eclipses most photos are from edited 5-7-13

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  • EclipsesMost photos are from Edited 5-7-13

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  • Types of ShadowsPenumbra: A lighter outer shadow of an eclipse.Umbra: A dark inner shadow of an eclipse.

  • Lunar EclipsesLunar Eclipses are caused when . . . The Earths shadow falls on the moon.

  • Lunar EclipsesTotal Lunar EclipseThe moon looks red because there is somesunlight that is scattered byEarths atmosphere makingthe moon look reddish ororange (like a sunset)Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

  • Solar EclipsesSolar Eclipses are caused when. . . The Moons shadow is on the Earth.

  • Solar EclipsesTotal Solar EclipseThe moon perfectly blocks the surface of the Sun.

    Annular Solar EclipseThe moon is further from the Earth and cannot cover the entire Sun.

  • Regularity of EclipsesLunarLunar eclipses happen about every 6 months.

    SolarSolar eclipses happen about every 6 months.

    There are about 14 days between a solar and lunar eclipse.

  • Total Solar Eclipse August 2017

  • Upcoming Solar Eclipses

  • May 10, 2013 Annular Eclipse

  • Upcoming Lunar Eclipses

  • Solar Eclipse from the Moons Perspective.Al Bean took this picture from Apollo 12.