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<ul><li> 1. Dogs<br />Why you should get a dog<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. They are friends and companions<br /> 3. Make you responsible<br />Picking up dog poop, instead of leaving it where it is and disobeying the laws. This makes a person quite responsible.<br /> 4. Other people have dogs<br />63% of people living in USA have dogs. <br />Only 37 % of people living in USA dont have dogs.<br /> 5. Tons of dogs have been abandoned<br />All these dogs have been abandoned! Give these poor dogs a proper home where they will receive care .<br /> 6. Walking dog is exercise<br />Walking a dog is very good for health. You can walk from 10min-1 hr. This will help people get the daily exercise they need. This helps the dog and the walker!<br /> 7. They are good guards<br /> 8. Bonus Video 10 Reasons you should get a puppy (Maltese).<br /> 9. These are all good reasons you should<br />Get a Dog<br /></p>