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    Under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Shabib Ammari, an exhibition of contemporary Egyptian crafts was held in June, displaying a world of Egyptian treasures crafted by artisans, and celebrating the countrys rich cultural and artistic sceneFEATURE: RANEEM ASAD. PHOTOGRAPHY: BILAL JAREKJI

    Entering a tent on a hot summer day under the scorching sun, one would not have expected to be drawn into staying for long. Yet visitors to last months Egyptian crafts bazaar were captivated by the beautiful contemporary Egyptian handicrafts and made to linger.

    Organised by the Egyptian embassy, under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Shabib Ammari, minister of industry and trade, the exhibition of contemporary Egyptian crafts was hosted at the Qyard in Al-Qasr Metropole Hotel. The two-day long bazaar had a plethora of Egyptian handicrafts on display. It was the second time this annual event was held.

    Hand-embroidered pillow cases, Siwa Creations,

    Decorative traditional lamp,Karim Gamal, Home & Beyond

    Handmade leather cases,Al-Qahira,

    Serving tray,Al-Qahira,

    Symbolic table,Al-Qahira,

    Small boxes,Al-Qahira,

    Chair with fuschia cushioning,Al-Qahira,

    Pillow case with arabic writing,Shahira Fawzy,

    Tea time tray and glasses,Turath,

    Coasters,Karim Gamal, Home & Beyond

    Multi-coloured tray, Style Treasure Signature,

    Folklore tea box,Joud,

    Painted tray,Karim Gamal, Home & Beyond

    Tea box and coasters,Style Treasure Signature,

    Multicoloured box,

    Black pillow cushions,

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    The bazaar showcased Egyptian crafts of various natures, ranging from furniture items, to textiles, to jewellery and ready-to-wear apparel. Available for purchase, each handmade item pays homage to Egyptian culture in a way that tastefully complements a variety of styles.

    Despite the instability and turmoil in the country, Egyptian art continues to flourish. The items displayed at the exhibition showcased the various dynamics of the rich and vibrant culture. The beauty of the objects combined with the friendliness of the artisans contributed to the serene nature of the bazaar. From the country of ancient pyramids and hieroglyphs come an array of beautiful objects and treasures for any home. The event showcased ancient Egyptian culture through contemporary crafts in a diverse and assorted display.

    Pillow cases with arabic writing,Shahira Fawzy,

    Printed pillow cases,Shahira Fawzy,

    Symbolic chair ,Al-Qahira,

    Small storage box, Karim Gamal, Home & Beyond

    Metal wall piece, Karim Gamal, Home & Beyond

    Tray and cup with saucer set, Joud,

    Printed candles, Joud,

    Blackberry cover, Louli,