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Doohamlet District Community Development Association. DDCDA. 2006. Founder members knocked door to door to invite people to first meeting County Monaghan Partnership facilitated at outset First meetings set out aims and structure of the organisation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Doohamlet District Community Development AssociationDDCDA2006Founder members knocked door to door to invite people to first meetingCounty Monaghan Partnership facilitated at outsetFirst meetings set out aims and structure of the organisationFirst committee formed with over 20 committee membersConstitution drafted2007First real projects undertaken by the DDCDA in 2007Funding received from Co. Monaghan Partnership for Community AuditQuestionnaires delivered and collected from all households in the areaRequired significant committee member involvement helped committee gelAudit report has formed basis for funding application and projects

2007 Community Audit109 page documentOver 300 questionnaires distributed75% return rateForms basis of projects and funding applications

2008Strengthened the committee by attending;Effective Meetings TrainingCultural Diversity TrainingSmall grant from Monaghan Co Co Christmas event was run for 1st time. Has been run every year since. Grant applications made for projects in 2009

Current Projects CLP Project

Participated in IFI/NICVA Community Leadership Programme5 DDCDA members attended the programme and awarded Certificate in Community Leadership2 DDCDA members completed further study and awarded Certificate in Management Practice from University of UlsterDeveloped website and community newsletter through the projectCurrent Projects Community Newsletter4 Issues over 18 months4 Page printed newsletter delivered to every householdInformation on local issuesVery positive feedback


Current Projects - WebsiteCurrent Projects - WebsiteMain Doohamlet Homepage with links to subpages for local groupsGroup pages set up as blogs to facilitate regular updating unfortunately not being updated regularlyTraining to be arranged to encourage groups to update regularlyPlan to develop local business directory via website - may create regular revenue stream to finance DDCDA activities

Current Projects PEACE III50,000 Peace III funding secured by DDCDA for communityAim: Build positive relations at local levelProject Titled Doohamlet Community All Together Forever10 local groups including DDCDA involvedProject commenced in Autumn 2009Current Projects Peace IIIEvents held include;Project LaunchDaycare Public Information DayNational School MusicalYouth Club ActivitiesIFA trips to Ploughing ChampionshipsLadies GAA eventsChristmas Santa Visit and LightsImprovements to the hallDDCDA received Laptop for community useCurrent Projects Lake ProjectProposes to develop leisure walk and fishing stands around the lakeSub-committee set up in 2008Secured funding from Leader for feasibility study in 2010Feasibility study underwayHope to apply for further funding to develop project is feasibility study is positive

Other General DDCDA BusinessProjector received from Monaghan Community NetworkMade EIRGRID proposed interconnector planning maps available to local communityRepresented community at EIRGRID oral hearingMade representations to National Broadband Scheme to have broadband services improved in our areaSuccessfully lobbied Monaghan County Council on local road issuesFuture ProjectsContinue with lake projectInitiate project with Hall Committee for major upgrade of hall facilities will be a major and complex construction projectEirgrid 2011 Keep community informed of proposalsDDCDA OverviewIn existence 5 yearsAlready participated in broad range of projectsWorking toward 2 major infrastructure projects (Lake walk and Hall improvement)Success of the DDCDA would not have been possible without the assistance received fromfrom many local supports; Monaghan Community Network, Co. Monaghan Partnership, Leader....


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