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Draft Interim Goals and Interim Targets Agreements. WRAC Meeting February 2, 2006. Presentation Outline. Brief background Process & current status Summary of draft interim goals and targets How interim goals and targets will be used Commitment to update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Draft Interim Goals and Interim Targets AgreementsWRAC Meeting February 2, 2006

  • Presentation OutlineBrief backgroundProcess & current statusSummary of draft interim goals and targetsHow interim goals and targets will be usedCommitment to update Schedule for consultation and public comment

  • BackgroundWater Resources Development Act of 2000 requires the development of interim goals Programmatic RegulationsSet forth process for development of interim goals and interim targetsRequire execution of a three-party agreement to memorialize interim goalsRequire establishment of interim targets

  • Interim Goals Means for agency managers, the State and Congress to evaluate the restoration success of the CERP at specific points in time throughout the planning and implementation process

  • Interim TargetsMeans for evaluating the progress of the CERP towards meeting the other water-related needs of the region throughout the planning and implementation process

  • Interim Goals and TargetsInterim goals and interim targets shall be consistent with each other

  • Separate Agreements Interim Goals Agreement Secretary of Army Secretary of Interior Governor of Florida Interim Targets Agreement Secretary of Army Governor of Florida

  • Process for Development of AgreementsRECOVER developed a set of recommended interim goals and targets based on best available science and informationRECOVER interim goals recommendations provided to the Army Corps, USDOI and SFWMDArmy Corps, USDOI and SFWMD considered RECOVER interim goals recommendationsRECOVER interim targets recommendations provided to the Army Corps and SFWMDArmy Corps and SFWMD considered RECOVER interim targets recommendations

  • Process for Development of Agreements (continued)

    Develop draft Agreements in consultation with federal, state, local and tribal governments and the SFER Task Force.Notice in Federal Register for Public CommentConsidering comments, finalize and execute Agreements

  • Basis for Draft Interim Goals and TargetsPredictions of CERP performance are based on 1999 modeling performed for the recommended plan and implementation schedule included in the April 1999 Feasibility ReportAgreements include an indicator (underlined) along with a goal or target statement (italicized) followed by the expected condition in: 2010 2015 2050 Full Implementation of D13R

  • Draft Interim Goals

  • Draft Interim GoalsNorthern Estuaries RegionIncrease areal coverage of American oysters in the northern estuariesReduce high volume flows to the northern estuaries Lake Okeechobee RegionReduce phosphorus concentrations in Lake OkeechobeeRestore more natural water levels in Lake OkeechobeeReduce frequency of harmful high stages, i.e., above 17 feetReduce frequency of harmful low stages, i.e., below 11 feetRestore natural spring recession events

  • Draft Interim Goals(continued)Everglades RegionIncrease spatial extent of natural habitatIncrease wading bird nesting patternsIncrease the frequency of super-colony eventsEstablish conditions that encourage wood storks to initiate nesting earlier in winterProvide more natural surface water flows to the northern boundaries of the Water Conservation Areas Provide more natural surface water flows to Everglades National Park

  • Draft Interim Goals(continued)Southern Estuaries RegionReduce high salinity levels in Florida Bay Little Madeira Bay Terrapin Bay North River MouthIncrease freshwater flows to Florida BaySystem-wide Water VolumeReduce the quantity of freshwater lost to tide

  • Draft Interim Targets

  • Draft Interim TargetsReduce frequency of water shortages resulting from regional system conditionsLower East Coast Service Area Lake Okeechobee Service AreaProtect Biscayne Aquifer from saltwater intrusion during severe droughtPalm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade countiesSouth Miami-Dade County

  • Interim Goals and TargetsHow will they be used?Interim goals and targets will be used to facilitate adaptive management, includingAdjustments to projects if actual project performance is less than anticipatedRecommending changes to the PlanCorps and SFWMD agree to sequence and schedule Plan Projects to achieve interim goals and targetsGiven funding, technical and other constraintsGiven the assumptions on which the 1999 Plan implementation schedule was based

  • Commitment to UpdateInterim goals and targets will be modified as a priority initiative to reflect:New information (e.g., new MISP or CERP Updates)New or updated modelsNew scientific and technical informationInformation developed through assessment principlesFuture authorized changes to the PlanChanged or unforeseen circumstances

  • Commitment to Update(continued)Agreements will be reviewed by the signatories at least once every five years to determine if the interim goals or interim targets should be revised

  • Proposed Schedule For Public Review of AgreementsWRAC meetingFeb 2 Governing Board workshopFeb 7Task Force meetingFeb 22-23Consultation with TribesFeb - MarchContinued consultation with federal, state and local agencies, as required Feb - MarchPost in Federal Register for Public Review March

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