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Ecosystem (Rocky Shore). Rocky pool. Rocky Shore habitat. Zonation. Snail. Lichen. Upper Shore. algae. Periwinkle. Gastropod. Barnacle. Stalked barnacle. Limpet. Chiton. Middle Shore. sea cucumber. Sea urchin. Goby fish. Brown Algae. Sea Anemones. Lower Shore. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Ecosystem (Rocky Shore)Rockypool

  • Rocky Shore habitat

  • Zonation

  • Upper ShorePeriwinklealgae

  • Middle Shore

  • Lower Shore

  • Physical FactorsTidal movementWave ActionSubstrate

  • Formation of tide

  • Tidal movementDesiccationDifficulty in gas exchange (gill)High temperatureSalinity fluctuation (river, rain, rock pool)Illumination

  • Rock poolTimeTide inTideout

  • Wave ActionWind speed and directionSlope of shore or whether sheltered

    EffectBuffeting action (tearing )Washing awaySprays water to upper tide

  • SubstrateSoft substratum as muddy and sandy shoreHard surface for attaching Crack for shelter

  • AdaptationAgainst desiccation, wave and salinityRetreat to sheltered areasProtective coverInternal gillStrong adhesive power (byssus threads, muscular food)Flattened bodyRed pigment in algae for deep water illumination

  • Cone shaped limpets

  • Low shoreBrown algae

  • Shell, muscular food

  • Inter-relationship in organismsPredationCompetitionCommensalismMutualismParasitism

  • Food Web. 1 = Detritus, 2 = plankton, 3 = benthic algae, 4 = acorn barnacles, 5 = Mytilus edulis (mussels), 6 = Pollicieps, 7= chitons, 8 = limpets, 9 = Tegula, 10 = Littorina, 11 = Thais, 12 = Pisaster, 13 = Leptasterias. (Diagram from Begon, Harper et al 1990)

  • Other predator

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