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<ul><li><p>Emerald City TheatreSpring 2013 Birthday PartiesPage 1 of 2 </p><p>Press Contact: Aileen McGroddy </p><p>Marketing and Events Manager </p><p>Phone: 773.529.2690 x824 </p><p>Email: AMcGroddy@EmeraldCityTheatre.com </p><p>Emerald City Theatre Birthday Parties </p><p>Celebrate Your Special Day with Play </p><p>Emerald City Theatre is proud to offer two unique options for an imaginative and fun birthday </p><p>party. Theatre School Birthday Parties feature a theatre workshop where kids get to create and </p><p>star in their own show. The Birthday at the Show package makes your groups trip to the Apollo </p><p>Theater to see a professional production extra special. </p><p>Theatre School Birthday Parties feature Emerald Citys professional teaching artists who lead </p><p>party guests through creating characters, singing, dancing, building fantastical stories, and </p><p>making crafts. . At the end of the party, guests get to put on a mini-performance for their grown-</p><p>ups. </p><p>Themes for ages 3.5-5 </p><p> Fancy Nancy, The Lion King, Princess and Knight Boot Camp, Pirates and Mermaids, </p><p>Superheroes, and rotating seasonal themes </p><p>Themes for ages 6-13 </p><p> Alice in Wonderland, Dance Dance!, Rock Band Jam, Saturday Morning Live, Willy </p><p>Wonka, Wizard of Oz, and rotating seasonal themes </p><p>Parties take place at Stage 773 (1225 W. Belmont Ave, Chicago, 60657), Theatre Wit (1229 W. </p><p>Belmont Ave, Chicago, 60657), or for an extra fee, at an off-site location of your choosing. </p><p>Parties start at $525 and can be booked for up to 35 guests. Book Theatre School Birthday </p><p>Parties online at http://www.emeraldcitytheatre.com/school_birthdays.php or call 773-529-2690 </p><p>x20. </p><p>http://www.emeraldcitytheatre.com/school_birthdays.php</p></li><li><p>Emerald City TheatreSpring 2013 Birthday PartiesPage 2 of 2 </p><p>The Birthday Party at the Show package is perfect for an extra special trip to see a professional </p><p>Emerald City show at the Apollo Theater. In addition to great seats together at a discounted rate </p><p>as low as $12 per ticket, the package includes: </p><p> Birthday sign in the lobby </p><p> Crown for the birthday child </p><p> Birthday card signed by the cast </p><p> Gift certificate good for one item of choice from the Emerald City Theatre Shoppe </p><p> Special announcement from the stage. </p><p>Birthday Party at the Show packages are $50, with the purchase of group tickets(15+people).The </p><p>package is also available for $75 with regular ticket purchase. Birthday groups can reserve their </p><p>tickets online at http://www.emeraldcitytheatre.com/shows_groups.php#birthdays or by calling </p><p>773-529-2690 x10. </p><p>With these two wonderful birthday options, Emerald City Theatre hopes to give a child a birthday </p><p>they will never forget. </p><p> About Emerald City Theatre School </p><p>Named the Best Theatre Camp for Kids by Chicago Magazine, The Emerald City Theatre </p><p>School provides children with world-class training that focuses on important life skills to creatively </p><p>face the world. The Theatre School offers diverse programming for ages 3.5 to 13. Classes are </p><p>offered in Fall and Spring and Birthday Parties are available all year round. Summer Camp (on </p><p>sale January 3, 2013) occurs June through August every summer. Emerald City also creates </p><p>unique After School programs, In-School Residencies, and Teacher Professional Development for </p><p>schools in the Chicagoland area. School partners include: Alcott Elementary, Nettelhorst </p><p>Elementary School, Lycee Francais Chicago and many more. </p><p>About Emerald City Theatre </p><p>Founded in 1996, Emerald City Theatre creates theatre experiences that inspire early learners </p><p>through play. Emerald City is one of Chicago's most attended non-profit theatres, with an annual </p><p>programing reach of 80,000. </p><p>Through a rigorous collaboration between innovating artists and leading educators, Emerald City </p><p>develops new work for young audiences, with over 29 world premieres; produces professional </p><p>productions at the Apollo Theater in Lincoln Park, The Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place, </p><p>and regional tour venues; and provides acclaimed educational programming throughout </p><p>Chicago through Emerald City Theatre School. Emerald City will be opening The Little Theatre, </p><p>the nations first facility dedicated to theatre for the very young (ages 0-4), in April 2013. </p><p>Emerald Citys lead funders include the McArthur Fund for the Arts and Culture, the National </p><p>Endowment for the Arts, Illinois Arts Council, The Land of Nod, KPMG, Beerman Pritikin Mirabelli </p><p>Swerdlove, and the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. </p><p>For more information, visit EmeraldCityTheatre.com </p><p>2936 N. Southport Avenue, Chicago 60657 | P 773.529.2690 | F 773.529.2693 </p><p>### </p><p>http://www.emeraldcitytheatre.com/shows_groups.php#birthdays</p></li></ul>


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