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<p>Plagiarism and the Technology to Help Avoid It</p> <p>Plagiarism and the Technology to Help Avoid ItBobby GravesDr. FinelliEDU 520</p> <p>What does it mean to Plagiarize?Plagiarism isthe act of stating or implyingthat another persons work is your own.You commit plagiarism if you:Submit a paper to be graded or reviewed that you have not written on your own.Copy answers or text from another classmate and submit it as your own.Quote or paraphrase from another paper without crediting the original author.Cite data without crediting the original source.Propose another authors idea as if it were your own.Fabricating references or using incorrect references.Submitting someone elses presentation, program, spreadsheet, or other file with only minor alterations.Forgetting to simply put quotes or a parenthetical around a quote or paraphrase Omitting citation when you have used your exact words in another piece of work and you use them again(Penn State)</p> <p>Spongebob Squarepants</p> <p>Poll Title: Who knows they have plagiarized? (you will not be in trouble for answering honestly)</p> <p>Poll Title: What was your reasoning for plagiarizing? you feel that Plagiarism is lying?TED Talk Video on LyingAs stated in the video, there are many people who lie on a daily basis. If you think about it, plagiarism is lying because you are saying that you are using your own ideas, even though they are the ideas of someone else. Why do we do this as a society?</p> <p>Fun statistics-</p> <p>Did you Know?How can you detect plagiarism?What can you use to help you?TechnologyComputers</p> <p>For teachersFor students(#1)Plagiarism and Technology: A Tool for Coping With PlagiarismDAVID F. MARTIN Murray State University Murray, KentuckyMethod We used the online plagiarism detection system to evaluate graduate student research papers for plagiarism. Students were advised that their papers would be screened for plagiarism by a computer system and that their grades would be reduced if plagiarism was detected. We evaluated papers submitted to the system by using the computer-generated plagiarism reports. We recorded the additional time and effort required to use the system so we could evaluate it at the end of the data collection process.Table 1Amount of Plagiarism by Semester Papers Semester No. Mean % SD1st 39 6.31 11.75 2nd 42 3.31 10.06 3rd 12 1.79 3.25 4th 12 1.83 3.13 5th 24 1.50 2.37</p> <p>Note. Mean % is the mean of the percentage of plagiarized words in each documentIn Table 1, we summarize the overall results of screening and evaluating the student research papers for the 5 semesters. We found that nearly 50% of the papers contained some amount of plagiarism. Although we did not find plagiarism in 18 of the 39 papers submitted during the 1st semester, the amount of plagiarism in the remaining 21 papers varied greatly, ranging from 5% to over 50% of the words. Moreover, we manually checked every incident of plagiarism identified by the system and found each to be correct.(#2)Why Learners Choose Plagiarism: A Review of Literature Deanna Klein Minot State University, Minot, North Dakota, USA1. In some cases, the learners have received ambiguous or conflicting education on plagiarism. 2. In other cases it is social identity where learners are comparing themselves to others.3. If learners perceive everyone to be a cheater or perceive faculty not to care about plagiarism, their perception on plagiarism may be skewed. (Klein)The internet allows students to simply copy and paste another's work so easily. It is difficult to exactly determine how common plagiarism is, but it is simple to find many paper mill sites easily accessible for students everyday. </p> <p>WOW!One anonymous writer told his story about how he makes a living writing papers for students. In the past year, Dante estimates he has written roughly 5000 pages of scholarly literature for subjects that vary widely and include subjects such as history, cinema, labor relations, and ethics. Dante has worked for an online company that generates tens of thou- sands of dollars a month by writing for cheating students. These students are willing to pay a handsome fee for a quick turn-around and for Dante to follow their specific instruction. With a custom paper, plagiarism is much more difficult to detect, and therefore, the student does not typically get caught. (Klein)(#3) Digital Plagiarism: The Role of Society and TechnologyRyan KennedyUniversity of WashingtonSeattle, WashingtonUsing the Internet to copy and paste information out of online works and into word-processed research papers has become known as cyber-plagiarism, or as some English teachers like to call it patchwork plagiarism. A 2003 study conducted at 23 college campuses by the Center for Academic Integrity, found that 38 percent of undergraduate students had used the Internet for plagiarizing work in one or more instances in the past year. Cyber-plagiarism is not just limited to college either. A 2001 Center for Academic Integrity survey of 4,500 high school students found more then half had copy and pasted or downloaded material for use in their own work. (Kennedy)At the University of Virginia in 2000, 122 students from an introductory physics course were accused of cheating on their term papers by plagiarizing work from the Internet. These 122 students were caught only because of the application of a computer program. Set up by the student's professor, this program and other programs like it are able to match strings of text from students' papers to similar text in potential source works. (Kennedy)</p> <p>What is wrong with this? </p> <p>Please take a minute and try to figure out why this might be considered plagiarism. </p> <p>Works CitedFreiess, F. ( July 16, 2012) Journalists Code of Ethics, Code# 5 states that "I SHALL NOT COMMIT ANY ACT OF PLAGIARISM. YouTube. Retrieved Jun 2, 2014.;, R. (2014).The Film Scents and Sensibility, Directed by Brian Brough, an adaptation of Jane Austens Original, Sense and Sensibility. Unpublished manuscript, Baldwin Wallace University. Hancock, J. (September 2012). The Future of Lying. Ted Talk. Retrieved June 1, 2014., R. ( January 9, 2006). Digital Plagiarism: The Role of Society and Technology. Orange, a student journal of technical communication. Retrieved June 2, 2014). Klein, D. (2011). Why Learners Choose Plagiarism: A Review of Literature. Interdisciplinary Journal Of E-Learning &amp; Learning Objects, 797-110.Lynch, L. ( September 16, 2011).Cheating in School: How the Digital Age Affects Cheating and Plagiarism. Retrieved June 3, 2014., D. F. (2005). Plagiarism and Technology: A Tool for Coping With Plagiarism. Journal Of Education For Business, 80(3), 149-152. Penn State. What is Plagiarism?. Teaching and Learning with Technology. Retrieved June 3, 2014., M. (August 29, 2012). Use these 10 Sites to Detect Plagiarism. Mashable. Retrieved June 1, 2014.</p>