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Missteps can prove not only expensive but hard to undo.. Your organization is one of many that have begun to embrace eLearning. You have been tasked to develop curriculum for a wide range of learners using eLearning. Where and how do you start? Join our FREE Webinar and in 30 minutes you will learn how to deliver the right training to the right people at the right time. In this interactive event, Chris Beasley, eLearning expert and federal government consultant at Edge Digital Group, will share with you tips on how to: Survey stakeholders Find out where the gaps lie and the risks of leaving those gaps open Develop a priority list Tie the list to career paths Determine what can and cannot be achieved through eLearning


  • 1. eLearning Pitfalls:
    Avoiding Them from Day One

2. Objectives
Recognize and resolve issues in the content development phase
Recognize and resolve issues in the e-learning course production phase
Recognize and resolve issues in the rollout phase
3. Content Phase Pitfalls

  • The course stands alone

4. No pre-course evaluation 5. Delivery before content