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<ul><li> 1. After I had finished transferring my videos from the camera memory card through USB wireinto the computer and copied the videos into the hard drive. I started using Adobe PremiereElements 9 To select the videos I want to view, I clicked on the get media (arrow black)and clicked on a folder called files and folders and where all my videos and music come up,from there I select the video I want. For example (arrow red) Is a scene of doing Mustafa faux-found footage, I am going to import this scene into my trailer.</li></ul> <p> 2. Before I started to edit my trailer, Iorganised myself by putting myvideos into category. For examplethe school folder, I have scenesthat we filmed in the schoolpremises. By organising myselflike this, it makes it easy for me tofind videos I am looking for. I hadalso included a folder of videos Idont intend to use. 3. My first clip is a picture of my owndesign of an intuitional logo, I didbecause its important to includeintuitional logo in trailers and at thebeginning of films because itacknowledgement. Then I dragged itinto the timeline (Shown here)I had also imported its ownmusic to really make myinstitution logo effective. 4. This is my establishing shot that I hadincluded in my trailer. I had to trim itbecause it was filmed for few secondslonger than I am it to. 5. This clip the actual first clip of introducing theequilibrium of my trailer. This is a clip of Ava(Played by Dardana) laughing at something Jack(Played by Mustafa) had said. I had added music(arrow purple) Moonlight by sonata This is amusic played on the piano, on this clip the music iscalm and smooth.At the end of the aboveclip, I have added keyframe so that the clipfades into the next clip, Ihad carried out thisprogress because Iwanted to make it moreeffective.On this clip, thebeat of the musicslightly starts to getbit past. 6. To add text onto my trailer, I click on a emptyspace on the timeline, then click on the timelineon the navigation bar. From there I had pressednew title and then default still (Shown onpicture one)(Shown on picture two) A box comes out (arrow, onthere is where I write the text I want to. (arrow red)shows the text potions, this allows me to change thefont of the text. (Arrow purple) is the different types ofstyle, you can change your text to.This is my first text, that I had included in my trailer, Ihad to grab my target audience attention by asking thema question that makes them think Have you everwanted someone so much that it hurts to see them withanyone I had chosen to use white text and blackbackground because it helps it to stand out. 7. This text was the introducing of thedistribution of the equilibrium, yet again Ihad made my text simple but effective bythe wordings as well as the music beingslow pace at the beginning of the text and bythe end of text the music gets disturbing.This clip is the actual distribution, where Jack(Played by Mustafa) gets mad at Ava (played byDardana) about something thats irrelevant and startsto shout and hit Ava. Here we hear diegetic sound(Them speaking) and non-diegetic sound (music inthe background).On this clip, the music gets reallygets up tempo, Ive done thisbecause I wanted to make the trailerexciting. 8. I had used this clip in my trailer but had made it invisible toaudience because I just wanted the heavy breathing Jack (Playedby Mustafa) was making. I had made it invisible by dragging theyellow line (arrow red) all the down until the screen was black(arrow purple), the music and the breathing have combined welltogether. The black screen and the heavy breathing scene hadhelped me to make an enigma code for my audience. 9. I had chosen this clip to be my final clip because itsets the enigma code for the scene and also its likecliff-hanger for my audience.I gave my trailer a different title nameto my group, because I believe thistitle is more suitable to the narrative. 10. After uploading my video, I had realised that Ive done aspelling mistake. I will call this video I uploaded adraft and go back on the adobe elements 9 to re-change it, as well as including a release date and shortinghow long the trailer runs for, because my trailer isoriginally meant to run for 1:50seconds but on this draftits on for 3:19seconds. 11. I hadnt used this clip in my trailer </p>