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Door to door service. Swiss federal trains Laureline Magnin, Stefano Maioglio, Julia Maret. Content. Introduction Luggage in Switzerland Quick luggage Luggage to a foreign destination Group luggage transport Check-in at the railstation Fly Rail luggage. Introduction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Door to door service

Door to door serviceSwiss federal trains

Laureline Magnin, Stefano Maioglio, Julia MaretContentIntroductionLuggage in SwitzerlandQuick luggageLuggage to a foreign destinationGroup luggage transportCheck-in at the railstationFly Rail luggage

IntroductionInnovation starting on 14 th of October 2013

Availability of the service

Door to door principle

The company

Reason of the innovationLuggage in Switzerland442 destinations included such as Zermatt, Lucerne, etc.Dropp off until 7 p.m. and collected the following day from 9 a.m.Whats included in it?EquipmentInsurenceCollaboration with Swiss hotelsPrice: 12 CHF (individual traveller), 10 CHF (groups)

Fast luggageDrop off and collect on the same day47 destinationsAirport luggageLuggage, bags, skies, snowboards, sleds and strollersPrice: 22 CHF (individual traveler), 17 CHF (groups from 10 people)

Luggage to a foreign destinationCan be sent to

Length of the delivery: 4-5 days

Luggage limited by weight, size and quantity

Price: 33 CHF (single traveller), 27 CHF (groups)

School luggageNumber of luggage included: 30Price: 100 CHF and 10 CHF per additional luggageSport equipment included

Group luggage la carteSmall groups (from 10 people)Price: 17 CHFBefore departure: fill in a form

Check-in at the railstationAiplane check-in at the train stationAirlines: Swiss and LufthansaAirports: Zurich, Geneva and BernPrice: 22 CHF

Fly Rail luggageCooperation with airlines luggage delivered from any airport in the world to a Swiss train stationAirports: Geneva, Zurich, BernLuggage limited by: content, weight and price

ConclusionAdvantages:More space in the trainGood for elderly consumers and schoolsUseful and cheap for big groupsDisadvantages:High priceNot well advertised Sources