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Editor-in-ChiefThierry Ponchon (France)

Co-EditorsVitor Arantes (Brazil)Mihai Ciocîrlan (Romania)James East (UK)Ivan Jovanovic (Serbia)Ryan Law (USA)Zhao-Shen Li (China)Amit Maydeo (India)Jong H. Moon (Korea)Ichiro Oda (Japan)Carolina Olano (Uruguay)Rungsun Rerknimitr (Thailand)Noriya Uedo (Japan)

Editorial OfficeHilary Hamilton (Germany)Sabine Klee (Germany)

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Endoscopy International Open

Endoscopy International Open 2019; 07

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Endoscopy International Open 2019; 07

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Contents III

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Issue 1  (January 2019) = Page E1  – E98 Issue 2  (February 2019) = Page E99  – E309 Issue 3  (March 2019) = Page C1  – E388 Issue 4  (April 2019) = Page E389  – E632 Issue 5  (May 2019) = Page E633  – E732 Issue 6  (June 2019) = Page E733  – E854 Issue 7  (July 2019) = Page E854  – E936 Issue 8  (August 2019) = Page C2  –E1043 Issue 9  (September 2019) = Page E1044  –E1191 Issue 10  (October 2019) = Page C3  –E1309 Issue 11  (November 2019) = Page E1310  –E1582 Issue 12  (December 2019) = Page E1583  –E1779 

Case report

E49 Akabane, Shota, Hiroaki Suda, Hirokazu Iijima,Yukari Kobayashi, Kazunao WatanabeChallenging management of familial adenomatouspolyposis with advanced colorectal cancer:laparoscopic partial resection and cold snarepolypectomy

E1163 Blas Jhon, Leonardo, Paloma Sánchez-Fayos,Maria Jesus Martín Relloso, Daniel Calero Barón,Juan Carlos Porres CuberoPrimitive neuroectodermal tumor of the esophaguswith metastasis in the pineal gland

E655 Chang, Jonathan I., Elizabeth Dong, Karl K. KwokEndoscopic ultrasound-guided transmural gallbladderdrainage in malignant obstruction using a novel lumen-apposing stent: a case series (with video)

E151 De Moura, Diogo Turiani, Rodrigo Silva Rocha,José Jukemura, Vitor Ottoboni Brunaldi,Hugo Gonçalo Guedes, Franz Robert Torrez,Igor Braga Ribeiro, Andres Gelrud,Eduardo Guimarães De MouraA rare non-oncological pancreatic mass: eosinophilicpancreatitis diagnosis through EUS-FNA

E521 Ebigbo, Alanna, Andreas Probst, Helmut Messmann,Bruno Märkl, Yun-Chung Nam-ApostolopoulosTopographic mapping of a specimen after endoscopicsubmucosal dissection

E83 Eccles, John, Edward Wiebe, Pernilla D’Souza,Gurpal SandhaPancreatic pseudocyst-portal vein fistula withrefractory hepatic pseudocyst: Two cases treated withEUS cyst-gastrostomy and review of the literature

E186 Gaballa, Daniel, Catherine S. Abendroth,Matthew T. MoyerAlcohol-free EUS-guided chemoablation of multiplepancreatic insulinomas

E43 Iwagami, Hiroyoshi, Ryu Ishihara, Kentaro Nakagawa,Masayasu Ohmori, Kenshi Matsuno, Shuntaro Inoue,Masamichi Arao, Taro Iwatsubo, Hiroko Nakahira,Noriko Matsuura, Satoki Shichijo, Akira Maekawa,Kanesaka Takashi, Sachiko Yamamoto, Yoji Takeuchi,Koji Higashino, Noriya Uedo, Isao MiyashiroNatural history of early gastric cancer: series of 21 cases

E533 Kagebayashi, Sumika, Shuji Yamamoto, Hiroshi SenoJejunal diaphragm disease associated withcytomegalovirus infection

E87 Karagyozov, Petko, Ivan Tishkov, Zhenya Georgieva,Irina Boeva, Dimitar TzankovIntraluminal duodenal (“windsock”) diverticulum: arare cause of biliary obstruction and acute pancreatitisin the adult

E1768 Kawabata, Hidemasa, Yuki Miyazawa,Hiroki Sato, Tetsuhiro Okada, Akihiro Hayashi,Takuya Iwama, Shugo Fujibayashi, Takuma Goto,Junpei Sasajima, Shuhei Takauji, Mikihiro Fujiya,Yoshihiro Torimoto, Mishie Tanino, Yuko Omori,Yusuke Ono, Hidenori Karasaki, Yusuke Mizukami,Toshikatsu OkumuraGenetic analysis of postoperative recurrence ofpancreatic cancer potentially owing to needle tractseeding during EUS-FNB

E1092 Kawaguti, Fabio S., Ossamu Okazaki, Nelson T. Miyajima,Vanderlei Segateli, Carlos F.S. Marques, Caio S.R. Nahas,Bruno C. Martins, Sergio C. Nahas, Ulysses R. Junior,Fauze M. FilhoTwo-step ESD: an option for en-bloc resection ofextensive colorectal laterally spreading tumors

E302 Khara, Harshit S., Gerald J. Shovlin, Amitpal S. Johal,David L. DiehlEndoscopic banding without resection (BWR) techniquefor treatment of diminutive neuroendocrine tumors inthe duodenum

E792 Kim, ShinHee, JongHo Moon, YunNah Lee, TaeHoon Lee,SangMyung Woo, WooJin Lee, SungIl Jang, DongKi LeeEndoscopic management of duodenal perforationscaused by migrated biliary plastic stents

E841 Kobayashi, Shunsuke, Satoru Nonaka, Ichiro Oda,Seiichiro Abe, Haruhisa Suzuki, Shigetaka Yoshinaga,Hirokazu Taniguchi, Shigeki Sekine, Yoshinori Igarashi,Yutaka SaitoA case of mixed-type early gastric cancer withrecurrence following curative endoscopic submucosaldissection for expanded indication

E672 Koshitani, Tatsuya, Shuji Nakagawa, Yoshitomo Konaka,Keimei Nakano, Shuichi Fuki, Yoshito ItohEndoscopic deployment of multiple (≥ 3) metal stentsfor unresectable malignant hilar biliary strictures

E949 Krutsri, Chonlada, Takashi Toyonaga, Tsukasa Ishida,Namiko Hoshi, Shinichi Baba, Nelson Tomio Miyajima,Yuzo KodamaFeasibility of endoscopic submucosal dissection oflesions at anastomosis site post-colorectal surgery: acase series

E796 Matano, Yutaka, Megumi Zianne, Hitoshi Omura,Noriaki Hayashi, Kazuhiro MiwaSuccessful endoscopic closure of a refractorypostoperative rectovaginal fistula

E380 Mazzawi, Tarek, Carl Erik Markhus, Roald F. Havre,Khanh Do-Cong PhamEUS-guided coil placement for acute gastric varicealbleeding induced by non-EUS-guided variceal glueinjection (with video)

E1034 Mir, Adil, Parth J. Parekh, Mohammad Shakhatreh,Paul YeatonEndoscopic ultrasound-guided creation of anenterocolostomy to relieve malignant bowel obstruction

E621 Nakano, Yoshiko, Takashi Toyonaga, Eisei Nishino,Taro Inoue, Isato Shinjo, Hajime Han-no, Shinwa Tanaka,Yoshinori Morita, Eiji Umegaki, Yuzo KodamaRecurrence of adenoma after curative endoscopicsubmucosal dissection for a rectal intramucosaladenocarcinoma in adenoma

E1061 Olmos, Juan I., Roberto Oleas, Juan A. Alcívar,Jorge Baquerizo-Burgos, Carlos Robles-MedrandaEndoscopic ultrasound-guided placement of coilsand cyanoacrylate embolization in refractory gastricvariceal bleeding: a pediatric case report

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IV Contents

Endosc Int Open 2019; 07 | © 2019. Thieme. All rights reserved.

E912 Puri, Nishant, Alexander Hallac, Wichit SrikurejaEarly experience with cap-assisted endoscopicpancreatic necrosectomy: A technique to enhance safetissue extraction and decrease interventions

E1537 Sonnenberg, Amnon, Gennadiy BakisFailure of cost-benefit analysis in gastrointestinalendoscopy

E893 Takatsuna, Masafumi, Manabu Takeuchi,Hiroyuki Usuda, Shuji TeraiCase of early-stage gastric cancer identified in thegastric mucosa with lanthanum phosphate deposition

E615 Tao, Jin, Xian Yi Lin, Christ-Jonathan Tsia Hin Fong,Zhuo Fu Wen, Jian Ning Chen, Qiong Liang, Qu Lin,Bin WuCytomegalovirus infection in a T-cell lymphoma patientpresenting with multiple gastrointestinal ulcers: a casereport

E298 Walter, Benjamin, Simone Schmidbaur, Yannick Krieger,Alexander MeiningImproved endoscopic resection of large flat lesionsand early cancers using an external additional workingchannel (AWC): a case series


C1 Gerasia, Roberta, Dario Ligresti, Fabio Cipolletta,Antonino Granata, Ilaria Tarantino, Luca Barresi,Michele Amata, Sabrina Benenati, Giuseppe Gallo,Corrado Tafaro, Roberto Miraglia, Mario TrainaEndoscopist’s occupational dose evaluation relatedto correct wearing of dosimeter during X-ray-guidedprocedures

C2 Kandiah, Kesavan, Sharmila Subramaniam,Fergus Chedgy, Sreedhari Thayalasekaran,Daniel Venetz, Patrick Aepli, Pradeep BhandariA novel non-thermal resection tool in endoscopicmanagement of scarred polyps

C3 Pioche, Mathieu, Jérôme Rivory, Jérémie JacquesColorectal endoscopic submucosal dissection for allLSTs: histological information loss due to piecemealEMR is no longer acceptable


E1301 Abou Ali, Einas, Maximilien BarretRadiofrequency ablation for cholangiocarcinoma: Dowe need to be more precise?

E1455 Arantes, Vitor, Renato Gomes CampanatiIs LCI the best for virtual chromoendoscopy?

E728 Burr, Nicholas, Roland ValoriNational post-colonoscopy colorectal cancer datachallenge services to improve quality of colonoscopy

E1184 Ciocîrlan, MihaiLow-cost disposable endoscope: pros and cons

E1699 Costamagna, GuidoMultiple stents in pancreatic strictures of chronicpancreatitis: is it worth the effort?

E630 Dumonceau, Jean-MarcNon-anesthesiologist-administered propofol: where dowe stand?

E883 Esposito, Gianluca, Pedro Pimentel-NunesShould we recommend use of non-extension sign inEurope?

E1701 Familiari, Pietro, Francesca Mangiola, Rosario Landi,Guido CostamagnaEndoscopic treatment of GERD: is there still a chance?

E1192 Gupta, NeilColorectal endoscopic submucosal dissection: I did butnow I do not

E1355 Hassan, Cesare, Tom Eelbode, Raf BisschopsEquivalence between low adenoma detection and highmiss rates: Is AI the ultimate response?

E1540 Hassan, Cesare, Tom Eelbode, Raf BisschopsWho benefits from presurgical endoscopic diagnosis:the patient or the surgeon?

E1400 Hedenström, PerThe best approach for sampling of pancreaticneuroendocrine tumors – EUS-FNA or EUS-FNB?

E762 Jacques, Jérémie, Romain Legros, Denis SautereauMechanical model of sphincterotomy: a step forwardfor trainees

E1483 Martinek, Jan, Jana KrajciovaBarrett’s: Does radiofrequency ablation reduce the needfor a follow-up?

E771 Martinek, JanHow to prevent post-ESD esophageal stricture

E782 Olano, CarolinaSwallowable capsules are not only for videos

E1097 Piessevaux, HubertHow to predict and achieve success with a very longprocedure in an endoscopy unit: Is it time for a break?

E1195 Pioche, Mathieu, Jérôme Rivory, Jérémie JacquesColorectal endoscopic submucosal dissection for allLSTs: histological information loss due to piecemealEMR is no longer acceptable

E1049 Pioche, Mathieu, Daizen Hirata, Valérie Hervieu,Yasushi SanoColo-rectum: why do we not find diminutive sessileserrated polyp?

E816 Pioche, Mathieu, Thomas WalterEndoscopic removal of colorectal T1 cancers: Whyis a 1-year follow-up recommended by ESGE whenresection is R0 and curative?

E583 Pioche, Mathieu, Jérémie JacquesEndoscopic submucosal dissection: macromolecules orhigh-pressure injection or both?

E916 Prat, FredericPathological sampling of biliary stenosis: is fluoroscopicguidance sufficient or not?

E1636 Rodríguez-Carrasco, Marta, Diogo Libânio, Mário Dinis-Ribeiro, Pedro Pimentel-NunesWhere should gastric biopsies be performed whenareas of intestinal metaplasia are observed?

E1761 Saito, Yutaka, Satoru NonakaESD as first-intent resection method: also for theduodenum?

E1778 Saurin, Jean-Christophe, Philippe Jacob, Mathieu PiocheTreatment of digestive angiectasia: time for prospective,randomized, therapeutic studies

E699 Saurin, Jean-Christophe, Nicolas Benech, Laura Calavas,Arnaud PasquerWhy not simply treat large adenomas of the rectum andileal pouch after colectomy in familial adenomatouspolyposis?

E72 Shah, Neil D., Todd H. BaronTaking a poke at the liver: which way is best?

E813 Siau, Keith, John T. AndersonErgonomics in endoscopy: Should the endoscopist beconsidered and trained like an athlete?

E1115 Sofuni, Atsushi, Takao ItoiTranspapillary gallbladder drainage: when and how?

E384 Sonnenberg, Amnon, Heiko Pohl‘Do no harm’: an intuitive decision tool to assess theneed for gastrointestinal endoscopy

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Contents V

Endosc Int Open 2019; 07 | © 2019. Thieme. All rights reserved.

E1630 Tantau, Marcel, Dana CrisanIs endoscopic band ligation the gold standard for gastricantral vascular ectasia?

E662 Teoh, Anthony YuenERCP failure: EUS gallbladder drainage as firstalternative?

E1592 Thayalasekaran, Sreedhari, Pradeep BhandariDistal attachments on a colonoscope: not all the same?

E869 van Wanrooij, R. L., J. E. van HooftPrevention of post-ERCP pancreatitis: NSAID orpancreatic stent or both?

E308 Walter, ThomasNo histology for diminutive duodenal neuroendocrinetumors: Is it safe?

E260 Wu, Henry H.L., James E. EastWill endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) becomethe gold standard for laterally spreading tumors (LST)?


E833 Ebigbo, Alanna, John Gásdal Karstensen,Lars Aabakken, Mario Dinis-Ribeiro, Manon Spaander,Olivier Le Moine, Peter Vilmann, Uchenna Ijoma,Chukwuemeka Osuagwu, Gideon Anigbo, Mary Afiheni,Babatunde Duduyemi, Hailemichael Desalegn,Thierry Ponchon, Cesare HassanEsophageal stenting for benign and malignant disease:European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE)Cascade Guideline

Innovation forum    

E1008 Caceres, Jennifer, Maria Munoz-Sagastibelza,A. K. Hossian, Jenny Paredes, Kaylene Barrera,George Mattheolabakis, Laura A. Martello,Shivakumar VigneshEvaluation of the feasibility of intrapancreatic deliveryof drug-loaded microparticles via EUS-guided fineneedle injection using a swine model

E1442 Chiba, Toru, Yoshimi Obara, Masaharu Murata,Tomohiko AkahoshiAdvanced multispectral image-processing endoscopysystem for visualizing two-dimensional hemoglobinsaturation and relative hemoglobin concentration

E1288 Ogura, Takeshi, Masanori Yamada, Saori Ueno,Shinya Fukunishi, Kazuhide HiguchiHybrid placement technique for hepatic hilarobstruction using a new uncovered self-expandablemetal stent

E1652 Ogura, Takeshi, Yosuke Nakai, Takuji Iwashita,Kazuhide Higuchi, Takao ItoiNovel fine gauge electrocautery dilator for endoscopicultrasound-guided biliary drainage: experimental andclinical evaluation study (with video)

E1773 Sriram, Nagaraj, Iddo Bar-Yishay,Priyanthi Kumarasinghe, Ian Yusoff,Dev Segarajasingam, Michael J. Bourke,Spiro RaftopoulosDefinitive therapy of colonic angioectasia bysubmucosal coagulation

E561 Takatori, Yusaku, Toshio Uraoka, Takefumi Narita,Shunji Yunoki, Naohisa YahagiPotential of temperature-response collagen-genipin solsas a novel submucosal injection material for endoscopicresection

E431 Yanai, Hideo, Hisashi Iizasa, Daisuke Chihara,Tomoyuki Murakami, Jun Nishikawa,Hironori YoshiyamaEpstein-Barr virus detection using gastric biopsyspecimens after rapid urease test for Helicobacter pylori

E459 Zhang, QiangEndoscope-assisted deliverance of a snare into the deepcolon for endoscopic submucosal dissection

Letter to the editor    

E730 Chetcuti Zammit, Stefania, David S. Sanders,Reena SidhuCan indomethacin be helpful in double balloonenteroscopy-assisted procedures?

E1583 Crinò, Stefano Francesco, Maria Cristina Bellocchi,Laura Bernardoni, Armando GabbrielliPancreatic sphincterotomy to manage intraductalpapillary mucinous neoplasm-related recurrentpancreatitis: are we ready for a controlled trial?

E732 Jamil, Laith H., Simon K. LoCan indomethacin be helpful in double balloonenteroscopy assisted procedures?

E1033 Jegadeesan, Ramprasad, Prateek SharmaOn immediate bleeding following polypectomy

E1031 Papastergiou, Vasilios, Gregorios A. Paspatis,Konstantina D. ParaskevaImmediate intraprocedural bleeding: true‘complication’ of cold snare polypectomy?

E1143 Tziatzios, Georgios, Paraskevas Gkolfakis,Konstantinos TriantafyllouMeta-analysis results in a ‘cap’ of confusion

Original article    

E1002 Abad, Mary Raina, Haruhiro Inoue, Haruo Ikeda,Anastassios Manolakis, Enrique Rodriguez de Santiago,Ashish Sharma, Yusuke Fujiyoshi, Hisashi Fukuda,Kazuya Sumi, Manabu Onimaru, Yuto ShimamuraUtilizing fourth-generation endocytoscopy and the‘enlarged nuclear sign’ for in vivo diagnosis of earlygastric cancer

E1253 Adler, Samuel N., Yago González Lama,Virginia Matallana Royo, Cristina Suárez Ferrer,Avraham Schwartz, Ariella Bar-Gil ShitritComparison of small-bowel colon capsule endoscopysystem to conventional colonoscopy for the evaluationof ulcerative colitis activity

E1123 Aizawa, Masato, Kenichi Utano, Takuya Tsunoda,Osamu Ichii, Takashi Kato, Yasuyuki Miyakura,Mitsuru Saka, Daiki Nemoto, Noriyuki Isohata,Shungo Endo, Yutaka Ejiri, Alan Kawarai Lefor,Kazutomo TogashiDelayed hemorrhage after cold and hot snare resectionof colorectal polyps: a multicenter randomized trial(interim analysis)

E743 Aladrén, Beatriz Sicilia, Yago González-Lama, María García-Alvarado, Mónica Sierra,Jésus Andrés Barrio, Vanesa Prieto Vicente,Luis Hernández, Benito Velayos, Lara Arias Garcia,Lucia Relea, Patricia Suarez, Ramón Atienza,Mónica Vásquez, Luis Fernández-Salazar,Fernando MuñozEven non-experts identify non-dysplastic lesions ininflammatory bowel disease via chromoendoscopy:results of a screening program in real-life

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VI Contents

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E545 Alagappan, Muthuraman, Natasha Darras, Lauren Yang,Paul Vanderlaan, Meir Mizrahi, Mandeep Sawhney,Douglas K. Pleskow, Tyler M. BerzinYield of biliary stent cytology: Is it time to think lean?

E1207 Ang, Tiing Leong, James Weiquan Li, Yu Jen Wong, Yi-Lyn Jessica Tan, Kwong Ming Fock, Malcolm Teck Tan,Andrew Boon Kwek, Eng Kiong Teo, Daphne Shih-Wen Ang, Lai Mun WangA prospective randomized study of colonoscopy usingblue laser imaging and white light imaging in detectionand differentiation of colonic polyps

E337 Aoki, Tomonori, Naoyoshi Nagata, Atsuo Yamada,Takuro Shimbo, Yuuki Matsushita, Akira Shimomura,Sakurako Kobayashi, Shiori Moriyasu, Ryota Niikura,Toshiyuki Sakurai, Yoshihiro Hirata, Junichi Akiyama,Naomi Uemura, Kazuhiko KoikeNext endoscopic approach for acute lowergastrointestinal bleeding without an identified sourceon colonoscopy: upper or capsule endoscopy?

E1733 Archibugi, Livia, Alberto Mariani, Gabriele Capurso,Mariaemilia Traini, Maria Chiara Petrone, Gemma Rossi,Sabrina Gloria Testoni, Pier Alberto Testoni,Paolo Giorgio ArcidiaconoNeedle-knife fistulotomy vs. standard biliarysphincterotomy for choledocholithiasis: common bileduct stone recurrence and complication rate

E955 Asokkumar, Ravishankar, Chin Yung Ka, Tracy Loh,Lim Kah Ling, Tan Gek San, Hao Ying, Damien Tan,Christopher Khor, Tony Lim, Roy SoetiknoComparison of tissue and molecular yield between fine-needle biopsy (FNB) and fine-needle aspiration (FNA): arandomized study

E1241 Baars, Judith E., Mathew Keegan, Mark H. Bonnichsen,Patrick Aepli, Ruben Theyventhiran, Elizabeth Farrell,James G. Kench, Payal Saxena, Arthur J. KaffesThe ideal technique for processing SpyBite tissuespecimens: a prospective, single-blinded, pilot-study ofhistology and cytology techniques

E1371 Bapaye, Jay, Tarun Bharadwaj, Amol Bapaye,Mahesh Mahadik, Rajendra Pujari, Suhas Date,Sravan Kumar Korrapati, Rishabh Jain, Nachiket DubaleSimple mathematical equation to predict distance togastroesophageal junction through the submucosaltunnel during peroral endoscopic myotomy

E138 Barret, Maximilien, Sarah Leblanc,Alexandre Rouquette, Stanislas Chaussade,Benoit Terris, Frédéric PratEUS-guided pancreatic radiofrequency ablation:preclinical comparison of two currently availabledevices in a pig model

E403 Basford, Peter, James Brown, Sarah Cooper,Pradeep BhandariEndoscopic characterization of small colonic polyps:baseline performance of experienced endoscopists is nodifferent to that of medical students

E1574 Beintaris, Iosif, Shiran Esmaily, Brian P. Saunders,Colin J. Rees, Christian Von Wagner,Zacharias Tsiamoulos, Zoe Hoare, Rachel Evans,Seow Tien Yeo, R. T. Edwards, Tony Larkin,Andrew Veitch, Andrew Chilton, Michael G. Bramble,Jill Deane, Matthew D. RutterThe WASh Trial: water-assisted sigmoidoscopy in theEnglish Bowel Scope Screening Programme: studyprotocol for a randomized multicenter trial

E896 Brewer Gutierrez, Olaya I., Isaac Raijman,Raj J. Shah, B. Joseph Elmunzer, George J.M. Webster,Douglas Pleskow, Stuart Sherman, Richard P. Sturgess,Divyesh V. Sejpal, Christopher Ko, Attilio Maurano,Douglas G. Adler, Daniel K. Mullady, Daniel S. Strand,Christopher J. DiMaio, Cyrus Piraka, Reem Sharahia,Mohamad H. Dbouk, Samuel Han, Clayton M. Spiceland,Noor L.H. Bekkali, Moamen Gabr, Benjamin Bick,Laura K. Dwyer, Dennis Han, James Buxbaum,Claudio Zulli, Natalie Cosgrove, Andrew Y. Wang,David Carr-Locke, Tossapol Kerdsirichairat,Hanaa Dakour Aridi, Robert Moran, Shawn Shah,Juliana Yang, Omid Sanaei, Nasim Parsa,Vivek Kumbhari, Vikesh K. Singh, Mouen A. KhashabSafety and efficacy of digital single-operatorpancreatoscopy for obstructing pancreatic ductal stones

E171 Brown, Landon K., Norman R. Clark, Jason Conway,Girish MishraRectal ultrasound with fine needle aspiration: anunderutilized modality for delineating and diagnosingperirectal, presacral, and pelvic lesions

E537 Bugajski, M., P. Wieszczy, M. Pisera, M. Rupinski,G. Hoff, G. Huppertz-Hauss, J. Regula, M. Bretthauer,M. F. KaminskiEffectiveness of digital feedback on patient experienceand 30-day complications after screening colonoscopy:a randomized health services study

E232 Chang, Li-Chun, Chia-Tung Shun, Wen-Feng Hsu, Chia-Hong Tu, Chieh-Chang Chen, Ming-Shiang Wu, Han-Mo ChiuRisk of delayed bleeding before and afterimplementation of cold snare polypectomy in ascreening colonoscopy setting

E347 Chen, Yen-I, Juliana Yang, Shai Friedland,Ian Holmes, Ryan Law, Amy Hosmer, Tyler Stevens,Matheus C. Franco, Sunguk Jang, Rishi Pawa,Nihar Mathur, Divyesh V. Sejpal, Sumant Inamdar,Arvind J. Trindade, Jose Nieto, Tyler M. Berzin,Mandeep Sawhney, Michael L. DeSimone,Christopher DiMaio, Nikhil A. Kumta,Sanchit Gupta, Patrick Yachimski, Andrea Anderloni,Todd H. Baron, Theodore W. James, Laith H. Jamil,Mel A. Ona, Simon K. Lo, Srinivas Gaddam,Markus Dollhopf, Majidah A. Bukhari, Robert Moran,Olaya Brewer Gutierrez, Omid Sanaei, Lea Fayad,Saowanee Ngamruengphong, Vivek Kumbhari,Vikesh Singh, Alessandro Repici, Mouen A. KhashabLumen apposing metal stents are superior to plasticstents in pancreatic walled-off necrosis: a largeinternational multicenter study

E1528 Chien, Hsu-Chih, Noriya Uedo, Ping-Hsin HsiehComparison of underwater and conventionalendoscopic mucosal resection for removing sessilecolorectal polyps: a propensity-score matched cohortstudy

E452 Chiu, Philip W., Yasushi Sano, Noriya Uedo,Rajvinder Singh, Enders K.W. Ng, Tiing Leong Aang,Han Mo Chiu, Shiaw-Hooi Ho, Rupa Banerjee,Shinji Tanaka, Xiao Bo Li, Fang Yao, James Y.W. Lau,Kenshi YaoUtility of a standardized training program forendoscopic diagnosis of early gastrointestinal neoplasia

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E576 Córdova, Henry, Miriam Cuatrecasas, Ana García-Rodríguez, Andrea Montenegro, Jordana Melo,Cristina Rodríguez-de Miguel, Graciela Martínez-Pallí,Rodrigo Garcés-Durán, Josep Llach, Gloria Fernández-EsparrachSuccessful outcomes of a new combined solution ofhyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate and poloxamer 407for submucosal injection: animal survival study

E1322 Cotton, Peter, Qi Pauls, April Wood, Valerie Durkalski-MauldinMaintaining the blind in sham controlled interventionaltrials: lessons from the EPISOD study

E1248 Dalal, Ashok, Amarender Singh Puri, Sanjeev Sachdeva,Puja SakujaNonsurgical management of gastroduodenaltuberculosis: Nine-year experience from a tertiaryreferral center

E685 de Moura, Eduardo G., Alberto M. Ponte-Neto,Anastasia Tsakmaki, Vera Demarchi Aiello,Gavin A. Bewick, Vitor O. BrunaldiHistologic assessment of the intestinal wall followingduodenal mucosal resurfacing (DMR): a new procedurefor the treatment of insulin-resistant metabolic disease

E854 Dhaliwal, AmaninderJeet Singh, Jonathan R. Strosberg,Barbara A. Centeno, Shivakumar VigneshDiagnostic performance of endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration for cystic and non-cysticpancreatic neuroendocrine tumors

E203 Diez Redondo, Pilar, Henar Núñez Rodríguez, Marina deBenito Sanz, Raúl Torres Yuste, Manuel Pérez-MirandaEndoscopic treatment of Zenker’s diverticulum withLigasure: simple, safe and effective

E1723 Ebigbo, Alanna, Simone Freund, Andreas Probst,Christoph Römmele, Stefan K. Gölder, Julia Frauenschuh,Joerg Marienhagen, Helmut MessmannOutcomes of endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD)during live endoscopy events (LEE) – a 13-year follow-up

E1624 Eccles, John, Vanessa Falk, Aldo J. Montano-Loza,Sergio Zepeda-GómezLong-term follow-up in patients with gastricantral vascular ectasia (GAVE) after treatment withendoscopic band ligation (EBL)

E1393 Eusebi, Leonardo H., Douglas Thorburn,Christos Toumpanakis, Leonardo Frazzoni,Gavin Johnson, Sheida Vessal, Tu Vinh Luong,Martyn Caplin, Stephen P. PereiraEndoscopic ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspirationvs fine-needle biopsy for the diagnosis of pancreaticneuroendocrine tumors

E1197 Fabritius, Martin, Jean-Michel Gonzalez, Aymeric Becq,Xavier Dray, Emmanuel Coron, Lucie Brenet-Defour,Julien Branche, Romain Gerard, Côme Lepage,Laurent Poincloux, Isabelle Lienhart, Paul Bonniaud,Mohamed Tayeb Bounnah, Jérôme Rivory,Vincent Lépilliez, Fabien Subtil, Jean-Christophe Saurin,Thierry Ponchon, Jérémie Jacques, Mathieu PiocheA simplified table using validated diagnostic criteriais effective to improve characterization of colorectalpolyps: the CONECCT teaching program

E1221 Facciorusso, Antonio, Valentina Del Prete,Vincenzo Rosario Buccino, Purvi Purohit, Puneet Setia,Nicola MuscatielloDiagnostic yield of Franseen and Fork-Tip biopsyneedles for endoscopic ultrasound-guided tissueacquisition: a meta-analysis

E1044 Fang, Wendy C., James Haridy, Charlotte Keung,Daniel Van Langenberg, Brian P. Saunders, Mayur GargEndocuff Vision is safe to use for dysplasia surveillancein patients with ulcerative colitis: a feasibility study

E1640 Fayad, Lea, Andreas Oberbach, Michael Schweitzer,Frederic Askin, Lysandra Voltaggio, Tatianna Larman,Markus Enderle, Hartmut Hahn, Mouen A. Khashab,Anthony N. Kalloo, Vivek KumbhariGastric mucosal devitalization (GMD): translation to anovel endoscopic metabolic therapy

E1344 Fedewa, Stacey A., Joseph C. Anderson,Christina M. Robinson, Julie E. Weiss, Robert A. Smith,Rebecca L. Siegel, Ahmedin Jemal, Lynn F. ButterlyPrevalence of ‘one and done’ in adenoma detectionrates: results from the New Hampshire ColonoscopyRegistry

E209 Figueiredo, Pedro N., Isabel N. Figueiredo,Luís Pinto, Sunil Kumar, Yen-Hsi Richard Tsai,Alexander V. MamonovPolyp detection with computer-aided diagnosis inwhite light colonoscopy: comparison of three differentmethods

E1051 Forbes, Nauzer, Robert J. Hilsden, Gilaad G. Kaplan,Matthew T. James, Cord Lethebe, Courtney Maxwell,Steven J. HeitmanPractice patterns and predictors of prophylacticendoscopic clip usage during polypectomy

E1327 Fujita, Akashi, Shomei Ryozawa, Masafumi Mizuide,Ryuichiro Araki, Koji Nagata, Yuki Tanisaka,Maiko Harada, Tomoya Ogawa, Tomoaki Tashima,Kouichi NonakaDoes endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle biopsyusing a Franseen needle really offer high diagnosticaccuracy? A propensity-matched analysis

E1175 Garbin, Nicolò, Alexander P. Mamunes, Dennis Sohn,Ryan W. Hawkins, Pietro Valdastri, Keith L. ObsteinEvaluation of a novel low-cost disposable endoscope forvisual assessment of the esophagus and stomach in anex-vivo phantom model

E367 Gerasia, Roberta, Dario Ligresti, Fabio Cipolletta,Antonino Granata, Ilaria Tarantino, Luca Barresi,Michele Amata, Sabrina Benenati, Giuseppe Gallo,Corrado Tafaro, Roberto Miraglia, Mario TrainaEndoscopist’s occupational dose evaluation relatedto correct wearing of dosimeter during X-ray-guidedprocedures

E99 Gerges, Christian, David Pullmann, Farzan Bahin,Markus Schneider, Peter D. Siersema, Horst Neuhaus,Erwin-Jan M. van Geenen, Torsten BeynaSpyGlass DS-guided lithotripsy for pancreatic ductstones in symptomatic treatment-refractory chroniccalcifying pancreatitis

E1303 Glaysher, Michael A., Alma L. Moekotte, Jamie KellyEndoscopic sleeve gastroplasty: a modified techniquewith greater curvature compression sutures

E846 Gölder, Stefan, Lukas Neuhas, Denis Freuer,Andreas Probst, Alanna Ebigbo, Georg Braun,Juliane Brueckner, Johannes Stueckle, Alexander Meier,Helmut MessmannOver-the-scope clip in peptic ulcer bleeding: clinicalsuccess in primary and secondary treatment and factorsassociated with treatment failure

E1549 Gomes, Alexandre, Maurício Kazuyoshi Minata,José Jukemura, Eduardo Guimarães de MouraVideo anoscopy: results of routine anal examinationduring colonoscopies

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E1130 Gonzalez, Jean-Michel, Diane Lorenzo, Jean-Philippe Ratone, Adrian Culetto, Frédérique Maire,Philippe Levy, Marc Giovannini, Marc BarthetPancreatic sphincterotomy improves pain symptomsdue to branch-duct intrapapillary mucinous neoplasiawithout worrisome features: a multicenter study

E412 Gonzalez, Jonathan Alfageme, Thomas Vanzieleghem,Axelle Dumazy, Christelle Meuris, Jacques Mutsers,Genevieve Christiaens, Philippe Leclercq, Jean-Philippe Loly, Edouard Louis, Pierrette GastOn-site comparison of an enzymatic detergent anda non-enzymatic detergent-disinfectant for routinemanual cleaning of flexible endoscopes

E471 Goto, Osamu, Motoki Sasaki, Teppei Akimoto,Atsushi Tatsuguchi, Mitsuru Kaise, Katsuhiko Iwakiri,Naohisa YahagiFeasibility and safety of third-space endoscopic full-thickness resection in ex vivo and in vivo porcinemodels

E1214 Hamada, Kenta, Noriya Uedo, Chiaki Kubo,Yasuhiko Tomita, Ryu Ishihara, Yasushi Yamasaki,Masayasu Omori, Masamichi Arao, Sho Suzuki,Taro Iwatsubo, Minoru Kato, Yusuke Tonai,Satoki Shichijo, Noriko Matsuura, Hiroko Nakahira,Takashi Kanesaka, Sachiko Yamamoto,Tomofumi Akasaka, Noboru Hanaoka, Yoji Takeuchi,Koji Higashino, Hiroyuki Okada, Hiroyasu IishiEndoscopic appearance of esophageal xanthoma

E1658 Hann, Alexander, Benjamin M. Walter, Sonja Epp,Younan Kabara Ayoub, Alexander MeiningThe “Twist-Needle” – a new concept for endoscopicultrasound-guided fine needle-biopsy

E764 Hashimoto, Satoru, Ken-ichi Mizuno, Kazuya Takahashi,Hiroki Sato, Junji Yokoyama, Manabu Takeuchi,Yuichi Sato, Masaaki Kobayashi, Shuji TeraiEvaluating the effect of injecting triamcinoloneacetonide in two sessions for preventing esophagealstricture after endoscopic submucosal dissection

E1432 Hathorn, Kelly E., Ahmad Najdat Bazarbashi,Jordan S. Sack, Thomas R. McCarty, Thomas J. Wang,Walter W. Chan, Christopher C. Thompson, Marvin RyouEUS-guided biliary drainage is equivalent to ERCPfor primary treatment of malignant distal biliaryobstruction: a systematic review and meta-analysis

E195 Hoff, G., E. Botteri, O. Høie, K. Garborg, H. Wiig,G. Huppertz-Hauss, V. Moritz, M. Bretthauer, Ø. HolmePolyp detection rates as quality indicator in clinicalversus screening colonoscopy

E90 Hoff, Geir, Thomas de Lange, Michael Bretthauer,Stein Dahler, Fred-Arne Halvorsen, Gert Huppertz-Hauss, Ole Høie, Øystein Kjellevold, Volker Mortiz,Per Sandvei, Birgitte Seip, Øyvind HolmeRegistration bias in a clinical quality register

E1310 Huberty, Vincent, Loulia Leclercq, Martin Hiernaux,Laurine Verset, Charlotte Sandersen, Thorsten Beyna,Horst Neuhaus, Jacques DeviereEndoscopic full-thickness resection using anendoluminal-suturing device: a proof-of-concept study

E824 Ide, Daisuke, Shoichi Saito, Tomohiko Richard Ohya,Yuske Nishikawa, Yoshimasa Horie, Chihiro Yasue,Akiko Chino, Masahiro Igarashi, Masayuki Saruta,Junko FujisakiColorectal endoscopic submucosal dissection can beefficiently performed by a trainee with use of a simpletraction device and expert supervision

E355 Iizuka, Toshiro, Daisuke Kikuchi, Shu HoteyaOutcomes of endoscopic submucosal dissection forsuperficial esophageal cancer in an elderly population:a retrospective single center cohort study

E1468 Inoue, Haruhiro, Yusuke Fujiyoshi, Mary Raina Abad,Enrique Rodriguez de Santiago, Kazuya Sumi,Yugo Iwaya, Haruo Ikeda, Manabu Onimaru,Yuto ShimamuraA novel endoscopic assessment of the gastroesophagealjunction for the prediction of gastroesophageal refluxdisease: a pilot study

E104 Inoue, Takuya, Hideki Iijima, Takuya Yamada,Yuji Okuyama, Kanae Takahashi, Tsutomu Nishida,Ryu Ishihara, Tomofumi Akasaka, Ichizo Kobayashi,Toshio Kuroshima, Yuichi Yasunaga,Katsumi Yamamoto, Masanori Nakahara, Yoshinori Doi,Sachiko Nakajima, Akira Mukai, Eiji Masuda,Shunsuke Yoshii, Yoshito Hayashi, Hitoshi Minamiguchi,Yasushi Sakata, Kouji Yamamoto, Masahiko Tsujii,Tetsuo TakeharaA prospective multicenter observational studyevaluating the risk of periendoscopic events in patientsusing anticoagulants: the Osaka GIANT Study

E585 Izumi, Yoshihiro, Keiji Hanada, Akihito Okazaki,Tomoyuki Minami, Naomichi Hirano, Juri Ikemoto,Kozue Kanemitsu, Koichi Nakadoi, Takayoshi Shishido,Yoshio Katamura, Seiji Onogawa, Hajime Amano,Fumiaki Hino, Hironobu Amano, Shuji YoneharaEndoscopic ultrasound findings and pathologicalfeatures of pancreatic carcinoma in situ

E1166 Jacques, Jérémie, Aurélie Charissoux, Pierre Bordillon,Romain Legros, Jérôme Rivory, Valérie Hervieu,Jérémie Albouys, Anne Guyot, Thierry Ponchon,Denis Sautereau, Sebastien Kerever, Mathieu PiocheHigh proficiency of colonic endoscopic submucosaldissection in Europe thanks to countertraction strategyusing a double clip and rubber band

E1099 James, Theodore W., Matthew Krafft, Michael Croglio,John Nasr, Todd BaronEUS-guided gallbladder drainage in patients withcirrhosis: results of a multicenter retrospective study

E837 James, Theodore W., Y. Claire Fan, Lauren D. Schiff,Lisa M. GangarosaLower endoscopic ultrasound in preoperativeevaluation of rectosigmoid endometriosis

E600 James, Theodore W., Todd H. BaronPractical applications and learning curve for EUS-guided hepaticoenterostomy: results of a large single-center US retrospective analysis

E708 Jegadeesan, Ramprasad, Muhammad Aziz,Madhav Desai, Tharani Sundararajan,Venkata Subhash Gorrepati,Viveksandeep Thogulva Chandrasekar,Mahendran Jayaraj, Pratiksha Singh, Ahmed Saeed,Tarun Rai, Abhishek Choudhary, Alessandro Repici,Cesare Hassan, Lorenzo Fuccio, Prateek SharmaHot snare vs. cold snare polypectomy for endoscopicremoval of 4 – 10 mm colorectal polyps duringcolonoscopy: a systematic review and meta-analysis ofrandomized controlled studies

E664 Jimenez-Garcia, Victoria Alejandra, Masayoshi Yamada,Hiroaki Ikematsu, Hiroyuki Takamaru, Seiichiro Abe,Taku Sakamoto, Takeshi Nakajima, Takahisa Matsuda,Yutaka SaitoEndoscopic submucosal dissection in management ofcolorectal tumors near or involving a diverticulum: aretrospective case series

E1379 Judge, Ciaran, Donal Tighe, Lillian Barry, Julie O’Neill,Jenny Wong, Amir Shahin, Neil Moran, Roisin Stack,Mary Hussey, Niall Breslin, Anthony O’Connor,Barbara Ryan, Martin Buckley, Deirde McNamaraPredicting pathology on small bowel capsuleendoscopy: a good FIT

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E462 Kahn, Allon, Amrit K. Kamboj, Prasuna Muppa,Tarek Sawas, Lori S. Lutzke, Matthew R. Buras,Michael A. Golafshar, David A. Katzka, Prasad G. Iyer,Thomas C. Smyrk, Kenneth K. Wang, Cadman L. LeggettStaging of T1 esophageal adenocarcinoma withvolumetric laser endomicroscopy: a feasibility study

E568 Kanazawa, Mimari, Fumiaki Takahashi,Keiichi Tominaga, Keiichiro Abe, Naoya Izawa,Koh Fukushi, Kazunori Nagashima, Akira Kanamori,Kazuhiro Takenaka, Takeshi Sugaya, Makoto Iijima,Atsuko Takada, Yasuo Imai, Hideyuki Hiraishi,Atsushi IrisawaRelationship between endoscopic mucosal healing andhistologic inflammation during remission maintenancephase in ulcerative colitis: a retrospective study

E974 Kandiah, Kesavan, Sharmila Subramaniam,Fergus Chedgy, Sreedhari Thayalasekaran,Daniel Venetz, Patrick Aepli, Pradeep BhandariA novel non-thermal resection tool in endoscopicmanagement of scarred polyps

E937 Kanmura, Shuji, Hitomi Hamamoto, Akihito Tanaka,Shiho Arima, Fumisato Sasaki, Shiroh Tanoue,Yuichiro Nasu, Shinichi Hashimoto, Michiyo Higashi,Akio IdoDiagnostic utility of linked color imaging in theevaluation of colonic mucosal inflammation inulcerative colitis: a pilot study

E421 Kaosombatwattana, Uayporn, Takeshi Yamamura,Julajak Limsrivilai, Masanao Nakamura,Somchai Leelakusolvong, Yoshiki Hirooka, Hidemi GotoPreoperative endoscopic predictors of severesubmucosal fibrosis in colorectal tumors undergoingendoscopic submucosal dissection

E178 Kappelle, W. F., J. E. van Hooft, M. C. Spaander,F. P. Vleggaar, M. J. Bruno, F. Maluf-Filho, A. Bogte, E. vanHalsema, P. D. SiersemaTreatment of refractory post-esophagectomyanastomotic esophageal strictures using temporaryfully covered esophageal metal stenting comparedto repeated bougie dilation: results of a randomizedcontrolled trial

E871 Kato, Minoru, Noriya Uedo, Takashi Nagahama,Kenshi Yao, Hisashi Doyama, Shigetsugu Tsuji,Takuji Gotoda, Takuji Kawamura, Masahide Ebi,Katsumi Yamamoto, Tomofumi Akasaka,Hajime Takatori, Osamu Handa, Takuji Akamatsu,Jun Nishikawa, Takuto Hikichi, Takeshi Yamashina,Akira Imoto, Yoko Kitamura, Tatsuya Mikami,Tomoyuki Koike, Shuichi Ohara, Shinji Kitamura,Tatsuya Yamaguchi, Tetsu Kinjo, Taro Inoue, Sho Suzuki,Akihiro Kaneko, Kingo Hirasawa, Kyosuke Tanaka,Takahiro Kotachi, Kazuhiro Miwa, Yosuke Toya,Shoichi Kayaba, Atsushi Ikehata, Shinya Minami,Kazuhiro Mizukami, Hirohisa Oya, Nobuyuki Ara,Yasushi Fukumoto, Takuya Komura, Toshiyuki Yoshio,Ryutaro Morizono, Kenji Yamazaki, Yuichi Shimodate,Kohei Yamanouchi, Noboru Kawata, Masayuki Kumagai,Yoshinori Sato, Kiyotaka Umeki, Daisuke Kawai,Tokuma Tanuma, Maiko Kishino, Jun Konishi,Tetsuya Sumiyoshi, Shohei Oka, Mitsuhiro Kono,Takeshi Sakamoto, Yohei Horikawa, Motoki Ohyauchi,Keiichi Hashiguchi, Yohei Waseda, Toyotaka Kasai,Hiroyuki Aoyagi, Hirokazu Oyamada, Masakuni Shoji,Shu Kiyotoki, Sho Asonuma, Shunsuke Orikasa,Chika Akaishi, Yasuaki Nagami, Satoshi Nakata,Fumiyo Iida, Tatsuma Nomura, Kei Tominaga,Kohei Oka, Yoshinori Morita, Haruhisa Suzuki,Keiji Ozeki, Shiko Kuribayashi, Yoichi Akazawa,Sho Sasaki, Tetsuhiko Mikami, Goro Miki, Tatsushi Sano,Hiro Satoh, Munetaka Nakamura, Wataru Iwai,Hideki Tawa, Masafumi Wada, Daisuke Yoshimura,Yasuhiro Hisanaga, Toshio Shimokawa, Hideki IshikawaSelf-study of the non-extension sign in an e-learningprogram improves diagnostic accuracy of invasiondepth of early gastric cancer

E1755 Kato, Motohiko, Motoki Sasaki, Mari Mizutani,Koshiro Tsutsumi, Yoshiyuki Kiguchi, Teppei Akimoto,Makoto Mutaguchi, Atsushi Nakayama,Kaoru Takabayashi, Ai Fujimoto, Yasutoshi Ochiai,Tadateru Maehata, Takanori Kanai, Naohisa YahagiPredictors of technical difficulty with duodenal ESD

E1333 Kawasaki, Keisuke, Shotaro Nakamura, Motohiro Esaki,Koichi Kurahara, Makoto Eizuka, Yasuharu Okamoto,Takashi Hirata, Minako Hirahashi, Yumi Oshiro,Shunichi Yanai, Kunihiko Sato, Yosuke Toya,Makoto Maemondo, Yasuo Terayama, Tamotsu Sugai,Takayuki MatsumotoGastrointestinal involvement in patients withvasculitis: IgA vasculitis and eosinophilicgranulomatosis with polyangiitis

E1117 Keane, Margaret G., Natascha Wehnert, Miguel Perez-Machado, Giuseppe K. Fusai, Douglas Thorburn,Kofi W. Oppong, Nicholas Carroll, Andrew J. Metz,Stephen P. PereiraA prospective trial of CONfocal endomicroscopy inCYSTic lesions of the pancreas: CONCYST-01

E144 Kerdsirichairat, Tossapol, Shayan Irani, Juliana Yang,Olaya I. Brewer Gutierrez, Robert Moran, Omid Sanaei,Mohamad Dbouk, Vivek Kumbhari, Vikesh K. Singh,Anthony N. Kalloo, Mouen A. KhashabDurability and long-term outcomes of direct EUS-guided gastroenterostomy using lumen-apposing metalstents for gastric outlet obstruction

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E1542 Kikuchi, Daisuke, Toshiro Iizuka, Shigeyoshi Makino,Junnosuke Hayasaka, Hiroyuki Odagiri, Yorinari Ochiai,Yugo Suzuki, Kosuke Nomura, Yu Ohkura,Yosuke Okamoto, Masami Tanaka, Akira Matsui,Toshifumi Mitani, Shu HoteyaUtility of autologous fibrin glue and polyglycolic acidsheet for preventing delayed bleeding associated withantithrombotic therapy after gastric ESD

E1293 Kim, Eui Joo, Jae Hee Cho, Yoon Jae Kim, Tae Hoon Lee,Joon Mee Kim, Seok Jeong, Yeon Suk KimIntraductal temperature-controlled radiofrequencyablation in malignant hilar obstruction: a preliminarystudy in animals and initial human experience

E155 Kishino, Takaaki, Tsuneo Oyama, Keita Funakawa,Eiji Ishii, Tetsuro Yamazato, Kotaro Shibagaki,Tadashi Miike, Tokuma Tanuma, Yasuharu Kuwayama,Manabu Takeuchi, Yoko KitamuraMulticenter prospective study on the histologicaldiagnosis of gastric cancer by narrow band imaging-magnified endoscopy with and without acetic acid

E164 Kitagawa, Yoshiyasu, Takuto Suzuki, Taro Hara,Rino Nankinzan, Hideyuki Takashiro, Osamu Sugita,Hiroshi Imazeki, Taketo YamaguchiLinked color imaging improves the endoscopic visibilityof gastric mucosal cancers

E36 Kitakata, Hidekazu, Tohru Itoh, Shinichi Kinami,Ken Kawaura, Kazu Hamada, Sadafumi Azukisawa,Rika Kobayashi, Junji Kamai, Takeo KosakaSealed endoscopic full-thickness resection for gastriccancer: a pilot study in an ex vivo and in vivo porcinemodel

E1018 Klenske, Entcho, Raja Atreya, Arndt Hartmann,Sarah Fischer, Simon Hirschmann, Sebastian Zundler,Marietta Iaccuci, Markus F. Neurath, Timo RathMagnification endoscopy with opticalchromoendoscopy shows strong correlation withhistologic inflammation in patients with inflammatorybowel disease

E53 Kochhar, Rakesh, Sarthak Malik, Yalaka Rami Reddy,Bipadabhanjan Mallick, Narendra Dhaka, Pankaj Gupta,Saroj Kant Sinha, Manish Manrai, Suman Kochhar,Jai D. Wig, Vikas GuptaEndoscopic balloon dilatation is an effectivemanagement strategy for caustic-induced gastric outletobstruction: a 15-year single center experience

E9 Kopczynska, Maja, Stephanie Smits, Rebecca Hopps,Rajeswari Ramaraj, Neil Warren, Stuart Goddard,Xujiong Ye, Sunil DolwaniAssessment of technical parameters and skills trainingto inform a simulation-based training program forsemi-automated robotic colonoscopy

E1231 Krafft, Matthew R., William Hsueh, Theodore W. James,Thomas M. Runge, Todd H. Baron, Mouen A. Khashab,Shayan S. Irani, John Y. NasrThe EDGI new take on EDGE: EUS-directed transgastricintervention (EDGI), other than ERCP, for Roux-en-Ygastric bypass anatomy: a multicenter study

E290 Kresz, Andrea, Benjamin Mayer, Maria Zernickel,Carsten PosovszkyCarbon dioxide versus room air for colonoscopy indeeply sedated pediatric patients: a randomizedcontrolled trial

E1410 Kuraishi, Yasuhiro, Takashi Muraki, Norihiro Ashihara,Makiko Ozawa, Akira Nakamura, Takayuki Watanabe,Tetsuya Ito, Hideaki Hamano, Shigeyuki KawaValidity and safety of endoscopic biliary stentingfor biliary stricture associated with IgG4-relatedpancreatobiliary disease during steroid therapy

E396 Kuwabara, Hiroki, Seiichiro Abe, Satoru Nonaka,Haruhisa Suzuki, Shigetaka Yoshinaga, Ichiro Oda,Yutaka SaitoClinical feasibility of endoscopic submucosal dissectionwith minimum lateral margin of superficial esophagealsquamous cell carcinoma

E1281 Leeds, John S, Manu K. Nayar, Noor L.H. Bekkali,Colin H. Wilson, Sarah J. Johnson, Beate Haugk,Antony Darne, Kofi W. OppongEndoscopic ultrasound-guided fine-needle biopsyis superior to fine-needle aspiration in assessingpancreatic neuroendocrine tumors

E372 Leenhardt, Romain, Cynthia Li, Anastasios Koulaouzidis,Flaminia Cavallaro, Franck Cholet, Rami Eliakim,Ignacio Fernandez-Urien, Uri Kopylov, Mark McAlindon,Artur Németh, John N. Plevris, Gabriel Rahmi,Emanuele Rondonotti, Jean-Christophe Saurin,Gian Eugenio Tontini, Ervin Toth, Diana Yung,Philippe Marteau, Xavier DrayNomenclature and semantic description of vascularlesions in small bowel capsule endoscopy: aninternational Delphi consensus statement

E189 Leung Ki, En-Ling, Anne-Isabelle Lemaistre,Fabien Fumex, Rodica Gincul, Christine Lefort,Vincent Lepilliez, Bertrand Pujol, Bertrand NapoléonMacroscopic onsite evaluation using endoscopicultrasound fine needle biopsy as an alternative to rapidonsite evaluation

E1365 Li, Huixian, Dong Ye, Ping Li, Derun KongEndoscopic clipping prior to GVO vs. GVO in IGV1bleeding: a multicenter retrospective clinical trial

E504 Lisotti, Andrea, Claudio Ricci, Marta Serrani,Claudio Calvanese, Sandro Sferrazza, Nicole Brighi,Riccardo Casadei, Pietro FusaroliContrast-enhanced endoscopic ultrasound for thedifferential diagnosis between benign and malignantlymph nodes: a meta-analysis

E1691 Lopez-Nava, Gontrand, Ravishankar Asokkumar,Angel Rull, Fernandez Corbelle, Lucia Beltran,Inmaculada BautistaBariatric endoscopy procedure type or follow-up: Whatpredicted success at 1 year in 962 obese patients?

E1424 Loske, Gunnar, Frank Rucktaeschel, Tobias Schorsch,Klaus Moenkemueller, Christian Theodor MuellerEndoscopic negative pressure therapy (ENPT) forduodenal leakage – novel repair technique using open-pore film (OFD) and polyurethane-foam drainages(OPD)

E514 Lui, Thomas K.L., Kenneth K.Y. Wong, Loey L.Y. Mak,Michael K.L. Ko, Stephen K.K. Tsao, Wai K. LeungEndoscopic prediction of deeply submucosal invasivecarcinoma with use of artificial intelligence

E1027 Machado, Rodrigo S., Rafaela Richa, Fabiano Callegari,Giovana B. Souza, Luciano L. Tolentino, Frank S. Nakao,Angelo Ferrari, Ermelino LiberaInstant messenger smartphone application forendosonographer/cytopathologist real-time interactionat a distance in EUS-FNA for solid pancreatic lesions

E717 Macken, Elisabeth, Stefan Van Dongen, Isabel DeBrabander, Sven Francque, Ann Driessen, Guido Van HalPost-colonoscopy colorectal cancer in Belgium:characteristics and influencing factors

E389 Madhani, Kamraan, Muhammad Yousaf, Ali Aamar,Kohtaro Ooka, Thiruvengadam Muniraj, Harry Aslanian,Ronald Salem, James J FarrellImpact of endoscopic ultrasound on diagnosis andmanagement of presumed mucinous neoplasms whendone for pancreatic cyst morphology change on non-invasive surveillance imaging

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E1316 Maeng, Daniel, Beth Wall, Dina Hassen, David L. DiehlUpstream and downstream revenue of uppergastrointestinal endoscopic ultrasound determinedwith an episode-of-care approach

E74 Mahadev, Srihari, Zhezhen Jin, Benjamin Lebwohl,Richard M. Rosenberg, Reuben J. Garcia-Carrasquillo,Ivonne Ramirez, Daniel E. FreedbergTrainee colonoscopy quality is influenced bythe independent and unobserved performancecharacteristics of supervising physicians

E1135 Manes, Gianpiero, Paolo Andreozzi, Barbara Omazzi,Cristina Bezzio, Davide Redaelli, Massimo Devani,Daniela Morganti, Raffaella Reati, Simone Saibeni,Enzo Mandelli, Ilaria Arena, Cesare Hassan, Germana deNucciEfficacy of withdrawal time monitoring in adenomadetection with or without the aid of a full-spectrumscope

E1585 Marsano, Joseph, Sheeva Johnson, Stephanie Yan,Latifat Alli-Akintade, Machelle Wilson, Amar Al-Juburi,Jesse Stondell, Sooraj TejaswiComparison of colon adenoma detection rates usingcap-assisted and Endocuff-assisted colonoscopy: arandomized controlled trial

E1038 Martínez, Belén, Juan Martínez, Juan Antonio Casellas,José R. AparicioEndoscopic ultrasound-guided rendezvous in benignbiliary or pancreatic disorders with a 22-gauge needleand a 0.018-inch guidewire

E1276 May, David, Ellen Vogels, David Parker, Anthony Petrick,David Diehl, Jon GabrielsenOverall outcomes of laparoscopic-assisted ERCPafter Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and sphincter of Oddidysfunction subgroup analysis

E1474 McCarty, Thomas R., Rajat Garg,Christopher C. Thompson, Tarun RustagiEfficacy and safety of EUS-guided gastroenterostomyfor benign and malignant gastric outlet obstruction: asystematic review and meta-analysis

E1563 Miller, Corey S., Alan N. Barkun, Myriam Martel, Yen-I ChenEndoscopic ultrasound-guided biliary drainage fordistal malignant obstruction: a systematic review andmeta-analysis of randomized trials

E1663 Minami, Kazuhiro, Eisuke Iwasaki, Shintaro Kawasaki,Seiichiro Fukuhara, Takashi Seino, Tadashi Katayama,Yoichi Takimoto, Hiroki Tamagawa, Yujiro Machida,Masayasu Horibe, Minoru Kitago, Haruhiko Ogata,Takanori KanaiA long (7 cm) prophylactic pancreatic stent decreasesincidence of post-endoscopic papillectomy pancreatitis:a retrospective study

E446 Mocker, Lena, Ralf Hildenbrand, Tsuneo Oyama,Bernd Sido, Naohisa Yahagi, Franz Ludwig DumoulinImplementation of endoscopic submucosal dissectionfor early upper gastrointestinal tract cancer afterprimary experience in colorectal endoscopicsubmucosal dissection

E62 Mok, Shaffer R., David L. Diehl, Amitpal S. Johal,Harshit S. Khara, Bradley D. Confer,Prashant R. Mudireddy, Alicia H. Kovach, Mia M. Diehl,H. Lester Kirchner, Zong-Ming E. ChenEndoscopic ultrasound-guided biopsy in chronic liverdisease: a randomized comparison of 19-G FNA and 22-G FNB needles

E733 Mora, Andres, Kenro Kawada, Yasuaki Nakajima,Takuya Okada, Yutaka Tokairin, Tatsuyuki KawanoMid- and long-term outcomes of endoscopic resectionfor submucosal esophageal cancer types pT1b-SM1 andpT1b-SM2

E440 Morita, Flavio Hiroshi, Christiano Makoto Sakai,Flavio Masato Kawamoto, Eduardo Guimarães deMoura, Paulo SakaiAn innovative laparoscopic and endoscopic techniquein an animal model: combined gastric full-thicknesstumor resection

E264 Mutignani, Massimiliano, Edoardo Forti, Alberto Larghi,Stefanos Dokas, Francesco Pugliese, Marcello Cintolo,Giulia Bonato, Alberto Tringali, Lorenzo DioscoridiRefractory Bergmann type A bile leak: the need to strikea balance

E3 Nagai, Kazumasa, Akio Katanuma, Kuniyuki Takahashi,Kei Yane, Toshifumi Kin, Hiroyuki MaguchiA simple and novel marking method for correctlyidentifying the precutting direction to achieve safe andefficacious precut sphincterotomy (with video)

E1105 Nakahara, Kazunari, Yosuke Michikawa, Ryo Morita,Keigo Suetani, Nozomi Morita, Junya Sato,Kensuke Tsuji, Hiroki Ikeda, Kotaro Matsunaga,Tsunamasa Watanabe, Nobuyuki Matsumoto,Shinjiro Kobayashi, Takehito Otsubo, Fumio ItohEndoscopic transpapillary gallbladder stenting using anewly designed plastic stent for acute cholecystitis

E310 Nalankilli, Kumanan, Xuan Thanh Huynh, Stephen Lade,Mark Stephens, Robert Hewett, Alan MossIncreasing rates of SSA/P detection in a large open-access Australian colonoscopy cohort

E1683 Nishitani, Masaki, Naohiro Yoshida, Shigetsugu Tsuji,Teppei Masunaga, Hirokazu Hirai, Saori Miyajima,Akihiro Dejima, Takashi Nakashima, Shigenori Wakita,Kenichi Takemura, Hiroshi Minato, Shuichi Kaneko,Hisashi DoyamaOptimal number of endoscopic biopsies for diagnosis ofearly gastric cancer

E1729 Nishizawa, Toshihiro, Kosuke Sakitani, Hidekazu Suzuki,Tadahiro Yamakawa, Yoshiyuki Takahashi,Shuntaro Yoshida, Yousuke Nakai, Keisuke Hata,Hirotoshi Ebinuma, Kazuhiko Koike, Osamu ToyoshimaSmall-caliber endoscopes are more fragile thanconventional endoscopes

E1605 Oberbach, Andreas, Nadine Schlichting,Yvonne Kullnick, Marco Heinrich, Stefanie Lehmann,Ulf Retschlag, Maik Friedrich, Lea Fayad, Arne Dietrich,Mouen A. Khashab, Anthony N. Kalloo, Vivek KumbhariGastric mucosal devitalization improves blood pressure,renin and cardiovascular lipid deposition in a rat modelof obesity

E944 Oumrani, Sarra, Aymeric Histace, Einas Abou Ali,Olivia Pietri, Aymeric Becq, Guy Houist, Isabelle Nion-Larmurier, Marine Camus, Christian Florent,Xavier DrayMulti-criterion, automated, high-performance, rapidtool for assessing mucosal visualization quality of stillimages in small bowel capsule endoscopy

E1595 Papalavrentios, Lavrentios, Carmen Musala,Paraskevas Gkolfakis, Jacques Devière, Myriam Delhaye,Marianna ArvanitakisMultiple stents are not superior to single stent insertionfor pain relief in patients with chronic pancreatitis: aretrospective comparative study

E1763 Park, Jin-Seok, Hyung Kil Kim, Yong Woon Shin,Kye Sook Kwon, Don Haeng LeeNovel hemostatic adhesive powder for nonvaricealupper gastrointestinal bleeding

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E498 Park, Jin-Seok, Seok Jeong, Makoto Kobayashi,Don Haeng LeeSafety, efficacy, and removability of a fully coveredmulti-hole metal stent in a swine model of hilar biliarystricture: a feasibility study

E1748 Park, Soo-Kyung, Hak-Soo Kim, Hyo-Joon Yang,Yoon Suk Jung, Jung Ho Park, Chong Il Sohn,Sang Hyun Park, Jin Hee Sohn, Mi Yeon Lee, Dong Il ParkCoexistent adenoma and serrated polyps on indexcolonoscopy and the risk of metachronous advancedcolorectal neoplasia

E625 Patel, Janaki, John Fang, Linda J. Taylor, Douglas G. Adler,Andrew J. GawronSafety and efficacy of non-anesthesiologistadministration of propofol sedation duringesophagogastroduodenoscopy in the intensive care unit

E225 Peter, Shajan, Nipun B. Reddy,Mohammed Naseemuddin, Jenine N. Zaibaq,Gerald McGwin, C. Mel WilcoxOutcomes of use of electromagnetic guidancewith responsive insertion technology (RIT) duringcolonoscopy: a prospective randomized controlled trial

E860 Phillip, Veit, Aldis Pukitis, Alexey Epstein,Alexander Hapfelmeier, David Haf, Miriam Schwab,Ihsan Ekin Demir, Jonas Rosendahl,Albrecht Hoffmeister, Roland M. Schmid,Andreas Weber, Hana AlgülPancreatic stenting to prevent post-ERCP pancreatitis: arandomized multicenter trial

E1496 Pioche, Mathieu, Timothée Wallenhorst, Hugo Lepetit,Vincent Lépilliez, Jérôme Rivory, Romain Legros,Florian Rostain, Laurent Bianchi, Aurélie Charissoux,Valérie Hervieu, Maira Moreno-Garcia, Philip Robinson,Jean-Christophe Saurin, Thierry Ponchon, Marie Viprey,Laurent Roche, Fabien Subtil, Jérémie JacquesEndoscopic mucosal resection with anchoring of thesnare tip: multicenter retrospective evaluation ofeffectiveness and safety

E15 Polmanee, Petcharee, Kazuo Hara, Nobumasa Mizuno,Susumu Hijioka, Takamichi Kuwahara, Nozomi Okuno,Hiromichi Iwaya, Masahiro Tajika, Tsutomu Tanaka,Makoto Ishihara, Yutaka Hirayama, Sachiyo Ohnishi,Kazuhiro Toriyama, Patommatat Bhanthomkomol,Ayako Ito, Naosuke Kuraoka, Shinpei Matsumoto,Yasumasa NiwaOutcomes of EUS-FNA in patients receivingantithrombotic therapy

E1646 Ponugoti, Prasanna L., Heather M. Broadley,Jonathan Garcia, Douglas K. RexEndoscopic management of large ileocecal valve lesionsover an 18-year interval

E800 Quispel, Rutger, Lydi M.J.W. van Driel, Pieter Honkoop,Mohamad Hadithi, Marie-Paule Anten, Frank Smedts,Margreet C. Kerkmeer, Bart J. Veldt, Marco J. BrunoCollaboration of community hospital endosonographersimproves diagnostic yield of endoscopicultrasonography guided tissue acquisition of solidpancreatic lesions

E361 Raju, Gottumukkala, Phillip Lum, William Ross,Selvi Thirumurthi, Ethan Miller, Patrick Lynch,Jeffrey Lee, Manoop S. Bhutani, Mehnaz A. Shafi,Brian Weston, Boris Blechacz, George J Chang,Katherine Hagan, Asif Rashid, Marta Davila,John StroehleinQuality of endoscopy reporting at index colonoscopysignificantly impacts outcome of subsequent EMR inpatients with > 20 mm colon polyps

E633 Ribeiro, Helena, Diogo Libânio, Rui Castro,Anibal Ferreira, Pedro Barreiro, Pedro Boal Carvalho,Tiago Capela, Pedro Pimentel-Nunes, Cristina Santos,Mário Dinis-RibeiroReliability of Paris Classification for superficialneoplastic gastric lesions improves with training andnarrow band imaging

E1357 Rigter, Lisanne S., Eva C. Rijkmans, Akin Inderson,Roy P.J. van den Ende, Ellen M. Kerkhof,Martijn Ketelaars, Jolanda van Dieren,Roeland A. Veenendaal, Baukelien van Triest,Corrie A.M. Marijnen, Uulke A. van der Heide,Monique E. van LeerdamEUS-guided fiducial marker placement for radiotherapyin rectal cancer: feasibility of two placement strategiesand four fiducial types

E979 Robles-Medranda, Carlos, Manuel Valero, Miguel Soria-Alcívar, Miguel Puga-Tejada, Roberto Oleas,Jesenia Ospina, Haydee Alvarado-Escobar,Jorge Baquerizo-Burgos, Hannah Pitanga-LukashokDetection of minimal mucosal esophageal lesions innon-erosive gastroesophageal reflux disease usingoptical enhancement plus optical magnification

E1671 Rodrigues-Pinto, Eduardo, Alessandro Repici,Gianfranco Donatelli, Guilherme Macedo,Jacques Devière, Jeanin E. van Hooft,Josemberg M. Campos, Manoel Galvao Neto,Marco Silva, Pierre Eisendrath, Vivek Kumbhari,Mouen A. KhashabInternational multicenter expert survey on endoscopictreatment of upper gastrointestinal anastomotic leaks

E239 Russo, Pedro, Sandra Barbeiro, Halim Awadie,Diogo Libânio, Mario Dinis-Ribeiro, Michael BourkeManagement of colorectal laterally spreading tumors: asystematic review and meta-analysis

E1448 Sakamoto, Taku, Yutaka Tomizawa, Hourin Cho,Hiroyuki Takamaru, Masau Sekiguchi,Masayoshi Yamada, Takahisa Matsuda,Yoshitaka Murakami, Yutaka SaitoAdditional value of linked color imaging in colonoscopy:a retrospective study

E433 Sawada, Akinari, Atsushi Hashimoto, Risa Uemura,Koji Otani, Fumio Tanaka, Yasuaki Nagami,Hirokazu Yamagami, Tetsuya Tanigawa,Toshio Watanabe, Yasuhiro FujiwaraAssociation between endoscopic findings ofeosinophilic esophagitis and responsiveness to protonpump inhibitors

E678 Scaffidi, Michael A., Catharine M. Walsh,Rishad Khan, Colleen H. Parker, Ahmed Al-Mazroui,Michael Abunassar, Alexander W. Grindal, Peter Lin,Christopher Wang, Robert Bechara, Samir C. GroverInfluence of video-based feedback on self-assessmentaccuracy of endoscopic skills: a randomized controlledtrial

E774 Schmidt, Arthur, Melanie Zimmermann, Markus Bauder,Armin Kuellmer, Karel CacaNovel telemetric sensor capsule for EGD urgency triage:a feasibility study

E608 Sejpal, Divyesh V., Arvind J. Trindade, Calvin Lee,Larry S. Miller, Petros C. Benias, Sumant Inamdar,Gurshawn Singh, Molly Stewart, Benley J. George,Anil K. VegesnaDigital cholangioscopy can detect residual biliarystones missed by occlusion cholangiogram in ERCP: aprospective tandem study

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E317 Serrani, Marta, Andrea Lisotti, Alessia Spada,Sandro Sferrazza, Claudio Calvanese, Pietro FusaroliCO2 vs. air insufflation in endoscopic ultrasonography:a prospective study

E1522 Shah, Tilak, Vladimir Kushnir, Pritesh Mutha,Mankanchan Majhail, Bhaumik Patel,Matthew Schutzer, Drew Mogahanaki,George Smallfield, Milan Patel, Alvin ZfassNeoadjuvant cryotherapy improves dysphagia and mayimpact remission rates in advanced esophageal cancer

E1419 Sharaiha, Reem Z., Aleksey Novikov, Kristen Weaver,Pawan Marfatia, Jonathan M. Buscaglia,Christopher J. DiMaio, David Diehl, Moamen M. Gabr,Monica Gaidhane, Ali Siddiqui, Michel KahalehFully covered self-expanding metal stents for refractorypancreatic duct strictures in symptomatic chronicpancreatitis, US experience

E784 Shibagaki, Kotaro, Chika Fukuyama, Hironobu Mikami,Daisuke Izumi, Noritsugu Yamashita, Tsuyoshi Mishiro,Naoki Oshima, Norihisa Ishimura, Shuichi Sato,Shunji Ishihara, Mamiko Nagase, Asuka Araki,Noriyoshi Ishikawa, Riruke Maruyama, Ryoji Kushima,Yoshikazu KinoshitaGastric foveolar-type adenomas endoscopicallyshowing a raspberry-like appearance in theHelicobacter pylori-uninfected stomach

E551 Siau, Keith, John T. Anderson, Roland Valori,Mark Feeney, Neil D. Hawkes, Gavin Johnson,Brian C. McKaig, Rupert D. Pullan, James Hodson,Christopher Wells, Siwan Thomas-Gibson,Adam V. Haycock, Ian L.P. Beales, Raphael Broughton,Paul DunckleyCertification of UK gastrointestinal endoscopists andvariations between trainee specialties: results from theJETS e-portfolio

E268 Singh, Harminder, Donald R. Duerksen, Gale Schultz,Carol Reidy, Pat DeGagne, Nancy Olson, Zoann Nugent,Michelle J. AlfaEvaluation of an overnight non-culture test fordetection of viable Gram-negative bacteria inendoscope channels

E282 Singh, Kevin, Ayla Zubair, Andrew Prindle,Ahmed Jamal Nadeem, Gulam KhanDiagnostic yield of capsule endoscopy for smallbowel arteriovenous malformations in patients withhereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia: a systematicreview and meta-analysis

E1403 Singla, Vikas, Rachit Agarwal, Shrihari Anil Anikhindi,Pankaj Puri, Mandhir Kumar, Piyush Ranjan,Ashish Kumar, Praveen Sharma, Naresh Bansal,Pooja Bakshi, Kusum Verma, Anil AroraRole of EUS-FNA for gallbladder mass lesions withbiliary obstruction: a large single-center experience

E904 Spiceland, Clayton M., B. Joseph Elmunzer,Samuel Paros, Logan Roof, Molly McVey, Robert Hawes,Brenda J. Hoffman, Puja S. EliasSalvage cryotherapy in patients undergoing endoscopiceradication therapy for complicated Barrett’s esophagus

E919 Storm, Andrew C., Eric J. Vargas, Reem Matar,Louis M. Wong Kee Song, Tarek Sawas, Fateh Bazerbachi,Navtej S. Buttar, Mark D. Topazian, Barham K. AbuDayyehEsophageal overtubes provide no benefit to safetyor technical success in upper gastrointestinal tractendoscopic suturing

E1487 Strijbos, Denise, Daniel Keszthelyi, Lennard P. Gilissen,Martin Lacko, Janneke G. Hoeijmakers, Christiaan vander Leij, Rogier J. de Ridder, Michiel W. de Haan,Ad A. MascleePercutaneous endoscopic versus radiologic gastrostomyfor enteral feeding: a retrospective analysis onoutcomes and complications

E885 Sun, Xiaotian, Yiliang Bi, Bing Nong, Duanmin Hu,Xiaomin Sun, Honglei Chen, Yang Xu, Yan LiuLinked color imaging confers benefits in profiling H.pylori infection in the stomach

E1515 Tahara, Tomomitsu, Noriyuki Horiguchi,Tsuyoshi Terada, Hyuga Yamada, Dai Yoshida,Masaaki Okubo, Kohei Funasaka, Mitsuo Nagasaka,Yoshihito Nakagawa, Tetsuya Tsukamoto,Tomoyuki Shibata, Makoto Kuroda, Naoki OhmiyaDiagnostic utility of probe-based confocal laserendomicroscopy in superficial non-ampullary duodenalepithelial tumors

E691 Tajika, Masahiro, Tsutomu Tanaka, Makoto Ishihara,Yutaka Hirayama, Sachiyo Oonishi, Nobumasa Mizuno,Takamichi Kuwahara, Nozomi Okuno,Shinpei Matsumoto, Taihei Ooshiro, Takashi Kinoshita,Koji Komori, Vikram Bhatia, Kazuo Hara, Yasushi Yatabe,Yasumasa NiwaLong-term outcomes of metachronous neoplasms inthe ileal pouch and rectum after surgical treatment inpatients with familial adenomatous polyposis

E330 Takashima, Kenji, Yasuhiro Oono, Motohiro Kojima,Hiroaki Ikematsu, Tetsuo Akimoto, Tomonori YanoClinicopathological features and endoscopiccharacteristics of inverted sessile serrated adenomas/polyps

E130 Tanaka, Hidenori, Shiro Oka, Shinji Tanaka,Katsuaki Inagaki, Yuki Okamoto, Kenta Matsumoto,Kazuki Boda, Ken Yamashita, Kyoku Sumimoto,Yuki Ninomiya, Nana Hayashi, Kazuaki ChayamaThe utility of a novel colonoscope with retroflexion forcolorectal endoscopic submucosal dissection

E964 Teoh, A.Y., Manuel Perez-Miranda, Rastislav Kunda,Sang Soo Lee, Shayan Irani, Paul Yeaton, Siyu Sun,Todd Huntley Baron, Jong Ho Moon, Bronte Holt,Christopher J.L. Khor, Rungsun Rerknimitr,Amol Bapaye, Shannon Melissa Chan, Hyun Jong Choi,Theodore William James, Pradermchai Kongkam,Yun Nah Lee, Parth Parekh, Wiriyaporn Ridtitid,Carlos Serna-Higuera, Damien M.Y. Tan, Raul Torres-YusteOutcomes of an international multicenter registry onEUS-guided gallbladder drainage in patients at high riskfor cholecystectomy

E818 Testoni, Pier Alberto, Lorella Fanti, Enrico Antonucci,Emanuele DabizziInverted “upside-down” esophageal fully-coveredself-expanding metal stent is effective for temporarytreatment of colorectal strictures: a pilot case series

E647 Testoni, Pier Alberto, Sabrina Testoni,Giovanni Distefano, Giorgia Mazzoleni, Lorella Fanti,Sandro PassarettiTransoral incisionless fundoplication with EsophyXfor gastroesophageal reflux disease: clinical efficacy ismaintained up to 10 years

E751 Thomas, Samuel, Ali A. Siddiqui, Linda Jo Taylor,Sheeva Parbhu, Christopher Cao, David Loren,Thomas Kowalski, Douglas G. AdlerFully-covered esophageal stent migration ratesin benign and malignant disease: a multicenterretrospective study

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XIV Contents

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E987 Toyoshima, Osamu, Shuntaro Yoshida,Toshihiro Nishizawa, Tadahiro Yamakawa,Kosuke Sakitani, Keisuke Hata, Yoshiyuki Takahashi,Mitsuhiro Fujishiro, Hidenobu Watanabe,Kazuhiko KoikeCF290 for pancolonic chromoendoscopy improvedsessile serrated polyp detection and procedure time: apropensity score-matching study

E931 Trindade, Arvind J., Petros C. Benias,Mohammed Alshelleh, Ahmad N. Bazarbashi,Benjamin Tharian, Sumant Inamdar, Neil Sharma,Christina Zelt, Praneet Korrapati, Mohamed Barakat,Divyesh V. Sejpal, Marvin RyouFine-needle biopsy is superior to fine-needle aspirationof suspected gastrointestinal stromal tumors: a largemulticenter study

E1742 Tsoi, Edward H., Sasha Fehily, Richard Williams,Paul Desmond, Andrew TaylorDiffuse endoscopically visible, predominantly low gradedysplasia in Barrett’s esophagus (with video)

E757 van der Wiel, Sophia E., Arjun D. Koch, Marco J. BrunoFace validity of a synthetic papilla designed for biliarysphincterotomy training

E1457 Vanella, Giuseppe, Cesare Hassan, Mario De Bellis,Maxemiliano Giardini, Enrico Grasso, Francesco Laterza,Ottaviano Tarantino, Emilio Di GiulioIMPlementing split Regimen OVEr Single dose using aPlan-Do-Study-Act approach (IMPROVES study)

E808 Villa, Edward, Bashar Attar, William Trick,Vikram KotwalEndoscopy-related musculoskeletal injuries ingastroenterology fellows

E701 Vleugels, Jasper L.A., Sanne M. van Neerven,Monique E. van Leerdam, Linda K. Wanders, Meike deWit, Beatriz Carvalho, Pien M. Delis-van Diemen,Frank G.J. Kallenberg, Louis Vermeulen, Jeroen A. Beliën,James E. East, Gerrit A. Meijer, Evelien DekkerCD31-positive microvessel density within adenomasof Lynch Syndrome patients is similar compared toadenomas of non-Lynch patients

E1144 Wada, Kurato, Tetsuya Ueo, Hirotoshi Yonemasu,Kazumi Togo, Shotaro Inoue, Hideho Honda,Makoto Katsuta, Haruhiko Takahashi, Kenshi Yao,Kazunari MurakamiAntacids may increase the appearance of white opaquesubstance in Helicobacter pylori-eradicated gastricepithelial neoplasia

E594 Walsh, Leonard T., Lindsay Mitchell, Ansh Johri,Nicholas Matone, Mary Frecker, Matthew MoyerWhen high viscosity of pancreatic cysts precludeseffective EUS-FNA: a benchtop comparison of negativepressure devices

E525 Watanabe, Daisuke, Shinwa Tanaka, Fumiaki Kawara,Hirohumi Abe, Ryusuke Ariyoshi, Yoshiko Nakano,Toshitatsu Takao, Yoshinori Morita, Takashi Toyonaga,Eiji Umegaki, Yuzo KodamaClinical impact of peroral endoscopic myotomy foresophageal motility disorders on esophageal musclelayer thickness

E641 Wedi, E., P. Koehler, J. Hochberger, J. Maiss, S. Milenovic,M. Gromski, N. Ho, C. Gabor, U. Baulain, V. Ellenrieder,C. JungEndoscopic submucosal dissection with a novel highviscosity injection solution (LiftUp) in an ex vivo model:a prospective randomized study

E1386 Worland, Thomas, Oliver Cronin, Benjamin Harrison,Linda Alexander, Nik Ding, Alvin Ting,Stephanie Dimopoulos, Racheal Sykes, Sina AlexanderClinical and financial impacts of introducing anendoscopic mucosal resection service for treatmentof patients with large colonic polyps into a regionaltertiary hospital

E994 Yadav, Siddhant, Edward V. Loftus, W. Scott Harmsen,Louis M. Wong Kee Song, Nayantara Coelho-PrabhuOutcome of endoscopic resection of colonic polypslarger than 10 mm in patients with inflammatory boweldisease

E1632 Yahagi, Naohisa, Ai Fujimoto, Joichiro Horii,Toshio Uraoka, Masayuki Shimoda, Kaoru Takabayashi,Toshihiro Nisizawa, Osamu Goto, Yasutoshi Ochiai,Tadateru Maehata, Atushi Nakayama, Motohiko Kato,Naoki Hosoe, Makoto NaganumaDual red imaging: a novel endoscopic imagingtechnology visualizing thick blood vessels in thegastrointestinal wall

E115 Yamashita, Satoshi, Motohiko Kato, Ai Fujimoto,Tadateru Maehata, Motoki Sasaki, Naoko Inoshita,Hiroki Sato, Kenji Suzuki, Naohisa YahagiInadequate steroid injection after esophageal ESD mightcause mural necrosis

E1714 Yang, Dennis, Hiroyuki Aihara, Yaseen B. Perbtani,Andrew Y. Wang, Abdul Aziz Aadam, Yutaka Tomizawa,Joo Ha Hwang, Baiming Zou, Nikola S. Natov,Amanda Siegel, Milad Pourmousavi Khoshknab,Mouen A. Khashab, Saowanee Ngamruengphong,Harshit S. Khara, David L. Diehl, Thibaut Maniere,Sherif Andrawes, Petros Benias, Nikhil A. Kumta,Fariha Ramay, Raymond E. Kim, Jason Samarasena,Kenneth Chang, Rintaro Hashimoto,Benjamin Tharian, Sumant Inamdar, Gloria Lan,Amrita Sethi, Michael J. Nosler, Abdalaziz Tabash,Mohamed O. Othman, Peter V. DraganovSafety and efficacy of endoscopic submucosaldissection for rectal neoplasia: a multicenter NorthAmerican experience

E274 Yoshimizu, Shoichi, Yorimasa Yamamoto,Yusuke Horiuchi, Toshiyuki Yoshio, Akiyoshi Ishiyama,Toshiaki Hirasawa, Tomohiro Tsuchida, Junko FujisakiA suitable marking method to achieve lateral marginnegative in endoscopic submucosal dissection forundifferentiated-type early gastric cancer

E1187 Yoshimoto, Taiji, Hiroshi Takihara, Tomoatsu Yoshihara,Taro Inoue, Kohei Ishibashi, Masanao Uraoka,Akihiro Nakamura, Shinsuke Hiramatsu, Shinichi Baba,Shun Abe, Ko Matsuura, Masato Hoshikawa,Rika Taketani, Hironori Tanaka, Kenichiro Motozato,Yuji Tanigawa, Eisuke Nakao, Akitaka Yokomura,Michihito Kono, Kenji Kagari, Akito Furuta,Asuka Sunada, Kenji Maejima, Eri Tsuyuguchi,Yasuo Yamasaki, Takahiro ShishimotoUsefulness of “Nelaton Attachment” for endoscopicsubmucosal dissection of colorectal neoplasms

E1150 Zhang, Qiang, Jian-qun Cai, Zhen Wang, Bing Xiao,Yang BaiSnare combined with endoscopic clips in endoscopicresection of gastric submucosal tumor: a method oftumor traction

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E322 Aghaie Meybodi, Mohamad, Bashar J. Qumseya,Delaram Shakoor, Katie Lobner, Kia Vosoughi,Yervant Ichkhanian, Mouen A. KhashabEfficacy and feasibility of G-POEM in management ofpatients with refractory gastroparesis: a systematicreview and meta-analysis

E1262 Campos, Sara, Jan-Werner Poley, Lydi van Driel,Marco J. BrunoThe role of EUS in diagnosis and treatment of liverdisorders

E1704 de Rezende, Daniel Tavares, Vitor Ottoboni Brunaldi,Wanderley Marques Bernardo, Igor Braga Ribeiro,Raquel Cristina Mota, Felipe Iankelevich Baracat,Diogo Turiani de Moura, Renato Baracat,Sergio Eiji Matuguma, Eduardo Guimarães de MouraUse of hemostatic powder in treatment of uppergastrointestinal bleeding: a systematic review andmeta-analysis

E216 Desai, Madhav, Venkat Nutalapati, Ajay Bansal,Daniel Buckles, John Bonino, Mojtaba Olyaee,Amit RastogiUse of smartphone applications to improve quality ofbowel preparation for colonoscopy: a systematic reviewand meta-analysis

E1616 Ebigbo, Alanna, Christoph Palm, Andreas Probst,Robert Mendel, Johannes Manzeneder, Friederike Prinz,Luis A. de Souza, João P. Papa, Peter Siersema,Helmut MessmannA technical review of artificial intelligence as applied togastrointestinal endoscopy: clarifying the terminology

E26 Mangiavillano, Benedetto, Amedeo Montale,Leonardo Frazzoni, Mario Bianchetti, Amrita Sethi,Alessandro Repici, Lorenzo FuccioEndoscopic biliary self-expandable metallic stentin malignant biliary obstruction with or withoutsphincterotomy: systematic review and meta-analysis

E922 Mitselos, Ioannis V., Ioannis Karoumpalis,Vasileios I. Theopistos, Dimitrios Tzilves,Dimitrios K. ChristodoulouEndoscopic ultrasonography in pancreatic diseases:advances in tissue acquisition

E1503 Onofrio, Fernanda de, Julio Carlos Pereira-Lima,Felipe Marquezi Valença, AndréLuis Ferreira Azeredo-da-Silva, Airton Tetelbom SteinEfficacy of endoscopic treatments for acute esophagealvariceal bleeding in cirrhotic patients: systematicreview and meta-analysis

E487 Passos, Marina Lordello, Igor Braga Ribeiro,Diogo Turiani de Moura, Nádia Korkischko,Gustavo Luis Silva, Tomazo Prince Franzini,Wanderley Marques Bernando, Eduardo Guimarães deMouraEfficacy and safety of carbon dioxide insufflationversus air insufflation during endoscopic retrogradecholangiopancreatography in randomized controlledtrials: a systematic review and meta-analysis

E1078 Rodriguez, Maria Auxiliadora, Diogo Turiani de Moura,Igor Braga Ribeiro, Wanderley Marques Bernardo,Flavio Hiroshi Morita, Sergio Barbosa Marques,Paulo Sakai, Eduardo Guimarães de MouraVolumetric laser endomicroscopy and optical coherencetomography in Barrett’s esophagus: a systematic reviewand meta-analysis

E477 Serrano, Juan Pablo, Diogo Turiani de Moura,Wanderley Marques Bernardo, Igor Braga Ribeiro,Tomazo Prince Franzini, Eduardo Turiani de Moura,Vitor Ottoboni Brunaldi, Marianne Torrezan Salesse,Paulo Sakai, Eduardo Guimarães De MouraNonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs versusplacebo for post-endoscopic retrogradecholangiopancreatography pancreatitis: a systematicreview and meta-analysis

E122 Stavrou, George, Georgia Tsaousi, Katerina KotzampassiLife-threatening visceral complications afterintragastric balloon insertion: Is the device, the patientor the doctor to blame?

E1064 Teoh, Anthony Yuen-Bun, Dong Wan Seo,William Brugge, John Dewitt, Pradermchai Kongkam,Enqiang Linghu, Matthew T. Moyer, Ji Kon Ryu,Khek Yu HoPosition statement on EUS-guided ablation ofpancreatic cystic neoplasms from an internationalexpert panel

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Aabakken, Lars E833Aadam, Abdul Aziz E1714Aamar, Ali E389Aang, Tiing Leong E452Abad, Mary Raina E1002, E1468Abe, Hirohumi E525Abe, Keiichiro E568Abe, Seiichiro E396, E664, E841Abe, Shun E1187Abendroth, Catherine S. E186Abou Ali, Einas E944, E1301Abu Dayyeh, Barham K. E919Abunassar, Michael E678Adler, Douglas G. E625, E751, E896Adler, Samuel N. E1253Aepli, Patrick C2, E974, E1241Afiheni, Mary E833Agarwal, Rachit E1403Aghaie Meybodi, Mohamad E322Aiello, Vera Demarchi E685Aihara, Hiroyuki E1714Aizawa, Masato E1123Akabane, Shota E49Akahoshi, Tomohiko E1442Akaishi, Chika E871Akamatsu, Takuji E871Akasaka, Tomofumi E104, E871, E1214Akazawa, Yoichi E871Akimoto, Teppei E471, E1755Akimoto, Tetsuo E330Akiyama, Junichi E337Aladrén, Beatriz Sicilia E743Alagappan, Muthuraman E545Albouys, Jérémie E1166Alcívar, Juan A. E1061Alexander, Linda E1386Alexander, Sina E1386Alfa, Michelle J. E268Algül, Hana E860Al-Juburi, Amar E1585Alli-Akintade, Latifat E1585Al-Mazroui, Ahmed E678Alshelleh, Mohammed E931Alvarado-Escobar, Haydee E979Amano, Hajime E585Amano, Hironobu E585Amata, Michele C1, E367Anderloni, Andrea E347Anderson, John T. E551, E813Anderson, Joseph C. E1344Andrawes, Sherif E1714Andreozzi, Paolo E1135Ang, Daphne Shih-Wen E1207Ang, Tiing Leong E1207Anigbo, Gideon E833Anikhindi, Shrihari Anil E1403Anten, Marie-Paule E800Antonucci, Enrico E818Aoki, Tomonori E337Aoyagi, Hiroyuki E871Aparicio, José R. E1038Ara, Nobuyuki E871Araki, Asuka E784Araki, Ryuichiro E1327Arantes, Vitor E1455Arao, Masamichi E43, E1214Archibugi, Livia E1733

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Baars, Judith E. E1241Baba, Shinichi E949, E1187Bahin, Farzan E99Bai, Yang E1150Bakis, Gennadiy E1537Bakshi, Pooja E1403Banerjee, Rupa E452Bansal, Ajay E216Bansal, Naresh E1403Bapaye, Amol E964, E1371Bapaye, Jay E1371Baquerizo-Burgos, Jorge E979, E1061Baracat, Felipe Iankelevich E1704Baracat, Renato E1704Barakat, Mohamed E931Barbeiro, Sandra E239Bar-Gil Shitrit, Ariella E1253Barkun, Alan N. E1563Baron, Todd H. E72, E347, E600, E964,E1099, E1231Barreiro, Pedro E633Barrera, Kaylene E1008Barresi, Luca C1, E367Barret, Maximilien E138, E1301Barrio, Jésus Andrés E743Barry, Lillian E1379Barthet, Marc E1130Bar-Yishay, Iddo E1773Basford, Peter E403Bauder, Markus E774Baulain, U. E641Bautista, Inmaculada E1691Bazarbashi, Ahmad N. E931, E1432Bazerbachi, Fateh E919Beales, Ian L.P. E551Bechara, Robert E678Becq, Aymeric E944, E1197Beintaris, Iosif E1574Bekkali, Noor L.H. E896, E1281Beliën, Jeroen A. E701Bellocchi, Maria Cristina E1583Beltran, Lucia E1691Benech, Nicolas E699Benenati, Sabrina C1, E367

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Caca, Karel E774Caceres, Jennifer E1008Cai, Jian-qun E1150Calavas, Laura E699Calero Barón, Daniel E1163Callegari, Fabiano E1027Calvanese, Claudio E317, E504Campanati, Renato Gomes E1455Campos, Josemberg M. E1671Campos, Sara E1262Camus, Marine E944Cao, Christopher E751Capela, Tiago E633Caplin, Martyn E1393Capurso, Gabriele E1733Carr-Locke, David E896Carroll, Nicholas E1117Carvalho, Beatriz E701Casadei, Riccardo E504Casellas, Juan Antonio E1038Castro, Rui E633Cavallaro, Flaminia E372Centeno, Barbara A. E854Chan, Shannon Melissa E964Chan, Walter W. E1432Chandrasekar, Viveksandeep ThogulvaE708Chang, George J E361Chang, Jonathan I. E655Chang, Kenneth E1714Chang, Li-Chun E232Charissoux, Aurélie E1166, E1496Chaussade, Stanislas E138Chayama, Kazuaki E130Chedgy, Fergus C2, E974Chen, Chieh-Chang E232Chen, Honglei E885Chen, Jian Ning E615Chen, Yen-I E347, E1563Chen, Zong-Ming E. E62Chetcuti Zammit, Stefania E730Chiba, Toru E1442Chien, Hsu-Chih E1528Chihara, Daisuke E431Chilton, Andrew E1574Chino, Akiko E824Chiu, Han Mo E452Chiu, Han-Mo E232Chiu, Philip W. E452Cho, Hourin E1448Cho, Jae Hee E1293Choi, Hyun Jong E964Cholet, Franck E372Choudhary, Abhishek E708Christiaens, Genevieve E412Christodoulou, Dimitrios K. E922Cintolo, Marcello E264Ciocîrlan, Mihai E1184Cipolletta, Fabio C1, E367Clark, Norman R. E171Coelho-Prabhu, Nayantara E994Confer, Bradley D. E62Conway, Jason E171Cooper, Sarah E403Corbelle, Fernandez E1691Córdova, Henry E576Coron, Emmanuel E1197

Cosgrove, Natalie E896Costamagna, Guido E1699, E1701Cotton, Peter E1322Crinò, Stefano Francesco E1583Crisan, Dana E1630Croglio, Michael E1099Cronin, Oliver E1386Cuatrecasas, Miriam E576Culetto, Adrian E1130


Dabizzi, Emanuele E818Dahler, Stein E90Dalal, Ashok E1248Darne, Antony E1281Darras, Natasha E545Date, Suhas E1371Davila, Marta E361Dbouk, Mohamad E144, E896Deane, Jill E1574De Bellis, Mario E1457de Benito Sanz, Marina E203De Brabander, Isabel E717DeGagne, Pat E268de Haan, Michiel W. E1487Dejima, Akihiro E1683Dekker, Evelien E701de Lange, Thomas E90Delhaye, Myriam E1595Delis-van Diemen, Pien M. E701Del Prete, Valentina E1221Demir, Ihsan Ekin E860de Moura, Diogo Turiani E477, E487,E1078, E1704de Moura, Eduardo Guimarães E440,E477, E487, E685, E1078, E1549, E1704De Moura, Diogo Turiani E151De Moura, Eduardo Guimarães E151,E477de Nucci, Germana E1135de Rezende, Daniel Tavares E1704de Ridder, Rogier J. E1487Desai, Madhav E216, E708Desalegn, Hailemichael E833DeSimone, Michael L. E347Desmond, Paul E1742de Souza, Luis A. E1616Devani, Massimo E1135Deviere, Jacques E1310Devière, Jacques E1595, E1671de Wit, Meike E701Dewitt, John E1064Dhaka, Narendra E53Dhaliwal, AmaninderJeet Singh E854Diehl, David L. E62, E302, E1276, E1316,E1419, E1714Diehl, Mia M. E62Dietrich, Arne E1605Diez Redondo, Pilar E203Di Giulio, Emilio E1457DiMaio, Christopher E347, E896, E1419Dimopoulos, Stephanie E1386Ding, Nik E1386Dinis-Ribeiro, Mario E239, E833Dinis-Ribeiro, Mário E633, E1636Dioscoridi, Lorenzo E264Distefano, Giovanni E647

Do-Cong Pham, Khanh E380Doi, Yoshinori E104Dokas, Stefanos E264Dollhopf, Markus E347Dolwani, Sunil E9Donatelli, Gianfranco E1671Dong, Elizabeth E655Doyama, Hisashi E871, E1683Draganov, Peter V. E1714Dray, Xavier E372, E944, E1197Driessen, Ann E717D’Souza, Pernilla E83Dubale, Nachiket E1371Duduyemi, Babatunde E833Duerksen, Donald R. E268Dumazy, Axelle E412Dumonceau, Jean-Marc E630Dumoulin, Franz Ludwig E446Dunckley, Paul E551Durkalski-Mauldin, Valerie E1322Dwyer, Laura K. E896


East, James E. E260, E701Ebi, Masahide E871Ebigbo, Alanna E521, E833, E846,E1616, E1723Ebinuma, Hirotoshi E1729Eccles, John E83, E1624Edwards, R. T. E1574Eelbode, Tom E1355, E1540Eisendrath, Pierre E1671Eizuka, Makoto E1333Ejiri, Yutaka E1123Eliakim, Rami E372Elias, Puja S. E904Ellenrieder, V. E641Elmunzer, B. Joseph E896, E904Enderle, Markus E1640Endo, Shungo E1123Epp, Sonja E1658Epstein, Alexey E860Esaki, Motohiro E1333Esmaily, Shiran E1574Esposito, Gianluca E883Eusebi, Leonardo H. E1393Evans, Rachel E1574


Fabritius, Martin E1197Facciorusso, Antonio E1221Falk, Vanessa E1624Familiari, Pietro E1701Fan, Y. Claire E837Fang, John E625Fang, Wendy C. E1044Fanti, Lorella E647, E818Farrell, Elizabeth E1241Farrell, James J E389Fayad, Lea E347, E1605, E1640Fedewa, Stacey A. E1344Feeney, Mark E551Fehily, Sasha E1742Fernández-Esparrach, Gloria E576Fernández-Salazar, Luis E743

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XVIII Authors' Index

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Fernandez-Urien, Ignacio E372Ferrari, Angelo E1027Ferreira, Anibal E633Figueiredo, Isabel N. E209Figueiredo, Pedro N. E209Filho, Fauze M. E1092Fischer, Sarah E1018Florent, Christian E944Fock, Kwong Ming E1207Forbes, Nauzer E1051Forti, Edoardo E264Franco, Matheus C. E347Francque, Sven E717Franzini, Tomazo Prince E477, E487Frauenschuh, Julia E1723Frazzoni, Leonardo E26, E1393Frecker, Mary E594Freedberg, Daniel E. E74Freuer, Denis E846Freund, Simone E1723Friedland, Shai E347Friedrich, Maik E1605Fuccio, Lorenzo E26, E708Fujibayashi, Shugo E1768Fujimoto, Ai E115, E1632, E1755Fujisaki, Junko E274, E824Fujishiro, Mitsuhiro E987Fujita, Akashi E1327Fujiwara, Yasuhiro E433Fujiya, Mikihiro E1768Fujiyoshi, Yusuke E1002, E1468Fuki, Shuichi E672Fukuda, Hisashi E1002Fukuhara, Seiichiro E1663Fukumoto, Yasushi E871Fukunishi, Shinya E1288Fukushi, Koh E568Fukuyama, Chika E784Fumex, Fabien E189Funakawa, Keita E155Funasaka, Kohei E1515Furuta, Akito E1187Fusai, Giuseppe K. E1117Fusaroli, Pietro E317, E504


Gaballa, Daniel E186Gabbrielli, Armando E1583Gabor, C. E641Gabr, Moamen E896, E1419Gabrielsen, Jon E1276Gaddam, Srinivas E347Gaidhane, Monica E1419Gallo, Giuseppe C1, E367Galvao Neto, Manoel E1671Gangarosa, Lisa M. E837Garbin, Nicolò E1175Garborg, K. E195Garcés-Durán, Rodrigo E576Garcia, Jonathan E1646Garcia, Lara Arias E743García-Alvarado, María E743Garcia-Carrasquillo, Reuben J. E74García-Rodríguez, Ana E576Garg, Mayur E1044Garg, Rajat E1474Gast, Pierrette E412

Gawron, Andrew J. E625Gek San, Tan E955Gelrud, Andres E151George, Benley J. E608Georgieva, Zhenya E87Gerard, Romain E1197Gerasia, Roberta C1, E367Gerges, Christian E99Giardini, Maxemiliano E1457Gilissen, Lennard P. E1487Gincul, Rodica E189Giovannini, Marc E1130Gkolfakis, Paraskevas E1143, E1595Glaysher, Michael A. E1303Goddard, Stuart E9Golafshar, Michael A. E462Gölder, Stefan E846, E1723Gomes, Alexandre E1549Gonzalez, Jean-Michel E1130, E1197Gonzalez, Jonathan Alfageme E412González-Lama, Yago E743González Lama, Yago E1253Gorrepati, Venkata Subhash E708Goto, Hidemi E421Goto, Osamu E471, E1632Goto, Takuma E1768Gotoda, Takuji E871Granata, Antonino C1, E367Grasso, Enrico E1457Grindal, Alexander W. E678Gromski, M. E641Grover, Samir C. E678Guedes, Hugo Gonçalo E151Gupta, Neil E1192Gupta, Pankaj E53Gupta, Sanchit E347Gupta, Vikas E53Gutierrez, Olaya Brewer E347Guyot, Anne E1166


Hadithi, Mohamad E800Haf, David E860Hagan, Katherine E361Hahn, Hartmut E1640Hallac, Alexander E912Halvorsen, Fred-Arne E90Hamada, Kazu E36Hamada, Kenta E1214Hamamoto, Hitomi E937Hamano, Hideaki E1410Han, Dennis E896Han, Samuel E896Hanada, Keiji E585Hanaoka, Noboru E1214Handa, Osamu E871Hann, Alexander E1658Han-no, Hajime E621Hapfelmeier, Alexander E860Hara, Kazuo E15, E691Hara, Taro E164Harada, Maiko E1327Haridy, James E1044Harmsen, W. Scott E994Harrison, Benjamin E1386Hartmann, Arndt E1018Hashiguchi, Keiichi E871

Hashimoto, Atsushi E433Hashimoto, Rintaro E1714Hashimoto, Satoru E764Hashimoto, Shinichi E937Hassan, Cesare E708, E833, E1135,E1355, E1457, E1540Hassen, Dina E1316Hata, Keisuke E987, E1729Hathorn, Kelly E. E1432Haugk, Beate E1281Havre, Roald F. E380Hawes, Robert E904Hawkes, Neil D. E551Hawkins, Ryan W. E1175Hayasaka, Junnosuke E1542Hayashi, Akihiro E1768Hayashi, Nana E130Hayashi, Noriaki E796Hayashi, Yoshito E104Haycock, Adam V. E551Hedenström, Per E1400Heinrich, Marco E1605Heitman, Steven J. E1051Hernández, Luis E743Hervieu, Valérie E1049, E1166, E1496Hewett, Robert E310Hiernaux, Martin E1310Higashi, Michiyo E937Higashino, Koji E43, E1214Higuchi, Kazuhide E1288, E1652Hijioka, Susumu E15Hikichi, Takuto E871Hildenbrand, Ralf E446Hilsden, Robert J. E1051Hino, Fumiaki E585Hirahashi, Minako E1333Hirai, Hirokazu E1683Hiraishi, Hideyuki E568Hiramatsu, Shinsuke E1187Hirano, Naomichi E585Hirasawa, Kingo E871Hirasawa, Toshiaki E274Hirata, Daizen E1049Hirata, Takashi E1333Hirata, Yoshihiro E337Hirayama, Yutaka E15, E691Hirooka, Yoshiki E421Hirschmann, Simon E1018Hisanaga, Yasuhiro E871Histace, Aymeric E944Ho, Khek Yu E1064Ho, N. E641Ho, Shiaw-Hooi E452Hoare, Zoe E1574Hochberger, J. E641Hodson, James E551Hoeijmakers, Janneke G. E1487Hoff, G. E195, E537Hoff, Geir E90Hoffman, Brenda J. E904Hoffmeister, Albrecht E860Holme, Ø. E195Holme, Øyvind E90Holmes, Ian E347Holt, Bronte E964Honda, Hideho E1144Honkoop, Pieter E800Hopps, Rebecca E9Horibe, Masayasu E1663

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Authors' Index XIX

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Horie, Yoshimasa E824Horiguchi, Noriyuki E1515Horii, Joichiro E1632Horikawa, Yohei E871Horiuchi, Yusuke E274Hoshi, Namiko E949Hoshikawa, Masato E1187Hosmer, Amy E347Hosoe, Naoki E1632Hossian, A. K. E1008Hoteya, Shu E355, E1542Houist, Guy E944Hsieh, Ping-Hsin E1528Hsu, Wen-Feng E232Hsueh, William E1231Hu, Duanmin E885Huberty, Vincent E1310Huppertz-Hauss, G. E195, E537Huppertz-Hauss, Gert E90Hussey, Mary E1379Huynh, Xuan Thanh E310Hwang, Joo Ha E1714Høie, O. E195Høie, Ole E90


Iaccuci, Marietta E1018Ichii, Osamu E1123Ichkhanian, Yervant E322Ide, Daisuke E824Ido, Akio E937Igarashi, Masahiro E824Igarashi, Yoshinori E841Iida, Fumiyo E871Iijima, Hideki E104Iijima, Hirokazu E49Iijima, Makoto E568Iishi, Hiroyasu E1214Iizasa, Hisashi E431Iizuka, Toshiro E355, E1542Ijoma, Uchenna E833Ikeda, Haruo E1002, E1468Ikeda, Hiroki E1105Ikehata, Atsushi E871Ikematsu, Hiroaki E330, E664Ikemoto, Juri E585Imai, Yasuo E568Imazeki, Hiroshi E164Imoto, Akira E871Inagaki, Katsuaki E130Inamdar, Sumant E347, E608, E931,E1714Inderson, Akin E1357Inoshita, Naoko E115Inoue, Haruhiro E1002, E1468Inoue, Shotaro E1144Inoue, Shuntaro E43Inoue, Takuya E104Inoue, Taro E621, E871, E1187Irani, Shayan E144, E964, E1231Irisawa, Atsushi E568Ishibashi, Kohei E1187Ishida, Tsukasa E949Ishihara, Makoto E15, E691Ishihara, Ryu E43, E104, E1214Ishihara, Shunji E784Ishii, Eiji E155

Ishikawa, Hideki E871Ishikawa, Noriyoshi E784Ishimura, Norihisa E784Ishiyama, Akiyoshi E274Isohata, Noriyuki E1123Ito, Ayako E15Ito, Tetsuya E1410Itoh, Fumio E1105Itoh, Tohru E36Itoh, Yoshito E672Itoi, Takao E1115, E1652Iwagami, Hiroyoshi E43Iwai, Wataru E871Iwakiri, Katsuhiko E471Iwama, Takuya E1768Iwasaki, Eisuke E1663Iwashita, Takuji E1652Iwatsubo, Taro E43, E1214Iwaya, Hiromichi E15Iwaya, Yugo E1468Iyer, Prasad G. E462Izawa, Naoya E568Izumi, Daisuke E784Izumi, Yoshihiro E585


Jacob, Philippe E1778Jacques, Jérémie C3, E583, E762, E1166,E1195, E1197, E1496Jain, Rishabh E1371James, Matthew T. E1051James, Theodore W. E347, E600, E837,E964, E1099, E1231Jamil, Laith H. E347, E732Jang, SungIl E792Jang, Sunguk E347Jayaraj, Mahendran E708Jegadeesan, Ramprasad E708, E1033Jemal, Ahmedin E1344Jeong, Seok E498, E1293Jimenez-Garcia, Victoria Alejandra E664Jin, Zhezhen E74Johal, Amitpal S. E62, E302Johnson, Gavin E551, E1393Johnson, Sarah J. E1281Johnson, Sheeva E1585Johri, Ansh E594Judge, Ciaran E1379Jukemura, José E151, E1549Jung, C. E641Jung, Yoon Suk E1748Junior, Ulysses R. E1092


Kaffes, Arthur J. E1241Kagari, Kenji E1187Kagebayashi, Sumika E533Kahaleh, Michel E1419Kah Ling, Lim E955Kahn, Allon E462Kaise, Mitsuru E471Kallenberg, Frank G.J. E701Kalloo, Anthony N. E144, E1605, E1640Kamai, Junji E36Kamboj, Amrit K. E462

Kaminski, M. F. E537Kanai, Takanori E1663, E1755Kanamori, Akira E568Kanazawa, Mimari E568Kandiah, Kesavan C2, E974Kaneko, Akihiro E871Kaneko, Shuichi E1683Kanemitsu, Kozue E585Kanesaka, Takashi E1214Kanmura, Shuji E937Kaosombatwattana, Uayporn E421Kaplan, Gilaad G. E1051Kappelle, W. F. E178Karagyozov, Petko E87Karasaki, Hidenori E1768Karoumpalis, Ioannis E922Karstensen, John Gásdal E833Kasai, Toyotaka E871Katamura, Yoshio E585Katanuma, Akio E3Katayama, Tadashi E1663Kato, Minoru E871, E1214Kato, Motohiko E115, E1632, E1755Kato, Takashi E1123Katsuta, Makoto E1144Katzka, David A. E462Kawa, Shigeyuki E1410Kawabata, Hidemasa E1768Kawada, Kenro E733Kawaguti, Fabio S. E1092Kawai, Daisuke E871Kawamoto, Flavio Masato E440Kawamura, Takuji E871Kawano, Tatsuyuki E733Kawara, Fumiaki E525Kawasaki, Keisuke E1333Kawasaki, Shintaro E1663Kawata, Noboru E871Kawaura, Ken E36Kayaba, Shoichi E871Keane, Margaret G. E1117Keegan, Mathew E1241Kelly, Jamie E1303Kench, James G. E1241Kerdsirichairat, Tossapol E144, E896Kerever, Sebastien E1166Kerkhof, Ellen M. E1357Kerkmeer, Margreet C. E800Keszthelyi, Daniel E1487Ketelaars, Martijn E1357Keung, Charlotte E1044Khan, Gulam E282Khan, Rishad E678Khara, Harshit S. E62, E302, E1714Khashab, Mouen A. E144, E322, E347,E896, E1231, E1605, E1640, E1671,E1714Khor, Christopher E955, E964Khoshknab, Milad Pourmousavi E1714Kiguchi, Yoshiyuki E1755Kikuchi, Daisuke E355, E1542Kim, Eui Joo E1293Kim, Hak-Soo E1748Kim, Hyung Kil E1763Kim, Joon Mee E1293Kim, Raymond E. E1714Kim, ShinHee E792Kim, Yeon Suk E1293Kim, Yoon Jae E1293

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XX Authors' Index

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Kin, Toshifumi E3Kinami, Shinichi E36Kinjo, Tetsu E871Kinoshita, Takashi E691Kinoshita, Yoshikazu E784Kirchner, H. Lester E62Kishino, Maiko E871Kishino, Takaaki E155Kitagawa, Yoshiyasu E164Kitago, Minoru E1663Kitakata, Hidekazu E36Kitamura, Shinji E871Kitamura, Yoko E155, E871Kiyotoki, Shu E871Kjellevold, Øystein E90Klenske, Entcho E1018Ko, Christopher E896Ko, Michael K.L. E514Kobayashi, Ichizo E104Kobayashi, Makoto E498Kobayashi, Masaaki E764Kobayashi, Rika E36Kobayashi, Sakurako E337Kobayashi, Shinjiro E1105Kobayashi, Shunsuke E841Kobayashi, Yukari E49Koch, Arjun D. E757Kochhar, Rakesh E53Kochhar, Suman E53Kodama, Yuzo E525, E621, E949Koehler, P. E641Koike, Kazuhiko E337, E987, E1729Koike, Tomoyuki E871Kojima, Motohiro E330Komori, Koji E691Komura, Takuya E871Konaka, Yoshitomo E672Kong, Derun E1365Kongkam, Pradermchai E964, E1064Konishi, Jun E871Kono, Michihito E1187Kono, Mitsuhiro E871Kopczynska, Maja E9Kopylov, Uri E372Korkischko, Nádia E487Korrapati, Praneet E931Korrapati, Sravan Kumar E1371Kosaka, Takeo E36Koshitani, Tatsuya E672Kotachi, Takahiro E871Kotwal, Vikram E808Kotzampassi, Katerina E122Koulaouzidis, Anastasios E372Kovach, Alicia H. E62Kowalski, Thomas E751Krafft, Matthew E1099, E1231Krajciova, Jana E1483Kresz, Andrea E290Krieger, Yannick E298Krutsri, Chonlada E949Kubo, Chiaki E1214Kuellmer, Armin E774Kullnick, Yvonne E1605Kumagai, Masayuki E871Kumar, Ashish E1403Kumar, Mandhir E1403Kumar, Sunil E209Kumarasinghe, Priyanthi E1773

Kumbhari, Vivek E144, E347, E896,E1605, E1640, E1671Kumta, Nikhil A. E347, E1714Kunda, Rastislav E964Kurahara, Koichi E1333Kuraishi, Yasuhiro E1410Kuraoka, Naosuke E15Kuribayashi, Shiko E871Kuroda, Makoto E1515Kuroshima, Toshio E104Kushima, Ryoji E784Kushnir, Vladimir E1522Kuwabara, Hiroki E396Kuwahara, Takamichi E15, E691Kuwayama, Yasuharu E155Kwek, Andrew Boon E1207Kwok, Karl K. E655Kwon, Kye Sook E1763


Lacko, Martin E1487Lade, Stephen E310Lan, Gloria E1714Landi, Rosario E1701Larghi, Alberto E264Larkin, Tony E1574Larman, Tatianna E1640Laterza, Francesco E1457Lau, James Y.W. E452Law, Ryan E347Leblanc, Sarah E138Lebwohl, Benjamin E74Leclercq, Loulia E1310Leclercq, Philippe E412Lee, Calvin E608Lee, Don Haeng E498, E1763Lee, DongKi E792Lee, Jeffrey E361Lee, Mi Yeon E1748Lee, Sang Soo E964Lee, Tae Hoon E1293Lee, TaeHoon E792Lee, WooJin E792Lee, Yun Nah E964Lee, YunNah E792Leeds, John S E1281Leelakusolvong, Somchai E421Leenhardt, Romain E372Lefor, Alan Kawarai E1123Lefort, Christine E189Leggett, Cadman L. E462Legros, Romain E762, E1166, E1496Lehmann, Stefanie E1605Lemaistre, Anne-Isabelle E189Le Moine, Olivier E833Lepage, Côme E1197Lepetit, Hugo E1496Lepilliez, Vincent E189Lépilliez, Vincent E1197, E1496Lethebe, Cord E1051Leung, Wai K. E514Leung Ki, En-Ling E189Levy, Philippe E1130Li, Cynthia E372Li, Huixian E1365Li, James Weiquan E1207Li, Ping E1365

Li, Xiao Bo E452Liang, Qiong E615Libânio, Diogo E239, E633, E1636Libera, Ermelino E1027Lienhart, Isabelle E1197Ligresti, Dario C1, E367Lim, Tony E955Limsrivilai, Julajak E421Lin, Peter E678Lin, Qu E615Lin, Xian Yi E615Linghu, Enqiang E1064Lisotti, Andrea E317, E504Liu, Yan E885Llach, Josep E576Lo, Simon K. E347, E732Lobner, Katie E322Loftus, Edward V. E994Loh, Tracy E955Loly, Jean-Philippe E412Lopez-Nava, Gontrand E1691Loren, David E751Lorenzo, Diane E1130Loske, Gunnar E1424Louis, Edouard E412Lui, Thomas K.L. E514Lum, Phillip E361Luong, Tu Vinh E1393Lutzke, Lori S. E462Lynch, Patrick E361


Macedo, Guilherme E1671Machado, Rodrigo S. E1027Machida, Yujiro E1663Macken, Elisabeth E717Madhani, Kamraan E389Maehata, Tadateru E115, E1632, E1755Maejima, Kenji E1187Maekawa, Akira E43Maemondo, Makoto E1333Maeng, Daniel E1316Maguchi, Hiroyuki E3Mahadev, Srihari E74Mahadik, Mahesh E1371Maire, Frédérique E1130Maiss, J. E641Majhail, Mankanchan E1522Mak, Loey L.Y. E514Makino, Shigeyoshi E1542Malik, Sarthak E53Mallick, Bipadabhanjan E53Maluf-Filho, F. E178Mamonov, Alexander V. E209Mamunes, Alexander P. E1175Mandelli, Enzo E1135Manes, Gianpiero E1135Mangiavillano, Benedetto E26Mangiola, Francesca E1701Maniere, Thibaut E1714Manolakis, Anastassios E1002Manrai, Manish E53Manzeneder, Johannes E1616Marfatia, Pawan E1419Mariani, Alberto E1733Marienhagen, Joerg E1723Marijnen, Corrie A.M. E1357

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Authors' Index XXI

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Markhus, Carl Erik E380Märkl, Bruno E521Marques, Carlos F.S. E1092Marques, Sergio Barbosa E1078Marsano, Joseph E1585Marteau, Philippe E372Martel, Myriam E1563Martello, Laura A. E1008Martinek, Jan E771, E1483Martínez, Belén E1038Martínez, Juan E1038Martínez-Pallí, Graciela E576Martín Relloso, Maria Jesus E1163Martins, Bruno C. E1092Maruyama, Riruke E784Masclee, Ad A. E1487Masuda, Eiji E104Masunaga, Teppei E1683Matallana Royo, Virginia E1253Matano, Yutaka E796Matar, Reem E919Mathur, Nihar E347Matone, Nicholas E594Matsuda, Takahisa E664, E1448Matsui, Akira E1542Matsumoto, Kenta E130Matsumoto, Nobuyuki E1105Matsumoto, Shinpei E15, E691Matsumoto, Takayuki E1333Matsunaga, Kotaro E1105Matsuno, Kenshi E43Matsushita, Yuuki E337Matsuura, Ko E1187Matsuura, Noriko E43, E1214Mattheolabakis, George E1008Matuguma, Sergio Eiji E1704Maurano, Attilio E896Maxwell, Courtney E1051May, David E1276Mayer, Benjamin E290Mazzawi, Tarek E380Mazzoleni, Giorgia E647McAlindon, Mark E372McCarty, Thomas R. E1432, E1474McGwin, Gerald E225McKaig, Brian C. E551McNamara, Deirde E1379McVey, Molly E904Meier, Alexander E846Meijer, Gerrit A. E701Meining, Alexander E298, E1658Melo, Jordana E576Mendel, Robert E1616Messmann, Helmut E521, E846, E1616,E1723Metz, Andrew J. E1117Meuris, Christelle E412Michikawa, Yosuke E1105Miike, Tadashi E155Mikami, Hironobu E784Mikami, Tatsuya E871Mikami, Tetsuhiko E871Miki, Goro E871Milenovic, S. E641Miller, Corey S. E1563Miller, Ethan E361Miller, Larry S. E608Minami, Kazuhiro E1663Minami, Shinya E871

Minami, Tomoyuki E585Minamiguchi, Hitoshi E104Minata, Maurício Kazuyoshi E1549Minato, Hiroshi E1683Mir, Adil E1034Miraglia, Roberto C1, E367Mishiro, Tsuyoshi E784Mishra, Girish E171Mitani, Toshifumi E1542Mitchell, Lindsay E594Mitselos, Ioannis V. E922Miwa, Kazuhiro E796, E871Miyajima, Nelson Tomio E949, E1092Miyajima, Saori E1683Miyakura, Yasuyuki E1123Miyashiro, Isao E43Miyazawa, Yuki E1768Mizrahi, Meir E545Mizuide, Masafumi E1327Mizukami, Kazuhiro E871Mizukami, Yusuke E1768Mizuno, Ken-ichi E764Mizuno, Nobumasa E15, E691Mizutani, Mari E1755Mocker, Lena E446Moekotte, Alma L. E1303Moenkemueller, Klaus E1424Mogahanaki, Drew E1522Mok, Shaffer R. E62Montale, Amedeo E26Montano-Loza, Aldo J. E1624Montenegro, Andrea E576Moon, Jong Ho E964Moon, JongHo E792Mora, Andres E733Moran, Neil E1379Moran, Robert E144, E347, E896Moreno-Garcia, Maira E1496Morganti, Daniela E1135Morita, Flavio Hiroshi E440, E1078Morita, Nozomi E1105Morita, Ryo E1105Morita, Yoshinori E525, E621, E871Moritz, V. E195Moriyasu, Shiori E337Morizono, Ryutaro E871Mortiz, Volker E90Moss, Alan E310Mota, Raquel Cristina E1704Motozato, Kenichiro E1187Moyer, Matthew T. E186, E594, E1064Mudireddy, Prashant R. E62Mueller, Christian Theodor E1424Mukai, Akira E104Mullady, Daniel K. E896Muniraj, Thiruvengadam E389Muñoz, Fernando E743Munoz-Sagastibelza, Maria E1008Muppa, Prasuna E462Murakami, Kazunari E1144Murakami, Tomoyuki E431Murakami, Yoshitaka E1448Muraki, Takashi E1410Murata, Masaharu E1442Musala, Carmen E1595Muscatiello, Nicola E1221Mutaguchi, Makoto E1755Mutha, Pritesh E1522Mutignani, Massimiliano E264

Mutsers, Jacques E412


Nadeem, Ahmed Jamal E282Nagahama, Takashi E871Nagai, Kazumasa E3Nagami, Yasuaki E433, E871Naganuma, Makoto E1632Nagasaka, Mitsuo E1515Nagase, Mamiko E784Nagashima, Kazunori E568Nagata, Koji E1327Nagata, Naoyoshi E337Nahas, Caio S.R. E1092Nahas, Sergio C. E1092Nakadoi, Koichi E585Nakagawa, Kentaro E43Nakagawa, Shuji E672Nakagawa, Yoshihito E1515Nakahara, Kazunari E1105Nakahara, Masanori E104Nakahira, Hiroko E43, E1214Nakai, Yosuke E1652Nakai, Yousuke E1729Nakajima, Sachiko E104Nakajima, Takeshi E664Nakajima, Yasuaki E733Nakamura, Akihiro E1187Nakamura, Akira E1410Nakamura, Masanao E421Nakamura, Munetaka E871Nakamura, Shotaro E1333Nakano, Keimei E672Nakano, Yoshiko E525, E621Nakao, Eisuke E1187Nakao, Frank S. E1027Nakashima, Takashi E1683Nakata, Satoshi E871Nakayama, Atsushi E1755Nakayama, Atushi E1632Nalankilli, Kumanan E310Nam-Apostolopoulos, Yun-Chung E521Nankinzan, Rino E164Napoléon, Bertrand E189Narita, Takefumi E561Naseemuddin, Mohammed E225Nasr, John E1099, E1231Nasu, Yuichiro E937Natov, Nikola S. E1714Nayar, Manu K. E1281Németh, Artur E372Nemoto, Daiki E1123Neuhas, Lukas E846Neuhaus, Horst E99, E1310Neurath, Markus F. E1018Ng, Enders K.W. E452Ngamruengphong, Saowanee E347,E1714Nieto, Jose E347Niikura, Ryota E337Ninomiya, Yuki E130Nion-Larmurier, Isabelle E944Nishida, Tsutomu E104Nishikawa, Jun E431, E871Nishikawa, Yuske E824Nishino, Eisei E621Nishitani, Masaki E1683

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XXII Authors' Index

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Nishizawa, Toshihiro E987, E1729Nisizawa, Toshihiro E1632Niwa, Yasumasa E15, E691Nomura, Kosuke E1542Nomura, Tatsuma E871Nonaka, Kouichi E1327Nonaka, Satoru E396, E841, E1761Nong, Bing E885Nosler, Michael J. E1714Novikov, Aleksey E1419Nugent, Zoann E268Núñez Rodríguez, Henar E203Nutalapati, Venkat E216


Obara, Yoshimi E1442Oberbach, Andreas E1605, E1640Obstein, Keith L. E1175Ochiai, Yasutoshi E1632, E1755Ochiai, Yorinari E1542O’Connor, Anthony E1379Oda, Ichiro E396, E841Odagiri, Hiroyuki E1542Ogata, Haruhiko E1663Ogawa, Tomoya E1327Ogura, Takeshi E1288, E1652Ohara, Shuichi E871Ohkura, Yu E1542Ohmiya, Naoki E1515Ohmori, Masayasu E43Ohnishi, Sachiyo E15Ohya, Tomohiko Richard E824Ohyauchi, Motoki E871Oka, Kohei E871Oka, Shiro E130Oka, Shohei E871Okada, Hiroyuki E1214Okada, Takuya E733Okada, Tetsuhiro E1768Okamoto, Yasuharu E1333Okamoto, Yosuke E1542Okamoto, Yuki E130Okazaki, Akihito E585Okazaki, Ossamu E1092Okubo, Masaaki E1515Okumura, Toshikatsu E1768Okuno, Nozomi E15, E691Okuyama, Yuji E104Olano, Carolina E782Oleas, Roberto E979, E1061Olmos, Juan I. E1061Olson, Nancy E268Olyaee, Mojtaba E216Omazzi, Barbara E1135Omori, Masayasu E1214Omori, Yuko E1768Omura, Hitoshi E796Ona, Mel A. E347O’Neill, Julie E1379Onimaru, Manabu E1002, E1468Ono, Yusuke E1768Onofrio, Fernanda de E1503Onogawa, Seiji E585Ooka, Kohtaro E389Oonishi, Sachiyo E691Oono, Yasuhiro E330Ooshiro, Taihei E691

Oppong, Kofi W. E1117, E1281Orikasa, Shunsuke E871Oshima, Naoki E784Oshiro, Yumi E1333Ospina, Jesenia E979Osuagwu, Chukwuemeka E833Otani, Koji E433Othman, Mohamed O. E1714Otsubo, Takehito E1105Oumrani, Sarra E944Oya, Hirohisa E871Oyama, Tsuneo E155, E446Oyamada, Hirokazu E871Ozawa, Makiko E1410Ozeki, Keiji E871


Palm, Christoph E1616Papa, João P. E1616Papalavrentios, Lavrentios E1595Papastergiou, Vasilios E1031Paraskeva, Konstantina D. E1031Parbhu, Sheeva E751Paredes, Jenny E1008Parekh, Parth E964, E1034Park, Dong Il E1748Park, Jin-Seok E498, E1763Park, Jung Ho E1748Park, Sang Hyun E1748Park, Soo-Kyung E1748Parker, Colleen H. E678Parker, David E1276Paros, Samuel E904Parsa, Nasim E896Paspatis, Gregorios A. E1031Pasquer, Arnaud E699Passaretti, Sandro E647Passos, Marina Lordello E487Patel, Bhaumik E1522Patel, Janaki E625Patel, Milan E1522Pauls, Qi E1322Pawa, Rishi E347Perbtani, Yaseen B. E1714Pereira, Stephen P. E1117, E1393Pereira-Lima, Julio Carlos E1503Perez-Machado, Miguel E1117Perez-Miranda, Manuel E964Pérez-Miranda, Manuel E203Peter, Shajan E225Petrick, Anthony E1276Petrone, Maria Chiara E1733Phillip, Veit E860Piessevaux, Hubert E1097Pietri, Olivia E944Pimentel-Nunes, Pedro E633, E883,E1636Pinto, Luís E209Pioche, Mathieu C3, E583, E816, E1049,E1166, E1195, E1197, E1496, E1778Piraka, Cyrus E896Pisera, M. E537Pitanga-Lukashok, Hannah E979Pleskow, Douglas K. E545, E896Plevris, John N. E372Pohl, Heiko E384Poincloux, Laurent E1197

Poley, Jan-Werner E1262Polmanee, Petcharee E15Ponchon, Thierry E833, E1166, E1197,E1496Ponte-Neto, Alberto M. E685Ponugoti, Prasanna L. E1646Porres Cubero, Juan Carlos E1163Posovszky, Carsten E290Prat, Frederic E916Prat, Frédéric E138Prindle, Andrew E282Prinz, Friederike E1616Probst, Andreas E521, E846, E1616,E1723Puga-Tejada, Miguel E979Pugliese, Francesco E264Pujari, Rajendra E1371Pujol, Bertrand E189Pukitis, Aldis E860Pullan, Rupert D. E551Pullmann, David E99Puri, Amarender Singh E1248Puri, Nishant E912Puri, Pankaj E1403Purohit, Purvi E1221


Quispel, Rutger E800Qumseya, Bashar J. E322


Raftopoulos, Spiro E1773Rahmi, Gabriel E372Rai, Tarun E708Raijman, Isaac E896Raju, Gottumukkala E361Ramaraj, Rajeswari E9Ramay, Fariha E1714Ramirez, Ivonne E74Ranjan, Piyush E1403Rashid, Asif E361Rastogi, Amit E216Rath, Timo E1018Ratone, Jean-Philippe E1130Reati, Raffaella E1135Redaelli, Davide E1135Reddy, Nipun B. E225Reddy, Yalaka Rami E53Rees, Colin J. E1574Regula, J. E537Reidy, Carol E268Relea, Lucia E743Repici, Alessandro E26, E347, E708,E1671Rerknimitr, Rungsun E964Retschlag, Ulf E1605Rex, Douglas K. E1646Ribeiro, Helena E633Ribeiro, Igor Braga E151, E477, E487,E1078, E1704Ricci, Claudio E504Richa, Rafaela E1027Ridtitid, Wiriyaporn E964Rigter, Lisanne S. E1357Rijkmans, Eva C. E1357

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Authors' Index XXIII

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Rivory, Jérôme C3, E1166, E1195,E1197, E1496Robinson, Christina M. E1344Robinson, Philip E1496Robles-Medranda, Carlos E979, E1061Rocha, Rodrigo Silva E151Roche, Laurent E1496Rodrigues-Pinto, Eduardo E1671Rodriguez, Maria Auxiliadora E1078Rodríguez-Carrasco, Marta E1636Rodríguez-de Miguel, Cristina E576Rodriguez de Santiago, Enrique E1002,E1468Römmele, Christoph E1723Rondonotti, Emanuele E372Roof, Logan E904Rosenberg, Richard M. E74Rosendahl, Jonas E860Ross, William E361Rossi, Gemma E1733Rostain, Florian E1496Rouquette, Alexandre E138Rucktaeschel, Frank E1424Rull, Angel E1691Runge, Thomas M. E1231Rupinski, M. E537Russo, Pedro E239Rustagi, Tarun E1474Rutter, Matthew D. E1574Ryan, Barbara E1379Ryou, Marvin E931, E1432Ryozawa, Shomei E1327Ryu, Ji Kon E1064


Sachdeva, Sanjeev E1248Sack, Jordan S. E1432Saeed, Ahmed E708Saibeni, Simone E1135Saito, Shoichi E824Saito, Yutaka E396, E664, E841, E1448,E1761Saka, Mitsuru E1123Sakai, Christiano Makoto E440Sakai, Paulo E440, E477, E1078Sakamoto, Takeshi E871Sakamoto, Taku E664, E1448Sakata, Yasushi E104Sakitani, Kosuke E987, E1729Sakuja, Puja E1248Sakurai, Toshiyuki E337Salem, Ronald E389Salesse, Marianne Torrezan E477Samarasena, Jason E1714Sanaei, Omid E144, E347, E896Sánchez-Fayos, Paloma E1163Sanders, David S. E730Sandersen, Charlotte E1310Sandha, Gurpal E83Sandvei, Per E90Sano, Tatsushi E871Sano, Yasushi E452, E1049Santos, Cristina E633Saruta, Masayuki E824Sasajima, Junpei E1768Sasaki, Fumisato E937Sasaki, Motoki E115, E471, E1755

Sasaki, Sho E871Sato, Hiroki E115, E764, E1768Sato, Junya E1105Sato, Kunihiko E1333Sato, Shuichi E784Sato, Yoshinori E871Sato, Yuichi E764Satoh, Hiro E871Saunders, Brian P. E1044, E1574Saurin, Jean-Christophe E372, E699,E1197, E1496, E1778Sautereau, Denis E762, E1166Sawada, Akinari E433Sawas, Tarek E462, E919Sawhney, Mandeep E347, E545Saxena, Payal E1241Scaffidi, Michael A. E678Schiff, Lauren D. E837Schlichting, Nadine E1605Schmid, Roland M. E860Schmidbaur, Simone E298Schmidt, Arthur E774Schneider, Markus E99Schorsch, Tobias E1424Schultz, Gale E268Schutzer, Matthew E1522Schwab, Miriam E860Schwartz, Avraham E1253Schweitzer, Michael E1640Segarajasingam, Dev E1773Segateli, Vanderlei E1092Seino, Takashi E1663Seip, Birgitte E90Sejpal, Divyesh V. E347, E608, E896,E931Sekiguchi, Masau E1448Sekine, Shigeki E841Seno, Hiroshi E533Seo, Dong Wan E1064Serna-Higuera, Carlos E964Serrani, Marta E317, E504Serrano, Juan Pablo E477Sethi, Amrita E26, E1714Setia, Puneet E1221Sferrazza, Sandro E317, E504Shafi, Mehnaz A. E361Shah, Neil D. E72Shah, Raj J. E896Shah, Shawn E896Shah, Tilak E1522Shahin, Amir E1379Shakhatreh, Mohammad E1034Shakoor, Delaram E322Sharahia, Reem E896Sharaiha, Reem Z. E1419Sharma, Ashish E1002Sharma, Neil E931Sharma, Prateek E708, E1033Sharma, Praveen E1403Sherman, Stuart E896Shibagaki, Kotaro E155, E784Shibata, Tomoyuki E1515Shichijo, Satoki E43, E1214Shimamura, Yuto E1002, E1468Shimbo, Takuro E337Shimoda, Masayuki E1632Shimodate, Yuichi E871Shimokawa, Toshio E871Shimomura, Akira E337

Shin, Yong Woon E1763Shinjo, Isato E621Shishido, Takayoshi E585Shishimoto, Takahiro E1187Shoji, Masakuni E871Shovlin, Gerald J. E302Shun, Chia-Tung E232Siau, Keith E551, E813Siddiqui, Ali A. E751, E1419Sidhu, Reena E730Sido, Bernd E446Siegel, Amanda E1714Siegel, Rebecca L. E1344Sierra, Mónica E743Siersema, P. D. E178Siersema, Peter D. E99, E1616Silva, Gustavo Luis E487Silva, Marco E1671Singh, Gurshawn E608Singh, Harminder E268Singh, Kevin E282Singh, Pratiksha E708Singh, Rajvinder E452Singh, Vikesh K. E144, E347, E896Singla, Vikas E1403Sinha, Saroj Kant E53Smallfield, George E1522Smedts, Frank E800Smith, Robert A. E1344Smits, Stephanie E9Smyrk, Thomas C. E462Soetikno, Roy E955Sofuni, Atsushi E1115Sohn, Chong Il E1748Sohn, Dennis E1175Sohn, Jin Hee E1748Sonnenberg, Amnon E384, E1537Soria-Alcívar, Miguel E979Souza, Giovana B. E1027Spaander, M. C. E178Spaander, Manon E833Spada, Alessia E317Spiceland, Clayton M. E896, E904Srikureja, Wichit E912Sriram, Nagaraj E1773Stack, Roisin E1379Stavrou, George E122Stephens, Mark E310Stevens, Tyler E347Stewart, Molly E608Stondell, Jesse E1585Storm, Andrew C. E919Strand, Daniel S. E896Strijbos, Denise E1487Stroehlein, John E361Strosberg, Jonathan R. E854Stueckle, Johannes E846Sturgess, Richard P. E896Suarez, Patricia E743Suárez Ferrer, Cristina E1253Subramaniam, Sharmila C2, E974Subtil, Fabien E1197, E1496Suda, Hiroaki E49Suetani, Keigo E1105Sugai, Tamotsu E1333Sugaya, Takeshi E568Sugita, Osamu E164Sumi, Kazuya E1002, E1468Sumimoto, Kyoku E130

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XXIV Authors' Index

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Sumiyoshi, Tetsuya E871Sun, Siyu E964Sun, Xiaomin E885Sun, Xiaotian E885Sunada, Asuka E1187Sundararajan, Tharani E708Suzuki, Haruhisa E396, E841, E871Suzuki, Hidekazu E1729Suzuki, Kenji E115Suzuki, Sho E871, E1214Suzuki, Takuto E164Suzuki, Yugo E1542Sykes, Racheal E1386


Tabash, Abdalaziz E1714Tafaro, Corrado C1, E367Tahara, Tomomitsu E1515Tajika, Masahiro E15, E691Takabayashi, Kaoru E1632, E1755Takada, Atsuko E568Takahashi, Fumiaki E568Takahashi, Haruhiko E1144Takahashi, Kanae E104Takahashi, Kazuya E764Takahashi, Kuniyuki E3Takahashi, Yoshiyuki E987, E1729Takamaru, Hiroyuki E664, E1448Takao, Toshitatsu E525Takashi, Kanesaka E43Takashima, Kenji E330Takashiro, Hideyuki E164Takatori, Hajime E871Takatori, Yusaku E561Takatsuna, Masafumi E893Takauji, Shuhei E1768Takehara, Tetsuo E104Takemura, Kenichi E1683Takenaka, Kazuhiro E568Taketani, Rika E1187Takeuchi, Manabu E155, E764, E893Takeuchi, Yoji E43, E1214Takihara, Hiroshi E1187Takimoto, Yoichi E1663Tamagawa, Hiroki E1663Tan, Damien E955, E964Tan, Malcolm Teck E1207Tan, Yi-Lyn Jessica E1207Tanaka, Akihito E937Tanaka, Fumio E433Tanaka, Hidenori E130Tanaka, Hironori E1187Tanaka, Kyosuke E871Tanaka, Masami E1542Tanaka, Shinji E130, E452Tanaka, Shinwa E525, E621Tanaka, Tsutomu E15, E691Tanigawa, Tetsuya E433Tanigawa, Yuji E1187Taniguchi, Hirokazu E841Tanino, Mishie E1768Tanisaka, Yuki E1327Tanoue, Shiroh E937Tantau, Marcel E1630Tanuma, Tokuma E155, E871Tao, Jin E615Tarantino, Ilaria C1, E367

Tarantino, Ottaviano E1457Tashima, Tomoaki E1327Tatsuguchi, Atsushi E471Tawa, Hideki E871Taylor, Andrew E1742Taylor, Linda J. E625, E751Tejaswi, Sooraj E1585Teo, Eng Kiong E1207Teoh, A.Y. E964Teoh, Anthony Yuen E662, E1064Terada, Tsuyoshi E1515Terai, Shuji E764, E893Terayama, Yasuo E1333Terris, Benoit E138Testoni, Pier Alberto E647, E818, E1733Testoni, Sabrina E647, E1733Tetelbom Stein, Airton E1503Tharian, Benjamin E931, E1714Thayalasekaran, Sreedhari C2, E974,E1592Theopistos, Vasileios I. E922Theyventhiran, Ruben E1241Thirumurthi, Selvi E361Thomas, Samuel E751Thomas-Gibson, Siwan E551Thompson, Christopher C. E1432,E1474Thorburn, Douglas E1117, E1393Tighe, Donal E1379Ting, Alvin E1386Tishkov, Ivan E87Togashi, Kazutomo E1123Togo, Kazumi E1144Tokairin, Yutaka E733Tolentino, Luciano L. E1027Tominaga, Kei E871Tominaga, Keiichi E568Tomita, Yasuhiko E1214Tomizawa, Yutaka E1448, E1714Tonai, Yusuke E1214Tontini, Gian Eugenio E372Topazian, Mark D. E919Torimoto, Yoshihiro E1768Toriyama, Kazuhiro E15Torres-Yuste, Raul E964Torres Yuste, Raúl E203Torrez, Franz Robert E151Toth, Ervin E372Toumpanakis, Christos E1393Toya, Yosuke E871, E1333Toyonaga, Takashi E525, E621, E949Toyoshima, Osamu E987, E1729Traina, Mario C1, E367Traini, Mariaemilia E1733Triantafyllou, Konstantinos E1143Trick, William E808Trindade, Arvind J. E347, E608, E931Tringali, Alberto E264Tsai, Yen-Hsi Richard E209Tsakmaki, Anastasia E685Tsao, Stephen K.K. E514Tsaousi, Georgia E122Tsia Hin Fong, Christ-Jonathan E615Tsiamoulos, Zacharias E1574Tsoi, Edward H. E1742Tsuchida, Tomohiro E274Tsuji, Kensuke E1105Tsuji, Shigetsugu E871, E1683Tsujii, Masahiko E104

Tsukamoto, Tetsuya E1515Tsunoda, Takuya E1123Tsutsumi, Koshiro E1755Tsuyuguchi, Eri E1187Tu, Chia-Hong E232Tzankov, Dimitar E87Tziatzios, Georgios E1143Tzilves, Dimitrios E922


Uedo, Noriya E43, E452, E871, E1214,E1528Uemura, Naomi E337Uemura, Risa E433Ueno, Saori E1288Ueo, Tetsuya E1144Umegaki, Eiji E525, E621Umeki, Kiyotaka E871Uraoka, Masanao E1187Uraoka, Toshio E561, E1632Usuda, Hiroyuki E893Utano, Kenichi E1123


Valdastri, Pietro E1175Valença, Felipe Marquezi E1503Valero, Manuel E979Valori, Roland E551, E728van den Ende, Roy P.J. E1357van der Heide, Uulke A. E1357Vanderlaan, Paul E545van der Leij, Christiaan E1487van der Wiel, Sophia E. E757van Dieren, Jolanda E1357Van Dongen, Stefan E717van Driel, Lydi M.J.W. E800, E1262Vanella, Giuseppe E1457van Geenen, Erwin-Jan M. E99Van Hal, Guido E717van Halsema, E. E178van Hooft, J. E. E178, E869van Hooft, Jeanin E. E1671Van Langenberg, Daniel E1044van Leerdam, Monique E. E701, E1357van Neerven, Sanne M. E701van Triest, Baukelien E1357van Wanrooij, R. L. E869Vanzieleghem, Thomas E412Vargas, Eric J. E919Vásquez, Mónica E743Veenendaal, Roeland A. E1357Vegesna, Anil K. E608Veitch, Andrew E1574Velayos, Benito E743Veldt, Bart J. E800Venetz, Daniel C2, E974Verma, Kusum E1403Vermeulen, Louis E701Verset, Laurine E1310Vessal, Sheida E1393Vicente, Vanesa Prieto E743Vignesh, Shivakumar E854, E1008Villa, Edward E808Vilmann, Peter E833Viprey, Marie E1496

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Authors' Index XXV

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Vleggaar, F. P. E178Vleugels, Jasper L.A. E701Vogels, Ellen E1276Voltaggio, Lysandra E1640Von Wagner, Christian E1574Vosoughi, Kia E322


Wada, Kurato E1144Wada, Masafumi E871Wakita, Shigenori E1683Wall, Beth E1316Wallenhorst, Timothée E1496Walsh, Catharine M. E678Walsh, Leonard T. E594Walter, Benjamin E298, E1658Walter, Thomas E308, E816Wanders, Linda K. E701Wang, Andrew Y. E896, E1714Wang, Christopher E678Wang, Kenneth K. E462Wang, Lai Mun E1207Wang, Thomas J. E1432Wang, Zhen E1150Warren, Neil E9Waseda, Yohei E871Watanabe, Daisuke E525Watanabe, Hidenobu E987Watanabe, Kazunao E49Watanabe, Takayuki E1410Watanabe, Toshio E433Watanabe, Tsunamasa E1105Weaver, Kristen E1419Weber, Andreas E860Webster, George J.M. E896Wedi, E. E641Wehnert, Natascha E1117Weiss, Julie E. E1344Wells, Christopher E551Wen, Zhuo Fu E615Weston, Brian E361Wiebe, Edward E83Wieszczy, P. E537Wig, Jai D. E53Wiig, H. E195Wilcox, C. Mel E225Williams, Richard E1742Wilson, Colin H. E1281Wilson, Machelle E1585Wong, Jenny E1379Wong, Kenneth K.Y. E514Wong, Yu Jen E1207Wong Kee Song, Louis M. E919, E994Woo, SangMyung E792Wood, April E1322Worland, Thomas E1386Wu, Bin E615Wu, Henry H.L. E260Wu, Ming-Shiang E232


Xiao, Bing E1150Xu, Yang E885


Yachimski, Patrick E347Yadav, Siddhant E994Yahagi, Naohisa E115, E446, E471, E561,E1632, E1755Yamada, Atsuo E337Yamada, Hyuga E1515Yamada, Masanori E1288Yamada, Masayoshi E664, E1448Yamada, Takuya E104Yamagami, Hirokazu E433Yamaguchi, Taketo E164Yamaguchi, Tatsuya E871Yamakawa, Tadahiro E987, E1729Yamamoto, Katsumi E104, E871Yamamoto, Kouji E104Yamamoto, Sachiko E43, E1214Yamamoto, Shuji E533Yamamoto, Yorimasa E274Yamamura, Takeshi E421Yamanouchi, Kohei E871Yamasaki, Yasuo E1187Yamasaki, Yasushi E1214Yamashina, Takeshi E871Yamashita, Ken E130Yamashita, Noritsugu E784Yamashita, Satoshi E115Yamazaki, Kenji E871Yamazato, Tetsuro E155Yan, Stephanie E1585Yanai, Hideo E431Yanai, Shunichi E1333Yane, Kei E3Yang, Dennis E1714Yang, Hyo-Joon E1748Yang, Juliana E144, E347, E896Yang, Lauren E545Yano, Tomonori E330Yao, Fang E452Yao, Kenshi E452, E871, E1144Yasue, Chihiro E824Yasunaga, Yuichi E104Yatabe, Yasushi E691Ye, Dong E1365Ye, Xujiong E9Yeaton, Paul E964, E1034Yeo, Seow Tien E1574Ying, Hao E955Yokomura, Akitaka E1187Yokoyama, Junji E764Yonehara, Shuji E585Yonemasu, Hirotoshi E1144Yoshida, Dai E1515Yoshida, Naohiro E1683Yoshida, Shuntaro E987, E1729Yoshihara, Tomoatsu E1187Yoshii, Shunsuke E104Yoshimizu, Shoichi E274Yoshimoto, Taiji E1187Yoshimura, Daisuke E871Yoshinaga, Shigetaka E396, E841Yoshio, Toshiyuki E274, E871Yoshiyama, Hironori E431Yousaf, Muhammad E389Yung, Diana E372Yung Ka, Chin E955Yunoki, Shunji E561Yusoff, Ian E1773


Zaibaq, Jenine N. E225Zelt, Christina E931Zepeda-Gómez, Sergio E1624Zernickel, Maria E290Zfass, Alvin E1522Zhang, Qiang E459, E1150Zianne, Megumi E796Zimmermann, Melanie E774Zou, Baiming E1714Zubair, Ayla E282Zulli, Claudio E896Zundler, Sebastian E1018