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AS Media Coursework. Construction of DPS (Double page spread)


<ul><li> 1. DPS ConstructionBy Nicole McClelland </li> <li> 2. DPS Backgrounds (Photoshop)This background was made by layering and the I then tried editing the colours and re-editing thesmudge tool. I liked it but felt it would fit right with smudges. This turned out to be a better successmy chosen images and article. The reddish colour compared to the previous one.looks too pale in relation to my colour scheme. This was made with smaller brushed, hence the smallerThis was my favourite overall and the one I will be using flame type design. I dislike this as again the coloursfor my DPS background. The bigger circular smudge didnt work so I decided not to even try this as abrush used in a circular way gives it a kind of 3D effect. I background with all of my contents within the doublefeel this background looks more professional too. page spread. </li> <li> 3. 1st Double Page Spread attemptThis was my first attempt at a double page spread using InDesign. I feel that its too plain andthe masthead/ Cover line story headline is too simplistic and doesnt look realistic. Theimages also need to be re-edited as the cutting is very untidy and looks obvious andunprofessional. I like where the article is to the right but I feel it would look better goingacross the pages this is the same for the masthead. </li> <li> 4. 2nd Creation Of DPS Step by Step Screen Shots.Here I used an online font generator to create the masthead which I also changed as the otherone, I felt was too long. I like how the font and different sizes of the text differs, its more eyecatching and looks better than my other masthead from my first attempt. I also like the way itgoes across the page doing this makes it look more professional. </li> <li> 5. Here as you can clearly see I have re-edited and tidied up my image, making it a neater cut. Imvery happy with the splitting up of the images, it makes people eyes avert and look at theimages as well as the text (when its added). I also make some quotes keeping to the colourscheme and placed them at the top of the page so they dont contrast with the red furtherdown the page. I feel the image on the top left needs to be stretched as the model is toocramped and looks out of proportion. </li> <li> 6. I then added my text boxes and pasted my article to my DPS. I like the way the article nowgoes over the two pages. Upon re-editing this I found out that I have re pasted part of myarticle so its repeating itself, so in actual fact my article isnt as long as it is here. I will changethis for the next screen shot. I feels that there could be more I could add when I next edit. </li> <li> 7. When Ive went back and sorted out my article text problem it left me with this amount oftext and left quite a lot of space to put extra thing onto the DPS. I then added anotherextended quote with as white stroke to make it stand out. </li> <li> 8. Final Double Page Spread Construction Outcome.This Is my final outcome. I have edited the top left image and stretched it to make it looknormal and in proportion. I have also included the album release preview, and when its beingreleased next to the album. I thought this was relevant because in the article it states that thesinger is releasing a new album. I have again had to fiddle with my text and re arrange it due tosome more text issues. This has mean that some things have had to be resized. I have alsoincluded page numbers to add to the realisticness of it. </li> </ul>