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Double Dutch

Condex, yellow pages for construction

Double Dutch

Op de valreep, 10 vragen aan Kees & Gerrion

Welterusten mijnheer de presidentboekbespreking

New company in TownSmartkids opent

Queens DayComing up

Vraag & aanbod

Dutch Business Association Vietnam

double dutchnr1 2007 april

colofonDouble Dutch is a magazine of the Dutch Business Association Vietnam.It appears 4 times a year.

EditorsJanneke Dufourguetwildejanneke@yahoo.frHilde KruseTranslationMarleen SprikAdvertisementsecretary@dbav.orgDeadline next issue:May 15th 2007

DBAVPeter KerckhaertAlex ThomsonMarieke NieuwaalDerk SchepMireille KoddenTau van NgoMark van den Assen

New members can contact Mireille Kodden

Nederlandse VerenigingMireille

Netherlands Alumni Network

Consulate general of the

Postal address:C/o Consulate General of the Netherlands19/F Saigon Tower29 Le Duan Boulevard, District 1Ho Chi Minh City


working3 From the President4 My company Chris Duthill about Condex

5 New company in town Joke Otter about Smartkids

6 My company Jan Somers from Hanoi

7 8 Return A report about the come back from a Vietnamese refugee


working in Vietnam

living in Vietnam10 Van de redaktie

De Nederlandse Vereniging

11 Op de valreep 10 vragen vragen aan Gerrion en Kees van Helvoort

12 Even voorstellen Brechje Brouwer en Frank van Eijs

13 Boekverslag Ton van ZeelandWelterusten mijnheer de president

14 Twee stagiaires in SaigonNiels Velderman en Raymond van Wasbeek

16 Schoolreisje van de Nederlandse SchoolEvelien Kerckhaert vertelt.

17 Sinterklaas op bezoek in Saigon!18 Foto verslag Sinterklaas19 Vraag en aanbod 20 Terug

Het verhaal van een economische vluchteling terug in Vietnam

16 10



On 27th March the DBAV Annual General Meeting 2007 was held at the Hyatt hotel and a quorum of members was in attendance to conclude all procedures on the agenda. An overview of the activities 2006 was given by the parting board, specifically noting the many personnel changes, including 3 mutations in the post of Secretary and the parting of 2 board members during the term. This was followed by a presentation by the treasurer, Mr. Peter Kerckheart. It was noted that the costs of the foundation of the Netherlands Alumni Network Vietnam (NANV) constituted a large share of the expenses, the accounts were unanimously approved and adopted by the assembly.

Mr. Boris Dongelmans of NESO Vietnam made a presentation of the progress made by NANV and mentioned that approximately 280 Alumni are now registered with the NANV database. He also noted that only a few inquiries were made by DBAV companies for staff recruitment through the NANV services. Earlier the Chairman had accounted his very positive experience with the successful identification and recruitment of certainly 2 quality staff members while a possible third is pending. This positive experience is due to the high quality and good motivation of the applicants. The NANV needs to do much more to promote its highly useful HR services and facilities among the DBAV members and Mr. Dongelmans committed to that.

Of the 2006 board Peter Kerckheart and Alex Thomson stood for re-election. In addition there were 4 new candidates for the new 2007 board, being Marieke Nieuwaal, Tao Van Ngo, Mark van den Assem and Derk Schep, all young and enthusiastic, promising new impetus to the DBAV board.

The Consul General, Mr. Ton van Zeeland highlighted several activities and events where he expected close cooperation between the DBAV and the representations of the Dutch government in Vietnam.

Through a sound base of DBAV members and remaining healthy finances the DBAV is now stable and healthy. In part due to the above mentioned personnel issues the activities in 2006 were not as frequent as could have been. Nevertheless, the NANV was born and the initiative for the new DBAV magazine resulted in this first edition of Double Dutch. I thank all those volunteers who were active in bringing the DBAV back on track in 2005 and who continued in 2006, such as Gerrion van Helvoort, Ren de Roos, Titus Plooij, Iman Stratenus, Alex Thomson and others, as well as the various Secretaries that have served the DBAV. The excellent support and working relationship with the Dutch government in Vietnam must also be mentioned and in particular our Consul General, Mr. Ton van Zeeland, whose constructive efforts and support were fabulous. Last but not least: the support of the DBAV members made everything possible, for which a heartfelt Thank You!

As parting Chairman I wish the new DBAV board all the best.

Chris Wijnberg.


working workingworking

Chris Wijnberg

LIVING & WORKINGFocus points of the DBAV

1. Promote the active ex-change of practical Vietnam experiences between the DBAV members.

2. Regular evening gather-ings.

3. Organise topic specific information events, such as luncheons and/or dinners with presentations.

4. Maintain and further develop relations with the representations of the Dutch government in Vietnam, such as active promotion / participation in upcoming trade missions, Holland pro-motion events and provide further assistance where beneficial to the members.

5. Activate, maintain and promote website.

6. Develop and promote the new quarterly publication in close cooperation with the Nederlandse Vereniging committee of the DBAV.

7. Promote awareness of Netherlands Alumni Network in Vietnam as a quality HR source.

8. Stimulate and monitor EuroCham in the interest of DBAV members.

9. Establish a structure for maintaining frequent contact with other Dutch business organisations in the region.10. Identify and support a meaningful charity in Viet-nam.

All DBAV members are here-with invited to make any further suggestion to the above activities and can do so either during this Annual General Meeting or by email to


CONDEX (Construction Index) aims to become the most comprehensive information service provider for the Vietnamese construction industry. It will offer a complete range of business-to-business products and services through several different mediums including websites, printed directories, cd roms, network events and hopefully in the near future as co-organizer of trade fairs and other business events.

Our website will function as a user friendly bi-lingual internet portal and intends to provide services such as database search, useful links, HR search functions, an online marketplace on which relevant products and services may be offered, etc. Future plans include expanding our services to the ASEAN region.

The 1st edition of the CONDEX Directory will be published in June 2007 and will be Vietnams most complete directory of building products and services. The directory provides a common marketplace for the Vietnamese construction industry offering an ideal Business to Business platform for developers, manufacturers, suppliers, agents, distributors, architects, contractors and professional service providers.

The company behind CONDEX is medialink co. ltd. a new media company established in 2006 specialized in providing effective marketing and information services to enhance our customers business objectives by helping them to promote themselves through our portfolio of print, web and digital products. With strategic media partners throughout South East Asia, medialink will bring together the regions buyers and sellers, helping to link and expand their respective markets.

The 1st edition of the CONDEX Directory will cover South Vietnam, the 2nd edition (2008) will include Hanoi as well. Currently, the company has 3 shareholders (1 Vietnamese, 1 Viet Kieu , 1 Dutch) and a team of 16 employees.

Christian Dutilh

Christian Duthill CONDEX, the Yellow Pages of Construction

working workingmy company

living livingworkingworking


new company in town

On the 2nd of October 2006, Joke Otter opened a childcare centre in An Phu (District 2).Double Dutch interviewed her.

DD: What can you tell about your professional background and your idea of opening a childcare centre?

Joke: I studied pedagogy in the Netherlands. In Holland I have been working during 10 years with children with special needs. After that, I have been managing a kindergarten/child care centre in Holland for about 7 years. During all these years working with children I developed my own pedagogic vision and dreamed about starting my own care centre. For my husbands career we moved in 1981 to England, spent almost 3 years in Poland and in 1996, we moved to Vietnam. The first 6 years in Vietnam I mainly enjoyed living in Asia and was involved in several charity programs. In 2002 I started my part-time job as a teacher in the British International School. But the idea of opening my own child care centre remained and in 2004 I started the paperwork, the licensing, the pedagogic principles, found an appropriate location, started buying toys and educational materials etc. etc.

DD: What is the difference with other existing childcare centres or schools in HCMC?

Joke: SmartKids has defined its pedagogic objective as: To promote positive development of children, by bringing them, under professional care, toget


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