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Ecology: Succession

Ecology: SuccessionImportant TermsEcological Succession A series of predicable changes that occur in a community over time.Primary Succession Begins in an area with no remnants of the old community.Secondary Succession Occurs in areas where the original community has not been completely destroyed.Pioneer Species The first species to colonize a barren area.BrainstormingDoes succession involve changes to the whole ecosystem? Can you think of any examples of primary succession?Can you think of any examples of secondary succession?KrakatauExplosive eruption in 1883Seismically active for several years before eruptionCompletely wiped out the island SuccessionSuccession that begins in an area that does not have any biotic factors left.Primary succession occurs after:Volcanic eruptionsRetreating glaciersAny event that results in the complete destruction of a communityPrimary Succession SuccessionA very slow processEnvironment changes over time in response to new factors that emergeNew organisms interact with abiotic factors to influence the ecosystemSubsequent species emerge in response to changes in the ecosystemPioneer SpeciesThe first species to colonize an area that previously had no biotic factors.Pioneer species change the environment to make it habitable for more speciesLichenA combined lifeform composed of a fungus and an alga (or cyanobacteria)Nitrogen-fixing organism; adds nutrients to soil (begins nitrogen cycle again)

Secondary SuccessionSuccession that occurs in ecosystems that have been altered but that still maintain some elements from the original community.Process occurs much faster than primary succession.Commonly occurs after natural disturbances:HurricanesWildfiresHuman activity

Secondary Succession does succession occur?All organism influence their environmentCompetition between species CommunitiesThe final stage of succession that represents the most stable community.Succession does not always occur uniformlyAreas with frequent disturbances may never reach stabilitySecondary succession frequently reproduces the original community.


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