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A Feature Story on Dr. Lindsay Hayes.


<p>Who is Dr. Lindsay Hayes?Hayes frst experience in speech writing was with the White Houses ofce of Speech writing in 2002. While there, Hayes would use the opportunity to gain experience with the inner workings of politics and speech writing. Hayes tie at the White House pro!ed to "e worthwhile. #he $o"s that followed included writing for the %epu"lican &amp;ational 'on!ention in 200(, working with the late, Sen. #ed Ste!ens, %epu"lican !icepresidential candidate, )laska *o!.Sarah+alin, speaks duringthe%epu"lican&amp;ational'on!entioninSt. +aul, ,inn. inSepte"er of 200((Photo Credit: Associated Press)How To Be a Great Speechwriter,Dr. Lindsay HayesDr. Lindsay Hayes shares some insight and tipson political speech writingBy: Jeremy Steinman#he dreaded "lank white screen can "e difcult to o!ercoe for the coon writer. -r. .indsay Hayes solution is siple/ take a shower.Hayes, who has "een in!ol!ed in speech writing for ultiple presidential and !ice presidential capaigns, recently shared soe insight with students at the 0ni!ersity of ,aryland onher process and tips she uses to write a great speech. What she shared ay surprise the coon writer. -r. .indsay Hayes, a"o!e, speaks at the frst &amp;') undergraduate honors conference in ,ay of 2012 3Photo Credit:NCA4555 ore 555Issue, Date#he faily of 6li7a"eth 8ing, a counications a$or who graduated in ,ay, was extreely ipressed with Hayes coenceent speech. 9:ut of the three graduations and countless coenceent speeches y faily has attended, ,s. Hayes was "y far the "est speaker they!e listened to.; 8ing said. 9She was engaged, considerate and deli!ered a well focused and creati!e speech. </p>