifeDigital imaging 2014, I. M. H. Wesoly 16. DIGITAL COMPUTATIONS Through the Flower of LifeDigital imaging 2014, I. M. H. Wesoly 17. Whats in your cloud? 2014, I. M. H. Wesoly 18. Thank you for your interestAll rights reserved Isabella M. H Wesoly. BA (Hons), Dip.IRIS 1st March 2014


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