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Jute beach bags have gained tremendous amount of popularity over the years as they are not only environment friendly but they are quite strong. Reach us: Call : +91 98740 61535.


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2. beach bagshave gained tremendous amount ofpopularity over the years as they are not onlyenvironment friendly but they are quite strong. Peoplehave become very conscious about the fact that it isvery important to keep the environment very clean sothe usage of jute bags has gone up a lot. 3. that support the Green movement are usingjute products as promotional products to promotetheir brands. Jute beach bags are well loved bypeople as they are reusable and they make fantasticgifts.3 4. The exotic world of jutebags:Jute is one such materialthat is used to make manyproducts of which jute bagsare the most sought after.The utility of jute bagshave undergone a drasticchange over the years;previously these bags weremostly used as gunny bagsbut today they areconsidered to be fashionaccessories. 5. is observed that leatherbags or plastic bags nolonger appeal to the generalpublic. People have nowgained substantial amountof awareness that ourenvironment needsattention and thatsomething needs to be doneabout it. The good thingabout these bags is thatwhen they decompose theydo not emit any carbondioxide into thesurrounding atmosphereunlike bags made of plastic. 6. The uses of bags made from jute: is used to manufacture a host of items but jutebags are the most common items to come out of thejute industry. In the earlier years jute bags wereonly used to as gunny bags and were not consideredto be upmarket but ever since certain designers havegone all out in promoting jute bags everyone wantsone. 7. have already outgrown leather bags andplastic bags. These days you get a wide variety ofbags in different colours and styles.7 8. 8Contact Address:Puspa Jute Bags202/1, Vivekananda RoadNew Barrack PoreKolkata - 700 131West Bengal (India)Ph: 91 98740 61535 / +91 9836716649 / +91 03 2567 1963Email: puspajutebags@gmail.comram@puspajutebags.comWe are at: