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Easy & Inexpensive Educational Activities for Children. HES 470 Kali Kiebler Fontbonne University. What are some games or activities that you currently play with your child?. (Google Images, 2012). Play = Learning. Can activities and games be fun AND educational? YES! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Easy & Inexpensive Educational Activities for Children

Easy & Inexpensive Educational Activities for ChildrenHES 470Kali KieblerFontbonne UniversityWhat are some games or activities that you currently play with your child?

(Google Images, 2012)Can activities and games be fun AND educational?YES!Play is considered by many professionals and theorists, as the best way for a child to learn and interact with his/her environmentSometimes we dont consider games or activities we engage in with children to be educational or provide a learning experience, when in reality children are learning!Play = LearningPlay Depends on the Childs AgeBirth 2 yearsSensorimotor StageLearn through sensory system and reflexesChildren at this age enjoy repetition and patternsEx: Continuously dropping items2 7 yearsPreoperational StageChildren see the world through their own experiencesChildren enjoy pretend playEx: Playing house, acting out roles, acting like animals/petsPlay Depends on the Childs Age7 12 yearsConcrete Operational StageDevelopment of concepts, numbers, relationships, processes occurs in this stageChildren need tactile objects to learnEx: Manipulatives, pictures, objects, examples 12 years +Formal Operational StageAbility to reason logicallyCan think abstractlyEx: Increased social play such as sports activities, dance, spending time with friendsChildren prefer different methods of play and activity at each stage of developmentKnowing how a child is thinking and developing helps us find and introduce engaging games and activitiesParents are the childs first teacher!Why Does This Matter?

(Google Images, 2012)A behavior that is self-motivated, freely chosen, process oriented, and enjoyableNatural activity for childrenProvides opportunity to create, invent, discover, and learn about the worldProvides children joyImportance of PlayExamples of Inexpensive ActivitiesMemoryMatchingAny form of artStory bagsReadingPretend playBuilding fortsIce blocksOpen ended materialsNature explorationListening to musicStringing beadsCraftsSensory explorationGoogle Images. (2012). Sensory balloons. Retrieved from http:/ msrachelsroom.blogspot.com/2012/04/sensory-ideas-make-it.htmlGoogle Images. (2012). Pipe cleaners. Retrieved from http://2.bp.blogspot.com/ bpxpPwwT5zM/TmUm68xH91I/AAAAAAAABCY/-1Ma2bhJZwE/s1600/1+277.jpgGoogle Images. (2012). Child bubbles. Retrieved from http://alleganlibrary.org/home/children/Google Images. (2012). Child reading. Retrieved from http://parenting4tomorrow.blogspot.com/2011/11/10-reasons-to-read-aloud-to-your.htmlGoogle Images. (2012). Children posing. Retrieved from http://www.childrenssuccessfoundation.com/nha-trainings/online-trainings/Jackman, H.J. (2012). Early education curriculum: A childs connection to the world. Wadsworth Cengage Learning: Belmont, CA.



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