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Godrej Locks is a part of Godrej Group, one of India's leading companies. The GodrejGroup has nurtured a century of growth and progress in India with a forward-looking attitude and an eye to the future. Godrej is the realization of a man who dared to dream big dreams. His name was Ardeshir Godrej, and in 1897 he started a small company that manufactured locks. Today his dream has enveloped every Indian's life. It has spawned a multi-million dollar conglomerate, which is a household name all over India. From locks to personal care. From appliances to hair care. From furniture to construction. From personal products to food. From high tech engineering solutions to world-class consumer products, Godrej is an integral part of the lives of millions of Indians. We've set new benchmarks in quality; we've redefined customer satisfaction; we've enriched lives across boundaries. We are looked up to for our philanthropy and initiation of labour reforms and for our values of fair, transparent and ethical dealings. Godrej has a strong network of over 50 Company-owned Retail Stores, with more than 2,200 Wholesale Dealers and over 1 8,000 Retail Outlets. The Group, is today estimated to be more than $1.3 billion. Over and above everything, the spirit of entrepreneurship, the vision of a dynamic tomorrow, and the capacity to build and realize dreams, is in essence of the Godrej Group.


TITLE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Introduction Door Control Devices Guidelines for selection of the right Door Control Device Basic Terminologies Working Mechanism Speziell Door Closer Series a. Application & Technical Data b. Technical Diagram Speziell Aluminium & Wooden Door Packages a. Application & Technical Data b. Technical Diagram Speziell Glass Door Packages Speziell Patch Fittings a. Top Patch & Bottom Patch b. Corner Lock Patch & Corner Patch c. Side Connect Patch and Over & Side Panel with Pivot d. Top Patch with Pivot & Top Pivot 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Single & Double Speed Door Closer Sleek Model Door Closer Heavy Duty Door Closer Super Heavy Duty Door Closer Delta Series (9411 to 9415) Door Closer a. Delta Series (9416 to 9419) b. Delta Series 9420 (D 900) c. Delta Series 9421 (J 400) Concealed Door Closer Shakti Mini Door Closer Shakti Door Closer ( 3871 ) Floor Spring a. Alpha, Beta & Gamma Floor Springs (B840 Series) b. Dorswing Floor Spring c Shakti Floor Spring Door Coordinator Exit Panic Devices Exit Device Accessories (TRIMS) Godrej Door Controls Snap Shot

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Godrej transformed itself from lock making to Complete Locking and Hardware Solution provider thus providing solutions for homes, offices, industries like hotels, hospitals, banks, power, government premises and many more. As a Complete Locking and Hardware Solution provider, Godrej now offers Complete Door Control Solutions. Moving ahead with the urge to provide high quality products we introduced door control devices of international quality standards like UL listed, Fire Rated, CE certification & EN rating. While India progresses at a rapid pace in infrastructural development, the need for quality architectural hardware and door controls to suit every need and application is being felt more and more. Godrej champions the cause of quality door controls. To implement this need Godrej bring in world class products. The result of continuous efforts viz., innovation, invention, research & technology was the introduction of Speziell ( Special) European Architectural Hardware Series. This series is crafted in Europe. Speziell - European Architectural range extracts the essence of culture, philosophy, architecture, and infuses it with modern design & quality composition to create a unique quality language. Backed with the EN ratings and CE certifications, Speziell commits to deliver the expected quality of standard for world renowned architects. Door Controls with closing moment ranging from 14nm to 40nm, suitable for door width of minimum of 750mm to maximum of 1400 mm, power size adjustments from 1 to 6 and with special functions like adjustable closing and latching speed, back check and delayed action are available for a complete Door Control solutions.

Godrej Locks welcomes you to the exciting world of locks and locking solutions.


The Need:Gone are the days when door closers & floor springs served the only purpose of closing the door automatically. Today, with commercial as well as residential establishments being equipped with hi-tech facilities, the requirements for door closing devices have also changed. Now, door closing devices are expected to become an integral part of such hi-tech facilities within the establishments & perform to the level sufficing the needs such as, Security - To ensure the door is closed, especially if the door has a latch on it, then it is very important that the door closing device closes the latch & shuts the door completely keeping the section secure. Privacy - The door closing device must ensure the privacy of different sections within a building by separating them by accurate closing of the door. Fire & Smoke Check - As per the safety norms, in the new establishments which are being developed, usage of fire rated doors & accessories are specified which requires the installation of the specialist door control device which is also fire rated and serves the purpose. Energy Saving - Last but not least is the demand of the day i.e., Energy Saving. The equation of enjoying comfort and energy saving can be easily balanced by using a suitable door control device. It helps to reduce the running cost thus ensuring maximum cooling at minimum expense. Not just that, this lowelectricity consumption also helps India save the fuel. All these factors have changed a simple door closing device of yesterday to door control device in today's world. Godrej presents a complete Door Control range which includes products to suit all different requirements. The products have been designed by taking all above mentioned factors into consideration & include various features such as back check, delayed closing, speed adjustments, fire rating & many more.


When huge range of products with different features and functions are tough. available, the decision to select the right product for a specific application becomesUnderstanding the site requirement & selecting the right product for the right application is a crucial decision which ensures the trouble free life long performance of the product thus reducing the maintenance cost. The basic parameters considered for selecting the right door control device are : Location of the project ( air pressure ) Frequency of use of door ( life span ) Material of door (wood or metal) Functions required for the door Dimensions of the door ( height, width & weight ) Closing moment required We suggest a few steps to help you select the right product, formula for calculating Closing moment necessary to close the door against a known air pressure, Cm = P.A.w 2 Closing moment = Air Pressure Area of Door of width of door (Nm) (Pascal or N/m) (m) (m) 2Eg : Door Width = 900 mm ( 0.9m) Door Height = 2050 mm ( 2.05m) Air Pressure = 30 Pa Cm = 30 x (0.9 x 2.05 ) x0.9 = 24.9 Nm 2


Guideline for selecting a Door Control Device :Closing moment Door Closer Power Size Ref. Door Leaf width mm Max. Test Door mass kg Between 0&4 nm min. nm max. Between At any angle Opening moment Closer efficiency 88 & 92 of opening between O & 60 between O & 4 nm min. nm min. nm max. % min.

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