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DPS Data Link is a proven, cost effective product to automate DPS interactions to manage Military Moves.


<ul><li> 1. NX DPS Data Link Windows based cost effective applications for TSPs of any size Automated interaction with DP3 for faster and accurate data transactions Accept and manage your shipments for maximum profitability Improved revenue, reduction in overall costs and laborShipmentNX DPS Data Link Standard offers, Short Fuse offers Acquisition SuiteCapacityBlack Out Manager, Password Keep Alive Mgmt.Customer Claims Manager, CSS &amp; iCSS Link Satisfaction</li></ul> <p> 2. Manage your SCACsAdd SCAC codesAdd user namesAdd designationAll on one easy to usescreen 3. Filtering OptionsFilter options: Shipment Type Code of Service Shipment Dates From Channel To Channel Weight 4. Main Screen Short fuse Set your preferred Hits/Hr Shipment Details Shipment FilterTo begin an evaluation: http://nexshore.com/contact-us/ 5. Home Screen - Standard OffersAuto Accept Awarded Shipments for Move Management 6. Download Shipment Details 7. Manual Acceptance Screen Software alerts user for manual acceptanceTo begin an evaluation: http://nexshore.com/contact-us/ 8. Black Out Home Screen Blackout by: Market COS GBLOC Channel 9. Edit/Delete BlackoutsEdit &amp; Delete Blackouts from one easy to use screen 10. Set Blackouts on multiple SCACs 11. Blackout Status ReviewTo begin an evaluation: http://nexshore.com/contact-us/ 12. Claims Download ScreenSearch Claims data by: SCACs Claim Number Claim Status GBL Number Submitters Name 13. Review Claims Details 14. CSS Home Screen Search CSS data by : SCACs GBL # Survey Date To/From SIT Indicator Status Code Filed by TCS Status Filed by TSPTo begin an evaluation: http://nexshore.com/contact-us/</p>