dolls house emporium competition - may 2011 my malibu by valerie

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Dolls House Emporium Competition - May 2011 My Malibu by Valerie Slide 2 Relax in your own pool Slide 3 Eating, Exercise and Bathing A nice walk in shower or relax in the luxuriant corner bath and then get yourself ready in the dressing area for the evenings entertainment. Enjoy the comfort of your home Gym to keep fit whilst listening to some relaxing music through the speakers. A modern kitchen designed by and dressed by me and built using Elf flexi-kit. Ideal for a busy entertaining couple. Slide 4 Kitchen Slide 5 Gymnasium Slide 6 Bathroom Slide 7 The Halls Slide 8 The Lounge, Hobby Room and Bedroom Relax in the lounge with soft lighting, champagne and strawberries listening to a piano being played, watching TV or catching up with the latest computer technology. Alternatively move up to the hobby room to work on the miniature houses. Finally retire to the ultra modern bedroom (another Elf kit) built and dressed by me for complete comfort and relaxation. Slide 9 The Lounge Slide 10 The Hobby Room Slide 11 The Bedroom Slide 12 The Balcony and Sun Deck The terrace outside the bedroom catches the early sunshine ripening the grapes and encouraging the flowers into bloom. All made by me. And who can do without a sun deck hosting a BBQ area for a relaxing evening with friends or even a dip in the indoor swimming pool. Slide 13 The Balcony Slide 14 The Sun Deck