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<p>Presentation -Thermoforming</p> <p>HEAT SEALING</p> <p>PRESENTATIONEstablished in 1967Export to more than 55 + countriesExperience of more than 45 yearsAbove 250 + ModelsMore than 30,000 satisfied customers from all over India and OverseasPrimary focus on developing custom-made machinery to suit all applications and of vast industry.DRIVE FORCE OF EEWA</p> <p></p> <p>www.eewaengineering.comGLOBAL PRESENCE</p> <p>Impulse Heat SealingImpulse heat sealers- have heating elements (one or two) ofNichromeplaced between a resilient synthetic rubber and a release surface of film or fabric. The heating elements are not continuously heated; heat is generated only when current flows. When the materials are placed in the heat sealer, they are held in place by pressure. An electric current heats the heating element for a specified time to create the required temperature. the Jaws hold the material in place after the heat is stopped, sometimes with cooling water: this allows the material to fuse before stress can be appliedHot Bar Type Heat SealingHot bar sealers- have heated tooling kept at a constant temperature. They use one or two heated bars which contact the material to heat the interface and form a bond. The bars have various configurations and can be covered with a release layer.TYPE OF HEAT SEALING</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.com4</p> <p>IMPULSE HEAT SEALING</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.com5PE- LDPE-HDEvoh BasedPE-HM-HDEVAPE-PA PPMATERIAL</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.com6</p> <p>APPLICATION</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.com7</p> <p>MACHINES IMPULSE TYPE</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.com8</p> <p>HOT BAR TYPE HEAT SEALING</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.com9PAPER+ WAX COATINGPAPER+ALUMINIUM+LDPEPOLYESTER+LDPEPOLYESTER+ALUMINIUM+LDPEPET / PE / FOIL / PEPET / PAPER / FOIL / PEPET / FOIL / PET / PEPAPER / PE / FOIL / PEPET / PE / FOIL / SURLYN</p> <p>MATERIAL</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.com10</p> <p>APPLICATION</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.com11Hand operatedFoot operatedMotor OperatedPneumatic OperatedOptions:Flameproof/Explosion ProofVacuum/Map/Gas PurgingCutter MACHINES - HOT BAR TYPE</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.com12FOOT OPERATEDManual foot operated</p> <p>FOOT OPERATED</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.com13PRODUCTION INDUSTRIAL</p> <p>PNEUMATIC TYPE</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.com14HIGH PRODUCTION</p> <p>MOTOR OPERATED</p> <p></p> <p>15</p> <p>SPECIAL DESIGNED CONSTRUCTION</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.comBIO REACTOR PE+EVA MATERIAL</p> <p>AEROSTAT- PA+ TEDLAR MATERIAL16</p> <p>SQUARE SHAPED BOTTOM BAGLDPESPECIAL DESIGNED BAGS</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.com17</p> <p>DRUM LINER MAKING MACHINE</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.com18</p> <p>CIRCULAR BOTTOM SEALINGLEAK-PROOF TESTINGAPPLICATIONS</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.com19</p> <p>SIZE 40MM HEIGHT X 20MMTO CREATE STIFFNESS IN CONTAINER LINER</p> <p>TAB SEALING IMPULSE TYPE</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.com20</p> <p>BOSCH SEALING IN CONTAINER LINER CIRCULAR SEALING IMPULSE TYPE</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.com21</p> <p>SEALINGCIRCULAR SEALINGCONTAINER LINER - ACCESSORIES</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.com22VACUUM SUCTION</p> <p>OPTIONAL</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.com23AIR/GAS PURGING</p> <p>OPTIONAL</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.com24FLAMEPROOF /EXPLOSION PROOF</p> <p>OPTIONAL</p> <p>www.eewaengineering.com25COMMUNICATION</p>


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