netapp confidential edition - october 2015 1

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NetApp® Product Pricing Part Number Description DISC CAT ALT CAT CODE NA List UOM AFF8020A-001-R6 AFF8020 HA System L $8,600.00 EA AFF8040A-001-R6 AFF8040 HA System L $15,645.00 EA AFF8060A-001-R6 AFF8060 HA System L $41,500.00 EA AFF8060AE-001-R6 AFF8060 HA System w/IOXM L $52,500.00 EA AFF8080A-001 AFF8080 HA System L $54,500.00 EA AFF8080A-001-38.4TB AFF8080 HA System,38.4TB w/48x800GB M $125,740.00 EA AFF8080A-001-76.8TB AFF8080 HA System,76.8TB w/48x1.6TB M $199,100.00 EA AFF8080AE-001-19.2TB-R6 AFF8080HA System w/IOXM,19.2TB,48x400GB M $100,880.00 EA AFF8080AE-001-38.4TB-R6 AFF8080HA System w/IOXM,38.4TB,48x800GB M $143,370.00 EA AFF8080AE-001-R6 AFF8080 HA System w/IOXM L $64,100.00 EA ALL-FLASH-OPTIMIZED Optimized SSD Personality C $0.00 EA ASUP-MONITOR-AGRMNT Customer Agreed to ASUP License Monitoring L $0.00 EA AVA10S-4TBX12-QS-R6 AVA400 Shelf,4TBx12,QS M $22,800.00 EA AVA10S-4TBX24-QS-R6 AVA400 Shelf,4TBx24,QS M $37,200.00 EA AVA10S-6TBX12-QS-R6 AVA800 Shelf,6TBx12,QS M $30,300.00 EA AVA10S-6TBX24-QS-R6 AVA800 Shelf,6TBx24,QS M $52,200.00 EA AVA400-144TB-4TBX36-R6 AVA400 System,144TB,4TBx36 HDD M $112,960.00 EA AVA400-192TB-4TBX48-R6 AVA400 System,192TB,4TBx48 HDD M $123,280.00 EA AVA400-240TB-4TBX60-R6 AVA400 System,240TB,4TBx60 HDD M $139,600.00 EA AVA400-288TB-4TBX72-R6 AVA400 System,288TB,4TBx72 HDD M $149,920.00 EA AVA400-48TB-4TBX12-R6 AVA400 System,48TB,4TBx12 HDD M $86,320.00 EA AVA400-96TB-4TBX24-R6 AVA400 System,96TB,4TBx24 HDD M $96,640.00 EA AVA800-144TB-6TBX24-R6 AVA800 System,144TB,6TBx24 HDD M $112,320.00 EA AVA800-216TB-6TBX36-R6 AVA800 System,216TB,6TBx36 HDD M $133,980.00 EA AVA800-288TB-6TBX48-R6 AVA800 System,288TB,6TBx48 HDD M $149,640.00 EA AVA800-360TB-6TBX60-R6 AVA800 System,360TB,6TBx60 HDD M $171,300.00 EA AVA800-432TB-6TBX72-R6 AVA800 System,432TB,6TBx72 HDD M $186,960.00 EA AVA800-504TB-6TBX84-R6 AVA800 System,504TB,6TBx84 HDD M $208,620.00 EA AVA800-576TB-6TBX96-R6 AVA800 System,576TB,6TBx96 HDD M $224,280.00 EA AVA800-72TB-6TBX12-R6 AVA800 System,72TB,6TBx12 HDD M $96,660.00 EA AVA-SW-400-0P-C SW,PER-1TB,AVA400,Cap-Stor,0P,-C N $950.00 EA AVA-SW-400-0P-QS SW,PER-1TB,AVA400,Cap-Stor,0P,QS N $1,235.00 EA AVA-SW-800-0P-C SW,PER-1TB,AVA800,Cap-Stor,0P,-C N $1,850.00 EA AVA-SW-800-0P-QS SW,PER-1TB,AVA800,Cap-Stor,0P,QS N $2,405.00 EA CS-A2-4D SupportEdge Standard w/ 4hrParts Delivery S,XS W Quote Dependent MTH CS-A2-4D-VA SupportEdge Standard w/ 4hrParts Delivery,VA T V Quote Dependent MTH CS-A2-4R SupportEdge Standard Part Replace 4hr S,XS W Quote Dependent MTH CS-A2-4R-VA SupportEdge Standard Part Replace 4hr,VA T V Quote Dependent MTH CS-A2-INST-4D SE Standard w/Inst 4hrParts Delivery and/or Ext Wty S,XS W Quote Dependent MTH CS-A2-INST-4D-VA SE Standard w/Inst 4hrParts Delivery and/or Ext Wty,V T V Quote Dependent MTH CS-A2-INST-4R SE Standard Part Replace 4hr,Install and/or Ext Wty S,XS W Quote Dependent MTH CS-A2-INST-4R-VA SE Standard Part Replace 4hr,Install and/or Ext Wty,VA T V Quote Dependent MTH CS-A2-INST-NBR SE Standard Part Replace NBD,Install and/or Ext Wty S,XS W Quote Dependent MTH CS-A2-INST-NBR-VA SE Standard Part Replace NBD,Install and/or Ext Wty,V T V Quote Dependent MTH CS-A2-NBR SupportEdge Standard Part Replace NBD S,XS W Quote Dependent MTH CS-A2-NBR-VA SupportEdge Standard Part Replace NBD,VA T V Quote Dependent MTH CS-EXTENDED-WTY Extended Warranty Hardware Support S,XS W Quote Dependent MTH CS-EXTENDED-WTY-RENEWAL Extended Warranty Hardware Support, Renewal W Quote Dependent MTH CS-EXTENDED-WTY-RENEWAL-VA Extended Warranty Hardware Support, Renewal,VA V Quote Dependent MTH CS-EXTENDED-WTY-VA Extended Warranty Hardware Support,VA T Quote Dependent MTH CS-EXT-WARRANTY-P-R Choice Extended Warranty HW Support R1 Quote Dependent MTH CS-EXT-WARRANTY-P-R-VA PartnerChoice Ext Warranty HW Support,VA R3 Quote Dependent MTH CS-EXT-WARR-RENEWAL-P-R Choice Extended Warranty HW Support,Rnwl R1 R1 Quote Dependent MTH CS-EXT-WARR-RENEWAL-P-R-VA PartnerChoice Ext Warranty HW Support,Rnwl,VA R1 Quote Dependent MTH CS-EXT-WTY-MISC HW Extended Wty Services,MISC R1 Quote Dependent MTH CS-INSTALL-AFF Base Installation, All Flash FAS System P $5,000.00 EA CS-MV-CI-FLEXPOD FlexPod Support T $1.00 MTH CS-MV-CLOUD-NPS NetApp Private Storage Support T $0.00 MTH CS-N-INST NetApp Initial Installation S,XS W Quote Dependent MTH CS-N-INST-SSP NetApp installation and SW Support Plan S,XS W Quote Dependent MTH CS-N-INST-SSP-VA NetApp installation and SW Support Plan,VA T V Quote Dependent MTH CS-N-INST-VA NetApp Initial Installation,VA T V Quote Dependent MTH CS-NRD2 Non Returnable Disk Plus S Quote Dependent MTH CS-NRD2-E Non Returnable Disk Plus,e S Quote Dependent MTH CS-NRD2-P-R PartnerChoice NRD Plus R1 Quote Dependent MTH CS-NRD2-P-R-E Choice Non Returnable Disk Plus,e R1 Quote Dependent MTH CS-NRD2-P-R-VA PartnerChoice NRD Plus,VA R3 Quote Dependent MTH CS-NRD2-P-R-Y PartnerChoice NRD Plus,y R3 Quote Dependent MTH CS-NRD2-REG-IND Regulatory Advantage,NRD Plus S Quote Dependent MTH CS-NRD2-REG-IND-E Regulatory Adyntage,NRD Plus,e S Quote Dependent MTH CS-NRD2-REG-IND-P-R PartnerChoice Regulatory Adv,NRD Plus R1 Quote Dependent MTH CS-NRD2-REG-IND-P-R-E Choice Regulatory Adyntage,NRD Plus,e R1 Quote Dependent MTH CS-NRD2-REG-IND-P-R-VA PartnerChoice Regulatory Adv,NRD Plus,VA R3 Quote Dependent MTH CS-NRD2-REG-IND-P-R-Y PartnerChoice Regulatory Adv,NRD Plus,y R3 Quote Dependent MTH CS-NRD2-REG-IND-VA Regulatory Advantage,NRD Plus,VA T Quote Dependent MTH CS-NRD2-REG-IND-Y Regulatory Adyntage,NRD Plus,y T Quote Dependent MTH CS-NRD2-VA Non Returnable Disk Plus,VA T Quote Dependent MTH CS-NRD2-Y Non Returnable Disk Plus,y T Quote Dependent MTH NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 1

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NetApp® Product PricingPart Number Description DISC CAT ALT CAT CODE NA List UOM

AFF8020A-001-R6 AFF8020 HA System L $8,600.00 EA

AFF8040A-001-R6 AFF8040 HA System L $15,645.00 EA

AFF8060A-001-R6 AFF8060 HA System L $41,500.00 EA

AFF8060AE-001-R6 AFF8060 HA System w/IOXM L $52,500.00 EA

AFF8080A-001 AFF8080 HA System L $54,500.00 EA

AFF8080A-001-38.4TB AFF8080 HA System,38.4TB w/48x800GB M $125,740.00 EA

AFF8080A-001-76.8TB AFF8080 HA System,76.8TB w/48x1.6TB M $199,100.00 EA

AFF8080AE-001-19.2TB-R6 AFF8080HA System w/IOXM,19.2TB,48x400GB M $100,880.00 EA

AFF8080AE-001-38.4TB-R6 AFF8080HA System w/IOXM,38.4TB,48x800GB M $143,370.00 EA

AFF8080AE-001-R6 AFF8080 HA System w/IOXM L $64,100.00 EA

ALL-FLASH-OPTIMIZED Optimized SSD Personality C $0.00 EA

ASUP-MONITOR-AGRMNT Customer Agreed to ASUP License Monitoring L $0.00 EA

AVA10S-4TBX12-QS-R6 AVA400 Shelf,4TBx12,QS M $22,800.00 EA

AVA10S-4TBX24-QS-R6 AVA400 Shelf,4TBx24,QS M $37,200.00 EA

AVA10S-6TBX12-QS-R6 AVA800 Shelf,6TBx12,QS M $30,300.00 EAAVA10S-6TBX24-QS-R6 AVA800 Shelf,6TBx24,QS M $52,200.00 EAAVA400-144TB-4TBX36-R6 AVA400 System,144TB,4TBx36 HDD M $112,960.00 EAAVA400-192TB-4TBX48-R6 AVA400 System,192TB,4TBx48 HDD M $123,280.00 EAAVA400-240TB-4TBX60-R6 AVA400 System,240TB,4TBx60 HDD M $139,600.00 EAAVA400-288TB-4TBX72-R6 AVA400 System,288TB,4TBx72 HDD M $149,920.00 EAAVA400-48TB-4TBX12-R6 AVA400 System,48TB,4TBx12 HDD M $86,320.00 EAAVA400-96TB-4TBX24-R6 AVA400 System,96TB,4TBx24 HDD M $96,640.00 EAAVA800-144TB-6TBX24-R6 AVA800 System,144TB,6TBx24 HDD M $112,320.00 EAAVA800-216TB-6TBX36-R6 AVA800 System,216TB,6TBx36 HDD M $133,980.00 EAAVA800-288TB-6TBX48-R6 AVA800 System,288TB,6TBx48 HDD M $149,640.00 EAAVA800-360TB-6TBX60-R6 AVA800 System,360TB,6TBx60 HDD M $171,300.00 EAAVA800-432TB-6TBX72-R6 AVA800 System,432TB,6TBx72 HDD M $186,960.00 EAAVA800-504TB-6TBX84-R6 AVA800 System,504TB,6TBx84 HDD M $208,620.00 EAAVA800-576TB-6TBX96-R6 AVA800 System,576TB,6TBx96 HDD M $224,280.00 EAAVA800-72TB-6TBX12-R6 AVA800 System,72TB,6TBx12 HDD M $96,660.00 EAAVA-SW-400-0P-C SW,PER-1TB,AVA400,Cap-Stor,0P,-C N $950.00 EAAVA-SW-400-0P-QS SW,PER-1TB,AVA400,Cap-Stor,0P,QS N $1,235.00 EAAVA-SW-800-0P-C SW,PER-1TB,AVA800,Cap-Stor,0P,-C N $1,850.00 EAAVA-SW-800-0P-QS SW,PER-1TB,AVA800,Cap-Stor,0P,QS N $2,405.00 EACS-A2-4D SupportEdge Standard w/ 4hrParts Delivery S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-A2-4D-VA SupportEdge Standard w/ 4hrParts Delivery,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-A2-4R SupportEdge Standard Part Replace 4hr S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-A2-4R-VA SupportEdge Standard Part Replace 4hr,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-A2-INST-4D SE Standard w/Inst 4hrParts Delivery and/or Ext Wty S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-A2-INST-4D-VA SE Standard w/Inst 4hrParts Delivery and/or Ext Wty,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-A2-INST-4R SE Standard Part Replace 4hr,Install and/or Ext Wty S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-A2-INST-4R-VA SE Standard Part Replace 4hr,Install and/or Ext Wty,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-A2-INST-NBR SE Standard Part Replace NBD,Install and/or Ext Wty S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-A2-INST-NBR-VA SE Standard Part Replace NBD,Install and/or Ext Wty,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-A2-NBR SupportEdge Standard Part Replace NBD S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-A2-NBR-VA SupportEdge Standard Part Replace NBD,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-EXTENDED-WTY Extended Warranty Hardware Support S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-EXTENDED-WTY-RENEWAL Extended Warranty Hardware Support, Renewal W Quote Dependent MTHCS-EXTENDED-WTY-RENEWAL-VA Extended Warranty Hardware Support, Renewal,VA V Quote Dependent MTHCS-EXTENDED-WTY-VA Extended Warranty Hardware Support,VA T Quote Dependent MTHCS-EXT-WARRANTY-P-R Choice Extended Warranty HW Support R1 Quote Dependent MTHCS-EXT-WARRANTY-P-R-VA PartnerChoice Ext Warranty HW Support,VA R3 Quote Dependent MTHCS-EXT-WARR-RENEWAL-P-R Choice Extended Warranty HW Support,Rnwl R1 R1 Quote Dependent MTHCS-EXT-WARR-RENEWAL-P-R-VA PartnerChoice Ext Warranty HW Support,Rnwl,VA R1 Quote Dependent MTHCS-EXT-WTY-MISC HW Extended Wty Services,MISC R1 Quote Dependent MTHCS-INSTALL-AFF Base Installation, All Flash FAS System P $5,000.00 EACS-MV-CI-FLEXPOD FlexPod Support T $1.00 MTHCS-MV-CLOUD-NPS NetApp Private Storage Support T $0.00 MTHCS-N-INST NetApp Initial Installation S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-N-INST-SSP NetApp installation and SW Support Plan S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-N-INST-SSP-VA NetApp installation and SW Support Plan,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-N-INST-VA NetApp Initial Installation,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-NRD2 Non Returnable Disk Plus S Quote Dependent MTHCS-NRD2-E Non Returnable Disk Plus,e S Quote Dependent MTHCS-NRD2-P-R PartnerChoice NRD Plus R1 Quote Dependent MTHCS-NRD2-P-R-E Choice Non Returnable Disk Plus,e R1 Quote Dependent MTHCS-NRD2-P-R-VA PartnerChoice NRD Plus,VA R3 Quote Dependent MTHCS-NRD2-P-R-Y PartnerChoice NRD Plus,y R3 Quote Dependent MTHCS-NRD2-REG-IND Regulatory Advantage,NRD Plus S Quote Dependent MTHCS-NRD2-REG-IND-E Regulatory Adyntage,NRD Plus,e S Quote Dependent MTHCS-NRD2-REG-IND-P-R PartnerChoice Regulatory Adv,NRD Plus R1 Quote Dependent MTHCS-NRD2-REG-IND-P-R-E Choice Regulatory Adyntage,NRD Plus,e R1 Quote Dependent MTHCS-NRD2-REG-IND-P-R-VA PartnerChoice Regulatory Adv,NRD Plus,VA R3 Quote Dependent MTHCS-NRD2-REG-IND-P-R-Y PartnerChoice Regulatory Adv,NRD Plus,y R3 Quote Dependent MTHCS-NRD2-REG-IND-VA Regulatory Advantage,NRD Plus,VA T Quote Dependent MTHCS-NRD2-REG-IND-Y Regulatory Adyntage,NRD Plus,y T Quote Dependent MTHCS-NRD2-VA Non Returnable Disk Plus,VA T Quote Dependent MTHCS-NRD2-Y Non Returnable Disk Plus,y T Quote Dependent MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 1

CS-N-SSP NetApp SW Support Plan S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-N-SSP-NBD Extended Warranty Hardware Support and SSP S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-N-SSP-NBD-VA Extended Warranty Hardware Support and SSP,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-N-SSP-VA NetApp SW Support Plan,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-O2-2HR SupportEdge Premium 2hr Onsite S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-O2-2HR-VA SupportEdge Premium 2hr Onsite,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-O2-4HR SupportEdge Premium 4hr Onsite S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-O2-4HR-EVO SupportEdge Premium 4hr Onsite,EVO S Quote Dependent MTHCS-O2-4HR-EVO-LP SupportEdge Premium 4hr Onsite,EVO-LP S Quote Dependent MTHCS-O2-4HR-VA SupportEdge Premium 4hr Onsite,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-O2-NBD SupportEdge Premium NBD Onsite S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-O2-NBD-EVO SupportEdge Premium NBD Onsite,EVO S Quote Dependent MTHCS-O2-NBD-EVO-LP SupportEdge Premium NBD Onsite,EVO-LP S Quote Dependent MTHCS-O2-NBD-VA SupportEdge Premium NBD Onsite,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-O2-NOINSTALL-2HR SupportEdge Premium 2hr Onsite, w/o Install S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-O2-NOINSTALL-2HR-VA SupportEdge Premium 2hr Onsite, w/o Install,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-O2-NOINSTALL-4HR SupportEdge Premium 4hr Onsite, w/o Install S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-O2-NOINSTALL-4HR-EVO SupportEdge Premium 4hr Onsite, w/o Install,EVO S Quote Dependent MTHCS-O2-NOINSTALL-4HR-EVO-LP SupportEdge Premium 4hr Onsite,w/o Install,EVO-LP S Quote Dependent MTHCS-O2-NOINSTALL-4HR-VA SupportEdge Premium 4hr Onsite, w/o Install,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-O2-NOINSTALL-NBD SupportEdge Premium NBD Onsite, w/o Install S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-O2-NOINSTALL-NBD-EVO SupportEdge Premium NBD Onsite, w/o Install,EVO S Quote Dependent MTHCS-O2-NOINSTALL-NBD-EVO-LP SupportEdge Premium NBD Onsite,w/o Install,EVO-LP S Quote Dependent MTHCS-O2-NOINSTALL-NBD-VA SupportEdge Premium NBD Onsite, w/o Install,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-ONSITE-PLUS-P-R CS-ONSITE-PLUS-P-R R1 Quote Dependent MTHCS-ONSITE-PLUS-P-R-VA CS-ONSITE-PLUS-P-R-VA R3 Quote Dependent MTHCS-R-NRD2 Non Returnable Disk Plus,Renewal W Quote Dependent MTHCS-R-NRD2-E Non Returnable Disk Plus,Renewal,e W Quote Dependent MTHCS-R-NRD2-P-R PartnerChoice NRD Plus,Renewal R1 Quote Dependent MTHCS-R-NRD2-P-R-E Choice Non Returnable Disk Plus,Renewal,e R1 Quote Dependent MTHCS-R-NRD2-P-R-VA PartnerChoice NRD Plus,Renewal,VA R3 Quote Dependent MTHCS-R-NRD2-P-R-Y PartnerChoice NRD Plus,Renewal,y R3 Quote Dependent MTHCS-R-NRD2-REG-IND Regulatory Advantage,NRD Plus,Renewal W Quote Dependent MTHCS-R-NRD2-REG-IND-E Regulatory Adyntage,NRD Plus,Renewal,e W Quote Dependent MTHCS-R-NRD2-REG-IND-P-R PartnerChoice Reg Adv,NRD Plus,Renewal R1 Quote Dependent MTHCS-R-NRD2-REG-IND-P-R-E Choice Regulatory Adv,NRD Plus,Renewal,e R1 Quote Dependent MTHCS-R-NRD2-REG-IND-P-R-VA PartnerChoice Reg Adv,NRD Plus,Renewal,VA R3 Quote Dependent MTHCS-R-NRD2-REG-IND-P-R-Y PartnerChoice Reg Adv,NRD Plus,Renewal,y R3 Quote Dependent MTHCS-R-NRD2-REG-IND-VA Regulatory Advantage,NRD Plus,Renewal,VA V Quote Dependent MTHCS-R-NRD2-REG-IND-Y Regulatory Adyntage,NRD Plus,Renewal,y V Quote Dependent MTHCS-R-NRD2-VA Non Returnable Disk Plus,Renewal,VA V Quote Dependent MTHCS-R-NRD2-Y Non Returnable Disk Plus,Renewal,y V Quote Dependent MTHCS-R-ONSITE-PLUS-P-R CS-R-ONSITE-PLUS-P-R R1 Quote Dependent MTHCS-R-ONSITE-PLUS-P-R-VA CS-R-ONSITE-PLUS-P-R-VA R3 Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-2D *PartnerChoice 2hr Parts Del HW Support S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-2D-INST *PartnerChoice 2hr Parts Del,Install S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-2D-INST-VA *PartnerChoice 2hr Parts Del,Install,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-2D-VA *PartnerChoice 2hr Parts Del HW Support,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-2R PartnerChoice 2hr Parts Repl HW Support S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-2R-INST PartnerChoice 2hr Parts Repl,Install S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-2R-INST-VA PartnerChoice 2hr Parts Repl,Install,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-2R-VA PartnerChoice 2hr Parts Repl HW Support,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-4D PartnerChoice 4hr Parts Del HW Support S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-4D-INST PartnerChoice 4hr Parts Del,Install S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-4D-INST-VA PartnerChoice 4hr Parts Del,Install,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-4D-VA PartnerChoice 4hr Parts Del HW Support,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-4R PartnerChoice 4hr Parts Repl HW Support S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-4R-INST PartnerChoice 4hr Parts Repl,Install S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-4R-INST-VA PartnerChoice 4hr Parts Repl,Install,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-4R-VA PartnerChoice 4hr Parts Repl HW Support,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-SEC-2D SE Secure,7x24,2hr Parts Delivery S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-SEC-2D-VA SE Secure,7x24,2hr Parts Delivery,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-SEC-2HR SupportEdge Secure 7x24 2hr Onsite S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-SEC-2HR-VA SupportEdge Secure 7x24 2hr Onsite,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-SEC-4D SE Secure,7x24,4hr Parts Delivery S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-SEC-4D-VA SE Secure,7x24,4hr Parts Delivery,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-SEC-4HR SupportEdge Secure 7x24 4hr Onsite S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-SEC-4HR-VA SupportEdge Secure 7x24 4hr Onsite,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-SEC-NBD SupportEdge Secure Next Bus Day Onsite S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-SEC-NBDD SE Secure,Next Bus Day Parts Delivery S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-SEC-NBDD-VA SE Secure,Next Bus Day Parts Delivery,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-SEC-NBD-VA SupportEdge Secure Next Bus Day Onsite,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-INST PartnerChoice SupportEdge Initial Install S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-INST-SSP PartnerChoice Install and SSP Plan S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-INST-SSP-2D *PartnerChoice 2hr Parts Del,Install,SSP S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-INST-SSP-2D-VA *PartnerChoice 2hr Parts Del,Install,SSP,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-INST-SSP-2R PartnerChoice 2hr Parts Repl Install and SSP S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-INST-SSP-2R-VA PartnerChoice 2hr Parts Repl,Install,SSP,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-INST-SSP-4D PartnerChoice 4hr Parts Del Install and SSP S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-INST-SSP-4D-VA PartnerChoice 4hr Parts Del,Install,SSP,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-INST-SSP-4R PartnerChoice 4hr Parts Repl Install and SSP S,XS W Quote Dependent MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 2

CS-S-INST-SSP-4R-VA PartnerChoice 4hr Parts Repl,Install,SSP,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-INST-SSP-NBR PartnerChoice NBD Parts Repl Install and SSP S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-INST-SSP-NBR-VA PartnerChoice NBD Parts Repl,Install,SSP,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-INST-SSP-VA PartnerChoice Install and SSP Plan,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-INST-VA PartnerChoice SupportEdge Initial Install,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-NBR PartnerChoice NBD Parts Repl HW Support S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-NBR-INST PartnerChoice NBD Parts Repl,Install S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-NBR-INST-VA PartnerChoice NBD Parts Repl,Install,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-NBR-VA PartnerChoice NBD Parts Repl HW Support,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-SSP-REINST-P-R Reinstatement fee for lapsed SSP,SSC R2 Quote Dependent MTHCS-SSP-REINST-P-R-VA Reinstatement fee for lapsed SSP,SSC,VA R4 Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-SSP PartnerChoice Software Support Plan S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-SSP-2D *PartnerChoice 2hr Parts Del and SSP S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-SSP-2D-VA *PartnerChoice 2hr Parts Del and SSP,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-SSP-2R PartnerChoice 2hr Parts Repl and SSP S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-SSP-2R-VA PartnerChoice 2hr Parts Repl and SSP,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-SSP-4D PartnerChoice 4hr Parts Del and SSP S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-SSP-4D-VA PartnerChoice 4hr Parts Del and SSP,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-SSP-4R PartnerChoice 4hr Parts Repl and SSP S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-SSP-4R-VA PartnerChoice 4hr Parts Repl and SSP,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-SSP-NBD PartnerChoice NBD Parts Del and SSP S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-SSP-NBD-VA PartnerChoice NBD Parts Del and SSP,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-SSP-NBR PartnerChoice NBD Parts Repl and SSP S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-SSP-NBR-VA PartnerChoice NBD Parts Repl and SSP,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-S-SSP-VA PartnerChoice Software Support Plan,VA T V Quote Dependent MTHCS-SVC-REINST Reinstatement fee for lapsed support W Quote Dependent MTHCS-SVC-REINST-EW-P-R-VA Reinstatement fee for lapsed Ext Wty,SSC,VA R3 Quote Dependent MTHCS-SVC-REINST-EXT-WTY Reinstatement fee for lapsed Ext Wty W Quote Dependent MTHCS-SVC-REINST-EXT-WTY-P-R Reinstatement fee for lapsed Ext Wty,SSC R1 Quote Dependent MTHCS-SVC-REINST-EXT-WTY-VA Reinstatement fee for lapsed Ext Wty,VA V Quote Dependent MTHCS-SVC-REINST-NRD2 Reinstatement fee for lapsed NRD2 W Quote Dependent MTHCS-SVC-REINST-NRD2-P-R Reinstatement fee for lapsed NRD2,SSC R1 Quote Dependent MTHCS-SVC-REINST-NRD2-P-R-VA Reinstatement fee for lapsed NRD2,SSC,VA R3 Quote Dependent MTHCS-SVC-REINST-NRD2-VA Reinstatement fee for lapsed NRD2,VA V Quote Dependent MTHCS-SVC-REINST-P-R Reinstatement fee for lapsed HW SVC,SSC R1 Quote Dependent MTHCS-SVC-REINST-P-R-VA Reinstatement fee for lapsed HW SVC,SSC,VA R3 Quote Dependent MTHCS-SVC-REINST-VA Reinstatement fee for lapsed support,VA V Quote Dependent MTHCS-UPL-A2-4D Upgrade to SE Standard 4hr Parts Delivery S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-UPL-A2-4R Upgrade to SE Standard 4hr Parts Replace S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-UPL-A2-NBDR Upgrade to SE Standard NBD Parts Replace S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-UPL-O2-2HR Upgrade to SE Premium 2hr Onsite S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-UPL-O2-4HR Upgrade to SE Premium 4hr Onsite S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-UPL-O2-NBD Upgrade to SE Premium NBD Onsite S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-UPL-S-2D *PartnerChoice 2hr Parts Del S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-UPL-S-2R PartnerChoice 2hr Parts Repl S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-UPL-S-4D Upgrade to PartnerChoice 4hr Parts Del S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-UPL-S-4R Upgrade to PartnerChoice 4hr Parts Repl S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-UPL-SEC-2D Upgrade to SupportEdge Secure 2hr Delivery S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-UPL-SEC-2HR Upgrade to SupportEdge Secure 2hr Onsite S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-UPL-SEC-4D Upgrade to SupportEdge Secure 4hr Delivery S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-UPL-SEC-4HR Upgrade to SupportEdge Secure 4hr Onsite S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-UPL-SEC-NBD Upgrade to SupportEdge Secure NBD Onsite S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-UPL-SEC-NBDD Upgrade to SupportEdge Secure NBD Delivery S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHCS-UPL-S-NBR Upgrade to PartnerChoice NBD Parts Repl S,XS W Quote Dependent MTHDOC-2520-C Documents,2520,-C D $0.00 EADOC-2552-C Documents,2552,-C D $0.00 EADOC-2554-C Documents,2554,-C D $0.00 EADOC-8020-C Documents,8020,-C L $0.00 EADOC-80XX-C Documents,80xx,-C L $0.00 EADOC-AFF8020-C Documents,AFF8020,-C L $0.00 EADOC-AFF80X0-C Documents,AFF80X0,-C L $0.00 EADOC-AFF80X0E-C Documents,AFF80X0E,-C L $0.00 EADOC-AVA-C Documents,AVA,-C L $0.00 EADOC-CISCO-CONTRACT Cisco Switch Service Contract C $0.00 EADOC-EF5X0-SYS-C Install Documents,System,EF5X0,-C L $0.00 EADOC-E-SERIES-2U-SYS-C Install Documents,System,DE1600,DE5600,-C L $0.00 EADOC-E-SERIES-4U-SYS-C Install Documents,System,DE6600,-C L $0.00 EADOC-PFK-E-SERIES-C Document,PFK,E-Series,-C L $0.00 EADOC-SGA-E-SERIES-C Install Doc,StorageGRID Appliance,E-Series,-C D $0.00 EADS2246-10.8TB-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,12x900GB,6G,0P,-C M $15,480.00 EADS2246-10.8TB-1P-SK-R5 DSK SHLF,12x900GB,IOM6,1P,SK D $9,380.00 EADS2246-10.8TB-QS-R5 DSK SHLF,12x900GB,6G,QS M $21,660.00 EADS2246-1007-12S-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,12x600GB,10K,0P,-C M $13,980.00 EADS2246-1007-12S-1P-SK-R5 DSK SHLF,12x600GB,10K,1P,SK D $8,785.00 EADS2246-1007-12S-QS-R5 DSK SHLF,12x600GB,10K,QS M $19,560.00 EADS2246-1014-24S-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,24x600GB,10K,0P,-C M $21,960.00 EADS2246-1014-24S-1P-SK-R5 DSK SHLF,24x600GB,10K,1P,SK D $14,450.00 EADS2246-1014-24S-QS-R5 DSK SHLF,24x600GB,10K,QS M $30,720.00 EADS2246-1021-24N-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,24x900GB,10K,NSE,0P,-C M $32,520.00 EADS2246-1021-24N-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,24x900GB,10K,NSE,FAS25xx,1P,SK D $19,940.00 EADS2246-1021-24N-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,24x900GB,10K,NSE,QS M $45,480.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 3

DS2246-12X1.8TB-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,12x1.8TB,10K,6G,0P,-C M $22,740.00 EADS2246-12X1.8TB-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,12x1.8TB,10K,6G,1P,SK D $13,940.00 EADS2246-12X1.8TB-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,12x1.8TB,10K,6G,QS M $31,800.00 EADS2246-14.4TB-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,12x1.2TB,10K,6G,0P,-C M $17,760.00 EADS2246-14.4TB-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,12x1.2TB,10K,6G,1P,SK D $10,820.00 EADS2246-14.4TB-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,12x1.2TB,10K,6G,QS M $24,840.00 EADS2246-18TB-24M-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,4x200GB,20x900GB,Mixed,0P,-C M $30,080.00 EADS2246-18TB-24M-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,4x200GB,20x900GB,Mixed,1P,SK D $19,940.00 EADS2246-18TB-24M-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,4x200GB,20x900GB,Mixed,QS M $42,080.00 EADS2246-21.6TB-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,24x900GB,6G,0P,-C M $24,960.00 EADS2246-21.6TB-1P-SK-R5 DSK SHLF,24x900GB,IOM6,1P,SK D $15,285.00 EADS2246-21.6TB-QS-R5 DSK SHLF,24x900GB,6G,QS M $34,920.00 EADS2246-24X1.8TB-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,24x1.8TB,10K,6G,0P,-C M $39,480.00 EADS2246-24X1.8TB-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,24x1.8TB,10K,6G,1P,SK D $24,380.00 EADS2246-24X1.8TB-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,24x1.8TB,10K,6G,QS M $55,200.00 EADS2246-28.8TB-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,24x1.2TB,10K,6G,0P,-C M $29,520.00 EADS2246-28.8TB-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,24x1.2TB,10K,6G,1P,SK D $18,170.00 EADS2246-28.8TB-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,24x1.2TB,10K,6G,QS M $41,280.00 EADS2246-AF048-12S-0P-R6-C SSD SHLF,AFF,12x400GB,0P,-C M $26,640.00 EADS2246-AF096-24S-0P-R6-C SSD SHLF,AFF,24x400GB,0P,-C M $47,230.00 EADS2246-AF192-24N-0P-R6-C SSD SHLF,AFF,24x800GB NSE,0P,-C M $110,975.00 EADS2246-AF192-24S-0P-R6-C SSD SHLF,AFF,24x800GB,0P,-C M $79,270.00 EADS2246-AF384-24S-0P-R6-C SSD SHLF,AFF,24x1.6TB,0P,-C M $150,765.00 EADS2246-ES-1014-24S-SK-R5 DSK SHLF,EStar,24x600GB,10K,FAS25xx,SK D $14,450.00 EADS2246-ES-1021-24N-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,EStar,24x900GB,10K,NSE,FAS25xx,SK D $19,940.00 EADS2246-ES-21.6TB-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,EStar,24x900GB,6G,FAS25xx,SK D $15,285.00 EADS2246-ES-28.8TB-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,EStar,24x1.2TB,10K,6G,FAS25xx,SK D $18,170.00 EADS2246-ES-SL096-24S-SK-R6 SSD SHLF,EStar,24x400GB,FAS25xx,SK D $49,680.00 EADS2246-ES-SL192-24A-SK-R6 SSD SHLF,EStar,24x800GB,FAS25xx,SK D $83,800.00 EADS2246-SL001-24M-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,4x400GB,20x1.2TB,Mixed,0P,-C M $36,680.00 EADS2246-SL001-24M-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,4x400GB,20x1.2TB,Mixed,1P,SK D $23,400.00 EADS2246-SL001-24M-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,4x400GB,20x1.2TB,Mixed,QS M $51,300.00 EADS2246-SL002-24M-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,4x400GB,20x1.8TB,Mixed,0P,-C M $71,420.00 EADS2246-SL002-24M-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,4x400GB,20x1.8TB,Mixed,1P,SK D $28,600.00 EADS2246-SL002-24M-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,4x400GB,20x1.8TB,Mixed,QS M $99,920.00 EADS2246-SL008-4A-0P-R6-C SSD SHLF,4x200GB,0P,-C M $14,280.00 EADS2246-SL008-4A-QS-R6 SSD SHLF,4x200GB,QS M $19,980.00 EADS2246-SL009-24M-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,4x400GB,20x900GB,Mixed,0P,-C M $32,880.00 EADS2246-SL009-24M-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,4x400GB,20x900GB,Mixed,1P,SK D $21,000.00 EADS2246-SL009-24M-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,4x400GB,20x900GB,Mixed,QS M $46,000.00 EADS2246-SL016-4S-0P-R6-C SSD SHLF,4x400GB,0P,-C M $17,080.00 EADS2246-SL016-4S-1P-SK-R6 SSD SHLF,4x400GB,1P,SK D $10,740.00 EADS2246-SL016-4S-QS-R6 SSD SHLF,4x400GB,QS M $23,900.00 EADS2246-SL024-12A-0P-R6-C SSD SHLF,12x200GB,0P,-C M $30,840.00 EADS2246-SL024-12A-QS-R6 SSD SHLF,12x200GB,QS M $43,140.00 EADS2246-SL024-12S-1P-SK-R6 SSD SHLF,12x200GB,1P,SK D $24,595.00 EADS2246-SL048-12S-0P-R6-C SSD SHLF,12x400GB,0P,-C M $39,340.00 EADS2246-SL048-12S-1P-SK-R6 SSD SHLF,12x400GB,1P,SK D $26,600.00 EADS2246-SL048-12S-QS-R6 SSD SHLF,12x400GB,QS M $54,900.00 EADS2246-SL048-24A-0P-R6-C SSD SHLF,24x200GB,0P,-C M $55,680.00 EADS2246-SL048-24A-QS-R6 SSD SHLF,24x200GB,QS M $77,880.00 EADS2246-SL048-24S-1P-SK-R6 SSD SHLF,24x200GB,1P,SK D $46,410.00 EADS2246-SL096-12N-0P-R6-C SSD SHLF,12x800GB,NSE,0P,-C M $86,880.00 EADS2246-SL096-12N-1P-R6-SK SSD SHLF,12x800GB NSE,1P,SK D $59,660.00 EADS2246-SL096-12N-QS-R6 SSD SHLF,12x800GB NSE,QS M $121,620.00 EADS2246-SL096-12S-0P-R6-C SSD SHLF,12x800GB,0P,-C M $63,780.00 EADS2246-SL096-12S-1P-SK-R6 SSD SHLF,12x800GB,1P,SK D $43,640.00 EADS2246-SL096-12S-QS-R6 SSD SHLF,12x800GB,QS M $89,280.00 EADS2246-SL096-24S-0P-R6-C SSD SHLF,24x400GB,0P,-C M $72,480.00 EADS2246-SL096-24S-1P-SK-R6 SSD SHLF,24x400GB,1P,SK D $49,680.00 EADS2246-SL096-24S-QS-R6 SSD SHLF,24x400GB,QS M $101,400.00 EADS2246-SL192-12S-0P-R6-C SSD SHLF,12x1.6TB,0P,-C M $118,560.00 EADS2246-SL192-12S-1P-SK-R6 SSD SHLF,12x1.6TB,1P,SK D $81,500.00 EADS2246-SL192-12S-QS-R6 SSD SHLF,12x1.6TB,QS M $165,960.00 EADS2246-SL192-24A-0P-R6-C SSD SHLF,24x800GB,0P,-C M $121,560.00 EADS2246-SL192-24A-1P-SK-R6 SSD SHLF,24x800GB,FAS25xx,1P,SK D $83,800.00 EADS2246-SL192-24A-QS-R6 SSD SHLF,24x800GB,QS M $170,160.00 EADS2246-SL192-24N-0P-R6-C SSD SHLF,24x800GB NSE,0P,-C M $167,760.00 EADS2246-SL192-24N-1P-R6-SK SSD SHLF,24x800GB NSE,1P,SK D $115,820.00 EADS2246-SL192-24N-QS-R6 SSD SHLF,24x800GB NSE,QS M $234,840.00 EADS2246-SL384-24S-0P-R6-C SSD SHLF,24x1.6TB,0P,-C M $231,120.00 EADS2246-SL384-24S-1P-SK-R6 SSD SHLF,24x1.6TB,1P,SK D $159,460.00 EADS2246-SL384-24S-QS-R6 SSD SHLF,24x1.6TB,QS M $323,520.00 EADS4243-0724-12A-QS-R5 DSK SHLF,12x2.0TB,7.2K,QS M $18,060.00 EADS4243-0736-12A-QS-R5 DSK SHLF,12x3.0TB,7.2K,QS M $26,280.00 EADS4243-0748-24A-QS-R5 DSK SHLF,24x2.0TB,7.2K,QS M $27,720.00 EADS4243-0772-24A-QS-R5 DSK SHLF,24x3.0TB,7.2K,QS M $44,160.00 EADS4246-0724-12A-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,12x2.0TB,7.2K,6G,0P,-C M $12,420.00 EADS4246-0724-12A-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,12x2.0TB,7.2K,6G,1P,SK D $7,460.00 EADS4246-0724-12A-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,12x2.0TB,7.2K,6G,QS M $17,340.00 EADS4246-0736-12A-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,12x3.0TB,7.2K,6G,0P,-C M $18,780.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 4

DS4246-0736-12A-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,12x3.0TB,7.2K,6G,1P,SK D $12,260.00 EADS4246-0736-12A-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,12x3.0TB,7.2K,6G,QS M $26,280.00 EADS4246-0748-12A-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,12x4.0TB,7.2K,6G,0P,-C M $16,320.00 EADS4246-0748-12A-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,12x4.0TB,7.2K,6G,FAS25xx,1P,SK D $10,160.00 EADS4246-0748-12A-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,12x4.0TB,7.2K,6G,QS M $22,800.00 EADS4246-0748-24A-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,24x2.0TB,7.2K,6G,0P,-C M $18,840.00 EADS4246-0748-24A-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,24x2.0TB,7.2K,6G,1P,SK D $11,410.00 EADS4246-0748-24A-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,24x2.0TB,7.2K,6G,QS M $26,280.00 EADS4246-0772-12A-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,12x6.0TB,7.2K,6G,0P,-C M $21,660.00 EADS4246-0772-12A-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,12x6.0TB,7.2K,6G,1P,SK D $13,820.00 EADS4246-0772-12A-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,12x6.0TB,7.2K,6G,QS M $30,300.00 EADS4246-0772-24A-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,24x3.0TB,7.2K,6G,0P,-C M $31,560.00 EADS4246-0772-24A-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,24x3.0TB,7.2K,6G,1P,SK D $21,020.00 EADS4246-0772-24A-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,24x3.0TB,7.2K,6G,QS M $44,160.00 EADS4246-0796-24A-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,24x4.0TB,7.2K,6G,0P,-C M $26,640.00 EADS4246-0796-24A-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,24x4.0TB,7.2K,6G,FAS25xx,1P,SK D $16,875.00 EADS4246-0796-24A-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,24x4.0TB,7.2K,6G,QS M $37,200.00 EADS4246-0796-24N-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,24x4TB,7.2k,NSE,0P,-C M $34,800.00 EADS4246-0796-24N-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,24x4TB,7.2k,NSE,1P,SK D $22,100.00 EADS4246-0796-24N-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,24x4TB,7.2k,NSE,QS M $48,720.00 EADS4246-07A1-24A-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,24x6.0TB,7.2K,6G,0P,-C M $37,320.00 EADS4246-07A1-24A-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,24x6.0TB,7.2K,6G,1P,SK D $24,100.00 EADS4246-07A1-24A-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,24x6.0TB,7.2K,6G,QS M $52,200.00 EADS4246-40TB-24M-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,4x200GB,20x2TB,Mixed,0P,-C M $24,980.00 EADS4246-40TB-24M-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,4x200GB,20x2TB,Mixed,1P,SK D $16,740.00 EADS4246-40TB-24M-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,4x200GB,20x2TB,Mixed,QS M $34,880.00 EADS4246-80TB-24M-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,4x200GB,20x4TB,Mixed,0P,-C M $31,480.00 EADS4246-80TB-24M-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,4x200GB,20x4TB,Mixed,1P,SK D $21,240.00 EADS4246-80TB-24M-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,4x200GB,20x4TB,Mixed,QS M $43,980.00 EADS4246-ES-0748-24A-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,EStar,24x2.0TB,7.2K,6G,FAS25xx,SK D $11,410.00 EADS4246-ES-0772-24A-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,EStar,24x3.0TB,7.2K,6G,FAS25xx,SK D $21,020.00 EADS4246-ES-0796-24A-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,EStar,24x4.0TB,7.2K,6G,FAS25xx,SK D $16,875.00 EADS4246-ES-0796-24N-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,EStar,24x4TB,7.2k,NSE,FAS25xx,SK D $22,100.00 EADS4246-SL001-24M-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,4x400GB,20x2TB,Mixed,0P,-C M $27,780.00 EADS4246-SL001-24M-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,4x400GB,20x2TB,Mixed,1P,SK D $17,800.00 EADS4246-SL001-24M-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,4x400GB,20x2TB,Mixed,QS M $38,880.00 EADS4246-SL002-24M-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,4x400GB,20x4TB,Mixed,0P,-C M $34,280.00 EADS4246-SL002-24M-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,4x400GB,20x4TB,Mixed,1P,SK D $22,300.00 EADS4246-SL002-24M-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,4x400GB,20x4TB,Mixed,QS M $47,900.00 EADS4246-SL003-24M-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,4x400GB,20x6TB,Mixed,0P,-C M $43,180.00 EADS4246-SL003-24M-1P-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,4x400GB,20x6TB,Mixed,1P,SK D $28,400.00 EADS4246-SL003-24M-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,4x400GB,20x6TB,Mixed,QS M $60,400.00 EADS4486-192TB-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,48x4.0TB,0P,-C M $51,600.00 EADS4486-192TB-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,48x4TB,QS M $66,000.00 EADS4486-288TB-0P-R6-C DSK SHLF,48x6TB,0P,-C M $66,480.00 EADS4486-288TB-QS-R6 DSK SHLF,48x6TB,QS M $92,880.00 EAE2700A-4GB-0E-R6-C E2700A,4GB Cntl,No HIC,for non-iSCSI Optic,-C D $2,725.00 EAE2700A-4GB-ISCSI-0E-R6-C E2700A,4GB Cntrlr,No HIC,for iSCSI Optical,-C D $2,725.00 EAE2700A-4GB-SG-0E-R6-C E2700A,4GB Controller,SGRID,0E,-C D $2,725.00 EAE2700A-8GB-0E-R6-C E2700A,8GB Cntl,No HIC,for non-iSCSI Optic,-C D $3,725.00 EAE2700A-8GB-ISCSI-0E-R6-C E2700A,8GB Cntrlr,No HIC,for iSCSI Optical,-C D $3,725.00 EAE5400A-12GB-R6 E5400A,12GB Controller,No BBU L $10,820.00 EAE5400A-6GB-R6 E5400A,6GB Controller,No BBU L $7,730.00 EAE5500B-12GB-R6-C E5500B,12GB Controller,No HIC,-C L $19,500.00 EAE5600A-12GB-R6-C E5600A,12GB Controller,No HIC,-C L $19,500.00 EAED-TU-1-ZA Training Units,1,ZA,Exp.1yr from invoice date P $75.00 EAED-TU-1-ZB Training Units,1,ZB,Exp.1yr from invoice date P $82.50 EAED-TU-1-ZC Training Units,1,ZC,Exp.1yr from invoice date P $37.50 EAED-TU-1-ZD Training Units,1,ZD,Exp.1yr from invoice date P $60.00 EAEF-X4041B-12-AD-R6-C SSD,12x800GB,Non-FDE,EF5X0,Add,-C M $79,140.00 EAEF-X4041B-R6-C SSD,800GB,Non-FDE,EF5X0,-C M $2,705.00 EAEF-X4057A-12-AD-R6-C SSD,12x400GB,Non-FDE,EF5X0,Add,-C M $44,880.00 EAEF-X4057A-R6-C SSD,400GB,Non-FDE,EF5X0,-C M $1,590.00 EAEF-X4058A-12-AD-R6-C SSD,12x800GB,FDE,EF5X0,Add,-C M $79,140.00 EAEF-X4058A-R6-C SSD,800GB,FDE,EF5X0,-C M $2,705.00 EAEF-X4059A-12-AD-R6-C SSD,12x1.6TB,Non-FDE,EF5X0,Add,-C M $112,560.00 EAEF-X4059A-R6-C SSD,1.6TB,Non-FDE,EF5X0,-C M $5,165.00 EAEF-X551202A-R6 EF550A,12GB,Controller,16Gb FC,No BBU L $21,925.00 EAEF-X551202A-R6-C EF550A,12GB Controller,16Gb FC,-C L $21,925.00 EAEF-X551203A-R6 EF550A,12GB,Controller,6Gb SAS,No BBU L $21,370.00 EAEF-X551203A-R6-C EF550A,12GB Controller,6Gb SAS,-C L $21,370.00 EAEF-X551204A-R6 EF550A,12GB,Cntrlr,12Gb SAS,4-ports,No BBU L $21,540.00 EAEF-X551204A-R6-C EF550A,12GB,Controller,12Gb SAS,4-ports,-C L $21,540.00 EAEF-X551206A-R6 EF550A,12GB,Controller,10Gb ISCSI,No BBU L $21,925.00 EAEF-X551206B-R6-C EF550B,12GB Controller,10Gb ISCSI,-C L $21,925.00 EAEF-X551207A-R6 EF550A,12GB,Controller,40Gb IB,No BBU L $22,310.00 EAEF-X551207A-R6-C EF550A,12GB Controller,40Gb IB,-C L $22,310.00 EAEF-X551209A-R6 EF550A,12GB,Controller,56Gb IB,2-ports,No BBU L $24,225.00 EAEF-X551209A-R6-C EF550A,12GB,Controller,56Gb IB,2-ports,-C L $24,225.00 EAEF-X561202A-R6 EF560A,12GB Controller,16Gb FC,4-ports,No BBU L $21,925.00 EAEF-X561202A-R6-C EF560A,12GB Controller,16Gb FC,4-ports,-C L $21,925.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 5

EF-X561204A-R6 EF560A,12GB,Cntrlr,12Gb SAS,4-ports,No BBU L $21,540.00 EAEF-X561204A-R6-C EF560A,12GB,Controller,12Gb SAS,4-ports,-C L $21,540.00 EAEF-X561206A-R6 EF560A,12GB Cntrlr,10Gb ISCSI,4-ports,No BBU L $21,925.00 EAEF-X561206A-R6-C EF560A,12GB Controller,10Gb ISCSI,4-ports,-C L $21,925.00 EAEF-X561209A-R6 EF560A,12GB,Controller,56Gb IB,2-ports,No BBU L $24,225.00 EAEF-X561209A-R6-C EF560A,12GB,Controller,56Gb IB,2-ports,-C L $24,225.00 EAEF-X5681A-AD-R6-C Enclosure,EF5X0,Empty,2PSU,Add-On,-C M $3,880.00 EAEF-X5681A-DM-R6-C Enclosure,EF5X0,Empty,2PSU,DM,-C M $3,880.00 EAEF-X5681A-R6-C Enclosure,EF5X0,Empty,2PSU,-C M $3,880.00 EAENERGY-STAR-CERT Energy Star Certified Sys,E-Series/EF-Series L $0.00 EAEVO4425-001-BUNDLE-R6 EVO4425-001 BUNDLE,4 Node,24TB,10G D $223,600.00 EAEVO4425-001L1-BUNDLE EVO4425-001L1 BUNDLE,4 Node,24TB,10G D $183,500.00 EAEVO4425-001L3-BUNDLE EVO4425-001L3 BUNDLE,4 Node,24TB,10G D $183,500.00 EAEVO4425-001S1-BUNDLE EVO4425-001S1 BUNDLE,4 Node,24TB,10G D $223,600.00 EAE-X270400A-R6 E2700A,4GB Cntl,No HIC,non-iSCSI Optic,No BBU D $2,725.00 EAE-X270406A-R6 E2700A,4GB Cntrlr,No HIC,iSCSI Optical,No BBU D $2,725.00 EAE-X270800A-R6 E2700A,8GB Cntl,No HIC,non-iSCSI Optic,No BBU D $3,725.00 EAE-X270806A-R6 E2700A,8GB Cntrlr,No HIC,iSCSI Optical,No BBU D $3,725.00 EAE-X30030A-0E-R6-C ESM,SBB-2,0E,-C D $780.00 EAE-X30030A-R6 ESM,SBB-2 L $2,630.00 EAE-X30030A-R6-C ESM,SBB-2,-C L $2,630.00 EAE-X4021A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,3TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600,0E,-C D $648.00 EAE-X4021A-10-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,10x3TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600,Add,-C M $14,910.00 EAE-X4021A-10-QS-R6 Disk Drives,10x3TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600,QS M $21,510.00 EAE-X4021A-R6-C Disk Drive,3TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600,-C M $1,065.00 EAE-X4021B-R6 Disk Drive,3TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600 M $2,151.00 EAE-X4022A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,3TB,7.2k,FDE,DE1600,0E,-C D $648.00 EAE-X4022A-12-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,12x3TB,7.2k,FDE,DE1600,Add,-C M $17,890.00 EAE-X4022A-12-QS-R6 Disk Drives,12x3TB,7.2k,FDE,DE1600,QS M $25,812.00 EAE-X4022A-R6-C Disk Drive,3TB,7.2k,FDE,DE1600,-C M $1,065.00 EAE-X4022B-R6 Disk Drive,3TB,7.2k,FDE,DE1600 M $2,151.00 EAE-X4023A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,2TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600,0E,-C D $405.00 EAE-X4023A-10-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,10x2TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600,Add,-C M $7,200.00 EAE-X4023A-10-QS-R6 Disk Drives,10x2TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600,QS M $11,600.00 EAE-X4023A-R6-C Disk Drive,2TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600,-C M $535.00 EAE-X4023B-R6 Disk Drive,2TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600 M $1,160.00 EAE-X4024A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,2TB,7.2k,FDE,DE1600,0E,-C D $405.00 EAE-X4024A-12-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,12x2TB,7.2k,FDE,DE1600,Add,-C M $8,640.00 EAE-X4024A-12-QS-R6 Disk Drives,12x2TB,7.2k,FDE,DE1600,QS M $13,920.00 EAE-X4024A-R6-C Disk Drive,2TB,7.2k,FDE,DE1600,-C M $535.00 EAE-X4024B-R6 Disk Drive,2TB,7.2k,FDE,DE1600 M $1,160.00 EAE-X4025A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,900GB,10k,FDE,DE5600,0E,-C D $562.00 EAE-X4025A-12-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,12x900GB,10k,FDE,DE5600,Add,-C M $12,540.00 EAE-X4025A-12-QS-R6 Disk Drives,12x900GB,2.5",10k,FDE,DE5600,QS M $18,180.00 EAE-X4025A-R6-C Disk Drive,900GB,10k,FDE,DE5600,-C M $790.00 EAE-X4025B-R6 Disk Drive,900GB,10k,FDE,DE5600 M $1,515.00 EAE-X4026A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,600GB,10k,FDE,DE5600,0E,-C D $416.00 EAE-X4026A-12-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,12x600GB,10k,FDE,DE5600,Add,-C M $11,255.00 EAE-X4026A-12-QS-R6 Disk Drives,12x600GB,2.5",10k,FDE,DE5600,QS M $15,000.00 EAE-X4026A-R6-C Disk Drive,600GB,10k,FDE,DE5600,-C M $665.00 EAE-X4026B-R6 Disk Drive,600GB,10k,FDE,DE5600 M $1,250.00 EAE-X4034A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,3TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE6600,0E,-C D $648.00 EAE-X4034A-10-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,10x3TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE6600,Add,-C M $14,910.00 EAE-X4034A-10-QS-R6 Disk Drives,10x3TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE6600,QS M $21,510.00 EAE-X4034A-R6-C Disk Drive,3TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE6600,-C M $1,065.00 EAE-X4034B-R6 Disk Drive,3TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE6600 M $2,151.00 EAE-X4035A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,3TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE1600,0E,-C D $648.00 EAE-X4035A-12-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,12x3TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE1600,Add,-C M $17,890.00 EAE-X4035A-12-QS-R6 Disk Drives,12x3TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE1600,QS M $25,812.00 EAE-X4035A-R6-C Disk Drive,3TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE1600,-C M $1,065.00 EAE-X4035B-R6 Disk Drive,3TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE1600 M $2,151.00 EAE-X4036A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,900GB,10k,Non-FDE,DE5600,0E,-C D $562.00 EAE-X4036A-12-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,12x900GB,10k,Non-FDE,DE5600,Add,-C M $12,540.00 EAE-X4036A-12-QS-R6 Disk Drives,12x900GB,10k,Non-FDE,DE5600,QS M $18,180.00 EAE-X4036A-R6-C Disk Drive,900GB,10k,Non-FDE,DE5600,-C M $790.00 EAE-X4036B-R6 Disk Drive,900GB,10k,Non-FDE,DE5600 M $1,515.00 EAE-X4037A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,2TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE1600,0E,-C D $405.00 EAE-X4037A-12-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,12x2TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE1600,Add,-C M $8,640.00 EAE-X4037A-12-QS-R6 Disk Drives,12x2TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE1600,QS M $13,920.00 EAE-X4037A-R6-C Disk Drive,2TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE1600,-C M $535.00 EAE-X4037B-R6 Disk Drive,2TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE1600 M $1,160.00 EAE-X4038A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,900GB,10k,Non-FDE,DE6600,0E,-C D $562.00 EAE-X4038A-10-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,10x900GB,10k,Non-FDE,DE6600,Add,-C M $10,450.00 EAE-X4038A-10-QS-R6 Disk Drives,10x900GB,10k,Non-FDE,DE6600,QS M $15,150.00 EAE-X4038A-R6-C Disk Drive,900GB,10k,Non-FDE,DE6600,-C M $790.00 EAE-X4038B-R6 Disk Drive,900GB,10k,Non-FDE,DE6600 M $1,515.00 EAE-X4039A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,900GB,10k,FDE,DE6600,0E,-C D $562.00 EAE-X4039A-10-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,10x900GB,10k,FDE,DE6600,Add,-C M $10,450.00 EAE-X4039A-10-QS-R6 Disk Drives,10x900GB,10k,FDE,DE6600,QS M $15,150.00 EAE-X4039A-R6-C Disk Drive,900GB,10k,FDE,DE6600,-C M $790.00 EAE-X4039B-R6 Disk Drive,900GB,10k,FDE,DE6600 M $1,515.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 6

E-X4041B-0E-R6-C SSD,800GB,Non-FDE,DE5600,-0E,-C D $4,420.00 EAE-X4041B-12-AD-R6-C SSD,12x800GB,Non-FDE,DE5600,Add,-C M $79,140.00 EAE-X4041B-12-QS-R6 SSD,12x800GB,Non-FDE,DE5600,QS M $131,640.00 EAE-X4041B-R6 Solid State Drive,800GB,Non-FDE,DE5600 M $10,970.00 EAE-X4041B-R6-C SSD,800GB,Non-FDE,DE5600,-C M $4,815.00 EAE-X4043B-0E-R6-C SSD,800GB,Non-FDE,DE6600,-0E,-C D $4,420.00 EAE-X4043B-10-AD-R6-C SSD,10x800GB,Non-FDE,DE6600,Add,-C M $65,950.00 EAE-X4043B-10-QS-R6 SSD,10x800GB,Non-FDE,DE6600,QS M $109,700.00 EAE-X4043B-R6 Solid State Drive,800GB,Non-FDE,DE6600 M $10,970.00 EAE-X4043B-R6-C SSD,800GB,Non-FDE,DE6600,-C M $4,815.00 EAE-X4044A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,2TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE6600,0E,-C D $405.00 EAE-X4044A-10-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,10x2TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE6600,Add,-C M $7,200.00 EAE-X4044A-10-QS-R6 Disk Drives,10x2TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE6600,QS M $11,600.00 EAE-X4044A-R6-C Disk Drive,2TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE6600,-C M $535.00 EAE-X4044B-R6 Disk Drive,2TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE6600 M $1,160.00 EAE-X4045A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,4TB,7.2k,FDE,DE1600,0E,-C D $704.00 EAE-X4045A-12-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,12x4TB,7.2k,FDE,DE1600,Add,-C M $14,460.00 EAE-X4045A-12-QS-R6 Disk Drive,12x4TB,7.2k,FDE,DE1600,QS M $25,020.00 EAE-X4045A-R6 Disk Drive,4TB,7.2k,FDE,DE1600 M $2,085.00 EAE-X4045A-R6-C Disk Drive,4TB,7.2k,FDE,DE1600,-C M $860.00 EAE-X4046A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,4TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE1600,0E,-C D $704.00 EAE-X4046A-12-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,12x4TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE1600,Add,-C M $14,460.00 EAE-X4046A-12-QS-R6 Disk Drive,12x4TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE1600,QS M $25,020.00 EAE-X4046A-R6 Disk Drive,4TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE1600 M $2,085.00 EAE-X4046A-R6-C Disk Drive,4TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE1600,-C M $860.00 EAE-X4047A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,4TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600,0E,-C D $704.00 EAE-X4047A-10-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,10x4TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600,Add,-C M $12,050.00 EAE-X4047A-10-QS-R6 Disk Drive,10x4TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600,QS M $20,850.00 EAE-X4047A-R6 Disk Drive,4TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600 M $2,085.00 EAE-X4047A-R6-C Disk Drive,4TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600,-C M $860.00 EAE-X4048A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,4TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE6600,0E,-C D $704.00 EAE-X4048A-10-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,10x4TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE6600,Add,-C M $12,050.00 EAE-X4048A-10-QS-R6 Disk Drive,10x4TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE6600,QS M $20,850.00 EAE-X4048A-R6 Disk Drive,4TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE6600 M $2,085.00 EAE-X4048A-R6-C Disk Drive,4TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE6600,-C M $860.00 EAE-X4049A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,600GB,10k,FDE,DE6600,0E,-C D $416.00 EAE-X4049A-10-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,10x600GB,10k,FDE,DE6600,Add,-C M $9,380.00 EAE-X4049A-10-QS-R6 Disk Drives,10x600GB,10k,FDE,DE6600,QS M $12,500.00 EAE-X4049A-R6-C Disk Drive,600GB,10k,FDE,DE6600,-C M $665.00 EAE-X4049B-R6 Disk Drive,600GB,10k,FDE,DE6600 M $1,250.00 EAE-X4050A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,600GB,10k,Non-FDE,DE6600,0E,-C D $416.00 EAE-X4050A-10-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,10x600GB,10k,Non-FDE,DE6600,Add,-C M $9,380.00 EAE-X4050A-10-QS-R6 Disk Drives,10x600GB,10k,Non-FDE,DE6600,QS M $12,500.00 EAE-X4050A-R6-C Disk Drive,600GB,10k,Non-FDE,DE6600,-C M $665.00 EAE-X4050B-R6 Disk Drive,600GB,10k,Non-FDE,DE6600 M $1,250.00 EAE-X4051A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,600GB,10k,Non-FDE,DE5600,0E,-C D $416.00 EAE-X4051A-12-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,12x600GB,10k,Non-FDE,DE5600,Add,-C M $11,255.00 EAE-X4051A-12-QS-R6 Disk Drives,12x600GB,10k,Non-FDE,DE5600,QS M $15,000.00 EAE-X4051A-R6-C Disk Drive,600GB,10k,Non-FDE,DE5600,-C M $665.00 EAE-X4051B-R6 Disk Drive,600GB,10k,Non-FDE,DE5600 M $1,250.00 EAE-X4052A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,1.2TB,10k,FDE,DE6600,0E,-C D $700.00 EAE-X4052A-10-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,10x1.2TB,10k,FDE,DE6600,Add,-C M $12,950.00 EAE-X4052A-10-QS-R6 Disk Drives,10x1.2TB,10k,FDE,DE6600,QS M $19,200.00 EAE-X4052A-R6-C Disk Drive,1.2TB,10k,FDE,DE6600,-C M $980.00 EAE-X4052B-R6 Disk Drive,1.2TB,10k,FDE,DE6600 M $1,920.00 EAE-X4053A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,1.2TB,10k,Non-FDE,DE6600,0E,-C D $700.00 EAE-X4053A-10-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,10x1.2TB,10k,Non-FDE,DE6600,Add,-C M $12,950.00 EAE-X4053A-10-QS-R6 Disk Drives,10x1.2TB,10k,Non-FDE,DE6600,QS M $19,200.00 EAE-X4053A-R6-C Disk Drive,1.2TB,10k,Non-FDE,DE6600,-C M $980.00 EAE-X4053B-R6 Disk Drive,1.2TB,10k,Non-FDE,DE6600 M $1,920.00 EAE-X4054A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,1.2TB,10k,FDE,DE5600,0E,-C D $700.00 EAE-X4054A-12-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,12x1.2TB,10k,FDE,DE5600,Add,-C M $15,540.00 EAE-X4054A-12-QS-R6 Disk Drives,12x1.2TB,10k,FDE,DE5600,QS M $23,040.00 EAE-X4054A-R6-C Disk Drive,1.2TB,10k,FDE,DE5600,-C M $980.00 EAE-X4054B-R6 Disk Drive,1.2TB,10k,FDE,DE5600 M $1,920.00 EAE-X4055A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,1.2TB,10k,Non-FDE,DE5600,0E,-C D $700.00 EAE-X4055A-12-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,12x1.2TB,10k,Non-FDE,DE5600,Add,-C M $15,540.00 EAE-X4055A-12-QS-R6 Disk Drives,12x1.2TB,10k,Non-FDE,DE5600,QS M $23,040.00 EAE-X4055A-R6-C Disk Drive,1.2TB,10k,Non-FDE,DE5600,-C M $980.00 EAE-X4055B-R6 Disk Drive,1.2TB,10k,Non-FDE,DE5600 M $1,920.00 EAE-X4057A-0E-R6-C SSD,400GB,Non-FDE,DE5600,-0E,-C D $2,425.00 EAE-X4057A-12-AD-R6-C SSD,12x400GB,Non-FDE,DE5600,Add,-C M $44,880.00 EAE-X4057A-12-QS-R6 SSD,12x400GB,Non-FDE,DE5600,QS M $71,160.00 EAE-X4057A-R6 Solid State Drive,400GB,Non-FDE,DE5600 M $5,930.00 EAE-X4057A-R6-C SSD,400GB,Non-FDE,DE5600,-C M $2,770.00 EAE-X4058A-0E-R6-C SSD,800GB,FDE,DE5600,-0E,-C D $4,420.00 EAE-X4058A-12-AD-R6-C SSD,12x800GB,FDE,DE5600,Add,-C M $79,140.00 EAE-X4058A-12-QS-R6 SSD,12x800GB,FDE,DE5600,QS M $131,640.00 EAE-X4058A-R6 Solid State Drive,800GB,FDE,DE5600 M $10,970.00 EAE-X4058A-R6-C SSD,800GB,FDE,DE5600,-C M $4,815.00 EAE-X4059A-0E-R6-C SSD,1.6TB,Non-FDE,DE5600,-0E,-C D $8,630.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 7

E-X4059A-12-AD-R6-C SSD,12x1.6TB,Non-FDE,DE5600,Add,-C M $112,560.00 EAE-X4059A-12-QS-R6 SSD,12x1.6TB,Non-FDE,DE5600,QS M $259,200.00 EAE-X4059A-R6 Solid State Drive,1.6TB,Non-FDE,DE5600 M $21,600.00 EAE-X4059A-R6-C SSD,1.6TB,Non-FDE,DE5600,-C M $9,380.00 EAE-X4060A-0E-R6-C SSD,400GB,Non-FDE,DE6600,-0E,-C D $2,425.00 EAE-X4060A-10-AD-R6-C SSD,10x400GB,Non-FDE,DE6600,Add,-C M $37,400.00 EAE-X4060A-10-QS-R6 SSD,10x400GB,Non-FDE,DE6600,QS M $59,300.00 EAE-X4060A-R6 Solid State Drive,400GB,Non-FDE,DE6600 M $5,930.00 EAE-X4060A-R6-C SSD,400GB,Non-FDE,DE6600,-C M $2,770.00 EAE-X4061A-0E-R6-C SSD,800GB,FDE,DE6600,-0E,-C D $4,420.00 EAE-X4061A-10-AD-R6-C SSD,10x800GB,FDE,DE6600,Add,-C M $65,950.00 EAE-X4061A-10-QS-R6 SSD,10x800GB,FDE,DE6600,QS M $109,700.00 EAE-X4061A-R6 Solid State Drive,800GB,FDE,DE6600 M $10,970.00 EAE-X4061A-R6-C SSD,800GB,FDE,DE6600,-C M $4,815.00 EAE-X4062A-0E-R6-C SSD,1.6TB,Non-FDE,DE6600,-0E,-C D $8,630.00 EAE-X4062A-10-AD-R6-C SSD,10x1.6TB,Non-FDE,DE6600,Add,-C M $128,500.00 EAE-X4062A-10-QS-R6 SSD,10x1.6TB,Non-FDE,DE6600,QS M $216,000.00 EAE-X4062A-R6 Solid State Drive,1.6TB,Non-FDE,DE6600 M $21,600.00 EAE-X4062A-R6-C SSD,1.6TB,Non-FDE,DE6600,-C M $9,380.00 EAE-X4063A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,6TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE1600,0E,-C D $1,017.00 EAE-X4063A-12-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,12x6TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE1600,Add,-C M $21,180.00 EAE-X4063A-12-QS-R6 Disk Drive,12x6TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE1600,QS M $37,020.00 EAE-X4063A-R6 Disk Drive,6TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE1600 M $3,085.00 EAE-X4063A-R6-C Disk Drive,6TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE1600,-C M $1,260.00 EAE-X4064A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,6TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE6600,0E,-C D $1,017.00 EAE-X4064A-10-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,10x6TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE6600,Add,-C M $17,650.00 EAE-X4064A-10-QS-R6 Disk Drive,10x6TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE6600,QS M $30,850.00 EAE-X4064A-R6 Disk Drive,6TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE6600 M $3,085.00 EAE-X4064A-R6-C Disk Drive,6TB,7.2k,Non-FDE,DE6600,-C M $1,260.00 EAE-X4065A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,6TB,7.2k,FDE,DE1600,0E,-C D $1,017.00 EAE-X4065A-12-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,12x6TB,7.2k,FDE,DE1600,Add,-C M $21,180.00 EAE-X4065A-12-QS-R6 Disk Drive,12x6TB,7.2k,FDE,DE1600,QS M $37,020.00 EAE-X4065A-R6 Disk Drive,6TB,7.2k,FDE,DE1600 M $3,085.00 EAE-X4065A-R6-C Disk Drive,6TB,7.2k,FDE,DE1600,-C M $1,260.00 EAE-X4066A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,6TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600,0E,-C D $1,017.00 EAE-X4066A-10-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,10x6TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600,Add,-C M $17,650.00 EAE-X4066A-10-QS-R6 Disk Drive,10x6TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600,QS M $30,850.00 EAE-X4066A-R6 Disk Drive,6TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600 M $3,085.00 EAE-X4066A-R6-C Disk Drive,6TB,7.2k,FDE,DE6600,-C M $1,260.00 EAE-X4069A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,1.8TB,10k,FDE,DE5600,0E,-C D $1,010.00 EAE-X4069A-12-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,12x1.8TB,10k,FDE,DE5600,Add,-C M $22,080.00 EAE-X4069A-12-QS-R6 Disk Drives,12x1.8TB,10k,FDE,DE5600,QS M $33,300.00 EAE-X4069A-R6 Disk Drive,1.8TB,10k,FDE,DE5600 M $2,775.00 EAE-X4069A-R6-C Disk Drive,1.8TB,10k,FDE,DE5600,-C M $1,395.00 EAE-X4070A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,1.8TB,10k,Non-FDE,DE5600,0E,-C D $1,010.00 EAE-X4070A-12-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,12x1.8TB,10k,Non-FDE,DE5600,Add,-C M $22,080.00 EAE-X4070A-12-QS-R6 Disk Drives,12x1.8TB,10k,Non-FDE,DE5600,QS M $33,300.00 EAE-X4070A-R6 Disk Drive,1.8TB,10k,Non-FDE,DE5600 M $2,775.00 EAE-X4070A-R6-C Disk Drive,1.8TB,10k,Non-FDE,DE5600,-C M $1,395.00 EAE-X4071A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,1.8TB,10k,FDE,DE6600,0E,-C D $1,010.00 EAE-X4071A-10-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,10x1.8TB,10k,FDE,DE6600,Add,-C M $18,400.00 EAE-X4071A-10-QS-R6 Disk Drives,10x1.8TB,10k,FDE,DE6600,QS M $27,750.00 EAE-X4071A-R6 Disk Drive,1.8TB,10k,FDE,DE6600 M $2,775.00 EAE-X4071A-R6-C Disk Drive,1.8TB,10k,FDE,DE6600,-C M $1,395.00 EAE-X4072A-0E-R6-C Disk Drive,1.8TB,10k,Non-FDE,DE6600,0E,-C D $1,010.00 EAE-X4072A-10-AD-R6-C Disk Drive,10x1.8TB,10k,Non-FDE,DE6600,Add,-C M $18,400.00 EAE-X4072A-10-QS-R6 Disk Drives,10x1.8TB,10k,Non-FDE,DE6600,QS M $27,750.00 EAE-X4072A-R6 Disk Drive,1.8TB,10k,Non-FDE,DE6600 M $2,775.00 EAE-X4072A-R6-C Disk Drive,1.8TB,10k,Non-FDE,DE6600,-C M $1,395.00 EAE-X551202A-R6 E5500A,12GB Controller,16Gb FC,No BBU L $21,925.00 EAE-X551203A-R6 E5500A,12GB Controller,6Gb SAS,No BBU L $21,370.00 EAE-X551204A-R6 E5500A,12GB Cntrlr,12Gb SAS,4-ports,No BBU L $21,540.00 EAE-X551206A-R6 E5500A,12GB Controller,10Gb ISCSI,No BBU L $21,925.00 EAE-X551207A-R6 E5500A,12GB Controller,40Gb IB,No BBU L $22,310.00 EAE-X551209A-R6 E5500A,12GB Controller,56Gb,IB,2-ports,No BBU L $24,225.00 EAE-X561202A-R6 E5600A,12GB Controller,16Gb FC,4-ports,No BBU L $21,925.00 EAE-X561204A-R6 E5600A,12GB Cntrlr,12Gb SAS,4-ports,No BBU L $21,540.00 EAE-X561206A-R6 E5600A,12GB Cntrlr,10Gb ISCSI,4-ports,No BBU L $21,925.00 EAE-X561209A-R6 E5600A,12GB Controller,56Gb IB,2-ports,No BBU L $24,225.00 EAE-X562406A-SG-R6 E5600A,24GB Cntrlr,SGRID,10Gb ISCSI,4-ports L $25,580.00 EAE-X5680A-0E-R6-C Enclosure,4U-60,DE6600,Empty,2PSU,0E,-C D $14,120.00 EAE-X5680A-AD-R6-C Enclosure,4U-60,DE6600,Empty,2PSU,Add-On,-C M $19,060.00 EAE-X5680A-DM-0E-R6-C Enclosure,4U-60,DE6600,Empty,2PSU,DM,0E,-C D $14,120.00 EAE-X5680A-DM-R6-C Enclosure,4U-60,DE6600,Empty,2PSU,DM,-C M $19,060.00 EAE-X5680A-QS-R6 Enclosure,4U-60,DE6600,Empty,2PS,QS M $19,060.00 EAE-X5680A-R6-C Enclosure,4U-60,DE6600,Empty,2PSU,-C M $19,060.00 EAE-X5681A-0E-R6-C Enclosure,2U-24,DE5600,Empty,2PSU,0E,-C D $2,400.00 EAE-X5681A-AD-R6-C Enclosure,2U-24,DE5600,Empty,2PSU,Add-On,-C M $3,880.00 EAE-X5681A-DC-0E-R6-C Enclosure,2U-24,DE5600,Empty,2DC PSU,0E,-C D $3,795.00 EAE-X5681A-DC-AD-R6-C Enclosure,2U-24,DE5600,Empty,2DC PS,Add-On,-C M $6,140.00 EAE-X5681A-DC-DM-0E-R6-C Enclosure,2U-24,DE5600,Empty,2DC PSU,DM,0E,-C D $3,795.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 8

E-X5681A-DC-DM-R6-C Enclosure,2U-24,DE5600,Empty,2DC PSU,DM,-C M $6,140.00 EAE-X5681A-DC-QS-R6 Enclosure,2U-24,DE5600,Empty,2DC PSU,QS M $6,140.00 EAE-X5681A-DC-R6-C Enclosure,2U-24,DE5600,Empty,2DC PSU,-C M $6,140.00 EAE-X5681A-DM-0E-R6-C Enclosure,2U-24,DE5600,Empty,2PSU,DM,0E,-C D $2,400.00 EAE-X5681A-DM-R6-C Enclosure,2U-24,DE5600,Empty,2PSU,DM,-C M $3,880.00 EAE-X5681A-QS-R6 Enclosure,2U-24,DE5600,Empty,2PS,QS M $3,880.00 EAE-X5681A-R6-C Enclosure,2U-24,DE5600,Empty,2PSU,-C M $3,880.00 EAE-X5682A-0E-R6-C Enclosure,2U-12,DE1600,Empty,2PSU,0E,-C D $2,000.00 EAE-X5682A-AD-R6-C Enclosure,2U-12,DE1600,Empty,2PSU,Add-On,-C M $3,230.00 EAE-X5682A-DC-0E-R6-C Enclosure,2U-12,DE1600,Empty,2DC PSU,0E,-C D $3,395.00 EAE-X5682A-DC-AD-R6-C Enclosure,2U-12,DE1600,Empty,2DC PS,Add-On,-C M $5,490.00 EAE-X5682A-DC-DM-0E-R6-C Enclosure,2U-12,DE1600,Empty,2DC PSU,DM,0E,-C D $3,395.00 EAE-X5682A-DC-DM-R6-C Enclosure,2U-12,DE1600,Empty,2DC PSU,DM,-C M $5,490.00 EAE-X5682A-DC-QS-R6 Enclosure,2U-12,DE1600,Empty,2DC PSU,QS M $5,490.00 EAE-X5682A-DC-R6-C Enclosure,2U-12,DE1600,Empty,2DC PSU,-C M $5,490.00 EAE-X5682A-DM-0E-R6-C Enclosure,2U-12,DE1600,Empty,2PSU,DM,0E,-C D $2,000.00 EAE-X5682A-DM-R6-C Enclosure,2U-12,DE1600,Empty,2PSU,DM,-C M $3,230.00 EAE-X5682A-QS-R6 Enclosure,2U-12,DE1600,Empty,2PS,QS M $3,230.00 EAE-X5682A-R6-C Enclosure,2U-12,DE1600,Empty,2PSU,-C M $3,230.00 EAFAS2520-001-R6 FAS2520 Stand Alone System D $3,150.00 EAFAS2520-100-R6-C FAS2520,Zero HDD,-C D $3,250.00 EAFAS2520-101-R6 FAS2520,12x2TB D $8,610.00 EAFAS2520-101-R6-C FAS2520,4x400GB,8x4TB,Mixed,-C D $13,640.00 EAFAS2520-102-R6 FAS2520,CM,12x2TB D $8,610.00 EAFAS2520-102-R6-C FAS2520,4x400GB,8x1.2TB,Mixed,-C D $14,080.00 EAFAS2520-103-R6-C FAS2520,4x400GB,8x2TB,Mixed,-C D $11,840.00 EAFAS2520-104-R6-C FAS2520,12x400GB,SSD,-C D $24,600.00 EAFAS2520-106-R6-C FAS2520,12x800GB,SSD,-C D $41,640.00 EAFAS2520-107-R6-C FAS2520,6x400GB,SSD,-C D $13,050.00 EAFAS2520-108-R6-C FAS2520,12x1.6TB,SSD,-C D $79,500.00 EAFAS2520-109-R6-C FAS2520,12x600GB,10K,-C D $6,960.00 EAFAS2520-110-R6-C FAS2520,6x600GB,10K,-C D $3,990.00 EAFAS2520-111-R6-C FAS2520,12x900GB,10K,-C D $7,380.00 EAFAS2520-112-R6-C FAS2520,12x1.2TB,10K,-C D $8,820.00 EAFAS2520-113-R6-C FAS2520,12x900GB,10K,NSE,-C D $9,720.00 EAFAS2520-114-R6-C FAS2520,12x2TB,7.2K,-C D $5,460.00 EAFAS2520-115-R6-C FAS2520,6x2TB,7.2K,-C D $3,480.00 EAFAS2520-116-R6-C FAS2520,12x3TB,7.2K,-C D $10,260.00 EAFAS2520-117-R6-C FAS2520,12x4TB,7.2K,-C D $8,160.00 EAFAS2520-118-R6-C FAS2520,12x4TB,7.2K,NSE,-C D $10,800.00 EAFAS2520-119-R6-C FAS2520,4x400GB,8x900GB,Mixed,-C D $13,120.00 EAFAS2520-120-R6 FAS2520,CM,12x600GB D $10,110.00 EAFAS2520-120-R6-C FAS2520,4x200GB,8x2TB,Mixed,-C D $10,780.00 EAFAS2520-121-R6-C FAS2520,4x200GB,8x4TB,Mixed,-C D $12,580.00 EAFAS2520-122-R6-C FAS2520,4x200GB,8x900GB,Mixed,-C D $12,060.00 EAFAS2520-123-R6-C FAS2520,4x200GB,8x1.2TB,Mixed,-C D $13,020.00 EAFAS2520-124-R6-C FAS2520,4x200GB,8x600GB,Mixed,-C D $11,780.00 EAFAS2520-125-R6-C FAS2520,12X200GB SSD,-C D $22,980.00 EAFAS2520-126-R6-C FAS2520,4X400GB,8X600GB,Mixed,-C D $12,840.00 EAFAS2520-127-R6-C FAS2520,12x6TB,7.2K,-C D $11,820.00 EAFAS2520-128-R6-C FAS2520,4x200GB,8x6TB,Mixed,-C D $15,020.00 EAFAS2520-129-R6-C FAS2520,4x400GB,8x6TB,Mixed,-C D $16,080.00 EAFAS2520-130-R6-C FAS2520,4x400GB,8x1.8TB,Mixed,-C D $16,160.00 EAFAS2520-131-R6-C FAS2520,12x1.8TB,10K,-C D $11,940.00 EAFAS2520-132-R6-C FAS2520,4x800GB,8x1.8TB,Mixed,-C D $21,840.00 EAFAS2520A-001-R6 FAS2520 High Availability System D $2,950.00 EAFAS2520A-103-R6 FAS2520,HA,12x600GB,CTL D $11,575.00 EAFAS2520A-104-R6 FAS2520,HA,12x900GB,CTL D $11,950.00 EAFAS2520A-121-R6 FAS2520,HA,12x2TB,CTL D $11,360.00 EAFAS2520A-CM-HA-SSA-R6 FAS2520 CM,High Availability System D $0.00 EAFAS2520A-HA-SSA-R6 FAS2520 High Availability System D $0.00 EAFAS2520AUG-001-R6 FAS2520A Upgrade Base With HA Software D $2,950.00 EAFAS2520-ES-104-R6-C FAS2520,EStar,12x400GB,SSD,-C D $24,600.00 EAFAS2520-ES-106-R6-C FAS2520,EStar,12x800GB,SSD,-C D $41,640.00 EAFAS2520-ES-108-R6-C FAS2520,EStar,12x1.6TB,SSD,-C D $79,500.00 EAFAS2520-ES-109-R6-C FAS2520,EStar,12x600GB,10K,-C D $6,960.00 EAFAS2520-ES-111-R6-C FAS2520,EStar,12x900GB,10K,-C D $7,380.00 EAFAS2520-ES-112-R6-C FAS2520,EStar,12x1.2TB,10K,-C D $8,820.00 EAFAS2520-ES-113-R6-C FAS2520,EStar,12x900GB,10K,NSE,-C D $9,720.00 EAFAS2520-ES-114-R6-C FAS2520,EStar,12x2TB,7.2K,-C D $5,460.00 EAFAS2520-ES-116-R6-C FAS2520,EStar,12x3TB,7.2K,-C D $10,260.00 EAFAS2520-ES-117-R6-C FAS2520,EStar,12x4TB,7.2K,-C D $8,160.00 EAFAS2520-ES-118-R6-C FAS2520,EStar,12x4TB,7.2K,NSE,-C D $10,800.00 EAFAS2552-001-R6 FAS2552 Stand Alone System D $3,950.00 EAFAS2552-200-R6-C FAS2552,Zero HDD,-C D $4,500.00 EAFAS2552-201-R6-C FAS2552,4x400GB,20x1.2TB,Mixed,-C D $23,400.00 EAFAS2552-202-R6-C FAS2552,12x1.6TB,12x1.2TB,Mixed,-C D $88,820.00 EAFAS2552-203-R6-C FAS2552,6x1.6TB,18x1.2TB,Mixed,-C D $53,480.00 EAFAS2552-204-R6-C FAS2552,24x400GB,SSD,-C D $49,680.00 EAFAS2552-205-R6-C FAS2552,24x800GB,SSD,NSE,-C D $115,820.00 EAFAS2552-206-R6-C FAS2552,24x800GB,SSD,-C D $83,800.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 9

FAS2552-207-R6-C FAS2552,24x1.6TB,SSD,-C D $159,460.00 EAFAS2552-208-R6-C FAS2552,12x400GB,SSD,-C D $26,600.00 EAFAS2552-209-R6-C FAS2552,12x800GB,SSD,NSE,-C D $59,660.00 EAFAS2552-210-R6-C FAS2552,12x800GB,SSD,-C D $43,640.00 EAFAS2552-211-R6-C FAS2552,12x1.6TB,SSD,-C D $81,500.00 EAFAS2552-212-R6-C FAS2552,24x600GB,10K,-C D $14,450.00 EAFAS2552-213-R6-C FAS2552,24x900GB,10K,-C D $15,285.00 EAFAS2552-214-R6-C FAS2552,24x1.2TB,10K,-C D $18,170.00 EAFAS2552-215-R6-C FAS2552,24x900GB,10K,NSE,-C D $19,940.00 EAFAS2552-216-R6-C FAS2552,12x600GB,10K,-C D $8,785.00 EAFAS2552-217-R6-C FAS2552,12x900GB,10K,-C D $9,380.00 EAFAS2552-218-R6-C FAS2552,12x1.2TB,10K,-C D $10,820.00 EAFAS2552-219-R6-C FAS2552,12x900GB,10K,NSE,-C D $11,720.00 EAFAS2552-220-R6-C FAS2552,4x400GB,20x900GB,Mixed,-C D $21,000.00 EAFAS2552-221-R6-C FAS2552,4x200GB,20x900GB,Mixed,-C D $19,940.00 EAFAS2552-222-R6-C FAS2552,4x200GB,20x1.2TB,Mixed,-C D $22,340.00 EAFAS2552-223-R6-C FAS2552,4x200GB,20x600GB,Mixed,-C D $19,240.00 EAFAS2552-224-R6-C FAS2552,12X200GB SSD,-C D $24,595.00 EAFAS2552-225-R6-C FAS2552,24X200GB SSD,-C D $46,410.00 EAFAS2552-226-R6-C FAS2552,4X400GB,20X600GB,Mixed,-C D $20,300.00 EAFAS2552-227-R6-C FAS2552,4x1.6TB,20x1.2TB,Mixed,-C D $41,700.00 EAFAS2552-228-R6-C FAS2552,4X800GB,20X600GB,Mixed,-C D $25,980.00 EAFAS2552-229-R6-C FAS2552,4X800GB,20X1.2TB,Mixed,-C D $29,080.00 EAFAS2552-230-R6-C FAS2552,6X800GB,18X600GB,Mixed,-C D $31,760.00 EAFAS2552-231-R6-C FAS2552,4x400GB,20x1.8TB,Mixed,-C D $28,600.00 EAFAS2552-232-R6-C FAS2552,6x1.6TB,18x1.8TB,Mixed,-C D $58,160.00 EAFAS2552-234-R6-C FAS2552,24x1.8TB,10K,-C D $24,380.00 EAFAS2552-235-R6-C FAS2552,12x1.8TB,10K,-C D $13,940.00 EAFAS2552-236-R6-C FAS2552,4x800GB,20x1.8TB,Mixed,-C D $34,280.00 EAFAS2552-237-R6-C FAS2552,4x1.6TB,20x1.8TB,Mixed,-C D $46,900.00 EAFAS2552A-001-R6 FAS2552 High Availability System D $3,650.00 EAFAS2552A-201-R6 FAS2552,HA,24x600GB,10G,CTL D $22,510.00 EAFAS2552A-202-R6 FAS2552,HA,24x900GB,10G,CTL D $23,345.00 EAFAS2552A-203-R6 FAS2552,HA,CM,24x900GB,10G,CTL D $23,345.00 EAFAS2552A-221-R6 FAS2552,HA,12x600GB,10G,CTL D $16,845.00 EAFAS2552A-CM-HA-SSA-R6 FAS2552 CM,High Availability System D $0.00 EAFAS2552A-HA-SSA-R6 FAS2552 High Availability System D $0.00 EAFAS2552AUG-001-R6 FAS2552A Upgrade Base With HA Software D $3,650.00 EAFAS2552-ES-204-R6-C FAS2552,EStar,24x400GB,SSD,-C D $49,680.00 EAFAS2552-ES-206-R6-C FAS2552,EStar,24x800GB,SSD,-C D $83,800.00 EAFAS2552-ES-207-R6-C FAS2552,EStar,24x1.6TB,SSD,-C D $159,460.00 EAFAS2552-ES-212-R6-C FAS2552,EStar,24x600GB,10K,-C D $14,450.00 EAFAS2552-ES-213-R6-C FAS2552,EStar,24x900GB,10K,-C D $15,285.00 EAFAS2552-ES-214-R6-C FAS2552,EStar,24x1.2TB,10K,-C D $18,170.00 EAFAS2552-ES-215-R6-C FAS2552,EStar,24x900GB,10K,NSE,-C D $19,940.00 EAFAS2554-001-R6 FAS2554 Stand Alone System D $3,950.00 EAFAS2554-300-R6-C FAS2554,Zero HDD,-C D $4,500.00 EAFAS2554-301-R6-C FAS2554,4x400GB,20x2TB,Mixed,-C D $17,800.00 EAFAS2554-302-R6-C FAS2554,4x400GB,20x4TB,Mixed,-C D $22,300.00 EAFAS2554-303-R6-C FAS2554,24x2TB,7.2K,-C D $11,410.00 EAFAS2554-304-R6-C FAS2554,24x3TB,7.2K,-C D $21,020.00 EAFAS2554-305-R6-C FAS2554,24x4TB,7.2K,-C D $16,875.00 EAFAS2554-306-R6-C FAS2554,24x4TB,7.2K,NSE,-C D $22,100.00 EAFAS2554-307-R6-C FAS2554,12x2TB,7.2K,-C D $7,460.00 EAFAS2554-308-R6-C FAS2554,12x3TB,7.2K,-C D $12,260.00 EAFAS2554-309-R6-C FAS2554,12x4TB,7.2K,-C D $10,160.00 EAFAS2554-310-R6-C FAS2554,12x4TB,7.2K,NSE,-C D $12,800.00 EAFAS2554-311-R6-C FAS2554,4x200GB,20x2TB,Mixed,-C D $16,740.00 EAFAS2554-312-R6 FAS2554,24x2TB,10G D $16,120.00 EAFAS2554-312-R6-C FAS2554,4x200GB,20x4TB,Mixed,-C D $21,240.00 EAFAS2554-313-R6-C FAS2554,24x6TB,7.2K,-C D $24,100.00 EAFAS2554-314-R6-C FAS2554,12x6TB,7.2K,-C D $13,820.00 EAFAS2554-315-R6-C FAS2554,4x200GB,20x6TB,Mixed,-C D $27,340.00 EAFAS2554-316-R6-C FAS2554,4x400GB,20x6TB,Mixed,-C D $28,400.00 EAFAS2554-317-R6-C FAS2554,4X800GB,20X2TB,Mixed,-C D $23,480.00 EAFAS2554-318-R6-C FAS2554,4X800GB,20X4TB,Mixed,-C D $27,980.00 EAFAS2554-319-R6-C FAS2554,6X800GB,18X4TB,Mixed,-C D $33,560.00 EAFAS2554-320-R6-C FAS2554,4X800GB,20X6TB,Mixed,-C D $34,080.00 EAFAS2554A-001-R6 FAS2554 High Availability System D $3,650.00 EAFAS2554A-301-R6 FAS2554,HA,24x2TB,10G,CTL D $19,470.00 EAFAS2554A-302-R6 FAS2554,HA,CM,24x2TB,10G,CTL D $19,470.00 EAFAS2554A-311-R6 FAS2554,HA,12x2TB,10G,CTL D $15,520.00 EAFAS2554A-CM-HA-SSA-R6 FAS2554 CM,High Availability System D $0.00 EAFAS2554A-HA-SSA-R6 FAS2554 High Availability System D $0.00 EAFAS2554AUG-001-R6 FAS2554A Upgrade Base With HA Software D $3,650.00 EAFAS2554-ES-303-R6-C FAS2554,EStar,24x2TB,7.2K,-C D $11,410.00 EAFAS2554-ES-304-R6-C FAS2554,EStar,24x3TB,7.2K,-C D $21,020.00 EAFAS2554-ES-305-R6-C FAS2554,EStar,24x4TB,7.2K,-C D $16,875.00 EAFAS2554-ES-306-R6-C FAS2554,EStar,24x4TB,7.2K,NSE,-C D $22,100.00 EAFAS8020-001-R6 FAS8020 Stand Alone System L $15,900.00 EAFAS8020A-001-R6 FAS8020 High Availability System L $12,290.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 10

FAS8020A-F-001-19.2TB-R6 FAS8020 HA System with 19.2TB,24X800GB SSD M $69,930.00 EAFAS8020A-F-001-9.6TB-R6 FAS8020 HA System with 9.6TB,48X200GB SSD M $51,500.00 EAFAS8020A-F-002-9.6TB-R6 FAS8020 HA System with 9.6TB,24x400GB SSD M $37,460.00 EAFAS8020AUG-001-R6 FAS8020A Upgrade Base With HA Software L $12,290.00 EAFAS8040-001-R6 FAS8040 Stand Alone System L $29,200.00 EAFAS8040A-001-R6 FAS8040 High Availability System L $22,350.00 EAFAS8040A-F-001-19.2TB-R6 FAS8040 HA System with 19.2TB,24X800 SSD M $71,930.00 EAFAS8040A-F-001-9.6TB-R6 FAS8040 HA System with 9.6TB,48X200GB SSD M $59,000.00 EAFAS8040A-F-002-9.6TB-R6 FAS8040 HA System with 9.6TB,24x400GB SSD M $41,810.00 EAFAS8040AUG-001-R6 FAS8040A Upgrade Base With HA Software L $22,350.00 EAFAS8060-001-R6 FAS8060 Stand Alone System L $55,100.00 EAFAS8060A-001-R6 FAS8060 High Availability System L $41,500.00 EAFAS8060AE-001-R6 FAS8060 HA system w/IOXM L $52,500.00 EAFAS8060A-F-001-19.2TB-R6 FAS8060 HA System with 19.2TB,24X800GB SSD M $75,930.00 EAFAS8060A-F-001-38.4TB-R6 FAS8060 HA System with 38.4TB,48X800 SSD M $130,545.00 EAFAS8060A-F-001-9.6TB-R6 FAS8060 HA System with 9.6TB,48X200GB SSD M $66,500.00 EAFAS8060A-F-002-9.6TB-R6 FAS8060 HA System with 9.6TB,24x400GB SSD M $49,460.00 EAFAS8060AUG-001-R6 FAS8060A Upgrade Base With HA Software L $41,500.00 EAFAS8060E-001-R6 FAS8060 Standalone System w/IOXM L $71,100.00 EAFAS8080AE-001-R6 FAS8080 HA system w/IOXM L $64,100.00 EAFAS8080AE-F-001-19.2TB-R6 FAS8080 HA System w/IOXM,19.2TB,24X800GB SSD M $95,930.00 EAFAS8080AE-F-001-38.4TB-R6 FAS8080 HA System w/IOXM,38.4TB,48X800 SSD M $150,545.00 EAFAS8080AE-F-002-19.2TB-R6 FAS8080 HA System w/IOXM,19.2TB,96X200GB SSD M $89,000.00 EAFAS8080AE-F-002-38.4TB-R6 FAS8080 HA System w/IOXM,38.4TB,24X1.6TB SSD M $145,585.00 EAFAS8080E-001-R6 FAS8080 Standalone System w/IOXM L $89,700.00 EAFAS-V32XX-EXP-R6 Expansion Module,FAS/V32XX A $4,750.00 EAFC-SAN-OPTIMIZED Optimized FC SAN Personality N $0.00 EAHDD-009 Disk Drive,SS3030/SS2030 4TB 3.5" M $5,395.00 EANETAPP-USER-CONF-TIX-EMEA NetApp Insight User Conf Ticket EMEA 2015 C $1,830.00 EANETAPP-USER-CONF-TIX-USA NetApp Insight User Conf Ticket USA 2015 C $1,995.00 EANIC-015-4TX ADPT,1GbE 4-Port Copper NIC M $2,995.00 EANIC-CSK-210G ADPT,10GbE 2-Port Fiber NIC M $12,995.00 EAOS-ONTAP-CAP1-0P-C OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,ONTAP,Cap-Stor,0P,-C E $33.00 EAOS-ONTAP-CAP1-0P-QS OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,ONTAP,Cap-Stor,0P,QS E $33.00 EAOS-ONTAP-CAP1-1P-C OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,ONTAP,Cap-Stor,1P,-C K $14.00 EAOS-ONTAP-CAP1-1P-P OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,ONTAP,Cap-Stor,1P,-P K $14.00 EAOS-ONTAP-CAP2-0P-C OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,ONTAP,Perf-Stor,0P,-C E $92.00 EAOS-ONTAP-CAP2-0P-QS OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,ONTAP,Perf-Stor,0P,QS E $92.00 EAOS-ONTAP-CAP2-1P-C OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,ONTAP,Perf-Stor,1P,-C K $39.00 EAOS-ONTAP-CAP2-1P-P OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,ONTAP,Perf-Stor,1P,-P K $39.00 EAOS-ONTAP-CAP3-0P-C OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,ONTAP,Ultra-Stor,0P,-C E $780.00 EAOS-ONTAP-CAP3-0P-QS OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,ONTAP,Ultra-Stor,0P,QS E $780.00 EAOS-ONTAP-CAP3-1P-C OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,ONTAP,Ultra-Stor,1P,-C K $330.00 EAOS-ONTAP-CAP3-1P-P OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,ONTAP,Ultra-Stor,1P,-P K $330.00 EAOS-SANTRCTY-CAP1-AD-C OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,SANTRCTY,Cap-Stor,AD,-C E $22.00 EAOS-SANTRCTY-CAP2-AD-C OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,SANTRCTY,Perf-Stor,AD,-C E $52.00 EAOS-SANTRCTY-CAP3-AD-C OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,SANTRCTY,Ultra-Stor,AD,-C E $547.00 EAOS-SANTRCTY-CAP3-AD-P OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,SANTRCTY,Ultra-Stor,AD,-P E $547.00 EAOS-SANTRCTY-CAP3-EF-C OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,SANTRCTY,Ultra-Stor,EF,-C E $547.00 EAOS-SANTRCTY-CAP3-EF-P OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,SANTRCTY,Ultra-Stor,EF,-P E $547.00 EAOS-SANTRICITY-CAP1-0E-C OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,SANTRCTY,Cap-Stor,0E,-C K $6.00 EAOS-SANTRICITY-CAP1-0P-C OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,SANTRCTY,Cap-Stor,0P,-C E $22.00 EAOS-SANTRICITY-CAP1-0P-P OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,SANTRCTY,Cap-Stor,0P,-P E $22.00 EAOS-SANTRICITY-CAP2-0E-C OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,SANTRCTY,Perf-Stor,0E,-C K $15.00 EAOS-SANTRICITY-CAP2-0P-C OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,SANTRCTY,Perf-Stor,0P,-C E $52.00 EAOS-SANTRICITY-CAP2-0P-P OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,SANTRCTY,Perf-Stor,0P,-P E $52.00 EAOS-SANTRICITY-CAP3-0E-C OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,SANTRCTY,Ultra-Stor,0E,-C K $150.00 EAOS-SANTRICITY-CAP3-0P-C OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,SANTRCTY,Ultra-Stor,0P,-C E $547.00 EAOS-SANTRICITY-CAP3-0P-P OS Enable,Per-0.1TB,SANTRCTY,Ultra-Stor,0P,-P E $547.00 EAPS-FDC-PSE-10-INCD-ZA Fixed Dur Eng,10 Incidents,ZA,Exp at 6 Mths P $8,800.00 EAPS-FDC-PSE-6-INCD-ZA Fixed Dur Eng,6 Incidents,ZA,Exp at 3 Mths P $4,400.00 EAPS-FFP-CNTRLR-UPG-NAS-ZA Storage Controller Upgrade Service for NAS,ZA P $5,000.00 EAPS-FFP-CNTRLR-UPG-NAS-ZB Storage Controller Upgrade Service for NAS,ZB P $4,150.00 EAPS-FFP-CNTRLR-UPG-NAS-ZC Storage Controller Upgrade Service for NAS,ZC P $3,300.00 EAPS-FFP-CNTRLR-UPG-NAS-ZD Storage Controller Upgrade Service for NAS,ZD P $2,800.00 EAPS-FFP-CNTRLR-UPG-NAS-ZE Storage Controller Upgrade Service for NAS,ZE P $2,250.00 EAPS-FFP-CNTRLR-UPG-SAN-ZA Storage Controller Upgrade Service for SAN,ZA P $8,000.00 EAPS-FFP-CNTRLR-UPG-SAN-ZB Storage Controller Upgrade Service for SAN,ZB P $6,640.00 EAPS-FFP-CNTRLR-UPG-SAN-ZC Storage Controller Upgrade Service for SAN,ZC P $5,280.00 EAPS-FFP-CNTRLR-UPG-SAN-ZD Storage Controller Upgrade Service for SAN,ZD P $4,480.00 EAPS-FFP-CNTRLR-UPG-SAN-ZE Storage Controller Upgrade Service for SAN,ZE P $3,600.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-05-ZA One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 5 node,ZA P $4,075.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-05-ZB One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 5 node,ZB P $3,385.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-05-ZC One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 5 node,ZC P $2,690.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-05-ZD One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 5 node,ZD P $2,285.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-05-ZE One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 5 node,ZE P $1,835.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-10-ZA One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 10 node,ZA P $4,705.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-10-ZB One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 10 node,ZB P $3,905.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-10-ZC One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 10 node,ZC P $3,105.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-10-ZD One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 10 node,ZD P $2,635.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-10-ZE One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 10 node,ZE P $2,115.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 11

PS-FFP-NEOS-150-ZA One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 150 node,ZA P $20,065.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-150-ZB One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 150 node,ZB P $16,655.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-150-ZC One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 150 node,ZC P $13,245.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-150-ZD One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 150 node,ZD P $11,235.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-150-ZE One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 150 node,ZE P $9,030.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-25-ZA One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 25 node,ZA P $5,645.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-25-ZB One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 25 node,ZB P $4,685.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-25-ZC One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 25 node,ZC P $3,725.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-25-ZD One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 25 node,ZD P $3,160.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-25-ZE One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 25 node,ZE P $2,540.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-50-ZA One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 50 node,ZA P $6,270.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-50-ZB One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 50 node,ZB P $5,205.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-50-ZC One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 50 node,ZC P $4,140.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-50-ZD One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 50 node,ZD P $3,510.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-50-ZE One time Efficiency & OptSvc max 50 node,ZE P $2,820.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-05-ZA Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 5 node,ZA P $3,465.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-05-ZB Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 5 node,ZB P $2,875.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-05-ZC Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 5 node,ZC P $2,285.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-05-ZD Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 5 node,ZD P $1,940.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-05-ZE Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 5 node,ZE P $1,560.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-10-ZA Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 10 node,ZA P $4,000.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-10-ZB Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 10 node,ZB P $3,320.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-10-ZC Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 10 node,ZC P $2,640.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-10-ZD Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 10 node,ZD P $2,240.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-10-ZE Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 10 node,ZE P $1,800.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-150-ZA Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 150 node,ZA P $17,050.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-150-ZB Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 150 node,ZB P $14,160.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-150-ZC Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 150 node,ZC P $11,260.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-150-ZD Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 150 node,ZD P $9,555.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-150-ZE Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 150 node,ZE P $7,680.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-25-ZA Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 25 node,ZA P $4,800.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-25-ZB Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 25 node,ZB P $3,980.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-25-ZC Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 25 node,ZC P $3,165.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-25-ZD Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 25 node,ZD P $2,685.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-25-ZE Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 25 node,ZE P $2,160.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-50-ZA Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 50 node,ZA P $5,330.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-50-ZB Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 50 node,ZB P $4,425.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-50-ZC Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 50 node,ZC P $3,520.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-50-ZD Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 50 node,ZD P $2,985.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-QTR-50-ZE Quarterly Efficiency & OptSvc max 50 node,ZE P $2,400.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-05-ZA Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 5 node,ZA P $3,790.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-05-ZB Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 5 node,ZB P $3,145.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-05-ZC Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 5 node,ZC P $2,500.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-05-ZD Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 5 node,ZD P $2,125.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-05-ZE Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 5 node,ZE P $1,705.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-10-ZA Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 10 node,ZA P $4,375.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-10-ZB Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 10 node,ZB P $3,630.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-10-ZC Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 10 node,ZC P $2,885.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-10-ZD Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 10 node,ZD P $2,450.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-10-ZE Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 10 node,ZE P $1,970.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-150-ZA Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 150 node,ZA P $18,660.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-150-ZB Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 150 node,ZB P $15,490.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-150-ZC Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 150 node,ZC P $12,320.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-150-ZD Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 150 node,ZD P $10,450.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-150-ZE Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 150 node,ZE P $8,400.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-25-ZA Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 25 node,ZA P $5,250.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-25-ZB Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 25 node,ZB P $4,355.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-25-ZC Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 25 node,ZC P $3,465.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-25-ZD Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 25 node,ZD P $2,940.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-25-ZE Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 25 node,ZE P $2,360.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-50-ZA Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 50 node,ZA P $5,830.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-50-ZB Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 50 node,ZB P $4,840.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-50-ZC Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 50 node,ZC P $3,850.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-50-ZD Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 50 node,ZD P $3,265.00 EAPS-FFP-NEOS-SEMI-50-ZE Semi Annual Efficiency & OptSvc max 50 node,ZE P $2,625.00 EAPS-FFP-OCI-REPT-TYPE1-ZA OCI Reporting Type 1 - Basic, ZA P $2,700.00 EAPS-FFP-OCI-REPT-TYPE1-ZB OCI Reporting Type 1 - Basic, ZB P $2,241.00 EAPS-FFP-OCI-REPT-TYPE1-ZC OCI Reporting Type 1 - Basic, ZC P $1,782.00 EAPS-FFP-OCI-REPT-TYPE1-ZD OCI Reporting Type 1 - Basic, ZD P $1,512.00 EAPS-FFP-OCI-REPT-TYPE1-ZE OCI Reporting Type 1 - Basic, ZE P $1,215.00 EAPS-FFP-OCI-REPT-TYPE2-ZA OCI Reporting Type 2 - Basic, ZA P $4,050.00 EAPS-FFP-OCI-REPT-TYPE2-ZB OCI Reporting Type 2 - Basic, ZB P $3,361.50 EAPS-FFP-OCI-REPT-TYPE2-ZC OCI Reporting Type 2 - Basic, ZC P $2,673.00 EAPS-FFP-OCI-REPT-TYPE2-ZD OCI Reporting Type 2 - Basic, ZD P $2,268.00 EAPS-FFP-OCI-REPT-TYPE2-ZE OCI Reporting Type 2 - Basic, ZE P $1,822.50 EAPS-FFP-OCI-REPT-TYPE3-ZA OCI Reporting Type 3 - Basic, ZA P $5,400.00 EAPS-FFP-OCI-REPT-TYPE3-ZB OCI Reporting Type 3 - Basic, ZB P $4,482.00 EAPS-FFP-OCI-REPT-TYPE3-ZC OCI Reporting Type 3 - Basic, ZC P $3,564.00 EAPS-FFP-OCI-REPT-TYPE3-ZD OCI Reporting Type 3 - Basic, ZD P $3,024.00 EAPS-FFP-OCI-REPT-TYPE3-ZE OCI Reporting Type 3 - Basic, ZE P $2,430.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-ON-02-ZA One Time Onsite Perf Review Up to 2 Nodes,ZA P $8,100.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 12

PS-FFP-PERF-ON-02-ZB One Time Onsite Perf Review Up to 2 Nodes,ZB P $6,723.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-ON-02-ZC One Time Onsite Perf Review Up to 2 Nodes,ZC P $5,346.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-ON-02-ZD One Time Onsite Perf Review Up to 2 Nodes,ZD P $4,536.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-ON-02-ZE One Time Onsite Perf Review Up to 2 Nodes,ZE P $3,645.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-ON-10-ZA One Time Onsite Perf Review Up to 10 Nodes,ZA P $29,700.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-ON-10-ZB One Time Onsite Perf Review Up to 10 Nodes,ZB P $24,651.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-ON-10-ZC One Time Onsite Perf Review Up to 10 Nodes,ZC P $19,602.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-ON-10-ZD One Time Onsite Perf Review Up to 10 Nodes,ZD P $16,632.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-ON-10-ZE One Time Onsite Perf Review Up to 10 Nodes,ZE P $13,365.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-ON-REC-02-ZA Reoccurring Onsite Perf Rev Up to 2 Nodes,ZA P $7,290.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-ON-REC-02-ZB Reoccurring Onsite Perf Rev Up to 2 Nodes,ZB P $6,051.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-ON-REC-02-ZC Reoccurring Onsite Perf Rev Up to 2 Nodes,ZC P $4,811.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-ON-REC-02-ZD Reoccurring Onsite Perf Rev Up to 2 Nodes,ZD P $4,082.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-ON-REC-02-ZE Reoccurring Onsite Perf Rev Up to 2 Nodes,ZE P $3,281.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-ON-REC-10-ZA Reoccurring Onsite Perf Rev Up to 10 Nodes,ZA P $26,730.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-ON-REC-10-ZB Reoccurring Onsite Perf Rev Up to 10 Nodes,ZB P $22,186.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-ON-REC-10-ZC Reoccurring Onsite Perf Rev Up to 10 Nodes,ZC P $17,642.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-ON-REC-10-ZD Reoccurring Onsite Perf Rev Up to 10 Nodes,ZD P $14,969.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-ON-REC-10-ZE Reoccurring Onsite Perf Rev Up to 10 Nodes,ZE P $12,029.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-RMT-02-ZA One Time Remote Perf Review Up to 2 Nodes,ZA P $7,695.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-RMT-02-ZB One Time Remote Perf Review Up to 2 Nodes,ZB P $6,387.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-RMT-02-ZC One Time Remote Perf Review Up to 2 Nodes,ZC P $5,079.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-RMT-02-ZD One Time Remote Perf Review Up to 2 Nodes,ZD P $4,309.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-RMT-02-ZE One Time Remote Perf Review Up to 2 Nodes,ZE P $3,463.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-RMT-10-ZA One Time Remote Perf Review Up to 10 Nodes,ZA P $28,215.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-RMT-10-ZB One Time Remote Perf Review Up to 10 Nodes,ZB P $23,418.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-RMT-10-ZC One Time Remote Perf Review Up to 10 Nodes,ZC P $18,622.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-RMT-10-ZD One Time Remote Perf Review Up to 10 Nodes,ZD P $15,800.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-RMT-10-ZE One Time Remote Perf Review Up to 10 Nodes,ZE P $12,697.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-RMT-REC-02-ZA Reoccurring Remote Perf Rev Up to 2 Nodes,ZA P $6,926.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-RMT-REC-02-ZB Reoccurring Remote Perf Rev Up to 2 Nodes,ZB P $5,748.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-RMT-REC-02-ZC Reoccurring Remote Perf Rev Up to 2 Nodes,ZC P $4,571.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-RMT-REC-02-ZD Reoccurring Remote Perf Rev Up to 2 Nodes,ZD P $3,878.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-RMT-REC-02-ZE Reoccurring Remote Perf Rev Up to 2 Nodes,ZE P $3,117.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-RMT-REC-10-ZA Reoccurring Remote Perf Rev Up to 10 Nodes,ZA P $25,394.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-RMT-REC-10-ZB Reoccurring Remote Perf Rev Up to 10 Nodes,ZB P $21,076.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-RMT-REC-10-ZC Reoccurring Remote Perf Rev Up to 10 Nodes,ZC P $16,760.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-RMT-REC-10-ZD Reoccurring Remote Perf Rev Up to 10 Nodes,ZD P $14,220.00 EAPS-FFP-PERF-RMT-REC-10-ZE Reoccurring Remote Perf Rev Up to 10 Nodes,ZE P $11,427.00 EAPS-FFP-RAPIDDATA-CMR-ZA NetApp RapidData QuickStart Service,ZA P $21,000.00 EAPS-FFP-RAPIDDATA-CMR-ZB NetApp RapidData QuickStart Service,ZB P $17,430.00 EAPS-FFP-RAPIDDATA-CMR-ZC NetApp RapidData QuickStart Service,ZC P $13,860.00 EAPS-FFP-RAPIDDATA-CMR-ZD NetApp RapidData QuickStart Service,ZD P $11,760.00 EAPS-FFP-RAPIDDATA-CMR-ZE NetApp RapidData QuickStart Service,ZE P $9,450.00 EAPS-FFP-SHLF-RFR-NAS-ZA Disk Shelf Refresh Base 6 Shlvs,NAS,ZA P $13,200.00 EAPS-FFP-SHLF-RFR-NAS-ZB Disk Shelf Refresh Base 6 Shlvs,NAS,ZB P $10,956.00 EAPS-FFP-SHLF-RFR-NAS-ZC Disk Shelf Refresh Base 6 Shlvs,NAS,ZC P $8,712.00 EAPS-FFP-SHLF-RFR-NAS-ZD Disk Shelf Refresh Base 6 Shlvs,NAS,ZD P $7,392.00 EAPS-FFP-SHLF-RFR-NAS-ZE Disk Shelf Refresh Base 6 Shlvs,NAS,ZE P $5,940.00 EAPS-FFP-SHLF-RFR-SAN-ZA Disk Shelf Refresh Base 6 Shlvs,SAN,ZA P $17,600.00 EAPS-FFP-SHLF-RFR-SAN-ZB Disk Shelf Refresh Base 6 Shlvs,SAN,ZB P $14,608.00 EAPS-FFP-SHLF-RFR-SAN-ZC Disk Shelf Refresh Base 6 Shlvs,SAN,ZC P $11,616.00 EAPS-FFP-SHLF-RFR-SAN-ZD Disk Shelf Refresh Base 6 Shlvs,SAN,ZD P $9,856.00 EAPS-FFP-SHLF-RFR-SAN-ZE Disk Shelf Refresh Base 6 Shlvs,SAN,ZE P $7,920.00 EAPS-INSTALL-DIRECTOR Installation Service,Cisco Director Switch P $1,100.00 EAPS-INSTALL-SWITCH Installation Service,Cisco Switch P $425.00 EAPS-RDSP-CMR-ASSES-BASE-ZA cONTAP Readiness Assess 8 pairs, Base RDS+,ZA P $10,800.00 EAPS-RDSP-CMR-ASSES-BASE-ZB cONTAP Readiness Assess 8 pairs, Base RDS+,ZB P $8,964.00 EAPS-RDSP-CMR-ASSES-BASE-ZC cONTAP Readiness Assess 8 pairs, Base RDS+,ZC P $7,128.00 EAPS-RDSP-CMR-ASSES-BASE-ZD cONTAP Readiness Assess 8 pairs, Base RDS+,ZD P $6,048.00 EAPS-RDSP-CMR-ASSES-BASE-ZE cONTAP Readiness Assess 8 pairs, Base RDS+,ZE P $4,860.00 EAPS-RDSP-CMR-OPTION-14-ZA cONTAP Assess 9 to 14 Pairs Add-on RDS+,ZA P $7,200.00 EAPS-RDSP-CMR-OPTION-14-ZB cONTAP Assess 9 to 14 Pairs Add-on RDS+,ZB P $5,976.00 EAPS-RDSP-CMR-OPTION-14-ZC cONTAP Assess 9 to 14 Pairs Add-on RDS+,ZC P $4,752.00 EAPS-RDSP-CMR-OPTION-14-ZD cONTAP Assess 9 to 14 Pairs Add-on RDS+,ZD P $4,032.00 EAPS-RDSP-CMR-OPTION-14-ZE cONTAP Assess 9 to 14 Pairs Add-on RDS+,ZE P $3,240.00 EAPS-RDSP-CMR-OPTION-20-ZA cONTAP Assess 15 to 20 Pairs Add-on RDS+,ZA P $7,200.00 EAPS-RDSP-CMR-OPTION-20-ZB cONTAP Assess 15 to 20 Pairs Add-on RDS+,ZB P $5,976.00 EAPS-RDSP-CMR-OPTION-20-ZC cONTAP Assess 15 to 20 Pairs Add-on RDS+,ZC P $4,752.00 EAPS-RDSP-CMR-OPTION-20-ZD cONTAP Assess 15 to 20 Pairs Add-on RDS+,ZD P $4,032.00 EAPS-RDSP-CMR-OPTION-20-ZE cONTAP Assess 15 to 20 Pairs Add-on RDS+,ZE P $3,240.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-H16-ZA E-Series Stor 16 Addtl Host Add-on RDS+,ZA P $1,100.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-H16-ZB E-Series Stor 16 Addtl Host Add-on RDS+,ZB P $913.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-H16-ZC E-Series Stor 16 Addtl Host Add-on RDS+,ZC P $726.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-H16-ZD E-Series Stor 16 Addtl Host Add-on RDS+,ZD P $616.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-H16-ZE E-Series Stor 16 Addtl Host Add-on RDS+,ZE P $495.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-H32-ZA E-Series Stor 32 Addtl Host Add-on RDS+,ZA P $3,450.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-H32-ZB E-Series Stor 32 Addtl Host Add-on RDS+,ZB P $2,864.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-H32-ZC E-Series Stor 32 Addtl Host Add-on RDS+,ZC P $2,277.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-H32-ZD E-Series Stor 32 Addtl Host Add-on RDS+,ZD P $1,932.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-H32-ZE E-Series Stor 32 Addtl Host Add-on RDS+,ZE P $1,553.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 13

PS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-H48-ZA E-Series Stor 48 Addtl Host Add-on RDS+,ZA P $4,550.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-H48-ZB E-Series Stor 48 Addtl Host Add-on RDS+,ZB P $3,777.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-H48-ZC E-Series Stor 48 Addtl Host Add-on RDS+,ZC P $3,003.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-H48-ZD E-Series Stor 48 Addtl Host Add-on RDS+,ZD P $2,548.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-H48-ZE E-Series Stor 48 Addtl Host Add-on RDS+,ZE P $2,048.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-IMPL-ZA E-Series Storage Implementation Base RDS+,ZA P $12,800.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-IMPL-ZB E-Series Storage Implementation Base RDS+,ZB P $10,624.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-IMPL-ZC E-Series Storage Implementation Base RDS+,ZC P $8,448.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-IMPL-ZD E-Series Storage Implementation Base RDS+,ZD P $7,168.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-IMPL-ZE E-Series Storage Implementation Base RDS+,ZE P $5,760.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-S10-ZA E-Series Stor 10 Addtl Syst Add-on RDS+,ZA P $5,650.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-S10-ZB E-Series Stor 10 Addtl Syst Add-on RDS+,ZB P $4,690.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-S10-ZC E-Series Stor 10 Addtl Syst Add-on RDS+,ZC P $3,729.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-S10-ZD E-Series Stor 10 Addtl Syst Add-on RDS+,ZD P $3,164.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-S10-ZE E-Series Stor 10 Addtl Syst Add-on RDS+,ZE P $2,543.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-S15-ZA E-Series Stor 15 Addtl Syst Add-on RDS+,ZA P $9,100.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-S15-ZB E-Series Stor 15 Addtl Syst Add-on RDS+,ZB P $7,553.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-S15-ZC E-Series Stor 15 Addtl Syst Add-on RDS+,ZC P $6,006.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-S15-ZD E-Series Stor 15 Addtl Syst Add-on RDS+,ZD P $5,096.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-S15-ZE E-Series Stor 15 Addtl Syst Add-on RDS+,ZE P $4,095.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-S5-ZA E-Series Stor 5 Addtl Syst Add-on RDS+,ZA P $3,450.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-S5-ZB E-Series Stor 5 Addtl Syst Add-on RDS+,ZB P $2,864.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-S5-ZC E-Series Stor 5 Addtl Syst Add-on RDS+,ZC P $2,277.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-S5-ZD E-Series Stor 5 Addtl Syst Add-on RDS+,ZD P $1,932.00 EAPS-RDSP-ESER-STOR-S5-ZE E-Series Stor 5 Addtl Syst Add-on RDS+,ZE P $1,553.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-IMPL-BASE-ZA OCI Implementation Base, RDS+, ZA P $21,600.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-IMPL-BASE-ZB OCI Implementation Base, RDS+, ZB P $17,928.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-IMPL-BASE-ZC OCI Implementation Base, RDS+, ZC P $14,256.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-IMPL-BASE-ZD OCI Implementation Base, RDS+, ZD P $12,096.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-IMPL-BASE-ZE OCI Implementation Base, RDS+, ZE P $9,720.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-IMPL-PLAN-ZA OCI Plan Impl Add-on, RDS+, ZA P $5,400.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-IMPL-PLAN-ZB OCI Plan Impl Add-on, RDS+, ZB P $4,482.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-IMPL-PLAN-ZC OCI Plan Impl Add-on, RDS+, ZC P $3,564.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-IMPL-PLAN-ZD OCI Plan Impl Add-on, RDS+, ZD P $3,024.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-IMPL-PLAN-ZE OCI Plan Impl Add-on, RDS+, ZE P $2,430.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-REPT-TYPE1-ZA OCI Reports Type 1,up to 5,Add-on,RDS+,ZA P $8,100.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-REPT-TYPE1-ZB OCI Reports Type 1,up to 5,Add-on,RDS+,ZB P $6,723.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-REPT-TYPE1-ZC OCI Reports Type 1,up to 5,Add-on,RDS+,ZC P $5,346.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-REPT-TYPE1-ZD OCI Reports Type 1,up to 5,Add-on,RDS+,ZD P $4,536.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-REPT-TYPE1-ZE OCI Reports Type 1,up to 5,Add-on,RDS+,ZE P $3,645.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-REPT-TYPE2-ZA OCI Reports Type 2,up to 5,Add-on,RDS+,ZA P $13,500.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-REPT-TYPE2-ZB OCI Reports Type 2,up to 5,Add-on,RDS+,ZB P $11,205.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-REPT-TYPE2-ZC OCI Reports Type 2,up to 5,Add-on,RDS+,ZC P $8,910.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-REPT-TYPE2-ZD OCI Reports Type 2,up to 5,Add-on,RDS+,ZD P $7,560.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-REPT-TYPE2-ZE OCI Reports Type 2,up to 5,Add-on,RDS+,ZE P $6,075.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-REPT-TYPE3-ZA OCI Reports Type 3, up to 5,Add-on,RDS+,ZA P $21,600.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-REPT-TYPE3-ZB OCI Reports Type 3, up to 5,Add-on,RDS+,ZB P $17,928.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-REPT-TYPE3-ZC OCI Reports Type 3, up to 5,Add-on,RDS+,ZC P $14,256.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-REPT-TYPE3-ZD OCI Reports Type 3, up to 5,Add-on,RDS+,ZD P $12,096.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-REPT-TYPE3-ZE OCI Reports Type 3, up to 5,Add-on,RDS+,ZE P $9,720.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-WKSP-A-ZA OCI Analytics Wkshop Time A, Add-on, RDS+, ZA P $4,050.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-WKSP-A-ZB OCI Analytics Wkshop Time A, Add-on, RDS+, ZB P $3,361.50 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-WKSP-A-ZC OCI Analytics Wkshop Time A, Add-on, RDS+, ZC P $2,673.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-WKSP-A-ZD OCI Analytics Wkshop Time A, Add-on, RDS+, ZD P $2,268.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-WKSP-A-ZE OCI Analytics Wkshop Time A, Add-on, RDS+, ZE P $1,822.50 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-WKSP-BASE-ZA OCI Analytics Workshop Base, RDS+, ZA P $10,800.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-WKSP-BASE-ZB OCI Analytics Workshop Base, RDS+, ZB P $8,964.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-WKSP-BASE-ZC OCI Analytics Workshop Base, RDS+, ZC P $7,128.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-WKSP-BASE-ZD OCI Analytics Workshop Base, RDS+, ZD P $6,048.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-WKSP-BASE-ZE OCI Analytics Workshop Base, RDS+, ZE P $4,860.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-WKSP-B-ZA OCI Analytics Wkshop Time B, Add-on, RDS+, ZA P $6,750.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-WKSP-B-ZB OCI Analytics Wkshop Time B, Add-on, RDS+, ZB P $5,602.50 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-WKSP-B-ZC OCI Analytics Wkshop Time B, Add-on, RDS+, ZC P $4,455.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-WKSP-B-ZD OCI Analytics Wkshop Time B, Add-on, RDS+, ZD P $3,780.00 EAPS-RDSP-OCI-WKSP-B-ZE OCI Analytics Wkshop Time B, Add-on, RDS+, ZE P $3,037.50 EAPS-RDSP-OPSMGR-BASE-ZA Operations Manager Impl Base RDS+,ZA P $8,800.00 EAPS-RDSP-OPSMGR-BASE-ZB Operations Manager Impl Base RDS+,ZB P $7,400.00 EAPS-RDSP-OPSMGR-BASE-ZC Operations Manager Impl Base RDS+,ZC P $5,800.00 EAPS-RDSP-OPSMGR-BASE-ZD Operations Manager Impl Base RDS+,ZD P $5,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-OPSMGR-BASE-ZE Operations Manager Impl Base RDS+,ZE P $3,960.00 EAPS-RDSP-OPSMGR-PROT-ZA Ops Mgr w/Protection Mgr Add-on RDS+,ZA P $6,600.00 EAPS-RDSP-OPSMGR-PROT-ZB Ops Mgr w/Protection Mgr Add-on RDS+,ZB P $5,480.00 EAPS-RDSP-OPSMGR-PROT-ZC Ops Mgr w/Protection Mgr Add-on RDS+,ZC P $4,360.00 EAPS-RDSP-OPSMGR-PROT-ZD Ops Mgr w/Protection Mgr Add-on RDS+,ZD P $3,695.00 EAPS-RDSP-OPSMGR-PROT-ZE Ops Mgr w/Protection Mgr Add-on RDS+,ZE P $2,970.00 EAPS-RDSP-OPSMGR-PROV-ZA Ops Mgr w/Provisioning Mgr Add-on RDS+,ZA P $6,600.00 EAPS-RDSP-OPSMGR-PROV-ZB Ops Mgr w/Provisioning Mgr Add-on RDS+,ZB P $5,480.00 EAPS-RDSP-OPSMGR-PROV-ZC Ops Mgr w/Provisioning Mgr Add-on RDS+,ZC P $4,360.00 EAPS-RDSP-OPSMGR-PROV-ZD Ops Mgr w/Provisioning Mgr Add-on RDS+,ZD P $3,695.00 EAPS-RDSP-OPSMGR-PROV-ZE Ops Mgr w/Provisioning Mgr Add-on RDS+,ZE P $2,970.00 EAPS-RDSP-OPSMGR-REPORT-ZA Ops Mgr Customer Reporting Add-on RDS+,ZA P $2,200.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 14

PS-RDSP-OPSMGR-REPORT-ZB Ops Mgr Customer Reporting Add-on RDS+,ZB P $1,825.00 EAPS-RDSP-OPSMGR-REPORT-ZC Ops Mgr Customer Reporting Add-on RDS+,ZC P $1,450.00 EAPS-RDSP-OPSMGR-REPORT-ZD Ops Mgr Customer Reporting Add-on RDS+,ZD P $1,230.00 EAPS-RDSP-OPSMGR-REPORT-ZE Ops Mgr Customer Reporting Add-on RDS+,ZE P $990.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-BACK-ZA SME Impl Backup Readiness Add-on,RDS+,ZA P $2,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-BACK-ZB SME Impl Backup Readiness Add-on,RDS+, ZB P $1,650.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-BACK-ZC SME Impl Backup Readiness Add-on,RDS+, ZC P $1,300.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-BACK-ZD SME Impl Backup Readiness Add-on,RDS+,ZD P $1,100.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-BACK-ZE SME Impl Backup Readiness Add-on,RDS+,ZE P $900.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-BASE-ZA SnapManager Exchange Impl Base RDS+,ZA P $8,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-BASE-ZB SnapManager Exchange Impl Base RDS+,ZB P $6,650.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-BASE-ZC SnapManager Exchange Impl Base RDS+,ZC P $5,300.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-BASE-ZD SnapManager Exchange Impl Base RDS+,ZD P $4,500.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-BASE-ZE SnapManager Exchange Impl Base RDS+,ZE P $3,600.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-DRSM-ZA SME Impl DR via SnapMirror Add-on,RDS+ ZA P $2,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-DRSM-ZB SME Impl DR via SnapMirror Add-on,RDS+ ZB P $1,660.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-DRSM-ZC SME Impl DR via SnapMirror Add-on,RDS+ ZC P $1,320.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-DRSM-ZD SME Impl DR via SnapMirror Add-on,RDS+ ZD P $1,120.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-DRSM-ZE SME Impl DR via SnapMirror Add-on,RDS+ ZE P $900.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-HOST-ZA SME Impl Add one host/DAG node Add-on,RDS+,ZA P $4,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-HOST-ZB SME Impl Add one host/DAG node Add-on,RDS+,ZB P $3,300.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-HOST-ZC SME Impl Add one host/DAG node Add-on,RDS+,ZC P $2,650.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-HOST-ZD SME Impl Add one host/DAG node Add-on,RDS+,ZD P $2,250.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-HOST-ZE SME Impl Add one host/DAG node Add-on,RDS+,ZE P $1,800.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-MIG-ZA SME Impl Migration Add-on,RDS+,ZA P $4,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-MIG-ZB SME Impl Migration Add-on,RDS+,ZB P $3,300.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-MIG-ZC SME Impl Migration Add-on,RDS+,ZC P $2,650.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-MIG-ZD SME Impl Migration Add-on,RDS+,ZD P $2,250.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-MIG-ZE SME Impl Migration Add-on,RDS+,ZE P $1,800.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-PROT-ZA SME Impl SnapVault ProtMan Add-on,RDS+,ZA P $6,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-PROT-ZB SME Impl SnapVault ProtMan Add-on,RDS+,ZB P $4,980.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-PROT-ZC SME Impl SnapVault ProtMan Add-on,RDS+,ZC P $3,960.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-PROT-ZD SME Impl SnapVault ProtMan Add-on,RDS+,ZD P $3,360.00 EAPS-RDSP-SME-PROT-ZE SME Impl SnapVault ProtMan Add-on,RDS+,ZE P $2,700.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-BACKUP-ZA SMO Backup Readiness VTL/Tape Add-on RDS+,ZA P $4,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-BACKUP-ZB SMO Backup Readiness VTL/Tape Add-on RDS+,ZB P $3,300.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-BACKUP-ZC SMO Backup Readiness VTL/Tape Add-on RDS+,ZC P $2,650.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-BACKUP-ZD SMO Backup Readiness VTL/Tape Add-on RDS+,ZD P $2,250.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-BACKUP-ZE SMO Backup Readiness VTL/Tape Add-on RDS+,ZE P $1,800.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-BASE-ZA SMO Impl Base-up to 3 instances / 3TB RDS+,ZA P $8,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-BASE-ZB SMO Impl Base-up to 3 instances / 3TB RDS+,ZB P $6,650.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-BASE-ZC SMO Impl Base-up to 3 instances / 3TB RDS+,ZC P $5,300.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-BASE-ZD SMO Impl Base-up to 3 instances / 3TB RDS+,ZD P $4,500.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-BASE-ZE SMO Impl Base-up to 3 instances / 3TB RDS+,ZE P $3,600.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-DRSM-ZA SMO Impl DR w/SnapMirror Add-on RDS+,ZA P $6,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-DRSM-ZB SMO Impl DR w/SnapMirror Add-on RDS+,ZB P $5,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-DRSM-ZC SMO Impl DR w/SnapMirror Add-on RDS+,ZC P $4,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-DRSM-ZD SMO Impl DR w/SnapMirror Add-on RDS+,ZD P $3,300.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-DRSM-ZE SMO Impl DR w/SnapMirror Add-on RDS+,ZE P $2,700.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-LDB-ZA SMO Addtl DB-up to 5 inst/5TB Add-on RDS+,ZA P $8,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-LDB-ZB SMO Addtl DB-up to 5 inst/5TB Add-on RDS+,ZB P $6,650.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-LDB-ZC SMO Addtl DB-up to 5 inst/5TB Add-on RDS+,ZC P $5,300.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-LDB-ZD SMO Addtl DB-up to 5 inst/5TB Add-on RDS+,ZD P $4,500.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-LDB-ZE SMO Addtl DB-up to 5 inst/5TB Add-on RDS+,ZE P $3,600.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-PMI-ZA SMO Integr w/Protection Mgr Add-on RDS+,ZA P $4,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-PMI-ZB SMO Integr w/Protection Mgr Add-on RDS+,ZB P $3,300.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-PMI-ZC SMO Integr w/Protection Mgr Add-on RDS+,ZC P $2,650.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-PMI-ZD SMO Integr w/Protection Mgr Add-on RDS+,ZD P $2,250.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-PMI-ZE SMO Integr w/Protection Mgr Add-on RDS+,ZE P $1,800.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-RAC-ZA SMO Impl RAC - up to 4 nodes Add-on RDS+,ZA P $4,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-RAC-ZB SMO Impl RAC - up to 4 nodes Add-on RDS+,ZB P $3,300.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-RAC-ZC SMO Impl RAC - up to 4 nodes Add-on RDS+,ZC P $2,650.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-RAC-ZD SMO Impl RAC - up to 4 nodes Add-on RDS+,ZD P $2,250.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMO-RAC-ZE SMO Impl RAC - up to 4 nodes Add-on RDS+,ZE P $1,800.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-BASE-ZA SnapManager SharePoint Impl Base RDS+,ZA P $6,600.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-BASE-ZB SnapManager SharePoint Impl Base RDS+,ZB P $5,480.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-BASE-ZC SnapManager SharePoint Impl Base RDS+,ZC P $4,360.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-BASE-ZD SnapManager SharePoint Impl Base RDS+,ZD P $3,695.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-BASE-ZE SnapManager SharePoint Impl Base RDS+,ZE P $2,970.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-BLOB-ZA SMSP Impl Binary Large Object Add-on,RDS+,ZA P $4,400.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-BLOB-ZB SMSP Impl Binary Large Object Add-on,RDS+,ZB P $3,650.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-BLOB-ZC SMSP Impl Binary Large Object Add-on,RDS+,ZC P $2,905.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-BLOB-ZD SMSP Impl Binary Large Object Add-on,RDS+,ZD P $2,465.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-BLOB-ZE SMSP Impl Binary Large Object Add-on,RDS+,ZE P $1,980.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-DR-ZA SMSP Impl Disaster Recovery Add-on,RDS+ZA P $4,400.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-DR-ZB SMSP Impl Disaster Recovery Add-on,RDS+ZB P $3,650.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-DR-ZC SMSP Impl Disaster Recovery Add-on,RDS+ZC P $2,905.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-DR-ZD SMSP Impl Disaster Recovery Add-on,RDS+ZD P $2,465.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-DR-ZE SMSP Impl Disaster Recovery Add-on,RDS+ZE P $1,980.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-MIGR-ZA SMSP Impl Data Migration Add-on,RDS+ZA P $6,600.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-MIGR-ZB SMSP Impl Data Migration Add-on,RDS+ZB P $5,480.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 15

PS-RDSP-SMSP-MIGR-ZC SMSP Impl Data Migration Add-on,RDS+ZC P $4,360.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-MIGR-ZD SMSP Impl Data Migration Add-on,RDS+ZD P $3,695.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-MIGR-ZE SMSP Impl Data Migration Add-on,RDS+ZE P $2,970.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-OPTM-ZA SMSP Impl Optimization Add-on,RDS+,ZA P $4,400.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-OPTM-ZB SMSP Impl Optimization Add-on,RDS+,ZB P $3,650.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-OPTM-ZC SMSP Impl Optimization Add-on,RDS+,ZC P $2,905.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-OPTM-ZD SMSP Impl Optimization Add-on,RDS+,ZD P $2,465.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSP-OPTM-ZE SMSP Impl Optimization Add-on,RDS+,ZE P $1,980.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-BACKUP-ZA SMSQL Impl Backup Readiness Add-on,RDS+,ZA P $2,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-BACKUP-ZB SMSQL Impl Backup Readiness Add-on,RDS+,ZB P $1,650.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-BACKUP-ZC SMSQL Impl Backup Readiness Add-on,RDS+,ZC P $1,300.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-BACKUP-ZD SMSQL Impl Backup Readiness Add-on,RDS+,ZD P $1,100.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-BACKUP-ZE SMSQL Impl Backup Readiness Add-on,RDS+,ZE P $900.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-BASE-ZA SnapManager for MS SQL Impl Base RDS+,ZA P $8,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-BASE-ZB SnapManager for MS SQL Impl Base RDS+,ZB P $6,650.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-BASE-ZC SnapManager for MS SQL Impl Base RDS+,ZC P $5,300.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-BASE-ZD SnapManager for MS SQL Impl Base RDS+,ZD P $4,500.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-BASE-ZE SnapManager for MS SQL Impl Base RDS+,ZE P $3,600.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-DR1-ZA SMSQL Impl DR 1 hst/clstr Add-on,RDS+,ZA P $6,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-DR1-ZB SMSQL Impl DR 1 hst/clstr Add-on,RDS+,ZB P $5,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-DR1-ZC SMSQL Impl DR 1 hst/clstr Add-on,RDS+,ZC P $4,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-DR1-ZD SMSQL Impl DR 1 hst/clstr Add-on,RDS+,ZD P $3,400.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-DR1-ZE SMSQL Impl DR 1 hst/clstr Add-on,RDS+,ZE P $2,700.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-DR2-ZA SMSQL Impl DR 2 hst/clstr Add-on,RDS+,ZA P $12,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-DR2-ZB SMSQL Impl DR 2 hst/clstr Add-on,RDS+,ZB P $10,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-DR2-ZC SMSQL Impl DR 2 hst/clstr Add-on,RDS+,ZC P $8,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-DR2-ZD SMSQL Impl DR 2 hst/clstr Add-on,RDS+,ZD P $6,800.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-DR2-ZE SMSQL Impl DR 2 hst/clstr Add-on,RDS+,ZE P $5,400.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-HOST-ZA SMSQL Impl Add one host/cluster, RDS+,ZA P $4,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-HOST-ZB SMSQL Impl Add one host/cluster, RDS+,ZB P $3,300.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-HOST-ZC SMSQL Impl Add one host/cluster, RDS+,ZC P $2,650.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-HOST-ZD SMSQL Impl Add one host/cluster, RDS+,ZD P $2,250.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-HOST-ZE SMSQL Impl Add one host/cluster, RDS+,ZE P $1,800.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-MIG-ZA SMSQL Impl Migration Add-on,RDS+,ZA P $4,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-MIG-ZB SMSQL Impl Migration Add-on,RDS+,ZB P $3,300.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-MIG-ZC SMSQL Impl Migration Add-on,RDS+,ZC P $2,650.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-MIG-ZD SMSQL Impl Migration Add-on,RDS+,ZD P $2,250.00 EAPS-RDSP-SMSQL-MIG-ZE SMSQL Impl Migration Add-on,RDS+,ZE P $1,800.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-4NDE-ZA 1-4 FAS Cntlr or 2HA Add-on RDS+, ZA P $6,600.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-4NDE-ZB 1-4 FAS Cntlr or 2HA Add-on RDS+, ZB P $5,478.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-4NDE-ZC 1-4 FAS Cntlr or 2HA Add-on RDS+, ZC P $4,356.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-4NDE-ZD 1-4 FAS Cntlr or 2HA Add-on RDS+, ZD P $3,696.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-4NDE-ZE 1-4 FAS Cntlr or 2HA Add-on RDS+, ZE P $2,970.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-BASE-ZA Storage Implementation Base RDS+,ZA P $8,800.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-BASE-ZB Storage Implementation Base RDS+,ZB P $7,315.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-BASE-ZC Storage Implementation Base RDS+,ZC P $5,830.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-BASE-ZD Storage Implementation Base RDS+,ZD P $4,950.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-BASE-ZE Storage Implementation Base RDS+,ZE P $3,960.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-MC-ZA Storage Impl MetroCluster Add-on RDS+,ZA P $3,300.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-MC-ZB Storage Impl MetroCluster Add-on RDS+,ZB P $2,750.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-MC-ZC Storage Impl MetroCluster Add-on RDS+,ZC P $2,200.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-MC-ZD Storage Impl MetroCluster Add-on RDS+,ZD P $1,870.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-MC-ZE Storage Impl MetroCluster Add-on RDS+,ZE P $1,485.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-SAN-ZA Storage Impl SAN Add-on RDS+,ZA P $3,300.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-SAN-ZB Storage Impl SAN Add-on RDS+,ZB P $2,750.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-SAN-ZC Storage Impl SAN Add-on RDS+,ZC P $2,200.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-SAN-ZD Storage Impl SAN Add-on RDS+,ZD P $1,870.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-SAN-ZE Storage Impl SAN Add-on RDS+,ZE P $1,485.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-SM-ZA Storage Impl SnapMirror Add-on RDS+,ZA P $2,200.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-SM-ZB Storage Impl SnapMirror Add-on RDS+,ZB P $1,815.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-SM-ZC Storage Impl SnapMirror Add-on RDS+,ZC P $1,485.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-SM-ZD Storage Impl SnapMirror Add-on RDS+, ZD P $1,265.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-SM-ZE Storage Impl SnapMirror Add-on RDS+,ZE P $990.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-SV-ZA Storage Impl SnapVault Add-on RDS+, ZA P $2,200.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-SV-ZB Storage Impl SnapVault Add-on RDS+,ZB P $1,815.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-SV-ZC Storage Impl SnapVault Add-on RDS+,ZC P $1,485.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-SV-ZD Storage Impl SnapVault Add-on RDS+,ZD P $1,265.00 EAPS-RDSP-STOR-IMPL-SV-ZE Storage Impl SnapVault Add-on RDS+, ZE P $990.00 EAPS-RDSP-VDI-BASE-ZA VDI Implementation Service Base RDS+,ZA P $8,800.00 EAPS-RDSP-VDI-BASE-ZB VDI Implementation Service Base RDS+,ZB P $7,400.00 EAPS-RDSP-VDI-BASE-ZC VDI Implementation Service Base RDS+,ZC P $5,800.00 EAPS-RDSP-VDI-BASE-ZD VDI Implementation Service Base RDS+,ZD P $5,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-VDI-BASE-ZE VDI Implementation Service Base RDS+,ZE P $3,960.00 EAPS-RDSP-VSER-IMPL-BASE-ZA V-Series Implementation Base RDS+,ZA P $8,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-VSER-IMPL-BASE-ZB V-Series Implementation Base RDS+,ZB P $6,650.00 EAPS-RDSP-VSER-IMPL-BASE-ZC V-Series Implementation Base RDS+,ZC P $5,300.00 EAPS-RDSP-VSER-IMPL-BASE-ZD V-Series Implementation Base RDS+,ZD P $4,500.00 EAPS-RDSP-VSER-IMPL-BASE-ZE V-Series Implementation Base RDS+,ZE P $3,600.00 EAPS-RDSP-VSER-IMPL-SAN-ZA V-Series Impl SAN Add-on RDS+,ZA P $3,000.00 EAPS-RDSP-VSER-IMPL-SAN-ZB V-Series Impl SAN Add-on RDS+,ZB P $2,500.00 EAPS-RDSP-VSER-IMPL-SAN-ZC V-Series Impl SAN Add-on RDS+,ZC P $2,000.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 16

PS-RDSP-VSER-IMPL-SAN-ZD V-Series Impl SAN Add-on RDS+,ZD P $1,700.00 EAPS-RDSP-VSER-IMPL-SAN-ZE V-Series Impl SAN Add-on RDS+,ZE P $1,350.00 EAPS-REMOTE-STOR-AD-INBH-ZA Remote Svc Stor Admin India Non-Bus Hrs-ZA P $15,885.00 MTHPS-REMOTE-STOR-AD-INBH-ZB Remote Svc Stor Admin India Non-Bus Hrs-ZB P $13,185.00 MTHPS-REMOTE-STOR-AD-INBH-ZC Remote Svc Stor Admin India Non-Bus Hrs-ZC P $10,484.00 MTHPS-REMOTE-STOR-AD-INBH-ZD Remote Svc Stor Admin India Non-Bus Hrs-ZD P $8,896.00 MTHPS-REMOTE-STOR-AD-INBH-ZE Remote Svc Stor Admin India Non-Bus Hrs-ZE P $7,148.00 MTHPS-REMOTE-STOR-AD-ISBH-ZA Remote Svc Stor Admin India Std Bus Hrs-ZA P $11,923.00 MTHPS-REMOTE-STOR-AD-ISBH-ZB Remote Svc Stor Admin India Std Bus Hrs-ZB P $9,896.00 MTHPS-REMOTE-STOR-AD-ISBH-ZC Remote Svc Stor Admin India Std Bus Hrs-ZC P $7,869.00 MTHPS-REMOTE-STOR-AD-ISBH-ZD Remote Svc Stor Admin India Std Bus Hrs-ZD P $6,677.00 MTHPS-REMOTE-STOR-AD-ISBH-ZE Remote Svc Stor Admin India Std Bus Hrs-ZE P $5,365.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-CON-OCI-ZA OCI PS Resident Storage Consultant, ZA P $30,372.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-CON-OCI-ZB OCI PS Resident Storage Consultant, ZB P $25,209.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-PR-MGR-ZA PS Resident Storage Project Mgr,ZA P $30,372.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-PR-MGR-ZB PS Resident Storage Project Mgr,ZB P $25,209.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-PR-MGR-ZC PS Resident Storage Project Mgr,ZC P $20,046.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-PR-MGR-ZD PS Resident Storage Project Mgr,ZD P $17,008.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-PR-MGR-ZE PS Resident Storage Project Mgr,ZE P $13,667.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-AD-INC-ZA PS Resident Storage Admin Inc,ZA P $22,641.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-AD-INC-ZB PS Resident Storage Admin Inc,ZB P $18,792.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-AD-INC-ZC PS Resident Storage Admin Inc,ZC P $14,943.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-AD-INC-ZD PS Resident Storage Admin Inc,ZD P $12,679.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-AD-INC-ZE PS Resident Storage Admin Inc,ZE P $10,188.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-AD-ZA PS Resident Storage Administrator,ZA P $22,641.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-AD-ZB PS Resident Storage Administrator,ZB P $18,792.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-AD-ZC PS Resident Storage Administrator,ZC P $14,943.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-AD-ZD PS Resident Storage Administrator,ZD P $12,679.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-AD-ZE PS Resident Storage Administrator,ZE P $10,188.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-ARC-ZA PS Resident Storage Architect, ZA P $33,962.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-ARC-ZB PS Resident Storage Architect, ZB P $28,188.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-ARC-ZC PS Resident Storage Architect, ZC P $22,415.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-ARC-ZD PS Resident Storage Architect, ZD P $19,019.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-ARC-ZE PS Resident Storage Architect, ZE P $15,283.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-ASAD-ZA PS Resident Associate Storage Admin, ZA P $16,981.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-ASAD-ZB PS Resident Associate Storage Admin, ZB P $14,094.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-ASAD-ZC PS Resident Associate Storage Admin, ZC P $11,207.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-ASAD-ZD PS Resident Associate Storage Admin, ZD P $9,509.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-ASAD-ZE PS Resident Associate Storage Admin, ZE P $7,641.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-CON-ZA PS Resident Storage Consultant, ZA P $30,372.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-CON-ZB PS Resident Storage Consultant, ZB P $25,209.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-CON-ZC PS Resident Storage Consultant, ZC P $20,046.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-CON-ZD PS Resident Storage Consultant, ZD P $17,008.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-CON-ZE PS Resident Storage Consultant, ZE P $13,667.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-ENG-ZA PS Resident Storage Engineer, ZA P $26,795.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-ENG-ZB PS Resident Storage Engineer, ZB P $22,240.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-ENG-ZC PS Resident Storage Engineer, ZC P $17,685.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-ENG-ZD PS Resident Storage Engineer, ZD P $15,005.00 MTHPS-RESIDENT-STG-ENG-ZE PS Resident Storage Engineer, ZE P $12,058.00 MTHPS-SITEACCESS-SCI Site Access,SCI Clearance required P $1,830.00 MTHPS-SITEACCESS-SECRET Site Access,Secret Clearance required P $915.00 MTHPS-SITEACCESS-TOPSECRET Site Access,TopSecret Clearance required P $1,375.00 MTHPS-SOW PS Custom Statement of Work P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-ASSESS Assessment Consulting Service P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-ASSESS-PERF Performance Consulting Service P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-E-SGRID-HEALTHCARE StorageGRID Healthcare Consulting, Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-HOMOG-DATA-MIGRATE Homogeneous Data Migration Consult, Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-IMPLEMENTATION Custom Implementation Project P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-IMPL-NETWORK Storage Implementation for SAN,Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-IMPL-STORAGE Storage Implementation,Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-MGMT-SW Management Software Consulting,Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-ASSESS-CMR cONTAP Readiness Assessment, Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-BR Backup/Recovery Consulting,Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-BUSAPPS Business App & Database Consulting,Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-CONSOL-VIRT Consolidate/Virtualization Consulting,Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-DR Disaster Recovery Consulting,Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-FILE-SVS File Services Consulting,Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-INSIGHT-APP Insight Assure,Perform,Plan Consult,Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-MICROSOFT Microsoft Consulting on NetApp,Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-MICROSOFT-EXCH Microsoft Exchange Consulting,Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-MICROSOFT-MOSS Microsoft SharePoint Consulting,Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-MICROSOFT-SQL Microsoft SQL Consulting,Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-MIGRATE Data Migration Consulting,Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-MIGRATE-CMR CMODE Ready Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-ORACLE Oracle Consulting on NetApp,Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-SANSCREEN SANscreen Consulting, Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-SAP SAP Consulting on NetApp,Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-SECURITY Storage Security Consulting, Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-SNAP-CREATOR Snap Creator Implementation Service P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-STORAGEGRID StorageGRID Consulting,Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-TECHAPPS Technical Applications Consulting, Custom P $1.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 17

PS-SOW-SOLUTION Solution Consulting,Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-SOL-WORKFLOW-ATMN Workflow Automation Consulting, Custom P $1.00 EAPS-SOW-WORKSHOP Transformation Workshop P $1.00 EAPS-TM-CONSLT-BLOCK-TE-ZA Cont Conslt Day >=20+TE, ZA Exp. 1yr. frm PO P SEE VPB TAB EAPS-TM-CONSLT-BLOCK-TE-ZB Cont Conslt Day >=20+TE, ZB Exp. 1yr. frm PO P SEE VPB TAB EAPS-TM-CONSLT-BLOCK-TE-ZC Cont Conslt Day >=20+TE, ZC Exp. 1yr. frm PO P SEE VPB TAB EAPS-TM-CONSLT-BLOCK-TE-ZD Cont Conslt Day >=20+TE, ZD Exp. 1yr. frm PO P SEE VPB TAB EAPS-TM-CONSLT-BLOCK-TE-ZE Cont Conslt Day >=20+TE, ZE Exp. 1yr. frm PO P SEE VPB TAB EAPS-TM-CONSLT-BLOCK-ZA Cont Conslt Day >=20, ZA Exp. 1yr. frm PO P SEE VPB TAB EAPS-TM-CONSLT-BLOCK-ZB Cont Conslt Day >=20, ZB Exp. 1yr. frm PO P SEE VPB TAB EAPS-TM-CONSLT-BLOCK-ZC Cont Conslt Day >=20, ZC Exp. 1yr. frm PO P SEE VPB TAB EAPS-TM-CONSLT-BLOCK-ZD Cont Conslt Day >=20, ZD Exp. 1yr. frm PO P SEE VPB TAB EAPS-TM-CONSLT-BLOCK-ZE Cont Conslt Day >=20, ZE Exp. 1yr. frm PO P SEE VPB TAB EAPS-TM-CONSULT-DAY-TE-ZA Consulting Day > 5 + TE, ZA Exp. 1yr. from PO P $3,375.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-DAY-TE-ZB Consulting Day > 5 + TE, ZB Exp. 1yr. from PO P $2,801.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-DAY-TE-ZC Consulting Day > 5 + TE, ZC Exp. 1yr. from PO P $2,228.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-DAY-TE-ZD Consulting Day > 5 + TE, ZD Exp. 1yr. from PO P $1,890.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-DAY-TE-ZE Consulting Day > 5 + TE, ZE Exp. 1yr. from PO P $1,519.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-DAY-ZA Consulting Day > 5, ZA Exp. 1yr. from PO P $2,700.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-DAY-ZB Consulting Day, ZB Exp. 1yr. from PO P $2,241.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-DAY-ZC Consulting Day, ZC Exp. 1yr. from PO P $1,782.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-DAY-ZD Consulting Day, ZD Exp. 1yr. from PO P $1,512.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-DAY-ZE Consulting Day > 5, ZE Exp. 1yr. from PO P $1,215.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-NB-DAY-ZA Consulting Day >5 NonBus,ZA Exp. 1yr. from PO P $4,050.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-NB-DAY-ZB Consulting Day >5 NonBus,ZB Exp. 1yr. from PO P $3,362.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-NB-DAY-ZC Consulting Day >5 NonBus,ZC Exp. 1yr. from PO P $2,673.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-NB-DAY-ZD Consulting Day >5 NonBus,ZD Exp. 1yr. from PO P $2,268.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-NB-DAY-ZE Consulting Day >5 NonBus,ZE Exp. 1yr. from PO P $1,823.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-NB-DY-TE-ZA Consulting Day+TE NonBus,ZA Exp. 1yr. from PO P $5,063.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-NB-DY-TE-ZB Consulting Day+TE NonBus,ZB Exp. 1yr. from PO P $4,202.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-NB-DY-TE-ZC Consulting Day+TE NonBus,ZC Exp. 1yr. from PO P $3,341.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-NB-DY-TE-ZD Consulting Day+TE NonBus,ZD Exp. 1yr. from PO P $2,835.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-NB-DY-TE-ZE Consulting Day+TE NonBus,ZE Exp. 1yr. from PO P $2,278.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-OCI-ZA PS OCI Consulting Day > 5, ZA Exp 1yr From PO P $2,700.00 EAPS-TM-CONSULT-OCI-ZB PS OCI Consulting Day > 5, ZB Exp 1yr From PO P $2,241.00 EAPS-TM-FED-CONSLT-HR PS Fed Std Hourly-Consultant,Exp.1yr from PO P SEE VPB TAB EAPS-TM-FED-ENGINEER-HR PS Fed Std Hourly-Engineer,Exp.1yr. From PO P SEE VPB TAB EAPS-TM-FED-PROJ-MGR-HR PS Fed Std Hourly-Project Mgr,Exp.1yr from PO P SEE VPB TAB EAPS-TMS-CNSLT-NONBUS-TE-ZA Prepaid <6 day+TE NB,PO Exp @ 1yr,no refund P $5,063.00 EAPS-TMS-CNSLT-NONBUS-TE-ZB Prepaid <6 day+TE NB,PO Exp @ 1yr,no refund P $4,202.00 EAPS-TMS-CNSLT-NONBUS-TE-ZC Prepaid <6 day+TE NB,PO Exp @ 1yr,no refund P $3,341.00 EAPS-TMS-CNSLT-NONBUS-TE-ZD Prepaid <6 day+TE NB,PO Exp @ 1yr,no refund P $2,835.00 EAPS-TMS-CNSLT-NONBUS-TE-ZE Prepaid <6 day+TE NB,PO Exp @ 1yr,no refund P $2,278.00 EAPS-TMS-CONSLT-DAY-TE-ZA Prepaid <6 day +TE, PO Exp at 1yr,no refund P $3,375.00 EAPS-TMS-CONSLT-DAY-TE-ZB Prepaid <6 day +TE, PO Exp at 1yr,no refund P $2,801.00 EAPS-TMS-CONSLT-DAY-TE-ZC Prepaid <6 day +TE, PO Exp at 1yr,no refund P $2,228.00 EAPS-TMS-CONSLT-DAY-TE-ZD Prepaid <6 day +TE, PO Exp at 1yr,no refund P $1,890.00 EAPS-TMS-CONSLT-DAY-TE-ZE Prepaid <6 day +TE, PO Exp at 1yr,no refund P $1,519.00 EAPS-TMS-CONSLT-DAY-ZA Prepaid <6 day,PO Exp at 1yr,no refund P $2,700.00 EAPS-TMS-CONSLT-DAY-ZB Prepaid <6 day,PO Exp at 1yr,no refund P $2,241.00 EAPS-TMS-CONSLT-DAY-ZC Prepaid <6 day,PO Exp at 1yr,no refund P $1,782.00 EAPS-TMS-CONSLT-DAY-ZD Prepaid <6 day,PO Exp at 1yr,no refund P $1,512.00 EAPS-TMS-CONSLT-DAY-ZE Prepaid <6 day,PO Exp at 1yr,no refund P $1,215.00 EAPS-TMS-CONSLT-NONBUS-ZA Prepaid <6 day NB,Exp 1yr PO date,no refund P $4,050.00 EAPS-TMS-CONSLT-NONBUS-ZB Prepaid <6 day NB,Exp 1yr PO date,no refund P $3,362.00 EAPS-TMS-CONSLT-NONBUS-ZC Prepaid <6 day NB,Exp 1yr PO date,no refund P $2,673.00 EAPS-TMS-CONSLT-NONBUS-ZD Prepaid <6 day NB,Exp 1yr PO date,no refund P $2,268.00 EAPS-TMS-CONSLT-NONBUS-ZE Prepaid <6 day NB,Exp 1yr PO date,no refund P $1,823.00 EAPS-TMS-CONSULT-OCI-ZA PS OCI Consulting Day <6, ZA Exp 1yr From PO P $2,700.00 EAPS-TMS-CONSULT-OCI-ZB PS OCI Consulting Day <6, ZB Exp 1yr From PO P $2,241.00 EAPS-USCITZ-INSTALL US Citizen required outside NA P $5,000.00 EAPWR-CORD-ARG Power Cable,SSX030 Argentina 1 Pair M $0.00 EAPWR-CORD-AUS Power Cable,SSX030 Australia/NZ 1 Pair M $0.00 EAPWR-CORD-BR Power Cable,SSX030 Brazil 1 Pair M $0.00 EAPWR-CORD-CH Power Cable,SSX030 China 1 Pair M $0.00 EAPWR-CORD-EU Power Cable,SSX030 Cont. Europe 1 Pair M $0.00 EAPWR-CORD-IND Power Cable,SSX030 India 1 Pair M $0.00 EAPWR-CORD-ISR Power Cable,SSX030 Israel 1 Pair M $0.00 EAPWR-CORD-ITA Power Cable,SSX030 Italy 1 Pair M $0.00 EAPWR-CORD-JPN Power Cable,SSX030 Japan 1 Pair M $0.00 EAPWR-CORD-KOR Power Cable,SSX030 Korea 1 Pair M $0.00 EAPWR-CORD-SW Power Cable,SSX030 Switzerland 1 Pair M $0.00 EAPWR-CORD-TAI Power Cable,SSX030 Taiwan 1 Pair M $0.00 EAPWR-CORD-UK Power Cable,SSX030 UK/colonies 1 Pair M $0.00 EAPWR-CORD-US Power Cable,SSX030 United States 1 Pair M $0.00 EAPWS-005 Power Supply,SS3030/SS2030 850W System M $595.00 EAPWS-006 Power Supply,SS3030/SS2030 580W Shelf M $995.00 EASFP-CSK-LR SFP,SteelStore Long Reach 1 Pair M $2,500.00 EASFP-CSK-SR SFP,SteelStore Short Reach 1 Pair M $1,500.00 EASHLF-EXP-KIT-R6 Kit,SHLF Expansion,Cables,Connectors,R6 M $885.00 EASVC-1-TIME-AGMT One Time Support Agreement S $2,000.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 18

SVC-BRCD-300-NBD HW Support,BRCD 300 ONLY,Parts Delivery,NBD S $9.00 MTHSVC-BRCD-5100-NBD HW Support,BRCD 5100 ONLY,Parts Delivery,NBD S $33.00 MTHSVC-BRCD-5300-NBD HW Support,BRCD 5300 ONLY,Parts Delivery,NBD S $75.00 MTHSVC-BRCD-ES-NBD HW Support,BRCD ES ONLY,Parts Delivery,NBD S $250.00 MTHSVC-ESA-NRD-PR Hardware Support,ESA,NRD,Value T $1,000.00 EASVC-ESA-NRD-TRA Hardware Support,ESA,NRD,Traditional S $1,000.00 EASVC-ESA-NRD-VEL Hardware Support,ESA,NRD,Velocity S $1,000.00 EASVC-ESA-PR Hardware Support,ESA,Value T $1,000.00 EASVC-ESA-TRA Hardware Support,ESA,Traditional S $1,000.00 EASVC-ESA-VEL Hardware Support,ESA,Velocity S $1,000.00 EASVC-INST-ESA-PR Install,ESA,Value T $1,000.00 EASVC-INST-ESA-TRA Install,ESA,Traditional S $1,000.00 EASVC-INST-ESA-VEL Install,ESA,Velocity S $1,000.00 EASVC-INSTVN-COMPLIANCE Retention Manager Install C $8,000.00 EASVC-INSTVN-DESKTOP Desktop Connector Install C $8,000.00 EASVC-MNT-GLD-WWS-1002 Support,SS3030 Shelf Gold T $327.00 MTHSVC-MNT-GPL-WWS-1002 Support,SS3030 Shelf Gold Plus T $560.00 MTHSVC-MNT-PLT-WWS-1002 Support,SS3030 Shelf Platinum T $747.00 MTHSVC-PS-STORAUD2-P-R Choice Storage Audit Service-Semi-Annual R1 $42.00 EASVC-PS-STORAUD4-P-R Choice Storage Audit Service-Quarterly R1 $83.00 EASVC-SA-ENGSP-075-SYS SA Services,English Spk,1-75 Systems P $4,016.00 MTHSVC-SA-ENGSP-150-SYS SA Services,English Spk,1-150 Systems P $8,032.00 MTHSVC-SA-ENGSP-150-UP-075 SA Services,English Spk,76-150 Sys,Up frm 75 P $4,016.00 MTHSVC-SA-ENGSP-300-SYS SA Services,English Spk,1-300 Systems P $11,474.00 MTHSVC-SA-ENGSP-300-UP-075 SA Services,English Spk,76-300 Sys,Up frm 75 P $7,458.00 MTHSVC-SA-ENGSP-300-UP-150 SA Services,English Spk,151-300 Sys,Up frm150 P $3,442.00 MTHSVC-SA-ENGSP-400-SYS SA Services,English Spk,1-400 Sys-Dedicated P $14,342.00 MTHSVC-SA-ENGSP-DED-UP-075 SA Svcs,English Spk,76-400 Sys-Ded,Up frm 75 P $10,326.00 MTHSVC-SA-ENGSP-DED-UP-150 SA Svcs,English Spk,151-400 Sys-Ded,Up frm150 P $6,310.00 MTHSVC-SA-ENGSP-DED-UP-300 SA Svcs,English Spk,301-400 Sys-Ded,Up frm300 P $2,868.00 MTHSVC-SAM-AMER-075-SYS SAM Services,Americas,1-75 Systems P $7,526.00 MTHSVC-SAM-AMER-150-SYS SAM Services,Americas,1-150 Systems P $15,054.00 MTHSVC-SAM-AMER-150-UP-075 SAM Services,Americas,76-150 Sys,Up frm 75 P $7,526.00 MTHSVC-SAM-AMER-300-SYS SAM Services,Americas,1-300 Systems P $21,506.00 MTHSVC-SAM-AMER-300-UP-075 SAM Services,Americas,76-300 Sys,Up frm 75 P $13,978.00 MTHSVC-SAM-AMER-300-UP-150 SAM Services,Americas,151-300 Sys,Up frm 150 P $6,452.00 MTHSVC-SAM-AMER-400-SYS SAM Services,Americas,1-400 Systems-Dedicated P $26,882.00 MTHSVC-SAM-AMER-DED-UP-075 SAM Svcs,Americas,76-400 Sys-Ded,Up frm 75 P $19,356.00 MTHSVC-SAM-AMER-DED-UP-150 SAM Svcs,Americas,151-400 Sys-Ded,Up frm 150 P $11,828.00 MTHSVC-SAM-AMER-DED-UP-300 SAM Svcs,Americas,301-400 Sys-Ded,Up frm 300 P $5,376.00 MTHSVC-SAM-APAC-075-SYS SAM Services,APAC Based,1-75 Systems P $6,804.00 MTHSVC-SAM-APAC-150-SYS SAM Services,APAC Based,1-150 Systems P $13,606.00 MTHSVC-SAM-APAC-150-UP-075 SAM Services,APAC Based,76-150 Sys,Up frm 75 P $6,804.00 MTHSVC-SAM-APAC-300-SYS SAM Services,APAC Based,1-300 Systems P $19,438.00 MTHSVC-SAM-APAC-300-UP-075 SAM Services,APAC Based,76-300 Sys,Up frm 75 P $12,636.00 MTHSVC-SAM-APAC-300-UP-150 SAM Services,APAC Based,151-300 Sys,Up frm150 P $5,832.00 MTHSVC-SAM-APAC-400-SYS SAM Services,APAC Based,1-400 Sys-Dedicated P $24,298.00 MTHSVC-SAM-APAC-DED-UP-075 SAM Svcs,APAC Based,76-400 Sys-Ded,Up frm 75 P $17,494.00 MTHSVC-SAM-APAC-DED-UP-150 SAM Svcs,APAC Based,151-400 Sys-Ded,Up frm150 P $10,692.00 MTHSVC-SAM-APAC-DED-UP-300 SAM Svcs,APAC Based,301-400 Sys-Ded,Up frm300 P $4,860.00 MTHSVC-SAM-EMEA-075-SYS SAM Services,EMEA Based,1-75 Systems P $6,544.00 MTHSVC-SAM-EMEA-150-SYS SAM Services,EMEA Based,1-150 Systems P $13,090.00 MTHSVC-SAM-EMEA-150-UP-075 SAM Services,EMEA Based,76-150 Sys,Up frm 75 P $6,544.00 MTHSVC-SAM-EMEA-300-SYS SAM Services,EMEA Based,1-300 Systems P $18,700.00 MTHSVC-SAM-EMEA-300-UP-075 SAM Services,EMEA Based,76-300 Sys,Up frm 75 P $12,154.00 MTHSVC-SAM-EMEA-300-UP-150 SAM Services,EMEA Based,151-300 Sys,Up frm150 P $5,610.00 MTHSVC-SAM-EMEA-400-SYS SAM Services,EMEA Based,1-400 Sys-Dedicated P $23,374.00 MTHSVC-SAM-EMEA-DED-UP-075 SAM Svcs,EMEA Based,76-400 Sys-Ded,Upg frm 75 P $16,830.00 MTHSVC-SAM-EMEA-DED-UP-150 SAM Svcs,EMEA Based,151-400 Sys-Ded,Up frm150 P $10,284.00 MTHSVC-SAM-EMEA-DED-UP-300 SAM Svcs,EMEA Based,151-400 Sys-Ded,Up frm300 P $4,674.00 MTHSVC-SAM-IN-CH-075-SYS SAM Services,India-China,1-75 Systems P $5,180.00 MTHSVC-SAM-IN-CH-150-SYS SAM Services,India-China,1-150 Systems P $10,360.00 MTHSVC-SAM-IN-CH-150-UP-075 SAM Services,India-Ch,76-150 Sys,Up frm 75 P $5,180.00 MTHSVC-SAM-IN-CH-300-SYS SAM Services,India-China,1-300 Systems P $14,800.00 MTHSVC-SAM-IN-CH-300-UP-075 SAM Services,India-Ch,76-300 Sys,Up frm 75 P $9,620.00 MTHSVC-SAM-IN-CH-300-UP-150 SAM Services,India-Ch,151-300 Sys,Up frm 150 P $4,440.00 MTHSVC-SAM-IN-CH-400-SYS SAM Services,India-China,1-400 Sys-Dedicated P $18,500.00 MTHSVC-SAM-IN-CH-DED-UP-075 SAM Svcs,India-Ch,76-400 Sys-Ded,Up frm 75 P $13,320.00 MTHSVC-SAM-IN-CH-DED-UP-150 SAM Svcs,India-Ch,151-400 Sys-Ded,Up frm 150 P $8,140.00 MTHSVC-SAM-IN-CH-DED-UP-300 SAM Svcs,India-Ch,301-400 Sys-Ded,Up frm 300 P $3,700.00 MTHSVC-SAM-SECCLR-300-SYS SAM Services,Sec Cleared,1-300 Systems P $24,194.00 MTHSVC-SAM-SECCLR-400-SYS SAM Services,Sec Cleared,1-400 Sys-Dedicated P $30,244.00 MTHSVC-SAM-SECCLR-DED-UP-300 SAM Svcs,Sec Cleared,301-400 Sys-Ded,Up fm300 P $6,048.00 MTHSVC-SAM-USCUSS-075-SYS SAM Services,US Citizen,1-75 Systems P $7,970.00 MTHSVC-SAM-USCUSS-150-SYS SAM Services,US Citizen,1-150 Systems P $15,940.00 MTHSVC-SAM-USCUSS-150-UP-075 SAM Services,US Citizen,76-150 Sys,Up frm 75 P $7,970.00 MTHSVC-SAM-USCUSS-300-SYS SAM Services,US Citizen,1-300 Systems P $22,772.00 MTHSVC-SAM-USCUSS-300-UP-075 SAM Services,US Citizen,76-300 Sys,Up frm 75 P $14,802.00 MTHSVC-SAM-USCUSS-300-UP-150 SAM Services,US Citizen,151-300 Sys,Up frm150 P $6,832.00 MTHSVC-SAM-USCUSS-400-SYS SAM Services,US Citizen,1-400 Sys-Dedicated P $28,464.00 MTHSVC-SAM-USCUSS-DED-UP-075 SAM Svcs,US Citizen,76-400 Sys-Ded,Up frm 75 P $20,494.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 19

SVC-SAM-USCUSS-DED-UP-150 SAM Svcs,US Citizen,151-400 Sys-Ded,Up frm150 P $12,524.00 MTHSVC-SAM-USCUSS-DED-UP-300 SAM Svcs,US Citizen,301-400 Sys-Ded,Up frm300 P $5,692.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-4OS-1 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 1Yr 4HR Onsite C $85.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-4OS-2 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 2Yr 4HR Onsite C $81.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-4OS-3 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 3Yr 4HR Onsite C $78.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-4OS-4 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 4Yr 4HR Onsite C $77.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-4OS-5 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 5Yr 4HR Onsite C $76.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-4P-1 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 1Yr 4HR Parts C $55.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-4P-2 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 2Yr 4HR Parts C $53.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-4P-3 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 3Yr 4HR Parts C $51.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-4P-4 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 4Yr 4HR Parts C $50.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-4P-5 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 5Yr 4HR Parts C $49.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-4OS-1 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 1Yr 4HR Onsite C $319.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-4OS-2 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 2Yr 4HR Onsite C $303.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-4OS-3 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 3Yr 4HR Onsite C $293.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-4OS-4 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 4Yr 4HR Onsite C $287.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-4OS-5 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 5Yr 4HR Onsite C $284.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-4P-1 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 1Yr 4HR Parts C $207.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-4P-2 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 2Yr 4HR Parts C $197.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-4P-3 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 3Yr 4HR Parts C $190.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-4P-4 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 4Yr 4HR Parts C $187.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-4P-5 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 5Yr 4HR Parts C $185.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-NDO-1 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 1Yr NBD Onsite C $239.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-NDO-2 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 2Yr NBD Onsite C $227.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-NDO-3 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 3Yr NBD Onsite C $219.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-NDO-4 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 4Yr NBD Onsite C $215.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-NDO-5 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 5Yr NBD Onsite C $213.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-NDP-1 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 1Yr NBD Parts C $176.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-NDP-2 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 2Yr NBD Parts C $167.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-NDP-3 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 3Yr NBD Parts C $161.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-NDP-4 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 4Yr NBD Parts C $158.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-NDP-5 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 5Yr NBD Parts C $156.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-RTF-1 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 1Yr RTF C $149.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-RTF-2 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 2Yr RTF C $142.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-RTF-3 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 3Yr RTF C $137.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-RTF-4 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 4Yr RTF C $134.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800F-RTF-5 Service,Brocade 7800 22-Port 5Yr RTF C $133.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-NDO-1 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 1Yr NBD Onsite C $64.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-NDO-2 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 2Yr NBD Onsite C $61.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-NDO-3 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 3Yr NBD Onsite C $59.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-NDO-4 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 4Yr NBD Onsite C $58.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-NDO-5 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 5Yr NBD Onsite C $57.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-NDP-1 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 1Yr NBD Parts C $47.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-NDP-2 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 2Yr NBD Parts C $45.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-NDP-3 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 3Yr NBD Parts C $43.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-NDP-4 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 4Yr NBD Parts C $42.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-NDP-5 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 5Yr NBD Parts C $42.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-RTF-1 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 1Yr RTF C $40.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-RTF-2 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 2Yr RTF C $38.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-RTF-3 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 3Yr RTF C $37.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-RTF-4 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 4Yr RTF C $36.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800-RTF-5 Service,Brocade 7800 6-Port 5Yr RTF C $36.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-4OS-1 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 1Yr 4HR Onsite C $278.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-4OS-2 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 2Yr 4HR Onsite C $264.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-4OS-3 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 3Yr 4HR Onsite C $254.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-4OS-4 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 4Yr 4HR Onsite C $250.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-4OS-5 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 5Yr 4HR Onsite C $247.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-4P-1 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 1Yr 4HR Parts C $180.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-4P-2 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 2Yr 4HR Parts C $171.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-4P-3 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 3Yr 4HR Parts C $165.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-4P-4 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 4Yr 4HR Parts C $162.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-4P-5 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 5Yr 4HR Parts C $161.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-NDO-1 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 1Yr NBD Onsite C $208.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-NDO-2 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 2Yr NBD Onsite C $198.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-NDO-3 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 3Yr NBD Onsite C $191.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-NDO-4 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 4Yr NBD Onsite C $187.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-NDO-5 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 5Yr NBD Onsite C $185.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-NDP-1 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 1Yr NBD Parts C $153.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-NDP-2 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 2Yr NBD Parts C $145.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-NDP-3 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 3Yr NBD Parts C $140.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-NDP-4 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 4Yr NBD Parts C $137.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-NDP-5 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 5Yr NBD Parts C $136.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-RTF-1 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 1Yr RTF C $130.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-RTF-2 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 2Yr RTF C $123.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-RTF-3 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 3Yr RTF C $119.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-RTF-4 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 4Yr RTF C $117.00 MTHSVCVN-BRCD-7800UG-RTF-5 Service,Brocade 7800 POD UG 5Yr RTF C $116.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-128POSM Service,Cisco N56128P OSM Onsite 8x5xNBD C $215.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-2232T8FE Service,Cisco 2232T8F-E Onsite 8x5xNBD C $24.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-2232TFE Service,Cisco 2232TF-E Onsite 8x5xNBD C $24.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-2232TME Service,Cisco 2232TM-E Onsite 8x5xNBD C $24.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 20

SVCVN-CON-OS-2248EFA Service,Cisco 2248EFA Onsite 8x5xNBD C $27.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-2348PQ12 Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Onsite 8x5xNBD C $25.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-2348PQ4F Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Onsite 8x5xNBD C $25.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-2348PQ8F Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Onsite 8x5xNBD C $25.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-2348PQBA Service,Cisco 2348UPQ-BA Onsite 8x5xNBD C $25.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-2348PQFA Service,Cisco 2348UPQ-FA Onsite 8x5xNBD C $25.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-2496K Cisco HW Svc,24-Port 8G FC,Onsite 8x5xNBD C $126.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-3256K Service,Cisco X9232-256K9 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $196.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-4256K Service,Cisco X9248-256K9 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $230.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-4848K Cisco HW Svc,95XX 4/44 8G FC,Onsite 8x5xNBD C $127.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-4896K Cisco HW Svc,48-Port 8G FC,Onsite 8x5xNBD C $187.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-48PQ10G Service,Cisco 2248PQ Onsite 8x5xNBD C $32.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-5596UPFC Service,Cisco N5596UP-B-FC48 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $235.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-56128P Service,Cisco N56128P Onsite 8x5xNBD C $215.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-5672UP Service,Cisco 5672UP Onsite 8x5xNBD C $185.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-72UPOSM Service,Cisco 5672UPOSM Onsite 8x5xNBD C $185.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-9016F Service,Cisco X1590 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $81.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-9032F Service,Cisco X1591 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $136.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-9316K Cisco,HW Svc,Onsite 8x5xNBD,SSN-16 C $211.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-9506U Service,Cisco C9506-2AK9 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $32.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-9509U Service,Cisco C9509-2AK9 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $44.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-9513U Service,Cisco C9513-3AK9 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $59.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-9530S Service,Cisco X1589 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $78.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-9530TA Service,Cisco X9530-SF2AK9 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $79.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-9530TA-2 Service,Cisco X9530-SF2AK9-2 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $79.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-954AK Service,Cisco C9513-4AK9 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $59.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-9748P Service,Cisco DS-X9448-768K9 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $246.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-976FA1 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $15.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-976FA1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-2 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $15.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-976FA1-3 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-3 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $15.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-976FA1-4 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-4 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $15.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-976FA1-5 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-5 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $15.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-976FA1-6 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-6 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $15.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-97FA1 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $60.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-97FA1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-2 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $60.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-97FA1-3 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-3 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $60.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-97FA1-4 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-4 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $60.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-97FA1-5 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-5 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $60.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-97FA1-6 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-6 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $60.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-97OE Service,Cisco 97FCoE/97OE Onsite 8x5xNBD C $313.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-97OEB Service,Cisco 97FCoE/97OEB Onsite 8x5xNBD C $313.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-97SU1 Service,Cisco DS-X97-SUP1 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $91.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-97SU1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X97-SUP1-2 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $91.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-C2248TFE Service,Cisco 2248TF-E Onsite 8x5xNBD C $0.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-C2248TPE Service,Cisco 2248TP-E Onsite 8x5xNBD C $0.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-C2348UPQ Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Onsite 8x5xNBD C $25.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-C34 Cisco HW Svc,9134,Base,Onsite 8x5xNBD C $85.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-C341 Cisco HW Svc,9134,32P,Onsite 8x5xNBD C $115.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-C341G Cisco HW Svc,9134,64P,Onsite 8x5xNBD C $118.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-C48S Service,Cisco MDS9148S C48S Onsite 8x5xNBD C $32.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-C5548UP Service,Cisco N5548UP-FA Onsite 8x5xNBD C $132.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-C5548UPSM Service,Cisco N5548UP-OSM Onsite 8x5xNBD C $230.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-C5596T Service,Cisco N5596T-FA Onsite 8x5xNBD C $231.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-C5596UP Service,Cisco N5596-FA Onsite 8x5xNBD C $184.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-C5596UPSM Service,Cisco N5596UP-OSM Onsite 8x5xNBD C $382.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-C6004Q Service,Cisco N6004-96Q Onsite 8x5xNBD C $1,032.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-C9250 Service,Cisco C9250 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $249.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-C9348E Service,Cisco MDS 9396S 48-Pt Onsite 8x5xNBD C $136.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-C9396E Service,Cisco MDS 9396S 96-Pt Onsite 8x5xNBD C $136.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-C9513 Cisco HW Svc,DS C9513 3K9,Onsite 8x5xNBD C $59.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-C9706 Service,Cisco C9706 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $66.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-C9710 Service,Cisco DS-C9710 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $113.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-128POSM Service,Cisco N56128P OSM Onsite 8x5x4hr C $311.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-2232T8FE Service,Cisco 2232T8F-E Onsite 8x5x4hr C $34.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-2232TFE Service,Cisco 2232TF-E Onsite 8x5x4hr C $34.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-2232TME Service,Cisco 2232TM-E Onsite 8x5x4hr C $34.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-2248EFA Service,Cisco 2248EFA Onsite 8x5x4hr C $38.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-2348PQ12 Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Onsite 8x5x4hr C $36.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-2348PQ4F Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Onsite 8x5x4hr C $36.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-2348PQ8F Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Onsite 8x5x4hr C $36.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-2348PQBA Service,Cisco 2348UPQ-BA Onsite 8x5x4hr C $36.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-2348PQFA Service,Cisco 2348UPQ-FA Onsite 8x5x4hr C $36.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-2496K Cisco HW Svc,24-Port 8G FC,Onsite 8x5x4hr C $184.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-3256K Service,Cisco X9232-256K9 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $284.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-4256K Service,Cisco X9248-256K9 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $335.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-4848K Cisco HW Svc,95XX 4/44 8G FC,Onsite 8x5x4hr C $185.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-4896K Cisco HW Svc,48-Port 8G FC,Onsite 8x5x4hr C $272.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-48PQ10G Service,Cisco 2248PQ Onsite 8x5x4hr C $46.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-5596UPFC Service,Cisco N5596UP-B-FC48 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $341.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-56128P Service,Cisco N56128P Onsite 8x5x4hr C $311.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-5672UP Service,Cisco 5672UP Onsite 8x5x4hr C $268.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 21

SVCVN-CON-OSE-72UPOSM Service,Cisco 5672UPOSM Onsite 8x5x4hr C $268.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-9016F Service,Cisco X1590 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $119.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-9032F Service,Cisco X1591 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $198.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-9316K Cisco,HW Svc,Onsite 8x5x4hr,SSN-16 C $307.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-9506U Service,Cisco C9506-2AK9 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $47.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-9509U Service,Cisco C9509-2AK9 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $64.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-9513U Service,Cisco C9513-3AK9 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $86.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-9530S Service,Cisco X1589 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $114.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-9530TA Service,Cisco X9530-SF2AK9 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $115.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-9530TA-2 Service,Cisco X9530-SF2AK9-2 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $115.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-954AK Service,Cisco C9513-4AK9 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $86.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-9748P Service,Cisco DS-X9448-768K9 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $356.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-976FA1 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $22.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-976FA1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-2 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $22.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-976FA1-3 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-3 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $22.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-976FA1-4 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-4 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $22.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-976FA1-5 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-5 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $22.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-976FA1-6 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-6 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $22.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-97FA1 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $87.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-97FA1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-2 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $87.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-97FA1-3 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-3 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $87.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-97FA1-4 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-4 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $87.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-97FA1-5 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-5 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $87.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-97FA1-6 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-6 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $87.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-97OE Service,Cisco 97FCoE/97OE Onsite 8x5x4hr C $454.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-97OEB Service,Cisco 97FCoE/97OEB Onsite 8x5x4hr C $454.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-97SU1 Service,Cisco DS-X97-SUP1 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $132.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-97SU1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X97-SUP1-2 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $132.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-C2248TFE Service,Cisco 2248TF-E Onsite 8x5x4hr C $0.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-C2248TPE Service,Cisco 2248TP-E Onsite 8x5x4hr C $0.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-C2348UPQ Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Onsite 8x5x4hr C $36.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-C34 Cisco HW Svc,9134,Base,Onsite 8x5x4hr C $124.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-C341 Cisco HW Svc,9134,32P,Onsite 8x5x4hr C $167.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-C341G Cisco HW Svc,9134,64P,Onsite 8x5x4hr C $171.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-C48S Service,Cisco MDS9148S C48S Onsite 8x5x4hr C $46.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-C5548UP Service,Cisco N5548UP-FA Onsite 8x5x4hr C $192.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-C5548UPSM Service,Cisco N5548UP-OSM Onsite 8x5x4hr C $333.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-C5596T Service,Cisco N5596T-FA Onsite 8x5x4hr C $335.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-C5596UP Service,Cisco N5596-FA Onsite 8x5x4hr C $267.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-C5596UPSM Service,Cisco N5596UP-OSM Onsite 8x5x4hr C $554.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-C6004Q Service,Cisco N6004-96Q Onsite 8x5x4hr C $1,496.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-C9250 Service,Cisco C9250 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $360.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-C9348E Service,Cisco MDS 9396S 48-Pt Onsite 8x5x4hr C $197.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-C9396E Service,Cisco MDS 9396S 96-Pt Onsite 8x5x4hr C $197.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-C9513 Cisco HW Svc,DS C9513 3K9,Onsite 8x5x4hr C $86.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-C9706 Service,Cisco C9706 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $96.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-C9710 Service,Cisco DS-C9710 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $164.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-N2148 Cisco Onsite 8x5x4hr,N2148T C $38.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-N2224F1G Service,Cisco 2224TF Onsite 8x5x4hr C $27.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-N2224P1G Service,Cisco 2224TP Onsite 8x5x4hr C $27.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-N2232P Service,Cisco 2232 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $38.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-N2232TF Service,Cisco 2232TF Onsite 8x5x4hr C $44.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-N2232TM Service,Cisco 2232TM Onsite 8x5x4hr C $44.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-N2248T Service,Cisco 2248 Onsite 8x5x4hr C $34.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-N5010 Cisco Onsite 8x5x4hr,5010 C $266.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-N501S Cisco,5010 w/FCoE,Onsite 8x5x4hr C $497.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-N5020 Cisco Onsite 8x5x4hr,5020 C $532.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-N5020S Cisco Onsite 8x5x4hr,5020 w/FCoE C $977.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSE-N61P64 Service,Cisco C6001-64P Onsite 8x5x4hr C $242.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-N2148 Cisco Onsite 8x5xNBD,N2148T C $26.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-N2224F1G Service,Cisco 2224TF Onsite 8x5xNBD C $19.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-N2224P1G Service,Cisco 2224TP Onsite 8x5xNBD C $19.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-N2232P Service,Cisco 2232 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $27.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-N2232TF Service,Cisco 2232TF Onsite 8x5xNBD C $30.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-N2232TM Service,Cisco 2232TM Onsite 8x5xNBD C $30.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-N2248T Service,Cisco 2248 Onsite 8x5xNBD C $24.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-N5010 Cisco Onsite 8x5xNBD,5010 C $184.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-N501S Cisco,5010 w/FCoE,Onsite 8x5xNBD C $343.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-N5020 Cisco Onsite 8x5xNBD,5020 C $367.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-N5020S Cisco Onsite 8x5xNBD,5020 w/FCoE C $674.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OS-N61P64 Service,Cisco C6001-64P Onsite 8x5xNBD C $167.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-128POSM Service,Cisco N56128P OSM Onsite 24x7x4hr C $344.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-2232T8FE Service,Cisco 2232T8F-E Onsite 24x7x4hr C $38.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-2232TFE Service,Cisco 2232TF-E Onsite 24x7x4hr C $38.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-2232TME Service,Cisco 2232TM-E Onsite 24x7x4hr C $38.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-2248EFA Service,Cisco 2248EFA Onsite 24x7x4hr C $42.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-2348PQ12 Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Onsite 24x7x4hr C $40.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-2348PQ4F Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Onsite 24x7x4hr C $40.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-2348PQ8F Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Onsite 24x7x4hr C $40.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-2348PQBA Service,Cisco 2348UPQ-BA Onsite 24x7x4hr C $40.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-2348PQFA Service,Cisco 2348UPQ-FA Onsite 24x7x4hr C $40.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 22

SVCVN-CON-OSP-2496K Cisco HW Svc,24-Port 8G FC,Onsite 24x7x4hr C $202.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-3256K Service,Cisco X9232-256K9 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $313.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-4256K Service,Cisco X9248-256K9 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $368.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-4848K Cisco HW Svc,95XX 4/44 8G FC,Onsite 24x7x4hr C $203.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-4896K Cisco HW Svc,48-Port 8G FC,Onsite 24x7x4hr C $299.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-48PQ10G Service,Cisco 2248PQ Onsite 24x7x4hr C $50.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-5596UPFC Service,Cisco N5596UP-B-FC48 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $376.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-56128P Service,Cisco N56128P Onsite 24x7x4hr C $344.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-5672UP Service,Cisco 5672UP Onsite 24x7x4hr C $296.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-72UPOSM Service,Cisco 5672UPOSM Onsite 24x7x4hr C $296.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-9016F Service,Cisco X1590 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $131.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-9032F Service,Cisco X1591 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $218.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-9316K Cisco,HW Svc,Onsite 24x7x4hr,SSN-16 C $337.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-9506U Service,Cisco C9506-2AK9 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $52.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-9509U Service,Cisco C9509-2AK9 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $70.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-9513U Service,Cisco C9513-3AK9 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $94.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-9530S Service,Cisco X1589 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $125.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-9530TA Service,Cisco X9530-SF2AK9 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $126.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-9530TA-2 Service,Cisco X9530-SF2AK9-2 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $126.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-954AK Service,Cisco C9513-4AK9 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $95.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-9748P Service,Cisco DS-X9448-768K9 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $393.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-976FA1 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $24.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-976FA1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-2 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $24.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-976FA1-3 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-3 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $24.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-976FA1-4 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-4 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $24.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-976FA1-5 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-5 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $24.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-976FA1-6 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-6 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $24.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-97FA1 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $96.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-97FA1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-2 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $96.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-97FA1-3 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-3 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $96.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-97FA1-4 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-4 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $96.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-97FA1-5 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-5 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $96.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-97FA1-6 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-6 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $96.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-97OE Service,Cisco 97FCoE/97OE Onsite 24x7x4hr C $500.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-97OEB Service,Cisco 97FCoE/97OEB Onsite 24x7x4hr C $500.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-97SU1 Service,Cisco DS-X97-SUP1 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $145.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-97SU1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X97-SUP1-2 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $145.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-C2248TFE Service,Cisco 2248TF-E Onsite 24x7x4hr C $0.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-C2248TPE Service,Cisco 2248TP-E Onsite 24x7x4hr C $0.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-C2348UPQ Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Onsite 24x7x4hr C $40.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-C34 Cisco HW Svc,9134,Base,Onsite 24x7x4hr C $137.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-C341 Cisco HW Svc,9134,32P,Onsite 24x7x4hr C $184.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-C341G Cisco HW Svc,9134,64P,Onsite 24x7x4hr C $188.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-C48S Service,Cisco MDS9148S C48S Onsite 24x7x4hr C $51.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-C5548UP Service,Cisco N5548UP-FA Onsite 24x7x4hr C $211.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-C5548UPSM Service,Cisco N5548UP-OSM Onsite 24x7x4hr C $367.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-C5596T Service,Cisco N5596T-FA Onsite 24x7x4hr C $370.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-C5596UP Service,Cisco N5596-FA Onsite 24x7x4hr C $295.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-C5596UPSM Service,Cisco N5596UP-OSM Onsite 24x7x4hr C $611.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-C6004Q Service,Cisco N6004-96Q Onsite 24x7x4hr C $1,650.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-C9250 Service,Cisco C9250 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $398.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-C9348E Service,Cisco MDS 9396S 48-Pt Onsite 24x7x4hr C $217.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-C9396E Service,Cisco MDS 9396S 96-Pt Onsite 24x7x4hr C $217.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-C9513 Cisco HW Svc,DS C9513 3K9,Onsite 24x7x4hr C $94.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-C9706 Service,Cisco C9706 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $105.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-C9710 Service,Cisco DS-C9710 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $181.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-N2148 Cisco Onsite 24x7x4hr,N2148T C $42.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-N2224F1G Service,Cisco 2224TF Onsite 24x7x4hr C $30.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-N2224P1G Service,Cisco 2224TP Onsite 24x7x4hr C $30.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-N2232P Service,Cisco 2232 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $42.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-N2232TF Service,Cisco 2232TF Onsite 24x7x4hr C $48.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-N2232TM Service,Cisco 2232TM Onsite 24x7x4hr C $48.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-N2248T Service,Cisco 2248 Onsite 24x7x4hr C $38.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-N5010 Cisco Onsite 24x7x4hr,5010 C $294.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-N501S Cisco,5010 w/FCoE,Onsite 24x7x4hr C $548.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-N5020 Cisco Onsite 24x7x4hr,5020 C $587.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-N5020S Cisco Onsite 24x7x4hr,5020 w/FCoE C $1,078.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-OSP-N61P64 Service,Cisco C6001-64P Onsite 24x7x4hr C $267.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-128POSM Service,Cisco N56128P OSM Onsite 24x7x2hr C $429.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-2232T8FE Service,Cisco 2232T8F-E Onsite 24x7x2hr C $47.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-2232TFE Service,Cisco 2232TF-E Onsite 24x7x2hr C $47.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-2232TME Service,Cisco 2232TM-E Onsite 24x7x2hr C $47.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-2248EFA Service,Cisco 2248EFA Onsite 24x7x2hr C $53.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-2348PQ12 Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Onsite 24x7x2hr C $50.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-2348PQ4F Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Onsite 24x7x2hr C $50.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-2348PQ8F Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Onsite 24x7x2hr C $50.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-2348PQBA Service,Cisco 2348UPQ-BA Onsite 24x7x2hr C $50.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-2348PQFA Service,Cisco 2348UPQ-FA Onsite 24x7x2hr C $50.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-2496K Cisco HW Svc,24-Port 8G FC,Onsite 24x7x2hr C $260.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-3256K Service,Cisco X9232-256K9 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $401.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-4256K Service,Cisco X9248-256K9 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $473.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 23

SVCVN-CON-PREM-4848K Cisco HW Svc,95XX 4/44 8G FC,Onsite 24x7x2hr C $261.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-4896K Cisco HW Svc,48-Port 8G FC,Onsite 24x7x2hr C $384.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-48PQ10G Service,Cisco 2248PQ Onsite 24x7x2hr C $63.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-5596UPFC Service,Cisco N5596UP-B-FC48 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $470.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-56128P Service,Cisco N56128P Onsite 24x7x2hr C $429.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-5672UP Service,Cisco 5672UP Onsite 24x7x2hr C $370.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-72UPOSM Service,Cisco 5672UPOSM Onsite 24x7x2hr C $370.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-9016F Service,Cisco X1590 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $168.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-9032F Service,Cisco X1591 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $280.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-9316K Cisco,HW Svc,Onsite 24x7x2hr,SSN-16 C $433.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-9506U Service,Cisco C9506-2AK9 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $67.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-9509U Service,Cisco C9509-2AK9 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $90.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-9513U Service,Cisco C9513-3AK9 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $121.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-9530S Service,Cisco X1589 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $161.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-9530TA Service,Cisco X9530-SF2AK9 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $162.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-9530TA-2 Service,Cisco X9530-SF2AK9-2 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $162.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-954AK Service,Cisco C9513-4AK9 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $122.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-9748P Service,Cisco DS-X9448-768K9 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $491.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-976FA1 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $31.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-976FA1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-2 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $31.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-976FA1-3 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-3 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $31.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-976FA1-4 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-4 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $31.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-976FA1-5 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-5 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $31.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-976FA1-6 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-6 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $31.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-97FA1 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $120.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-97FA1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-2 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $120.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-97FA1-3 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-3 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $120.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-97FA1-4 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-4 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $120.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-97FA1-5 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-5 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $120.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-97FA1-6 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-6 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $120.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-97OE Service,Cisco 97FCoE/97OE Onsite 24x7x2hr C $625.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-97OEB Service,Cisco 97FCoE/97OEB Onsite 24x7x2hr C $625.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-97SU1 Service,Cisco DS-X97-SUP1 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $181.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-97SU1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X97-SUP1-2 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $181.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-C2248TFE Service,Cisco 2248TF-E Onsite 24x7x2hr C $0.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-C2248TPE Service,Cisco 2248TP-E Onsite 24x7x2hr C $0.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-C2348UPQ Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Onsite 24x7x2hr C $50.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-C34 Cisco HW Svc,9134,Base,Onsite 24x7x2hr C $176.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-C341 Cisco HW Svc,9134,32P,Onsite 24x7x2hr C $236.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-C341G Cisco HW Svc,9134,64P,Onsite 24x7x2hr C $242.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-C48S Service,Cisco MDS9148S C48S Onsite 24x7x2hr C $65.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-C5548UP Service,Cisco N5548UP-FA Onsite 24x7x2hr C $264.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-C5548UPSM Service,Cisco N5548UP-OSM Onsite 24x7x2hr C $459.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-C5596T Service,Cisco N5596T-FA Onsite 24x7x2hr C $462.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-C5596UP Service,Cisco N5596-FA Onsite 24x7x2hr C $368.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-C5596UPSM Service,Cisco N5596UP-OSM Onsite 24x7x2hr C $764.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-C6004Q Service,Cisco N6004-96Q Onsite 24x7x2hr C $2,063.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-C9250 Service,Cisco C9250 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $497.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-C9348E Service,Cisco MDS 9396S 48-Pt Onsite 24x7x2hr C $278.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-C9396E Service,Cisco MDS 9396S 96-Pt Onsite 24x7x2hr C $278.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-C9513 Cisco HW Svc,DS C9513 3K9,Onsite 24x7x2hr C $121.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-C9706 Service,Cisco C9706 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $135.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-C9710 Service,Cisco DS-C9710 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $226.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-N2148 Cisco Onsite 24x7x2hr,N2148T C $52.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-N2224F1G Service,Cisco 2224TF Onsite 24x7x2hr C $37.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-N2224P1G Service,Cisco 2224TP Onsite 24x7x2hr C $37.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-N2232P Service,Cisco 2232 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $53.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-N2232TF Service,Cisco 2232TF Onsite 24x7x2hr C $60.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-N2232TM Service,Cisco 2232TM Onsite 24x7x2hr C $60.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-N2248T Service,Cisco 2248 Onsite 24x7x2hr C $47.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-N5010 Cisco Onsite 24x7x2hr,5010 C $367.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-N501S Cisco,5010 w/FCoE,Onsite 24x7x2hr C $685.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-N5020 Cisco Onsite 24x7x2hr,5020 C $734.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-N5020S Cisco Onsite 24x7x2hr,5020 w/FCoE C $1,348.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-PREM-N61P64 Service,Cisco C6001-64P Onsite 24x7x2hr C $334.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-128POSM Service,Cisco N56128P OSM Part 24x7x2hr C $365.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-2232T8FE Service,Cisco 2232T8F-E Part 24x7x2hr C $40.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-2232TFE Service,Cisco 2232TF-E Part 24x7x2hr C $40.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-2232TME Service,Cisco 2232TM-E Part 24x7x2hr C $40.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-2248EFA Service,Cisco 2248EFA Part 24x7x2hr C $45.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-2348PQ12 Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Part 24x7x2hr C $42.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-2348PQ4F Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Part 24x7x2hr C $42.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-2348PQ8F Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Part 24x7x2hr C $42.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-2348PQBA Service,Cisco 2348UPQ-BA Part 24x7x2hr C $42.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-2348PQFA Service,Cisco 2348UPQ-FA Part 24x7x2hr C $42.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-2496K Cisco HW Svc,24-Port 8G FC,AR 24x7x2hr C $239.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-3256K Service,Cisco X9232-256K9 Part 24x7x2hr C $369.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-4256K Service,Cisco X9248-256K9 Part 24x7x2hr C $435.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-4848K Cisco HW Svc,95XX 4/44 8G FC,AR 24x7x2hr C $239.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-4896K Cisco HW Svc,48-Port 8G FC,AR 24x7x2hr C $353.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-48PQ10G Service,Cisco 2248PQ Part 24x7x2hr C $54.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 24

SVCVN-CON-S2P-5596UPFC Service,Cisco N5596UP-B-FC48 Part 24x7x2hr C $400.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-56128P Service,Cisco N56128P Part 24x7x2hr C $365.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-5672UP Service,Cisco 5672UP Part 24x7x2hr C $314.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-72UPOSM Service,Cisco 5672UPOSM Part 24x7x2hr C $314.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-9016F Service,Cisco X1590 Part 24x7x2hr C $154.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-9032F Service,Cisco X1591 Part 24x7x2hr C $257.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-9316K Cisco,HW Svc,AR 24x7x2hr,SSN-16 C $398.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-9506U Service,Cisco C9506-2AK9 Part 24x7x2hr C $61.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-9509U Service,Cisco C9509-2AK9 Part 24x7x2hr C $83.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-9513U Service,Cisco C9513-3AK9 Part 24x7x2hr C $111.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-9530S Service,Cisco X1589 Part 24x7x2hr C $148.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-9530TA Service,Cisco X9530-SF2AK9 Part 24x7x2hr C $149.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-9530TA-2 Service,Cisco X9530-SF2AK9-2 Part 24x7x2hr C $149.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-954AK Service,Cisco C9513-4AK9 Part 24x7x2hr C $112.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-9748P Service,Cisco DS-X9448-768K9 Part 24x7x2hr C $418.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-976FA1 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1 Part 24x7x2hr C $29.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-976FA1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-2 Part 24x7x2hr C $29.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-976FA1-3 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-3 Part 24x7x2hr C $29.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-976FA1-4 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-4 Part 24x7x2hr C $29.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-976FA1-5 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-5 Part 24x7x2hr C $29.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-976FA1-6 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-6 Part 24x7x2hr C $29.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-97FA1 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1 Part 24x7x2hr C $102.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-97FA1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-2 Part 24x7x2hr C $102.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-97FA1-3 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-3 Part 24x7x2hr C $102.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-97FA1-4 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-4 Part 24x7x2hr C $102.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-97FA1-5 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-5 Part 24x7x2hr C $102.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-97FA1-6 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-6 Part 24x7x2hr C $102.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-97OE Service,Cisco 97FCoE/97OE Part 24x7x2hr C $532.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-97OEB Service,Cisco 97FCoE/97OEB Part 24x7x2hr C $532.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-97SU1 Service,Cisco DS-X97-SUP1 Part 24x7x2hr C $154.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-97SU1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X97-SUP1-2 Part 24x7x2hr C $154.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-C2248TFE Service,Cisco 2248TF-E Part 24x7x2hr C $0.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-C2248TPE Service,Cisco 2248TP-E Part 24x7x2hr C $0.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-C2348UPQ Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Part 24x7x2hr C $42.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-C34 Cisco HW Svc,9134,Base,AR 24x7x2hr C $161.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-C341 Cisco HW Svc,9134,32P,AR 24x7x2hr C $217.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-C341G Cisco HW Svc,9134,64P,AR 24x7x2hr C $222.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-C48S Service,Cisco MDS9148S C48S Part 24x7x2hr C $60.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-C5548UP Service,Cisco N5548UP-FA Part 24x7x2hr C $224.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-C5548UPSM Service,Cisco N5548UP-OSM Part 24x7x2hr C $390.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-C5596T Service,Cisco N5596T-FA Part 24x7x2hr C $393.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-C5596UP Service,Cisco N5596-FA Part 24x7x2hr C $313.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-C5596UPSM Service,Cisco N5596UP-OSM Part 24x7x2hr C $650.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-C6004Q Service,Cisco N6004-96Q Part 24x7x2hr C $1,754.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-C9250 Service,Cisco C9250 Part 24x7x2hr C $422.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-C9348E Service,Cisco MDS 9396S 48-Pt Part 24x7x2hr C $256.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-C9396E Service,Cisco MDS 9396S 96-Pt Part 24x7x2hr C $256.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-C9513 Cisco HW Svc,DS C9513 3K9,AR 24x7x2hr C $111.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-C9706 Service,Cisco C9706 Part 24x7x2hr C $124.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-C9710 Service,Cisco DS-C9710 Part 24x7x2hr C $193.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-N2148 Cisco AR 24x7x2hr,N2148T C $45.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-N2224F1G Service,Cisco 2224TF Part 24x7x2hr C $31.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-N2224P1G Service,Cisco 2224TP Part 24x7x2hr C $31.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-N2232P Service,Cisco 2232 Part 24x7x2hr C $45.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-N2232TF Service,Cisco 2232TF Part 24x7x2hr C $51.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-N2232TM Service,Cisco 2232TM Part 24x7x2hr C $51.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-N2248T Service,Cisco 2248 Part 24x7x2hr C $40.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-N5010 Cisco AR 24x7x2hr,5010 C $312.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-N501S Cisco,5010 w/FCoE,AR 24x7x2hr C $582.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-N5020 Cisco AR 24x7x2hr,5020 C $624.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-N5020S Cisco AR 24x7x2hr,5020 w/FCoE C $1,146.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-S2P-N61P64 Service,Cisco C6001-64P Part 24x7x2hr C $284.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-128POSM Service,Cisco N56128P OSM Part 8x5xNBD C $172.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-2232T8FE Service,Cisco 2232T8F-E Part 8x5xNBD C $19.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-2232TFE Service,Cisco 2232TF-E Part 8x5xNBD C $19.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-2232TME Service,Cisco 2232TM-E Part 8x5xNBD C $19.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-2248EFA Service,Cisco 2248EFA Part 8x5xNBD C $21.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-2348PQ12 Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Part 8x5xNBD C $20.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-2348PQ4F Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Part 8x5xNBD C $20.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-2348PQ8F Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Part 8x5xNBD C $20.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-2348PQBA Service,Cisco 2348UPQ-BA Part 8x5xNBD C $20.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-2348PQFA Service,Cisco 2348UPQ-FA Part 8x5xNBD C $20.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-2496K Cisco HW Svc,24-Port 8G FC,AR 8x5xNBD C $112.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-3256K Service,Cisco X9232-256K9 Part 8x5xNBD C $141.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-4256K Service,Cisco X9248-256K9 Part 8x5xNBD C $167.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-4848K Cisco HW Svc,95XX 4/44 8G FC,AR 8x5xNBD C $113.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-4896K Cisco HW Svc,48-Port 8G FC,AR 8x5xNBD C $166.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-48PQ10G Service,Cisco 2248PQ Part 8x5xNBD C $25.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-5596UPFC Service,Cisco N5596UP-B-FC48 Part 8x5xNBD C $188.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-56128P Service,Cisco N56128P Part 8x5xNBD C $172.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-5672UP Service,Cisco 5672UP Part 8x5xNBD C $148.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 25

SVCVN-CON-SNT-72UPOSM Service,Cisco 5672UPOSM Part 8x5xNBD C $148.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-9016F Service,Cisco X1590 Part 8x5xNBD C $72.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-9032F Service,Cisco X1591 Part 8x5xNBD C $121.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-9316K Cisco,HW Svc,AR 8x5xNBD,SSN-16 C $187.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-9506U Service,Cisco C9506-2AK9 Part 8x5xNBD C $29.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-9509U Service,Cisco C9509-2AK9 Part 8x5xNBD C $39.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-9513U Service,Cisco C9513-3AK9 Part 8x5xNBD C $52.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-9530S Service,Cisco X1589 Part 8x5xNBD C $69.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-9530TA Service,Cisco X9530-SF2AK9 Part 8x5xNBD C $70.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-9530TA-2 Service,Cisco X9530-SF2AK9-2 Part 8x5xNBD C $70.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-954AK Service,Cisco C9513-4AK9 Part 8x5xNBD C $53.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-9748P Service,Cisco DS-X9448-768K9 Part 8x5xNBD C $197.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-976FA1 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1 Part 8x5xNBD C $14.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-976FA1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-2 Part 8x5xNBD C $14.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-976FA1-3 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-3 Part 8x5xNBD C $14.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-976FA1-4 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-4 Part 8x5xNBD C $14.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-976FA1-5 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-5 Part 8x5xNBD C $14.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-976FA1-6 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-6 Part 8x5xNBD C $14.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-97FA1 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1 Part 8x5xNBD C $48.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-97FA1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-2 Part 8x5xNBD C $48.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-97FA1-3 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-3 Part 8x5xNBD C $48.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-97FA1-4 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-4 Part 8x5xNBD C $48.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-97FA1-5 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-5 Part 8x5xNBD C $48.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-97FA1-6 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-6 Part 8x5xNBD C $48.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-97OE Service,Cisco 97FCoE/97OE Part 8x5xNBD C $250.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-97OEB Service,Cisco 97FCoE/97OEB Part 8x5xNBD C $250.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-97SU1 Service,Cisco DS-X97-SUP1 Part 8x5xNBD C $73.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-97SU1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X97-SUP1-2 Part 8x5xNBD C $73.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-C2248TFE Service,Cisco 2248TF-E Part 8x5xNBD C $0.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-C2248TPE Service,Cisco 2248TP-E Part 8x5xNBD C $0.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-C2348UPQ Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Part 8x5xNBD C $20.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-C34 Cisco HW Svc,9134,Base,AR 8x5xNBD C $76.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-C341 Cisco HW Svc,9134,32P,AR 8x5xNBD C $102.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-C341G Cisco HW Svc,9134,64P,AR 8x5xNBD C $105.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-C48S Service,Cisco MDS9148S C48S Part 8x5xNBD C $28.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-C5548UP Service,Cisco N5548UP-FA Part 8x5xNBD C $106.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-C5548UPSM Service,Cisco N5548UP-OSM Part 8x5xNBD C $184.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-C5596T Service,Cisco N5596T-FA Part 8x5xNBD C $185.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-C5596UP Service,Cisco N5596-FA Part 8x5xNBD C $148.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-C5596UPSM Service,Cisco N5596UP-OSM Part 8x5xNBD C $306.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-C6004Q Service,Cisco N6004-96Q Part 8x5xNBD C $825.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-C9250 Service,Cisco C9250 Part 8x5xNBD C $199.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-C9348E Service,Cisco MDS 9396S 48-Pt Part 8x5xNBD C $121.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-C9396E Service,Cisco MDS 9396S 96-Pt Part 8x5xNBD C $121.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-C9513 Cisco HW Svc,DS C9513 3K9,AR 8x5xNBD C $52.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-C9706 Service,Cisco C9706 Part 8x5xNBD C $59.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-C9710 Service,Cisco DS-C9710 Part 8x5xNBD C $91.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-128POSM Service,Cisco N56128P OSM Part 8x5x4hr C $249.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-2232T8FE Service,Cisco 2232T8F-E Part 8x5x4hr C $28.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-2232TFE Service,Cisco 2232TF-E Part 8x5x4hr C $28.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-2232TME Service,Cisco 2232TM-E Part 8x5x4hr C $28.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-2248EFA Service,Cisco 2248EFA Part 8x5x4hr C $31.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-2348PQ12 Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Part 8x5x4hr C $29.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-2348PQ4F Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Part 8x5x4hr C $29.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-2348PQ8F Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Part 8x5x4hr C $29.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-2348PQBA Service,Cisco 2348UPQ-BA Part 8x5x4hr C $29.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-2348PQFA Service,Cisco 2348UPQ-FA Part 8x5x4hr C $29.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-2496K Cisco HW Svc,24-Port 8G FC,AR 8x5x4hr C $163.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-3256K Service,Cisco X9232-256K9 Part 8x5x4hr C $252.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-4256K Service,Cisco X9248-256K9 Part 8x5x4hr C $297.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-4848K Cisco HW Svc,95XX 4/44 8G FC,AR 8x5x4hr C $163.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-4896K Cisco HW Svc,48-Port 8G FC,AR 8x5x4hr C $241.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-48PQ10G Service,Cisco 2248PQ Part 8x5x4hr C $37.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-5596UPFC Service,Cisco N5596UP-B-FC48 Part 8x5x4hr C $273.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-56128P Service,Cisco N56128P Part 8x5x4hr C $249.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-5672UP Service,Cisco 5672UP Part 8x5x4hr C $215.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-72UPOSM Service,Cisco 5672UPOSM Part 8x5x4hr C $215.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-9016F Service,Cisco X1590 Part 8x5x4hr C $105.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-9032F Service,Cisco X1591 Part 8x5x4hr C $175.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-9316K Cisco,HW Svc,AR 8x5x4hr,SSN-16 C $272.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-9506U Service,Cisco C9506-2AK9 Part 8x5x4hr C $42.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-9509U Service,Cisco C9509-2AK9 Part 8x5x4hr C $56.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-9513U Service,Cisco C9513-3AK9 Part 8x5x4hr C $76.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-9530S Service,Cisco X1589 Part 8x5x4hr C $119.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-9530TA Service,Cisco X9530-SF2AK9 Part 8x5x4hr C $101.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-9530TA-2 Service,Cisco X9530-SF2AK9-2 Part 8x5x4hr C $101.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-954AK Service,Cisco C9513-4AK9 Part 8x5x4hr C $76.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-9748P Service,Cisco DS-X9448-768K9 Part 8x5x4hr C $285.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-976FA1 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1 Part 8x5x4hr C $20.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-976FA1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-2 Part 8x5x4hr C $20.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-976FA1-3 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-3 Part 8x5x4hr C $20.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 26

SVCVN-CON-SNTE-976FA1-4 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-4 Part 8x5x4hr C $20.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-976FA1-5 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-5 Part 8x5x4hr C $20.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-976FA1-6 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-6 Part 8x5x4hr C $20.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-97FA1 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1 Part 8x5x4hr C $70.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-97FA1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-2 Part 8x5x4hr C $70.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-97FA1-3 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-3 Part 8x5x4hr C $70.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-97FA1-4 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-4 Part 8x5x4hr C $70.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-97FA1-5 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-5 Part 8x5x4hr C $70.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-97FA1-6 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-6 Part 8x5x4hr C $70.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-97OE Service,Cisco 97FCoE/97OE Part 8x5x4hr C $363.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-97OEB Service,Cisco 97FCoE/97OEB Part 8x5x4hr C $363.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-97SU1 Service,Cisco DS-X97-SUP1 Part 8x5x4hr C $105.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-97SU1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X97-SUP1-2 Part 8x5x4hr C $105.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-C2248TFE Service,Cisco 2248TF-E Part 8x5x4hr C $0.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-C2248TPE Service,Cisco 2248TP-E Part 8x5x4hr C $0.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-C2348UPQ Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Part 8x5x4hr C $29.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-C34 Cisco HW Svc,9134,Base,AR 8x5x4hr C $110.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-C341 Cisco HW Svc,9134,34P,AR 8x5x4hr C $148.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-C341G Cisco HW Svc,9134,64P,AR 8x5x4hr C $152.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-C48S Service,Cisco MDS9148S C48S Part 8x5x4hr C $41.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-C5548UP Service,Cisco N5548UP-FA Part 8x5x4hr C $153.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-C5548UPSM Service,Cisco N5548UP-OSM Part 8x5x4hr C $266.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-C5596T Service,Cisco N5596T-FA Part 8x5x4hr C $268.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-C5596UP Service,Cisco N5596-FA Part 8x5x4hr C $214.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-C5596UPSM Service,Cisco N5596UP-OSM Part 8x5x4hr C $443.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-C6004Q Service,Cisco N6004-96Q Part 8x5x4hr C $1,197.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-C9250 Service,Cisco C9250 Part 8x5x4hr C $288.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-C9348E Service,Cisco MDS 9396S 48-Pt Part 8x5x4hr C $175.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-C9396E Service,Cisco MDS 9396S 96-Pt Part 8x5x4hr C $175.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-C9513 Cisco HW Svc,DS C9513 3K9,AR 8x5x4hr C $76.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-C9706 Service,Cisco C9706 Part 8x5x4hr C $85.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-C9710 Service,Cisco DS-C9710 Part 8x5x4hr C $132.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-N2148 Cisco AR 8x5x4hr,N2148T C $30.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-N2224F1G Service,Cisco 2224TF Part 8x5x4hr C $22.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-N2224P1G Service,Cisco 2224TP Part 8x5x4hr C $22.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-N2232P Service,Cisco 2232 Part 8x5x4hr C $31.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-N2232TF Service,Cisco 2232TF Part 8x5x4hr C $35.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-N2232TM Service,Cisco 2232TM Part 8x5x4hr C $35.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-N2248T Service,Cisco 2248 Part 8x5x4hr C $28.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-N5010 Cisco AR 8x5x4hr,5010 C $213.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-N501S Cisco,5010 w/FCoE,AR 8x5x4hr C $398.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-N5020 Cisco AR 8x5x4hr,5020 C $426.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-N5020S Cisco AR 8x5x4hr,5020 w/FCoE C $782.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTE-N61P64 Service,Cisco C6001-64P Part 8x5x4hr C $194.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-N2148 Cisco AR 8x5xNBD,N2148T C $21.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-N2224F1G Service,Cisco 2224TF Part 8x5xNBD C $15.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-N2224P1G Service,Cisco 2224TP Part 8x5xNBD C $15.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-N2232P Service,Cisco 2232 Part 8x5xNBD C $21.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-N2232TF Service,Cisco 2232TF Part 8x5xNBD C $24.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-N2232TM Service,Cisco 2232TM Part 8x5xNBD C $24.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-N2248T Service,Cisco 2248 Part 8x5xNBD C $19.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-N5010 Cisco AR 8x5xNBD,5010 C $147.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-N501S Cisco,5010 w/FCoE,AR 8x5xNBD C $274.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-N5020 Cisco AR 8x5xNBD,5020 C $294.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-N5020S Cisco AR 8x5xNBD,5020 w/FCoE C $539.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNT-N61P64 Service,Cisco C6001-64P Part 8x5xNBD C $134.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-128POSM Service,Cisco N56128P OSM Part 24x7x4hr C $275.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-2232T8FE Service,Cisco 2232T8F-E Part 24x7x4hr C $30.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-2232TFE Service,Cisco 2232TF-E Part 24x7x4hr C $30.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-2232TME Service,Cisco 2232TM-E Part 24x7x4hr C $30.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-2248EFA Service,Cisco 2248EFA Part 24x7x4hr C $34.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-2348PQ12 Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Part 24x7x4hr C $32.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-2348PQ4F Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Part 24x7x4hr C $32.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-2348PQ8F Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Part 24x7x4hr C $32.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-2348PQBA Service,Cisco 2348UPQ-BA Part 24x7x4hr C $32.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-2348PQFA Service,Cisco 2348UPQ-FA Part 24x7x4hr C $32.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-2496K Cisco HW Svc,24-Port 8G FC,AR 24x7x4hr C $180.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-3256K Service,Cisco X9232-256K9 Part 24x7x4hr C $278.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-4256K Service,Cisco X9248-256K9 Part 24x7x4hr C $328.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-4848K Cisco HW Svc,95XX 4/44 8G FC,AR 24x7x4hr C $180.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-4896K Cisco HW Svc,48-Port 8G FC,AR 24x7x4hr C $266.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-48PQ10G Service,Cisco 2248PQ Part 24x7x4hr C $40.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-5596UPFC Service,Cisco N5596UP-B-FC48 Part 24x7x4hr C $301.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-56128P Service,Cisco N56128P Part 24x7x4hr C $275.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-5672UP Service,Cisco 5672UP Part 24x7x4hr C $237.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-72UPOSM Service,Cisco 5672UPOSM Part 24x7x4hr C $237.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-9016F Service,Cisco X1590 Part 24x7x4hr C $116.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-9032F Service,Cisco X1591 Part 24x7x4hr C $194.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-9316K Cisco,HW Svc,AR 24x7x4hr,SSN-16 C $300.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-9506U Service,Cisco C9506-2AK9 Part 24x7x4hr C $46.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-9509U Service,Cisco C9509-2AK9 Part 24x7x4hr C $62.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 27

SVCVN-CON-SNTP-9513U Service,Cisco C9513-3AK9 Part 24x7x4hr C $84.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-9530S Service,Cisco X1589 Part 24x7x4hr C $111.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-9530TA Service,Cisco X9530-SF2AK9 Part 24x7x4hr C $112.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-9530TA-2 Service,Cisco X9530-SF2AK9-2 Part 24x7x4hr C $112.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-954AK Service,Cisco C9513-4AK9 Part 24x7x4hr C $84.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-9748P Service,Cisco DS-X9448-768K9 Part 24x7x4hr C $315.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-976FA1 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1 Part 24x7x4hr C $22.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-976FA1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-2 Part 24x7x4hr C $22.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-976FA1-3 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-3 Part 24x7x4hr C $22.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-976FA1-4 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-4 Part 24x7x4hr C $22.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-976FA1-5 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-5 Part 24x7x4hr C $22.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-976FA1-6 Service,Cisco DS-X9706-FAB1-6 Part 24x7x4hr C $22.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-97FA1 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1 Part 24x7x4hr C $77.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-97FA1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-2 Part 24x7x4hr C $77.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-97FA1-3 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-3 Part 24x7x4hr C $77.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-97FA1-4 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-4 Part 24x7x4hr C $77.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-97FA1-5 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-5 Part 24x7x4hr C $77.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-97FA1-6 Service,Cisco DS-X9710-FAB1-6 Part 24x7x4hr C $77.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-97OE Service,Cisco 97FCoE/97OE Part 24x7x4hr C $400.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-97OEB Service,Cisco 97FCoE/97OEB Part 24x7x4hr C $400.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-97SU1 Service,Cisco DS-X97-SUP1 Part 24x7x4hr C $116.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-97SU1-2 Service,Cisco DS-X97-SUP1-2 Part 24x7x4hr C $116.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-C2248TFE Service,Cisco 2248TF-E Part 24x7x4hr C $0.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-C2248TPE Service,Cisco 2248TP-E Part 24x7x4hr C $0.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-C2348UPQ Service,Cisco 2348UPQ Part 24x7x4hr C $32.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-C34 Cisco HW Svc,9134,Base,AR 24x7x4hr C $122.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-C341 Cisco HW Svc,9134,32P,AR 24x7x4hr C $163.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-C341G Cisco HW Svc,9134,64P,AR 24x7x4hr C $167.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-C48S Service,Cisco MDS9148S C48S Part 24x7x4hr C $45.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-C5548UP Service,Cisco N5548UP-FA Part 24x7x4hr C $169.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-C5548UPSM Service,Cisco N5548UP-OSM Part 24x7x4hr C $294.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-C5596T Service,Cisco N5596T-FA Part 24x7x4hr C $296.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-C5596UP Service,Cisco N5596-FA Part 24x7x4hr C $236.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-C5596UPSM Service,Cisco N5596UP-OSM Part 24x7x4hr C $489.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-C6004Q Service,Cisco N6004-96Q Part 24x7x4hr C $1,320.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-C9250 Service,Cisco C9250 Part 24x7x4hr C $318.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-C9348E Service,Cisco MDS 9396S 48-Pt Part 24x7x4hr C $193.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-C9396E Service,Cisco MDS 9396S 96-Pt Part 24x7x4hr C $193.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-C9513 Cisco HW Svc,DS C9513 3K9,AR 24x7x4hr C $84.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-C9706 Service,Cisco C9706 Part 24x7x4hr C $94.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-C9710 Service,Cisco DS-C9710 Part 24x7x4hr C $145.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-N2148 Cisco AR 24x7x4hr,N2148T C $34.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-N2224F1G Service,Cisco 2224TF Part 24x7x4hr C $24.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-N2224P1G Service,Cisco 2224TP Part 24x7x4hr C $24.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-N2232P Service,Cisco 2232 Part 24x7x4hr C $34.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-N2232TF Service,Cisco 2232TF Part 24x7x4hr C $39.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-N2232TM Service,Cisco 2232TM Part 24x7x4hr C $39.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-N2248T Service,Cisco 2248 Part 24x7x4hr C $30.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-N5010 Cisco AR 24x7x4hr,5010 C $235.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-N501S Cisco,5010 w/FCoE,AR 24x7x4hr C $439.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-N5020 Cisco AR 24x7x4hr,5020 C $470.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-N5020S Cisco AR 24x7x4hr,5020 w/FCoE C $863.00 MTHSVCVN-CON-SNTP-N61P64 Service,Cisco C6001-64P Part 24x7x4hr C $214.00 MTHSVCVN-EXT-WTY-SPDU-1YR Ext Warranty,Hardware,Smart PDU,1 year C $220.00 MTHSVCVN-OSE-X1967 HW Support,X1967,Onsite,8x5x4hr C C $267.00 MTHSVCVN-OSE-X1989 HW Support,X1989,Onsite,8x5x4hr C $385.00 MTHSVCVN-OSP-X1967 HW Support,X1967,Onsite,24x7x4hr C C $294.00 MTHSVCVN-OSP-X1989 HW Support,X1989,Onsite,24x7x4hr C $425.00 MTHSVCVN-OS-X1967 HW Support,X1967,Onsite,8x5xNBD C C $184.00 MTHSVCVN-OS-X1989 HW Support,X1989,Onsite,8x5xNBD C $265.00 MTHSVCVN-PREM-X1967 HW Support,X1967,Onsite,24x7x2hr C C $368.00 MTHSVCVN-PREM-X1989 HW Support,X1989,Onsite,24x7x2hr C $531.00 MTHSVCVN-S2P-X1967 HW Support,X1967,Parts,24x7x2hr C C $313.00 MTHSVCVN-S2P-X1989 HW Support,X1989,Parts,24x7x2hr C $451.00 MTHSVCVN-SAFENETK460-EXTD HW Support,SafeNet,KeySecure 460 Extended C $370.00 MTHSVCVN-SAFENETK460-PLUS HW Support,SafeNet,KeySecure 460 Plus C $490.00 MTHSVCVN-SFNET10G-EXTD HW Support,SafeNet StorageSecure 10G Extended - 1YR C $600.00 MTHSVCVN-SFNET10G-PLUS HW Support,SafeNet StorageSecure 10G Plus - 1YR C $800.00 MTHSVCVN-SFNET1G-EXTD HW Support,SafeNet StorageSecure 1G Extended - 1YR C $420.00 MTHSVCVN-SFNET1G-PLUS HW Support,SafeNet StorageSecure 1G Plus - 1YR C $560.00 MTHSVCVN-SNTE-X1967 HW Support,X1967,Parts,8x5x4hr C C $213.00 MTHSVCVN-SNTE-X1989 HW Support,X1989,Parts,8x5x4hr C $308.00 MTHSVCVN-SNTP-X1967 HW Support,X1967,Parts,24x7x4hr C C $235.00 MTHSVCVN-SNTP-X1989 HW Support,X1989,Parts,24x7x4hr C $340.00 MTHSVCVN-SNT-X1967 HW Support,X1967,Parts,8x5xNBD C C $147.00 MTHSVCVN-SNT-X1989 HW Support,X1989,Parts,8x5xNBD C $212.00 MTHSVCVN-SW-SFNT-BES-EXTD SW Supt,SafeNetKeySecure,BES Connector,EXTD C $135.00 MTHSVCVN-SW-SFNT-BES-PLUS SW Supt,SafeNetKeySecure,BES Connector,PLUS C $180.00 MTHSVCVN-SW-SFNT-NSE10-EXTD SW Supt,SafeNetKeySecure,NSE10 Connector,EXTD C $106.00 MTHSVCVN-SW-SFNT-NSE10-PLUS SW Supt,SafeNetKeySecure,NSE10 Connector,PLUS C $144.00 MTHSW-2040A-ADVANCED-PK SW,Advanced PK,2040A J $11,016.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 28

SW-2040A-APPLICATION-PK SW,Application PK,2040A J $20,250.00 EASW-2040A-CIFS SW,CIFS,2040A J $3,520.00 EASW-2040A-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete Bndl,NetApp Select,2040A J $31,062.00 EASW-2040A-COMP-BNDL-S2A SW,Complete Bundle,2040A,S2A K $4,580.00 EASW-2040-ADVANCED-PK SW,Advanced PK,2040 J $12,960.00 EASW-2040A-FOUNDATION-PK SW,Foundation PK,2040A J $3,440.00 EASW-2040A-NFS NFS Software,2040A J $6,660.00 EASW-2040-APPLICATION-PK SW,Application PK,2040 J $27,000.00 EASW-2040A-PROTECTION-PK SW,Protection PK,2040A J $11,021.00 EASW-2040A-SERVER-PK-P SW,Server PK,2040A J $5,184.00 EASW-2040A-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,2040A K $4,225.00 EASW-2040A-VRTL-BNDL Srvr VrtlBndl,NetApp Select,2040A J $21,044.00 EASW-2040-CIFS SW,CIFS,2040 J $4,928.00 EASW-2040-CLUSTER CFO Software,2040 J $1,420.00 EASW-2040-COMP-BNDL-S2 SW,Complete Bundle,2040,S2 K $6,050.00 EASW-2040-FOUNDATION-PK SW,Foundation PK,2040 J $4,600.00 EASW-2040-NFS NFS Software,2040 J $8,876.00 EASW-2040-PROTECTION-PK SW,Protection PK,2040 J $15,429.00 EASW-2040-SERVER-PK-P SW,Server PK,2040 J $5,376.00 EASW-2040-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,2040 K $6,490.00 EASW-2040-VRTL-BNDL Srvr VrtlBndl,NetApp Select,2040 J $27,425.00 EASW-2220A-CL-BNDL-N-INC SW,Premium Bundle,CL,INC Node,2220A K $4,580.00 EASW-2220A-CL-FLEXCLN-N-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CL,INC Node,2220A K $775.00 EASW-2220A-CL-SMIRROR-N-INC SW,SnapMirror,CL,INC Node,2220A K $1,650.00 EASW-2220A-CL-SNAPMGR-N-INC SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Int,CL,INC Node,2220A K $3,250.00 EASW-2220A-CL-SNAPPRO-N-INC SW,SnapProtect,CL,INC Node,2220A K $4,225.00 EASW-2220A-CL-SRESTOR-N-INC SW,SnapRestore,CL,INC Node,2220A K $645.00 EASW-2220A-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,2220A K $4,580.00 EASW-2220A-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,2220A K $775.00 EASW-2220A-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,2220A K $1,650.00 EASW-2220A-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,2220A K $3,250.00 EASW-2220A-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,2220A K $4,225.00 EASW-2220A-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,2220A K $925.00 EASW-2220A-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,2220A K $645.00 EASW-2220-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,2220 K $6,050.00 EASW-2220-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,2220 K $1,195.00 EASW-2220-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,2220 K $2,530.00 EASW-2220-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,2220 K $4,995.00 EASW-2220-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,2220 K $6,490.00 EASW-2220-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,2220 K $1,425.00 EASW-2220-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,2220 K $945.00 EASW-2-2220A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,2220A K $775.00 EASW-2-2220A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,2220A K $4,580.00 EASW-2-2220A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,2220A K $3,250.00 EASW-2-2220A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,2220A K $1,650.00 EASW-2-2220A-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,2220A K $4,225.00 EASW-2-2220A-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,2220A K $925.00 EASW-2-2220A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,2220A K $645.00 EASW-2-2220-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,2220 K $1,195.00 EASW-2-2220-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,2220 K $6,050.00 EASW-2-2220-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,2220 K $4,995.00 EASW-2-2220-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,2220 K $2,530.00 EASW-2-2220-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,2220 K $6,490.00 EASW-2-2220-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,2220 K $1,425.00 EASW-2-2220-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,2220 K $945.00 EASW-2-2240A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,2240A K $2,015.00 EASW-2-2240A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,2240A K $10,260.00 EASW-2-2240A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,2240A K $6,555.00 EASW-2-2240A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,2240A K $4,285.00 EASW-2-2240A-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,2240A K $8,520.00 EASW-2-2240A-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,2240A K $2,410.00 EASW-2-2240A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,2240A K $1,675.00 EASW-2-2240-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,2240 K $2,835.00 EASW-2-2240-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,2240 K $13,945.00 EASW-2-2240-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,2240 K $8,735.00 EASW-2-2240-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,2240 K $5,995.00 EASW-2-2240-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,2240 K $11,360.00 EASW-2-2240-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,2240 K $3,375.00 EASW-2-2240-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,2240 K $2,235.00 EASW-2240A-CL-BASE SW,Base,CL Software,Node,2240A K $0.00 EASW-2240A-CL-BASE-N-INC SW,Base,CL Software,INC Node,2240A K $0.00 EASW-2240A-CL-BNDL SW,Premium Bundle,CL,Node,2240A K $10,260.00 EASW-2240A-CL-BNDL-N-INC SW,Premium Bundle,CL,INC Node,2240A K $10,260.00 EASW-2240A-CL-CIFS SW,CIFS,CL,Node,2240A K $0.00 EASW-2240A-CL-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CL,INC Node,2240A K $0.00 EASW-2240A-CL-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CL,Node,2240A K $2,015.00 EASW-2240A-CL-FLEXCLN-N-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CL,INC Node,2240A K $2,015.00 EASW-2240A-CL-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CL,Node,2240A K $0.00 EASW-2240A-CL-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CL,INC Node,2240A K $0.00 EASW-2240A-CLM-BNDL SW,Premium Bndl,CLM,Node,2240A K $0.00 EASW-2240A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,Node,2240A K $0.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 29

SW-2240A-CLM-FLEXCLN-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,INC Node,2240A K $0.00 EASW-2240A-CLM-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CLM,Node,2240A K $0.00 EASW-2240A-CLM-SMIRROR-INC SW,SnapMirror,CLM,INC Node,2240A K $0.00 EASW-2240A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CLM,Node,2240A K $0.00 EASW-2240A-CLM-SNAPMGR-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CLM,INC Node,2240A K $0.00 EASW-2240A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CLM,Node,2240A K $0.00 EASW-2240A-CLM-SNAPPRO-INC SW,SnapProtect,CLM,INC Node,2240A K $0.00 EASW-2240A-CLM-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CLM,Node,2240A K $0.00 EASW-2240A-CLM-SRESTORE-INC SW,SnapRestore,CLM,INC Node,2240A K $0.00 EASW-2240A-CL-NFS SW,NFS,CL,Node,2240A K $0.00 EASW-2240A-CL-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CL,INC Node,2240A K $0.00 EASW-2240A-CL-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CL,Node,2240A K $4,285.00 EASW-2240A-CL-SMIRROR-N-INC SW,SnapMirror,CL,INC Node,2240A K $4,285.00 EASW-2240A-CL-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CL,Node,2240A K $6,555.00 EASW-2240A-CL-SNAPMGR-N-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CL,INC Node,2240A K $6,555.00 EASW-2240A-CL-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CL,Node,2240A K $8,520.00 EASW-2240A-CL-SNAPPRO-N-INC SW,SnapProtect,CL,INC Node,2240A K $8,520.00 EASW-2240A-CL-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CL,Node,2240A K $1,675.00 EASW-2240A-CL-SRESTOR-N-INC SW,SnapRestore,CL,INC Node,2240A K $1,675.00 EASW-2240A-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,2240A K $10,260.00 EASW-2240A-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,2240A K $2,015.00 EASW-2240A-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,2240A K $4,285.00 EASW-2240A-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,2240A K $6,555.00 EASW-2240A-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,2240A K $8,520.00 EASW-2240A-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,2240A K $2,410.00 EASW-2240A-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,2240A K $1,675.00 EASW-2240-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,2240 K $13,945.00 EASW-2240-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,2240 K $2,835.00 EASW-2240-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,2240 K $5,995.00 EASW-2240-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,2240 K $8,735.00 EASW-2240-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,2240 K $11,360.00 EASW-2240-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,2240 K $3,375.00 EASW-2240-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,2240 K $2,235.00 EASW-2-2520A-CIFS-C SW-2,CIFS,2520A,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2520A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,2520A K $735.00 EASW-2-2520A-FLEXCLN-C SW-2,Flexclone,2520A,-C K $735.00 EASW-2-2520A-ISCSI-C SW-2,iSCSI,2520A,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2520A-NFS-C SW-2,NFS,2520A,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2520A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,2520A K $3,915.00 EASW-2-2520A-PREMBNDL-C SW-2,Premium BNDL,2520A,-C K $3,915.00 EASW-2-2520A-PREMBNDL-P SW-2,Premium BNDL,2520A,-P K $3,915.00 EASW-2-2520A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,2520A K $3,085.00 EASW-2-2520A-SMGR-C SW-2,SW,SnapManager SnapCenter Suite,2520A,-C K $3,085.00 EASW-2-2520A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,2520A K $1,565.00 EASW-2-2520A-SMIRROR-C SW-2,SnapMirror,2520A,-C K $1,565.00 EASW-2-2520A-SNAPPRO-C SW-2,SnapPro,2520A,Prem Bndl Reqd at POS,-C K $925.00 EASW-2-2520A-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,2520A K $4,015.00 EASW-2-2520A-SNAPPROTECT-C SW-2,SnapProtect,2520A,-C K $4,015.00 EASW-2-2520A-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,2520A K $875.00 EASW-2-2520A-SNAPVAULT-C SW-2,SnapVault ,2520A,-C K $875.00 EASW-2-2520A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,2520A K $610.00 EASW-2-2520A-SRESTORE-C SW-2,SnapRestore,2520A,-C K $610.00 EASW-2-2520-CIFS-C SW-2,CIFS,2520,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2520-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,2520 K $1,135.00 EASW-2-2520-FLEXCLN-C SW-2,Flexclone,2520,-C K $1,135.00 EASW-2-2520-ISCSI-C SW-2,iSCSI,2520,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2520-NFS-C SW-2,NFS,2520,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2520-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,2520 K $5,170.00 EASW-2-2520-PREMBNDL-C SW-2,PREM BNDL,2520,-C K $5,170.00 EASW-2-2520-PREMBNDL-P SW-2,PREM BNDL,2520,-P K $5,170.00 EASW-2-2520-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,2520 K $4,745.00 EASW-2-2520-SMGR-C SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,2520,-C K $4,745.00 EASW-2-2520-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,2520 K $2,400.00 EASW-2-2520-SMIRROR-C SW-2,SnapMirror,2520,-C K $2,400.00 EASW-2-2520-SNAPPRO-C SW-2,SnapPro,2520,Prem Bndl Reqd at POS,-C K $1,425.00 EASW-2-2520-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,2520 K $6,165.00 EASW-2-2520-SNAPPROTECT-C SW-2,SnapProtect,2520,-C K $6,165.00 EASW-2-2520-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,2520 K $1,350.00 EASW-2-2520-SNAPVAULT-C SW-2,SnapVault ,2520,-C K $1,350.00 EASW-2-2520-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,2520 K $895.00 EASW-2-2520-SRESTORE-C SW-2,SnapRestore,2520,-C K $895.00 EASW-2-2552A-CIFS-C SW-2,CIFS,2552A,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2552A-FCP-C SW-2,FCP,2552A,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2552A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,2552A K $1,810.00 EASW-2-2552A-FLEXCLN-C SW-2,Flexclone,2552A,-C K $1,810.00 EASW-2-2552A-ISCSI-C SW-2,iSCSI,2552A,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2552A-NFS-C SW-2,NFS,2552A,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2552A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,2552A K $8,305.00 EASW-2-2552A-PREMBNDL-C SW-2,Premium BNDL,2552A,-C K $8,305.00 EASW-2-2552A-PREMBNDL-P SW-2,Premium BNDL,2552A,-P K $8,305.00 EASW-2-2552A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,2552A K $5,895.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 30

SW-2-2552A-SMGR-C SW-2,SW,SnapManager SnapCenter Suite,2552A,-C K $5,895.00 EASW-2-2552A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,2552A K $3,855.00 EASW-2-2552A-SMIRROR-C SW-2,SnapMirror,2552A,-C K $3,855.00 EASW-2-2552A-SNAPPRO-C SW-2,SnapPro,2552A,Prem Bndl Reqd at POS,-C K $1,775.00 EASW-2-2552A-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,2552A K $7,670.00 EASW-2-2552A-SNAPPROTECT-C SW-2,SnapProtect,2552A,-C K $7,670.00 EASW-2-2552A-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,2552A K $2,165.00 EASW-2-2552A-SNAPVAULT-C SW-2,SnapVault ,2552A,-C K $2,165.00 EASW-2-2552A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,2552A K $1,505.00 EASW-2-2552A-SRESTORE-C SW-2,SnapRestore,2552A,-C K $1,505.00 EASW-2-2552-CIFS-C SW-2,CIFS,2552,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2552-FCP-C SW-2,FCP,2552,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2552-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,2552 K $2,550.00 EASW-2-2552-FLEXCLN-C SW-2,Flexclone,2552,-C K $2,550.00 EASW-2-2552-ISCSI-C SW-2,iSCSI,2552,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2552-NFS-C SW-2,NFS,2552,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2552-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,2552 K $11,295.00 EASW-2-2552-PREMBNDL-C SW-2,PREM BNDL,2552,-C K $11,295.00 EASW-2-2552-PREMBNDL-P SW-2,PREM BNDL,2552,-P K $11,295.00 EASW-2-2552-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,2552 K $7,860.00 EASW-2-2552-SMGR-C SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,2552,-C K $7,860.00 EASW-2-2552-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,2552 K $5,395.00 EASW-2-2552-SMIRROR-C SW-2,SnapMirror,2552,-C K $5,395.00 EASW-2-2552-SNAPPRO-C SW-2,SnapPro,2552,Prem Bndl Reqd at POS,-C K $2,365.00 EASW-2-2552-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,2552 K $10,225.00 EASW-2-2552-SNAPPROTECT-C SW-2,SnapProtect,2552,-C K $10,225.00 EASW-2-2552-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,2552 K $3,035.00 EASW-2-2552-SNAPVAULT-C SW-2,SnapVault ,2552,-C K $3,035.00 EASW-2-2552-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,2552 K $2,010.00 EASW-2-2552-SRESTORE-C SW-2,SnapRestore,2552,-C K $2,010.00 EASW-2-2554A-CIFS-C SW-2,CIFS,2554A,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2554A-FCP-C SW-2,FCP,2554A,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2554A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,2554A K $1,810.00 EASW-2-2554A-FLEXCLN-C SW-2,Flexclone,2554A,-C K $1,810.00 EASW-2-2554A-ISCSI-C SW-2,iSCSI,2554A,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2554A-NFS-C SW-2,NFS,2554A,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2554A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,2554A K $8,305.00 EASW-2-2554A-PREMBNDL-C SW-2,Premium BNDL,2554A,-C K $8,305.00 EASW-2-2554A-PREMBNDL-P SW-2,Premium BNDL,2554A,-P K $8,305.00 EASW-2-2554A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,2554A K $5,895.00 EASW-2-2554A-SMGR-C SW-2,SW,SnapManager SnapCenter Suite,2554A,-C K $5,895.00 EASW-2-2554A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,2554A K $3,855.00 EASW-2-2554A-SMIRROR-C SW-2,SnapMirror,2554A,-C K $3,855.00 EASW-2-2554A-SNAPPRO-C SW-2,SnapPro,2554A,Prem Bndl Reqd at POS,-C K $1,775.00 EASW-2-2554A-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,2554A K $7,670.00 EASW-2-2554A-SNAPPROTECT-C SW-2,SnapProtect,2554A,-C K $7,670.00 EASW-2-2554A-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,2554A K $2,165.00 EASW-2-2554A-SNAPVAULT-C SW-2,SnapVault ,2554A,-C K $2,165.00 EASW-2-2554A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,2554A K $1,505.00 EASW-2-2554A-SRESTORE-C SW-2,SnapRestore,2554A,-C K $1,505.00 EASW-2-2554-CIFS-C SW-2,CIFS,2554,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2554-FCP-C SW-2,FCP,2554,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2554-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,2554 K $2,550.00 EASW-2-2554-FLEXCLN-C SW-2,Flexclone,2554,-C K $2,550.00 EASW-2-2554-ISCSI-C SW-2,iSCSI,2554,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2554-NFS-C SW-2,NFS,2554,-C K $0.00 EASW-2-2554-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,2554 K $11,295.00 EASW-2-2554-PREMBNDL-C SW-2,PREM BNDL,2554,-C K $11,295.00 EASW-2-2554-PREMBNDL-P SW-2,PREM BNDL,2554,-P K $11,295.00 EASW-2-2554-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,2554 K $7,860.00 EASW-2-2554-SMGR-C SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,2554,-C K $7,860.00 EASW-2-2554-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,2554 K $5,395.00 EASW-2-2554-SMIRROR-C SW-2,SnapMirror,2554,-C K $5,395.00 EASW-2-2554-SNAPPRO-C SW-2,SnapPro,2554,Prem Bndl Reqd at POS,-C K $2,365.00 EASW-2-2554-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,2554 K $10,225.00 EASW-2-2554-SNAPPROTECT-C SW-2,SnapProtect,2554,-C K $10,225.00 EASW-2-2554-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,2554 K $3,035.00 EASW-2-2554-SNAPVAULT-C SW-2,SnapVault ,2554,-C K $3,035.00 EASW-2-2554-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,2554 K $2,010.00 EASW-2-2554-SRESTORE-C SW-2,SnapRestore,2554,-C K $2,010.00 EASW-2-3140A-CIFS SW-2,CIFS Software,3140A J $9,113.00 EASW-2-3140A-FCP SW-2,FCP Software,3140A J $1,913.00 EASW-2-3140A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone Software,3140A J $11,900.00 EASW-2-3140A-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI Software,3140A J $0.00 EASW-2-3140A-NFS SW-2,NFS Software,3140A J $16,585.00 EASW-2-3140A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,3140A J $64,784.00 EASW-2-3140A-SLC SnapLock Compliance Software,3140A J $18,900.00 EASW-2-3140A-SLE SnapLock Enterprise Software,3140A J $18,900.00 EASW-2-3140A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,3140A J $43,000.00 EASW-2-3140A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror Software,3140A J $25,200.00 EASW-2-3140A-SPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,3140A J $55,900.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 31

SW-2-3140A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore Software,3140A J $5,880.00 EASW-2-3140A-SVAULT SW-2,SnapVault Software,3140A J $21,500.00 EASW-2-3140-CIFS SW-2,CIFS Software,3140 J $12,758.00 EASW-2-3140-FCP SW-2,FCP Software,3140 J $2,678.00 EASW-2-3140-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone Software,3140 J $14,000.00 EASW-2-3140-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI Software,3140 J $0.00 EASW-2-3140-NFS SW-2,NFS Software,3140 J $24,300.00 EASW-2-3140-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,3140 J $99,186.00 EASW-2-3140-SLC SnapLock Compliance Software,3140 J $21,000.00 EASW-2-3140-SLE SnapLock Enterprise Software,3140 J $21,000.00 EASW-2-3140-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,3140 J $60,200.00 EASW-2-3140-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror Software,3140 J $35,280.00 EASW-2-3140-SPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,3140 J $78,260.00 EASW-2-3140-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore Software,3140 J $8,000.00 EASW-2-3140-SVAULT SW-2,SnapVault Software,3140 J $30,150.00 EASW-2-3160A-CIFS SW-2,CIFS Software,3160A J $21,600.00 EASW-2-3160A-FCP SW-2,FCP Software,3160A J $3,251.00 EASW-2-3160A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone Software,3160A J $12,750.00 EASW-2-3160A-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI Software,3160A J $0.00 EASW-2-3160A-NFS SW-2,NFS Software,3160A J $19,440.00 EASW-2-3160A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,3160A J $134,055.00 EASW-2-3160A-SLC SnapLock Compliance Software,3160A J $25,200.00 EASW-2-3160A-SLE SnapLock Enterprise Software,3160A J $25,200.00 EASW-2-3160A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,3160A J $57,000.00 EASW-2-3160A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror Software,3160A J $37,800.00 EASW-2-3160A-SPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,3160A J $74,100.00 EASW-2-3160A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore Software,3160A J $9,000.00 EASW-2-3160A-SVAULT SW-2,SnapVault Software,3160A J $32,350.00 EASW-2-3160-CIFS SW-2,CIFS Software,3160 J $27,000.00 EASW-2-3160-FCP SW-2,FCP Software,3160 J $4,552.00 EASW-2-3160-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone Software,3160 J $15,000.00 EASW-2-3160-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI Software,3160 J $0.00 EASW-2-3160-NFS SW-2,NFS Software,3160 J $27,220.00 EASW-2-3160-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,3160 J $171,652.00 EASW-2-3160-SLC SnapLock Compliance Software,3160 J $28,000.00 EASW-2-3160-SLE SnapLock Enterprise Software,3160 J $28,000.00 EASW-2-3160-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,3160 J $79,800.00 EASW-2-3160-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror Software,3160 J $52,920.00 EASW-2-3160-SPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,3160 J $103,740.00 EASW-2-3160-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore Software,3160 J $10,000.00 EASW-2-3160-SVAULT SW-2,SnapVault Software,3160 J $45,300.00 EASW-2-3170A-CIFS SW-2,CIFS Software,3170A J $37,350.00 EASW-2-3170A-FCP SW-2,FCP Software,3170A J $5,527.00 EASW-2-3170A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone Software,3170A J $15,938.00 EASW-2-3170A-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI Software,3170A J $0.00 EASW-2-3170A-NFS SW-2,NFS Software,3170A J $40,125.00 EASW-2-3170A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,3170A J $170,364.00 EASW-2-3170A-SLC SnapLock Compliance Software,3170A J $31,500.00 EASW-2-3170A-SLE SnapLock Enterprise Software,3170A J $31,500.00 EASW-2-3170A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,3170A J $60,000.00 EASW-2-3170A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror Software,3170A J $50,400.00 EASW-2-3170A-SPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,3170A J $78,000.00 EASW-2-3170A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore Software,3170A J $11,250.00 EASW-2-3170A-SVAULT SW-2,SnapVault Software,3170A J $43,700.00 EASW-2-3170-CIFS SW-2,CIFS Software,3170 J $41,500.00 EASW-2-3170-FCP SW-2,FCP Software,3170 J $7,738.00 EASW-2-3170-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone Software,3170 J $18,750.00 EASW-2-3170-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI Software,3170 J $0.00 EASW-2-3170-NFS SW-2,NFS Software,3170 J $45,000.00 EASW-2-3170-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,3170 J $206,938.00 EASW-2-3170-SLC SnapLock Compliance Software,3170 J $35,000.00 EASW-2-3170-SLE SnapLock Enterprise Software,3170 J $35,000.00 EASW-2-3170-SMGR SW-2,SnapManagerand SnapCenter Suite,3170 J $84,000.00 EASW-2-3170-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror Software,3170 J $70,560.00 EASW-2-3170-SPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,3170 J $109,200.00 EASW-2-3170-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore Software,3170 J $12,500.00 EASW-2-3170-SVAULT SW-2,SnapVault Software,3170 J $61,200.00 EASW-2-3210A-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,3210A J $9,950.00 EASW-2-3210A-FCP SW-2,FCP,3210A J $9,950.00 EASW-2-3210A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,3210A J $7,850.00 EASW-2-3210A-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,3210A J $9,950.00 EASW-2-3210A-NFS SW-2,NFS,3210A J $9,950.00 EASW-2-3210A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,3210A J $62,700.00 EASW-2-3210A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,3210A J $28,000.00 EASW-2-3210A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,3210A J $18,150.00 EASW-2-3210A-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,3210A J $36,400.00 EASW-2-3210A-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,3210A J $11,750.00 EASW-2-3210A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,3210A J $4,250.00 EASW-2-3210-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,3210 J $13,950.00 EASW-2-3210-FCP SW-2,FCP,3210 J $13,950.00 EASW-2-3210-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,3210 J $11,000.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 32

SW-2-3210-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,3210 J $13,950.00 EASW-2-3210-NFS SW-2,NFS,3210 J $13,950.00 EASW-2-3210-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,3210 J $87,750.00 EASW-2-3210-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,3210 J $39,200.00 EASW-2-3210-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,3210 J $25,400.00 EASW-2-3210-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,3210 J $50,960.00 EASW-2-3210-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,3210 J $16,450.00 EASW-2-3210-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,3210 J $5,950.00 EASW-2-3220A-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,3220A N $6,920.00 EASW-2-3220A-FCP SW-2,FCP,3220A N $6,920.00 EASW-2-3220A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,3220A N $5,300.00 EASW-2-3220A-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,3220A N $6,920.00 EASW-2-3220A-NFS SW-2,NFS,3220A N $6,920.00 EASW-2-3220A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,3220A N $42,275.00 EASW-2-3220A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,3220A N $12,800.00 EASW-2-3220A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,3220A N $11,505.00 EASW-2-3220A-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,3220A N $16,640.00 EASW-2-3220A-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,3220A N $8,050.00 EASW-2-3220A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,3220A N $2,950.00 EASW-2-3220-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,3220 N $9,705.00 EASW-2-3220-FCP SW-2,FCP,3220 N $9,705.00 EASW-2-3220-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,3220 N $7,450.00 EASW-2-3220-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,3220 N $9,705.00 EASW-2-3220-NFS SW-2,NFS,3220 N $9,705.00 EASW-2-3220-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,3220 N $59,280.00 EASW-2-3220-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,3220 N $17,960.00 EASW-2-3220-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,3220 N $16,140.00 EASW-2-3220-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,3220 N $23,350.00 EASW-2-3220-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,3220 N $11,290.00 EASW-2-3220-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,3220 N $4,140.00 EASW-2-3240A-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,3240A J $16,400.00 EASW-2-3240A-FCP SW-2,FCP,3240A J $16,400.00 EASW-2-3240A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,3240A J $14,400.00 EASW-2-3240A-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,3240A J $16,400.00 EASW-2-3240A-NFS SW-2,NFS,3240A J $16,400.00 EASW-2-3240A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,3240A J $108,350.00 EASW-2-3240A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,3240A J $43,000.00 EASW-2-3240A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,3240A J $33,250.00 EASW-2-3240A-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,3240A J $55,900.00 EASW-2-3240A-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,3240A J $21,500.00 EASW-2-3240A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,3240A J $7,750.00 EASW-2-3240-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,3240 J $25,550.00 EASW-2-3240-FCP SW-2,FCP,3240 J $25,550.00 EASW-2-3240-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,3240 J $20,150.00 EASW-2-3240-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,3240 J $25,550.00 EASW-2-3240-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,3240 J $160,850.00 EASW-2-3240-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,3240 J $60,200.00 EASW-2-3240-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,3240 J $46,550.00 EASW-2-3240-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,3240 J $78,260.00 EASW-2-3240-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,3240 J $30,150.00 EASW-2-3240-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,3240 J $10,850.00 EASW-2-3250A-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,3250A N $11,725.00 EASW-2-3250A-FCP SW-2,FCP,3250A N $11,725.00 EASW-2-3250A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,3250A N $10,285.00 EASW-2-3250A-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,3250A N $11,725.00 EASW-2-3250A-NFS SW-2,NFS,3250A N $11,725.00 EASW-2-3250A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,3250A N $75,060.00 EASW-2-3250A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,3250A N $24,890.00 EASW-2-3250A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,3250A N $21,845.00 EASW-2-3250A-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,3250A N $32,350.00 EASW-2-3250A-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,3250A N $15,290.00 EASW-2-3250A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,3250A N $5,530.00 EASW-2-3250-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,3250 N $18,260.00 EASW-2-3250-FCP SW-2,FCP,3250 N $18,260.00 EASW-2-3250-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,3250 N $14,420.00 EASW-2-3250-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,3250 N $18,260.00 EASW-2-3250-NFS SW-2,NFS,3250 N $18,260.00 EASW-2-3250-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,3250 N $111,780.00 EASW-2-3250-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,3250 N $34,890.00 EASW-2-3250-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,3250 N $30,620.00 EASW-2-3250-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,3250 N $45,350.00 EASW-2-3250-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,3250 N $21,425.00 EASW-2-3250-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,3250 N $7,755.00 EASW-2-3270A-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,3270A J $36,100.00 EASW-2-3270A-FCP SW-2,FCP,3270A J $36,100.00 EASW-2-3270A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,3270A J $18,650.00 EASW-2-3270A-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,3270A J $36,100.00 EASW-2-3270A-NFS SW-2,NFS,3270A J $36,100.00 EASW-2-3270A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,3270A J $209,900.00 EASW-2-3270A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,3270A J $57,000.00 EASW-2-3270A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,3270A J $54,450.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 33

SW-2-3270A-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,3270A J $74,100.00 EASW-2-3270A-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,3270A J $32,350.00 EASW-2-3270A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,3270A J $12,150.00 EASW-2-3270-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,3270 J $50,550.00 EASW-2-3270-FCP SW-2,FCP,3270 J $50,550.00 EASW-2-3270-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,3270 J $26,100.00 EASW-2-3270-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,3270 J $50,550.00 EASW-2-3270-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,3270 J $293,850.00 EASW-2-3270-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,3270 J $79,800.00 EASW-2-3270-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,3270 J $76,200.00 EASW-2-3270-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,3270 J $103,740.00 EASW-2-3270-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,3270 J $45,300.00 EASW-2-3270-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,3270 J $17,000.00 EASW-2-6040A-CIFS SW-2,CIFS Software,6040A J $44,447.00 EASW-2-6040A-FCP SW-2,FCP Software,6040A J $9,396.00 EASW-2-6040A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone Software,6040A J $19,890.00 EASW-2-6040A-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI Software,6040A J $0.00 EASW-2-6040A-NFS SW-2,NFS Software,6040A J $50,490.00 EASW-2-6040A-SLC SnapLock Compliance Software,6040A J $42,250.00 EASW-2-6040A-SLE SnapLock Enterprise Software,6040A J $42,250.00 EASW-2-6040A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,6040A J $63,900.00 EASW-2-6040A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror Software,6040A J $72,000.00 EASW-2-6040A-SPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,6040A J $92,300.00 EASW-2-6040A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore Software,6040A J $14,000.00 EASW-2-6040A-SVAULT SW-2,SnapVault Software,6040A J $49,905.00 EASW-2-6040-CIFS SW-2,CIFS Software,6040 J $49,385.00 EASW-2-6040-FCP SW-2,FCP Software,6040 J $13,155.00 EASW-2-6040-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone Software,6040 J $23,400.00 EASW-2-6040-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI Software,6040 J $0.00 EASW-2-6040-NFS SW-2,NFS Software,6040 J $56,100.00 EASW-2-6040-SLC SnapLock Compliance Software,6040 J $47,000.00 EASW-2-6040-SLE SnapLock Enterprise Software,6040 J $47,000.00 EASW-2-6040-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,6040 J $82,800.00 EASW-2-6040-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror Software,6040 J $80,000.00 EASW-2-6040-SPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,6040 J $119,600.00 EASW-2-6040-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore Software,6040 J $15,600.00 EASW-2-6040-SVAULT SW-2,SnapVault Software,6040 J $65,520.00 EASW-2-6080A-CIFS SW-2,CIFS Software,6080A J $58,560.00 EASW-2-6080A-FCP SW-2,FCP Software,6080A J $15,973.00 EASW-2-6080A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone Software,6080A J $31,800.00 EASW-2-6080A-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI Software,6080A J $0.00 EASW-2-6080A-NFS SW-2,NFS Software,6080A J $66,560.00 EASW-2-6080A-SLC SnapLock Compliance Software,6080A J $42,250.00 EASW-2-6080A-SLE SnapLock Enterprise Software,6080A J $42,250.00 EASW-2-6080A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,6080A J $74,700.00 EASW-2-6080A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror Software,6080A J $72,000.00 EASW-2-6080A-SPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,6080A J $107,900.00 EASW-2-6080A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore Software,6080A J $14,000.00 EASW-2-6080A-SVAULT SW-2,SnapVault Software,6080A J $58,410.00 EASW-2-6080-CIFS SW-2,CIFS Software,6080 J $65,080.00 EASW-2-6080-FCP SW-2,FCP Software,6080 J $22,363.00 EASW-2-6080-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone Software,6080 J $35,300.00 EASW-2-6080-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI Software,6080 J $0.00 EASW-2-6080-NFS SW-2,NFS Software,6080 J $73,920.00 EASW-2-6080-SLC SnapLock Compliance Software,6080 J $47,000.00 EASW-2-6080-SLE SnapLock Enterprise Software,6080 J $47,000.00 EASW-2-6080-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,6080 J $93,600.00 EASW-2-6080-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror Software,6080 J $80,000.00 EASW-2-6080-SPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,6080 J $135,200.00 EASW-2-6080-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore Software,6080 J $15,600.00 EASW-2-6080-SVAULT SW-2,SnapVault Software,6080 J $73,035.00 EASW-2-6210A-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,6210A J $47,900.00 EASW-2-6210A-FCP SW-2,FCP,6210A J $47,900.00 EASW-2-6210A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,6210A J $29,000.00 EASW-2-6210A-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,6210A J $47,900.00 EASW-2-6210A-NFS SW-2,NFS,6210A J $47,900.00 EASW-2-6210A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,6210A J $273,800.00 EASW-2-6210A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,6210A J $60,000.00 EASW-2-6210A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,6210A J $70,100.00 EASW-2-6210A-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,6210A J $78,000.00 EASW-2-6210A-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,6210A J $43,700.00 EASW-2-6210A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,6210A J $14,400.00 EASW-2-6210-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,6210 J $63,500.00 EASW-2-6210-FCP SW-2,FCP,6210 J $63,500.00 EASW-2-6210-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,6210 J $40,600.00 EASW-2-6210-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,6210 J $63,500.00 EASW-2-6210-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,6210 J $364,400.00 EASW-2-6210-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,6210 J $84,000.00 EASW-2-6210-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,6210 J $93,000.00 EASW-2-6210-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,6210 J $109,200.00 EASW-2-6210-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,6210 J $61,200.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 34

SW-2-6210-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,6210 J $20,150.00 EASW-2-6220A-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,6220A N $26,680.00 EASW-2-6220A-FCP SW-2,FCP,6220A N $26,680.00 EASW-2-6220A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,6220A N $18,020.00 EASW-2-6220A-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,6220A N $26,680.00 EASW-2-6220A-NFS SW-2,NFS,6220A N $26,680.00 EASW-2-6220A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,6220A N $154,835.00 EASW-2-6220A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,6220A N $35,680.00 EASW-2-6220A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,6220A N $40,040.00 EASW-2-6220A-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,6220A N $46,380.00 EASW-2-6220A-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,6220A N $27,260.00 EASW-2-6220A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,6220A N $8,950.00 EASW-2-6220-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,6220 N $35,370.00 EASW-2-6220-FCP SW-2,FCP,6220 N $35,370.00 EASW-2-6220-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,6220 N $25,230.00 EASW-2-6220-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,6220 N $35,370.00 EASW-2-6220-NFS SW-2,NFS,6220 N $35,370.00 EASW-2-6220-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,6220 N $209,600.00 EASW-2-6220-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,6220 N $49,935.00 EASW-2-6220-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,6220 N $56,040.00 EASW-2-6220-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,6220 N $64,915.00 EASW-2-6220-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,6220 N $38,155.00 EASW-2-6220-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,6220 N $12,525.00 EASW-2-6240A-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,6240A J $62,865.00 EASW-2-6240A-FCP SW-2,FCP,6240A J $62,865.00 EASW-2-6240A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,6240A J $42,570.00 EASW-2-6240A-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,6240A J $62,865.00 EASW-2-6240A-NFS SW-2,NFS,6240A J $62,865.00 EASW-2-6240A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,6240A J $349,425.00 EASW-2-6240A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,6240A J $63,900.00 EASW-2-6240A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,6240A J $85,590.00 EASW-2-6240A-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,6240A J $92,300.00 EASW-2-6240A-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,6240A J $49,905.00 EASW-2-6240A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,6240A J $17,010.00 EASW-2-6240-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,6240 J $75,375.00 EASW-2-6240-FCP SW-2,FCP,6240 J $75,375.00 EASW-2-6240-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,6240 J $55,350.00 EASW-2-6240-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,6240 J $75,375.00 EASW-2-6240-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,6240 J $429,795.00 EASW-2-6240-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,6240 J $82,800.00 EASW-2-6240-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,6240 J $109,665.00 EASW-2-6240-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,6240 J $119,600.00 EASW-2-6240-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,6240 J $65,520.00 EASW-2-6240-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,6240 J $22,365.00 EASW-2-6250A-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,6250A N $38,975.00 EASW-2-6250A-FCP SW-2,FCP,6250A N $38,975.00 EASW-2-6250A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,6250A N $26,390.00 EASW-2-6250A-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,6250A N $38,975.00 EASW-2-6250A-NFS SW-2,NFS,6250A N $38,975.00 EASW-2-6250A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,6250A N $216,640.00 EASW-2-6250A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,6250A N $39,615.00 EASW-2-6250A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,6250A N $53,065.00 EASW-2-6250A-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,6250A N $57,220.00 EASW-2-6250A-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,6250A N $30,940.00 EASW-2-6250A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,6250A N $10,545.00 EASW-2-6250-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,6250 N $46,730.00 EASW-2-6250-FCP SW-2,FCP,6250 N $46,730.00 EASW-2-6250-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,6250 N $34,315.00 EASW-2-6250-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,6250 N $46,730.00 EASW-2-6250-NFS SW-2,NFS,6250 N $46,730.00 EASW-2-6250-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,6250 N $266,470.00 EASW-2-6250-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,6250 N $51,335.00 EASW-2-6250-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,6250 N $67,990.00 EASW-2-6250-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,6250 N $74,150.00 EASW-2-6250-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,6250 N $40,620.00 EASW-2-6250-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,6250 N $13,865.00 EASW-2-6280A-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,6280A J $77,895.00 EASW-2-6280A-FCP SW-2,FCP,6280A J $77,895.00 EASW-2-6280A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,6280A J $49,500.00 EASW-2-6280A-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,6280A J $77,895.00 EASW-2-6280A-NFS SW-2,NFS,6280A J $77,895.00 EASW-2-6280A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,6280A J $425,250.00 EASW-2-6280A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,6280A J $74,700.00 EASW-2-6280A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,6280A J $101,070.00 EASW-2-6280A-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,6280A J $107,900.00 EASW-2-6280A-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,6280A J $58,410.00 EASW-2-6280A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,6280A J $19,665.00 EASW-2-6280-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,6280 J $87,210.00 EASW-2-6280-FCP SW-2,FCP,6280 J $87,210.00 EASW-2-6280-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,6280 J $61,875.00 EASW-2-6280-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,6280 J $87,210.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 35

SW-2-6280-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,6280 J $495,090.00 EASW-2-6280-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,6280 J $93,600.00 EASW-2-6280-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,6280 J $126,360.00 EASW-2-6280-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,6280 J $135,200.00 EASW-2-6280-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,6280 J $73,035.00 EASW-2-6280-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,6280 J $24,570.00 EASW-2-6290A-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,6290A N $48,290.00 EASW-2-6290A-FCP SW-2,FCP,6290A N $48,290.00 EASW-2-6290A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,6290A N $30,690.00 EASW-2-6290A-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,6290A N $48,290.00 EASW-2-6290A-NFS SW-2,NFS,6290A N $48,290.00 EASW-2-6290A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,6290A N $263,655.00 EASW-2-6290A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,6290A N $46,310.00 EASW-2-6290A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,6290A N $62,660.00 EASW-2-6290A-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,6290A N $66,890.00 EASW-2-6290A-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,6290A N $36,210.00 EASW-2-6290A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,6290A N $12,190.00 EASW-2-6290-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,6290 N $54,070.00 EASW-2-6290-FCP SW-2,FCP,6290 N $54,070.00 EASW-2-6290-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,6290 N $38,360.00 EASW-2-6290-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,6290 N $54,070.00 EASW-2-6290-NFS SW-2,NFS,6290 N $54,070.00 EASW-2-6290-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,6290 N $306,955.00 EASW-2-6290-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,6290 N $58,030.00 EASW-2-6290-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,6290 N $78,340.00 EASW-2-6290-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,6290 N $83,820.00 EASW-2-6290-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,6290 N $45,280.00 EASW-2-6290-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,6290 N $15,230.00 EASW-2700-FDE-SKM SW,FDE Sec Key Mgmt,2700 K $2,720.00 EASW-2700-FDE-SKM-P SW,FDE Sec Key Mgmt,2700,-P K $2,720.00 EASW-2-8020A-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,8020A N $4,450.00 EASW-2-8020A-CIFS-C SW-2,CIFS,8020A,-C N $4,450.00 EASW-2-8020A-FCP SW-2,FCP,8020A N $4,450.00 EASW-2-8020A-FCP-C SW-2,FCP,8020A,-C N $4,450.00 EASW-2-8020A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,8020A N $5,000.00 EASW-2-8020A-FLEXCLN-C SW-2,Flexclone,8020A,-C N $5,000.00 EASW-2-8020A-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,8020A N $4,450.00 EASW-2-8020A-ISCSI-C SW-2,iSCSI,8020A,-C N $4,450.00 EASW-2-8020A-NFS SW-2,NFS,8020A N $4,450.00 EASW-2-8020A-NFS-C SW-2,NFS,8020A,-C N $4,450.00 EASW-2-8020A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,8020A N $37,125.00 EASW-2-8020A-PREMBNDL-C SW-2,Premium BNDL,8020A,-C N $37,125.00 EASW-2-8020A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,8020A N $11,500.00 EASW-2-8020A-SMGR-C SW-2,SnapMgr and SnapCenter Suite,8020A,-C N $11,500.00 EASW-2-8020A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,8020A N $10,550.00 EASW-2-8020A-SMIRROR-C SW-2,SnapMirror,8020A,-C N $10,550.00 EASW-2-8020A-SNAPPRO-C SW-2,SnapPro,8020A,Prem Bndl Reqd at POS,-C N $3,825.00 EASW-2-8020A-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,8020A N $16,640.00 EASW-2-8020A-SNAPPROTECT-C SW-2,SnapProtect,8020A,-C N $16,640.00 EASW-2-8020A-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,8020A N $7,400.00 EASW-2-8020A-SNAPVAULT-C SW-2,SnapVault ,8020A,-C N $7,400.00 EASW-2-8020A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,8020A N $2,800.00 EASW-2-8020A-SRESTORE-C SW-2,SnapRestore,8020A,-C N $2,800.00 EASW-2-8020A-VN-STOR SW-2,FlexArray Virtualization,8020A N $4,550.00 EASW-2-8020A-VN-STOR-C SW-2,FlexArray Virtualization,8020A,-C N $4,550.00 EASW-2-8020-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,8020 N $7,120.00 EASW-2-8020-CIFS-C SW-2,CIFS,8020,-C N $7,120.00 EASW-2-8020-FCP SW-2,FCP,8020 N $7,120.00 EASW-2-8020-FCP-C SW-2,FCP,8020,-C N $7,120.00 EASW-2-8020-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,8020 N $8,000.00 EASW-2-8020-FLEXCLN-C SW-2,Flexclone,8020,-C N $8,000.00 EASW-2-8020-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,8020 N $7,120.00 EASW-2-8020-ISCSI-C SW-2,iSCSI,8020,-C N $7,120.00 EASW-2-8020-NFS SW-2,NFS,8020 N $7,120.00 EASW-2-8020-NFS-C SW-2,NFS,8020,-C N $7,120.00 EASW-2-8020-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,8020 N $59,400.00 EASW-2-8020-PREMBNDL-C SW-2,PREM BNDL,8020,-C N $59,400.00 EASW-2-8020-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,8020 N $18,400.00 EASW-2-8020-SMGR-C SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,8020,-C N $18,400.00 EASW-2-8020-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,8020 N $16,880.00 EASW-2-8020-SMIRROR-C SW-2,SnapMirror,8020,-C N $16,880.00 EASW-2-8020-SNAPPRO-C SW-2,SnapPro,8020,Prem Bndl Reqd at POS,-C N $6,130.00 EASW-2-8020-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,8020 N $26,680.00 EASW-2-8020-SNAPPROTECT-C SW-2,SnapProtect,8020,-C N $26,680.00 EASW-2-8020-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,8020 N $11,840.00 EASW-2-8020-SNAPVAULT-C SW-2,SnapVault ,8020,-C N $11,840.00 EASW-2-8020-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,8020 N $4,480.00 EASW-2-8020-SRESTORE-C SW-2,SnapRestore,8020,-C N $4,480.00 EASW-2-8020-VN-STOR SW-2,FlexArray Virtualization,8020 N $7,280.00 EASW-2-8020-VN-STOR-C SW-2,FlexArray Virtualization,8020,-C N $7,280.00 EASW-2-8040A-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,8040A N $7,000.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 36

SW-2-8040A-CIFS-C SW-2,CIFS,8040A,-C N $7,000.00 EASW-2-8040A-FCP SW-2,FCP,8040A N $7,000.00 EASW-2-8040A-FCP-C SW-2,FCP,8040A,-C N $7,000.00 EASW-2-8040A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,8040A N $9,750.00 EASW-2-8040A-FLEXCLN-C SW-2,Flexclone,8040A,-C N $9,750.00 EASW-2-8040A-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,8040A N $7,000.00 EASW-2-8040A-ISCSI-C SW-2,iSCSI,8040A,-C N $7,000.00 EASW-2-8040A-NFS SW-2,NFS,8040A N $7,000.00 EASW-2-8040A-NFS-C SW-2,NFS,8040A,-C N $7,000.00 EASW-2-8040A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,8040A N $67,095.00 EASW-2-8040A-PREMBNDL-C SW-2,Premium BNDL,8040A,-C N $67,095.00 EASW-2-8040A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,8040A N $21,150.00 EASW-2-8040A-SMGR-C SW-2,SnapMgr and SnapCenter Suite,8040A,-C N $21,150.00 EASW-2-8040A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,8040A N $20,750.00 EASW-2-8040A-SMIRROR-C SW-2,SnapMirror,8040A,-C N $20,750.00 EASW-2-8040A-SNAPPRO-C SW-2,SnapPro,8040A,Prem Bndl Reqd at POS,-C N $7,435.00 EASW-2-8040A-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,8040A N $32,350.00 EASW-2-8040A-SNAPPROTECT-C SW-2,SnapProtect,8040A,-C N $32,350.00 EASW-2-8040A-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,8040A N $14,500.00 EASW-2-8040A-SNAPVAULT-C SW-2,SnapVault ,8040A,-C N $14,500.00 EASW-2-8040A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,8040A N $5,250.00 EASW-2-8040A-SRESTORE-C SW-2,SnapRestore,8040A,-C N $5,250.00 EASW-2-8040A-VN-STOR SW-2,FlexArray Virtualization,8040A N $8,200.00 EASW-2-8040A-VN-STOR-C SW-2,FlexArray Virtualization,8040A,-C N $8,200.00 EASW-2-8040-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,8040 N $11,200.00 EASW-2-8040-CIFS-C SW-2,CIFS,8040,-C N $11,200.00 EASW-2-8040-FCP SW-2,FCP,8040 N $11,200.00 EASW-2-8040-FCP-C SW-2,FCP,8040,-C N $11,200.00 EASW-2-8040-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,8040 N $15,600.00 EASW-2-8040-FLEXCLN-C SW-2,Flexclone,8040,-C N $15,600.00 EASW-2-8040-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,8040 N $11,200.00 EASW-2-8040-ISCSI-C SW-2,iSCSI,8040,-C N $11,200.00 EASW-2-8040-NFS SW-2,NFS,8040 N $11,200.00 EASW-2-8040-NFS-C SW-2,NFS,8040,-C N $11,200.00 EASW-2-8040-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,8040 N $107,350.00 EASW-2-8040-PREMBNDL-C SW-2,PREM BNDL,8040,-C N $107,350.00 EASW-2-8040-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,8040 N $33,840.00 EASW-2-8040-SMGR-C SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,8040,-C N $33,840.00 EASW-2-8040-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,8040 N $33,200.00 EASW-2-8040-SMIRROR-C SW-2,SnapMirror,8040,-C N $33,200.00 EASW-2-8040-SNAPPRO-C SW-2,SnapPro,8040,Prem Bndl Reqd at POS,-C N $11,900.00 EASW-2-8040-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,8040 N $51,770.00 EASW-2-8040-SNAPPROTECT-C SW-2,SnapProtect,8040,-C N $51,770.00 EASW-2-8040-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,8040 N $23,200.00 EASW-2-8040-SNAPVAULT-C SW-2,SnapVault ,8040,-C N $23,200.00 EASW-2-8040-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,8040 N $8,400.00 EASW-2-8040-SRESTORE-C SW-2,SnapRestore,8040,-C N $8,400.00 EASW-2-8040-VN-STOR SW-2,FlexArray Virtualization,8040 N $13,120.00 EASW-2-8040-VN-STOR-C SW-2,FlexArray Virtualization,8040,-C N $13,120.00 EASW-2-8060A-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,8060A N $20,000.00 EASW-2-8060A-CIFS-C SW-2,CIFS,8060A,-C N $20,000.00 EASW-2-8060A-FCP SW-2,FCP,8060A N $20,000.00 EASW-2-8060A-FCP-C SW-2,FCP,8060A,-C N $20,000.00 EASW-2-8060A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,8060A N $17,650.00 EASW-2-8060A-FLEXCLN-C SW-2,Flexclone,8060A,-C N $17,650.00 EASW-2-8060A-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,8060A N $20,000.00 EASW-2-8060A-ISCSI-C SW-2,iSCSI,8060A,-C N $20,000.00 EASW-2-8060A-NFS SW-2,NFS,8060A N $20,000.00 EASW-2-8060A-NFS-C SW-2,NFS,8060A,-C N $20,000.00 EASW-2-8060A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,8060A N $145,440.00 EASW-2-8060A-PREMBNDL-C SW-2,Premium BNDL,8060A,-C N $145,440.00 EASW-2-8060A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,8060A N $32,800.00 EASW-2-8060A-SMGR-C SW-2,SnapMgr and SnapCenter Suite,8060A,-C N $32,800.00 EASW-2-8060A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,8060A N $38,000.00 EASW-2-8060A-SMIRROR-C SW-2,SnapMirror,8060A,-C N $38,000.00 EASW-2-8060A-SNAPPRO-C SW-2,SnapPro,8060A,Prem Bndl Reqd at POS,-C N $11,540.00 EASW-2-8060A-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,8060A N $50,180.00 EASW-2-8060A-SNAPPROTECT-C SW-2,SnapProtect,8060A,-C N $50,180.00 EASW-2-8060A-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,8060A N $25,050.00 EASW-2-8060A-SNAPVAULT-C SW-2,SnapVault ,8060A,-C N $25,050.00 EASW-2-8060A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,8060A N $8,500.00 EASW-2-8060A-SRESTORE-C SW-2,SnapRestore,8060A,-C N $8,500.00 EASW-2-8060A-VN-STOR SW-2,FlexArray Virtualization,8060A N $16,230.00 EASW-2-8060A-VN-STOR-C SW-2,FlexArray Virtualization,8060A,-C N $16,230.00 EASW-2-8060-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,8060 N $32,000.00 EASW-2-8060-CIFS-C SW-2,CIFS,8060,-C N $32,000.00 EASW-2-8060-FCP SW-2,FCP,8060 N $32,000.00 EASW-2-8060-FCP-C SW-2,FCP,8060,-C N $32,000.00 EASW-2-8060-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,8060 N $28,240.00 EASW-2-8060-FLEXCLN-C SW-2,Flexclone,8060,-C N $28,240.00 EASW-2-8060-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,8060 N $32,000.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 37

SW-2-8060-ISCSI-C SW-2,iSCSI,8060,-C N $32,000.00 EASW-2-8060-NFS SW-2,NFS,8060 N $32,000.00 EASW-2-8060-NFS-C SW-2,NFS,8060,-C N $32,000.00 EASW-2-8060-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,8060 N $232,705.00 EASW-2-8060-PREMBNDL-C SW-2,PREM BNDL,8060,-C N $232,705.00 EASW-2-8060-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,8060 N $52,480.00 EASW-2-8060-SMGR-C SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,8060,-C N $52,480.00 EASW-2-8060-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,8060 N $60,800.00 EASW-2-8060-SMIRROR-C SW-2,SnapMirror,8060,-C N $60,800.00 EASW-2-8060-SNAPPRO-C SW-2,SnapPro,8060,Prem Bndl Reqd at POS,-C N $18,460.00 EASW-2-8060-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,8060 N $80,290.00 EASW-2-8060-SNAPPROTECT-C SW-2,SnapProtect,8060,-C N $80,290.00 EASW-2-8060-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,8060 N $40,080.00 EASW-2-8060-SNAPVAULT-C SW-2,SnapVault ,8060,-C N $40,080.00 EASW-2-8060-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,8060 N $13,600.00 EASW-2-8060-SRESTORE-C SW-2,SnapRestore,8060,-C N $13,600.00 EASW-2-8060-VN-STOR SW-2,FlexArray Virtualization,8060 N $25,960.00 EASW-2-8060-VN-STOR-C SW-2,FlexArray Virtualization,8060,-C N $25,960.00 EASW-2-8080A-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,8080A N $26,550.00 EASW-2-8080A-CIFS-C SW-2,CIFS,8080A,-C N $26,550.00 EASW-2-8080A-FCP SW-2,FCP,8080A N $26,550.00 EASW-2-8080A-FCP-C SW-2,FCP,8080A,-C N $26,550.00 EASW-2-8080A-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,8080A N $30,050.00 EASW-2-8080A-FLEXCLN-C SW-2,Flexclone,8080A,-C N $30,050.00 EASW-2-8080A-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,8080A N $26,550.00 EASW-2-8080A-ISCSI-C SW-2,iSCSI,8080A,-C N $26,550.00 EASW-2-8080A-NFS SW-2,NFS,8080A N $26,550.00 EASW-2-8080A-NFS-C SW-2,NFS,8080A,-C N $26,550.00 EASW-2-8080A-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,8080A N $206,415.00 EASW-2-8080A-PREMBNDL-C SW-2,PREM BNDL,8080A,-C N $206,415.00 EASW-2-8080A-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,8080A N $43,950.00 EASW-2-8080A-SMGR-C SW-2,SW,SnapManager SnapCenter Suite,8080A,-C N $43,950.00 EASW-2-8080A-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,8080A N $59,500.00 EASW-2-8080A-SMIRROR-C SW-2,SnapMirror,8080A,-C N $59,500.00 EASW-2-8080A-SNAPPRO-C SW-2,SnapPro,8080A,Prem Bndl Reqd at POS,-C N $15,380.00 EASW-2-8080A-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,8080A N $66,890.00 EASW-2-8080A-SNAPPROTECT-C SW-2,SnapProtect,8080A,-C N $66,890.00 EASW-2-8080A-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,8080A N $35,450.00 EASW-2-8080A-SNAPVAULT-C SW-2,SnapVault ,8080A,-C N $35,450.00 EASW-2-8080A-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,8080A N $11,550.00 EASW-2-8080A-SRESTORE-C SW-2,SnapRestore,8080A,-C N $11,550.00 EASW-2-8080A-VN-STOR SW-2,FlexArray Virtualization,8080A N $26,500.00 EASW-2-8080A-VN-STOR-C SW-2,FlexArray Virtualization,8080A,-C N $26,500.00 EASW-2-8080-CIFS SW-2,CIFS,8080 N $42,480.00 EASW-2-8080-CIFS-C SW-2,CIFS,8080,-C N $42,480.00 EASW-2-8080-FCP SW-2,FCP,8080 N $42,480.00 EASW-2-8080-FCP-C SW-2,FCP,8080,-C N $42,480.00 EASW-2-8080-FLEXCLN SW-2,Flexclone,8080 N $48,080.00 EASW-2-8080-FLEXCLN-C SW-2,Flexclone,8080,-C N $48,080.00 EASW-2-8080-ISCSI SW-2,iSCSI,8080 N $42,480.00 EASW-2-8080-ISCSI-C SW-2,iSCSI,8080,-C N $42,480.00 EASW-2-8080-NFS SW-2,NFS,8080 N $42,480.00 EASW-2-8080-NFS-C SW-2,NFS,8080,-C N $42,480.00 EASW-2-8080-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL,8080 N $330,265.00 EASW-2-8080-PREMBNDL-C SW-2,PREM BNDL,8080,-C N $330,265.00 EASW-2-8080-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,8080 N $70,320.00 EASW-2-8080-SMGR-C SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite,8080,-C N $70,320.00 EASW-2-8080-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror,8080 N $95,200.00 EASW-2-8080-SMIRROR-C SW-2,SnapMirror,8080,-C N $95,200.00 EASW-2-8080-SNAPPRO-C SW-2,SnapPro,8080,Prem Bndl Reqd at POS,-C N $23,380.00 EASW-2-8080-SNAPPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtect,8080 N $101,670.00 EASW-2-8080-SNAPPROTECT-C SW-2,SnapProtect,8080,-C N $101,670.00 EASW-2-8080-SNAPVAULT SW-2,SnapVault,8080 N $56,720.00 EASW-2-8080-SNAPVAULT-C SW-2,SnapVault ,8080,-C N $56,720.00 EASW-2-8080-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore,8080 N $18,480.00 EASW-2-8080-SRESTORE-C SW-2,SnapRestore,8080,-C N $18,480.00 EASW-2-8080-VN-STOR SW-2,FlexArray Virtualization,8080 N $42,400.00 EASW-2-8080-VN-STOR-C SW-2,FlexArray Virtualization,8080,-C N $42,400.00 EASW-2-CIFS SW-2,CIFS N $0.00 EASW-2-CIFS-C SW-2,CIFS,-C N $0.00 EASW-2-CL-BASE SW-2,Base,CL,Node N $0.00 EASW-2-FCP SW-2,FCP N $0.00 EASW-2-FCP-C SW-2,FCP,-C N $0.00 EASW-2-FLEXCLONE SW-2,FlexClone N $0.00 EASW-2-HA-SLC-EN SW-2,HA, SnapLock Compliance,EN N $14,500.00 EASW-2-HA-SLC-EN-C SW-2,HA,SnapLockCompliance,-C,EN N $14,500.00 EASW-2-HA-SLC-T SW-2,HA, SnapLock Compliance,T J $21,000.00 EASW-2-HA-SLC-VEL SW-2,HA,SnapLock Compliance,VEL K $9,000.00 EASW-2-HA-SLC-VEL-C SW-2,HA,SnapLock Compliance,VEL,-C K $9,000.00 EASW-2-HA-SLE-EN SW-2,HA, SnapLock Enterprise,EN N $14,500.00 EASW-2-HA-SLE-EN-C SW-2,HA,SnapLock Enterprise,-C,EN N $14,500.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 38

SW-2-HA-SLE-T SW-2,HA, SnapLock Enterprise,T J $21,000.00 EASW-2-HA-SLE-VEL SW-2,HA,SnapLock Enterprise,VEL K $9,000.00 EASW-2-HA-SLE-VEL-C SW-2,HA,SnapLock Enterprise,VEL,-C K $9,000.00 EASW-2-ISCSI SW-2,ISCSI N $0.00 EASW-2-ISCSI-C SW-2,ISCSI,-C N $0.00 EASW-2-NFS SW-2,NFS N $0.00 EASW-2-NFS-C SW-2,NFS,-C N $0.00 EASW-2-OCBAL SW-2,OnCommand Balance N $0.00 EASW-2-PREMBNDL SW-2,PREM BNDL N $0.00 EASW-2-SLC SW-2,SnapLockCompliance N $0.00 EASW-2-SLC-EN SW-2, SnapLock Compliance,EN N $14,500.00 EASW-2-SLC-EN-C SW-2,SnapLockCompliance,EN,-C N $14,500.00 EASW-2-SLC-T SW-2, SnapLock Compliance,T J $21,000.00 EASW-2-SLC-VEL SW-2,SnapLock Compliance,VEL K $9,000.00 EASW-2-SLC-VEL-C SW-2,SnapLock Compliance,VEL,-C K $9,000.00 EASW-2-SLE SW-2,SnapLockEnterprise N $0.00 EASW-2-SLE-EN SW-2, SnapLock Enterprise,EN N $14,500.00 EASW-2-SLE-EN-C SW-2,SnapLock Enterprise,EN,-C N $14,500.00 EASW-2-SLE-T SW-2, SnapLock Enterprise,T J $21,000.00 EASW-2-SLE-VEL SW-2,SnapLock Enterprise,VEL K $9,000.00 EASW-2-SLE-VEL-C SW-2,SnapLock Enterprise,VEL,-C K $9,000.00 EASW-2-SMGR SW-2,SnapManager and SnapCenter Suite N $0.00 EASW-2-SMIRROR SW-2,SnapMirror N $0.00 EASW-2-SPROTECT SW-2,SnapProtectApps N $0.00 EASW-2-SRESTORE SW-2,SnapRestore N $0.00 EASW-2-SVAULT SW-2,SnapVault N $0.00 EASW-2-VNSTOR SW-2,V-SeriesStorage N $0.00 EASW-3210A-CIFS SW,CIFS,3210A J $9,950.00 EASW-3210A-CL-BASE SW,Base,CL Software,Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CL-BASE-N-INC SW,Base,CL Software,INC Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CL-BNDL SW,Premium Bundle,CL,Node,3210A J $62,700.00 EASW-3210A-CL-BNDL-N-INC SW,Premium Bundle,CL,INC Node,3210A J $62,700.00 EASW-3210A-CL-CIFS SW,CIFS,CL,Node,3210A J $9,950.00 EASW-3210A-CL-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CL,INC Node,3210A J $9,950.00 EASW-3210A-CL-FCP SW,FCP,CL,Node,3210A J $9,950.00 EASW-3210A-CL-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CL,INC Node,3210A J $9,950.00 EASW-3210A-CL-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CL,Node,3210A J $7,850.00 EASW-3210A-CL-FLEXCLN-N-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CL,INC Node,3210A J $7,850.00 EASW-3210A-CL-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CL,Node,3210A J $9,950.00 EASW-3210A-CL-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CL,INC Node,3210A J $9,950.00 EASW-3210A-CLM-BNDL SW,Premium Bndl,CLM,Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CLM-CIFS SW,CIFS,CLM,Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CLM-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CLM Software,INC Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CLM-FCP SW,FCP,CLM,Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CLM-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CLM Software,INC Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CLM-FLEXCLN-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,INC Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CLM-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CLM,Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CLM-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CLM Software,INC Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CLM-NFS SW,NFS,CLM,Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CLM-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CLM Software,INC Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CLM-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CLM,Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CLM-SMIRROR-INC SW,SnapMirror,CLM,INC Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager and SnapCenter,CLM,Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CLM-SNAPMGR-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CLM,INC Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CLM,Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CLM-SNAPPRO-INC SW,SnapProtect,CLM,INC Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CLM-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CLM,Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CLM-SRESTORE-INC SW,SnapRestore,CLM,INC Node,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-CL-NFS SW,NFS,CL,Node,3210A J $9,950.00 EASW-3210A-CL-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CL,INC Node,3210A J $9,950.00 EASW-3210A-CL-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CL,Node,3210A J $18,150.00 EASW-3210A-CL-SMIRROR-N-INC SW,SnapMirror,CL,INC Node,3210A J $18,150.00 EASW-3210A-CL-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager and SnapCenter,CL,Node,3210A J $28,000.00 EASW-3210A-CL-SNAPMGR-N-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CL,INC Node,3210A J $28,000.00 EASW-3210A-CL-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CL,Node,3210A J $36,400.00 EASW-3210A-CL-SNAPPRO-N-INC SW,SnapProtect,CL,INC Node,3210A J $36,400.00 EASW-3210A-CL-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CL,Node,3210A J $4,250.00 EASW-3210A-CL-SRESTOR-N-INC SW,SnapRestore,CL,INC Node,3210A J $4,250.00 EASW-3210A-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,3210A J $62,700.00 EASW-3210A-FCP SW,FCP,3210A J $9,950.00 EASW-3210A-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,3210A J $7,850.00 EASW-3210A-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,3210A J $9,950.00 EASW-3210A-NFS SW,NFS,3210A J $9,950.00 EASW-3210A-PAMII SW,PAMII,3210A J $0.00 EASW-3210A-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,3210A J $18,150.00 EASW-3210A-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,3210A J $28,000.00 EASW-3210A-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,3210A J $36,400.00 EASW-3210A-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,3210A J $11,750.00 EASW-3210A-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,3210A J $4,250.00 EASW-3210-CIFS SW,CIFS,3210 J $13,950.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 39

SW-3210-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,3210 J $87,750.00 EASW-3210-FCP SW,FCP,3210 J $13,950.00 EASW-3210-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,3210 J $11,000.00 EASW-3210-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,3210 J $13,950.00 EASW-3210-NFS SW,NFS,3210 J $13,950.00 EASW-3210-PAMII SW,PAMII,3210 J $0.00 EASW-3210-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,3210 J $25,400.00 EASW-3210-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,3210 J $39,200.00 EASW-3210-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,3210 J $50,960.00 EASW-3210-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,3210 J $16,450.00 EASW-3210-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,3210 J $5,950.00 EASW-3220A-CIFS SW,CIFS,3220A N $6,920.00 EASW-3220A-CL-BASE SW,Base,CL Software,Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CL-BASE-N-INC SW,Base,CL Software,INC Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CL-BNDL SW,Premium Bundle,CL,Node,3220A N $42,275.00 EASW-3220A-CL-BNDL-C SW,Premium Bundle,CL,Node,3220A,-C N $42,275.00 EASW-3220A-CL-BNDL-N-INC SW,Premium Bundle,CL,INC Node,3220A N $42,275.00 EASW-3220A-CL-CIFS SW,CIFS,CL,Node,3220A N $6,920.00 EASW-3220A-CL-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CL,INC Node,3220A N $6,920.00 EASW-3220A-CL-FCP SW,FCP,CL,Node,3220A N $6,920.00 EASW-3220A-CL-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CL,INC Node,3220A N $6,920.00 EASW-3220A-CL-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CL,Node,3220A N $5,300.00 EASW-3220A-CL-FLEXCLN-N-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CL,INC Node,3220A N $5,300.00 EASW-3220A-CL-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CL,Node,3220A N $6,920.00 EASW-3220A-CL-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CL,INC Node,3220A N $6,920.00 EASW-3220A-CLM-BNDL SW,Premium Bndl,CLM,Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CLM-CIFS SW,CIFS,CLM,Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CLM-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CLM Software,INC Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CLM-FCP SW,FCP,CLM,Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CLM-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CLM Software,INC Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CLM-FLEXCLN-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,INC Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CLM-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CLM,Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CLM-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CLM Software,INC Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CLM-NFS SW,NFS,CLM,Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CLM-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CLM Software,INC Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CLM-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CLM,Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CLM-SMIRROR-INC SW,SnapMirror,CLM,INC Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager and SnapCenter,CLM,Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CLM-SNAPMGR-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CLM,INC Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CLM,Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CLM-SNAPPRO-INC SW,SnapProtect,CLM,INC Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CLM-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CLM,Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CLM-SRESTORE-INC SW,SnapRestore,CLM,INC Node,3220A N $0.00 EASW-3220A-CL-NFS SW,NFS,CL,Node,3220A N $6,920.00 EASW-3220A-CL-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CL,INC Node,3220A N $6,920.00 EASW-3220A-CL-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CL,Node,3220A N $11,505.00 EASW-3220A-CL-SMIRROR-N-INC SW,SnapMirror,CL,INC Node,3220A N $11,505.00 EASW-3220A-CL-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager and SnapCenter,CL,Node,3220A N $12,800.00 EASW-3220A-CL-SNAPMGR-N-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CL,INC Node,3220A N $12,800.00 EASW-3220A-CL-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CL,Node,3220A N $16,640.00 EASW-3220A-CL-SNAPPRO-N-INC SW,SnapProtect,CL,INC Node,3220A N $16,640.00 EASW-3220A-CL-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CL,Node,3220A N $2,950.00 EASW-3220A-CL-SRESTOR-N-INC SW,SnapRestore,CL,INC Node,3220A N $2,950.00 EASW-3220A-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,3220A N $42,275.00 EASW-3220A-FCP SW,FCP,3220A N $6,920.00 EASW-3220A-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,3220A N $5,300.00 EASW-3220A-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,3220A N $6,920.00 EASW-3220A-NFS SW,NFS,3220A N $6,920.00 EASW-3220A-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,3220A N $11,505.00 EASW-3220A-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,3220A N $12,800.00 EASW-3220A-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,3220A N $16,640.00 EASW-3220A-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,3220A N $8,050.00 EASW-3220A-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,3220A N $2,950.00 EASW-3220-CIFS SW,CIFS,3220 N $9,705.00 EASW-3220-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,3220 N $59,280.00 EASW-3220-FCP SW,FCP,3220 N $9,705.00 EASW-3220-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,3220 N $7,450.00 EASW-3220-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,3220 N $9,705.00 EASW-3220-NFS SW,NFS,3220 N $9,705.00 EASW-3220-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,3220 N $16,140.00 EASW-3220-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,3220 N $17,960.00 EASW-3220-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,3220 N $23,350.00 EASW-3220-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,3220 N $11,290.00 EASW-3220-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,3220 N $4,140.00 EASW-3240A-CIFS SW,CIFS,3240A J $16,400.00 EASW-3240A-CL-BASE SW,Base,CL Software,Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CL-BASE-N-INC SW,Base,CL Software,INC Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CL-BNDL SW,Premium Bundle,CL,Node,3240A J $108,350.00 EASW-3240A-CL-BNDL-N-INC SW,Premium Bundle,CL,INC Node,3240A J $108,350.00 EASW-3240A-CL-CIFS SW,CIFS,CL,Node,3240A J $16,400.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 40

SW-3240A-CL-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CL,INC Node,3240A J $16,400.00 EASW-3240A-CL-FCP SW,FCP,CL,Node,3240A J $16,400.00 EASW-3240A-CL-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CL,INC Node,3240A J $16,400.00 EASW-3240A-CL-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CL,Node,3240A J $14,400.00 EASW-3240A-CL-FLEXCLN-N-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CL,INC Node,3240A J $14,400.00 EASW-3240A-CL-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CL,Node,3240A J $16,400.00 EASW-3240A-CL-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CL,INC Node,3240A J $16,400.00 EASW-3240A-CLM-BNDL SW,Premium Bndl,CLM,Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CLM-CIFS SW,CIFS,CLM,Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CLM-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CLM Software,INC Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CLM-FCP SW,FCP,CLM,Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CLM-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CLM Software,INC Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CLM-FLEXCLN-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,INC Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CLM-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CLM,Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CLM-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CLM Software,INC Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CLM-NFS SW,NFS,CLM,Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CLM-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CLM Software,INC Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CLM-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CLM,Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CLM-SMIRROR-INC SW,SnapMirror,CLM,INC Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CLM,Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CLM-SNAPMGR-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CLM,INC Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CLM,Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CLM-SNAPPRO-INC SW,SnapProtect,CLM,INC Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CLM-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CLM,Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CLM-SRESTORE-INC SW,SnapRestore,CLM,INC Node,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-CL-NFS SW,NFS,CL,Node,3240A J $16,400.00 EASW-3240A-CL-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CL,INC Node,3240A J $16,400.00 EASW-3240A-CL-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CL,Node,3240A J $33,250.00 EASW-3240A-CL-SMIRROR-N-INC SW,SnapMirror,CL,INC Node,3240A J $33,250.00 EASW-3240A-CL-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CL,Node,3240A J $43,000.00 EASW-3240A-CL-SNAPMGR-N-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CL,INC Node,3240A J $43,000.00 EASW-3240A-CL-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CL,Node,3240A J $55,900.00 EASW-3240A-CL-SNAPPRO-N-INC SW,SnapProtect,CL,INC Node,3240A J $55,900.00 EASW-3240A-CL-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CL,Node,3240A J $7,750.00 EASW-3240A-CL-SRESTOR-N-INC SW,SnapRestore,CL,INC Node,3240A J $7,750.00 EASW-3240A-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,3240A J $108,350.00 EASW-3240A-FCP SW,FCP,3240A J $16,400.00 EASW-3240A-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,3240A J $14,400.00 EASW-3240A-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,3240A J $16,400.00 EASW-3240A-NFS SW,NFS,3240A J $16,400.00 EASW-3240A-PAMII SW,PAMII,3240A J $0.00 EASW-3240A-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,3240A J $33,250.00 EASW-3240A-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,3240A J $43,000.00 EASW-3240A-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,3240A J $55,900.00 EASW-3240A-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,3240A J $21,500.00 EASW-3240A-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,3240A J $7,750.00 EASW-3240-CIFS SW,CIFS,3240 J $25,550.00 EASW-3240-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,3240 J $160,850.00 EASW-3240-FCP SW,FCP,3240 J $25,550.00 EASW-3240-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,3240 J $20,150.00 EASW-3240-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,3240 J $25,550.00 EASW-3240-NFS SW,NFS,3240 J $25,550.00 EASW-3240-PAMII SW,PAMII,3240 J $0.00 EASW-3240-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,3240 J $46,550.00 EASW-3240-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,3240 J $60,200.00 EASW-3240-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,3240 J $78,260.00 EASW-3240-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,3240 J $30,150.00 EASW-3240-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,3240 J $10,850.00 EASW-3250A-CIFS SW,CIFS,3250A N $11,725.00 EASW-3250A-CL-BASE SW,Base,CL Software,Node,3250A N $0.00 EASW-3250A-CL-BASE-N-INC SW,Base,CL Software,INC Node,3250A N $0.00 EASW-3250A-CL-BNDL SW,Premium Bundle,CL,Node,3250A N $75,060.00 EASW-3250A-CL-BNDL-C SW,Premium Bundle,CL,Node,3250A,-C N $75,060.00 EASW-3250A-CL-BNDL-N-INC SW,Premium Bundle,CL,INC Node,3250A N $75,060.00 EASW-3250A-CL-CIFS SW,CIFS,CL,Node,3250A N $11,725.00 EASW-3250A-CL-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CL,INC Node,3250A N $11,725.00 EASW-3250A-CL-FCP SW,FCP,CL,Node,3250A N $11,725.00 EASW-3250A-CL-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CL,INC Node,3250A N $11,725.00 EASW-3250A-CL-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CL,Node,3250A N $10,285.00 EASW-3250A-CL-FLEXCLN-N-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CL,INC Node,3250A N $10,285.00 EASW-3250A-CL-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CL,Node,3250A N $11,725.00 EASW-3250A-CL-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CL,INC Node,3250A N $11,725.00 EASW-3250A-CLM-BNDL SW,Premium Bndl,CLM,Node,3250A N $0.00 EASW-3250A-CLM-CIFS SW,CIFS,CLM,Node,3250A N $0.00 EASW-3250A-CLM-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CLM Software,INC Node,3250A N $0.00 EASW-3250A-CLM-FCP SW,FCP,CLM,Node,3250A N $0.00 EASW-3250A-CLM-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CLM Software,INC Node,3250A N $0.00 EASW-3250A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,Node,3250A N $0.00 EASW-3250A-CLM-FLEXCLN-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,INC Node,3250A N $0.00 EASW-3250A-CLM-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CLM,Node,3250A N $0.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 41

SW-3250A-CLM-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CLM Software,INC Node,3250A N $0.00 EASW-3250A-CLM-NFS SW,NFS,CLM,Node,3250A N $0.00 EASW-3250A-CLM-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CLM Software,INC Node,3250A N $0.00 EASW-3250A-CLM-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CLM,Node,3250A N $0.00 EASW-3250A-CLM-SMIRROR-INC SW,SnapMirror,CLM,INC Node,3250A N $0.00 EASW-3250A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager and SnapCenter,CLM,Node,3250A N $0.00 EASW-3250A-CLM-SNAPMGR-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CLM,INC Node,3250A N $0.00 EASW-3250A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CLM,Node,3250A N $0.00 EASW-3250A-CLM-SNAPPRO-INC SW,SnapProtect,CLM,INC Node,3250A N $0.00 EASW-3250A-CLM-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CLM,Node,3250A N $0.00 EASW-3250A-CLM-SRESTORE-INC SW,SnapRestore,CLM,INC Node,3250A N $0.00 EASW-3250A-CL-NFS SW,NFS,CL,Node,3250A N $11,725.00 EASW-3250A-CL-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CL,INC Node,3250A N $11,725.00 EASW-3250A-CL-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CL,Node,3250A N $21,845.00 EASW-3250A-CL-SMIRROR-N-INC SW,SnapMirror,CL,INC Node,3250A N $21,845.00 EASW-3250A-CL-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager and SnapCenter,CL,Node,3250A N $24,890.00 EASW-3250A-CL-SNAPMGR-N-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CL,INC Node,3250A N $24,890.00 EASW-3250A-CL-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CL,Node,3250A N $32,350.00 EASW-3250A-CL-SNAPPRO-N-INC SW,SnapProtect,CL,INC Node,3250A N $32,350.00 EASW-3250A-CL-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CL,Node,3250A N $5,530.00 EASW-3250A-CL-SRESTOR-N-INC SW,SnapRestore,CL,INC Node,3250A N $5,530.00 EASW-3250A-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,3250A N $75,060.00 EASW-3250A-FCP SW,FCP,3250A N $11,725.00 EASW-3250A-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,3250A N $10,285.00 EASW-3250A-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,3250A N $11,725.00 EASW-3250A-NFS SW,NFS,3250A N $11,725.00 EASW-3250A-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,3250A N $21,845.00 EASW-3250A-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,3250A N $24,890.00 EASW-3250A-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,3250A N $32,350.00 EASW-3250A-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,3250A N $15,290.00 EASW-3250A-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,3250A N $5,530.00 EASW-3250-CIFS SW,CIFS,3250 N $18,260.00 EASW-3250-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,3250 N $111,780.00 EASW-3250-FCP SW,FCP,3250 N $18,260.00 EASW-3250-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,3250 N $14,420.00 EASW-3250-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,3250 N $18,260.00 EASW-3250-NFS SW,NFS,3250 N $18,260.00 EASW-3250-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,3250 N $30,620.00 EASW-3250-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,3250 N $34,890.00 EASW-3250-SNAPMANAGER-C SW, SnapManager Suite,-C N $34,890.00 EASW-3250-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,3250 N $45,350.00 EASW-3250-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,3250 N $21,425.00 EASW-3250-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,3250 N $7,755.00 EASW-3270A-CIFS SW,CIFS,3270A J $36,100.00 EASW-3270A-CL-BASE SW,Base,CL Software,Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CL-BASE-N-INC SW,Base,CL Software,INC Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CL-BNDL SW,Premium Bundle,CL,Node,3270A J $209,900.00 EASW-3270A-CL-BNDL-N-INC SW,Premium Bundle,CL,INC Node,3270A J $209,900.00 EASW-3270A-CL-CIFS SW,CIFS,CL,Node,3270A J $36,100.00 EASW-3270A-CL-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CL,INC Node,3270A J $36,100.00 EASW-3270A-CL-FCP SW,FCP,CL,Node,3270A J $36,100.00 EASW-3270A-CL-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CL,INC Node,3270A J $36,100.00 EASW-3270A-CL-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CL,Node,3270A J $18,650.00 EASW-3270A-CL-FLEXCLN-N-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CL,INC Node,3270A J $18,650.00 EASW-3270A-CL-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CL,Node,3270A J $36,100.00 EASW-3270A-CL-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CL,INC Node,3270A J $36,100.00 EASW-3270A-CLM-BNDL SW,Premium Bndl,CLM,Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CLM-CIFS SW,CIFS,CLM,Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CLM-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CLM Software,INC Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CLM-FCP SW,FCP,CLM,Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CLM-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CLM Software,INC Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CLM-FLEXCLN-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,INC Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CLM-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CLM,Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CLM-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CLM Software,INC Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CLM-NFS SW,NFS,CLM,Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CLM-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CLM Software,INC Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CLM-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CLM,Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CLM-SMIRROR-INC SW,SnapMirror,CLM,INC Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CLM,Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CLM-SNAPMGR-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CLM,INC Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CLM,Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CLM-SNAPPRO-INC SW,SnapProtect,CLM,INC Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CLM-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CLM,Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CLM-SRESTORE-INC SW,SnapRestore,CLM,INC Node,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-CL-NFS SW,NFS,CL,Node,3270A J $36,100.00 EASW-3270A-CL-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CL,INC Node,3270A J $36,100.00 EASW-3270A-CL-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CL,Node,3270A J $54,450.00 EASW-3270A-CL-SMIRROR-N-INC SW,SnapMirror,CL,INC Node,3270A J $54,450.00 EASW-3270A-CL-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CL,Node,3270A J $57,000.00 EASW-3270A-CL-SNAPMGR-N-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CL,INC Node,3270A J $57,000.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 42

SW-3270A-CL-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CL,Node,3270A J $74,100.00 EASW-3270A-CL-SNAPPRO-N-INC SW,SnapProtect,CL,INC Node,3270A J $74,100.00 EASW-3270A-CL-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CL,Node,3270A J $12,150.00 EASW-3270A-CL-SRESTOR-N-INC SW,SnapRestore,CL,INC Node,3270A J $12,150.00 EASW-3270A-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,3270A J $209,900.00 EASW-3270A-FCP SW,FCP,3270A J $36,100.00 EASW-3270A-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,3270A J $18,650.00 EASW-3270A-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,3270A J $36,100.00 EASW-3270A-NFS SW,NFS,3270A J $36,100.00 EASW-3270A-PAMII SW,PAMII,3270A J $0.00 EASW-3270A-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,3270A J $54,450.00 EASW-3270A-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,3270A J $57,000.00 EASW-3270A-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,3270A J $74,100.00 EASW-3270A-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,3270A J $32,350.00 EASW-3270A-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,3270A J $12,150.00 EASW-3270-CIFS SW,CIFS,3270 J $50,550.00 EASW-3270-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,3270 J $293,850.00 EASW-3270-FCP SW,FCP,3270 J $50,550.00 EASW-3270-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,3270 J $26,100.00 EASW-3270-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,3270 J $50,550.00 EASW-3270-NFS SW,NFS,3270 J $50,550.00 EASW-3270-PAMII SW,PAMII,3270 J $0.00 EASW-3270-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,3270 J $76,200.00 EASW-3270-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,3270 J $79,800.00 EASW-3270-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,3270 J $103,740.00 EASW-3270-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,3270 J $45,300.00 EASW-3270-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,3270 J $17,000.00 EASW-5400-SNAPSHOT SW,SnapShot,5400 N $4,660.00 EASW-5400-SNAPSHOT-P SW,SnapShot,5400,-P N $4,660.00 EASW-5500-FDE-SKM SW,FDE Sec Key Mgmt,5500 N $3,140.00 EASW-5500-FDE-SKM-P SW,FDE Sec Key Mgmt,5500,-P N $3,140.00 EASW-5600-FDE-SKM SW,FDE Sec Key Mgmt,5600 N $3,140.00 EASW-5600-FDE-SKM-P SW,FDE Sec Key Mgmt,5600,-P N $3,140.00 EASW-6210A-CIFS SW,CIFS,6210A J $47,900.00 EASW-6210A-CL-BASE SW,Base,CL Software,Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CL-BASE-N-INC SW,Base,CL Software,INC Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CL-BNDL SW,Premium Bundle,CL,Node,6210A J $273,800.00 EASW-6210A-CL-BNDL-N-INC SW,Premium Bundle,CL,INC Node,6210A J $273,800.00 EASW-6210A-CL-CIFS SW,CIFS,CL,Node,6210A J $47,900.00 EASW-6210A-CL-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CL,INC Node,6210A J $47,900.00 EASW-6210A-CL-FCP SW,FCP,CL,Node,6210A J $47,900.00 EASW-6210A-CL-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CL,INC Node,6210A J $47,900.00 EASW-6210A-CL-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CL,Node,6210A J $29,000.00 EASW-6210A-CL-FLEXCLN-N-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CL,INC Node,6210A J $29,000.00 EASW-6210A-CL-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CL,Node,6210A J $47,900.00 EASW-6210A-CL-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CL,INC Node,6210A J $47,900.00 EASW-6210A-CLM-BNDL SW,Premium Bndl,CLM,Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CLM-CIFS SW,CIFS,CLM,Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CLM-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CLM Software,INC Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CLM-FCP SW,FCP,CLM,Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CLM-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CLM Software,INC Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CLM-FLEXCLN-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,INC Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CLM-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CLM,Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CLM-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CLM Software,INC Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CLM-NFS SW,NFS,CLM,Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CLM-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CLM Software,INC Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CLM-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CLM,Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CLM-SMIRROR-INC SW,SnapMirror,CLM,INC Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager and SnapCenter,CLM,Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CLM-SNAPMGR-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CLM,INC Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CLM,Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CLM-SNAPPRO-INC SW,SnapProtect,CLM,INC Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CLM-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CLM,Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CLM-SRESTORE-INC SW,SnapRestore,CLM,INC Node,6210A J $0.00 EASW-6210A-CL-NFS SW,NFS,CL,Node,6210A J $47,900.00 EASW-6210A-CL-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CL,INC Node,6210A J $47,900.00 EASW-6210A-CL-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CL,Node,6210A J $70,100.00 EASW-6210A-CL-SMIRROR-N-INC SW,SnapMirror,CL,INC Node,6210A J $70,100.00 EASW-6210A-CL-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager and SnapCenter,CL,Node,6210A J $60,000.00 EASW-6210A-CL-SNAPMGR-N-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CL,INC Node,6210A J $60,000.00 EASW-6210A-CL-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CL,Node,6210A J $78,000.00 EASW-6210A-CL-SNAPPRO-N-INC SW,SnapProtect,CL,INC Node,6210A J $78,000.00 EASW-6210A-CL-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CL,Node,6210A J $14,400.00 EASW-6210A-CL-SRESTOR-N-INC SW,SnapRestore,CL,INC Node,6210A J $14,400.00 EASW-6210A-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,6210A J $273,800.00 EASW-6210A-FCP SW,FCP,6210A J $47,900.00 EASW-6210A-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,6210A J $29,000.00 EASW-6210A-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,6210A J $47,900.00 EASW-6210A-NFS SW,NFS,6210A J $47,900.00 EASW-6210A-PAMII SW,PAMII,6210A J $0.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 43

SW-6210A-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,6210A J $70,100.00 EASW-6210A-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,6210A J $60,000.00 EASW-6210A-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,6210A J $78,000.00 EASW-6210A-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,6210A J $43,700.00 EASW-6210A-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,6210A J $14,400.00 EASW-6210-CIFS SW,CIFS,6210 J $63,500.00 EASW-6210-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,6210 J $364,400.00 EASW-6210-FCP SW,FCP,6210 J $63,500.00 EASW-6210-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,6210 J $40,600.00 EASW-6210-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,6210 J $63,500.00 EASW-6210-NFS SW,NFS,6210 J $63,500.00 EASW-6210-PAMII SW,PAMII,6210 J $0.00 EASW-6210-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,6210 J $93,000.00 EASW-6210-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,6210 J $84,000.00 EASW-6210-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,6210 J $109,200.00 EASW-6210-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,6210 J $61,200.00 EASW-6210-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,6210 J $20,150.00 EASW-6220A-CIFS SW,CIFS,6220A N $26,680.00 EASW-6220A-CL-BASE SW,Base,CL Software,Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CL-BASE-N-INC SW,Base,CL Software,INC Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CL-BNDL SW,Premium Bundle,CL,Node,6220A N $154,835.00 EASW-6220A-CL-BNDL-C SW,Premium Bundle,CL,Node,6220A,-C N $154,835.00 EASW-6220A-CL-BNDL-N-INC SW,Premium Bundle,CL,INC Node,6220A N $154,835.00 EASW-6220A-CL-CIFS SW,CIFS,CL,Node,6220A N $26,680.00 EASW-6220A-CL-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CL,INC Node,6220A N $26,680.00 EASW-6220A-CL-FCP SW,FCP,CL,Node,6220A N $26,680.00 EASW-6220A-CL-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CL,INC Node,6220A N $26,680.00 EASW-6220A-CL-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CL,Node,6220A N $18,020.00 EASW-6220A-CL-FLEXCLN-N-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CL,INC Node,6220A N $18,020.00 EASW-6220A-CL-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CL Software,Node,6220A N $26,680.00 EASW-6220A-CL-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CL Software,INC Node,6220A N $26,680.00 EASW-6220A-CLM-BNDL SW,Premium Bndl,CLM,Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CLM-CIFS SW,CIFS,CLM,Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CLM-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CLM Software,INC Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CLM-FCP SW,FCP,CLM,Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CLM-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CLM Software,INC Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CLM-FLEXCLN-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,INC Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CLM-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CLM,Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CLM-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CLM Software,INC Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CLM-NFS SW,NFS,CLM,Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CLM-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CLM Software,INC Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CLM-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CLM,Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CLM-SMIRROR-INC SW,SnapMirror,CLM,INC Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CLM,Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CLM-SNAPMGR-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CLM,INC Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CLM,Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CLM-SNAPPRO-INC SW,SnapProtect,CLM,INC Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CLM-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CLM,Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CLM-SRESTORE-INC SW,SnapRestore,CLM,INC Node,6220A N $0.00 EASW-6220A-CL-NFS SW,NFS,CL,Node,6220A N $26,680.00 EASW-6220A-CL-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CL,INC Node,6220A N $26,680.00 EASW-6220A-CL-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CL,Node,6220A N $40,040.00 EASW-6220A-CL-SMIRROR-N-INC SW,SnapMirror,CL,INC Node,6220A N $40,040.00 EASW-6220A-CL-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CL,Node,6220A N $35,680.00 EASW-6220A-CL-SNAPMGR-N-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CL,INC Node,6220A N $35,680.00 EASW-6220A-CL-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CL,Node,6220A N $46,380.00 EASW-6220A-CL-SNAPPRO-N-INC SW,SnapProtect,CL,INC Node,6220A N $46,380.00 EASW-6220A-CL-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CL,Node,6220A N $8,950.00 EASW-6220A-CL-SRESTOR-N-INC SW,SnapRestore,CL,INC Node,6220A N $8,950.00 EASW-6220A-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,6220A N $154,835.00 EASW-6220A-FCP SW,FCP,6220A N $26,680.00 EASW-6220A-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,6220A N $18,020.00 EASW-6220A-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,6220A N $26,680.00 EASW-6220A-NFS SW,NFS,6220A N $26,680.00 EASW-6220A-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,6220A N $40,040.00 EASW-6220A-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,6220A N $35,680.00 EASW-6220A-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,6220A N $46,380.00 EASW-6220A-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,6220A N $27,260.00 EASW-6220A-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,6220A N $8,950.00 EASW-6220-CIFS SW,CIFS,6220 N $35,370.00 EASW-6220-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,6220 N $209,600.00 EASW-6220-FCP SW,FCP,6220 N $35,370.00 EASW-6220-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,6220 N $25,230.00 EASW-6220-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,6220 N $35,370.00 EASW-6220-NFS SW,NFS,6220 N $35,370.00 EASW-6220-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,6220 N $56,040.00 EASW-6220-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,6220 N $49,935.00 EASW-6220-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,6220 N $64,915.00 EASW-6220-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,6220 N $38,155.00 EASW-6220-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,6220 N $12,525.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 44

SW-6240A-CIFS SW,CIFS,6240A J $62,865.00 EASW-6240A-CL-BASE SW,Base,CL Software,Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CL-BASE-N-INC SW,Base,CL Software,INC Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CL-BNDL SW,Premium Bundle,CL,Node,6240A J $349,425.00 EASW-6240A-CL-BNDL-N-INC SW,Premium Bundle,CL,INC Node,6240A J $349,425.00 EASW-6240A-CL-CIFS SW,CIFS,CL,Node,6240A J $62,865.00 EASW-6240A-CL-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CL,INC Node,6240A J $62,865.00 EASW-6240A-CL-FCP SW,FCP,CL,Node,6240A J $62,865.00 EASW-6240A-CL-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CL,INC Node,6240A J $62,865.00 EASW-6240A-CL-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CL,Node,6240A J $42,570.00 EASW-6240A-CL-FLEXCLN-N-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CL,INC Node,6240A J $42,570.00 EASW-6240A-CL-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CL,Node,6240A J $62,865.00 EASW-6240A-CL-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CL,INC Node,6240A J $62,865.00 EASW-6240A-CLM-BNDL SW,Premium Bndl,CLM,Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CLM-CIFS SW,CIFS,CLM,Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CLM-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CLM Software,INC Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CLM-FCP SW,FCP,CLM,Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CLM-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CLM Software,INC Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CLM-FLEXCLN-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,INC Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CLM-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CLM,Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CLM-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CLM Software,INC Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CLM-NFS SW,NFS,CLM,Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CLM-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CLM Software,INC Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CLM-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CLM,Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CLM-SMIRROR-INC SW,SnapMirror,CLM,INC Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CLM,Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CLM-SNAPMGR-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CLM,INC Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CLM,Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CLM-SNAPPRO-INC SW,SnapProtect,CLM,INC Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CLM-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CLM,Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CLM-SRESTORE-INC SW,SnapRestore,CLM,INC Node,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-CL-NFS SW,NFS,CL,Node,6240A J $62,865.00 EASW-6240A-CL-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CL,INC Node,6240A J $62,865.00 EASW-6240A-CL-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CL,Node,6240A J $85,590.00 EASW-6240A-CL-SMIRROR-N-INC SW,SnapMirror,CL,INC Node,6240A J $85,590.00 EASW-6240A-CL-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CL,Node,6240A J $63,900.00 EASW-6240A-CL-SNAPMGR-N-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CL,INC Node,6240A J $63,900.00 EASW-6240A-CL-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CL,Node,6240A J $92,300.00 EASW-6240A-CL-SNAPPRO-N-INC SW,SnapProtect,CL,INC Node,6240A J $92,300.00 EASW-6240A-CL-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CL,Node,6240A J $17,010.00 EASW-6240A-CL-SRESTOR-N-INC SW,SnapRestore,CL,INC Node,6240A J $17,010.00 EASW-6240A-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,6240A J $349,425.00 EASW-6240A-FCP SW,FCP,6240A J $62,865.00 EASW-6240A-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,6240A J $42,570.00 EASW-6240A-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,6240A J $62,865.00 EASW-6240A-NFS SW,NFS,6240A J $62,865.00 EASW-6240A-PAMII SW,PAMII,6240A J $0.00 EASW-6240A-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,6240A J $85,590.00 EASW-6240A-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,6240A J $63,900.00 EASW-6240A-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,6240A J $92,300.00 EASW-6240A-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,6240A J $49,905.00 EASW-6240A-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,6240A J $17,010.00 EASW-6240-CIFS SW,CIFS,6240 J $75,375.00 EASW-6240-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,6240 J $429,795.00 EASW-6240-FCP SW,FCP,6240 J $75,375.00 EASW-6240-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,6240 J $55,350.00 EASW-6240-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,6240 J $75,375.00 EASW-6240-NFS SW,NFS,6240 J $75,375.00 EASW-6240-PAMII SW,PAMII,6240 J $0.00 EASW-6240-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,6240 J $109,665.00 EASW-6240-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,6240 J $82,800.00 EASW-6240-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,6240 J $119,600.00 EASW-6240-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,6240 J $65,520.00 EASW-6240-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,6240 J $22,365.00 EASW-6250A-CIFS SW,CIFS,6250A N $38,975.00 EASW-6250A-CL-BASE SW,Base,CL Software,Node,6250A N $0.00 EASW-6250A-CL-BASE-N-INC SW,Base,CL Software,INC Node,6250A N $0.00 EASW-6250A-CL-BNDL SW,Premium Bundle,CL,Node,6250A N $216,640.00 EASW-6250A-CL-BNDL-C SW,Premium Bundle,CL,Node,6250A,-C N $216,640.00 EASW-6250A-CL-BNDL-N-INC SW,Premium Bundle,CL,INC Node,6250A N $216,640.00 EASW-6250A-CL-CIFS SW,CIFS,CL,Node,6250A N $38,975.00 EASW-6250A-CL-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CL,INC Node,6250A N $38,975.00 EASW-6250A-CL-FCP SW,FCP,CL,Node,6250A N $38,975.00 EASW-6250A-CL-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CL,INC Node,6250A N $38,975.00 EASW-6250A-CL-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CL,Node,6250A N $26,390.00 EASW-6250A-CL-FLEXCLN-N-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CL,INC Node,6250A N $26,390.00 EASW-6250A-CL-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CL Software,Node,6250A N $38,975.00 EASW-6250A-CL-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CL Software,INC Node,6250A N $38,975.00 EASW-6250A-CLM-BNDL SW,Premium Bndl,CLM,Node,6250A N $0.00 EASW-6250A-CLM-CIFS SW,CIFS,CLM,Node,6250A N $0.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 45

SW-6250A-CLM-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CLM Software,INC Node,6250A N $0.00 EASW-6250A-CLM-FCP SW,FCP,CLM,Node,6250A N $0.00 EASW-6250A-CLM-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CLM Software,INC Node,6250A N $0.00 EASW-6250A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,Node,6250A N $0.00 EASW-6250A-CLM-FLEXCLN-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,INC Node,6250A N $0.00 EASW-6250A-CLM-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CLM,Node,6250A N $0.00 EASW-6250A-CLM-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CLM Software,INC Node,6250A N $0.00 EASW-6250A-CLM-NFS SW,NFS,CLM,Node,6250A N $0.00 EASW-6250A-CLM-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CLM Software,INC Node,6250A N $0.00 EASW-6250A-CLM-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CLM,Node,6250A N $0.00 EASW-6250A-CLM-SMIRROR-INC SW,SnapMirror,CLM,INC Node,6250A N $0.00 EASW-6250A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CLM,Node,6250A N $0.00 EASW-6250A-CLM-SNAPMGR-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CLM,INC Node,6250A N $0.00 EASW-6250A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CLM,Node,6250A N $0.00 EASW-6250A-CLM-SNAPPRO-INC SW,SnapProtect,CLM,INC Node,6250A N $0.00 EASW-6250A-CLM-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CLM,Node,6250A N $0.00 EASW-6250A-CLM-SRESTORE-INC SW,SnapRestore,CLM,INC Node,6250A N $0.00 EASW-6250A-CL-NFS SW,NFS,CL,Node,6250A N $38,975.00 EASW-6250A-CL-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CL,INC Node,6250A N $38,975.00 EASW-6250A-CL-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CL,Node,6250A N $53,065.00 EASW-6250A-CL-SMIRROR-N-INC SW,SnapMirror,CL,INC Node,6250A N $53,065.00 EASW-6250A-CL-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CL,Node,6250A N $39,615.00 EASW-6250A-CL-SNAPMGR-N-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CL,INC Node,6250A N $39,615.00 EASW-6250A-CL-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CL,Node,6250A N $57,220.00 EASW-6250A-CL-SNAPPRO-N-INC SW,SnapProtect,CL,INC Node,6250A N $57,220.00 EASW-6250A-CL-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CL,Node,6250A N $10,545.00 EASW-6250A-CL-SRESTOR-N-INC SW,SnapRestore,CL,INC Node,6250A N $10,545.00 EASW-6250A-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,6250A N $216,640.00 EASW-6250A-FCP SW,FCP,6250A N $38,975.00 EASW-6250A-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,6250A N $26,390.00 EASW-6250A-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,6250A N $38,975.00 EASW-6250A-NFS SW,NFS,6250A N $38,975.00 EASW-6250A-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,6250A N $53,065.00 EASW-6250A-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,6250A N $39,615.00 EASW-6250A-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,6250A N $57,220.00 EASW-6250A-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,6250A N $30,940.00 EASW-6250A-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,6250A N $10,545.00 EASW-6250-CIFS SW,CIFS,6250 N $46,730.00 EASW-6250-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,6250 N $266,470.00 EASW-6250-FCP SW,FCP,6250 N $46,730.00 EASW-6250-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,6250 N $34,315.00 EASW-6250-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,6250 N $46,730.00 EASW-6250-NFS SW,NFS,6250 N $46,730.00 EASW-6250-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,6250 N $67,990.00 EASW-6250-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,6250 N $51,335.00 EASW-6250-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,6250 N $74,150.00 EASW-6250-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,6250 N $40,620.00 EASW-6250-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,6250 N $13,865.00 EASW-6280A-CIFS SW,CIFS,6280A J $77,895.00 EASW-6280A-CL-BASE SW,Base,CL Software,Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CL-BASE-N-INC SW,Base,CL Software,INC Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CL-BNDL SW,Premium Bundle,CL,Node,6280A J $425,250.00 EASW-6280A-CL-BNDL-N-INC SW,Premium Bundle,CL,INC Node,6280A J $425,250.00 EASW-6280A-CL-CIFS SW,CIFS,CL,Node,6280A J $77,895.00 EASW-6280A-CL-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CL,INC Node,6280A J $77,895.00 EASW-6280A-CL-FCP SW,FCP,CL,Node,6280A J $77,895.00 EASW-6280A-CL-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CL,INC Node,6280A J $77,895.00 EASW-6280A-CL-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CL,Node,6280A J $49,500.00 EASW-6280A-CL-FLEXCLN-N-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CL,INC Node,6280A J $49,500.00 EASW-6280A-CL-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CL,Node,6280A J $77,895.00 EASW-6280A-CL-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CL,INC Node,6280A J $77,895.00 EASW-6280A-CLM-BNDL SW,Premium Bndl,CLM,Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CLM-CIFS SW,CIFS,CLM,Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CLM-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CLM Software,INC Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CLM-FCP SW,FCP,CLM,Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CLM-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CLM Software,INC Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CLM-FLEXCLN-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,INC Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CLM-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CLM,Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CLM-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CLM Software,INC Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CLM-NFS SW,NFS,CLM,Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CLM-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CLM Software,INC Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CLM-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CLM,Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CLM-SMIRROR-INC SW,SnapMirror,CLM,INC Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CLM,Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CLM-SNAPMGR-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CLM,INC Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CLM,Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CLM-SNAPPRO-INC SW,SnapProtect,CLM,INC Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CLM-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CLM,Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CLM-SRESTORE-INC SW,SnapRestore,CLM,INC Node,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-CL-NFS SW,NFS,CL,Node,6280A J $77,895.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 46

SW-6280A-CL-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CL,INC Node,6280A J $77,895.00 EASW-6280A-CL-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CL,Node,6280A J $101,070.00 EASW-6280A-CL-SMIRROR-N-INC SW,SnapMirror,CL,INC Node,6280A J $101,070.00 EASW-6280A-CL-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CL,Node,6280A J $74,700.00 EASW-6280A-CL-SNAPMGR-N-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CL,INC Node,6280A J $74,700.00 EASW-6280A-CL-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CL,Node,6280A J $107,900.00 EASW-6280A-CL-SNAPPRO-N-INC SW,SnapProtect,CL,INC Node,6280A J $107,900.00 EASW-6280A-CL-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CL,Node,6280A J $19,665.00 EASW-6280A-CL-SRESTOR-N-INC SW,SnapRestore,CL,INC Node,6280A J $19,665.00 EASW-6280A-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,6280A J $425,250.00 EASW-6280A-FCP SW,FCP,6280A J $77,895.00 EASW-6280A-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,6280A J $49,500.00 EASW-6280A-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,6280A J $77,895.00 EASW-6280A-NFS SW,NFS,6280A J $77,895.00 EASW-6280A-PAMII SW,PAMII,6280A J $0.00 EASW-6280A-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,6280A J $101,070.00 EASW-6280A-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,6280A J $74,700.00 EASW-6280A-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,6280A J $107,900.00 EASW-6280A-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,6280A J $58,410.00 EASW-6280A-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,6280A J $19,665.00 EASW-6280-CIFS SW,CIFS,6280 J $87,210.00 EASW-6280-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,6280 J $495,090.00 EASW-6280-FCP SW,FCP,6280 J $87,210.00 EASW-6280-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,6280 J $61,875.00 EASW-6280-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,6280 J $87,210.00 EASW-6280-NFS SW,NFS,6280 J $87,210.00 EASW-6280-PAMII SW,PAMII,6280 J $0.00 EASW-6280-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,6280 J $126,360.00 EASW-6280-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,6280 J $93,600.00 EASW-6280-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,6280 J $135,200.00 EASW-6280-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,6280 J $73,035.00 EASW-6280-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,6280 J $24,570.00 EASW-6290A-CIFS SW,CIFS,6290A N $48,290.00 EASW-6290A-CL-BASE SW,Base,CL Software,Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CL-BASE-N-INC SW,Base,CL Software,INC Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CL-BNDL SW,Premium Bundle,CL,Node,6290A N $263,655.00 EASW-6290A-CL-BNDL-N-INC SW,Premium Bundle,CL,INC Node,6290A N $263,655.00 EASW-6290A-CL-CIFS SW,CIFS,CL,Node,6290A N $48,290.00 EASW-6290A-CL-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CL,INC Node,6290A N $48,290.00 EASW-6290A-CL-FCP SW,FCP,CL,Node,6290A N $48,290.00 EASW-6290A-CL-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CL,INC Node,6290A N $48,290.00 EASW-6290A-CL-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CL,Node,6290A N $30,690.00 EASW-6290A-CL-FLEXCLN-N-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CL,INC Node,6290A N $30,690.00 EASW-6290A-CL-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CL,Node,6290A N $48,290.00 EASW-6290A-CL-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CL,INC Node,6290A N $48,290.00 EASW-6290A-CLM-BNDL SW,Premium Bndl,CLM,Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CLM-CIFS SW,CIFS,CLM,Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CLM-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CLM Software,INC Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CLM-FCP SW,FCP,CLM,Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CLM-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CLM Software,INC Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CLM-FLEXCLN-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,INC Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CLM-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CLM,Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CLM-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CLM Software,INC Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CLM-NFS SW,NFS,CLM,Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CLM-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CLM Software,INC Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CLM-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CLM,Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CLM-SMIRROR-INC SW,SnapMirror,CLM,INC Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CLM,Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CLM-SNAPMGR-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CLM,INC Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CLM,Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CLM-SNAPPRO-INC SW,SnapProtect,CLM,INC Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CLM-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CLM,Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CLM-SRESTORE-INC SW,SnapRestore,CLM,INC Node,6290A N $0.00 EASW-6290A-CL-NFS SW,NFS,CL,Node,6290A N $48,290.00 EASW-6290A-CL-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CL,INC Node,6290A N $48,290.00 EASW-6290A-CL-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CL,Node,6290A N $62,660.00 EASW-6290A-CL-SMIRROR-N-INC SW,SnapMirror,CL,INC Node,6290A N $62,660.00 EASW-6290A-CL-SNAPMGR SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CL,Node,6290A N $46,310.00 EASW-6290A-CL-SNAPMGR-N-INC SW,SnapManager SnapCenter,CL,INC Node,6290A N $46,310.00 EASW-6290A-CL-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CL,Node,6290A N $66,890.00 EASW-6290A-CL-SNAPPRO-N-INC SW,SnapProtect,CL,INC Node,6290A N $66,890.00 EASW-6290A-CL-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,CL,Node,6290A N $12,190.00 EASW-6290A-CL-SRESTOR-N-INC SW,SnapRestore,CL,INC Node,6290A N $12,190.00 EASW-6290A-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,6290A N $263,655.00 EASW-6290A-FCP SW,FCP,6290A N $48,290.00 EASW-6290A-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,6290A N $30,690.00 EASW-6290A-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,6290A N $48,290.00 EASW-6290A-NFS SW,NFS,6290A N $48,290.00 EASW-6290A-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,6290A N $62,660.00 EASW-6290A-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,6290A N $46,310.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 47

SW-6290A-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,6290A N $66,890.00 EASW-6290A-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,6290A N $36,210.00 EASW-6290A-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,6290A N $12,190.00 EASW-6290-CIFS SW,CIFS,6290 N $54,070.00 EASW-6290-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete BNDL,6290 N $306,955.00 EASW-6290-FCP SW,FCP,6290 N $54,070.00 EASW-6290-FLEXCLN SW,Flexclone,6290 N $38,360.00 EASW-6290-ISCSI SW,iSCSI,6290 N $54,070.00 EASW-6290-NFS SW,NFS,6290 N $54,070.00 EASW-6290-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,6290 N $78,340.00 EASW-6290-SNAPMANAGER SW,SnapMgr SnapCenter Appl Integration,6290 N $58,030.00 EASW-6290-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,6290 N $83,820.00 EASW-6290-SNAPVAULT SW,SnapVault,6290 N $45,280.00 EASW-6290-SRESTORE SW,SnapRestore,6290 N $15,230.00 EASW-AIX-MEDIAKIT Media Kit,AIX C $0.00 EASW-AVA-VESXI-16TB SW,AltaVault 16TB,Virtual Appl for ESXi N $43,595.00 EASW-AVA-VESXI-32TB SW,AltaVault 32TB,Virtual Appl for ESXi N $87,195.00 EASW-AVA-VESXI-8TB SW,AltaVault 8TB,Virtual Appl for ESXi N $29,995.00 EASW-AVA-VHYP-16TB SW,AltaVault 16TB,Virtual Appl for Hyper-V N $43,595.00 EASW-AVA-VHYP-32TB SW,AltaVault 32TB,Virtual Appl for Hyper-V N $87,195.00 EASW-AVA-VHYP-8TB SW,AltaVault 8TB,Virtual Appl for Hyper-V N $29,995.00 EASW-BASE-PK SW,BASE Pack J $0.00 EASW-BASE-PK-P SW,BASE Pack,-P J $0.00 EASW-BSW-3900TRK-02-QS SW,Brocade Switch 5100,6510 Trunking,QS C $2,877.00 EASW-BSW-DCX10GE-01-M-QS SW,Brocade FX8-24 10GbE License,QS C $14,319.00 EASW-BSW-DCX4ENTICL-01-M SW,Brocade DCX8510-4 ICL License C $148,000.00 EASW-BSW-DCX4SCUP-01-QS SW,Brocade DCX-4S FICON Management,QS C $11,174.00 EASW-BSW-DCX4SEB-01-QS SW,Brocade DCX-4S Enterprise Package,QS C $32,475.00 EASW-BSW-DCX4SIR-01-QS SW,Brocade DCX-4S Integrated Routing,QS C $15,442.00 EASW-BSW-DCX8ENTICL-01-M SW,Brocade DCX8510-8 ICL License C $295,000.00 EASW-BSW-DCXAEX-01-M-QS SW,Brocade FX8-24 Advance Extension,QS C $6,327.00 EASW-BSW-DCXAFI-01-M-QS SW,Brocade FX8-24 Advance Accel for FICON,QS C $23,498.00 EASW-BSWDCX-FICON-QS Brocade,FICON Management License C $14,895.00 EASW-BSW-DCXIR-01-QS SW,Brocade DCX Integrated Routing,QS C $20,537.00 EASW-BSW-EXTSAEX-01-QS SW,Brocade 7800 Advance Extension,QS C $4,484.00 EASW-BSW-EXTSAFI-01-QS SW,Brocade 7800 Advance Accel for FICON,QS C $18,828.00 EASW-BSW-EXTSAN-01-QS SW,Brocade 7800 Adaptive Networking,QS C $2,073.00 EASW-BSW-EXTSCUP-01-QS SW,Brocade 7800 FICON,QS C $2,453.00 EASW-BSW-EXTSEB-01-QS SW,Brocade 7800 Enterprise Package,QS C $7,445.00 EASW-BSW-EXTSEXF-01-QS SW,Brocade 7800 Extended Fabric,QS C $1,380.00 EASW-BSW-EXTSFWH-01-QS SW,Brocade 7800 Fabric Watch,QS C $1,251.00 EASW-BSW-EXTSIR-01-QS SW,Brocade 7800 Integrated Routing,QS C $5,820.00 EASW-BSW-EXTSPRF-01-QS SW,Brocade 7800 Advance Perf Monitoring,QS C $1,391.00 EASW-BSW-EXTSSAO-01-QS SW,Brocade 7800 Server App Optimization,QS C $660.00 EASW-BSW-EXTSTRK-01-QS SW,Brocade 7800 ISL Trunking,QS C $2,085.00 EASW-BSW-LEXTSUG1-01 SW,Brocade 7840 10GbE 16-port COD License C $22,515.00 EASW-BSW-LEXTSUG2-01 SW,Brocade 7840 40GbE 2-port COD License C $36,330.00 EASW-BSW-MENTCUP-01-C SW,Brocade 5300 FICON,-C C $7,760.00 EASW-BSW-MENTCUP-01-QS SW,Brocade 5300 FICON,QS C $7,760.00 EASW-BSW-MENTEB-01-C SW,Brocade 5300 Enterprise Package,-C C $14,430.00 EASW-BSW-MENTEB-01-QS SW,Brocade 5300 Enterprise Package,QS C $14,430.00 EASW-BSW-MENTEB4-01-QS SW,Brocade 6520 Enterprise Package,QS C $18,350.00 EASW-BSW-MENTIR-01-C SW,Brocade 5300 Integrated Routing,-C C $12,383.00 EASW-BSW-MENTIR-01-QS SW,Brocade 5300 Integrated Routing,QS C $12,383.00 EASW-BSW-MENTTRK-01-QS SW,Brocade Switch 5300,6520 Trunking,QS C $6,507.00 EASW-BSW-MIDRCUP-01-C SW,Brocade 5100 FICON,-C C $2,872.00 EASW-BSW-MIDRCUP-01-QS SW,Brocade 5100/6500/VA-40FC FICON,QS C $2,872.00 EASW-BSW-MIDREB-01-C SW,Brocade 5100 Enterprise Package,-C C $6,905.00 EASW-BSW-MIDREB-01-QS SW,Brocade 5100/6500/VA-40FC Ent Package,QS C $6,905.00 EASW-BSW-MIDRIR-01-C SW,Brocade 5100 Integrated Routing,-C C $8,256.00 EASW-BSW-MIDRIR-01-QS SW,Brocade 5100/6500/VA-40FC Int Routing,QS C $8,256.00 EASW-BSW-NTWADV-ADD-IP-BASE SW,Adv Base IP for 150 Dev to Pro Plus/Ent C $22,696.00 EASW-BSW-NTWADV-ADD-SAN-ENT SW,Advanced Base IP to SAN Enterprise License C $23,684.00 EASW-BSW-NTWADV-ADD-SAN-PLU SW,Advanced Base IP to SAN Pro Plus License C $9,470.00 EASW-BSW-NTWADV-ADD-SAN-UPG SW,SAN Pro Plus to SAN ENT with Adv Base IP C $15,633.00 EASW-BSW-NTWADV-ENT SW,Adv Base IP for 550 Dev and SAN Ent Lic C $40,922.00 EASW-BSW-NTWADV-IP-100 SW,Advanced Base IP Lic for 100 Devices C $1,199.00 EASW-BSW-NTWADV-IP-1000 SW,Advanced Base IP Lic for 1000 Devices C $5,977.00 EASW-BSW-NTWADV-IP-2500 SW,Advanced Base IP Lic for 2500 Devices C $11,944.00 EASW-BSW-NTWADV-IP-500 SW,Advanced Base IP Lic for 500 Devices C $4,483.00 EASW-BSW-NTWADV-IP-BASE-DC SW,Advanced Base IP Lic for 50 Devices C $2,987.00 EASW-BSW-NTWADV-IP-DC SW,Advanced IP Add on License Feature C $13,773.00 EASW-BSW-NTWADV-MPLS-10 SW,MPLS Management for 10 Devices C $5,977.00 EASW-BSW-NTWADV-MPLS-25 SW,MPLS Management for 25 Devices C $11,944.00 EASW-BSW-NTWADV-MPLS-50 SW,MPLS Management for 50 Devices C $20,899.00 EASW-BSW-NTWADV-PLU SW,Adv Base IP for 50 Dev and SAN Pro Plus C $25,727.00 EASW-BSW-NTWADV-PLU-UPG SW,Adv Base IP+SAN ProPlus Upgrade to SAN Ent C $16,710.00 EASW-BSW-NTWADV-SAN-ENT SW,SAN ENT Lic for 9000 Switch Ports C $23,684.00 EASW-BSW-NTWADV-SAN-PLU SW,SAN Pro Plus Lic for 2560 Switch Ports C $9,470.00 EASW-BSW-NTWADV-SANPLU-MC-C SW,Brocade Pro Plus Lic for MC,-C C $1,506.00 EASW-BSW-NTWADV-SAN-PLU-UPG SW,SAN Pro Plus to SAN Enterprise Lic C $15,633.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 48

SW-BSW-SMED12POD-01-QS SW,Brocade 6505 12-POD w/o SFP C $8,120.00 EASW-BSW-SMEDEB-01-C SW,Brocade 300 Enterprise Package,-C C $6,340.00 EASW-BSW-SMEDEB-01-QS SW,Brocade 300 Enterprise Package,QS C $6,340.00 EASW-BSW-SMEDTRK8-01-QS SW,Brocade Switch 300,6505 Trunking,QS C $2,877.00 EASW-BSW-VDX6720-24FCOE-01 SW,Brocade VDX6720 1U 24-Port FCoE License C $6,330.00 EASW-BSW-VDX6720-24POD-QS SW,Brocade VDX6720-1U 8-POD w/o SFP C $4,555.00 EASW-BSW-VDX6720-60FCOE-01 SW,Brocade VDX6720 2U 60-Port FCoE License C $15,820.00 EASW-BSW-VDX6720-60POD-QS SW,Brocade VDX6720-2U 10-POD w/o SFP C $5,690.00 EASW-BSW-VDX6740-2X40G-CAP SW,Brocade VDX6740 40GB 2-POD w/o SFP C $3,170.00 EASW-BSW-VDX6740-8X10G-CAP SW,Brocade VDX6740 10GB 8-POD w/o SFP C $2,905.00 EASW-BSW-VDX6740FCOE-01-QS SW,Brocade VDX6740 FCoE License C $9,395.00 EASW-BSW-VDX6740T-1G-16X10G SW,Brocade VDX6740T 10GbE 16port COD License C $6,125.00 EASW-BSW-VDX6740VCS-01-QS SW,Brocade VDX6740 24-Pt VCS License C $5,460.00 EASW-BSW-VDX8770-LIC-FCOE SW,Brocade VDX8770 FCoE License C $15,605.00 EASW-BSW-VDX8770-LIC-LAYER3 SW,Brocade VDX8770 Layer3 License C $14,165.00 EASW-CF SW,High Availability N $0.00 EASW-CF-C SW,High Availability,-C N $0.00 EASW-CFREMOTE SW,High Availability Remote N $0.00 EASW-CIFS-C SW,CIFS,-C N $0.00 EASW-DCNM-LAN-N5K-K9 SW,Cisco Nexus 5K DCNM LAN License C $1,000.00 EASW-DCNM-LAN-N61-K9 SW,Cisco Nexus 6001 DCNM LAN License C $1,000.00 EASW-DCNM-LAN-N64-K9 SW,Cisco Nexus 6004 DCNM LAN License C $4,000.00 EASW-DCNM-LS-N61-K9 SW,Cisco Nexus 6001 DCNM LAN & SAN License C $7,500.00 EASW-DCNM-SAN-M91-K9 SW,DCNM SAN Advanced Edition MDS91XX C $4,226.00 EASW-DCNM-SAN-M92-K9 SW,DCNM SAN Advanced Edition MDS92XX C $4,226.00 EASW-DCNM-SAN-M93-K9 SW,DCNM SAN Host Based Adv Ed MDS9300 C $4,930.00 EASW-DCNM-SAN-M93X-K9 SW,DCNM SAN MDS9300 Switch Based C $4,930.00 EASW-DCNM-SAN-M93X-K9-C SW,DCNM SAN MDS9300 Switch Based,-C C $4,930.00 EASW-DCNM-SAN-M95-K9 SW,DCNM SAN Advanced Edition MDS95XX C $12,677.00 EASW-DCNM-SAN-M97-K9 SW,DCNM SAN Advanced Edition MDS97XX C $14,766.00 EASW-DCNM-SAN-N5K-K9 SW,DCNM SAN Advanced Edition Nexus 5000 C $7,000.00 EASW-DCNM-SAN-N61-K9 SW,Cisco Nexus 6001 DCNM SAN License C $7,000.00 EASW-DCNM-SAN-N64-K9 SW,Cisco Nexus 6004 DCNM SAN License C $10,000.00 EASW-E9BLXZF0-ZZZN0 SW,Symantec,Replication Director C $1,395.00 EASW-EDGE-FDVM200-VMWARE SW,cDOT Edge, Virtual Appliance, Vmware N $12,000.00 EASW-ELA-LICENSE Software License,ELA J $1,000.00 EASW-ELA-ONC-INSIGHT-PR Ent Site License,OnCommand Insight,SW,Special J $1,000.00 EASW-ELA-PR Ent Site License,SW,Value N $1,000.00 EASW-ELA-SSP Software Subscription,ELA S $1,000.00 EASW-ELA-TRA Ent Site License,SW,Traditional J $1,000.00 EASW-ELA-VEL Ent Site License,SW,Velocity K $1,000.00 EASW-ESA-SSP Software Subscription,ESA S $1,000.00 EASW-ESERIES-SANTRICTY SW,E-Series,SANtricity T $0.00 EASW-FCP-C SW,FCP,-C N $0.00 EASW-FLASHBNDL-C SW,Flashbndl ,Per-0.1TB,-C N $795.00 EASW-FLASH-CACHE-C SW,Flash Cache,-C N $0.00 EASW-FLEXCACHE SW,FlexCache,NFS J $0.00 EASW-FLEXCACHE-C SW,FlexCache,-C J $0.00 EASW-HA-SLC SW,SnapLock Compliance,HA J $21,000.00 EASW-HA-SLC-C SW,SnapLock Compliance,HA,-C J $21,000.00 EASW-HA-SLC-EN SW,SnapLock Compliance,HA,EN N $14,500.00 EASW-HA-SLC-EN-C SW,SnapLock Compliance,HA,EN,-C N $14,500.00 EASW-HA-SLE SW,SnapLock Enterprise,HA J $21,000.00 EASW-HA-SLE-C SW,SnapLock Enterprise,HA,-C J $21,000.00 EASW-HA-SLE-EN SW,SnapLock Enterprise,HA,EN N $14,500.00 EASW-HA-SLE-EN-C SW,SnapLock Enterprise,HA,EN,-C N $14,500.00 EASW-HORTONWKS-SERVICE-12 SW Support,Hortonworks,24x7,12months C $3,452.00 EASW-INS-HOST-UTIL-PK-INC SW,Insight Host Utilization Pack,Host Lic,INC J SEE VPB TAB EASW-INS-HOST-UTIL-PK-TOT SW,Insight Host Utilization Pack,Host Lic,TOT J $0.00 EASW-INSIGHT-ASSURE-TB SW,Insight Assure,TB License J SEE VPB TAB EASW-INSIGHT-ASSURE-TB-INC SW,Insight Assure,TB,INC J SEE VPB TAB EASW-INSIGHT-ASSURE-TB-TOT SW,Insight Assure,TB,TOT J $0.00 EASW-INSIGHT-DISCOVER-INC SW,Insight Discover,TB,INC J SEE VPB TAB EASW-INSIGHT-DISCOVER-TB SW,Insight Discover,TB License J SEE VPB TAB EASW-INSIGHT-DISCOVER-TOT SW,Insight Discover,TB,TOT J $0.00 EASW-INSIGHT-HOST-UTIL-PK SW,Insight Host Utilization Pack,Host License J SEE VPB TAB EASW-INSIGHT-PERFORM-TB SW,Insight Perform,TB License J SEE VPB TAB EASW-INSIGHT-PERFORM-TB-INC SW,Insight Perform,TB,INC J SEE VPB TAB EASW-INSIGHT-PERFORM-TB-TOT SW,Insight Perform,TB,TOT J $0.00 EASW-INSIGHT-PLAN-TB SW,Insight Plan,TB License J SEE VPB TAB EASW-INSIGHT-PLAN-TB-INC SW,Insight Plan,TB,INC J SEE VPB TAB EASW-INSIGHT-PLAN-TB-TOT SW,Insight Plan,TB,TOT J $0.00 EASW-ISCSI-C SW,iSCSI,-C N $0.00 EASW-M9100ENT1K9 Cisco MDS 9100 Enterprise C $3,446.00 EASW-M9100ENT1K9-C Cisco MDS 9100 Enterprise,-C C $3,446.00 EASW-M9100FIC1K9 Cisco MDS 9100 Mainframe C $5,743.00 EASW-M9100FIC1K9-C Cisco MDS 9100 Mainframe,-C C $5,743.00 EASW-M9100FMS1K9 Cisco MDS 9100 FabricMgrSrvr C $3,216.00 EASW-M9100FMS1K9-C Cisco MDS 9100 FabricMgrSrvr,-C C $3,216.00 EASW-M9124PL8-4G Cisco MDS 9124 8-Port SW UPG C $1,286.00 EASW-M9134PL2-10G Cisco MDS 9134 10Gbps Port Enabler,QS C $919.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 49

SW-M9134PL8-4G Cisco MDS 9134 8-Port SW UPG,QS C $2,529.00 EASW-M9148PL8-8G Software,Cisco 9148 8-Port Upgade License C $4,215.00 EASW-M9148S-PL12 SW,Cisco MDS 9148S 12-Pt POD License C $3,381.00 EASW-M9148S-PL12-C SW,Cisco MDS 9148S 12-Pt POD License,-C C $3,381.00 EASW-M9200ENT1K9 Cisco MDS 9200 Enterprise C $3,676.00 EASW-M9200ENT1K9-C Cisco MDS 9200 Enterprise,-C C $3,676.00 EASW-M9200EXT12K9 Cisco 92XX FCIP 14/2-Port MLTPR SVC Module C $7,122.00 EASW-M9200EXT14K9 Cisco MDS 9200 FCIP 4port IP module C $5,468.00 EASW-M9200EXT1AK9 Cisco SAN 9200 Ext 18/4-Port Module C $8,086.00 EASW-M9200EXT1AK9-C Cisco SAN 9200 Ext 18/4-Port Module,-C C $8,086.00 EASW-M9200EXT1K9 Cisco MDS 9200 FCIP 8port IP module C $7,811.00 EASW-M9200EXT1K9-C Cisco MDS 9200 FCIP 8port IP module,-C C $7,811.00 EASW-M9200FIC1K9 Cisco MDS 9200 Mainframe C $5,743.00 EASW-M9200FIC1K9-C Cisco MDS 9200 Mainframe,-C C $5,743.00 EASW-M9200FMS1K9 Cisco MDS 9200 FabricMgrSrvr C $3,216.00 EASW-M9200FMS1K9-C Cisco MDS 9200 FabricMgrSrvr,-C C $3,216.00 EASW-M9200SME1FK9 Cisco MDS 9222i,Storage Media Encryp J $17,600.00 EASW-M9200SME1FK9-C Cisco MDS 9222i Storage Media Encryp,-C J $17,600.00 EASW-M9200SME1MK9 Cisco MDS 9200,18/4 Storage Media Encryp J $17,600.00 EASW-M9222IDMMK9 Cisco MDS 9222i Data Mobility Mgr Lic C $28,944.00 EASW-M9222IDMMTSK9 Cisco MDS 9222i Data Mobility Mgr Lic,180days C $14,472.00 EASW-M9222IIOA Cisco MDS 9222i,I/O Accelerator License C $24,815.00 EASW-M9250IDMMK9 SW,Cisco MDS9250i Data Mobility Mgr Lic C $38,020.00 EASW-M9250IDMMT6M SW,Cisco MDS9250i 6M Data Mobility Mgr Lic C $19,010.00 EASW-M9250IDMMT6M-C SW,Cisco MDS9250i 6M Data Mobility Mgr Lic,-C C $19,010.00 EASW-M9250IIOA SW,Cisco MDS9250i I/O Accelerator License C $32,590.00 EASW-M9250IIOA-C SW,Cisco MDS9250i I/O Accelerator License,-C C $32,590.00 EASW-M9250IP20-16G SW,Cisco MDS9250i 20-Port Upgrade License C $10,685.00 EASW-M9250IP20-16G-C SW,Cisco MDS9250i 20-Port Upgrade License,-C C $10,685.00 EASW-M92DMM184K9 Cisco Data Mobility Mgr Lic,18/4,9200 C $28,944.00 EASW-M92DMM184TSK9 Cisco Data Mobility Mgr Lic,18/4,180days,9200 C $14,472.00 EASW-M92DMMS1K9 Cisco M92 Data Mobility Mgr Lic Permanent C $19,296.00 EASW-M92DMMS1K9-C Cisco M92 Data Mobility Mgr Lic Permanent,-C C $19,296.00 EASW-M92DMMTS1K9 Cisco M92 Data Mobility Mgr Lic 180 Days C $9,648.00 EASW-M92DMMTS1K9-C Cisco M92 Data Mobility Mgr Lic 180 Days,-C C $9,648.00 EASW-M92EXTSSNK9 Cisco MDS 9200,SSN-16,SAN Extension License C $12,407.00 EASW-M92IOA184 Cisco MDS 9200,18/4,I/O Accelerator License C $24,815.00 EASW-M92IOASSN Cisco MDS 9200,SSN-16,I/O Accelerator License C $24,815.00 EASW-M92SMESSNK9 Cisco MDS 9200,SSN-16,StorageMediaEncryp Lic C $8,087.00 EASW-M9300ENT1K9 SW,Enterprise MDS9300 Switch C $5,282.00 EASW-M9300ENT1K9-PI-C SW,Enterprise MDS9300 Switch,-C C $5,282.00 EASW-M9396S-PL12 SW,Cisco MDS 9396S 12-Pt POD License C $6,092.00 EASW-M9396S-PL12-C SW,Cisco MDS 9396S 12-Pt POD License,-C C $6,092.00 EASW-M9500ENT1K9 Cisco MDS 9500 Enterprise C $13,612.00 EASW-M9500ENT1K9-C Cisco MDS9500 Enterprise,-C C $13,612.00 EASW-M9500EXT14K9 Cisco MDS 9500 FCIP 4port IP module C $5,468.00 EASW-M9500EXT1AK9 Cisco SAN Ext 9500 18/4-Port Module C $13,224.00 EASW-M9500EXT1AK9-C Cisco SAN Ext 9500 18/4-Port Module,-C C $13,224.00 EASW-M9500EXT1K9 Cisco MDS 9500 FCIP 8port IP module C $7,811.00 EASW-M9500EXT1K9-C Cisco MDS 9500 FCIP 8port IP module,-C C $7,811.00 EASW-M9500FIC1K9 Cisco MDS 9500 Mainframe C $11,486.00 EASW-M9500FIC1K9-C Cisco MDS 9500 Mainframe,-C C $11,486.00 EASW-M9500FMS1K9 Cisco MDS 9500 FabricMgrSrvr C $13,234.00 EASW-M9500FMS1K9-C Cisco MDS9500 FabricMgrSrvr,-C C $13,234.00 EASW-M9500SME1MK9 Cisco MDS 9500,18/4 Storage Media Encryp J $17,600.00 EASW-M9500SSE1K9-C Cisco MDS 9500 Storage SVC Enabler,-C J $23,800.00 EASW-M95DMM184K9 Cisco Data Mobility Mgr Lic,18/4,9500 C $28,944.00 EASW-M95DMM184TSK9 Cisco Data Mobility Mgr Lic,18/4,180days,9500 C $14,472.00 EASW-M95DMMS1K9 Cisco MDS Data Mobility Mgr Lic Permanent C $19,296.00 EASW-M95DMMS1K9-C Cisco MDS Data Mobility Mgr Lic Permanent,-C C $19,296.00 EASW-M95DMMTS1K9 Cisco MDS Data Mobility Mgr Lic 180 Days C $9,648.00 EASW-M95DMMTS1K9-C Cisco MDS Data Mobility Mgr Lic 180 Days,-C C $9,648.00 EASW-M95EXTSSNK9 Cisco MDS 9500,SSN-16,SAN Extension License C $12,407.00 EASW-M95IOA184 Cisco MDS 9500,18/4,I/O Accelerator License C $24,815.00 EASW-M95IOASSN Cisco MDS 9500,SSN-16,I/O Accelerator License C $24,815.00 EASW-M95SMESSNK9 Cisco MDS 9500,SSN-16,StorageMediaEncryp Lic C $8,087.00 EASW-M97ENTK9 SW,Cisco MDS97XX Enterprise License C $18,984.00 EASW-M97ENTK9-C SW,Cisco MDS97XX Enterprise License,-C C $18,984.00 EASW-M97FIC1K9 SW,Cisco MDS97XX MainFrame License C $19,955.00 EASW-M97FIC1K9-C SW,Cisco MDS97XX MainFrame License,-C C $19,955.00 EASW-MASTER-CCID SW,Master CCID N $0.00 EASW-N5000FMS1K9 Cisco N50XX Fabric Manager Server C $7,000.00 EASW-N5000FMS1K9-C Cisco N50XX Fabric Manager Server,-C C $7,000.00 EASW-N5010-FNPV-SSK9 SW,Cisco Nexus 5010 FCoE NPV License C $1,935.00 EASW-N5010-FNPV-SSK9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 5010 FCoE NPV License,-C C $1,935.00 EASW-N5010-SSK9 Cisco,FCoE License,N5010 C $7,665.00 EASW-N5020-FNPV-SSK9 SW,Cisco Nexus 5020 FCoE NPV License C $2,900.00 EASW-N5020-FNPV-SSK9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 5020 FCoE NPV License,-C C $2,900.00 EASW-N5020-SSK9 Cisco,FCoE License,N5020 C $15,330.00 EASW-N5548-EL2-SSK9 SW,Cisco Nexus 5548 Fabric Path License C $5,000.00 EASW-N5548-EL2-SSK9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 5548 Fabric Path License,-C C $5,000.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 50

SW-N5548-FNPV-SSK9 SW,Cisco Nexus 5548 FCoE NPV License C $1,935.00 EASW-N5548-FNPV-SSK9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 5548 FCoE NPV License,-C C $1,935.00 EASW-N55-8P-SSK9 SW,Cisco Nexus 55xx 8-Port FC/FCoE License C $3,200.00 EASW-N55-8P-SSK9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 55xx 8-Port FC/FCoE License,-C C $3,200.00 EASW-N5596-EL2-SSK9 SW,Cisco Nexus 5596 Fabric Path License C $10,000.00 EASW-N5596-EL2-SSK9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 5596 Fabric Path License,-C C $10,000.00 EASW-N5596-FNPV-SSK9 SW,Cisco Nexus 5596 FCoE NPV License C $2,900.00 EASW-N5596-FNPV-SSK9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 5596 FCoE NPV License,-C C $2,900.00 EASW-N55-BAS1K9 SW,Cisco Nexus 5K L3 Base License C $0.00 EASW-N55-BAS1K9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 5K L3 Base License,-C C $0.00 EASW-N55-LAN1K9 SW,Cisco Nexus 5K L3 Enterprise License C $10,000.00 EASW-N55-LAN1K9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 5K L3 Enterprise License,-C C $10,000.00 EASW-N55-VMFEXK9 SW,Cisco Nexus 5K VMFEX License C $0.00 EASW-N55-VMFEXK9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 5K VMFEX License,-C C $0.00 EASW-N56128-DFA-BUN-P1 SW,Cisco Nexus 56128 DFA Bundle C $17,000.00 EASW-N56128-DFA-BUN-P1-C SW,Cisco Nexus 56128 DFA Bundle,-C C $17,000.00 EASW-N56128-EL2P-SSK9 SW,Cisco Nexus 56128 Fabric Path Lic C $6,000.00 EASW-N56128-EL2P-SSK9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 56128 Fabric Path Lic,-C C $6,000.00 EASW-N56128SBUN-P1 SW,Cisco Nexus 56128 SBUN License C $18,564.00 EASW-N56128SBUN-P1-C SW,Cisco Nexus 56128 SBUN License,-C C $18,564.00 EASW-N56-16P-SSK9 SW,Cisco Nexus 56XX 16-pt Storage Svc Lic C $4,753.00 EASW-N56-16P-SSK9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 56XX 16-pt Storage Svc Lic,-C C $4,753.00 EASW-N5672-DFA-BUN-P1 SW,Cisco Nexus 5672 DFA Bundle C $15,000.00 EASW-N5672-DFA-BUN-P1-C SW,Cisco Nexus 5672 DFA Bundle,-C C $15,000.00 EASW-N5672-EL2-P-SSK9 SW,Cisco Nexus 5672 Fabric Path License C $4,000.00 EASW-N5672-EL2-P-SSK9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 5672 Fabric Path License,-C C $4,000.00 EASW-N5672-SBUN-P1 SW,Cisco Nexus 5672 SBUN License C $14,851.00 EASW-N5672-SBUN-P1-C SW,Cisco Nexus 5672 SBUN License,-C C $14,851.00 EASW-N56K-FNPV-SSK9 SW,Cisco Nexus 56XX FCoE NPV License C $2,377.00 EASW-N56K-FNPV-SSK9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 56XX FCoE NPV License,-C C $2,377.00 EASW-N56K-VMFEXK9 SW,Cisco Nexus 56XX VMFEX License C $0.00 EASW-N56K-VMFEXK9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 56XX VMFEX License,-C C $0.00 EASW-N56-LAN1K9-P SW,Cisco Nexus 56XX L3 Enterprise License C $10,000.00 EASW-N56-LAN1K9-P-C SW,Cisco Nexus 56XX L3 Enterprise License,-C C $10,000.00 EASW-N6001-16PP-SSK9 SW,Cisco N6001 16-Pt Storage Svc Lic C $3,200.00 EASW-N6001-16PP-SSK9-C SW,Cisco N6001 16-Pt Storage Svc Lic,-C C $3,200.00 EASW-N6001-64P-SSK9 SW,Cisco Nexus 6001 64-Pt 10G Storage Lic C $12,000.00 EASW-N6001-64P-SSK9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 6001 64-Pt 10G Storage Lic,-C C $12,000.00 EASW-N6001-EL2P-SSK9 SW,Cisco Nexus 6001 Fabric Path L2 Lic C $4,000.00 EASW-N6001-EL2P-SSK9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 6001 Fabric Path L2 Lic,-C C $4,000.00 EASW-N6001-LAN1K9-P SW,Cisco Nexus 6001 Layer 3 LAN License C $10,000.00 EASW-N6001-LAN1K9-P-C SW,Cisco Nexus 6001 Layer 3 LAN License,-C C $10,000.00 EASW-N6001-SBUN-P1 SW,Cisco Nexus 6001 SBUN 64-Pt License C $17,000.00 EASW-N6001-SBUN-P1-C SW,Cisco Nexus 6001 SBUN 64-Pt License,-C C $17,000.00 EASW-N6004-12Q-SSK9 SW,Cisco Nexus 6004 12-Port Storage Lic C $10,000.00 EASW-N6004-12Q-SSK9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 6004 12-Port Storage Lic,-C C $10,000.00 EASW-N6004-4Q-SSK9-P SW,Nexus 6004 4-Port Storage Lic C $3,200.00 EASW-N6004-4Q-SSK9-P-C SW,Nexus 6004 4-Port Storage Lic, -C C $3,200.00 EASW-N6004-96Q-SSK9 SW,Cisco Nexus 6004 96-Port Storage Lic C $20,000.00 EASW-N6004-96Q-SSK9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 6004 96-Port Storage Lic,-C C $20,000.00 EASW-N6004-EL2-SSK9 SW,Cisco Nexus 6004 Fabric Path License C $25,000.00 EASW-N6004-EL2-SSK9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 6004 Fabric Path License,-C C $25,000.00 EASW-N6004-LAN1K9 SW,Cisco Nexus 6004 Layer 3 LAN License C $15,000.00 EASW-N6004-LAN1K9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 6004 Layer 3 LAN License,-C C $15,000.00 EASW-N6004-SBUN-P1 SW,Nexus 6004 SBUN 96-Port Lic C $30,000.00 EASW-N6004-SBUN-P1-C SW,Nexus 6004 SBUN 96-port Lic,-C C $30,000.00 EASW-N6004-SBUN-P1-L SW,Nexus 6004 SBUN Lite 24-Port Lic C $25,000.00 EASW-N6004-SBUN-P1-L-C SW,Nexus 6004 SBUN Lite 24-port Lic,-C C $25,000.00 EASW-N6K-BAS1K9 SW,Cisco Nexus 6K Layer 3 Base License C $0.00 EASW-N6K-BAS1K9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 6K Layer 3 Base License,-C C $0.00 EASW-N6K-FNPV-SSK9 SW,Cisco Nexus 6K FCoE NPV License C $3,200.00 EASW-N6K-FNPV-SSK9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 6K FCoE NPV License,-C C $3,200.00 EASW-N6K-VMFEXK9 SW,Cisco Nexus 6K VMFEX License C $0.00 EASW-N6K-VMFEXK9-C SW,Cisco Nexus 6K VMFEX License,-C C $0.00 EASW-NFS-C SW,NFS,-C N $0.00 EASW-NOC-CORE SW,NetApp OnCommand core J $0.00 EASW-OC-COGNOS-UNIT-INC SW,Cognos,Unit,INC J $57,500.00 EASW-OC-COGNOS-UNIT-TOT SW,Cognos,Unit,TOT J $0.00 EASW-R150-SLK-12-EXP SnapLock Compliance SW,12TB,Expansion,R150 J $30,000.00 EASW-R150-SLKE-12-EXP SnapLock Enterprise SW,12TB,Expansion,R150 J $30,000.00 EASW-R150-SMIR-12-EXP SnapMirror Software,12TB Expansion,R150 J $30,000.00 EASW-R150-SRES-12-EXP SnapRestore Software,12TB Expansion,R150 J $5,000.00 EASW-R150-SVPR-12-EXP SnapVault Primary SW,12TB Expansion,R150 J $10,000.00 EASW-R150-SVSC-12-EXP SnapVault Secondary SW,12TB Expansion,R150 J $30,000.00 EASW-R200-FLXC-EXP Flexclone Software,8TB,Expansion,R200 J $1,750.00 EASW-R200-MSTO-EXP MultiStore Software,8TB,Expansion,R200 J $3,000.00 EASW-R200-NAS-EXP1 NAS Protocol Software,8TB,Expansion,R200 J $10,000.00 EASW-R200-SLKE-EXP SnapLock Enterprise SW,Expansion,R200 J $12,000.00 EASW-R200-SLK-EXP SnapLockCompliance Software,Expansion,R200 J $12,000.00 EASW-R200-SME-EXP SnapManager for Exchange SW,8TB,EXP,R200 J $0.00 EASW-R200-SMIR-EXP SnapMirror Software,8TB,Expansion,R200 J $7,800.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 51

SW-R200-SMSQL-EXP SnapManager for SQL SW,8TB,Expansion,R200 J $0.00 EASW-R200-SMSVS-EXP SnapMirror SnapVault Software,8TB,EXP,R200 J $9,750.00 EASW-R200-SRES-EXP SnapRestore Software,8TB,Expansion,R200 J $1,167.00 EASW-R200-SVPR-EXP SnapVault Primary Software,8TB,EXP,R200 J $2,125.00 EASW-R200-SVSC-EXP SnapVault Secondary Software,8TB,EXP,R200 J $7,800.00 EASW-R200-SVSLV-14TB-EXP SnapVault Sec.,LV,SW EXP,14TB,R200 J $12,188.00 EASW-REPASSURANCE Replication Assurance,Array,License E $25,000.00 EASW-SDR-AIX SnapDrive Software,AIX J $2,000.00 EASW-SDR-HPUX SnapDrive Software,HP-UX J $2,000.00 EASW-SDRIVE-WIN SW,SnapDrive and SnapCenter Plug-in,Windows J $0.00 EASW-SDR-LNX SnapDrive Software,Linux J $2,000.00 EASW-SDR-SOL SnapDrive Software,Solaris J $2,000.00 EASW-SDR-WIN SW,SnapDrive and SnapCenter Plug-in,Windows J SEE VPB TAB EASW-SDU SnapDrive Software,UNIX J $0.00 EASW-SDU-INC SnapDrive Software,UNIX,INC J $0.00 EASW-SDU-TOT SnapDrive Software,UNIX,TOT J $0.00 EASW-SDW SW,SnapDrive and SnapCenter Plug-in,Windows J $0.00 EASW-SDW-INC SW,SnapDrive SnapCenter Plug-in,Windows,INC J $0.00 EASW-SDW-TOT SW,SnapDrive SnapCenter Plug-in,Windows,TOT J $0.00 EASW-SFK150V-001-NSE-C SFK150v Subscription,10 NSE,1-YR PLUS,-C C $4,700.00 EASW-SFK150V-001PP-NSE-C SFK150v Perpetual,10 NSE,1-YR PLUS,-C C $12,400.00 EASW-SFK150V-002-NSE-C SFK150v Subscription,10 NSE,2-YR PLUS,-C C $7,500.00 EASW-SFK150V-002PP-NSE-C SFK150v Perpetual,10 NSE,2-YR PLUS,-C C $14,800.00 EASW-SFK150V-003-NSE-C SFK150v Subscription,10 NSE,3-YR PLUS,-C C $10,000.00 EASW-SFK150V-003PP-NSE-C SFK150v Perpetual,10 NSE,3-YR PLUS,-C C $17,200.00 EASW-SFK150V-004PP-NSE-C SFK150v Perpetual,10 NSE,4-YR PLUS,-C C $19,600.00 EASW-SFK150V-005PP-NSE-C SFK150v Perpetual,10 NSE,5-YR PLUS,-C C $22,000.00 EASW-SFNET-KS460-NSE-KEY-C SafeNet,KeySecure Connector License 10 NSE,-C C $10,000.00 EASW-SFNET-NSE-KEY SafeNet,Connector License 10 NSE C $10,000.00 EASW-SG-WEBSCALE SW,StorageGRID,Webscale J $160.00 EASW-SG-WEBSCALE-INC SW,StorageGRID,Webscale,INC J $160.00 EASW-SG-WEBSCALE-TOT SW,StorageGRID,Webscale,TOT J $0.00 EASW-SLC SW,SnapLock Compliance J $21,000.00 EASW-SLC-C SW,SnapLock Compliance,-C J $21,000.00 EASW-SLC-EN SW,SnapLock Compliance,EN N $14,500.00 EASW-SLC-EN-C SW,SnapLock Compliance,EN,-C N $14,500.00 EASW-SLE SW,SnapLock Enterprise J $21,000.00 EASW-SLE-C SW,SnapLock Enterprise,-C J $21,000.00 EASW-SLE-EN SW,SnapLock Enterprise,EN N $14,500.00 EASW-SLE-EN-C SW,SnapLock Enterprise,EN,-C N $14,500.00 EASW-SMBR-10000PK Single Mailbox Recovery Software,10000PK J $37,390.00 EASW-SMBR-1000PK Single Mailbox Recovery Software,1000PK J $6,630.00 EASW-SMBR-100PK Single Mailbox Recovery Software,100PK J $1,995.00 EASW-SMBR-12500PK Single Mailbox Recovery Software,12500PK J $46,610.00 EASW-SMBR-15000PK Single Mailbox Recovery Software,15000PK J $55,590.00 EASW-SMBR-1500PK Single Mailbox Recovery Software,1500PK J $9,450.00 EASW-SMBR-20000PK Single Mailbox Recovery Software,20000PK J $73,790.00 EASW-SMBR-25000PK Single Mailbox Recovery Software,25000PK J $91,990.00 EASW-SMBR-2500PK Single Mailbox Recovery Software,2500PK J $13,490.00 EASW-SMBR-30000PK Single Mailbox Recovery Software,30000PK J $110,190.00 EASW-SMBR-40000PK Single Mailbox Recovery Software,40000PK J $146,590.00 EASW-SMBR-50000PK Single Mailbox Recovery Software,50000PK J $182,990.00 EASW-SMBR-5000PK Single Mailbox Recovery Software,5000PK J $21,890.00 EASW-SMBR-500PK Single Mailbox Recovery Software,500PK J $4,220.00 EASW-SMBR-7500PK Single Mailbox Recovery Software,7500PK J $32,340.00 EASW-SMBR-ADMINSRVR SMBR SW,Administrative Server J $3,000.00 EASW-SMBR-AGENT-ADVSEARCH SMBR SW,Agent,Advance Searching J $600.00 EASW-SMBR-AGENT-CAS SMBR SW,Extract Wizard,Content Analysis J $600.00 EASW-SMBR-AGNT-PST SMBR SW,Extract Wizard,PST Tape J $1,000.00 EASW-SMBR-EXTWIZ-CA SMBR SW,Extract Wizard,CA ARCserve Tape J $600.00 EASW-SMBR-EXTWIZ-COMMGALXY SMBR SW,Extract Wizard,Commvault Galaxy J $600.00 EASW-SMBR-EXTWIZ-HP SMBR SW,Extract Wizard,HP J $600.00 EASW-SMBR-EXTWIZ-LE SMBR SW,Extract Wizard,LEGATO Tape J $600.00 EASW-SMBR-EXTWIZ-NBU SMBR SW,Extract Wizard for NetBackUp J $600.00 EASW-SMBR-EXTWIZ-TIV SMBR SW,Extract Wizard,Tivoli Tape J $600.00 EASW-SMBR-EXTWIZ-ULTRABAC SMBR SW,Extract Wizard,UltraBac J $600.00 EASW-SME-SERVER SnapManager for Exchange Software,Server J $7,500.00 EASW-SMHV-MSFT SnapManager Hyper-V SW J $1,200.00 EASW-SMHV-MSFT-INC SnapManager Hyper-V SW,INC J $1,200.00 EASW-SMHV-MSFT-TOT SnapManager Hyper-V SW,TOT J $0.00 EASW-SMO-INC SnapManager Oracle Software,INC J $7,900.00 EASW-SMO-NEW SnapManager Oracle Software J $7,900.00 EASW-SMO-TOT SnapManager Oracle Software,TOT J $0.00 EASW-SMO-WIN SW SnapManager Oracle Software,Windows J $7,900.00 EASW-SMO-WIN-INC SW SnapManager Oracle Software,Windows,INC J $7,900.00 EASW-SMO-WIN-TOT SW SnapManager Oracle Software,Windows,TOT J $0.00 EASW-SMSAP-INC SW SnapManager SAP,INC J $9,875.00 EASW-SMSAP-NEW SW SnapManager SAP,Unix J $9,875.00 EASW-SMSAP-TOT SW SnapManager SAP,TOT J $0.00 EASW-SMSAP-WIN SW SnapManager SAP,Windows J $9,875.00 EASW-SMSAP-WIN-INC SW SnapManager SAP,Windows,INC J $9,875.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 52

SW-SMSAP-WIN-TOT SW SnapManager SAP,Windows,TOT J $0.00 EASW-SMSHAREPOINT SnapManager for SharePoint Software J $5,900.00 EASW-SMSP-ARCHIVE-MANAGER SW,SnapMgr for SharePoint,Archive Manager J $10,000.00 EASW-SMSP-FS-CONNECTOR SW,SnapMgr,SharePoint,File Share Connector J $25,000.00 EASW-SMSP-STORAGE-MANAGER SW,SnapMgr for SharePoint,Storage Manager J $13,333.00 EASW-SMSQL-SERVER SW,SnapMgr and SnapCenter Plug-in,SQL Server J $7,500.00 EASW-SMVI-VMWARE SnapManager for VI SW J $2,000.00 EASW-SMVI-VMWARE-INC SnapManager for VI SW,INC J $2,000.00 EASW-SMVI-VMWARE-TOT SnapManager for VI SW,TOT J $0.00 EASW-SNAPPROT-MGMT-SERVER SW,SnapProtect Management Server N $500.00 EASW-SSP-2040A-CL-BASE SW Support Plan,CL Base,SFO (per node),2040A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2040A-CL-BASE-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL Base,SFO(per node),2040A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2040A-CL-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL CIFS (per node),2040A R2 R2 $35.00 MTHSW-SSP-2040A-CL-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CL FLEXCLN (per node),2040A S W $88.00 MTHSW-SSP-2040A-CL-FLXCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL FLEXCLN (per node),2040A R2 R2 $88.00 MTHSW-SSP-2040A-CL-FVHPO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL FV-HPO (per node),2040A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2040A-CL-NFS SW Support Plan,CL NFS (per node),2040A S W $67.00 MTHSW-SSP-2040A-CL-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL NFS (per node),2040A R2 R2 $67.00 MTHSW-SSP-2040A-CL-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SMirror (per node),2040A R2 R2 $88.00 MTHSW-SSP-2040A-CL-SNAPPRO SW Support Plan,CL SnapProtect per node,2040A S W $118.00 MTHSW-SSP-2040A-CL-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapProtect per node,2040A R2 R2 $118.00 MTHSW-SSP-2040A-CL-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SRestore(per node),2040A R2 R2 $34.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-BASE SW Subs,CL Base,SFO (per node),2220A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-BASE-P-R SW SSP,CL Base,SFO (per node),ASP,2220A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-BNDL SW Support Plan,CL Bundle,(per node),2220A S W $46.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL Bundle(per node),2220A R2 R2 $46.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-CIFS SW Subs,CL CIFS (per node),2220A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-CIFS-P-R SW SSP,CL CIFS (per node),ASP,2220A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-FLEXCLN SW Subs,CL FLEXCLN (per node),2220A S W $8.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-FLXCL-P-R SW SSP,CL FLEXCLN (per node),ASP,2220A R2 R2 $8.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-FV-HPO SW Subs,CL FV-HPO,SFO (per node),2220A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-FVHPO-P-R SW SSP,CL FVHPO,SFO (per node),ASP,2220A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-ISCSI SW Subs,CL ISCSI (per node),2220A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-ISCSI-P-R SW SSP,CL ISCSI (per node),ASP,2220A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CLM-BNDL SW SSP,CLM Premium Bndl (per node),2220A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CLM-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM Prem Bndl (per node),2220A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CLM-FLCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),2220A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),2220A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CLM-OCBAL SW SSP,CLM OnCommand Balance,(per node),2220A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CLM-OCBL-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM OCBAL(per node),2220A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CLM-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CLM SnapMgr SnapCntr,node,2220A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CLM-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SMirror (per node),2220A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CLM-SMIRROR SW SSP,CLM SnapMirror (per node),2220A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CLM SnapMgr SnapCntr,node,2220A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW SSP,CLM SnapProtect per node,2220A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CLM-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SnapProtect per node,2220A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CLM-SRESTORE SW SSP,CLM SRestore (per node),2220A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CLM-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SRestore(per node),2220A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-NFS SW Subs,CL NFS (per node),2220A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-NFS-P-R SW SSP,CL NFS (per node),ASP,2220A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-OCBAL SW Support Plan,CL OCBAL,(per node),2220A S W $5.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-OCBAL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL OCBAL(per node),2220A R2 R2 $5.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapMgr SnapCntr,node,2220A R2 R2 $33.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-SMIR-P-R SW SSP,CL SnapMirror (per node),ASP,2220A R2 R2 $17.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-SMIRROR SW Subs,CL SnapMirror (per node),2220A S W $17.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CL SnapMgr SnapCntr,node,2220A S W $33.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-SNAPPRO SW Subs,CL SnapProtect (per node),2220A S W $42.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL SnapPro per node,2220A R2 R2 $42.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-SRESTORE SW Subs,CL SnapRestore (per node),2220A S W $6.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-SRST-P-R SW SSP,CL SnapRestore (per node),ASP,2220A R2 R2 $6.00 MTHSW-SSP-2220A-CL-STRIPEVOL SW Subs,CL StripedVol (per node),2220A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-BASE SW SSP,CL Base,SFO (per node),2240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-BASE-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL Base,SFO (per node),2240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-BNDL SW Support Plan,CL Bundle,(per node),2240A S W $103.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL Bundle(per node),2240A R2 R2 $103.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-CIFS SW SSP,CL CIFS (per node),2240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL CIFS (per node),2240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-FLEXCLN SW Subs,CL FLEXCLN (per node),2240A S W $20.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-FLXCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL FLEXCLN (per node),2240A R2 R2 $20.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-FVHPO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL FV-HPO,SFO(per nde),2240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-ISCSI SW SSP,CL ISCSI (per node),2240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CL ISCSI (per node),2240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CLM-BNDL SW SSP,CLM Premium Bndl (per node),2240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CLM-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM Prem Bndl (per node),2240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CLM-FLCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),2240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),2240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CLM-OCBAL SW SSP,CLM OnCommand Balance,(per node),2240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CLM-OCBL-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM OCBAL(per node),2240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CLM-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CLM SNPMANAGER(per node),2240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CLM-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SMirror (per node),2240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CLM-SMIRROR SW SSP,CLM SnapMirror (per node),2240A S W $0.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 53

SW-SSP-2240A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CLM SnapManager (per node),2240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW SSP,CLM SnapProtect per node,2240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CLM-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SnapProtect per node,2240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CLM-SRESTORE SW SSP,CLM SRestore (per node),2240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CLM-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SRestore(per node),2240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-NFS SW SSP,CL NFS (per node),2240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL NFS (per node),2240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-OCBAL SW Support Plan,CL OCBAL,(per node),2240A S W $14.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-OCBAL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL OCBAL(per node),2240A R2 R2 $14.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CL SMgr App Int(per nde)2240A R2 R2 $66.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapMirror(per nde),2240A R2 R2 $43.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-SMIRROR SW SSP,CL SnapMirror (per node),2240A S W $43.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-SNAPMGR SW Subs,CL SnapMgr Appl Int (per node),2240A S W $66.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-SNAPPRO SW SSP,CL SnapProtect (per node),2240A S W $85.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapProtect per node,2240A R2 R2 $85.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-SRESTORE SW SSP,CL SnapRestore (per node),2240A S W $17.00 MTHSW-SSP-2240A-CL-SRST-P-R Choice SW Sup,CL SnapRestore (per nde)2240A R2 R2 $17.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-BASE SW Support Plan,CL Base,SFO (per node),3210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-BASE-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL Base,SFO(per node),3210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-BNDL SW Support Plan,CL Bundle,(per node),3210A S W $627.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL Bundle(per node),3210A R2 R2 $627.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-CIFS SW Support Plan,CL CIFS (per node),3210A S W $99.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL CIFS (per node),3210A R2 R2 $99.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-FCP SW SSP,CL FCP (per node),3210A S W $100.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FCP (per node),3210A R2 R2 $100.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CL FLEXCLN (per node),3210A S W $79.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-FLXCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL FLEXCLN (per node),3210A R2 R2 $79.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-FVHPO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FV-HPO(per node),3210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-ISCSI SW SSP,CL ISCSI (per node),3210A S W $100.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CL ISCSI (per node),3210A R2 R2 $100.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-BNDL SW SSP,CLM Premium Bndl (per node),3210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM Prem Bndl (per node),3210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-CIFS SW SSP,CLM CIFS (per node),3210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM CIFS (per node),3210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-FCP SW SSP,CLM FCP (per node),3210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM FCP (per node),3210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-FLCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),3210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),3210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-ISCSI SW SSP,CLM ISCSI (per node),3210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-NFS SW SSP,CLM NFS (per node),3210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM NFS (per node),3210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-OCBAL SW SSP,CLM OnCommand Balance,(per node),3210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-OCBL-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM OCBAL(per node),3210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-SCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM ISCSI(per node),3210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CLM SNPMANAGER(per node),3210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SMirror (per node),3210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-SMIRROR SW SSP,CLM SnapMirror (per node),3210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CLM SnapManager (per node),3210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW SSP,CLM SnapProtect per node,3210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SnapProtect per node,3210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-SRESTORE SW SSP,CLM SRestore (per node),3210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CLM-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SRestore(per node),3210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-NFS SW Support Plan,CL NFS (per node),3210A S W $99.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL NFS (per node),3210A R2 R2 $99.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-OCBAL SW Support Plan,CL OCBAL,(per node),3210A S W $51.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-OCBAL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL OCBAL(per node),3210A R2 R2 $51.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CL SNPMANAGER(per node),3210A R2 R2 $280.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SMirror (per node),3210A R2 R2 $181.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-SMIRROR SW Support Plan,CL SMirror (per node),3210A S W $181.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CL SNAPMANAGER (per node),3210A S W $280.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-SNAPPRO SW Support Plan,CL SnapProtect per node,3210A S W $364.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapProtect per node,3210A R2 R2 $364.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-SRESTORE SW Support Plan,CL SRestore (per node),3210A S W $42.00 MTHSW-SSP-3210A-CL-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SRestore(per node),3210A R2 R2 $42.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-BASE SW Support Plan,CL Base,SFO (per node),3220A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-BASE-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL Base,SFO(per node),3220A R4 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-BNDL SW Support Plan,CL Bundle,(per node),3220A T V $423.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL Bundle(per node),3220A R4 R2 $423.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-CIFS SW Support Plan,CL CIFS (per node),3220A T V $69.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL CIFS (per node),3220A R4 R2 $69.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-FCP SW SSP,CL FCP (per node),3220A T V $69.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FCP (per node),3220A R4 R4 $69.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CL FLEXCLN (per node),3220A T V $53.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-FLXCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL FLEXCLN (per node),3220A R4 R2 $53.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-FV-HPO SW Support Plan,CL FV-HPO (per node),3220A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-FVHPO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FV-HPO(per node),3220A R4 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-ISCSI SW SSP,CL ISCSI (per node),3220A T V $69.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CL ISCSI (per node),3220A R4 R4 $69.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-BNDL SW SSP,CLM Premium Bndl (per node),3220A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM Prem Bndl (per node),3220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-CIFS SW SSP,CLM CIFS (per node),3220A T V $0.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 54

SW-SSP-3220A-CLM-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM CIFS (per node),3220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-FCP SW SSP,CLM FCP (per node),3220A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM FCP (per node),3220A R4 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-FLCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),3220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),3220A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-ISCSI SW SSP,CLM ISCSI (per node),3220A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-NFS SW SSP,CLM NFS (per node),3220A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM NFS (per node),3220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-OCBAL SW SSP,CLM OnCommand Balance,(per node),3220A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-OCBL-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM OCBAL(per node),3220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-SCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM ISCSI(per node),3220A R4 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CLM SNPMANAGER(per node),3220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SMirror (per node),3220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-SMIRROR SW SSP,CLM SnapMirror (per node),3220A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CLM SnapManager (per node),3220A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW SSP,CLM SnapProtect per node,3220A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SnapProtect per node,3220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-SRESTORE SW SSP,CLM SRestore (per node),3220A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CLM-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SRestore(per node),3220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-NFS SW Support Plan,CL NFS (per node),3220A T V $69.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL NFS (per node),3220A R4 R2 $69.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-OCBAL SW Support Plan,CL OCBAL,(per node),3220A T V $35.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-OCBAL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL OCBAL(per node),3220A R4 R2 $35.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CL SNPMANAGER(per node),3220A R4 R2 $128.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SMirror (per node),3220A R4 R2 $115.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-SMIRROR SW Support Plan,CL SMirror (per node),3220A T V $115.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CL SNAPMANAGER (per node),3220A T V $128.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-SNAPPRO SW Support Plan,CL SnapProtect per node,3220A T V $166.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapProtect per node,3220A R4 R2 $166.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-SRESTORE SW Support Plan,CL SRestore (per node),3220A T V $30.00 MTHSW-SSP-3220A-CL-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SRestore(per node),3220A R4 R2 $30.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-BASE SW Support Plan,CL Base,SFO (per node),3240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-BASE-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL Base,SFO(per node),3240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-BNDL SW Support Plan,CL Bundle,(per node),3240A S W $1,084.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL Bundle(per node),3240A R2 R2 $1,084.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-CIFS SW Support Plan,CL CIFS (per node),3240A S W $164.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL CIFS (per node),3240A R2 R2 $164.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-FCP SW SSP,CL FCP (per node),3240A S W $164.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FCP (per node),3240A R2 R2 $164.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CL FLEXCLN (per node),3240A S W $144.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-FLXCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL FLEXCLN (per node),3240A R2 R2 $144.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-FVHPO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FV-HPO(per node),3240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-ISCSI SW SSP,CL ISCSI (per node),3240A S W $164.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CL ISCSI (per node),3240A R2 R2 $164.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-BNDL SW SSP,CLM Premium Bndl (per node),3240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM Prem Bndl (per node),3240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-CIFS SW SSP,CLM CIFS (per node),3240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM CIFS (per node),3240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-FCP SW SSP,CLM FCP (per node),3240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM FCP (per node),3240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-FLCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),3240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),3240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-ISCSI SW SSP,CLM ISCSI (per node),3240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-NFS SW SSP,CLM NFS (per node),3240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM NFS (per node),3240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-OCBAL SW SSP,CLM OnCommand Balance,(per node),3240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-OCBL-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM OCBAL(per node),3240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-SCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM ISCSI(per node),3240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CLM SNPMANAGER(per node),3240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SMirror (per node),3240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-SMIRROR SW SSP,CLM SnapMirror (per node),3240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CLM SnapManager (per node),3240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW SSP,CLM SnapProtect per node,3240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SnapProtect per node,3240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-SRESTORE SW SSP,CLM SRestore (per node),3240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CLM-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SRestore(per node),3240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-NFS SW Support Plan,CL NFS (per node),3240A S W $164.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL NFS (per node),3240A R2 R2 $164.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-OCBAL SW Support Plan,CL OCBAL,(per node),3240A S W $94.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-OCBAL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL OCBAL(per node),3240A R2 R2 $94.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CL SNPMANAGER(per node),3240A R2 R2 $430.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SMirror (per node),3240A R2 R2 $332.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-SMIRROR SW Support Plan,CL SMirror (per node),3240A S W $332.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CL SNAPMANAGER (per node),3240A S W $430.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-SNAPPRO SW Support Plan,CL SnapProtect per node,3240A S W $559.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapProtect per node,3240A R2 R2 $559.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-SRESTORE SW Support Plan,CL SRestore (per node),3240A S W $77.00 MTHSW-SSP-3240A-CL-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SRestore(per node),3240A R2 R2 $77.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-BASE SW Support Plan,CL Base,SFO (per node),3250A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-BASE-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL Base,SFO(per node),3250A R4 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-BNDL SW Support Plan,CL Bundle,(per node),3250A T V $751.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 55

SW-SSP-3250A-CL-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL Bundle(per node),3250A R4 R2 $751.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-CIFS SW Support Plan,CL CIFS (per node),3250A T V $117.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL CIFS (per node),3250A R4 R2 $117.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-FCP SW SSP,CL FCP (per node),3250A T V $117.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FCP (per node),3250A R4 R4 $117.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CL FLEXCLN (per node),3250A T V $103.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-FLXCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL FLEXCLN (per node),3250A R4 R2 $103.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-FV-HPO SW Support Plan,CL FV-HPO (per node),3250A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-FVHPO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FV-HPO(per node),3250A R4 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-ISCSI SW SSP,CL ISCSI (per node),3250A T V $117.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CL ISCSI (per node),3250A R4 R4 $117.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-BNDL SW SSP,CLM Premium Bndl (per node),3250A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM Prem Bndl (per node),3250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-CIFS SW SSP,CLM CIFS (per node),3250A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM CIFS (per node),3250A R4 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-FCP SW SSP,CLM FCP (per node),3250A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM FCP (per node),3250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-FLCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),3250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),3250A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-ISCSI SW SSP,CLM ISCSI (per node),3250A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-NFS SW SSP,CLM NFS (per node),3250A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM NFS (per node),3250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-OCBAL SW SSP,CLM OnCommand Balance,(per node),3250A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-OCBL-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM OCBAL(per node),3250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-SCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM ISCSI(per node),3250A R4 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CLM SNPMANAGER(per node),3250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SMirror (per node),3250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-SMIRROR SW SSP,CLM SnapMirror (per node),3250A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CLM SnapManager (per node),3250A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW SSP,CLM SnapProtect per node,3250A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SnapProtect per node,3250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-SRESTORE SW SSP,CLM SRestore (per node),3250A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CLM-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SRestore(per node),3250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-NFS SW Support Plan,CL NFS (per node),3250A T V $117.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL NFS (per node),3250A R4 R2 $117.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-OCBAL SW Support Plan,CL OCBAL,(per node),3250A T W $67.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-OCBAL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL OCBAL(per node),3250A R4 R2 $67.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CL SNPMANAGER(per node),3250A R4 R2 $249.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SMirror (per node),3250A R4 R2 $218.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-SMIRROR SW Support Plan,CL SMirror (per node),3250A T V $218.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CL SNAPMANAGER (per node),3250A T V $249.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-SNAPPRO SW Support Plan,CL SnapProtect per node,3250A T V $324.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapProtect per node,3250A R4 R2 $324.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-SRESTORE SW Support Plan,CL SRestore (per node),3250A T V $55.00 MTHSW-SSP-3250A-CL-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SRestore(per node),3250A R4 R2 $55.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-BASE SW Support Plan,CL Base,SFO (per node),3270A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-BASE-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL Base,SFO(per node),3270A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-BNDL SW Support Plan,CL Bundle,(per node),3270A S W $2,099.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL Bundle(per node),3270A R2 R2 $2,099.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-CIFS SW Support Plan,CL CIFS (per node),3270A S W $361.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL CIFS (per node),3270A R2 R2 $361.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-FCP SW SSP,CL FCP (per node),3270A S W $361.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FCP (per node),3270A R2 R2 $361.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CL FLEXCLN (per node),3270A S W $187.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-FLXCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL FLEXCLN (per node),3270A R2 R2 $187.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-FVHPO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FV-HPO(per node),3270A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-ISCSI SW SSP,CL ISCSI (per node),3270A S W $361.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CL ISCSI (per node),3270A R2 R2 $361.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-BNDL SW SSP,CLM Premium Bndl (per node),3270A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM Prem Bndl (per node),3270A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-CIFS SW SSP,CLM CIFS (per node),3270A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM CIFS (per node),3270A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-FCP SW SSP,CLM FCP (per node),3270A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM FCP (per node),3270A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-FLCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),3270A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),3270A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-ISCSI SW SSP,CLM ISCSI (per node),3270A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-NFS SW SSP,CLM NFS (per node),3270A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM NFS (per node),3270A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-OCBAL SW SSP,CLM OnCommand Balance,(per node),3270A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-OCBL-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM OCBAL(per node),3270A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-SCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM ISCSI(per node),3270A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CLM SNPMANAGER(per node),3270A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SMirror (per node),3270A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-SMIRROR SW SSP,CLM SnapMirror (per node),3270A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CLM SnapManager (per node),3270A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW SSP,CLM SnapProtect per node,3270A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SnapProtect per node,3270A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-SRESTORE SW SSP,CLM SRestore (per node),3270A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CLM-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SRestore(per node),3270A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-NFS SW Support Plan,CL NFS (per node),3270A S W $361.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 56

SW-SSP-3270A-CL-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support ,CL NFS (per node),3270A R2 R2 $361.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-OCBAL SW Support Plan,CL OCBAL,(per node),3270A S W $149.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-OCBAL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL OCBAL(per node),3270A R2 R2 $149.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CL SNPMANAGER(per node),3270A R2 R2 $570.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SMirror (per node),3270A R2 R2 $544.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-SMIRROR SW Support Plan,CL SMirror (per node),3270A S W $544.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CL SNAPMANAGER (per node),3270A S W $570.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-SNAPPRO SW Support Plan,CL SnapProtect per node,3270A S W $741.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapProtect per node,3270A R2 R2 $741.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-SRESTORE SW Support Plan,CL SRestore (per node),3270A S W $121.00 MTHSW-SSP-3270A-CL-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SRestore (per node),3270A R2 R2 $121.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-BASE SW Support Plan,CL Base,SFO (per node),6210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-BASE-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL Base,SFO (per node),6210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-BNDL SW Support Plan,CL Bundle,(per node),6210A S W $2,738.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL Bundle(per node),6210A R2 R2 $2,738.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-CIFS SW Support Plan,CL CIFS (per node),6210A S W $479.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL CIFS (per node),6210A R2 R2 $479.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-FCP SW SSP,CL FCP (per node),6210A S W $479.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FCP (per node),6210A R2 R2 $479.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CL FLEXCLN (per node),6210A S W $290.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-FLXCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL FLEXCLN (per node),6210A R2 R2 $290.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-FVHPO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FV-HPO(per node),6210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-ISCSI SW SSP,CL ISCSI (per node),6210A S W $479.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CL ISCSI (per node),6210A R2 R2 $479.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-BNDL SW SSP,CLM Premium Bndl (per node),6210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM Prem Bndl (per node),6210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-CIFS SW SSP,CLM CIFS (per node),6210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM CIFS (per node),6210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-FCP SW SSP,CLM FCP (per node),6210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM FCP (per node),6210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-FLCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),6210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),6210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-ISCSI SW SSP,CLM ISCSI (per node),6210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-NFS SW SSP,CLM NFS (per node),6210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM NFS (per node),6210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-OCBAL SW SSP,CLM OnCommand Balance,(per node),6210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-OCBL-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM OCBAL(per node),6210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-SCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM ISCSI(per node),6210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CLM SNPMANAGER(per node),6210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SMirror (per node),6210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-SMIRROR SW SSP,CLM SnapMirror (per node),6210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CLM SnapManager (per node),6210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW SSP,CLM SnapProtect per node,6210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SnapProtect per node,6210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-SRESTORE SW SSP,CLM SRestore (per node),6210A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CLM-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SRestore(per node),6210A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-NFS SW Support Plan,CL NFS (per node),6210A S W $479.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL NFS (per node),6210A R2 R2 $479.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-OCBAL SW Support Plan,CL OCBAL,(per node),6210A S W $201.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-OCBAL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL OCBAL(per node),6210A R2 R2 $201.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CL SNPMANAGER(per node),6210A R2 R2 $600.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SMirror (per node),6210A R2 R2 $701.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-SMIRROR SW Support Plan,CL SMirror (per node),6210A S W $701.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CL SNAPMANAGER (per node),6210A S W $600.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-SNAPPRO SW Support Plan,CL SnapProtect per node,6210A S W $780.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapProtect per node,6210A R2 R2 $780.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-SRESTORE SW Support Plan,CL SRestore (per node),6210A S W $144.00 MTHSW-SSP-6210A-CL-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SRestore (per node),6210A R2 R2 $144.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-BASE SW Support Plan,CL Base,SFO (per node),6220A T W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-BASE-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL Base,SFO(per node),6220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-BNDL SW Support Plan,CL Prem Bndl, per node,6220A T W $1,548.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL Prem Bndl per node,6220A R4 W $1,548.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-CIFS SW Support Plan,CL CIFS (per node),6220A T W $267.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL CIFS (per node),6220A R4 R4 $267.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-FCP SW SSP,CL FCP (per node),6220A T W $267.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FCP (per node),6220A R4 R4 $267.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CL FLEXCLN (per node),6220A T W $180.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-FLXCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL FLEXCLN (per node),6220A R4 R4 $180.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-FV-HPO SW Support Plan,CL FV-HPO(per node),6220A T W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-FVHPO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FV-HPO(per node),6220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-ISCSI SW Support Plan,CL ISCSI (per node),6220A T W $267.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CL ISCSI (per node),6220A R4 R4 $267.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-BNDL SW SSP,CLM Premium Bndl (per node),6220A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM Prem Bndl (per node),6220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-CIFS SW SSP,CLM CIFS (per node),6220A T W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM CIFS (per node),6220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-FCP SW SSP,CLM FCP (per node),6220A T W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM FCP (per node),6220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-FLCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),6220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),6220A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-ISCSI SW SSP,CLM ISCSI (per node),6220A T W $0.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 57

SW-SSP-6220A-CLM-NFS SW SSP,CLM NFS (per node),6220A T W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM NFS (per node),6220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-OCBAL SW SSP,CLM OnCommand Balance,(per node),6220A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-OCBL-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM OCBAL(per node),6220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-SCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM ISCSI(per node),6220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CLM SnapManager(per node),6220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SMirror (per node),6220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-SMIRROR SW SSP,CLM SnapMirror (per node),6220A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CLM SnapManager (per node),6220A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW SSP,CLM SnapProtect per node,6220A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SnapProtect per node,6220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-SRESTORE SW SSP,CLM SRestore (per node),6220A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CLM-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SRestore(per node),6220A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-NFS SW Support Plan,CL NFS (per node),6220A T W $267.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL NFS (per node),6220A R4 R4 $267.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-OCBAL SW Support Plan,CL OCBAL,(per node),6220A T W $125.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-OCBAL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL OCBAL(per node),6220A R4 R4 $125.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CL SNPMANAGER(per node),6220A R4 R4 $357.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SMirror (per node),6220A R4 R4 $400.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-SMIRROR SW Support Plan,CL SMirror (per node),6220A T W $400.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CL SNAPMANAGER (per node),6220A T W $357.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-SNAPPRO SW Support Plan,CL SnapProtect per node,6220A T W $464.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapProtect per node,6220A R4 R4 $464.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-SRESTORE SW Support Plan,CL SRestore (per node),6220A T W $90.00 MTHSW-SSP-6220A-CL-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SRestore(per node),6220A R4 R4 $90.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-BASE SW Support Plan,CL Base,SFO (per node),6240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-BASE-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL Base,SFO (per node),6240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-BNDL SW Support Plan,CL Bundle,(per node),6240A S W $3,494.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL Bundle(per node),6240A R2 R2 $3,494.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-CIFS SW Support Plan,CL CIFS (per node),6240A S W $628.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL CIFS (per node),6240A R2 R2 $628.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-FCP SW SSP,CL FCP (per node),6240A S W $629.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FCP (per node),6240A R2 R2 $629.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CL FLEXCLN (per node),6240A S W $426.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-FLXCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL FLEXCLN (per node),6240A R2 R2 $426.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-FVHPO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FV-HPO(per node),6240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-ISCSI SW SSP,CL ISCSI (per node),6240A S W $629.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CL ISCSI (per node),6240A R2 R2 $629.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-BNDL SW SSP,CLM Premium Bndl (per node),6240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM Prem Bndl (per node),6240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-CIFS SW SSP,CLM CIFS (per node),6240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM CIFS (per node),6240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-FCP SW SSP,CLM FCP (per node),6240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM FCP (per node),6240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-FLCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),6240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),6240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-ISCSI SW SSP,CLM ISCSI (per node),6240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-NFS SW SSP,CLM NFS (per node),6240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM NFS (per node),6240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-OCBAL SW SSP,CLM OnCommand Balance,(per node),6240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-OCBL-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM OCBAL(per node),6240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-SCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM ISCSI(per node),6240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CLM SNPMANAGER(per node),6240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SMirror (per node),6240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-SMIRROR SW SSP,CLM SnapMirror (per node),6240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CLM SnapManager (per node),6240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW SSP,CLM SnapProtect per node,6240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SnapProtect per node,6240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-SRESTORE SW SSP,CLM SRestore (per node),6240A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CLM-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SRestore(per node),6240A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-NFS SW Support Plan,CL NFS (per node),6240A S W $628.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL NFS (per node),6240A R2 R2 $628.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-OCBAL SW Support Plan,CL OCBAL,(per node),6240A S W $229.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-OCBAL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL OCBAL(per node),6240A R2 R2 $229.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CL SNPMANAGER(per node),6240A R2 R2 $639.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SMirror (per node),6240A R2 R2 $856.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-SMIRROR SW Support Plan,CL SMirror (per node),6240A S W $856.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CL SNAPMANAGER (per node),6240A S W $639.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-SNAPPRO SW Support Plan,CL SnapProtect per node,6240A S W $923.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapProtect per node,6240A R2 R2 $923.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-SRESTORE SW Support Plan,CL SRestore (per node),6240A S W $170.00 MTHSW-SSP-6240A-CL-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SRestore (per node),6240A R2 R2 $170.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-BASE SW Support Plan,CL Base,SFO (per node),6250A T W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-BASE-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL Base,SFO(per node),6250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-BNDL SW Support Plan,CL Prem Bndl, per node,6250A T W $2,166.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL Prem Bndl per node,6250A R4 W $2,166.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-CIFS SW Support Plan,CL CIFS (per node),6250A T W $390.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL CIFS (per node),6250A R4 R4 $390.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-FCP SW SSP,CL FCP (per node),6250A T W $390.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FCP (per node),6250A R4 R4 $390.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CL FLEXCLN (per node),6250A T W $264.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 58

SW-SSP-6250A-CL-FLXCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL FLEXCLN (per node),6250A R4 R4 $264.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-FV-HPO SW Support Plan,CL FV-HPO(per node),6250A T W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-FVHPO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FV-HPO(per node),6250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-ISCSI SW Support Plan,CL ISCSI (per node),6250A T W $390.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CL ISCSI (per node),6250A R4 R4 $390.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-BNDL SW SSP,CLM Premium Bndl (per node),6250A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM Prem Bndl (per node),6250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-CIFS SW SSP,CLM CIFS (per node),6250A T W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM CIFS (per node),6250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-FCP SW SSP,CLM FCP (per node),6250A T W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM FCP (per node),6250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-FLCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),6250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),6250A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-ISCSI SW SSP,CLM ISCSI (per node),6250A T W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-NFS SW SSP,CLM NFS (per node),6250A T W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM NFS (per node),6250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-OCBAL SW SSP,CLM OnCommand Balance,(per node),6250A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-OCBL-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM OCBAL(per node),6250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-SCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM ISCSI(per node),6250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CLM SnapManager(per node),6250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SMirror (per node),6250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-SMIRROR SW SSP,CLM SnapMirror (per node),6250A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CLM SnapManager (per node),6250A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW SSP,CLM SnapProtect per node,6250A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SnapProtect per node,6250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-SRESTORE SW SSP,CLM SRestore (per node),6250A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CLM-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SRestore(per node),6250A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-NFS SW Support Plan,CL NFS (per node),6250A T W $390.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL NFS (per node),6250A R4 R4 $390.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-OCBAL SW Support Plan,CL OCBAL,(per node),6250A T W $142.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-OCBAL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL OCBAL(per node),6250A R4 R4 $142.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CL SNPMANAGER(per node),6250A R4 R4 $396.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SMirror (per node),6250A R4 R4 $531.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-SMIRROR SW Support Plan,CL SMirror (per node),6250A T W $531.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CL SNAPMANAGER (per node),6250A T W $396.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-SNAPPRO SW Support Plan,CL SnapProtect per node,6250A T W $572.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapProtect per node,6250A R4 R4 $572.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-SRESTORE SW Support Plan,CL SRestore (per node),6250A T W $105.00 MTHSW-SSP-6250A-CL-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SRestore(per node),6250A R4 R4 $105.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-BASE SW Support Plan,CL Base,SFO (per node),6280A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-BASE-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL Base,SFO (per node),6280A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-BNDL SW Support Plan,CL Bundle,(per node),6280A S W $4,253.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL Bundle(per node),6280A R2 R2 $4,253.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-CIFS SW Support Plan,CL CIFS (per node),6280A S W $779.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL CIFS (per node),6280A R2 R2 $779.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-FCP SW SSP,CL FCP (per node),6280A S W $779.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FCP (per node),6280A R2 R2 $779.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CL FLEXCLN (per node),6280A S W $495.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-FLXCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL FLEXCLN (per node),6280A R2 R2 $495.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-FVHPO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FV-HPO(per node),6280A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-ISCSI SW SSP,CL ISCSI (per node),6280A S W $779.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CL ISCSI (per node),6280A R2 R2 $779.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-BNDL SW SSP,CLM Prem Bndl (per node),6280A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM Prem Bndl (per node),6280A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-CIFS SW SSP,CLM CIFS (per node),6280A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM CIFS (per node),6280A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-FCP SW SSP,CLM FCP (per node),6280A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM FCP (per node),6280A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-FLCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),6280A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CLM SRestore (per node),6280A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-ISCSI SW SSP,CLM ISCSI (per node),6280A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-NFS SW SSP,CLM NFS (per node),6280A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM NFS (per node),6280A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-OCBAL SW SSP,CLM OnCommand Balance,(per node),6280A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-OCBL-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM OCBAL(per node),6280A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-SCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM ISCSI(per node),6280A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CLM SNPMANAGER(per node),6280A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SMirror (per node),6280A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-SMIRROR SW SSP,CLM SnapMirror (per node),6280A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CLM SnapManager (per node),6280A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW SSP,CLM SnapProtect per node,6280A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SnapProtect per node,6280A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-SRESTORE SW SSP,CLM SRestore (per node),6280A S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CLM-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SRestore(per node),6280A R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-NFS SW Support Plan,CL NFS (per node),6280A S W $779.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL NFS (per node),6280A R2 R2 $779.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-OCBAL SW Support Plan,CL OCBAL,(per node),6280A S W $390.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-OCBAL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL OCBAL(per node),6280A R2 R2 $390.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CL SNPMANAGER(per node),6280A R2 R2 $747.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SMirror (per node),6280A R2 R2 $1,011.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-SMIRROR SW Support Plan,CL SMirror (per node),6280A S W $1,011.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 59

SW-SSP-6280A-CL-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CL SNAPMANAGER (per node),6280A S W $747.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-SNAPPRO SW Support Plan,CL SnapProtect per node,6280A S W $1,079.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapProtect per node,6280A R2 R2 $1,079.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-SRESTORE SW Support Plan,CL SRestore (per node),6280A S W $196.00 MTHSW-SSP-6280A-CL-SRST-P-R Choice SW Sup,CL SRestore (per node),6280A R2 R2 $196.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-BASE SW Support Plan,CL Base,SFO (per node),6290A T W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-BASE-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL Base,SFO(per node),6290A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-BNDL SW Support Plan,CL Prem Bndl, per node,6290A T W $2,637.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL Prem Bndl per node,6290A R4 W $2,637.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-CIFS SW Support Plan,CL CIFS (per node),6290A T W $483.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL CIFS (per node),6290A R4 R4 $483.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-FCP SW SSP,CL FCP (per node),6290A T W $483.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FCP (per node),6290A R4 R4 $483.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CL FLEXCLN (per node),6290A T W $307.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-FLXCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL FLEXCLN (per node),6290A R4 R4 $307.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-FV-HPO SW Support Plan,CL FV-HPO(per node),6290A T W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-FVHPO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FV-HPO(per node),6290A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-ISCSI SW Support Plan,CL ISCSI (per node),6290A T W $483.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CL ISCSI (per node),6290A R4 R4 $483.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-BNDL SW SSP,CLM Prem Bndl (per node),6290A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-BNDL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM Prem Bndl (per node),6290A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-CIFS SW SSP,CLM CIFS (per node),6290A T W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM CIFS (per node),6290A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-FCP SW SSP,CLM FCP (per node),6290A T W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM FCP (per node),6290A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-FLCL-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),6290A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CLM SRestore (per node),6290A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-ISCSI SW SSP,CLM ISCSI (per node),6290A T W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-NFS SW SSP,CLM NFS (per node),6290A T W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM NFS (per node),6290A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-OCBAL SW SSP,CLM OnCommand Balance,(per node),6290A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-OCBL-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM OCBAL(per node),6290A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-SCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM ISCSI(per node),6290A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CLM SnapManager(per node),6290A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SMirror (per node),6290A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-SMIRROR SW SSP,CLM SnapMirror (per node),6290A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CLM SnapManager (per node),6290A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-SNAPPRO SW SSP,CLM SnapProtect per node,6290A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SnapProtect per node,6290A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-SRESTORE SW SSP,CLM SRestore (per node),6290A T V $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CLM-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SRestore(per node),6290A R4 R4 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-NFS SW Support Plan,CL NFS (per node),6290A T W $483.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL NFS (per node),6290A R4 R4 $483.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-OCBAL SW Support Plan,CL OCBAL,(per node),6290A T W $242.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-OCBAL-P-R Choice SW Support,CL OCBAL(per node),6290A R4 R4 $242.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-SMGR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CL SNPMANAGER(per node),6290A R4 R4 $463.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SMirror (per node),6290A R4 R4 $627.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-SMIRROR SW Support Plan,CL SMirror (per node),6290A T W $627.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-SNAPMGR SW SSP,CL SNAPMANAGER (per node),6290A T W $463.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-SNAPPRO SW Support Plan,CL SnapProtect per node,6290A T W $669.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-SPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapProtect per node,6290A R4 R4 $669.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-SRESTORE SW Support Plan,CL SRestore (per node),6290A T W $122.00 MTHSW-SSP-6290A-CL-SRST-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SRestore(per node),6290A R4 R4 $122.00 MTHSW-SSP-APPINSIGHT-A-TB SSP,Application Insight,TB License S W $2.08 MTHSW-SSP-APPINSIGHT-S-PT SSP,Application Insight,Port License S W $0.58 MTHSW-SSP-ASSURE-CONV-P-R Choice SW Support,Insight Assure Conversion R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-AVA-VESX-16TB SW,Support,AltaVault 16TB,Virt Appl for ESX T V $654.00 MTHSW-SSP-AVA-VESX-16TB-P-R Choice,SW Supp,AltaVault 16TB,Virt Appl,ESX R4 V $654.00 MTHSW-SSP-AVA-VESX-32TB SW,Support,AltaVault 32TB,Virt Appl for ESX T V $1,308.00 MTHSW-SSP-AVA-VESX-32TB-P-R Choice,SW Supp,AltaVault 32TB,Virt Appl,ESX R4 V $1,308.00 MTHSW-SSP-AVA-VESX-8TB SW,Support,AltaVault 8TB,Virtual Appl for ESX T V $450.00 MTHSW-SSP-AVA-VESX-8TB-P-R Choice,SW Supp,AltaVault 8TB,Virt Appl,ESX R4 V $450.00 MTHSW-SSP-AVA-VHYP-16TB SW,Support,AltaVlt 16TB,Virt Appl for Hyper-V T V $654.00 MTHSW-SSP-AVA-VHYP-16TB-P-R Choice,SW Supp,AltaVlt 16TB,Virt Appl,Hyper-V R4 V $654.00 MTHSW-SSP-AVA-VHYP-32TB SW,Support,AltaVlt 32TB,Virt Appl for Hyper-V T V $1,308.00 MTHSW-SSP-AVA-VHYP-32TB-P-R Choice,SW Supp,AltaVlt 32TB,Virt Appl,Hyper-V R4 V $1,308.00 MTHSW-SSP-AVA-VHYP-8TB SW,Support,AltaVlt 8TB,Virt Appl for Hyper-V T V $450.00 MTHSW-SSP-AVA-VHYP-8TB-P-R Choice,SW Supp,AltaVlt 8TB,Virt Appl,Hyper-V R4 V $450.00 MTHSW-SSP-BNA-ADD-IP-BASE SSP,BNA Adv Base IP 150 Dev to Pro Plus/Ent S $381.00 MTHSW-SSP-BNA-ADD-SAN-ENT SSP,BNA Adv Base IP to SAN Enterprise License S $398.00 MTHSW-SSP-BNA-ADD-SAN-PLU SSP,BNA Adv Base IP to SAN Pro Plus License S $159.00 MTHSW-SSP-BNA-ADD-SAN-PL-UPG SSP,BNA SAN Pro Plus to SAN Ent w/Adv Base IP S $262.00 MTHSW-SSP-BNA-IP-100 SSP,BNA Advanced Base IP for 100 Devices S $20.00 MTHSW-SSP-BNA-IP-1000 SSP,BNA Advanced Base IP for 1000 Devices S $101.00 MTHSW-SSP-BNA-IP-2500 SSP,BNA Advanced Base IP for 2500 Devices S $200.00 MTHSW-SSP-BNA-IP-500 SSP,BNA Advanced Base IP for 500 Devices S $75.00 MTHSW-SSP-BNA-IP-ADV-BASE SSP,BNA Advanced Base IP for 150 Devices S $50.00 MTHSW-SSP-BNA-IP-ADV-DC SSP,BNA Advanced IP Add on License Feature S $381.00 MTHSW-SSP-BNA-IP-BAS-SAN-ENT SSP, BNA Adv Base IP for 550 Dev+SAN Ent Lic S $687.00 MTHSW-SSP-BNA-IP-BAS-SAN-PLU SSP,BNA Adv Base IP for 150 Dev+SAN Pro Plus S $431.00 MTHSW-SSP-BNA-IP-SAN-PLU-UPG SSP,BNA Adv Base IP+SAN Pro Plus to SAN Ent S $281.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 60

SW-SSP-BNA-MPLS-10 SSP,BNA MPLS Management for 10 Devices S $101.00 MTHSW-SSP-BNA-MPLS-25 SSP,BNA MPLS Management for 25 Devices S $200.00 MTHSW-SSP-BNA-MPLS-50 SSP,BNA MPLS Management for 50 Devices S $350.00 MTHSW-SSP-BNA-SAN-ENT SSP,BNA SAN Enterprise for 9000 Switch Ports S $398.00 MTHSW-SSP-BNA-SAN-PLU SSP,BNA SAN Pro Plus 2560 Switch Ports S W $159.00 MTHSW-SSP-BNA-SAN-PLU-UPG SSP,BNA SAN Pro Plus to SAN Enterprise Lic S $262.00 MTHSW-SSP-BRCD-DCFM-ENT Brocade DCFM Enterprise Base,SSP S W $200.00 MTHSW-SSP-BRCD-DCFM-ENT-UPG Brocade DCFM Enterprise UPG,SSP S W $200.00 MTHSW-SSP-BRCD-DCFM-PLU SSP,Brocade DCFM Professional Plus S W $80.00 MTHSW-SSP-BRCD-EFCM-256 Brocade EFCM Advance Module,256 port,SSP S W $265.00 MTHSW-SSP-BRCD-EFCM-512 Brocade EFCM Advance Module,512 port,SSP S W $438.00 MTHSW-SSP-BRCD-EFCM-64 Brocade EFCM Advance Module,64 port,SSP S W $70.00 MTHSW-SSP-BRCD-EFCM-BASE Brocade EFCM Enterprise Base,SSP S W $77.00 MTHSW-SSP-BRCD-FABMAN-BASE SW Support Plan,Brocade Fabric Manager,Base S $107.00 MTHSW-SSP-BRCD-FABMAN-ENT SW Support Plan,Brocade Fabric Manager,ENT S $285.00 MTHSW-SSP-BRCD-FABMAN-STD SW Support Plan,Brocade Fabric Manager,STD S $214.00 MTHSW-SSP-BSW3-FABMAN Brocade SW Support Plan Fabric Manager S W $140.00 MTHSW-SSP-CAPACITYMGR-TB SW Support Plan,Capacity Manager,TB License S W SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-CDVM100-BYOL-AWS SW Subs,NetApp Cloud-vM100,BYOL,Amazon H SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-CDVM100-BYOL-AWS12 SW Subs,NetApp Cloud-vM100,BYOL,Amazon,12Mos H SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-CDVM100-BYOL-EXT SW Subs,NetApp Cloud-vM100,BYOL,Amazon,Ext H $1,125.00 MTHSW-SSP-CDVM100-BYOL-EXT12 SW Subs,NetApp Cloud-vM100,BYOL,AWS,Ext,12Mos H $1,012.50 MTHSW-SSP-DISCOVER-CONV-P-R Choice SW Supp,Insight Discover Conversion R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-EDGE-200-VMWR-P-R SW Support,cDOT Edge, Vmware, P-R R4 R4 $180.00 MTHSW-SSP-EDGE-FDVM200-VMWR SW Support,cDOT Edge, Vmware T $180.00 MTHSW-SSP-ELA-ESA-PR Software Support,ELA,ESA,Value T $1,000.00 EASW-SSP-ELA-ESA-TRA Software Support,ELA,ESA,Traditional S $1,000.00 EASW-SSP-ELA-ESA-VEL Software Support,ELA,ESA,Velocity S $1,000.00 EASW-SSP-ELA-ONC-INSIGHT-PR Software Support,OnCommand Insight,Special S $1,000.00 EASW-SSP-HOST-UT-PK-INC-P-R Choise SW,Support,Insight Host Util Pk,INC R2 R2 SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-INS-HOST-UTIL-PK SW,Support,Insight Host Utilization Pack S W SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-INS-HOST-UTIL-P-R Choice SW Support,Insight Host Utilization Pk R2 R2 SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-INS-HOST-UT-PK-INC SW,Support,Insight Host Utilization Pack,INC S SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-INSIGHT-ASSURE SW,Support,Insight Assure S W SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-INSIGHT-ASSURE-P-R Choice SW Support,Insight Assure R2 R2 SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-INSIGHT-BAL SW,Support,Balance S W $10.00 MTHSW-SSP-INSIGHT-BAL-P-R Choice SW Support,Balance R2 R2 $10.00 MTHSW-SSP-INSIGHT-DISCOVER SW,Support,Insight Discover S W SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-INSIGHT-DSCVER-P-R Choice SW Support,Insight Discover R2 R2 SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-INSIGHT-PERFORM SW,Support,Insight Perform S W SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-INSIGHT-PERFRM-P-R Choice SW Support,Insight Perform R2 R2 SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-INSIGHT-PLAN SW,Support,Insight Plan S W SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-INSIGHT-PLAN-P-R Choice SW Support,Insight Plan R2 R2 SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-INST-ASSURE-INC SW,Support,Insight Assure,INC S W SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-INST-DISCOVER-INC SW,Support,Insight Discover,INC S W SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-INST-PERFORM-INC SW,Support,Insight Perform,INC S W SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-INST-PLAN-INC SW,Support,Insight Plan,INC S W SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-PERFORM-CONV-P-R Choice SW Supp,Insight Perform Conversion R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-PLAN-CONV-P-R Choice SW Support,Insight Plan Conversion R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-REPASSURE SSP,Replication Assurnce,Num of Array Lic S W $166.58 MTHSW-SSP-REPASSURE-P-R Choice SW Sup,Replic Assurance,Num of Array R2 R2 $166.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-AIX SW Support Plan,SnapDrive for Unix,AIX S W $30.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-AIX-TIER1 SW Support Plan,SDR AIX Support,Tier 1 S W $23.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-AIX-TIER2 SW Support Plan,SDR AIX Support,Tier 2 S W $45.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-AIX-TIER3 SW Support Plan,SDR AIX Support,Tier 3 S W $75.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-AIX-TIER4 SW Support Plan,SDR AIX Support,Tier 4 S W $120.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-HPUX SW Support Plan,SnapDrive for Unix,HP-UX S W $30.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-HPUX-TIER1 SW Support Plan,SDR HP-UX Support,Tier 1 S W $23.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-HPUX-TIER2 SW Support Plan,SDR HP-UX Support,Tier 2 S W $45.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-HPUX-TIER3 SW Support Plan,SDR HP-UX Support,Tier 3 S W $75.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-HPUX-TIER4 SW Support Plan,SDR HP-UX Support,Tier 4 S W $120.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-LNX SW Support Plan,SnapDrive for Unix,Linux S W $30.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-LNX-TIER1 SW Support Plan,SDR Linux Support,Tier 1 S W $23.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-LNX-TIER2 SW Support Plan,SDR Linux Support,Tier 2 S W $45.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-LNX-TIER3 SW Support Plan,SDR Linux Support,Tier 3 S W $75.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-LNX-TIER4 SW Support Plan,SDR Linux Support,Tier 4 S W $120.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-SOL SW Support Plan,SnapDrive for Unix,Solaris S W $30.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-SOL-TIER1 SW Support Plan,SDR Solaris Support,Tier 1 S W $23.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-SOL-TIER2 SW Support Plan,SDR Solaris Support,Tier 2 S W $45.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-SOL-TIER3 SW Support Plan,SDR Solaris Support,Tier 3 S W $75.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-SOL-TIER4 SW Support Plan,SDR Solaris Support,Tier 4 S W $120.00 MTHSW-SSP-SDR-WINDOWS SW Support Plan,SnapDrive for Windows S W SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-SG-WEBSCALE SSP, StorageGRID,Webscale S W $2.42 MTHSW-SSP-SME-SERV SW Support Plan,SnpMngr-Exchange,Per Server S W $113.00 MTHSW-SSP-SME-SERV-P-R Choice SW Sup,SnapManager for Exch,Per Srvr R2 R2 $113.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMHV-MSFT SW Support Plan,SnapManager for Hyper-V S W $18.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMHV-MSFT-P-R Choice SW Support,SnapManager for Hyper-V R2 R2 $18.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMO SW Support Plan,SnapManager for Oracle S W $119.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMO-CPU SW Support Plan,SnapManager Oracle S W SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-SMO-CPU-P-R Choice SW Support,SnapManager Oracle R2 R2 SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-SMO-UNIX-P-R Choice SW Support,SnapManager Oracle,Unix R2 R2 $119.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 61

SW-SSP-SMO-WIN SW Support Plan,SnapManager Oracle,Windows S W $119.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMO-WIN-P-R Choice SW Support,SnapManager Oracle,Win R2 R2 $119.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMSAP SW Support Plan,SnapManager SAP S W $148.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMSAP-CPU SW Support Plan,SnapManager SAP S W SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-SMSAP-CPU-P-R Choice SW Support,SnapManager SAP,CPU R2 R2 SEE VPB TAB MTHSW-SSP-SMSAP-UNIX-P-R Choice SW Support,SnapManager SAP,Unix R2 R2 $148.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMSAP-WIN SW Support Plan,SnapManager SAP,Windows S W $148.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMSAP-WIN-P-R Choice SW Support,SnapManager SAP,Win R2 R2 $148.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMSHAREPOINT SW Support Plan,SnapManager for SharePoint S W $89.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMSHAREPOINT-P-R Choice SW Support,SnapManagr SharePoint R2 R2 $89.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMSP-ARCHIVE-MGR SW Subs,SnapMgr SharePoint,Archive Manager S W $150.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMSP-ARCHIVER-P-R Choice SW Supp,SnapMgr SharePoint Archiver R2 R2 $30.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMSP-ARCH-MGR-P-R Choice SW Supp,SnapMgr SharePt Archive Mgr R2 R2 $150.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMSP-FS-CONNECTOR SW Subs,SnapMgr SharePt,File Share Connector S W $375.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMSP-FS-CONN-P-R Choice SW Supp,SnapMgr ShrPt,File Share Conn R2 R2 $375.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMSP-STORAGE-MGR SW Subs,SnapMgr SharePoint,Storage Manager S W $200.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMSP-STOR-MGR-P-R Choice SW Supp,SnapMgr SharePt,Storage Mgr R2 R2 $200.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMSQL-SERV SW Support Plan,SMSQL,Per Server S W $113.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMSQL-SERV-P-R Choice SW Support,SMSQL,Per Server R2 R2 $113.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMVI-VMWARE SW Support Plan,SnapManager for VI S W $30.00 MTHSW-SSP-SMVI-VMWARE-P-R Choice SW Support,SnapManager for VI R2 R2 $30.00 MTHSW-SSP-SNAPROT-MGMT-SVR SW Support,SnapProtect Management Server S W $8.00 MTHSW-SSP-SVCASSURANCE-PT SSP,Service Assurance,Port License S W $0.83 MTHSW-SSP-SVCASSURANCE-SME1 SSP,Service Assurance,Port Lic,250,SME1 S W $108.00 MTHSW-SSP-SVCASSURANCE-SME2 SSP,Service Assurance,Port Lic,500,SME2 S W $270.00 MTHSW-SSP-SVCASSURANCE-TB SW Support Plan,Service Assurance,TB,License S W $2.08 MTHSW-SSP-SVCINSIGHT-PT SW Support Plan,Service Insight,Port License S W $0.70 MTHSW-SSP-SVCINSIGHT-SME1 SSP,Service Insight,Port License,250,SME1 S W $93.00 MTHSW-SSP-SVCINSIGHT-SME2 SSP,Service Insight,Port License,500,SME2 S W $230.00 MTHSW-SSP-SVCINSIGHT-TB SW Support Plan,Service Insight,TB License S W $2.08 MTHSW-SSP-T0-BNDL SW Support Plan,T0,CIFS,iSCSI,SRESTORE,BNDL S W $16.00 MTHSW-SSP-T0-NFS SW Support Plan,T0,NFS S W $5.00 MTHSW-SSP-T0-SME SW Support Plan,T0,SME S W $20.00 MTHSW-SSP-T0-SMIRROR SW Support Plan,T0,SMIRROR S W $15.00 MTHSW-SSP-T0-SMSQL SW Support Plan,T0,SMSQL S W $20.00 MTHSW-SSP-T0-SVPRI SW Support Plan,T0,SVPRI S W $9.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CL-BASE SW Support Plan,CL Base,SFO (per node),T3C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CL-BASE-P-R Choice SW Support,CL Base,SFO(per node),T3C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CL-CIFS SW Support Plan,CL CIFS (per node),T3C S W $92.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CL-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL CIFS (per node),T3C R2 R2 $92.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CL-FCP SW SSP,CL FCP (per node),T3C S W $19.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CL-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FCP (per node),T3C R2 R2 $19.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CL-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CL FLEXCLN (per node),T3C S W $119.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CL-FLXCLN-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FLEXCLN (per node),T3C R2 R2 $119.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CL-FV-HPO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FV-HPO (per node),T3C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CL-ISCSI SW SSP,CL ISCSI (per node),T3C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CL-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CL ISCSI (per node),T3C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CLM-CIFS SW SSP,CLM CIFS (per node),T3C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CLM-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM CIFS (per node),T3C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CLM-FCP SW SSP,CLM FCP (per node),T3C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CLM-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM FCP (per node),T3C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CLM-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),T3C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CLM-FLXCLN-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),T3C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CLM-ISCSI SW SSP,CLM ISCSI (per node),T3C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CLM-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM ISCSI (per node),T3C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CLM-NFS SW SSP,CLM NFS (per node),T3C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CLM-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM NFS (per node),T3C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CLM-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SMirror (per node),T3C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CLM-SMIRROR SW SSP,CLM SnapMirror (per node),T3C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CLM-SNAPPRO SW SSP,CLM SnapProtect per node,T3C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CLM-SNAPRSTOR SW SSP,CLM SRestore (per node),T3C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CLM-SNPPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SnapProtect per node,T3C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CLM-SRSTOR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SRestore(per node),T3C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CL-NFS SW Support Plan,CL NFS (per node),T3C S W $166.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CL-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL NFS (per node),T3C R2 R2 $166.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CL-SMIRROR SW Support Plan,CL SnapMirror (per node),T3C S W $252.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CL-SMIRROR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapMirror (per node),T3C R2 R2 $252.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CL-SNAPPRO SW Support Plan,CL SnapProtect (per node),T3C S W $559.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CL-SNAPPRO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL SnapProtect per node,T3C R2 R2 $559.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CL-SNAPRESTORE SW Support Plan,CL SnapRestore (per node),T3C S W $59.00 MTHSW-SSP-T3C-CL-SRESTOR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapRestore(per node),T3C R2 R2 $59.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CL-BASE SW Support Plan,CL Base,SFO (per node),T4C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CL-BASE-P-R Choice SW Support,CL Base,SFO(per node),T4C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CL-CIFS SW Support Plan,CL CIFS (per node),T4C S W $216.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CL-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL CIFS (per node),T4C R2 R2 $216.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CL-FCP SW SSP,CL FCP (per node),T4C S W $33.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CL-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FCP (per node),T4C R2 R2 $33.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CL-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CL FLEXCLN (per node),T4C S W $128.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CL-FLXCLN-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FLEXCLN (per node),T4C R2 R2 $128.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CL-FV-HPO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FV-HPO (per node),T4C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CL-ISCSI SW SSP,CL ISCSI (per node),T4C S W $0.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 62

SW-SSP-T4C-CL-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CL ISCSI (per node),T4C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CLM-CIFS SW SSP,CLM CIFS (per node),T4C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CLM-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM CIFS (per node),T4C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CLM-FCP SW SSP,CLM FCP (per node),T4C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CLM-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM FCP (per node),T4C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CLM-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),T4C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CLM-FLXCLN-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),T4C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CLM-ISCSI SW SSP,CLM ISCSI (per node),T4C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CLM-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM ISCSI (per node),T4C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CLM-NFS SW SSP,CLM NFS (per node),T4C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CLM-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM NFS (per node),T4C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CLM-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SMirror (per node),T4C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CLM-SMIRROR SW SSP,CLM SnapMirror (per node),T4C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CLM-SNAPPRO SW SSP,CLM SnapProtect per node,T4C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CLM-SNAPRSTOR SW SSP,CLM SRestore (per node),T4C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CLM-SNPPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SnapProtect per node,T4C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CLM-SRSTOR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SRestore(per node),T4C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CL-NFS SW Support Plan,CL NFS (per node),T4C S W $195.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CL-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL NFS (per node),T4C R2 R2 $195.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CL-SMIRROR SW Support Plan,CL SnapMirror (per node),T4C S W $378.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CL-SMIRROR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapMirror (per node),T4C R2 R2 $378.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CL-SNAPPRO SW Support Plan,CL SnapProtect (per node),T4C S W $741.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CL-SNAPPRO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL SnapProtect per node,T4C R2 R2 $741.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CL-SNAPRESTORE SW Support Plan,CL SnapRestore (per node),T4C S W $90.00 MTHSW-SSP-T4C-CL-SRESTOR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapRestore(per node),T4C R2 R2 $90.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CL-BASE SW Support Plan,CL Base,SFO (per node),T5C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CL-BASE-P-R Choice SW Support,CL Base,SFO(per node),T5C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CL-CIFS SW Support Plan,CL CIFS (per node),T5C S W $374.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CL-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL CIFS (per node),T5C R2 R2 $374.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CL-FCP SW SSP,CL FCP (per node),T5C S W $55.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CL-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FCP (per node),T5C R2 R2 $55.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CL-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CL FLEXCLN (per node),T5C S W $159.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CL-FLXCLN-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FLEXCLN (per node),T5C R2 R2 $159.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CL-FV-HPO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FV-HPO (per node),T5C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CL-ISCSI SW SSP,CL ISCSI (per node),T5C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CL-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CL ISCSI (per node),T5C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CLM-CIFS SW SSP,CLM CIFS (per node),T5C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CLM-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM CIFS (per node),T5C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CLM-FCP SW SSP,CLM FCP (per node),T5C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CLM-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM FCP (per node),T5C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CLM-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),T5C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CLM-FLXCLN-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),T5C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CLM-ISCSI SW SSP,CLM ISCSI (per node),T5C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CLM-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM ISCSI (per node),T5C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CLM-NFS SW SSP,CLM NFS (per node),T5C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CLM-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM NFS (per node),T5C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CLM-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SMirror (per node),T5C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CLM-SMIRROR SW SSP,CLM SnapMirror (per node),T5C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CLM-SNAPPRO SW SSP,CLM SnapProtect per node,T5C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CLM-SNAPRSTOR SW SSP,CLM SRestore (per node),T5C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CLM-SNPPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SnapProtect per node,T5C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CLM-SRSTOR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SRestore(per node),T5C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CL-NFS SW Support Plan,CL NFS (per node),T5C S W $402.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CL-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL NFS (per node),T5C R2 R2 $402.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CL-SMIRROR SW Support Plan,CL SnapMirror (per node),T5C S W $504.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CL-SMIRROR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapMirror(per node),T5C R2 R2 $504.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CL-SNAPPRO SW Support Plan,CL SnapProtect (per node),T5C S W $780.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CL-SNAPPRO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL SnapProtect per node,T5C R2 R2 $780.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CL-SNAPRESTORE SW Support Plan,CL SnapRestore (per node),T5C S W $113.00 MTHSW-SSP-T5C-CL-SRESTOR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapRestore(per node),T5C R2 R2 $113.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CL-BASE SW Support Plan,CL Base,SFO (per node),T6C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CL-BASE-P-R Choice SW Support,CL Base,SFO(per node),T6C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CL-CIFS SW Support Plan,CL CIFS (per node),T6C S W $445.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CL-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL CIFS (per node),T6C R2 R2 $445.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CL-FCP SW SSP,CL FCP (per node),T6C S W $94.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CL-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FCP (per node),T6C R2 R2 $94.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CL-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CL FLEXCLN (per node),T6C S W $199.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CL-FLXCLN-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FLEXCLN (per node),T6C R2 R2 $199.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CL-FV-HPO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FV-HPO (per node),T6C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CL-ISCSI SW SSP,CL ISCSI (per node),T6C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CL-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CL ISCSI (per node),T6C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CLM-CIFS SW SSP,CLM CIFS (per node),T6C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CLM-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM CIFS (per node),T6C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CLM-FCP SW SSP,CLM FCP (per node),T6C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CLM-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM FCP (per node),T6C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CLM-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),T6C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CLM-FLXCLN-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),T6C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CLM-ISCSI SW SSP,CLM ISCSI (per node),T6C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CLM-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM ISCSI (per node),T6C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CLM-NFS SW SSP,CLM NFS (per node),T6C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CLM-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM NFS (per node),T6C R2 R2 $0.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 63

SW-SSP-T6C-CLM-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SMirror (per node),T6C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CLM-SMIRROR SW SSP,CLM SnapMirror (per node),T6C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CLM-SNAPPRO SW SSP,CLM SnapProtect per node,T6C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CLM-SNAPRSTOR SW SSP,CLM SRestore (per node),T6C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CLM-SNPPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SnapProtect per node,T6C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CLM-SRSTOR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SRestore(per node),T6C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CL-NFS SW Support Plan,CL NFS (per node),T6C S W $505.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CL-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL NFS (per node),T6C R2 R2 $505.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CL-SMIRROR SW Support Plan,CL SnapMirror (per node),T6C S W $720.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CL-SMIRROR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapMirror(per node),T6C R2 R2 $720.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CL-SNAPPRO SW Support Plan,CL SnapProtect (per node),T6C S W $923.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CL-SNAPPRO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL SnapProtect per node,T6C R2 R2 $923.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CL-SNAPRESTORE SW Support Plan,CL SnapRestore (per node),T6C S W $140.00 MTHSW-SSP-T6C-CL-SRESTOR-P-R Choice SW Sup,CL SnapRestore(per node),T6C,SC R2 R2 $140.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CL-BASE SW Support Plan,CL Base,SFO (per node),T7C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CL-BASE-P-R Choice SW Support,CL Base,SFO(per node),T7C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CL-CIFS SW Support Plan,CL CIFS (per node),T7C S W $586.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CL-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL CIFS (per node),T7C R2 R2 $586.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CL-FCP SW SSP,CL FCP (per node),T7C S W $160.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CL-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FCP (per node),T7C R2 R2 $160.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CL-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CL FLEXCLN (per node),T7C S W $318.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CL-FLXCLN-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FLEXCLN (per node),T7C R2 R2 $318.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CL-FV-HPO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL FV-HPO (per node),T7C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CL-ISCSI SW SSP,CL ISCSI (per node),T7C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CL-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CL ISCSI (per node),T7C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CLM-CIFS SW SSP,CLM CIFS (per node),T7C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CLM-CIFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM CIFS (per node),T7C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CLM-FCP SW SSP,CLM FCP (per node),T7C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CLM-FCP-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM FCP (per node),T7C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CLM-FLEXCLN SW SSP,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),T7C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CLM-FLXCLN-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM FLEXCLN (per node),T7C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CLM-ISCSI SW SSP,CLM ISCSI (per node),T7C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CLM-ISCSI-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM ISCSI (per node),T7C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CLM-NFS SW SSP,CLM NFS (per node),T7C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CLM-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CLM NFS (per node),T7C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CLM-SMIR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SMirror (per node),T7C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CLM-SMIRROR SW SSP,CLM SnapMirror (per node),T7C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CLM-SNAPPRO SW SSP,CLM SnapProtect per node,T7C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CLM-SNAPRSTOR SW SSP,CLM SRestore (per node),T7C S W $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CLM-SNPPRO-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SnapProtect per node,T7C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CLM-SRSTOR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CLM SRestore(per node),T7C R2 R2 $0.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CL-NFS SW Support Plan,CL NFS (per node),T7C S W $666.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CL-NFS-P-R Choice SW Support,CL NFS (per node),T7C R2 R2 $666.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CL-SMIRROR SW Support Plan,CL SnapMirror (per node),T7C S W $720.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CL-SMIRROR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapMirror(per node),T7C R2 R2 $720.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CL-SNAPPRO SW Support Plan,CL SnapProtect (per node),T7C S W $1,079.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CL-SNAPPRO-P-R Choice SW Support,CL SnapProtect per node,T7C R2 R2 $1,079.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CL-SNAPRESTORE SW Support Plan,CL SnapRestore (per node),T7C S W $140.00 MTHSW-SSP-T7C-CL-SRESTOR-P-R Choice SW Supp,CL SnapRestore(per node),T7C R2 R2 $140.00 MTHSW-SSP-VMINSIGHT-TB SW Support Plan,VM Insight,TB License S W $2.08 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-128SBNP1 Cisco SSP,N56128 SBUNP1 C $134.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-2ESSN Cisco SSP,MDS9200 Storage Media Encryp,SSN-16 C $110.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-2IO18 Cisco SSP,MDS 9200 I/O Accelerator,18/4 C $347.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-2IOSS Cisco SSP,MDS 9200,I/O Accelerator,SSN-16 C $347.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-5ESSN Cisco SSP,MDS9500 Storage Media Encryp,SSN-16 C $110.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-5IO18 Cisco SSP,MDS 9500 I/O Accelerator,18/4 C $347.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-5IOSS Cisco SSP,MDS 9500,I/O Accelerator,SSN-16 C $347.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-5LDCNM Cisco SSP,DCNM LAN N55XX C $17.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-72DFABP1 Cisco SSP,Nexus 5672 DFA C $17.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-72SBUNP1 Cisco SSP,Nexus 5672 SBUN C $134.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-91ENT Cisco SSP,MDS91XX Enterprise Package C $56.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-91FIC Cisco SSP,MDS91XX Mainframe Package C $94.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-91FMS Cisco SSP,MDS91XX Fabric Manager Server C $54.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-91PL210G Cisco SSP,MDS9134,10Gbps Port Enabler C $6.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-91PL8 Cisco SSP,MDS9124 SW 8-Port Upg C $6.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-91PL8-4G Cisco SSP,MDS9134,SW 8-Port Upg C $13.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-925DM Cisco SSP,9250i Data Mobility Manager C $392.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-925DM6 Cisco SSP, 9250i Data Mobility Manager 6M C $392.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-925IO Cisco SSP,9250i I/O Accelerator C $347.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-928DM Cisco SSP,9222i DMM License,18/4 C $392.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-928DT Cisco SSP,9222i DMM License,18/4,180 Days C $196.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-92DMM Cisco SSP, 9200 Data Mobility Mgr Permanent C $261.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-92DMT Cisco SSP, 9200 Data Mobility Mgr 180 Days C $133.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-92ENT Cisco SSP,MDS92XX Enterprise Package C $60.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-92FIC Cisco SSP,MDS92XX Mainframe Package C $94.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-92FMS Cisco SSP,MDS92XX Fabric Manager Server C $54.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-92IDM MDS 9222i DMM License Permanent C $392.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-92IDT MDS 9222i DMM License,180 Days C $196.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-92IOA Cisco SSP, 9222i,I/O Accelerator C $347.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-92SME Cisco SSP,M9200 Storage Media Encryp,18/4 C $110.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-92SMF Cisco SSP,M9222i Storage Media Encryp C $110.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 64

SW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-93ENT Cisco SSP,MDS93XX Enterprise Package C $47.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-93ENTP Cisco SSP,MDS93XX Enterprise Package PI C $47.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-958DM Cisco SSP,95XX DMM License,18/4 C $392.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-958DT Cisco SSP,95XX DMM License,18/4,180 Days C $196.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-95DMM Cisco SSP, 9500 Data Mobility Mgr Permanent C $261.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-95DMT Cisco SSP, 9500 Data Mobility Mgr 180 Days C $133.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-95ENT Cisco SSP,MDS95XX Enterprise Package C $200.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-95FIC Cisco SSP,MDS95XX Mainframe Package C $187.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-95FMS Cisco SSP,MDS95XX Fabric Manager Server C $160.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-95SME Cisco SSP,M9500 Storage Media Encryp,18/4 C $110.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-95SSE Cisco SSP,MDS95XX Storage SVC Enabler C $152.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-97ENT Cisco SSP,Enterprise Package MDS97XX C $200.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-97FIC Cisco SSP,MDS97XX Mainframe License C $157.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-97SAN Cisco SSP,DCNM SAN Advanced Edition MDS97XX C $160.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-N5FMS Cisco SSP,N50XX Fabric Manager Server C $46.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-N5LDCNM Cisco SSP,N56128 DFA Bundle C $17.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-N61LANK9 Cisco SSP,DCNM LAN N6001 C $17.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-N61LSK9 Cisco SSP,DCNM LAN-SAN N6001 C $125.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-N61SANK9 Cisco SSP,DCNM SAN N6001 C $117.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-N61SBP1 Cisco SSP,Nexus 6001 SBUN1 C $125.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-N64LANK9 Cisco SSP,DCNM LAN N6004 C $67.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-N64SBP1 Cisco SSP,Nexus 6004 SBUN 96-port C $234.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-N64SBP1L Cisco SSP,Nexus 6004 SBUN Lite 24-port C $67.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-SM91K9 Cisco SSP,DCNM SAN Advanced Edition MDS91XX C $54.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-SM92K9 Cisco SSP,DCNM SAN Advanced Edition MDS92XX C $54.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-SM93 Cisco SSP,DCNM SAN Host Based Adv Ed MDS93XX C $44.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-SM93X Cisco SSP,DCNM SAN SwitchBased Adv Ed MDS93XX C $44.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-SM95K9 Cisco SSP,DCNM SAN Advanced Edition MDS95XX C $160.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-SN5KK9 Cisco SSP,DCNM SAN Advanced Edition N5000 C $117.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-CON-SAU-SN64K9 Cisco SSP,DCNM SAN Advanced Edition N6004 C $167.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-E9BLXZZ0-EI1N0 SW Supp,Symantec,Replication Dir C $0.00 EASW-SSPVN-SMBR-10000PK Vendor SW Sub SMBR, 10000pk S W $561.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-10000PK-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,10000pk R2 R2 $561.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-1000PK Vendor SW Sub SMBR, 1000pk S W $99.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-1000PK-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,1000pk R2 R2 $99.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-100PK Vendor SW Sub SMBR, 100pk S W $30.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-100PK-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,100pk R2 R2 $30.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-12500PK Vendor SW Sub SMBR, 12500pk S W $699.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-12500PK-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,12500pk R2 R2 $699.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-15000PK Vendor SW Sub SMBR, 15000pk S W $834.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-15000PK-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,15000pk R2 R2 $834.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-1500PK Vendor SW Sub SMBR, 1500pk S W $142.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-1500PK-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,1500pk R2 R2 $142.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-20000PK Vendor SW Sub SMBR, 20000pk S W $1,107.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-20000PK-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,20000pk R2 R2 $1,107.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-25000PK Vendor SW Sub SMBR, 25000pk S W $1,380.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-25000PK-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,25000pk R2 R2 $1,380.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-2500PK Vendor SW Sub SMBR, 2500pk S W $202.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-2500PK-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,2500pk R2 R2 $202.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-30000PK Vendor SW Sub SMBR, 30000pk S W $1,653.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-30000PK-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,30000pk R2 R2 $1,653.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-40000PK Vendor SW Sub SMBR, 40000pk S W $2,199.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-40000PK-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,40000pk R2 R2 $2,199.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-50000PK Vendor SW Sub SMBR, 50000pk S W $2,745.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-50000PK-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,50000pk R2 R2 $2,745.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-5000PK Vendor SW Sub SMBR, 5000pk S W $328.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-5000PK-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,5000pk R2 R2 $328.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-500PK Vendor SW Sub SMBR, 500pk S W $63.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-500PK-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,500pk R2 R2 $63.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-7500PK Vendor SW Sub SMBR, 7500pk S W $485.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-7500PK-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,7500pk R2 R2 $485.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-ADMINSRVR Vendor SW Subs,SMBR Administrative Server S W $45.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-ADM-SVR-P-R Choice SW Supp,SMBR Administrative Server R2 R2 $45.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-AGENT-CAS Vendor SW Subs,SMBR,Agent,Content Analysis S W $9.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-AGNT-CA-P-R Choice SW Supp,SMBR,Agnt,Content Analysis R2 R2 $9.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-AGNT-PST Vendor SW Subs,SMBR,PC Agent,PST Files S W $15.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-AGNT-SEARCH Vendor SW Subs,SMBR,PC Agent,Advance Search S W $9.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-AGT-PST-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,PC Agent,PST Files R2 R2 $15.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-AGT-SRC-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,PC Agnt,Advan Search R2 R2 $9.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-COMGLXY-P-R Choice SW Supp,SMBR,Ex Wz,Commvault Galxy R2 R2 $9.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-COMMGALXY Vendor SW Subs,SMBR,Ext Wiz,Commvault Galaxy S W $9.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-EWZ-TIV-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,Ext Wiz,IBM Tivoli R2 R2 $9.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-EXTWIZ-CA Vendor SW Subs,SMBR,Ext Wiz,CA ARCserv S W $9.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-EXTWIZ-HP Vendor SW Subs,SMBR,Ext Wiz,HP DP S W $9.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-EXTWIZ-LE Vendor SW Subs,SMBR,Ext Wiz,Legato S W $9.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-EXTWIZ-NBU Vendor SW Subs,SMBR,Ext Wiz,NetBackUp S W $9.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-EXTWIZ-TIV Vendor SW Subs,SMBR,Ext Wiz,IBM Tivoli S W $9.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-EXWZ-CA-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,Ext Wiz,CA ARCserv R2 R2 $9.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-EXWZ-HP-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,Ext Wiz,HP DP R2 R2 $9.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-EXWZ-LE-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,Ext Wiz,Legato R2 R2 $9.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-EXWZ-NB-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,Ext Wiz,NetBackUp R2 R2 $9.00 MTH

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 65

SW-SSPVN-SMBR-ULTRABAC Vendor SW Subs,SMBR,Ext Wiz,UltraBac S W $9.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SMBR-ULTRABC-P-R Choice SW Support,SMBR,Ext Wiz,UltraBac R2 R2 $9.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SYMANTEC-V-DMP SW Support,Symantec,V-DMP C W $3.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-SYMC-REPL-DIR SW,Support,Symantec,Replication Director C $44.00 MTHSW-SSPVN-WYSQVZZ0-EI1N0 SW Supp,Symantec,VDMP C W $0.00 EASW-T1-ADVANCED-PACK SW,Advanced Pack,T1 J $9,600.00 EASW-T1-APPLICATION-PACK SW,Application Pack,T1 J $11,250.00 EASW-T1C-ADVANCED-PACK SW,Advanced Pack,T1C J $8,160.00 EASW-T1C-APPLICATION-PACK SW,Application Pack,T1C J $8,438.00 EASW-T1C-CIFS CIFS Software,T1C J $1,700.00 EASW-T1C-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete Bndl,NetApp Select,T1C J $13,906.00 EASW-T1C-D2D-BACKUP-PRI D2D Backup,SV Primary Bundle,T1C J $1,575.00 EASW-T1C-FCP FCP Software,T1C J $750.00 EASW-T1C-FLEXCACHE FlexCache Software,NFS,T1C J $0.00 EASW-T1C-FOUNDATION-PACK SW,Foundation Pack,T1C J $2,250.00 EASW-T1-CIFS CIFS Software,T1 J $2,250.00 EASW-T1-CLUSTER CFO Software,T1 J $1,100.00 EASW-T1C-NFS NFS Software,T1C J $2,550.00 EASW-T1-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete Bndl,NetApp Select,T1 J $18,525.00 EASW-T1C-PROTECTION-PACK SW,Protection Pack,T1C J $4,728.00 EASW-T1C-SERVER-PACK SW,Server Pack,T1C J $4,320.00 EASW-T1C-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,T1C J $4,225.00 EASW-T1C-VRTL-BNDL Srvr VrtlBndl,NetApp Select,T1C J $11,078.00 EASW-T1C-WIN-BNDL Windows Bundle,SW,NetApp Select,T1C J $11,125.00 EASW-T1-FCP FCP Software,T1 J $1,000.00 EASW-T1-FLEXCACHE FlexCache Software,NFS,T1 J $0.00 EASW-T1-FOUNDATION-PACK SW,Foundation Pack,T1 J $3,000.00 EASW-T1-ISCSI iSCSI Software,T1 J $0.00 EASW-T1-NFS NFS Software,T1 J $3,400.00 EASW-T1-PROTECTION-PACK SW,Protection Pack,T1 J $6,300.00 EASW-T1-SERVER-PACK SW,Server Pack,T1 J $4,800.00 EASW-T1-SMIRROR-S SnapMirror Software,Special,T1 J $5,250.00 EASW-T1-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,T1 J $6,490.00 EASW-T1-VRTL-BNDL Srvr VrtlBndl,NetApp Select,T1 J $14,000.00 EASW-T1-WIN-BNDL Windows Bundle,SW,NetApp Select,T1 J $14,820.00 EASW-T2-ADVANCED-PACK SW,Advanced Pack,T2 J $16,200.00 EASW-T2-ADVANCED-PACK-C SW,Advanced Pack,T2,-C J $16,200.00 EASW-T2-APPLICATION-PACK SW,Application Pack,T2 J $33,750.00 EASW-T2C-ADVANCED-PACK SW,Advanced Pack,T2C J $13,770.00 EASW-T2C-APPLICATION-PACK SW,Application Pack,T2C J $25,313.00 EASW-T2C-CIFS CIFS Software,T2C J $4,400.00 EASW-T2C-CIFS-C CIFS Software,T2C-C J $4,400.00 EASW-T2C-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete Bndl,NetApp Select,T2C J $38,828.00 EASW-T2C-COMP-BNDL-P SW,Complete Bndl,NetApp Select,T2C,-P J $38,828.00 EASW-T2C-D2D-BACKUP-PRI D2D Backup,SV Primary Bundle,T2C J $3,360.00 EASW-T2C-FCP FCP Software,T2C J $1,125.00 EASW-T2C-FLEXCACHE FlexCache Software,NFS,T2C J $0.00 EASW-T2C-FLEXCACHE-C FlexCache Software,NFS,T2C,-C J $0.00 EASW-T2C-FOUNDATION-PACK SW,Foundation Pack,T2C J $4,300.00 EASW-T2-CIFS CIFS Software,T2 J $6,160.00 EASW-T2-CIFS-C CIFS Software,T2,-C J $6,160.00 EASW-T2-CLUSTER CFO Software,1-Node,T2 J $1,775.00 EASW-T2C-NFS NFS Software,T2C J $8,325.00 EASW-T2C-NFS-C Protocol Software - NFS J $8,325.00 EASW-T2-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete Bndl,NetApp Select,T2 J $52,769.00 EASW-T2C-PROTECTION-PACK SW,Protection Pack,T2C J $13,776.00 EASW-T2C-SERVER-PACK SW,Server Pack,T2C J $6,480.00 EASW-T2C-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,T2C J $36,400.00 EASW-T2C-VRTL-BNDL Srvr VrtlBndl,NetApp Select,T2C J $26,305.00 EASW-T2C-WIN-BNDL Windows Bundle,SW,NetApp Select,T2C J $31,063.00 EASW-T2-D2D-BACKUP-PRI D2D Backup,SV Primary Bundle,T2 J $5,120.00 EASW-T2-FCP FCP Software,T2 J $1,500.00 EASW-T2-FLEXCACHE FlexCache Software,NFS,T2 J $0.00 EASW-T2-FLEXCACHE-C FlexCache Software,NFS,T2,-C J $0.00 EASW-T2-FOUNDATION-PACK SW,Foundation Pack,T2 J $5,750.00 EASW-T2-NFS NFS Software,T2 J $11,095.00 EASW-T2-NFS-C Protocol Software - NFS J $11,095.00 EASW-T2-PROTECTION-PACK SW,Protection Pack,T2 J $19,286.00 EASW-T2-SERVER-PACK SW,Server Pack,T2 J $6,720.00 EASW-T2-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,T2 J $50,960.00 EASW-T2-VRTL-BNDL Srvr VrtlBndl,NetApp Select,T2 J $34,281.00 EASW-T2-WIN-BNDL Windows Bundle,SW,NetApp Select,T2 J $42,215.00 EASW-T3-ASIS A-SIS Deduplication Software,T3 J $0.00 EASW-T3C-ASIS A-SIS Deduplication Software,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CIFS CIFS Software,T3C J $9,113.00 EASW-T3C-CL-BASE SW,Base,CL Software,Node,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CL-BASE-N-INC SW,Base,CL Software,INC Node,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CL-CIFS SW,CIFS,CL,Node,T3C J $9,113.00 EASW-T3C-CL-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CL,INC Node,T3C J $9,113.00 EASW-T3C-CL-FCP SW,FCP,CL,Node,T3C J $1,913.00 EASW-T3C-CL-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CL,INC Node,T3C J $1,913.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 66

SW-T3C-CL-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CL,Node,T3C J $11,900.00 EASW-T3C-CL-FLEXCLN-N-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CL,INC Node,T3C J $11,900.00 EASW-T3C-CL-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CL,Node,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CL-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CL,INC Node,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CLM-CIFS SW,CIFS,CLM,Node,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CLM-CIFS-INC SW,CIFS,CLM,INC Node,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CLM-FCP SW,FCP,CLM,Node,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CLM-FCP-INC SW,FCP,CLM,INC Node,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CLM-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,Node,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CLM-FLEXCLN-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,INC Node,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CLM-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CLM,Node,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CLM-ISCSI-INC SW,ISCSI,CLM,INC Node,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CLM-NFS SW,NFS,CLM,Node,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CLM-NFS-INC SW,NFS,CLM,INC Node,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CLM-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CLM,Node,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CLM-SMIRROR-INC SW,SnapMirror,CLM,INC Node,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CLM-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CLM,Node,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CLM-SNAPPRO-INC SW,SnapProtect,CLM,INC Node,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CLM-SNAPRSTOR SW,SnapRestore,CLM,Node,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CLM-SNAPRSTOR-INC SW,SnapRestore,CLM,INC Node,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-CL-NFS SW,NFS,CL,Node,T3C J $16,585.00 EASW-T3C-CL-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CL,INC Node,T3C J $16,585.00 EASW-T3C-CL-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CL,Node,T3C J $25,200.00 EASW-T3C-CL-SMIRROR-N-INC SW,SnapMirror,CL,INC Node,T3C J $25,200.00 EASW-T3C-CL-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CL,Node,T3C J $55,900.00 EASW-T3C-CL-SNAPPRO-N-INC SW,SnapProtect,CL,INC Node,T3C J $55,900.00 EASW-T3C-CL-SNAPRSTOR SW,SnapRestore,CL,Node,T3C J $5,880.00 EASW-T3C-CL-SNAPRSTOR-N-INC SW,SnapRestore,CL,INC Node,T3C J $5,880.00 EASW-T3C-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete Bndl,NetApp Select,T3C J $64,784.00 EASW-T3C-D2D-BACKUP-PRI D2D Backup,SV Primary Bundle,T3C J $6,300.00 EASW-T3C-FCP FCP Software,T3C J $1,913.00 EASW-T3C-FLEXCACHE FlexCache Software,NFS,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-FLEXCLN Flexclone Software,T3C J $11,900.00 EASW-T3C-FLEXSCALE FlexScale Software,T3C J $20,000.00 EASW-T3C-HTTP HTTP Software,T3C J $3,450.00 EASW-T3-CIFS CIFS Software,T3 J $12,758.00 EASW-T3C-ISCSI iSCSI Software,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-LSYNCMR Local SyncMirror Software,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3-CLUSTER CFO Software,T3 J $5,336.00 EASW-T3C-MCREMOTE Cluster Remote Software,T3C J $8,000.00 EASW-T3C-MSTORE MultiStore Software,T3C J $11,250.00 EASW-T3C-NEARSTORE Nearstore Software,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-NFS NFS Software,T3C J $16,585.00 EASW-T3-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete Bndl,NetApp Select,T3 J $99,186.00 EASW-T3C-PAMII PAM II SW,T3C J $0.00 EASW-T3C-SDR-UNX SnapDrive for Unix Software,T3C J $7,056.00 EASW-T3C-SDR-WIN SW,SnapDrive SnapCenter Plug-in for Win,T3C J $7,056.00 EASW-T3C-SLC SnapLock Compliance Software,T3C J $18,900.00 EASW-T3C-SLE SnapLock Enterprise Software,T3C J $18,900.00 EASW-T3C-SME SnapManager Software,Exchange,T3C J $21,250.00 EASW-T3C-SMHV-MSFT SnapManager Hyper-V SW,T3C J $4,234.00 EASW-T3C-SMIRROR SnapMirror Software,T3C J $25,200.00 EASW-T3C-SMIRROR-S SnapMirror Software,Special,T3C J $25,200.00 EASW-T3C-SMO SnapManager Oracle SW,T3C J $21,250.00 EASW-T3C-SMO-WIN-DR DR SW Bundle,Windows,Oracle,T3C J $26,126.00 EASW-T3C-SMSAP SnapManager SAP SW,T3C J $26,565.00 EASW-T3C-SMSHAREPOINT SnapManager SharePoint SW,T3C J $16,725.00 EASW-T3C-SMSQL SW,SnapManager and SnapCenter Plug-in,SQL,T3C J $21,250.00 EASW-T3C-SMSVS SnapMirror SnapVault Bundle Software,T3C J $31,500.00 EASW-T3C-SMVI-VMWARE SnapManager for VI SW,T3C J $7,056.00 EASW-T3C-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,T3C J $55,900.00 EASW-T3C-SRESTORE SnapRestore Software,T3C J $5,880.00 EASW-T3C-SVPRI SnapVault Primary Software,T3C J $9,000.00 EASW-T3C-SVSEC SnapVault Secondary Software,T3C J $25,200.00 EASW-T3C-VRTL-BNDL Srvr VrtlBndl,NetApp Select,T3C J $45,879.00 EASW-T3C-WIN-BNDL Windows Bundle,SW,NetApp Select,T3C J $46,265.00 EASW-T3-FCP FCP Software,T3 J $2,678.00 EASW-T3-FLEXCACHE FlexCache Software,NFS,T3 J $0.00 EASW-T3-FLEXCLN Flexclone Software,T3 J $14,000.00 EASW-T3-FLEXSCALE FlexScale Software,T3 J $20,000.00 EASW-T3-HTTP HTTP Software,T3 J $4,600.00 EASW-T3-ISCSI iSCSI Software,T3 J $0.00 EASW-T3-LSYNCMR Local SyncMirror Software,T3 J $0.00 EASW-T3-MCREMOTE Cluster Remote Software,T3 J $10,000.00 EASW-T3-MSTORE MultiStore Software,T3 J $15,000.00 EASW-T3-NEARSTORE Nearstore Software,T3 J $0.00 EASW-T3-NFS NFS Software,T3 J $24,300.00 EASW-T3-PAMII PAM II SW,T3 J $0.00 EASW-T3-SDR-UNX SnapDrive for Unix Software,T3 J $7,840.00 EASW-T3-SDR-WIN SW,SnapDrive SnapCenter Plug-in for Win,T3 J $7,840.00 EASW-T3-SLC SnapLock Compliance Software,T3 J $21,000.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 67

SW-T3-SLE SnapLock Enterprise Software,T3 J $21,000.00 EASW-T3-SME SnapManager Software,Exchange,T3 J $25,000.00 EASW-T3-SMHV-MSFT SnapManager Hyper-V SW,T3 J $4,704.00 EASW-T3-SMIRROR SnapMirror Software,T3 J $35,280.00 EASW-T3-SMO SnapManager Oracle SW,T3 J $25,000.00 EASW-T3-SMSAP SnapManager SAP SW,T3 J $31,250.00 EASW-T3-SMSHAREPOINT SnapManager SharePoint SW,T3 J $19,675.00 EASW-T3-SMSQL SW,SnapManager and SnapCenter Plug-in,SQL,T3 J $25,000.00 EASW-T3-SMSVS SnapMirror SnapVault Bundle Software,T3 J $44,100.00 EASW-T3-SMVI-VMWARE SnapManager for VI SW,T3 J $7,840.00 EASW-T3-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,T3 J $78,260.00 EASW-T3-SRESTORE SnapRestore Software,T3 J $8,000.00 EASW-T3-SVPRI SnapVault Primary Software,T3 J $10,000.00 EASW-T3-SVSEC SnapVault Secondary Software,T3 J $35,280.00 EASW-T3-VRTL-BNDL Srvr VrtlBndl,NetApp Select,T3 J $67,235.00 EASW-T3-WIN-BNDL Windows Bundle,SW,NetApp Select,T3 J $75,446.00 EASW-T4-ASIS A-SIS Deduplication Software,T4 J $0.00 EASW-T4C-ASIS A-SIS Deduplication Software,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CIFS CIFS Software,T4C J $21,600.00 EASW-T4C-CL-BASE SW,Base,CL Software,Node,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CL-BASE-N-INC SW,Base,CL Software,INC Node,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CL-CIFS SW,CIFS,CL,Node,T4C J $21,600.00 EASW-T4C-CL-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CL,INC Node,T4C J $21,600.00 EASW-T4C-CL-FCP SW,FCP,CL,Node,T4C J $3,251.00 EASW-T4C-CL-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CL,INC Node,T4C J $3,251.00 EASW-T4C-CL-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CL,Node,T4C J $12,750.00 EASW-T4C-CL-FLEXCLN-N-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CL,INC Node,T4C J $12,750.00 EASW-T4C-CL-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CL,Node,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CL-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CL,INC Node,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CLM-CIFS SW,CIFS,CLM,Node,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CLM-CIFS-INC SW,CIFS,CLM,INC Node,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CLM-FCP SW,FCP,CLM,Node,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CLM-FCP-INC SW,FCP,CLM,INC Node,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CLM-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,Node,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CLM-FLEXCLN-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,INC Node,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CLM-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CLM,Node,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CLM-ISCSI-INC SW,ISCSI,CLM,INC Node,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CLM-NFS SW,NFS,CLM,Node,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CLM-NFS-INC SW,NFS,CLM,INC Node,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CLM-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CLM,Node,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CLM-SMIRROR-INC SW,SnapMirror,CLM,INC Node,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CLM-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CLM,Node,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CLM-SNAPPRO-INC SW,SnapProtect,CLM,INC Node,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CLM-SNAPRSTOR SW,SnapRestore,CLM,Node,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CLM-SNAPRSTOR-INC SW,SnapRestore,CLM,INC Node,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-CL-NFS SW,NFS,CL,Node,T4C J $19,440.00 EASW-T4C-CL-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CL,INC Node,T4C J $19,440.00 EASW-T4C-CL-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CL,Node,T4C J $37,800.00 EASW-T4C-CL-SMIRROR-N-INC SW,SnapMirror,CL,INC Node,T4C J $37,800.00 EASW-T4C-CL-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CL,Node,T4C J $74,100.00 EASW-T4C-CL-SNAPPRO-N-INC SW,SnapProtect,CL,INC Node,T4C J $74,100.00 EASW-T4C-CL-SNAPRSTOR SW,SnapRestore,CL,Node,T4C J $9,000.00 EASW-T4C-CL-SNAPRSTOR-N-INC SW,SnapRestore,CL,INC Node,T4C J $9,000.00 EASW-T4C-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete Bndl,NetApp Select,T4C J $134,055.00 EASW-T4C-D2D-BACKUP-PRI D2D Backup,SV Primary Bundle,T4C J $9,450.00 EASW-T4C-FCP FCP Software,T4C J $3,251.00 EASW-T4C-FLEXCACHE FlexCache Software,NFS,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-FLEXCLN Flexclone Software,T4C J $12,750.00 EASW-T4C-FLEXSCALE FlexScale Software,T4C J $20,000.00 EASW-T4C-HTTP HTTP Software,T4C J $6,300.00 EASW-T4-CIFS CIFS Software,T4 J $27,000.00 EASW-T4C-ISCSI iSCSI Software,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-LSYNCMR Local SyncMirror Software,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4-CLUSTER CFO Software,T4 J $12,586.00 EASW-T4C-MCREMOTE Cluster Remote Software,T4C J $12,000.00 EASW-T4C-MSTORE MultiStore Software,T4C J $18,750.00 EASW-T4C-NEARSTORE Nearstore Software,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-NFS NFS Software,T4C J $19,440.00 EASW-T4-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete Bndl,NetApp Select,T4 J $171,652.00 EASW-T4C-PAMII PAM II SW,T4C J $0.00 EASW-T4C-SDR-UNX SnapDrive for Unix Software,T4C J $9,879.00 EASW-T4C-SDR-WIN SnapDrive for Windows Software,T4C J $9,879.00 EASW-T4C-SLC SnapLock Compliance Software,T4C J $25,200.00 EASW-T4C-SLE SnapLock Enterprise Software,T4C J $25,200.00 EASW-T4C-SME SnapManager Software,Exchange,T4C J $25,500.00 EASW-T4C-SMHV-MSFT SnapManager Hyper-V SW,T4C J $5,927.00 EASW-T4C-SMIRROR SnapMirror Software,T4C J $37,800.00 EASW-T4C-SMIRROR-S SnapMirror Software,Special,T4C J $37,800.00 EASW-T4C-SMO SnapManager Oracle SW,T4C J $25,500.00 EASW-T4C-SMO-WIN-DR DR SW Bundle,Windows,Oracle,T4C J $39,862.00 EASW-T4C-SMSAP SnapManager SAP SW,T4C J $31,875.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 68

SW-T4C-SMSHAREPOINT SnapManager SharePoint SW,T4C J $20,000.00 EASW-T4C-SMSQL SW,SnapManager and SnapCenter Plug-in,SQL,T4C J $25,500.00 EASW-T4C-SMSVS SnapMirror SnapVault Bundle Software,T4C J $47,250.00 EASW-T4C-SMVI-VMWARE SnapManager for VI SW,T4C J $9,879.00 EASW-T4C-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,T4C J $74,100.00 EASW-T4C-SRESTORE SnapRestore Software,T4C J $9,000.00 EASW-T4C-SVPRI SnapVault Primary Software,T4C J $13,500.00 EASW-T4C-SVSEC SnapVault Secondary Software,T4C J $37,800.00 EASW-T4C-VRTL-BNDL Srvr VrtlBndl,NetApp Select,T4C J $76,119.00 EASW-T4C-WIN-BNDL Windows Bundle,SW,NetApp Select,T4C J $97,079.00 EASW-T4-FCP FCP Software,T4 J $4,552.00 EASW-T4-FLEXCACHE FlexCache Software,T4 J $0.00 EASW-T4-FLEXCLN Flexclone Software,T4 J $15,000.00 EASW-T4-FLEXSCALE FlexScale Software,T4 J $20,000.00 EASW-T4-HTTP HTTP Software,T4 J $7,000.00 EASW-T4-ISCSI iSCSI Software,T4 J $0.00 EASW-T4-LSYNCMR Local SyncMirror Software,T4 J $0.00 EASW-T4-MCREMOTE Cluster Remote Software,T4 J $15,000.00 EASW-T4-MSTORE MultiStore Software,T4 J $25,000.00 EASW-T4-NEARSTORE Nearstore Software,T4 J $0.00 EASW-T4-NFS NFS Software,T4 J $27,220.00 EASW-T4-PAMII PAM II SW,T4 J $0.00 EASW-T4-SDR-UNX SnapDrive for Unix Software,T4 J $10,976.00 EASW-T4-SDR-WIN SW,SnapDrive SnapCenter Plug-in for Win,T4 J $10,976.00 EASW-T4-SLC SnapLock Compliance Software,T4 J $28,000.00 EASW-T4-SLE SnapLock Enterprise Software,T4 J $28,000.00 EASW-T4-SME SnapManager Software,Exchange,T4 J $30,000.00 EASW-T4-SMHV-MSFT SnapManager Hyper-V SW,T4 J $6,586.00 EASW-T4-SMIRROR SnapMirror Software,T4 J $52,920.00 EASW-T4-SMO SnapManager Oracle SW,T4 J $30,000.00 EASW-T4-SMSAP SnapManager SAP SW,T4 J $37,500.00 EASW-T4-SMSHAREPOINT SnapManager SharePoint SW,T4 J $23,600.00 EASW-T4-SMSQL SW,SnapManager and SnapCenter Plug-in,SQL,T4 J $30,000.00 EASW-T4-SMSVS SnapMirror SnapVault Bundle Software,T4 J $66,150.00 EASW-T4-SMVI-VMWARE SnapManager for VI SW,T4 J $10,976.00 EASW-T4-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,T4 J $103,740.00 EASW-T4-SRESTORE SnapRestore Software,T4 J $10,000.00 EASW-T4-SVPRI SnapVault Primary Software,T4 J $15,000.00 EASW-T4-SVSEC SnapVault Secondary Software,T4 J $52,920.00 EASW-T4-VRTL-BNDL Srvr VrtlBndl,NetApp Select,T4 J $101,116.00 EASW-T4-WIN-BNDL Windows Bundle,SW,NetApp Select,T4 J $123,678.00 EASW-T5-ASIS A-SIS Deduplication Software,T5 J $0.00 EASW-T5C-ASIS A-SIS Deduplication Software,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CIFS CIFS Software,T5C J $37,350.00 EASW-T5C-CL-BASE SW,Base,CL,Node License,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CL-BASE-N-INC SW,Base,CL,Incremental Node,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CL-CIFS SW,CIFS,CL,Node License,T5C J $37,350.00 EASW-T5C-CL-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CL,INC Node,T5C J $37,350.00 EASW-T5C-CL-FCP SW,FCP,CL,Node,T5C J $5,527.00 EASW-T5C-CL-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CL,INC Node,T5C J $5,527.00 EASW-T5C-CL-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CL,Node,T5C J $15,938.00 EASW-T5C-CL-FLEXCLN-N-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CL,INC Node,T5C J $15,938.00 EASW-T5C-CL-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CL,Node,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CL-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CL,INC Node,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CLM-CIFS SW,CIFS,CLM,Node License,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CLM-CIFS-INC SW,CIFS,CLM,INC Node License,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CLM-FCP SW,FCP,CLM,Node,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CLM-FCP-INC SW,FCP,CLM,INC Node,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CLM-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,Node,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CLM-FLEXCLN-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,INC Node,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CLM-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CLM,Node,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CLM-ISCSI-INC SW,ISCSI,CLM,INC Node,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CLM-NFS SW,NFS,CLM,Node,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CLM-NFS-INC SW,NFS,CLM,INC Node,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CLM-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CLM,Node,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CLM-SMIRROR-INC SW,SnapMirror,CLM,INC Node,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CLM-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CLM,Node License,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CLM-SNAPPRO-INC SW,SnapProtect,CLM,INC Node License,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CLM-SNAPRSTOR SW,SnapRestore,CLM,Node License,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CLM-SNAPRSTOR-INC SW,SnapRestore,CLM,INC Node License,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-CL-NFS SW,NFS,CL,Node,T5C J $40,125.00 EASW-T5C-CL-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CL,INC Node,T5C J $40,125.00 EASW-T5C-CL-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CL,Node,T5C J $50,400.00 EASW-T5C-CL-SMIRROR-N-INC SW,SnapMirror,CL,INC Node,T5C J $50,400.00 EASW-T5C-CL-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CL,Node License,T5C J $78,000.00 EASW-T5C-CL-SNAPPRO-N-INC SW,SnapProtect,CL,INC Node,T5C J $78,000.00 EASW-T5C-CL-SNAPRSTOR SW,SnapRestore,CL,Node License,T5C J $11,250.00 EASW-T5C-CL-SNAPRSTOR-N-INC SW,SnapRestore,Cl,INC Node,T5C J $11,250.00 EASW-T5C-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete Bndl,NetApp Select,T5C J $170,364.00 EASW-T5C-FCP FCP Software,T5C J $5,527.00 EASW-T5C-FLEXCACHE FlexCache Software,NFS,T5C J $0.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 69

SW-T5C-FLEXCLN Flexclone Software,T5C J $15,938.00 EASW-T5C-FLEXSCALE FlexScale Software,T5C J $20,000.00 EASW-T5C-HTTP HTTP Software,T5C J $8,750.00 EASW-T5-CIFS CIFS Software,T5 J $41,500.00 EASW-T5C-ISCSI iSCSI Software,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-LSYNCMR Local SyncMirror Software,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5-CLUSTER CFO Software,T5 J $16,800.00 EASW-T5C-MCREMOTE Cluster Remote Software,T5C J $16,000.00 EASW-T5C-MSTORE MultiStore Software,T5C J $26,250.00 EASW-T5C-NEARSTORE NearStore Software,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-NFS NFS Software,T5C J $40,125.00 EASW-T5-COMP-BNDL SW,Complete Bndl,NetApp Select,T5 J $206,938.00 EASW-T5C-PAMII PAM II SW,T5C J $0.00 EASW-T5C-SDR-UNX SnapDrive for Unix Software,T5C J $13,830.00 EASW-T5C-SDR-WIN SW,SnapDrive SnapCenter Plug-in for Win,T5C J $13,830.00 EASW-T5C-SLC SnapLock Compliance Software,T5C J $31,500.00 EASW-T5C-SLE SnapLock Enterprise Software,T5C J $31,500.00 EASW-T5C-SME SnapManager Software,Exchange,T5C J $29,750.00 EASW-T5C-SMHV-MSFT SnapManager Hyper-V SW,T5C J $8,298.00 EASW-T5C-SMIRROR SnapMirror Software,T5C J $50,400.00 EASW-T5C-SMIRROR-S SnapMirror Software,Special,T5C J $50,400.00 EASW-T5C-SMO SnapManager Oracle SW,T5C J $31,500.00 EASW-T5C-SMO-WIN-DR DR SW Bundle,Windows,Oracle,T5C J $52,603.00 EASW-T5C-SMSAP SnapManager SAP SW,T5C J $39,375.00 EASW-T5C-SMSHAREPOINT SnapManager SharePoint SW,T5C J $23,400.00 EASW-T5C-SMSQL SW,SnapManager and SnapCenter Plug-in,SQL,T5C J $29,750.00 EASW-T5C-SMSVS SnapMirror SnapVault Bundle Software,T5C J $63,000.00 EASW-T5C-SMVI-VMWARE SnapManager for VI SW,T5C J $13,830.00 EASW-T5C-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,T5C J $78,000.00 EASW-T5C-SRESTORE SnapRestore Software,T5C J $11,250.00 EASW-T5C-SVPRI SnapVault Primary Software,T5C J $18,000.00 EASW-T5C-SVSEC SnapVault Secondary Software,T5C J $50,400.00 EASW-T5C-VRTL-BNDL Srvr VrtlBndl,NetApp Select,T5C J $115,606.00 EASW-T5C-WIN-BNDL Windows Bundle,SW,NetApp Select,T5C J $122,964.00 EASW-T5-FCP FCP Software,T5 J $7,738.00 EASW-T5-FLEXCACHE FlexCache Software,NFS,T5 J $0.00 EASW-T5-FLEXCLN Flexclone Software,T5 J $18,750.00 EASW-T5-FLEXSCALE FlexScale Software,T5 J $20,000.00 EASW-T5-HTTP HTTP Software,T5 J $9,700.00 EASW-T5-ISCSI iSCSI Software,T5 J $0.00 EASW-T5-LSYNCMR Local SyncMirror Software,T5 J $0.00 EASW-T5-MCREMOTE Cluster Remote Software,T5 J $20,000.00 EASW-T5-MSTORE MultiStore Software,T5 J $35,000.00 EASW-T5-NEARSTORE Nearstore Software,T5 J $0.00 EASW-T5-NFS NFS Software,T5 J $45,000.00 EASW-T5-PAMII PAM II SW,T5 J $0.00 EASW-T5-SDR-UNX SnapDrive for Unix Software,T5 J $15,366.00 EASW-T5-SDR-WIN SW,SnapDrive SnapCenter Plug-in for Win,T5 J $15,366.00 EASW-T5-SLC SnapLock Compliance Software,T5 J $35,000.00 EASW-T5-SLE SnapLock Enterprise Software,T5 J $35,000.00 EASW-T5-SME SnapManager Software,Exchange,T5 J $35,000.00 EASW-T5-SMHV-MSFT SnapManager Hyper-V SW,T5 J $9,220.00 EASW-T5-SMIRROR SnapMirror Software,T5 J $70,560.00 EASW-T5-SMO SnapManager Oracle SW,T5 J $35,000.00 EASW-T5-SMSAP SnapManager SAP SW,T5 J $43,750.00 EASW-T5-SMSHAREPOINT SnapManager SharePoint SW,T5 J $27,525.00 EASW-T5-SMSQL SW,SnapManager and SnapCenter Plug-in,SQL,T5 J $35,000.00 EASW-T5-SMSVS SnapMirror SnapVault Bundle Software,T5 J $88,200.00 EASW-T5-SMVI-VMWARE SnapManager for VI SW,T5 J $15,366.00 EASW-T5-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,T5 J $109,200.00 EASW-T5-SRESTORE SnapRestore Software,T5 J $12,500.00 EASW-T5-SVPRI SnapVault Primary Software,T5 J $20,000.00 EASW-T5-SVSEC SnapVault Secondary Software,T5 J $70,560.00 EASW-T5-VRTL-BNDL Srvr VrtlBndl,NetApp Select,T5 J $143,426.00 EASW-T5-WIN-BNDL Windows Bundle,SW,NetApp Select,T5 J $152,938.00 EASW-T6-ASIS A-SIS Deduplication Software,T6 J $0.00 EASW-T6C-ASIS A-SIS Deduplication Software,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-CIFS CIFS Software,T6C J $44,447.00 EASW-T6C-CL-BASE SW,Base,CL,Node License,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-CL-BASE-N-INC SW,Base,CL,Incremental Node,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-CL-CIFS SW,CIFS,CL,Node License,T6C J $44,447.00 EASW-T6C-CL-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CL,INC Node,T6C J $44,447.00 EASW-T6C-CL-FCP SW,FCP,CL,Node,T6C J $9,396.00 EASW-T6C-CL-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CL,INC Node,T6C J $9,396.00 EASW-T6C-CL-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CL,Node,T6C J $19,890.00 EASW-T6C-CL-FLEXCLN-N-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CL,INC Node,T6C J $19,890.00 EASW-T6C-CL-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CL,Node,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-CL-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CL,INC Node,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-CLM-CIFS SW,CIFS,CLM,Node License,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-CLM-CIFS-INC SW,CIFS,CLM,INC Node License,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-CLM-FCP SW,FCP,CLM,Node,T6C J $0.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 70

SW-T6C-CLM-FCP-INC SW,FCP,CLM,INC Node,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-CLM-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,Node,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-CLM-FLEXCLN-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,INC Node,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-CLM-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CLM,Node,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-CLM-ISCSI-INC SW,ISCSI,CLM,INC Node,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-CLM-NFS SW,NFS,CLM,Node,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-CLM-NFS-INC SW,NFS,CLM,INC Node,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-CLM-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CLM,Node,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-CLM-SMIRROR-INC SW,SnapMirror,CLM,INC Node,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-CLM-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CLM,Node License,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-CLM-SNAPPRO-INC SW,SnapProtect,CLM,INC Node License,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-CLM-SNAPRSTOR SW,SnapRestore,CLM,Node License,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-CLM-SNAPRSTOR-INC SW,SnapRestore,CLM,INC Node License,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-CL-NFS SW,NFS,CL,Node,T6C J $50,490.00 EASW-T6C-CL-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CL,INC Node,T6C J $50,490.00 EASW-T6C-CL-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CL,Node,T6C J $72,000.00 EASW-T6C-CL-SMIRROR-N-INC SW,SnapMirror,CL,INC Node,T6C J $72,000.00 EASW-T6C-CL-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CL,Node License,T6C J $92,300.00 EASW-T6C-CL-SNAPPRO-N-INC SW,SnapProtect,CL,INC Node,T6C J $92,300.00 EASW-T6C-CL-SNAPRSTOR SW,SnapRestore,CL,Node License,T6C J $14,000.00 EASW-T6C-CL-SNAPRSTOR-N-INC SW,SnapRestore,Cl,INC Node,T6C J $14,000.00 EASW-T6C-FCP FCP Software,T6C J $9,396.00 EASW-T6C-FLEXCACHE FlexCache Software,NFS,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-FLEXCLN Flexclone Software,T6C J $19,890.00 EASW-T6C-FLEXSCALE FlexScale Software,T6C J $20,000.00 EASW-T6C-HTTP HTTP Software,T6C J $12,222.00 EASW-T6-CIFS CIFS Software,T6 J $49,385.00 EASW-T6C-ISCSI iSCSI Software,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-LSYNCMR Local SyncMirror Software,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6-CLUSTER CFO Software,T6 J $21,675.00 EASW-T6C-MCREMOTE Cluster Remote Software,T6C J $20,000.00 EASW-T6C-MSTORE MultiStore Software,T6C J $40,500.00 EASW-T6C-NEARSTORE Nearstore Software,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-NFS NFS Software,T6C J $50,490.00 EASW-T6C-PAMII PAM II SW,T6C J $0.00 EASW-T6C-SDR-UNX SnapDrive for Unix Software,T6C J $19,362.00 EASW-T6C-SDR-WIN SW,SnapDrive SnapCenter Plug-in for Win,T6C J $19,362.00 EASW-T6C-SLC SnapLock Compliance Software,T6C J $42,250.00 EASW-T6C-SLE SnapLock Enterprise Software,T6C J $42,250.00 EASW-T6C-SME SnapManager Software,Exchange,T6C J $31,500.00 EASW-T6C-SMHV-MSFT SnapManager Hyper-V SW,T6C J $11,617.00 EASW-T6C-SMIRROR SnapMirror Software,T6C J $72,000.00 EASW-T6C-SMO SnapManager Oracle SW,T6C J $31,500.00 EASW-T6C-SMSAP SnapManager SAP SW,T6C J $39,375.00 EASW-T6C-SMSHAREPOINT SnapManager SharePoint SW,T6C J $24,775.00 EASW-T6C-SMSQL SW,SnapManager and SnapCenter Plug-in,SQL,T6C J $31,500.00 EASW-T6C-SMSVS SnapMirror SnapVault Bundle Software,T6C J $90,000.00 EASW-T6C-SMVI-VMWARE SnapManager for VI SW,T6C J $19,362.00 EASW-T6C-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,T6C J $92,300.00 EASW-T6C-SRESTORE SnapRestore Software,T6C J $14,000.00 EASW-T6C-SVPRI SnapVault Primary Software,T6C J $23,500.00 EASW-T6C-SVSEC SnapVault Secondary Software,T6C J $72,000.00 EASW-T6-FCP FCP Software,T6 J $13,155.00 EASW-T6-FLEXCACHE FlexCache Software,NFS,T6 J $0.00 EASW-T6-FLEXCLN Flexclone Software,T6 J $23,400.00 EASW-T6-FLEXSCALE FlexScale Software,T6 J $20,000.00 EASW-T6-HTTP HTTP Software,T6 J $13,580.00 EASW-T6-ISCSI iSCSI Software,T6 J $0.00 EASW-T6-LSYNCMR Local SyncMirror Software,T6 J $0.00 EASW-T6-MCREMOTE Cluster Remote Software,T6 J $25,000.00 EASW-T6-MSTORE MultiStore Software,T6 J $45,000.00 EASW-T6-NEARSTORE Nearstore Software,T6 J $0.00 EASW-T6-NFS NFS Software,T6 J $56,100.00 EASW-T6-PAMII PAM II SW,T6 J $0.00 EASW-T6-SDR-UNX SnapDrive for Unix Software,T6 J $21,513.00 EASW-T6-SDR-WIN SW,SnapDrive SnapCenter Plug-in for Win,T6 J $21,513.00 EASW-T6-SLC SnapLock Compliance Software,T6 J $47,000.00 EASW-T6-SLE SnapLock Enterprise Software,T6 J $47,000.00 EASW-T6-SME SnapManager Software,Exchange,T6 J $35,000.00 EASW-T6-SMHV-MSFT SnapManager Hyper-V SW,T6 J $12,908.00 EASW-T6-SMIRROR SnapMirror Software,T6 J $80,000.00 EASW-T6-SMO SnapManager Oracle SW,T6 J $35,000.00 EASW-T6-SMSAP SnapManager SAP SW,T6 J $43,750.00 EASW-T6-SMSHAREPOINT SnapManager SharePoint SW,T6 J $27,500.00 EASW-T6-SMSQL SW,SnapManager and SnapCenter Plug-in,SQL,T6 J $35,000.00 EASW-T6-SMSVS SnapMirror SnapVault Bundle Software,T6 J $100,000.00 EASW-T6-SMVI-VMWARE SnapManager for VI SW,T6 J $21,513.00 EASW-T6-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,T6 J $119,600.00 EASW-T6-SRESTORE SnapRestore Software,T6 J $15,600.00 EASW-T6-SVPRI SnapVault Primary Software,T6 J $26,000.00 EASW-T6-SVSEC SnapVault Secondary Software,T6 J $80,000.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 71

SW-T7-ASIS A-SIS Deduplication Software,T7 J $0.00 EASW-T7C-ASIS A-SIS Deduplication Software,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CIFS CIFS Software,T7C J $58,560.00 EASW-T7C-CL-BASE SW,Base,CL,Node License,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CL-BASE-N-INC SW,Base,CL,Incremental Node,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CL-CIFS SW,CIFS,CL,Node License,T7C J $58,560.00 EASW-T7C-CL-CIFS-N-INC SW,CIFS,CL,INC Node,T7C J $58,560.00 EASW-T7C-CL-FCP SW,FCP,CL,Node,T7C J $15,973.00 EASW-T7C-CL-FCP-N-INC SW,FCP,CL,INC Node,T7C J $15,973.00 EASW-T7C-CL-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CL,Node,T7C J $31,800.00 EASW-T7C-CL-FLEXCLN-N-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CL,INC Node,T7C J $31,800.00 EASW-T7C-CL-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CL,Node,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CL-ISCSI-N-INC SW,ISCSI,CL,INC Node,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CLM-CIFS SW,CIFS,CLM,Node License,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CLM-CIFS-INC SW,CIFS,CLM,INC Node License,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CLM-FCP SW,FCP,CLM,Node,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CLM-FCP-INC SW,FCP,CLM,INC Node,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CLM-FLEXCLN SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,Node,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CLM-FLEXCLN-INC SW,FLEXCLN,CLM,INC Node,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CLM-ISCSI SW,ISCSI,CLM,Node,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CLM-ISCSI-INC SW,ISCSI,CLM,INC Node,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CLM-NFS SW,NFS,CLM,Node,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CLM-NFS-INC SW,NFS,CLM,INC Node,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CLM-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CLM,Node,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CLM-SMIRROR-INC SW,SnapMirror,CLM,INC Node,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CLM-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CLM,Node License,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CLM-SNAPPRO-INC SW,SnapProtect,CLM,INC Node License,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CLM-SNAPRSTOR SW,SnapRestore,CLM,Node License,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CLM-SNAPRSTOR-INC SW,SnapRestore,CLM,INC Node License,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-CL-NFS SW,NFS,CL,Node,T7C J $66,560.00 EASW-T7C-CL-NFS-N-INC SW,NFS,CL,INC Node,T7C J $66,560.00 EASW-T7C-CL-SMIRROR SW,SnapMirror,CL,Node,T7C J $72,000.00 EASW-T7C-CL-SMIRROR-N-INC SW,SnapMirror,CL,INC Node,T7C J $72,000.00 EASW-T7C-CL-SNAPPRO SW,SnapProtect,CL,Node License,T7C J $107,900.00 EASW-T7C-CL-SNAPPRO-N-INC SW,SnapProtect,CL,INC Node,T7C J $107,900.00 EASW-T7C-CL-SNAPRSTOR SW,SnapRestore,CL,Node License,T7C J $14,000.00 EASW-T7C-CL-SNAPRSTOR-N-INC SW,SnapRestore,Cl,INC Node,T7C J $14,000.00 EASW-T7C-FCP FCP Software,T7C J $15,973.00 EASW-T7C-FLEXCACHE FlexCache Software,NFS,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-FLEXCLN Flexclone Software,T7C J $31,800.00 EASW-T7C-FLEXSCALE FlexScale Software,T7C J $20,000.00 EASW-T7C-HTTP HTTP Software,T7C J $17,100.00 EASW-T7-CIFS CIFS Software,T7 J $65,080.00 EASW-T7C-ISCSI iSCSI Software,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-LSYNCMR Local SyncMirror Software,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7-CLUSTER CFO Software,T7 J $30,780.00 EASW-T7C-MCREMOTE Cluster Remote Software,T7C J $20,000.00 EASW-T7C-MSTORE MultiStore Software,T7C J $40,500.00 EASW-T7C-NEARSTORE Nearstore Software,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-NFS NFS Software,T7C J $66,560.00 EASW-T7C-PAMII PAM II SW,T7C J $0.00 EASW-T7C-SDR-UNX SnapDrive for Unix Software,T7C J $27,107.00 EASW-T7C-SDR-WIN SW,SnapDrive SnapCenter Plug-in for Win,T7C J $27,107.00 EASW-T7C-SLC SnapLock Compliance Software,T7C J $42,250.00 EASW-T7C-SLE SnapLock Enterprise Software,T7C J $42,250.00 EASW-T7C-SME SnapManager Software,Exchange,T7C J $31,500.00 EASW-T7C-SMHV-MSFT SnapManager Hyper-V SW,T7C J $16,264.00 EASW-T7C-SMIRROR SnapMirror Software,T7C J $72,000.00 EASW-T7C-SMO SnapManager Oracle SW,T7C J $31,500.00 EASW-T7C-SMSAP SnapManager SAP SW,T7C J $39,375.00 EASW-T7C-SMSHAREPOINT SnapManager SharePoint SW,T7C J $24,775.00 EASW-T7C-SMSQL SW,SnapManager and SnapCenter Plug-in,SQL,T7C J $31,500.00 EASW-T7C-SMSVS SnapMirror SnapVault Bundle Software,T7C J $90,000.00 EASW-T7C-SMVI-VMWARE SnapManager for VI SW,T7C J $27,107.00 EASW-T7C-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,T7C J $107,900.00 EASW-T7C-SRESTORE SnapRestore Software,T7C J $14,000.00 EASW-T7C-SVPRI SnapVault Primary Software,T7C J $23,500.00 EASW-T7C-SVSEC SnapVault Secondary Software,T7C J $72,000.00 EASW-T7-FCP FCP Software,T7 J $22,363.00 EASW-T7-FLEXCACHE FlexCache Software,NFS,T7 J $0.00 EASW-T7-FLEXCLN Flexclone Software,T7 J $35,300.00 EASW-T7-FLEXSCALE FlexScale Software,T7 J $20,000.00 EASW-T7-HTTP HTTP Software,T7 J $19,000.00 EASW-T7-ISCSI iSCSI Software,T7 J $0.00 EASW-T7-LSYNCMR Local SyncMirror Software,T7 J $0.00 EASW-T7-MCREMOTE Cluster Remote Software,T7 J $25,000.00 EASW-T7-MSTORE MultiStore Software,T7 J $45,000.00 EASW-T7-NEARSTORE Nearstore Software,T7 J $0.00 EASW-T7-NFS NFS Software,T7 J $73,920.00 EASW-T7-PAMII PAM II SW,T7 J $0.00 EASW-T7-SDR-UNX SnapDrive for Unix Software,T7 J $30,118.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 72

SW-T7-SDR-WIN SW,SnapDrive SnapCenter Plug-in for Win,T7 J $30,118.00 EASW-T7-SLC SnapLock Compliance Software,T7 J $47,000.00 EASW-T7-SLE SnapLock Enterprise Software,T7 J $47,000.00 EASW-T7-SME SnapManager Software,Exchange,T7 J $35,000.00 EASW-T7-SMHV-MSFT SnapManager Hyper-V SW,T7 J $18,071.00 EASW-T7-SMIRROR SnapMirror Software,T7 J $80,000.00 EASW-T7-SMO SnapManager Oracle SW,T7 J $35,000.00 EASW-T7-SMSAP SnapManager SAP SW,T7 J $43,750.00 EASW-T7-SMSHAREPOINT SnapManager SharePoint SW,T7 J $27,500.00 EASW-T7-SMSQL SW,SnapManager and SnapCenter Plug-in,SQL,T7 J $35,000.00 EASW-T7-SMSVS SnapMirror SnapVault Bundle Software,T7 J $100,000.00 EASW-T7-SMVI-VMWARE SnapManager for VI SW,T7 J $30,118.00 EASW-T7-SNAPPROTECT SW,SnapProtect,T7 J $135,200.00 EASW-T7-SRESTORE SnapRestore Software,T7 J $15,600.00 EASW-T7-SVPRI SnapVault Primary Software,T7 J $26,000.00 EASW-T7-SVSEC SnapVault Secondary Software,T7 J $80,000.00 EASW-TX-SMHV-MSFT SW,SnapManager for Hyper-V,Upgrade J $0.00 EASW-WYSQVZF0-ZZZN0 SW,Symantec,V-DMP C $84.00 EATI-A-BASE Trade-in Credit,A,Platform Base A -$1.00 EATI-D-BASE Trade-in Credit,D,Platform Base D -$1.00 EATI-E-BASE Trade-in Credit,E-Series Comp,Platform Base L -$1.00 EATI-J-SW Trade-in Credit,J,Software Returns J -$1.00 EATI-K-SW Trade-in Credit,K,Software Returns K -$1.00 EATI-L-BASE Trade-in Credit,L,Platform Base L -$1.00 EATI-N-SW Trade-in Credit,N,Software Returns N -$1.00 EAX-000072-R6 Kit,Brocade 300/6510/67XX Rackmount Rail C $348.00 EAX-000072-R6-C Kit,Brocade 300/6510/67XX Rackmount Rail,-C C $348.00 EAX-000073-R6 Kit,Brocade 5100/5300/6520 Rackmount Rail C $348.00 EAX-000073-R6-C Kit,Brocade 5100/5300/6520 Rackmount Rail,-C C $348.00 EAX-000123-R6 Power Cable,Brocade DCX NA C19-C20 250V 20A C $185.00 EAX-000160-R6 SFP,Brocade 8Gbps SW mSFP C $181.00 EAX-000165-R6 Kit,Brocade 6520/8000 Telco Mid-Mount C $108.00 EAX-000174-R6 Brocade,SFP,ELWL,8Gb,25Km,R6 C $3,355.00 EAX-000180-R6 SFP,Brocade 10GbE SFP+ SR 1-Pack C $435.00 EAX-000182-R6 SFP,Brocade 10GbE SFP+ LR 1-Pack C $1,247.00 EAX-000190-R5 SFP,Brocade 1GbE Copper RJ-45 C $284.00 EAX-000258-R6 SFP,Brocade 16Gb ELWL 25Km SFP+ 1-Pk C $6,355.00 EAX-000306-R6 Kit,Brocade 67XX 4-Post Rack-Mount C $365.00 EAX-000307-R6 Kit,Brocade 67XX 2-Post Flush Rack-Mount C $185.00 EAX-01673-00-R6-C HIC,E5500,6GB,SAS,4-ports,-C L $1,870.00 EAX-01677-00-R6-C HIC,E5500,40GB,IB,2-ports,-C L $2,810.00 EAX1008A-R6 NIC 2-Port Optical 10GbE PCIe L $4,800.00 EAX1038A-R6 NIC 2-Port Optical GbE PCIe L $1,260.00 EAX1039A-R6 NIC 2-Port Copper GbE PCIe L $600.00 EAX1048A-EN-R6-C NIC 4-Port Optical GbE PCIe,EN,-C L $2,275.00 EAX1048A-R6 NIC 4-Port Optical GbE PCIe L $2,610.00 EAX1049B-R6 NIC 4-Port Copper GbE II PCIe L $1,000.00 EAX1049C-R6 NIC 4-Port Copper GbE II PCIe L $1,000.00 EAX1049C-R6-C NIC 4-Port Copper GbE II PCIe,-C L $875.00 EAX1094A-R6 HBA QLogic QLE2560 1-Port 8Gb PCIe C $1,435.00 EAX1095A-R6 HBA Qlogic QLE2562 2-Port 8Gb PCIe C $2,005.00 EAX1096A-R6 HBA Emulex LPe12000 1-Port 8Gb PCIe C $1,245.00 EAX1097A-R6 HBA Emulex LPe12002 2-Port 8Gb PCIe C $1,660.00 EAX-10G-SFPP-SR-8-R6 SFP,Brocade 10GbE SFP+ SR 8-Pack C $3,190.00 EAX-1100WPSAC-F-R6 Power Supply,Brocade 6520 Port Side Intake AC C $3,515.00 EAX-1100WPSAC-R-R6 Power Supply,Brocade 6520 1100W RAF AC C $3,514.00 EAX1117A-EN-R6-C NICII 2-Port Bare Cage SFP+ 10GbE PCIe,EN,-C L $1,995.00 EAX1117A-R6 NICII 2-Port Bare Cage SFP+ 10GbE PCIe L $2,290.00 EAX1120A-R6 NIC II 2-Port RJ45 10GBASE-T PCIe L $3,650.00 EAX1120A-R6-C NIC II 2-Port RJ45 10GBASE-T PCIe,-C L $3,500.00 EAX1124A-R6 HBA FC-Virtual Interface 2-Port 4Gb PCIe L $2,950.00 EAX1124A-R6-C HBA FC-Virtual Interface 2-Port 4Gb PCIe,-C A $2,950.00 EAX1131A-EN-R6-C HBA 2-Port FCP Target 8Gb PCIe,EN,-C L $2,100.00 EAX1131A-R6 HBA 2-Port FCP Target 8Gb PCIe L $2,410.00 EAX1132A-EN-R6-C ADPT 4-Port FCP 8Gb Target Adapter PCIe,EN,-C L $4,800.00 EAX1132A-R6 ADPT 4-Pt FC 8Gb Target-Init PCIe L $5,520.00 EAX1133A-R6 HBA,4-Port FCP Target 16Gb PCIe w/SFP+ L $5,990.00 EAX1133A-R6-C HBA,4-Port FCP Target 16Gb PCIe w/SFP+,-C L $5,200.00 EAX1139A-EN-R6-C ADPT 2-Pt Unified Tgt 10GbE SFP+ PCIe,EN,-C L $3,150.00 EAX1139A-R6 ADPT 2-Port Unified Target 10GbE SFP+ PCIe L $3,620.00 EAX1139A-R6-C ADPT 2-Port Unified Target 10GbE SFP+ PCIe,-C A $4,500.00 EAX1140A-EN-R6-C ADPT 2-Pt Unified Tgt Cu 10GbE SFP+PCIe,EN,-C L $1,645.00 EAX1140A-R6 ADPT 2-Pt Unified Target Cu 10GbE SFP+PCIe L $1,890.00 EAX1140A-R6-C ADPT 2-Pt Unified Target Cu 10GbE SFP+PCIe,-C A $2,350.00 EAX1142A-EN-R6-C HBA FC-Virt Interface 2-Port 8Gb PCIe,EN,-C L $2,765.00 EAX1142A-R6 HBA FC-Virtual Interface 2-Port 8Gb PCIe L $3,170.00 EAX1142A-R6-C HBA FC-Virtual Interface 2-Port 8Gb PCIe,-C A $3,950.00 EAX1143A-R6 ADPT 2-Pt UTA2,10GbE,16Gb FC BareCage SFP+ L $2,680.00 EAX1143A-R6-C ADPT 2-Pt UTA2,10GbE,16Gb FC BareCage SFP+,-C L $2,330.00 EAX1150A-R6 CARD Mezzanine 2-port 8G FC D $2,321.00 EAX1160A-R6 CARD Mezzanine 2-port 10GbE D $1,410.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 73

X1300A-R5 NIC,Compression L $9,100.00 EAX1422-R5 LCD Assembly,6XXX Series A $900.00 EAX1425A-R6 MEM,USB Media,2GB,Blank L $250.00 EAX1426A-R6 USB Flash,8GB L $350.00 EAX1558A-R6 Power Cable,In-Cabinet,48-IN,C13-C14 M $0.00 EAX1558A-R6-C Power Cable,In-Cabinet,48-IN,C13-C14,-C M $0.00 EAX1563C-R5 SFP,Brocade 4Gbps Short Wave 4-Pack C $460.00 EAX1563C-R5-C Brocade Short Wave SFP,4Gbps,4-Pack,-C,R5 B $1,000.00 EAX1574A-MC-R6-C Bridge,ATTO 6500N FC-SAS cDOT,-C C $10,000.00 EAX1574A-R6 Bridge,ATTO 6500N FC-SAS C $10,000.00 EAX1574A-R6-C Bridge,ATTO 6500N FC-SAS,-C C $10,000.00 EAX1577B-4PK-R6 SFP,Cisco 4Gbps 4-Pack Short Wave C $239.00 EAX1577B-4PK-R6-C Cisco Short Wave SFP,4Gbps,4-Pack,-C,R6 C $239.00 EAX1580A-R5 SFP,Cisco MDS 2Gbps Long Wave IP C $690.00 EAX1580A-R5-C Cisco MDS 2 Gbps Long Wave IP SFP,-C,R5 C $690.00 EAX1584A-R5 Power Suppy,Cisco MDS 9506 AC C $1,608.00 EAX1587A-R5 Power Suppy,Cisco MDS 9509 AC C $1,608.00 EAX1593A-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9216/N50XX US C $12.00 EAX1593A-R6-C Cisco MDS 9216/N50XX Power Cable US,-C,R6 C $0.00 EAX1594A-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9216/N50XX Australia C $12.00 EAX1594A-R6-C Cisco MDS 9216/N50XX Pwr Cbl Australia,-C,R6 C $0.00 EAX1595A-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9216/N50XX EU C $12.00 EAX1595A-R6-C Cisco MDS 9216/N50XX Power Cable EU,-C,R6 C $0.00 EAX1596A-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9216/N50XX Italy C $12.00 EAX1596A-R6-C Cisco MDS 9216/N50XX Power Cable Italy,-C,R6 C $0.00 EAX1597A-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9216/N50XX UK C $12.00 EAX1597A-R6-C Cisco MDS 9216/N50XX Power Cable UK,-C,R6 C $0.00 EAX1598A-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9216/N50XX Argentina C $12.00 EAX1598A-R6-C Cisco MDS 9216/N50XX Pwr Cbl Argentina,-C,R6 B $0.00 EAX1599A-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9506 US C $46.00 EAX1599A-R6-C Cisco MDS 9506 Power Cable US,-C,R6 B $0.00 EAX1600A-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9506 EU C $46.00 EAX1600A-R6-C Cisco MDS 9506 Power Cable,EU,-C,R6 C $0.00 EAX1601A-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9506 Int C $46.00 EAX1601A-R6-C Cisco MDS 9506 Power Cable Int,-C,R6 B $0.00 EAX1602A-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9506 US Twist C $38.00 EAX1602A-R6-C Cisco MDS 9506 Power Cable US Twist,-C,R6 C $0.00 EAX1603A-R6 Power Cable,Cisco 9513/97XX US C $21.00 EAX1603A-R6-C Power Cable,Cisco 9513/97XX US,-C C $0.00 EAX1604A-R6 Power Cable,Cisco 9513/97XX EU C $21.00 EAX1604A-R6-C Power Cable,Cisco 9513/97XX EU,-C C $0.00 EAX1605A-R6 Power Cable,Cisco 9513/97XX Int C $21.00 EAX1605A-R6-C Power Cable,Cisco 9513/97XX Int,-C C $0.00 EAX1606A-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9509 US Twist C $21.00 EAX1606A-R6-C Cisco MDS 9509 Power Cable US Twist,-C,R6 C $0.00 EAX1607A-R5 Disk,Cisco MDS Supervisor 512MB CF C $1,379.00 EAX1608A-R6 Kit,Cisco MDS 9216 Static Rail C $69.00 EAX1608A-R6-C Cisco MDS 9216 Static Rail Kit,-C,R6 C $69.00 EAX1609A-R6 Adapter,Cisco MDS 92XX AC Power C $12.00 EAX1609A-R6-C Cisco MDS 92XX AC Power Adapter,-C,R6 C $12.00 EAX1622-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9506 Switzerland C $46.00 EAX1622-R6-C Cisco MDS 9506 Power Cable Switzerland,-C,R6 B $0.00 EAX1623-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9506 South Africa C $46.00 EAX1623-R6-C Cisco MDS 9506 Power Cable South Africa,-C,R6 C $0.00 EAX1624-R6 Power Cable,Cisco 9513/97XX Switzerland C $21.00 EAX1624-R6-C Power Cable,Cisco 9513/97XX Switzerland,-C B $0.00 EAX1625-R6 Power Cable,Cisco 95/97XX South Africa C $21.00 EAX1625-R6-C Power Cable,Cisco 95/97XX South Africa,-C M $0.00 EAX1626-R6 Power Cable,Cisco PAA 250VAC Argentina C $10.00 EAX1627-R6 Power Cable,Cisco PAA 250VAC Australia C $10.00 EAX1628-R6 Power Cable,Cisco PAA 250VAC EU C $10.00 EAX1629-R6 Power Cable,Cisco PAA 250VAC Korea C $10.00 EAX1630-R6 Power Cable,Cisco PAA 250VAC UK C $10.00 EAX1631-R6 Power Cable,Cisco PAA 125VAC US C $10.00 EAX1632-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9216/N50XX S Africa C $12.00 EAX1632-R6-C Cisco MDS 9216/N50XX Pwr Cable S Africa,-C,R6 C $0.00 EAX1633-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9216/N50XX Switzerland C $12.00 EAX1633-R6-C Cisco MDS9216/N50XX Pwr Cbl Switzerland,-C,R6 C $0.00 EAX1634-R6 Adapter,Cisco MDS 9506 AC Power C $21.00 EAX1634-R6-C Power Cable,Cisco Cabinet Jumper,-C C $0.00 EAX1637-R6 Kit,Cisco MDS 9506 Rack Mnt and Cable Mgmt C $111.00 EAX1638-R5 Fan,Cisco MDS 9506 C $460.00 EAX1642-R6 Kit,Cisco Telco and EIA Shelf Bracket C $23.00 EAX1643-R5 Fan,Cisco MDS 9100 C $253.00 EAX1644-R6 Kit,Cisco MDS 9509 (only) Shelf Bracket C $46.00 EAX1646-R6 Kit,Cisco MDS 9100 Rack Mnt and Cable Mgmt C $28.00 EAX1651-R5 SFP,Cisco Gigabit Ethernet CU RJ-45 C $185.00 EAX1651-R5-C Cisco Gigabit Ethernet CU SFP,RJ-45,-C,R5 C $185.00 EAX1652-R6 Power Cable,Cisco 9513/97XX Israel C $21.00 EAX1652-R6-C Power Cable,Cisco 9513/97XX Israel,-C C $21.00 EAX1653-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9506 Israel C $21.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 74

X1653-R6-C Cisco MDS 9506 Power Cable Israel,-C,R6 C $21.00 EAX1654-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9020 Israel C $12.00 EAX1654-R6-C Cisco MDS 9020 Power Cable Israel,-C,R6 C $12.00 EAX1656A-R5 Power Supply,Cisco MDS 9513 6000W AC C $1,608.00 EAX1659A-R6 Power Cable,Cisco 9513/97XX Australia C $21.00 EAX1659A-R6-C Power Cable,Cisco 9513/97XX Australia,-C C $21.00 EAX1660A-R6 Power Cable,Cisco 9513/97XX China C $21.00 EAX1660A-R6-C Power Cable,Cisco 9513/97XX China,-C C $21.00 EAX1672A-R5 SFP,Cisco MDS 10Gbps Short Wave C $2,757.00 EAX1672A-R5-C Cisco MDS 10Gbps Short Reach 300M SFP,-C,R5 C $2,757.00 EAX1673A-R5 Power Supply,Brocade 4900 AC C $925.00 EAX1674A-R5 SFP,Cisco MDS 4Gbps Short Wave LC C $60.00 EAX1674A-R5-C Cisco MDS 4 Gbps Short Wave SFP,LC,-C,R5 C $60.00 EAX1676A-R5 Tray,Cisco MDS 9513 Front Fan C $919.00 EAX1677A-R5 Tray,Cisco MDS 9513 Rear Fan C $460.00 EAX1678A-R5 Module,Cisco MDS 9513 Backplane Clock C $919.00 EAX1679A-R5-C Cisco MDS9509 PowerSupply 3KW,-C,R5 C $1,838.00 EAX1697-R5 Kit,Brocade Universal Rail C $230.00 EAX1780-R5 Power Supply,Brocade 5100/6505 AC C $2,110.00 EAX1781-R6 Brocade Accessory Kit,300,R6 C $223.00 EAX1782-R6 Brocade Accessory Kit,5100,R6 C $223.00 EAX1783-R6 Brocade Accessory Kit,5300/ES,R6 C $223.00 EAX1834-R6 Battery Assembly For NVRAM9,FAS8040/60/80 L $480.00 EAX1837-R6 Battery Assembly For NVRAM8 L $400.00 EAX1839-R6 Battery Assembly For NVRAM9,FAS8020 L $480.00 EAX1840-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 91XX/92XX China C $12.00 EAX1840-R6-C Cisco MDS 91XX/92XX Power Cable China,-C,R6 C $0.00 EAX1841-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 91XX/92XX Korea C $12.00 EAX1841-R6-C Cisco MDS 91XX/92XX Power Cable Korea,-C,R6 B $0.00 EAX1842-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 91XX/92XX Taiwan C $12.00 EAX1842-R6-C Cisco MDS 91XX92XX Power Cable Taiwan,-C,R6 C $0.00 EAX1847-R6 Lithium System Battery CR2032,R6 L $10.00 EAX1853-R5 Power Supply,Brocade 5000 AC w/Fan C $1,326.00 EAX1857-R6 PERFORATED BLANK PNL,3U,42U CAB,R6 B $0.00 EAX1858-CH-R5 Brocade DCX Switch Chassis,R5 C $21,784.00 EAX1866-8PK-R6 SFP,Brocade 4Gbps SWL 8-Pack C $568.00 EAX1866-R6 SFP,Brocade 4Gbps SWL C $78.00 EAX1868-R6 SFP,Brocade 4Gbps 4Km LWL C $436.00 EAX1869-R6 SFP,Brocade 8Gbps 10Km LWL C $1,148.00 EAX1872-R5 Power Supply,Brocade DCX 2000W AC C $3,358.00 EAX1873-R6 Power Cable,Brocade DCX North America C $136.00 EAX1875-R6 Power Cable,Brocade DCX Cont. Europe C $136.00 EAX1876-R6 Power Cable,Brocade DCX Aust/NZ C $136.00 EAX1877-R6 Power Cable,Brocade DCX IEC-60309 C $136.00 EAX1878-R5 Kit,Brocade DCX Rack Mount/Mid-Mount C $697.00 EAX1880-R6 SFP,Brocade 4Gbps 10Km LWL C $845.00 EAX1881-R6 SFP,Brocade 4Gbps 30Km LWL C $1,807.00 EAX1882-R6 XFP,Brocade 10GbE 40Km Extended LongWave C $7,578.00 EAX1884-R5 Kit,Brocade DCX 14U Rack Mount C $217.00 EAX1885-R5 Blade,Brocade DCX CR8 Control Processor C $15,521.00 EAX1888-R5 Tray,Brocade DCX Cable Management C $681.00 EAX1889-R5 Door,Brocade DCX C $3,630.00 EAX1891-R5 Card,Brocade DCX WWN C $544.00 EAX1892-R5 Fan,Brocade DCX Blower Assy C $2,043.00 EAX1893-R5 Panel,Brocade DCX Port Card Slot Filler C $318.00 EAX1894-R5 Panel,Brocade DCX Power Supply Slot Filler C $45.00 EAX1895-R6 Drive,Brocade DCX 2GB USB C $192.00 EAX1927A-EN-R6-C HBA MetroCluster FC-VI,5M Cbl 8Gb PCIe,EN,-C L $2,765.00 EAX1927A-R6 HBA MetroCluster FC-VI w/5M Cbl 8Gb PCIe L $3,170.00 EAX1927A-R6-C HBA MetroCluster FC-VI w/5M Cbl 8Gb PCIe,-C A $3,950.00 EAX1928A-R6 HBA,MC FC-VI 16Gb PCIe w/5M Cbl w/o SFP L $5,165.00 EAX1928A-R6-C HBA,MC FC-VI 16Gb PCIe w/5M Cbl w/o SFP,-C L $4,490.00 EAX1945A-R6 Cable,Cluster 4X,Fiber,5M,R6 L $139.00 EAX1945A-R6-C Cable,Cluster 4X,Fiber,5M,-C,R6 L $139.00 EAX1946A-R6 Cable,Cluster 4X,Fiber,30M,R6 L $320.00 EAX1946A-R6-C Cable,Cluster 4X,Fiber,30M,-C,R6 L $320.00 EAX1949A-R5 Converter,Fiber,Copper-Fiber,4X IB L $505.00 EAX1951A-R6 Cable,MTP to SC Patch Panel,30M,R6 L $300.00 EAX1951A-R6-C Cable,MTP to SC Patch Panel,30M,-C,R6 L $300.00 EAX1952A-R6 Cable,MTP to ST Patch Panel,30M,R6 L $300.00 EAX1952A-R6-C Cable,MTP to ST Patch Panel,30M,-C,R6 L $300.00 EAX1953A-R6 Cable,MTP to LC Patch Panel,30M,R6 L $300.00 EAX1953A-R6-C Cable,MTP to LC Patch Panel,30M,-C,R6 L $300.00 EAX1954A-R6 Cable,MTP to FC Patch Panel,30M,R6 L $300.00 EAX1954A-R6-C Cable,MTP to FC Patch Panel,30M,-C,R6 L $300.00 EAX1955A-R6 Cable,MTP to MTRJ Patch Panel,30M,R6 L $300.00 EAX1955A-R6-C Cable,MTP to MTRJ Patch Panel,30M,-C,R6 L $300.00 EAX1956-R6 Converter,CU to Fiber,40Gbs,62XX,SA620 L $750.00 EAX1956-R6-C Converter,CU to Fiber,40Gbs,62XX,SA620 L $750.00 EAX1960-R6 ClusterNet Interconnect Cluster,16Pt,10Gb C $5,075.00 EAX1960-R6-C ClusterNet Interconnect,16Pt,10Gb,-C C $5,075.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 75

X1961-R6 ClusterNet Interconnect Mgmt,16Pt,1Gb C $1,025.00 EAX1961-R6-C ClusterNet Interconnect,16Pt,1Gb, -C C $1,025.00 EAX1967-R6 ClusterNet Interconnect,48Pt,10Gb C $34,500.00 EAX1967R-R6 ClusterNet Interconnect,Reverse Air,48Pt,10Gb C $34,500.00 EAX1973A-R6 Flash Cache 512GB PCIe Module 2 L $13,390.00 EAX1973A-R6-C Flash Cache 512GB PCIe Module 2,-C L $11,645.00 EAX1974A-R6 Flash Cache 1TB PCIe Module 2 L $24,825.00 EAX1974A-R6-C Flash Cache 1TB PCIe Module 2,-C L $21,585.00 EAX1975A-R6 Flash Cache 2TB PCIe Module 2 L $45,850.00 EAX1975A-R6-C Flash Cache 2TB PCIe Module 2,-C L $39,870.00 EAX1982-R6 SFP+,Opt,10Gb,Shortwave,X1962/X1963/X1967 C $795.00 EAX1983-1-R6 Cable,Twinax CU,SFP+,1M,X1962/X1963/X1967 C $80.00 EAX1983-3-R6 Cable,Twinax CU,SFP+,3M,X1962/X1963/X1967 C $112.00 EAX1983-5-R6 Cable,Twinax CU,SFP+,5M,X1962/X1963/X1967 C $139.00 EAX1985-QS-R6 Cluster Cable Label Kit,QS C $160.00 EAX1985-R6 12-Node Cluster Cable Label Kit C $0.00 EAX1985-R6-C 12-Node Cluster Cable Label Kit,-C C $0.00 EAX1987-R6 Accessory Kit,Cluster,X1967 C $100.00 EAX1988-R6 16-Port Expansion Module for X1967 C $11,200.00 EAX1989-R6 ClusterNet Interconnect,48Pt,10GBaseT C $40,500.00 EAX-20004-00-0E-R6-C Cable,miniSAS,1m,0E,-C D $75.00 EAX-20004-00-R6 Cable,miniSAS,1m L $125.00 EAX-20004-00-R6-C Cable,miniSAS,1m,-C L $125.00 EAX2027B-R5 HBA 2-Port SCSI Copper 320MB PCI-X A $600.00 EAX2027B-R5-C HBA 2-Port SCSI Copper 320MB LVD/SE PCI-X,-C A $600.00 EAX2053A-R6 HBA 2-Port Optical 4Gb Tape PCIe L $1,840.00 EAX2053A-R6-C HBA 2-Port Optical 4Gb Tape PCIe,-C A $2,300.00 EAX2056-EN-R6-C IO Board FC 4-Port,EN,-C L $3,600.00 EAX2056-R6 IO Board FC 4-Port L $3,600.00 EAX2056-R6-C IO Board FC 4-Port,-C A $6,000.00 EAX2065A-EN-R6-C HBA SAS 4-Port Copper 3/6 Gb QSFP PCIe,EN,-C L $1,400.00 EAX2065A-R6 HBA SAS 4-Port Copper 3/6 Gb QSFP PCIe L $1,610.00 EAX2065A-R6-C HBA SAS 4-Port Copper 3/6 Gb QSFP PCIe,-C A $2,000.00 EAX2067-R6 IO Board SAS 4-Port L $1,610.00 EAX2067-R6-C IO Board SAS 4-Port,-C A $2,000.00 EAX2069-R6 HBA,4-Port SAS 3/6/12Gbps QSFP PCIe L $1,610.00 EAX2069-R6-C HBA,4-Port SAS 3/6/12Gbps QSFP PCIe,-C L $1,400.00 EAX-21091-00-R6 Blank,Dsk Drv Filler,12-Pack,DE1600 M $265.00 EAX-24236-00-R6 Diagnostic Cables,E2XXX,E5XXX L $135.00 EAX-24238-00-R6 Rail Kit,DE1600,Adjustable,23.5"-32.5" L $130.00 EAX-24936-00-0E-R6-C Cable,miniSAS,2m,0E,-C D $75.00 EAX-24936-00-R6 Cable,miniSAS,2m,R6 L $125.00 EAX-24936-00-R6-C Cable,miniSAS,2m,-C L $125.00 EAX-250WPSAC-F-R6 Power Supply,Brocade VDX67XX-1UF AC w/Fan C $651.00 EAX-250WPSAC-R-R6 Power Supply,Brocade VDX67XX-1U AC w/Fan C $651.00 EAX-26001-00-0E-R6-C Cable,SAS HD to miniSAS,SAS2,2m,0E,-C D $150.00 EAX-26001-00-R6 Cable,SAS HD to miniSAS,SAS2,2m D $150.00 EAX-26002-00-0E-R6-C Cable,SAS HD to miniSAS,SAS2,1m,0E,-C D $150.00 EAX-26002-00-R6 Cable,SAS HD to miniSAS,SAS2,1m D $150.00 EAX-26003-00-0E-R6-C Cable,SAS HD to miniSAS,SAS2,0.5m,0E,-C D $150.00 EAX-26003-00-R6 Cable,SAS HD to miniSAS,SAS2,0.5m D $150.00 EAX306A-R5 Disk Drive,2.0TB 7.2k,DS424x,2554/2240-4 M $1,405.00 EAX308A-R5 Disk Drive,3.0TB 7.2K,DS424x,2554/2240-4 M $2,480.00 EAX-310-0004-R5-C 8-Pt Brocade 300 No Fab FC 4Gbps,-C,R5 C $2,299.00 EAX3105A-R6 Blanking Panel,Fan Assy,31XX,62XX,SA620 L $500.00 EAX3106A-R6 Blanking Panel,SYS Cntlr,31XX,62XX,SA620,80x0 L $500.00 EAX3106A-R6-C Blanking Panel,SYS Cntlr,FAS8040/8060,-C L $0.00 EAX3109-R6 Chassis,FAS/V32XX W/ AC PS L $12,670.00 EAX3117A-R6 Battery,FAS22XX,FAS25XX,NVMEM,R6 D $320.00 EAX3118-R6 Blanking Panel,SYS CNTRL,32XX A $500.00 EAX3118-R6-C Blanking Panel,SYS CNTRL,32XX,-C C $0.00 EAX3124A Slot Cover,Slot2,AFF8080A L $0.00 EAX3148A-R6 BATTERY,4CELL With Holder,FAS/V32XX L $373.00 EAX3149-R6 NVRAM8 Card With 4GB Memory No Battery L $12,600.00 EAX315A-R6 DSK DRV,4TB 7.2k,NSE,DS424x,2554/2220/2240-4 M $3,000.00 EAX316A-R6 Disk Drive,6TB 7.2k,DS4246,FAS2554 M $3,805.00 EAX3199-R6 MEM,DIMM,2GB,DDR,ESS,3220/3250/3240/3270 A $2,000.00 EAX-320-0008-MC-R5-C Switch,Brocade 300 8-Pt FF 8G SW SFPs MC,-C C $2,557.00 EAX-320-0008-R5-C 8-Pt Brocade 300 Full Fab FC 8Gbps,-C,R5 C $2,939.00 EAX3204-R6 DIMM,4GB For 6210 And 6240 Systems A $1,300.00 EAX3205-R6 DIMM,8GB for 6280 and SA620 Systems A $2,500.00 EAX320A-12-R6 Disk Drive Pack,12x4.0TB,AVA10S M $14,400.00 EAX320A-R6 Disk Drive,4.0TB 7.2k,AVA10S M $1,200.00 EAX3211-R6 Riser Card, Right For 62XX and SA620 L $1,050.00 EAX3212-R6 DIMM,4GB For FAS80X0 Systems L $900.00 EAX3213-R6 DIMM,8GB For FAS80X0 Systems L $1,800.00 EAX3214-R6 DIMM,16GB for FAS8080 L $3,000.00 EAX3216-R6 Riser Card, Left For 62XX And SA620 L $1,050.00 EAX3217-R6 Riser Card,10GbE For 62XX and SA620 L $2,660.00 EAX321A-12-R6 Disk Drive Pack,12x6.0TB,AVA10S M $21,900.00 EAX321A-R6 Disk Drive,6.0TB 7.2k,AVA10S M $1,825.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 76

X3220A-R6 DIMM,2GB,DDR3-800,LOW IDD6 for FAS25XX D $350.00 EA

X3221A-R6 DIMM,16GB,DDR3-800 for FAS25XX D $1,400.00 EA

X3250-R6 DIMM,4GB,DDR,ESS,3250/3270 A $4,000.00 EA

X-33106-00-R6 Power Cord,North America,220V,E-Series L $60.00 EA

X-33106-00-R6-C Power Cord,North America,220V,E-SERIES,-C L $60.00 EA

X-33107-00-R6 Power Cord,North America,110V,E-Series L $40.00 EA

X-33107-00-R6-C Power Cord,North America,110V,E-SERIES,-C L $40.00 EA

X-33108-00-R6 Power Cord,Europe,E-Series L $80.00 EA

X-33108-00-R6-C Power Cord,Europe,E-SERIES,-C L $80.00 EA

X-33109-00-R6 Power Cord,Switzerland,E-Series L $140.00 EA

X-33109-00-R6-C Power Cord,Switzerland,E-SERIES,-C L $140.00 EA

X-33110-00-R6 Power Cord,Italy,E-Series L $40.00 EA

X-33110-00-R6-C Power Cord,Italy,E-SERIES,-C L $40.00 EA

X-33111-00-R6 Power Cord,UK and Ireland,E-Series L $50.00 EA

X-33111-00-R6-C Power Cord,UK and Ireland,E-SERIES,-C L $50.00 EA

X-33112-00-R6 Power Cord,Denmark,E-Series L $180.00 EA

X-33112-00-R6-C Power Cord,Denmark,E-SERIES,-C L $180.00 EA

X-33113-00-R6 Power Cord,India,E-Series L $190.00 EA

X-33113-00-R6-C Power Cord,India,E-SERIES,-C L $190.00 EA

X-33115-00-R6 Power Cord,Australia-New Zealand,E-Series L $60.00 EA

X-33115-00-R6-C Power Cord,Australia-New Zealand,E-SERIES,-C L $60.00 EA

X-33116-00-R6 Power Cord,Israel,E-Series L $80.00 EA

X-33116-00-R6-C Power Cord,Israel,E-SERIES,-C L $80.00 EA

X-33117-00-R6 Power Cord,China,E-Series L $50.00 EA

X-33117-00-R6-C Power Cord,China,E-SERIES,-C L $50.00 EA

X3400A-R6 Motherboard,No Memory,FAS2552/FAS2554 D $4,500.00 EA

X3401A-R6 Motherboard,No Memory,FAS2520 D $3,500.00 EA

X3402A-R6 Motherboard,No Memory,FAS2552 D $4,500.00 EA

X-35610-00-R6-C Blank,Dsk Drv Filler,DE5600,-C L $25.00 EA

X3561-EN-R6 Motherboard,FAS6220 No Memory,EN L $21,000.00 EA

X3562-EN-R6 Motherboard,FAS6250 No Memory,EN L $24,000.00 EA

X3563-EN-R6 Motherboard,FAS6290 No Memory,EN L $31,800.00 EA

X3564-EN-R6 Motherboard,V6220 No Memory,EN L $21,000.00 EA

X3565-EN-R6 Motherboard,V6250 No Memory,EN L $24,000.00 EA

X3566-EN-R6 Motherboard,V6290 No Memory,EN L $31,800.00 EA

X3567-R6 Motherboard,FAS8020 No Memory L $15,000.00 EA

X3568-R6 Motherboard,FAS8040 No Memory L $26,500.00 EA

X3569-R6 Motherboard,FAS8060 No Memory L $35,500.00 EA

X3570-R6 Motherboard,FAS8080 No Memory L $47,885.00 EA

X-360-0008-R5-C 24-Pt Brocade 300 Full Fab FC 8Gbps,-C,R5 C $6,055.00 EA

X-37901-00-R6 SFP,16Gb,FC,E-Series L $810.00 EA

X-37953-00-0E-R6-C SFP,8Gb,FC,E-SERIES,0E,-C D $115.00 EA

X-37953-00-R6 SFP,8Gb,FC,E-Series L $185.00 EA

X-37953-00-R6-C SFP,8Gb,FC,E-SERIES,-C L $185.00 EA

X-39941-00-R6 Blank,Dsk Drv Filler,12-Pack,DE5600 M $309.00 EA

X-39941-00-R6-C Blank,Dsk Drv Filler,12-Pack,DE5600,-C L $309.00 EA

X-40G-QSFP-SR4-INT-R6 SFP,Brocade 4x10GBase SR4 QSFP+ Optics C $3,075.00 EA

X-40G-QSFP-SR4-R6 SFP,Brocade 40GBase SR4 QSFP+ Optics C $2,305.00 EA

X-41198-00-R6 Rail Kit,DE6600,Adjustable,29.5"-35.75" L $130.00 EA

X-41592-00-R6 Power Cord,Taiwan,E-Series L $160.00 EA

X-41592-00-R6-C Power Cord,Taiwan,E-SERIES,-C L $160.00 EA

X417A-R6 DSK DRV,900GB,10K,NSE,DS2246,2552/2240-2 M $2,375.00 EA

X422A-R5 Disk Drive,600GB 10k,DS224x,2552/2240-2 M $1,480.00 EA

X423A-R5 DSK DRV,900GB,10K,2.5",DS2246,2552/2240-2,R5 M $1,935.00 EA

X425A-R6 DSK DRV,1.2TB,10K,2.5",DS2246,2552/2240-2 M $2,475.00 EA

X426A-R6 DSK DRV,1.8TB,10K,2.5",DS2246,2552/2240-2 M $3,605.00 EA

X-42858-00-R6-C Blank,Dsk Drv Filler,DE1600,-C L $25.00 EA

X438A-R6 SSD,400GB,DS224x,FAS2552/2240-2 M $6,995.00 EA

X439A-R6 SSD,1.6TB,DS224x,FAS2552/2240-2 M $25,610.00 EA

X440A-R6 SSD,800GB,NSE,DS224x,FAS2240-2,FAS2552 M $15,675.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 77

X446B-R6 SSD,200GB,B,DS224x,FAS2240-2,FAS2552 M $5,540.00 EA

X447A-R6 SSD,800GB,DS224x,FAS2552/2240-2 M $12,980.00 EA

X448A-R6 SSD,200GB,DS4246,FAS2554/2240-4/2220 M $5,540.00 EA

X449A-R6 SSD,800GB,DS4246,FAS2554/2240-4/2220 M $12,980.00 EA

X-46381-00-R6 Battery,E2600,E2700 L $250.00 EA

X477A-R6 DSK DRV,4TB 7.2k,DS4246,2554/2220/2240-4 M $2,520.00 EA

X480A-R6 Disk Carrier,2x4TB 7.2k,DS4486 M $6,145.00 EA

X481A-R6 Disk Carrier,2x6TB 7.2k,DS4486 M $7,610.00 EA

X-48414-00-0E-R6-C Controller ESM Blank,DEXX00,0E,-C D $75.00 EA

X-48414-00-R6 Controller ESM Blank,DEXX00 D $75.00 EA

X-48549-00-R6 PSU Spare,725W,DC,DE1600/DE5600 L $1,515.00 EA

X-48550-00-R6 PSU AC to DC Ugrade,725W,DC,DE1600/DE5600 L $4,370.00 EA

X-48564-00-R6 PSU,1755W,AC,DE6600 L $1,320.00 EA

X-48565-00-R6 FAN,DE6600 L $440.00 EA

X-48566-00-R6 Drawer,12-Drive,DE6600 L $3,875.00 EA

X-48567-00-R6 Bezel,Front Panel,DE6600 L $285.00 EA

X-48600-00-0E-R6-C Battery,E2700,0E,-C D $155.00 EA

X-48601-00-R6 Rail Kit,DE6600,Adjustable,600-785mm L $130.00 EA

X-48619-00-R6 BATTERY,E5400,E5500,E5600 L $460.00 EA

X-48619-00-R6-C Battery,E5400,E5500,E5600,-C L $460.00 EA

X487A-R5 Disk Drive,600GB 10k 2.5",2520/2220 M $1,600.00 EA

X-48870-00-R6 PSU,725W,AC,DE1600 L $870.00 EA

X-48894-00-0E-R6-C SFP,1Gb/10Gb,iSCSI,E-Series,0E,-C D $255.00 EA

X-48894-00-R6 SFP,1Gb/10GB,iSCSI,E-Series L $360.00 EA

X-48894-00-R6-C SFP,1Gb/10Gb,iSCSI,E-Series,-C L $360.00 EA

X-48895-00-0E-R6-C SFP,10Gb iSCSI/16Gb FC,Unified,E-Series,0E,-C D $400.00 EA

X-48895-00-R6 SFP,10Gb iSCSI/16Gb FC,Unified,E-Series L $600.00 EA

X-48895-00-R6-C SFP,10Gb iSCSI/16Gb FC,Unified,E-Series,-C L $600.00 EA

X488A-R5 Disk Drive,900GB 10k 2.5",2520/2220 M $1,935.00 EA

X489A-R6 Disk Drive,1.2TB 10k 2.5",2520/2220 M $2,475.00 EA

X490A-R6 Disk Drive,1.8TB 10k 2.5",FAS2520 M $3,605.00 EA

X495A-R6 DSK DRV,900GB,10K,NSE,2520/2220 M $2,375.00 EA

X-500WPSAC-01-F-R6 Power Supply,Brocade VDX6740T-F AC C $650.00 EA

X-500WPSAC-01-R-R6 Power Supply,Brocade VDX6740T-R AC C $650.00 EA

X-500WPSAC-F-R6 Power Supply,Brocade VDX67XX-2UF AC C $706.00 EA

X-500WPSAC-R-R6 Power Supply,Brocade VDX67XX-2U AC C $706.00 EA

X-50185-00-R6 Power Cord,DC,DE1600/DE5600 L $670.00 EA

X5051-R6 BLANK,DSK DRV FILLER,DS424x,R6 M $25.00 EA


X5053-R6 BLANK,PSU FILLER,DS4243,R6 L $210.00 EA

X5054-R6 BLANK,DSK DRV FILLER,DS2246,R6 L $25.00 EA


X505-R6-C System Lift Handle,Detachable,-C,R6 C $0.00 EA

X-50613-00-R6 Power Cord,In Cabinet,2m,C14-C19,250V,DE6600 L $210.00 EA

X-50613-00-R6-C Power Cord,In Cabinet,2m,C14-C19,DE6600,-C L $210.00 EA

X518A-R6 PSU W/FANS,580W,AC,DS424x,R6 M $675.00 EA

X519A-R6 PSU W/FANS,750W,AC,DS2246,R6 M $675.00 EA

X-52197-00-R6 Power Cord,In-Cabinet,2m,C14-C13,E-Series L $60.00 EA

X-52197-00-R6-C Power Cord,In-Cabinet,2m,C14-C13,E-SERIES,-C L $60.00 EA

X521A-R6 PSU W/FANS,750W,AC,R6 M $775.00 EA

X522A-R6 PSU W/FANS,Estar,580W,AC,DS424x M $675.00 EA

X523A-R6 PSU W/FANS,Estar,750W,AC,DS2246 M $675.00 EA

X-53460-00-R6 Bezel,2-PC End Cap Set,DE5600 D $50.00 EA

X-54806-00-R6 BEZEL,2-PC END CAP SET,DE1600 L $50.00 EA

X5515A-R6 Rackmount Kit,4N2,DS14-Middle,R6 M $100.00 EA

X5515A-R6-C Rackmount Kit,4N2,DS14-Middle,-C,R6 M $100.00 EA

X5517-R6-C Storage Cabinet,Rail Set,42U,-C,R6 C $0.00 EA

X5518A-R6 Rack Mount Kit,FAS2020/40,FAS2220,R6 L $50.00 EA

X5518A-R6-C Kit,FAS2020/40,-C,R6 A $50.00 EA

X5525A-R6 Rackmount Kit,2-Post,DS424x,R6 L $100.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 78

X5525A-R6-C Rackmount Kit,2-Post,DS424x,-C,R6 L $0.00 EA

X5526A-R6 Rackmount Kit,4-Post,Universal,R6 L $100.00 EA

X5526A-R6-C Rackmount Kit,4-Post,Universal,-C,R6 L $0.00 EA

X5527A-R6 Rackmount Kit,2-Post,DS2246 L $100.00 EA

X5527A-R6-C Rackmount Kit,2-Post,DS2246,-C L $0.00 EA

X5529A-R6 Rackmount Kit,Swift,4-Post,Square-Hole M $75.00 EA

X5529A-R6-C Rackmount Kit,Swift,4-Post,Square-Hole,-C M $75.00 EA

X5530A-R6 Rackmount Kit,Spare,X1960/X1961/X1980/X1981 C $250.00 EA

X5561A-R6 DSK SHLF,Empty,4PSU,DS424X,no endcap M $5,770.00 EA

X5562A-R6 DSK SHLF,FAS2520/2220,Empty,W/O PSU D $2,080.00 EA

X556B-R6 DSK SHLF,Empty,2PSU,DS424X,no endcap M $4,690.00 EA

X559A-R6 SHELF,EMPTY,2PSU,AC,DS2246,R6 M $4,690.00 EA

X-56001-00-0E-R6-C HIC,E2700,16GB FC/10GB ISCSI,2-ports,-C D $865.00 EA

X-56001-00-R6 HIC,E2700,16GB,FC/10GB ISCSI,2-ports D $865.00 EA

X-56002-00-0E-R6-C HIC,E2700,16GB FC/10GB ISCSI,4-ports,-C D $1,440.00 EA

X-56002-00-R6 HIC,E2700,16GB,FC/10GB ISCSI,4-ports D $1,440.00 EA

X-56003-00-0E-R6-C HIC,E2700,12GB,SAS,2-ports,-C D $725.00 EA

X-56003-00-R6 HIC,E2700,12GB,SAS,2-ports D $725.00 EA

X-56004-00-0E-R6-C HIC,E2700,12GB,SAS,4-ports,-C D $1,200.00 EA

X-56004-00-R6 HIC,E2700,12GB,SAS,4-ports D $1,200.00 EA

X-56005-00-0E-R6-C HIC,E2700,10GB,Base-T,2-ports,-C D $1,975.00 EA

X-56005-00-R6 HIC,E2700,10GB,Base-T,2-ports D $1,975.00 EA

X-56006-00-R6-C Blank Faceplate,No HIC,E2700,-C D $0.00 EA

X-56007-00-R6-C HIC,E5500,16GB,FC,4-ports,-C L $2,425.00 EA

X-56011-00-R6-C HIC,E5500,56Gb,IB,2-ports,-C L $4,725.00 EA

X-56012-00-R6-C HIC,E5500,12Gb SAS,4-ports,-C L $2,050.00 EA

X-56013-00-R6-C HIC,E5600,10Gb iSCSI,4-ports,-C L $2,425.00 EA

X-56014-00-R6-C HIC,E5600,56Gb IB,2-ports,-C L $4,725.00 EA

X-56015-00-R6-C HIC,E5600,12Gb SAS,4-ports,-C L $2,050.00 EA

X-56016-00-R6-C HIC,E5600,16Gb FC,4-ports,-C L $2,425.00 EA

X-56017-00-R6-C HIC,E5500B,10Gb ISCSI,4-ports,-C L $2,425.00 EA

X5712A-R6 IOM3,SAS,3Gb,R6 M $3,170.00 EA

X5713A-R6 IOM6,SAS,6Gb,R6 M $3,170.00 EA

X575A-R6 SSD,400GB,DS424x,FAS2554/2240-4/2220 M $6,995.00 EA

X576A-R6 SSD,1.6TB,DS424x,FAS2220 M $25,610.00 EA

X577A-R6 SSD,800GB,NSE,DS4246,FAS2554 M $15,675.00 EA

X6220-EN-R6 Chassis,FAS6220 With AC PS,EN L $10,860.00 EA

X6221-EN-R6 Chassis,V6220 With AC PS,EN L $10,860.00 EA

X6222-EN-R6 Chassis,FAS6250 With AC PS,EN L $10,860.00 EA

X6223-EN-R6 Chassis,V6250 With AC PS,EN L $10,860.00 EA

X6224-EN-R6 Chassis,FAS6290 With AC PS,EN L $10,860.00 EA

X6225-EN-R6 Chassis,V6290 With AC PS,EN L $10,860.00 EA

X6226-R6-C Chassis,FAS8020,AC PS,-C L $0.00 EA

X6227-R6-C Chassis,FAS8040/60/80 W/CNTRL Slots,AC PS,-C L $0.00 EA

X6231-R6 Chassis,Empty,FAS8020 L $8,000.00 EA

X6232-R6 Chassis,Empty,FAS8040/8060/8080 L $11,500.00 EA

X62XX-EXP-R6 IO Expander for FAS/V62XX and SA620 L $4,830.00 EA

X-6505-12-0R-R6 Switch,Brocade 6505 12-Pt w/o SFPs C $4,925.00 EA

X-6505-12-16G-0R-R6 Switch,Brocade 6505 12-Pt w/16Gb SWL SFP+ C $8,495.00 EA

X-6505-12-16G-MC-R6-C Switch,Brocade 6505 12-Pt w/16Gb SWL SFP+Ent C $14,020.00 EA

X-6505-24-16G-1R-R6 Switch,Brocade 6505 24-Pt w/16Gb SWL SFP+ Ent C $21,490.00 EA

X-6510-0001-R6 Power Supply,Brocade 6510 Port Side Intake AC C $2,110.00 EA

X-6510-24-16G-F-M-R6 Switch,Brocade 6510-F 24-Pt FF w/16G SWL SFP C $22,260.00 EA

X-6510-24-16G-MC-R6-C Switch,Brocade 6510 24-Pt w/16Gb SWL SFP+Ent C $27,465.00 EA

X-6510-24-16G-R6 Switch,Brocade 6510 24-Pt FF w/16G SWL SFPs C $22,260.00 EA

X-6510-24-16G-R6-C Switch,Brocade 6510 24-Pt FF w/16G SW SFPs,-C C $22,260.00 EA

X-6510-24-8G-F-M-R6 Switch,Brocade 6510-F 24-Pt FF w/8G SWL SFP C $17,125.00 EA

X-6510-24-8G-MC-R6-C Switch,Brocade 6510 24-Pt FF 8G SW SFPs MC,-C C $15,411.00 EA

X-6510-24-8G-R6 Switch,Brocade 6510 24-Pt FF w/8G SWL SFPs C $17,123.00 EA

X-6510-48-16G-R6 Switch,Brocade 6510 48-Pt FF Ent 16G SWL SFPs C $48,715.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 79

X6510A-R6 Cable,Cntlr-Shelf/Switch,5m,SC/SC,Op M $150.00 EA

X6510A-R6-C Cable,Optical Cable,SC Connector,5M,-C,R6 B $150.00 EA

X6511A-R6 Cable,Cntlr-Shelf/Switch,30m,SC/SC,Op B $250.00 EA

X6511A-R6-C Cable,Optical,SC Connector,30M,-C,R6 B $250.00 EA

X6513-R6 Cable,SCSI,LVD,2M,R6 M $145.00 EA

X-6520-48-16G-F-M-R6 Switch,Brocade 6520-F 48-Pt FF w/16G SWL SFP C $61,325.00 EA

X-6520-48-16G-R-M-R6 Switch,Brocade 6520-R 48-Pt FF w/16G SWL SFP C $61,323.00 EA

X-6520-48-8G-F-M-R6 Switch,Brocade 6520-F 48-Pt FF w/8G SWL SFP C $49,695.00 EA

X-6520-48-8G-R-M-R6 Switch,Brocade 6520-R 48-Pt FF w/8G SWL SFP C $49,692.00 EA

X-6520-96-16G-R-ENT-M-R6 Switch,Brocade 6520-R 96-Pt ENT w/16G SW SFP C $120,745.00 EA

X-6520-96-16G-R-M-R6 Switch,Brocade 6520-R 96-Pt FF w/16G SWL SFP C $105,163.00 EA

X6521-R6 Loopback,Optical,LC,R6 M $50.00 EA

X6521-R6-C Loopback,Optical,LC B $50.00 EA

X6523-R6 Cable,Cntlr-Shelf/Switch,2mPair,SC/LC,Op M $125.00 EA

X6523-R6-C Cable,Optical,Pair,SC/LC,2M,-C,R6 B $125.00 EA

X6524-R6 Cable,Cntlr-Shelf/Switch,2m,Pair,LC/LC,Op M $125.00 EA

X6524-R6-C Cable,Cntlr-Shelf/Switch,2m Pair,LC-LC,Op,-C B $125.00 EA

X6529-R6 SFP,Optical,FC,R6 M $100.00 EA

X6529-R6-C SFP,Optical,FC,-C,R6 B $0.00 EA

X6530-R6 Cable,Shelf to Shelf,0.5m,FC M $75.00 EA

X6530-R6-C Cable,Shelf to Shelf,0.5m,FC,-C B $0.00 EA

X6531-R6 Cable,Patch,FC SFP to HSSDC2,0.5M,R6 M $75.00 EA

X6531-R6-C Cable,Patch,FC SFP to HSSDC2,0.5M,-C,R6 B $0.00 EA

X6532-R6 Cable,Shelf to Shelf,3m,FC M $100.00 EA

X6532-R6-C Cable,Shelf to Shelf,3m,FC,-C M $0.00 EA

X6533-R6 Cable,Patch,FC SFP to HSSDC2,3M,R6 M $100.00 EA

X6536-R6 Cable,Cntlr-Shelf/Switch,5m,LC/LC,Op M $150.00 EA

X6536-R6-C Cable,Cntlr-Shelf/Switch,5m,LC/LC,Op,-C M $150.00 EA

X6537-R6 Cable,Cntlr-Shelf/Switch,30m,LC/LC,Op M $250.00 EA

X6537-R6-C Cable,Cntlr-Shelf/Switch,30m,LC/LC,Op,-C M $250.00 EA

X6538-R6 Cable,SFP to DB9,3M,R6 B $75.00 EA

X6539-R6 SFP,Optical,4.25Gb,R6 M $180.00 EA

X6539-R6-C SFP,Optical,4.25Gb,-C,R6 M $120.00 EA

X65400A-R6 QSFP,MPO,Optical Transceiver,6G,<150m,OM4 C $1,275.00 EA

X6543A-R6 Cable,miniSAS Cntlr-Shelf,2m M $150.00 EA

X6543A-R6-C Cable,miniSAS Cntlr-Shelf,2m,-C B $150.00 EA

X6544A-R6 Cable,miniSAS Cntlr-Shelf,5m M $200.00 EA

X6544A-R6-C Cable,miniSAS Cntlr-Shelf,5m,-C B $200.00 EA

X6545-R5 Cable,Cisco MDS CX4 10Gbps Copper 15M C $460.00 EA

X6546-R6 Cable,Cntlr-Shelf/Switch,30m,LC/SC,Op M $250.00 EA

X6546-R6-C Cable,Cntlr-Shelf/Switch,30m,LC/SC,Op,-C M $250.00 EA

X6547-R6 Cable,Cntlr-Shelf/Switch,5m,LC/SC,Op M $150.00 EA

X6547-R6-C Cable,Cntlr-Shelf/Switch,5m,LC/SC,Op,-C M $150.00 EA

X6548-R5 Cable,Cisco MDS CX4 10Gbps Copper 1M C $230.00 EA

X6553-R6 Cable,Cntlr-Shelf/Switch,2m,LC/LC,Op M $125.00 EA

X6553-R6-C Cable,Cntlr-Shelf/Switch,2m,LC/LC,Op,-C M $125.00 EA

X6554-R6 Cable,Cntlr-Shelf/Switch,15m,LC/LC,Op M $200.00 EA

X6554-R6-C Cable,Cntlr-Shelf/Switch,15m,LC/LC,Op,-C M $200.00 EA

X6556-R6 Cable,5M,FC Shelf to Shelf,LC/LC,SFPs M $390.00 EA

X6556-R6-C Cable,5M,FC Shelf to Shelf,LC/LC,SFPs,-C M $0.00 EA

X6557-EN-R6-C Cbl,SAS Cntlr-Shelf/Shelf-Shelf/HA,0.5m,EN,-C L $0.00 EA

X6557-R6 Cable,SAS Cntlr-Shelf/Shelf-Shelf/HA,0.5m M $100.00 EA

X6557-R6-C Cable,SAS Cntlr-Shelf/Shelf-Shelf/HA,0.5m,-C M $0.00 EA

X6558-EN-R6-C Cable,SAS Cntlr-Shelf/Shelf-Shelf/HA,2m,-C L $125.00 EA

X6558-R6 Cable,SAS Cntlr-Shelf/Shelf-Shelf/HA,2m M $150.00 EA

X6558-R6-C Cable,SAS Cntlr-Shelf/Shelf-Shelf/HA,2m,-C M $125.00 EA

X6559-EN-R6-C Cable,SAS Cntlr-Shelf/Shelf-Shelf/HA,5m,-C L $170.00 EA

X6559-R6 Cable,SAS Cntlr-Shelf/Shelf-Shelf/HA,5m M $200.00 EA

X6559-R6-C Cable,SAS Cntlr-Shelf/Shelf-Shelf/HA,5m,-C M $170.00 EA

X6560-R6 Cable,Ethernet,0.5m RJ45 CAT6 M $6.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 80

X6560-R6-C Cable,Ethernet,0.5m RJ45 CAT6,-C M $0.00 EA

X6561-R6 Cable,Ethernet,2m RJ45 CAT6 M $9.00 EA

X6561-R6-C Cable,Ethernet,2m RJ45 CAT6,-C M $0.00 EA

X6562-R6 Cable,Ethernet,5m RJ45 CAT6 M $13.00 EA

X6562-R6-C Cable,Ethernet,5m RJ45 CAT6,-C M $0.00 EA

X6563-R6 SFP+ for X1107,Optical,10GbE,Short Reach M $700.00 EA

X6563-R6-C SFP+ for X1107,Optical,10GbE,Short Reach,-C M $690.00 EA

X6566B-05-R6 Cable,Direct Attach CU SFP+ 10G,0.5M C $72.00 EA

X6566B-05-R6-C Cable,Direct Attach CU SFP+ 10G,0.5M,-C C $60.00 EA

X6566B-2-R6 Cable,Direct Attach CU SFP+ 10G,2M C $92.00 EA

X6566B-2-R6-C Cable,Direct Attach CU SFP+ 10G,2M,-C C $80.00 EA

X6566B-3-R6 Cable,Direct Attach CU SFP+ 10G,3M C $107.00 EA

X6566B-3-R6-C Cable,Direct Attach CU SFP+ 10G,3M,-C C $95.00 EA

X6566B-5-R6 Cable,Direct Attach CU SFP+ 10G,5M C $152.00 EA

X6566B-5-R6-C Cable,Direct Attach CU SFP+ 10G,5M,-C C $140.00 EA

X6567-R6 SFP Optical 1GB Shortwave Multimode D $120.00 EA

X6567-R6-C SFP Optical 1GB Shortwave Multimode,-C D $105.00 EA

X6568-R6 SFP Copper 1GB RJ-45 D $245.00 EA

X6568-R6-C SFP Copper 1GB RJ-45,-C D $215.00 EA

X6569-R6 SFP+ for X1117A,Optical,10GbE,R6 M $725.00 EA

X6569-R6-C SFP+ for X1117A,Optical,10GbE,R6,-C M $700.00 EA

X6577-R6 Cable,Ethernet,30m RJ45 CAT6 M $100.00 EA

X6577-R6-C Cable,Ethernet,30m RJ45 CAT6,-C M $100.00 EA

X6581-R6 SFP+ for X1107A,Optical,10GbE,Long Reach M $1,170.00 EA

X6584-R6 Cable,Ethernet,1m RJ45 CAT6 M $6.00 EA

X6584-R6-C Cable,Ethernet,1m RJ45 CAT6,-C M $0.00 EA

X6585-R6 Cable,Ethernet,3m RJ45 CAT6 M $9.00 EA

X6585-R6-C Cable,Ethernet,3m RJ45 CAT6,-C M $0.00 EA

X6588-R6 SFP+Optical 8Gb Shortwave L $455.00 EA


X6589-R6 SFP+Optical 10Gb Shortwave L $570.00 EA

X6589-R6-C SFP+ Optical 10Gb Shortwave,-C L $495.00 EA

X6590-R6 Cable,SAS Cntlr-Shelf/Shelf-Shelf,10m M $375.00 EA

X6591-R6 Cable,SAS Cntlr-Shelf/Shelf-Shelf,20m M $675.00 EA

X6592-R6 Cable,Ethernet,10m RJ45 CAT6 M $26.00 EA

X6593-R6 Cable,Ethernet,20m RJ45 CAT6 M $50.00 EA

X6594-R6 Cable,SAS Cntlr-Shelf/Shelf-Shelf,HA,1m M $125.00 EA

X6594-R6-C Cable,SAS Cntlr-Shelf/Shelf-Shelf,HA,1m,-C M $100.00 EA

X6595-R6 Cable,SAS Cntlr-Shelf/Shelf-Shelf/HA,3m M $175.00 EA

X6595-R6-C Cable,SAS Cntlr-Shelf/Shelf-Shelf/HA,3m,-C M $150.00 EA

X6596-R6 SFP+ FC Optical 16Gb L $1,190.00 EA

X6596-R6-C SFP+ FC Optical 16Gb,-C L $1,035.00 EA

X6599A-R6 SFP+ Optical 10Gb Shortwave,FAS80X0 L $795.00 EA

X6599A-R6-C SFP+ Optical,10Gb Shortwave,-C L $795.00 EA

X66000A-R6 Cable,Storage,SAS-OM4,6G,QSFP,1m C $540.00 EA

X66000A-R6-C Cable,Storage,SAS-OM4,6G,QSFP,1m,-C C $540.00 EA

X66001A-R6 Cable,Storage,SAS-OM4,6G,QSFP,2m C $540.00 EA

X66001A-R6-C Cable,Storage,SAS-OM4,6G,QSFP,2m,-C C $540.00 EA

X66002A-R6 Cable,Storage,SAS-OM4,6G,QSFP,3m C $540.00 EA

X66002A-R6-C Cable,Storage,SAS-OM4,6G,QSFP,3m,-C C $540.00 EA

X66003A-R6 Cable,Storage,SAS-OM4,6G,QSFP,5m C $540.00 EA

X66003A-R6-C Cable,Storage,SAS-OM4,6G,QSFP,5m,-C C $540.00 EA

X66004A-R6 Cable,Storage,SAS-OM4,6G,QSFP,7m C $540.00 EA

X66005A-R6 Cable,Storage,SAS-OM4,6G,QSFP,15m C $1,100.00 EA

X66006A-R6 Cable,Storage,SAS-OM4,6G,QSFP,30m C $1,300.00 EA

X66007A-R6 Cable,Storage,SAS-OM4,6G,QSFP,50m C $1,700.00 EA

X66008A-R6 Cable,<150m-PatchP,OM4,6G,QSFP,LC,5m C $2,775.00 EA

X66008A-R6-C Cable,<150m-PatchP,OM4,6G,QSFP,LC,5m,-C C $2,775.00 EA

X66009A-R6 Cable,<150m-PatchP,OM4,6G,QSFP,LC,30m C $3,275.00 EA

X66009A-R6-C Cable,<150m-PatchP,OM4,6G,QSFP,LC,30m,-C C $3,275.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 81

X6600A-R6 SFP+ Optical,UTA,10GbE Shortwave L $745.00 EA

X6600A-R6-C SFP+ Optical,UTA,10GbE Shortwave,-C L $695.00 EA

X66010A-R6 Cable,<150m-PatchP,OM4,6G,QSFP,SC,5m C $2,775.00 EA

X66010A-R6-C Cable,<150m-PatchP,OM4,6G,QSFP,SC,5m,-C C $2,775.00 EA

X66011A-R6 Cable,<150m-PatchP,OM4,6G,QSFP,SC,30m C $3,275.00 EA

X66011A-R6-C Cable,<150m-PatchP,OM4,6G,QSFP,SC,30m,-C C $3,275.00 EA

X66012A-R6 Cable,<150m-PatchP,OM4,6G,QSFP-MTRJ,5m C $2,775.00 EA

X66012A-R6-C Cable,<150m-PatchP,OM4,6G,QSFP-MTRJ,5m,-C C $2,775.00 EA

X66013A-R6 Cable,<150m-PatchP,OM4,6G,QSFP-MTRJ,30m C $3,275.00 EA

X66013A-R6-C Cable,<150m-PatchP,OM4,6G,QSFP-MTRJ,30m,-C C $3,275.00 EA

X66014A-R6 Cable,<500m-PatchP,OS1,6G,QSFP,LC,5m C $1,800.00 EA

X66014A-R6-C Cable,<150m-PatchP,OS1,6G,QSFP,LC,5m,-C C $1,800.00 EA

X66015A-R6 Cable,<500m-PatchP,OS1,6G,QSFP,LC,30m C $2,100.00 EA

X66015A-R6-C Cable,<150m-PatchP,OS1,6G,QSFP,LC,30m,-C C $2,100.00 EA

X66016A-R6 Cable,<500m-PatchP,OS1,6G,QSFP,SC,5m C $1,800.00 EA

X66016A-R6-C Cable,<150m-PatchP,OS1,6G,QSFP,SC,5m,-C C $1,800.00 EA

X66017A-R6 Cable,<500m-PatchP,OS1,6G,QSFP,SC,30m C $2,100.00 EA

X66017A-R6-C Cable,<150m-PatchP,OS1,6G,QSFP,SC,30m,-C C $2,100.00 EA

X66018A-R6 Cable,<500m-PatchP,OS1,6G,QSFP-MTRJ,5m C $1,800.00 EA

X66018A-R6-C Cable,<150m-PatchP,OS1,6G,QSFP-MTRJ,5m,-C C $1,800.00 EA

X66019A-R6 Cable,<500m-PatchP,OS1,6G,QSFP-MTRJ,30m C $2,100.00 EA

X66019A-R6-C Cable,<150m-PatchP,OS1,6G,QSFP-MTRJ,30m,-C C $2,100.00 EA

X6601A-R6 SFP,16Gb FC Longwave SFP+ Optical L $3,245.00 EA

X6601A-R6-C SFP,16Gb FC Longwave SFP+ Optical,-C L $2,820.00 EA

X66020A-R6 Cable,Storage,MiniSAS HD,QSFP,12G,1m L $100.00 EA

X66020A-R6-C Cable,Storage,MiniSAS HD,QSFP,12G,1m,-C L $100.00 EA

X66021A-R6 Cable,Storage,MiniSAS HD,QSFP,12G,2m L $125.00 EA

X66021A-R6-C Cable,Storage,MiniSAS HD,QSFP,12G,2m,-C L $125.00 EA

X66022A-R6 Cable,Storage,MiniSAS HD,QSFP,12G,5m L $170.00 EA

X66022A-R6-C Cable,Storage,MiniSAS HD,QSFP,12G,5m,-C L $170.00 EA

X6602A-R6 SFP+ Optical,UTA,16Gb FC Shortwave L $1,190.00 EA

X6602A-R6-C SFP+ Optical,UTA,16Gb FC Shortwave,-C L $1,035.00 EA

X66201A-R6 Cable,HA,CU,1m L $295.00 EA

X66201A-R6-C Cable,HA,CU,1m,-C L $255.00 EA

X66202A-R6 Cable,HA,CU,2m L $335.00 EA

X66202A-R6-C Cable,HA,CU,2m,-C L $290.00 EA

X66210A-R6 Cable,HA,IB,OPT,Active,5m L $1,120.00 EA

X66210A-R6-C Cable,HA,IB,OPT,Active,5m,-C L $975.00 EA

X66230A-R6 Cable,HA,IB,OPT,Active,30m L $1,495.00 EA

X66230A-R6-C Cable,HA,IB,OPT,Active,30m,-C L $1,300.00 EA

X70073-R6 BEZEL,2-PC END CAP SET,DS424X,R6 L $70.00 EA

X70074-R6 BEZEL,2-PC END CAP SET,DS2246,R6 L $70.00 EA

X70075-R6 BEZEL,2-PC END CAP SET,DS448x,R6 M $70.00 EA

X758-R6 Power Supply,850W AC For 32XX and SA320 L $1,220.00 EA

X763-R6 Power Supply,1300W AC For 62XX,SA620,80X0 L $770.00 EA

X-7800-0001-R5 Switch,Brocade 7800 6-Port w/4 8Gb SWL SFP C $7,103.00 EA

X-7800F-0001-R5 Switch,Brocade 7800 22-Port w/16 8Gb SWL SFP C $28,827.00 EA

X-7800UG-0001-R5 POD,16-Port Upgrade w/12 8Gb SWL SFPs C $22,757.00 EA

X-7800UG-0002-R5 POD,16-Port Upgrade w/12 8Gb LWL SFPs C $31,170.00 EA

X-7840-24-16G-B-R-M Switch,Brocade 7840 42-Pt w24 16G SWL SFP ENT C $70,730.00 EA

X800-42U-R6 Power Cable,In-Cabinet,C13-C14 C $0.00 EA

X800-42U-R6-C Power Cable,In-Cabinet,C13-C14,-C C $0.00 EA

X80064-R6 Bezel,FAS/V62XX,SA620 L $300.00 EA

X80065-R6 Bezel,FAS/V32XX L $300.00 EA

X80083-R6 Bezel,FAS8040/8060/8080 L $675.00 EA

X80084-R6 Bezel,FAS8020 L $450.00 EA

X80085A-R6 Bezel,Cabinet,Lighted M $320.00 EA

X800B-EVO-R6 Power Cable,EVO Continental Euro,R6 D $0.00 EA

X800B-R6 Power Cable Continental Euro,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800B-R6-C Power Cable Continental Euro,-C,R6 C $0.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 82

X800C-EVO-R6 Power Cable,EVO UK and Ireland,R6 D $0.00 EA

X800C-R6 Power Cable UK and Ireland,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800C-R6-C Power Cable UK,Ireland,-C,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800D-R6 Power Cable Japan,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800D-R6-C Power Cable Japan,-C,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800E-R6 Power Cable North America,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800E-R6-C Power Cable North America,-C,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800F-R6 Power Cable Australia,New Zealand,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800F-R6-C Power Cable Australia/New Zealand,-C,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800G-EVO-R6 Power Cable,EVO Switzerland,R6 D $0.00 EA

X800G-R6 Power Cable Switzerland,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800G-R6-C Power Cable Switzerland,-C,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800H-R6 Power Cable Argentina,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800H-R6-C Power Cable Argentina,-C,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800I-R6 Power Cable China,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800I-R6-C Power Cable China,-C,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800J-EVO-R6 Power Cable,EVO Denmark,R6 D $0.00 EA

X800J-R6 Power Cable Denmark,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800J-R6-C Power Cable Denmark,-C,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800K-R6 Power Cable India,South Africa,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800K-R6-C Power Cable India,South Africa,-C,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800L-R6 Power Cable Israel,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800L-R6-C Power Cable Israel,-C,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800M-EVO-R6 Power Cable,EVO Italy,R6 D $0.00 EA

X800M-R6 Power Cable Italy,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800M-R6-C Power Cable Italy,-C,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800P-R6 Power Cable North America,250V,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800P-R6-C Power Cable North America,250V,-C,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800T-R6 Power Cable,Taiwan,BSMI,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800T-R6-C Power Cable,Taiwan,BSMI,-C,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800VB-R6 Power Cable,Brazil,IEC-60906-1-Plug C $0.00 EA

X800W-R6 Power Cable,Taiwan,250V,BSMI,R6 C $0.00 EA

X800W-R6-C Power Cable Taiwan,250V,BSMI,-C C $0.00 EA

X800Y-R6 Power Cable Japan,250V/15A C $0.00 EA

X800Y-R6-C Power Cable Japan,250V/15A,-C C $0.00 EA

X80100A-R6 Bezel,FAS2554,R6 D $195.00 EA

X80101A-R6 Bezel,FAS2552,R6 D $170.00 EA

X80102A-R6 Bezel,FAS2520,R6 D $170.00 EA

X8012-R6 Power Cable Argentina,X1967 C $27.00 EA

X8013-R6 Power Cable Australia,X1967 C $12.00 EA

X8014-R6 Power Cable China,X1967 C $27.00 EA

X8015-R6 Power Cable Europe,X1967 C $12.00 EA

X8016-R6 Power Cable India,X1967 C $27.00 EA

X8017-R6 Power Cable Israel,X1967 C $27.00 EA

X8018-R6 Power Cable Italy,X1967 C $12.00 EA

X8021-R6 Power Cable 15A,125V NA,X1967 C $12.00 EA

X8022-R6 Power Cable 13A,250V NA,X1967 C $37.00 EA

X8023-R6 Power Cable 6A,250V NA,X1967 C $23.00 EA

X8024-R6 Power Cable Switzerland,X1967 C $12.00 EA

X8025-R6 Power Cable UK,X1967 C $12.00 EA

X8026-R6 Power Cable C13-C14,X1967 C $23.00 EA

X80X0-EXP-R6 IO Expander FAS80X0 Series L $4,620.00 EA

X8533A-R6 Fan Assembly 62XX,31XX and SA620 L $1,400.00 EA

X8535-R6 FAN ASSY,32XX,8020 L $400.00 EA

X8537A-R6 Fan Assembly FAS8040/8060/8080 L $800.00 EA

X8603-R6 Cable Management Bracket,6XXX Series,R6 L $300.00 EA

X870E-EN-R6-C Cab,Lighted,Empty,No PDU,No Rails,EN,-C M $5,680.00 EA

X870E-QS-R6-C Cab,Lighted,Empty,No PDU,No Rails,QS,-C M $5,080.00 EA

X8712C-EN-R6-C PDU,1-Phase,12 Outlet,30A,NEMA,EN,-C,R6 M $550.00 EA

X8712C-R6 PDU,1-Phase,12 Outlet,30A,NEMA,R6 M $625.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 83

X8712C-R6-C PDU,1-Phase,12 Outlet,30A,NEMA,-C,R6 B $550.00 EA

X8713C-EN-R6-C PDU,1-Phase,12 Outlet,30A,IEC,EN,-C,R6 M $575.00 EA

X8713C-R6 PDU,1-Phase,12 Outlet,30A,IEC,R6 M $650.00 EA

X8713C-R6-C PDU,1-Phase,12 Outlet,30A,IEC,-C,R6 B $575.00 EA

X8714A-R6 PDU,1-Phase,12 Outlet,30A,Australia/NZ M $875.00 EA

X8714A-R6-C PDU,1-Phase,12 Outlet,30A,Australia/NZ,-C M $875.00 EA

X8718A-EN-R6-C PDU,3-phase,24-Outlet,32A,IEC,EN,-C,R6 M $1,375.00 EA

X8718A-R6 PDU,3-phase,24-Outlet,32A,IEC,R6 M $1,375.00 EA

X8718A-R6-C PDU,3-phase,24-Outlet,32A,IEC,-C,R6 B $1,375.00 EA

X8719A-EN-R6-C PDU,3-phase,24-Outlet,30A,NEMA,4-Pin,EN,-C,R6 M $1,300.00 EA

X8719A-R6 PDU,3-phase,24-Outlet,30A,NEMA,4-Pin,R6 M $1,300.00 EA

X8719A-R6-C PDU,3-phase,24-Outlet,30A,NEMA,4-Pin,-C,R6 B $1,300.00 EA

X8720A-EN-R6-C PDU,3-phase,24-Outlet,30A,NEMA,5-Pin,EN,-C,R6 M $1,300.00 EA

X8720A-R6 PDU,3-phase,24-Outlet,30A,NEMA,5-Pin,R6 M $1,300.00 EA

X8720A-R6-C PDU,3-phase,24-Outlet,30A,NEMA,5-Pin,-C,R6 B $1,300.00 EA

X8721A-EN-R6-C PDU,3-phase,24-Out,60A,Delta,3-Pin+PE,EN,-C M $2,165.00 EA

X8721A-R6 PDU,3-phase,24-Outlet,60A,Delta,3-Pin+PE M $2,165.00 EA

X8721A-R6-C PDU,3-phase,24-Outlet,60A,Delta,3-Pin+PE,-C B $2,165.00 EA

X8722A-R6 PDU,3-Phase,24 Outlet,32A,Australia/NZ M $2,395.00 EA

X8722A-R6-C PDU,3-Phase,24 Outlet,32A,Australia/NZ,-C M $2,395.00 EA

X8724A-R6 PDU,Smart,1-Phase,12-Outlet,16A M $2,500.00 EA

X8760A-R6 Power Cable,Qty2,Smart PDU,NEMA C $100.00 EA

X8761A-R6 Power Cable,Qty2,Smart PDU,IEC C $130.00 EA

X8773-R6 Mounting Bracket,Tie-Down,Multiple,R6 M $0.00 EA

X8773-R6-C Mounting Bracket,Tie-Down,Multiple,-C,R6 M $0.00 EA

X8775-R6-C Mounting Bracket,Tie-Down,FAS20XX,-C,R6 M $0.00 EA

X8776B-QS-R6-C Blank Panel,1U,42U Deep Cabinet,QS,-C M $25.00 EA

X8776B-R6 Blank Panel,1U,42U Deep Cabinet M $30.00 EA

X8776-R6 Blank Panel,1U,42U Cab,R6 M $15.00 EA

X8776-R6-C Blank Panel,1U,42U Cab,-C,R6 M $10.00 EA

X8777-R6 Blank Panel,3U,42U Cab,R6 M $25.00 EA

X8777-R6-C Blank Panel,3U,42U Cab,-C,R6 M $20.00 EA

X8778B-QS-R6-C Blank Panel,2U,42U Deep Cabinet,QS,-C M $30.00 EA

X8778B-R6 Blank Panel,2U,42U Deep Cabinet M $35.00 EA

X8778-R6-C Mounting Bracket,Tie-Down,32X0,-C,R6 M $50.00 EA

X8779-R6-C Mounting Bracket,Tie-Down,DS448X,-C M $50.00 EA

X877B-QS-R6-C Rail Kit II,Cab,QS,-C,R6 M $35.00 EA

X877B-R6 Rail Kit II,Cab,R6 M $45.00 EA

X877B-R6-C Rail Kit II, Cab,-C,R6 M $0.00 EA

X8781-R6 Hardware Kit,Add-On Peripheral,Cabinet,R6 M $30.00 EA

X8781-R6-C Hardware Kit,Add-On Peripheral,Cabinet,-C,R6 M $0.00 EA

X8783A-QS-R6-C Rail Kit III,Cabinet,QS,-C M $75.00 EA

X8783A-R6 Rail Kit III,Cabinet M $105.00 EA

X8783A-R6-C Rail Kit III,Cabinet,-C M $75.00 EA

X8784-R6 Panel,42U Cabinet Switch Pass Through C $75.00 EA

X8784-R6-C Panel,42U Cabinet Switch Pass Through,-C C $75.00 EA

X8785-R6 Bracket,42U Cabinet Cisco 9148 L-Mounting C $10.00 EA

X8786A-R6 Door,Front,Lighted,With Hinges,Deep Cabinet C $1,000.00 EA

X878-R6 Storage Cabinet Bolt-Down Kit,R6 M $250.00 EA

X8790A-R6 Side Panel,Deep Cabinet C $300.00 EA

X8791A-R6 Door,Rear,With Hinges,Deep Cabinet C $350.00 EA

X8792A-R6 Door,Front,With Hinges,Deep Cabinet C $450.00 EA

X8793A-R6 Wheel,Caster,Deep Cabinet C $35.00 EA

X8794A-R6 Keys,Spare,Qty 2,Deep Cabinet C $15.00 EA

X8795A-R6 Kit,Accessory,Deep Cabinet C $35.00 EA

X8796A-R6 Paint,Touch Up,Deep Cabinet C $20.00 EA

X8797A-R6 Crate,Empty,Relocation,Deep Cabinet M $1,800.00 EA

X8797B-R6 Packaging,Relocation,Corrugated,Deep Cabinet M $2,000.00 EA

X879B-R6 Kit,Cab-Interconnect,Deep Cabinet M $70.00 EA

X879B-R6-C Kit,Cab-Interconnect,Deep Cabinet,-C B $70.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 84

X879B-R6-QS-C Kit,Cab-Interconnect,Deep Cabinet,QS,-C M $65.00 EA

X879-R6 Kit,Storage Cabinet Interconnection,R6 M $25.00 EA

X879-R6-C Storage Cabinet Interconnect Kit B $25.00 EA

X881-R6 ADPT,Console,RJ45-DB9,R6 M $15.00 EA

X893A-R6 Kit,Qty 16,Cable Management Velcro Ring,R6 M $128.00 EA

X896A-R6 DS2246,Kit,FAS2240-2,FAS2552,R6 A $6,610.00 EA

X897A-R6 DS4246,Kit,FAS2240-4,FAS2554,R6 B $6,610.00 EA

X-AC-FAN-F-R6 Fan,Brocade VDX6740T-F C $185.00 EA

X-AC-FAN-R-R6 Fan,Brocade VDX6740T-R C $185.00 EA

X-ACPWR-3000-R6 Power Supply,Brocade VDX8770 3000W C $5,565.00 EA

X-B-R000190 SFP,Brocade B 1GbE Copper RJ-45 C $285.00 EA

X-CAB-1900W-CH-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9506 China C $46.00 EA

X-CAB-1900W-CH-R6-C Cisco MDS 9506 Pwr Cord China,-C,R6 B $0.00 EA

X-CAB-1900W-KOR-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9506 Korea C $46.00 EA

X-CAB-1900W-KOR-R6-C Cisco MDS 9506 Pwr Cord Korea,-C,R6 B $0.00 EA

X-CAB-1900W-TWN-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9506 Taiwan C $46.00 EA

X-CAB-1900W-TWN-R6-C Cisco MDS 9506 Pwr Cord Taiwan,-C,R6 B $0.00 EA

X-CAB-1900W-UK-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9506 UK Ireland C $46.00 EA

X-CAB-1900W-UK-R6-C Power Cable,Cisco MDS 9506 UK Ireland,-C C $0.00 EA

X-CAB-250V-10A-BR-R6 Power Cable,Cisco Nexus 10A 250V Brazil C $50.00 EA

X-CAB-250V-10A-BR-R6-C Power Cable,Cisco Nexus 10A 250V Brazil,-C C $0.00 EA

X-CAB-9K16A-ARG-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 97XX Argentina C $94.00 EA

X-CAB-9K16A-ARG-R6-C Power Cable,Cisco MDS 97XX Argentina,-C C $0.00 EA

X-CAB-9K16A-BRZ-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 97XX Brazil C $196.00 EA

X-CAB-9K16A-BRZ-R6-C Power Cable,Cisco MDS 97XX Brazil,-C C $0.00 EA

X-CAB-9K16A-KOR-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 97XX Korea C $34.00 EA

X-CAB-9K16A-KOR-R6-C Power Cable,Cisco MDS 97XX Korea,-C C $0.00 EA

X-CAB-9K16A-US2-R6 Power Cable,Cisco 250V 16A US/JAPAN NEMA C $34.00 EA

X-CAB-9K16A-US2-R6-C Power Cable,Cisco 250V 16A US/JAPAN NEMA,-C C $0.00 EA

X-CAB-9K20A-NA-R6 Power Cable,Cisco MDS 95XX 125VAC 20A NEMA C $21.00 EA

X-CAB-9K20A-NA-R6-C Cisco MDS 95XX Pwr Cord 125VAC 20A NEMA,-C,R6 C $0.00 EA

X-CAB-AC-250V-13A-R6 Power Cable,Cisco N50XX 13A 250V NA C $37.00 EA

X-CAB-AC-250V-13A-R6-C Cisco N50XX Pwr Cord,13A,250V,NA,-C,R6 C $0.00 EA

X-CAB-AC-L620-C13-R6 Power Cable,Cisco NEMA L6-20-C13 2M AC C $45.00 EA

X-CAB-AC-L620-C13-R6-C Power Cable,Cisco NEMA L6-20-C13 2M AC,-C C $0.00 EA

X-CAB-C13-C14-2M-R6 Power Cable,Cisco Cabinet 250V AC 10A 2M C $50.00 EA

X-CAB-C13-C14-2M-R6-C Power Cable,Cisco Cabinet 250V AC 10A 2M,-C C $50.00 EA

X-CAB-C13-C14-AC-R6 Power Cable,Cisco C13-C14 Jmp Rec 2.5M C $50.00 EA

X-CAB-C13-C14-AC-R6-C Power Cable,Cisco C13-C14 Jmp Rec 2.5M,-C C $0.00 EA

X-CAB-C13-C14-JMPR-R6 Power Cable,Cisco N50XX Type 6A 250V Strip C $23.00 EA

X-CAB-C13-C14-JMPR-R6-C Cisco N50XX Power Strip Type,6A,250V,-C,R6 B $0.00 EA

X-CAB-C13-CBN-R6 Power Cable,Cisco Cabinet 250V AC 16A C $50.00 EA

X-CAB-C13-CBN-R6-C Power Cable,Cisco Cabinet 250V AC 16A,-C C $50.00 EA

X-CAB-N5K6A-R6 Power Cable,Cisco N50XX 6A 250V NA C $23.00 EA

X-CAB-N5K6A-R6-C Cisco N50XX Pwr Cord,6A,250V,NA,-C,R6 C $0.00 EA

XCISCO-1USD Cisco 1 Dollar SKU C $1.00 EA

X-DCX-2101-R5 Brocade FC8-16,16Pt w/ 8Gb SWL SFP,R5 C $16,286.00 EA

X-DCX-2102-R5 Brocade FC8-32,32Pt w/ 8Gb SWL SFP,R5 C $25,021.00 EA

X-DCX-2148-R5 Brocade FC8-48,48Pt w/ 8Gb SWL SFP,R5 C $32,730.00 EA

X-DCX-2164-R5 Blade,Brocade FC8-64 with 64 8Gbps SWL mSFP C $41,425.00 EA

X-DCX4S-0105-R5 Tray,Brocade DCX-4S Cable Management C $151.00 EA

X-DCX4S-0120-R5 Kit,Brocade DCX-4S 27x31 Rackmount C $248.00 EA

X-DCX4S-0121-R5 Kit,Brocade DCX-4S Exhaust (w/27x31) Rails C $483.00 EA

X-DCX4S-0124-R5 Card,Brocade DCX-4S WWN C $640.00 EA

X-DCX4S-0126-R5 Kit,Brocade DCX-4S Telco Mid-mount C $483.00 EA

X-DCX8510-0102-R5 Blade,Brocade FC16-32 32Pt without SFP C $37,125.00 EA

X-DCX8510-0148-R5 Blade,Brocade FC16-48 48Pt without SFP C $50,280.00 EA

X-DCX8510-2102-R5 Blade,Brocade FC16-32 32Pt w/32 16G SWL SFPs C $43,226.00 EA

X-DCX8510-2148-R5 Blade,Brocade FC16-48 48Pt w/48 16G SWL SFPs C $58,989.00 EA

X-DCX8510-2164-R6 Blade,Brocade 64-Port w/64 16G SWL QSFPs C $94,665.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 85

X-DCX8514-0001-R5 Switch,Brocade 8510-4 w/2PS 16G C $42,203.00 EA

X-DCX8514-0002-R5 Switch,Brocade 8510-4 w/2PS 16G Ent Bundle C $67,660.00 EA

X-DCX8518-0001-R5 Switch,Brocade 8510-8 w/2PS 16G Ent Bundle C $86,300.00 EA

X-DCXICLKIT-01-R6 Kit,Brocade 8510 ICL w/16-64Gb QSFP w/o cable C $50,303.00 EA

X-DS-13SLT-FAB3-R6 Cisco MDS 9513,Fab3 Module C $2,716.00 EA

X-DS-9148S-KIT-CSCO-R6 Kit,Cisco MDS 9148S Accessory C $223.00 EA

X-DS-9250I-KITCCO-R6 Kit,Cisco MDS 9250i Accessory C $300.00 EA

X-DS-9396S-KIT-CSCO Kit, Cisco MDS 9396S Accessory C $212.00 EA

X-DS-9706-KIT-CCO-R6 Kit,Cisco MDS9706 Accessory C $372.00 EA

X-DS-9710-KIT-CCO-R6 Kit,Cisco MDS9710 Accessory C $352.00 EA

X-DS-C48S-300AC-R6 Power Supply,Cisco MDS 9148S 300W AC C $372.00 EA

X-DS-C48S-FAN-R6 Fan,Cisco MDS 9148S Module C $372.00 EA

X-DS-C9148S12PK9-R6-C Switch,Cisco MDS 9148S 12-Pt w 2 P/S,-C C $4,233.00 EA

X-DS-C9148S48PK9-R6-C Switch,Cisco MDS 9148S 48-Pt w 2 P/S,-C C $16,707.00 EA

X-DS-C9148S-D12S-ENT-C Switch,Cisco MDS 9148S 12-Pt w 2 P/S MCC,-C C $8,300.00 EA

X-DS-C9250I-K9-R6-C Switch,Cisco MDS 9250i Base Config w/3PSU,-C C $47,110.00 EA

X-DS-C9396S-48EK9-C Switch,Cisco MDS9396S 16G 48-Port 2PS FC C $32,395.00 EA

X-DS-C9396S-96EK9-C Switch,Cisco MDS9396S 16G 96-Port 2PS FC C $56,691.00 EA

X-DS-C9506-2AK9-R5-C Switch,Cisco MDS9506 Bundle Sup-2A PSU,-C C $25,958.00 EA

X-DS-C9513-4AK9-R5-C Switch,Cisco MDS9513 Bundle Sup2A Fab3 PSU,-C C $41,945.00 EA

X-DS-C96S-FAN-E Fan,Cisco MDS 9396S Module C $353.00 EA

X-DS-C9706-1EK9-R6-C Switch,Cisco MDS9706 w/2Sup1,6Fab1,4PSU,-C C $86,327.00 EA

X-DS-C9706-1K9-R6-C Switch,Cisco MDS9706 w/2Sup1,3Fab1,4PSU,-C C $74,832.00 EA

X-DS-C9710-1EK9-R6-C Switch,Cisco MDS9710 w/2Sup1,6Fab1,8PSU,-C C $151,842.00 EA

X-DS-C9710-1K9-R6-C Switch,Cisco MDS9710 w/2Sup1,3Fab1,6PSU,-C C $110,303.00 EA

X-DS-CAC-1200W-E Power Supply,Cisco MDS 9396S,1200W C $353.00 EA

X-DS-CAC97-3KW-R6 Power Supply,Cisco MDS9700 3000W AC C $1,196.00 EA

X-DS-CDC97-3KW-R6 Power Supply,Cisco MDS9700 3000W DC C $3,713.00 EA

X-DS-SC-K9-R5 Card,Cisco MDS 9000 Smart B $200.00 EA

X-DS-SCR-K9-R5 Reader,Cisco MDS 9000 Smart Card B $500.00 EA

X-DS-SFP-10GE-LR-R6 SFP,Cisco MDS 10GBase LR SFP+ Optic C $2,967.00 EA

X-DS-SFP-10GE-SR-R6 SFP,Cisco MDS 10GBase SR SFP+ Optic C $739.00 EA

X-DS-SFP-10GE-SR-R6-C SFP,Cisco MDS 10GBase SR SFP+ Optic,-C C $739.00 EA

X-DS-SFP-FC10G-LW-R6 SFP,Cisco MDS 10Gbps FC Long Wave SFP+ LC C $2,411.00 EA

X-DS-SFP-FC10G-SW-R6 SFP,Cisco MDS 10Gbps FC Short Wave SFP+ LC C $902.00 EA

X-DS-SFP-FC16G-LW-R6 SFP,Cisco 16Gbps FC Long Wave SFP+ LC C $2,602.00 EA

X-DS-SFP-FC16G-SW-R6 SFP,Cisco 16Gbps FC Short Wave SFP+ LC C $292.00 EA

X-DS-SFP-FC16G-SW-R6-C SFP,Cisco 16Gbps FCShort Wave SFP+ LC,-C C $292.00 EA

X-DS-SFP-FC8G-ER-R6 SFP,Cisco MDS 8Gbps FC Ext Reach 40km SFP+ LC C $4,828.00 EA

X-DS-SFP-FC8G-LW-R6 SFP,Cisco 8Gbps 10Km LWL C $1,494.00 EA

X-DS-SFP-FC8G-SW-R5 SFP,Cisco MDS 8Gbps Short Wave SFP+ LC C $130.00 EA

X-DS-SFP-FC8G-SW-R5-C Cisco MDS 8 Gbps Short Wave SFP+,LC,-C, R5 C $130.00 EA

X-DS-X9232-256K9-R6 Cisco 32-Port Advanced 8G FC Module C $39,832.00 EA

X-DS-X9232-256K9-R6-C Cisco 32-Port Advanced 8G FC Module,-C C $39,832.00 EA

X-DS-X9248-256K9-R6 Cisco 48-Port Advanced 8G FC Module C $47,678.00 EA

X-DS-X9248-256K9-R6-C Cisco 48-Port Advanced 8G FC Module-C C $47,678.00 EA

X-DS-X9316-SSNK9-R5 Cisco,Module,95XX,9222i,16-Pt GE SSN-16,R5 C $32,489.00 EA

X-DS-X9316-SSNK9-R5-C Cisco,Module,95XX,9222i,16-Pt GE SSN-16,-C,R5 C $32,489.00 EA

X-DS-X9448-768K-R6 Module,Cisco 48-Port 16Gb FC C $53,436.00 EA

X-DS-X9448-768K-R6-C Module,Cisco 48-Port 16Gb FC,-C C $53,436.00 EA

X-DS-X9530-SF2AK9-R5 Card,Cisco MDS 9500 Series Supervisor-2A C $9,419.00 EA

X-DS-X9706-BSK-R6 Kit,Cisco MDS9706 Bottom Support C $483.00 EA

X-DS-X9706-CBTOP-R6 Kit,Cisco MDS9706Cable Management/LED C $1,478.00 EA

X-DS-X9706-FAB1-R6 Module,Cisco MDS9706 Fab1 C $3,832.00 EA

X-DS-X9706-FD-MB-R6 Kit,Cisco MDS9706 Front Door C $929.00 EA

X-DS-X9706-RMK-R6 Kit,Cisco MDS9706 Rack Mount C $86.00 EA

X-DS-X9710-FAB1-R6 Module,Cisco MDS9710 Fab1 C $13,050.00 EA

X-DS-X9710-FAB1-R6-C Module,Cisco MDS9710 Fab1,-C C $13,050.00 EA

X-DS-X97-SF1-K9-R6 Card,Cisco MDS9700 Series Supervisor-1 C $19,687.00 EA

X-DS-X9848480BK9-R6 Module,Cisco MDS97XX 48-Port FCoE w/SFP Optic C $86,700.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 86

X-DS-X9848-480K9-R6 Module,Cisco MDS97XX 48-Port FCoE no SFP C $51,235.00 EA

X-DS-X9848-480K9-R6-C Module,Cisco MDS97XX 48-Port FCoE no SFP,-C C $51,235.00 EA

X-E1MG-SX-OM-R6 SFP,Brocade 1GbE Optics C $642.00 EA

X-ENTPOD-01-16G-R6 POD,Brocade 6520 24-POD w/16G SWL SFPs C $27,285.00 EA

X-ENTPOD-01-8G-R6 POD,Brocade 6520 24-POD w/8G SWL SFPs C $21,715.00 EA

X-FAN-80-F-R6 Fan,Brocade VDX67XX-2UF C $302.00 EA

X-FAN-80-R-R6 Fan,Brocade 6520/VDX67XX-2U C $302.00 EA

X-FAN-FRU-R6 Fan,Brocade VDX8770 C $5,565.00 EA

X-FCOE10-2400-R5 Brocade,FCoE Blade,24-pt 10GbE w/SFP+,R5 C $36,933.00 EA

X-FX824-0001-R5 Blade,Brocade FX8-24 24-Pt w/12 8Gb SWL SFPs C $41,429.00 EA

X-FX824-0002-R5 Blade,Brocade FX8-24 24-Pt w/12 8Gb LWL SFPs C $48,905.00 EA

X-GLC-LH-SM-R6 SFP,Cisco 1Gb Ethernet LongReach SFP+ C $565.00 EA

X-GLC-SX-MM-R6 Cisco,1GBase SR SFP+,R6 C $500.00 EA

X-GLC-T-R6 SFP,Cisco 1000BASE-T C $395.00 EA

X-GLC-T-R6-C SFP,Cisco 1000BASE-T,-C C $395.00 EA

X-M102061-0E-R6 40U Rack,Empty,L6-30,Domestic,0E D $11,355.00 EA

X-M102061-R6 40U Rack,Empty,L6-30,Domestic L $15,995.00 EA

X-M102062-0E-R6 40U Rack,Empty,IEC309,International,0E D $12,065.00 EA

X-M102062-R6 40U Rack,Empty,IEC309,International L $16,995.00 EA

X-MDIR12POD-16G-R6 POD,Brocade 6510 12-POD w/16G SWL SFPs C $10,647.00 EA

X-MDIR12POD-8G-R6 POD,Brocade 6510 12-POD w/8G SWL SFPs C $8,190.00 EA

X-MENTPOD8-01-R6 Brocade 5300 16-POD for 8Gbps,R6 C $10,460.00 EA

X-MIDRPOD8-01-R6 Brocade 5100 8-POD for 8Gbps,R6 C $4,157.00 EA

X-N2200-ACC-KIT-R6 Switch,Cisco N22XX Accessory Kit C $90.00 EA

X-N2200-PAC-400W-B-R6 Power Supply,Cisco N22XX 400W Rev Airflow C $500.00 EA

X-N2200-PAC-400W-R6 Power Supply,Cisco N22XX 400 Watt C $450.00 EA

X-N2232TP-E-BA-BUN-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2232TP-E Rev Airflow,-C C $0.00 EA

X-N2232TP-E-FA-BUN-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2232TP-E Std Airflow,-C C $0.00 EA

X-N2248PQ-BA-BUN-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2248PQ-10GE Rev Airflow,-C C $0.00 EA

X-N2248PQ-FA-BUN-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2248PQ-10GE Std Airflow,-C C $0.00 EA

X-N2248TP-E-FA-BUN-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2248-E Std Airflow,-C C $0.00 EA

X-N2300-ACC-KIT-R6 Kit,Cisco Nexus N2300 Accessory C $150.00 EA

X-N2348UPQ-BA-BUN-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2348UPQ-10GE AC Rev Airflow,-C C $0.00 EA

X-N2348UPQ-FA-BUN-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2348UPQ-10GE AC Std Airflow,-C C $0.00 EA

X-N2K-C2224TF-1GE-R5-C Switch,Cisco N2224 FEX 24/2 10GE 2PS 4FET,-C C $6,960.00 EA

X-N2K-C2224TP-1GE-R5-C Switch,Cisco N2224 FEX 24/2 10GE 2PS,-C C $6,090.00 EA

X-N2K-C2232-FAN-R6 Fan,Cisco N2232 Fabric Extender C $300.00 EA

X-N2K-C2232PF-10GE-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2232 FEX 32/8 10GE 2PS 16FET,-C C $12,062.00 EA

X-N2K-C2232PP-10GE-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2232 Fab Ext 32/8 10GE 2PSU,-C C $9,000.00 EA

X-N2K-C2232T8F-E-10G-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2232T8FE 2PS 32/8 10GE 8FET,-C C $11,000.00 EA

X-N2K-C2232TF-10GE-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2232 FEX 2PS 32/8 10GE 16FET,-C C $15,500.00 EA

X-N2K-C2232TF-E-10G-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2232TFE 2PS 32/8 10GE 16FET,-C C $13,000.00 EA

X-N2K-C2232TM-10GE-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2232 FabExt 2PSU 32/8 10GE,-C C $11,500.00 EA

X-N2K-C2232TM-E-10G-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2232TME FEX 2PS 32/8 10GE,-C C $9,000.00 EA

X-N2K-C2248-FAN-R6 Fan,Cisco N2248 Fabric Extender C $360.00 EA

X-N2K-C2248PQ-10GE-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2248PQ FEX 2PS 48/4 40GE,-C C $12,000.00 EA

X-N2K-C2248TF-1GE-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2248 FEX 48/4 10GE 2PS 8FET,-C C $9,478.00 EA

X-N2K-C2248TF-E-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2248E FEX 48/4 10GE 2PS 8FET,-C C $12,000.00 EA

X-N2K-C2248TP-1GE-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2248 Fab Ext 48/4 10GE 2PSU,-C C $8,100.00 EA

X-N2K-C2248TP-E-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2248E FEX 48/4 10GE 2PSU,-C C $10,000.00 EA

X-N2K-C2348UPQ12F-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2348UPQ FEX 48/6 40GE 12FET,-C C $17,000.00 EA

X-N2K-C2348UPQ4F-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2348UPQ FEX 48/6 40GE 4FET,-C C $11,800.00 EA

X-N2K-C2348UPQ8F-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2348UPQ FEX 48/6 40GE 8FET,-C C $14,000.00 EA

X-N2K-C2348UPQ-R6-C Switch,Cisco N2348UPQ FEX 48/6 40GE,-C C $8,600.00 EA

X-N5548P-ACC-KIT-R6 Accessory Kit,Cisco N5548 C $100.00 EAX-N5548P-FAN-R6 Fan,Cisco N5548 Module C $300.00 EAX-N5596-ACC-KIT-R6 Kit,Cisco Nexus 5596/56128P Accessory C $100.00 EAX-N5596-FAN-R6 Fan,Cisco Nexus 5596 Module C $300.00 EAX-N5596UP-B-FC48-R6-C Switch,Cisco N5596UP 48-Pt Bndl 8G FC SFP+,-C C $45,000.00 EAX-N5596UP-FAN-B-R6 Fan,Cisco N5596 Module Reverse Airflow C $300.00 EAX-N55-D160L3-R6 Module,Cisco N5548 L3 Daughter Card v2 C $5,000.00 EA

X-N55-D160L3-R6-C Module,Cisco N5548 L3 Daughter Card v2,-C C $5,000.00 EA

X-N55-M12T-R6 Module,Cisco 12-Port 10G-BaseT C $9,200.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 87

X-N55-M12T-R6-C Module,Cisco 12-Port 10G-BaseT,-C C $9,200.00 EA

X-N55-M160L3-R6 Module,Cisco N5596 L3 Exp v2 C $5,000.00 EA

X-N55-M160L3-R6-C Module,Cisco N5596 L3 Exp v2,-C C $5,000.00 EA

X-N55-M16UP-B-FC-R6-C Module,Cisco 16-Port Bndl w/8G FC SFP+,-C C $12,000.00 EA

X-N55-M16UP-R5 Module,Cisco 16-Port Universal Port C $11,200.00 EA

X-N55-M16UP-R5-C Module,Cisco 16-Port Universal Port,-C C $11,200.00 EA

X-N55-M4Q-R6 Module,Cisco 4-port 4x10GbE QSFP C $11,200.00 EA

X-N55-M4Q-R6-C Module,Cisco 4-port 4x10GbE QSFP,-C C $11,200.00 EA

X-N55-PAC-1100W-B-R6 Power Supply,Cisco Nexus 5596 1100W Rev Air C $1,500.00 EA

X-N55-PAC-1100W-R6 Power Supply,Cisco Nexus 5596/60XX 1100W C $1,500.00 EA

X-N55-PAC-750W-R6 Power Supply,Cisco N5548 750W C $1,200.00 EA

X-N5672-ACC-KIT-R6 Kit,Cisco Nexus 5672UP Accessory C $75.00 EA

X-N56-M24UP2Q-R6 Module,Cisco 24-Port 10GbE w/ 2x40GbE C $10,396.00 EA

X-N56-M24UP2Q-R6-C Module,Cisco 24-Port 10GbE w/ 2x40GbE,-C C $10,396.00 EA

X-N5K-C5548UP-FA-R6-C Switch,Cisco N5548UP 32-Pt w 2 P/S,-C C $25,600.00 EA

X-N5K-C5548UP-OSM-R6-C Switch,Cisco N5548UP OSM 32-Pt w/2 P/S,-C C $25,105.00 EA

X-N5K-C5596T-FA-R6-C Switch,Cisco N5596T 48-Pt with 2 P/S,-C C $40,500.00 EA

X-N5K-C5596UP-FA-R5-C Switch,Cisco N5596 48-Pt w 2 P/S,-C C $36,800.00 EA

X-N5K-C5596UP-OSM-R5-C Switch,Cisco N5596UP OSM 48-Pt w/2 P/S,-C C $37,660.00 EA

X-N5K-C56128P-B-R6-C Switch,Cisco N56128 48-Pt w 2P/S Rev air,-C C $36,000.00 EA

X-N5K-C56128P-F-R6-C Switch,Cisco N56128 48-Pt w 2P/S Std air,-C C $36,000.00 EA

X-N5K-C56128P-OSM-B-R6-C Switch,Cisco N56128-OSM 48-Pt w2PS Rev air,-C C $45,295.00 EA

X-N5K-C56128P-OSM-F-R6-C Switch,Cisco N56128-OSM 48-Pt w2PS Std air,-C C $45,295.00 EA

X-N5K-C5672UP-B-R6-C Switch,Cisco N5672UP 48-Pt w 2 P/S,Rev air,-C C $32,000.00 EA

X-N5K-C5672UP-F-R6-C Switch,Cisco N5672UP 48-Pt w 2 P/S,Std air,-C C $32,000.00 EA

X-N5K-C5672UP-OSM-B-R6-C Switch,Cisco N5672UP-OSM 48-Pt w 2 P/S,Rev,-C C $37,127.00 EA

X-N5K-C5672UP-OSM-F-R6-C Switch,Cisco N5672UP-OSM 48-Pt w 2 P/S Std,-C C $37,127.00 EA

X-N5K-PAC-750W-R5 Power Supply,Cisco N5020 750 Watt AC C $680.00 EA

X-N5K-PAC-750W-R5-C Power Supply,Cisco N5020 750 Watt AC,-C C $680.00 EA

X-N6K-C6001-64P-R6-C Switch,Cisco N6001 48x10+4x40GbE w2 P/S,-C C $40,000.00 EA

X-N6K-C6001-ACC-KIT-R6 Kit,Cisco N6001 Accessory C $100.00 EA

X-N6K-C6001-FAN-B-R6 Fan,Cisco N56XX/N6001 B to F Reverse Airflow C $186.00 EA

X-N6K-C6001-FAN-F-R6 Fan,Cisco N56XX/N6001 F to B Standard Airflow C $250.00 EA

X-N6K-C6004-96Q-R6-C Switch,Cisco N6004 48-Pt 40GbE/FCoE w2 P/S,-C C $195,000.00 EA

X-N6K-C6004-ACC-KIT-R6 Accessory Kit,Cisco N6004 C $100.00 EA

X-N6K-C6004-FAN-F-R6 Fan,Cisco N6004 Port-Side Exhaust Module C $250.00 EA

X-N6K-C6004-M12Q-R6 Module,Cisco 12-Port 40GbE/FCoE C $40,000.00 EA

X-N6K-C6004-M12Q-R6-C Module,Cisco 12-Port 40GbE/FCoE,-C C $40,000.00 EA

X-NXA-ACC-KIT-BAV-R6 Kit,Cisco Nexus 2200 Airflow Vent C $150.00 EA

X-NXA-AIRFLOW-SLV-R6 Kit,Cisco Nexus 2200 Airflow Ext Sleeve C $150.00 EA

X-NXA-FAN-30CFM-B-R6 Fan,Cisco Nexus FEX Fan Module Rev Airflow C $150.00 EA

X-NXA-FAN-30CFM-F-R6 Fan,Cisco Nexus FEX Fan Module Std Airflow C $150.00 EA

X-NXA-PAC-1100W-B-R6 Power Supply,Cisco N56XX 1100W B to F Rev Air C $1,114.00 EA

X-NXA-PAC-1100W-R6 Power Supply,Cisco N56XX 1100W F to B Std Air C $1,114.00 EA

X-PC15CHINA-IEC309-R6 Power Cable,Brocade VDX China C $125.00 EA

X-PC15INDIA-BS546-R6 Power Cable,Brocade VDX India C $45.00 EA

X-PCTAIWAN-EPS-R6 Power Cable,Brocade VDX Taiwan C $90.00 EA

X-QSFP-40G-CSR4-R6 SFP,Cisco 40GB CSR4 QSFP+ Optic C $2,995.00 EA

X-QSFP-40G-CSR4-R6-C SFP,Cisco 40GB CSR4 QSFP+ Optic,-C C $2,995.00 EA

X-QSFP-40G-SR4-R6 SFP,Cisco 40GB SR4 QSFP+ Optic C $2,995.00 EA

X-QSFP-40G-SR4-R6-C SFP,Cisco 40GB SR4 QSFP+ Optic,-C C $2,995.00 EA

X-QSFP-40G-SR-BD-R6 SFP,Cisco 40GB SR BD QSFP+ Optic C $940.00 EA

X-QSFP-40G-SR-BD-R6-C SFP,Cisco 40GB SR BD QSFP+ Optic,-C C $940.00 EA

X-QSFP-H40G-AC10M-R6 Cable,Cisco 40GB Act Twx Cu 10M QSFP+ C $1,250.00 EA

X-QSFP-H40G-AC10M-R6-C Cable,Cisco 40GB Act Twx Cu 10M QSFP+,-C C $1,250.00 EA

X-QSFP-H40G-AC7M-R6 Cable,Cisco 40GB Act Twx Cu 7M QSFP+ C $1,100.00 EA

X-QSFP-H40G-AC7M-R6-C Cable,Cisco 40GB Act Twx Cu 7M QSFP+,-C C $1,100.00 EA

X-QSFP-H40G-CU1M-R6 Cable,Cisco 40GB Twinax Copper QSFP+ 1M C $500.00 EA

X-QSFP-H40G-CU1M-R6-C Cable,Cisco 40GB Twinax Copper QSFP+ 1M,-C C $500.00 EA

X-QSFP-H40G-CU3M-R6 Cable,Cisco 40GB Twinax Copper QSFP+ 3M C $650.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 88

X-QSFP-H40G-CU3M-R6-C Cable,Cisco 40GB Twinax Copper QSFP+ 3M,-C C $650.00 EA

X-QSFP-H40G-CU5M-R6 Cable,Cisco 40GB Twinax Copper QSFP+ 5M C $800.00 EA

X-QSFP-H40G-CU5M-R6-C Cable,Cisco 40GB Twinax Copper QSFP+ 5M,-C C $800.00 EA

X-R000162-R6 Kit,Brocade 6520/8000 Rack Mount C $108.00 EA

X-R000163-R6 SFP,Brocade 8Gb SWL SFP+ 1-Pk C $265.00 EA

X-R000164-R6 SFP,Brocade 8Gb SWL SFP+ 8-Pk C $2,016.00 EA

X-R000192-R6 SFP,Brocade 16Gb SWL SFP+ 1-Pk C $490.00 EA

X-R000193-R6 SFP,Brocade 16Gb SWL SFP+ 8-Pk C $3,372.00 EA

X-R000198-R6 SFP,Brocade 16Gb LWL 10Km SFP+ 1-Pk C $2,131.00 EA

X-R000228-R6 SFP,Brocade 64Gb SWL QSFP 1-Pk C $1,243.00 EA

X-R000291-R6 Kit,Brocade 6505/6510 Fixed Rack Mount C $175.00 EA

X-R000292-R6 Kit,Brocade 6740 2-Post Mid-Mount Rail C $135.00 EA

X-R000293-R6 Kit,Brocade 6740 2-Post Flush-Mount Rail C $140.00 EA

X-R000294-R6 Kit,Brocade 6740T 2-Post Mid-Mount Rail C $290.00 EA

X-R000295-R6 Kit,Brocade 6740T 4-Post 24-32 in Rail C $400.00 EA

X-R000296 Kit,Brocade 7840/6940 4-Post Rail C $555.00 EA

X-RMK-4P-8-R6 Kit,Brocade 8770-8 4-Post 27-31 inch Rail C $3,710.00 EA

X-RMK-FL-4-R6 Kit,Brocade 8770-4 4-Post 27-31 inch Rail C $1,855.00 EA

X-SFNET-01G-94744-R5-C SafeNet,StorageSecure 2U 1G Dual AC V1.X,-C C $28,000.00 EA

X-SFNET-10G-94745-R5-C SafeNet,StorageSecure 10G Dual AC V1.X,-C C $40,000.00 EA

X-SFNET-90405-R5 SFP,SafeNet 1000BASE-SX,LC,MM,850NM C $300.00 EA

X-SFNET-90406-R5-C SFP,SafeNet 1000BASE-T,LOS,RJ-45,-C C $100.00 EA

X-SFNET-90407-R5 SFP,SafeNet 1000BASE-LX,LC,SM,1310NM C $300.00 EA

X-SFNET-91203-R5-C Power Cable,SafeNet,220 VAC EURO,-C C $0.00 EA

X-SFNET-91204-R5-C Power Cable,SafeNet,110 VAC North America,-C C $0.00 EA

X-SFNET-91205-R5-C Power Cable,SafeNet,240 VAC UK,-C C $0.00 EA

X-SFNET-91206-R5-C Power cable,220 VAC,AUST,-C C $0.00 EA

X-SFNET-91208-R5-C Power cable,CHINA,10A/250VAC,-C C $0.00 EA

X-SFNET-91209-R5-C Power cable,SOUTHAFRICA/INDIA,2.5A/250VAC,-C C $0.00 EA

X-SFNET-91218-R5-C Power cable,10A/250 VAC,50 HZ,DENMARK,-C C $0.00 EA

X-SFNET-91219-R5-C Power Cable,SafeNet,10A/250 V SWITZERLAND,-C C $0.00 EA

X-SFNET-91220-R5-C Power cable,16A/250 VAC,50 HZ,ISRAEL,-C C $0.00 EA

X-SFNET-91221-R5-C Power cable,10A/250 VAC,50HZ,ITALY,-C C $0.00 EA

X-SFNET-91222-R5-C Power cable,10A/250 VAC,50HZ,ARGENTINA,-C C $0.00 EA

X-SFNET-91223-R5-C Power cable,12A/125 VAC,JAPAN,-C C $0.00 EA

X-SFNET-94749-R5 SFP+,SafeNet 10GBASE-LR (10000m),SM,1310nm C $500.00 EA

X-SFNET-AKIT-94746-R5 Admin Kit,SafeNet StorageSecure C $500.00 EA

X-SFNET-K150V-001-C Virtual KeySecure,k150v,subscription,1 Year C $4,700.00 EA

X-SFNET-K150V-001PP-C Virtual KeySecure,k150v,perpetual,1 Year Plus C $12,400.00 EA

X-SFNET-K150V-002-C Virtual KeySecure,k150v,subscription,2 Year C $7,500.00 EA

X-SFNET-K150V-002PP-C Virtual KeySecure,k150v,perpetual,2 Year Plus C $14,800.00 EA

X-SFNET-K150V-003-C Virtual KeySecure,k150v,subscription,3 Year C $10,000.00 EA

X-SFNET-K150V-003PP-C Virtual KeySecure,k150v,perpetual,3 Year Plus C $17,200.00 EA

X-SFNET-K150V-004PP-C Virtual KeySecure,k150v,perpetual,4 Year Plus C $19,600.00 EA

X-SFNET-K150V-005PP-C Virtual KeySecure,k150v,perpetual,5 Year Plus C $22,000.00 EA

X-SFNET-KM-94712-NSE-R6-C SafeNet,KeySecurek460,w/NSE10 KeyMgr,-C C $38,000.00 EA

X-SFNET-KM-94712-SS-R6-C SafeNet,KeySecurek460,Base KeyMgr,-C C $30,000.00 EA

X-SFNET-RPED-90871-R5 SFNET,PED II,Remote,Bundle w/10Keys & cable C $6,950.00 EA

X-SFP-10G-LR-R6 Cisco 10GBase LR SFP+ Optic,R6 C $2,495.00 EA

X-SFP-10G-SR-R6 SFP,Cisco 10GBase SR SFP+ Optic C $795.00 EA

X-SFP-10G-SR-R6-C Cisco 10GBase SR SFP+ Optic,-C,R6 C $795.00 EA

X-SFP-GE-L-R6 SFP,Cisco GbE LC LX/LH Extended Temp C $1,100.00 EA

X-SFP-GE-L-R6-C SFP,Cisco GbE LC LX/LH Extended Temp,-C C $1,100.00 EA

X-SFP-GE-S-R6 SFP,Cisco GbE LC SX Extended Temp C $550.00 EA

X-SFP-GE-S-R6-C SFP,Cisco GbE LC SX Extended Temp,-C C $550.00 EA

X-SFP-H10GB-CU1M-R6 Cable,Cisco N5020 10GBase Copper SFP+ 1m C $80.00 EA

X-SFP-H10GB-CU1M-R6-C Cisco N50XX 10GBase Copper SFP+cable,1m,-C,R6 C $80.00 EA

X-SFP-H10GB-CU3M-R6 Cable,Cisco N5020 10GBase Copper SFP+ 3m C $112.00 EA

X-SFP-H10GB-CU3M-R6-C Cisco N50XX 10GBase Copper SFP+cable,3m,-C,R6 C $112.00 EA

X-SFP-H10GB-CU5M-R6 Cable,Cisco N5020 10GBase Copper SFP+ 5m C $139.00 EA

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 89

X-SFP-H10GB-CU5M-R6-C Cisco N50XX 10GBase Copper SFP+cable,5m,-C,R6 C $139.00 EA

X-SFS-250V-10A-AR-R6 Power Cable,Cisco N50XX 10A 250V Argentina C $27.00 EA

X-SFS-250V-10A-AR-R6-C Cisco N50XX Pwr Cord,10A,250V,Argentina,-C,R6 B $0.00 EA

X-SFS-250V-10A-CN-R6 Power Cable,Cisco N50XX 10A 250V China C $27.00 EA

X-SFS-250V-10A-CN-R6-C Cisco N50XX Pwr Cord,10A,250V,China,-C,R6 B $0.00 EA

X-SFS-250V-10A-ID-R6 Power Cable,Cisco N50XX 10A 250V India C $27.00 EA

X-SFS-250V-10A-ID-R6-C Cisco N50XX Pwr Cord,10A,250V,India,-C,R6 C $0.00 EA

X-SFS-250V-10A-IS-R6 Power Cable,Cisco N50XX 10A 250V Israel C $27.00 EA

X-SFS-250V-10A-IS-R6-C Cisco N50XX Pwr Cord,10A,250V,Israel,-C,R6 B $0.00 EA

X-SMED12POD-16G-R6 POD,Brocade 6505 12-POD w/16Gb SWL SFP C $8,120.00 EA

X-SMEDPOD8-01-R6 Brocade 300 8-POD for 8Gbps,R6 C $1,976.00 EA

X-TWX-0101-R6 Cable,Brocade Twinax 10GbE Copper SFP+ 1M C $111.00 EA

X-TWX-0301-R6 Cable,Brocade Twinax 10GbE Copper SFP+ 3M C $124.00 EA

X-TWX-0501-R6 Cable,Brocade Twinax 10GbE Copper SFP+ 5M C $164.00 EA

X-VDX6740-24-F-M-R6 Switch,Brocade VDX6740F 24-Pt w/o SFPs C $12,740.00 EA

X-VDX6740-24-R-M-R6 Switch,Brocade VDX6740R 24-Pt w/o SFPs C $12,740.00 EA

X-VDX6740T-48-1G-F-M-R6 Switch,Brocade VDX6740T-F 48-Pt VCS w/o SFPs C $14,975.00 EA

X-VDX6740T-48-1G-R-M-R6 Switch,Brocade VDX6740T-R 48-Pt VCS w/o SFPs C $14,975.00 EA

X-VDX8770-12X40G-QSFP-R6 Blade,Brocade 40GbE 12-Port QSFP w/o SFPs C $32,475.00 EA

X-VDX8770-48X10G-SFPP-R6 Blade,Brocade 48-Port 1/10GbE SFP+ w/o SFPs C $32,475.00 EA

X-VDX8770-48X10G-T-R6 Blade,Brocade VDX8770 48-Port 10GbE w/RJ45 C $36,535.00 EA

X-VDX8770-4-BND-AC-R6 Switch,Brocade VDX8770-4 w/3SFM 1MM 2Fan 2PSU C $57,300.00 EA

X-VDX8770-8-BND-AC-R6 Switch,Brocade VDX8770-8 w/6SFM 1MM 4Fan 3PSU C $74,235.00 EA

X-VDX8770-MM-1-R6 Module,Brocade VDX8770 Management C $10,150.00 EA

X-VDX8770-SFM-1-R6 Module,Brocade VDX8770 Switch Fabric C $8,120.00 EA

X-WWS-1002-B100-32TB-R6 DSK SHLF,SS3030 32TB Expansion M $55,995.00 EA

X-WWU-1002-R6 Kit,SteelStore 3030 2 Shelf Connection M $13,995.00 EA

PP-SLED-CONSLT-HR Partner provided NetApp PS SLED Std Hourly-Consultant P $360 HOURPP-SLED-ENGINEER-HR Partner provided NetApp PS SLED Std Hourly-Engineer P $300 HOURPP-SLED-PROJ-MGR-HR Partner provided NetApp PS SLED Std Hourly-Project Mgr P $330 HOUR

Cont Conslt Day >=20, ZA Exp. 1yr. frm PO


Number of Days NA List0-59 $2,430.0060-119 $2,160.00120-720 $1,890.00

Cont Conslt Day >=20, ZB Exp. 1yr. frm PO


Number of Days NA List0-59 $2,017.0060-119 $1,793.00120-720 $1,569.00

Cont Conslt Day >=20, ZC Exp. 1yr. frm PO


Number of Days NA List0-59 $1,604.0060-119 $1,426.00120-720 $1,248.00

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 90

Cont Conslt Day >=20, ZD Exp. 1yr. frm PO


Number of Days NA List0-59 $1,337.0060-119 $1,188.00120-720 $1,040.00

Cont Conslt Day >=20, ZE Exp. 1yr. frm PO


Number of Days NA List0-59 $1,094.0060-119 $972.00120-720 $851.00

Cont Conslt Day >=20+TE, ZA Exp. 1yr. frm PO


Number of Days NA List0-59 $3,038.0060-119 $2,700.00120-720 $2,363.00

Cont Conslt Day >=20+TE, ZB Exp. 1yr. frm PO


Number of Days NA List0-59 $2,521.0060-119 $2,241.00120-720 $1,961.00

Cont Conslt Day >=20+TE, ZC, Exp. 1yr. frm PO


Number of Days NA List0-59 $2,005.0060-119 $1,782.00120-720 $1,559.00

Cont Conslt Day >=20+TE, ZD Exp. 1yr. frm PO


Number of Days NA List0-59 $1,671.0060-119 $1,485.00120-720 $1,300.00

Cont Conslt Day >=20+TE, ZE Exp. 1yr. frm PO

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 91


Number of Days NA List0-59 $1,367.0060-119 $1,215.00120-720 $1,063.00

PS Fed Std Hourly-Consultant,Exp.1yr

from PO


Number of Hours NA List1-159 $360.00160-479 $306.00480-959 $270.00960-1919 $240.981920-9999 $220.00

PS Fed Std Hourly-Engineer,Exp.1yr

from PO


Number of Hours NA List1-159 $300.00160-479 $255.00480-959 $225.00960-1919 $201.001920-9999 $183.00

PS Fed Std Hourly-Project Mgr,Exp.1yr

from PO


Number of Hours NA List1-159 $330.00160-479 $281.00480-959 $248.00960-1919 $221.001920-9999 $201.00

SW,Insight Assure,TB License


Number of Terabytes NA List0-500 $260.00501-1000 $239.201001-1299 $228.801300-1699 $218.401700-3099 $208.003100-4499 $197.604500-7499 $187.207500-9999 $169.0010000-14999 $150.8015000-19999 $132.6020000-29999 $114.4030000-39999 $104.0040000-69999 $93.6070000-99999 $85.80100000-999999 $78.00

SW,Insight Assure,TB,INC

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 92


Number of Terabytes NA List0-500 $260.00501-1000 $239.201001-1299 $228.801300-1699 $218.401700-3099 $208.003100-4499 $197.604500-7499 $187.207500-9999 $169.0010000-14999 $150.8015000-19999 $132.6020000-29999 $114.4030000-39999 $104.0040000-69999 $93.6070000-99999 $85.80100000-999999 $78.00

SW,Insight Discover,TB License


Number of Terabytes NA List0-500 $200.00501-1000 $184.001001-1299 $176.001300-1699 $168.001700-3099 $160.003100-4499 $152.004500-7499 $144.007500-9999 $130.0010000-14999 $116.0015000-19999 $102.0020000-29999 $88.0030000-39999 $80.0040000-69999 $72.0070000-99999 $66.00100000-999999 $60.00

SW,Insight Discover,TB, INC


Number of Terabytes NA List0-500 $200.00501-1000 $184.001001-1299 $176.001300-1699 $168.001700-3099 $160.003100-4499 $152.004500-7499 $144.007500-9999 $130.0010000-14999 $116.0015000-19999 $102.0020000-29999 $88.0030000-39999 $80.0040000-69999 $72.0070000-99999 $66.00100000-999999 $60.00

SW,Insight Perform,TB License


Number of Terabytes NA List0-500 $350.00501-1000 $322.001001-1299 $308.001300-1699 $294.001700-3099 $280.003100-4499 $266.004500-7499 $252.007500-9999 $227.50

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 93

10000-14999 $203.0015000-19999 $178.5020000-29999 $154.0030000-39999 $140.0040000-69999 $126.0070000-99999 $115.50100000-999999 $105.00

SW,Insight Perform,TB, INC


Number of Terabytes NA List0-500 $350.00501-1000 $322.001001-1299 $308.001300-1699 $294.001700-3099 $280.003100-4499 $266.004500-7499 $252.007500-9999 $227.5010000-14999 $203.0015000-19999 $178.5020000-29999 $154.0030000-39999 $140.0040000-69999 $126.0070000-99999 $115.50100000-999999 $105.00

SW,Insight Plan,TB License


Number of Terabytes NA List0-500 $250.00501-1000 $230.001001-1299 $220.001300-1699 $210.001700-3099 $200.003100-4499 $190.004500-7499 $180.007500-9999 $162.5010000-14999 $145.0015000-19999 $127.5020000-29999 $110.0030000-39999 $100.0040000-69999 $90.0070000-99999 $82.50100000-999999 $75.00

SW,Insight Plan,TB, INC


Number of Terabytes NA List0-500 $250.00501-1000 $230.001001-1299 $220.001300-1699 $210.001700-3099 $200.003100-4499 $190.004500-7499 $180.007500-9999 $162.5010000-14999 $145.0015000-19999 $127.5020000-29999 $110.0030000-39999 $100.0040000-69999 $90.0070000-99999 $82.50100000-999999 $75.00

SnapDrive Software,Windows

Part Number : SW-SDR-WIN

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 94

Number of Hosts NA List1-4 $695.005-9 $659.0010-14 $629.5315-24 $594.9925-100000 $571.78

Capacity Manager, TB, Software Subscription License


Number of Terabytes NA List1-499 $1.56500-999 $1.521000-1699 $1.371700-4499 $1.184500-9999 $0.9510000-19999 $0.8320000-39999 $0.7040000-9999999 $0.62

SW,Support, Insight Assure


Number of Terabytes NA List0-500 $2.17501-1000 $2.001001-1299 $1.911300-1699 $1.821700-3099 $1.743100-4499 $1.654500-7499 $1.567500-9999 $1.4110000-14999 $1.2615000-19999 $1.1120000-29999 $0.9530000-39999 $0.8740000-69999 $0.7870000-99999 $0.72100000-999999 $0.65

SW,Support,Insight Assure,INC


Number of Terabytes NA List0-500 $2.17501-1000 $2.001001-1299 $1.911300-1699 $1.821700-3099 $1.743100-4499 $1.654500-7499 $1.567500-9999 $1.4110000-14999 $1.2615000-19999 $1.1120000-29999 $0.9530000-39999 $0.8740000-69999 $0.7870000-99999 $0.72100000-999999 $0.65

SW,Support, Insight Assure, ASP


Number of Terabytes NA List0-500 $2.17501-1000 $1.991001-1700 $1.91

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 95

1701-4500 $1.734501-10000 $1.5610001-20000 $1.2620001-40000 $0.9540001-100000 $0.78100001-999999 $0.65

SW,Support, Insight Discover


Number of Terabytes NA List0-500 $1.67501-1000 $1.541001-1299 $1.471300-1699 $1.401700-3099 $1.343100-4499 $1.274500-7499 $1.207500-9999 $1.0910000-14999 $0.9715000-19999 $0.8520000-29999 $0.7330000-39999 $0.6740000-69999 $0.6070000-99999 $0.55100000-999999 $0.50

SW,Support,Insight Discover,INC


Number of Terabytes NA List0-500 $1.67501-1000 $1.541001-1299 $1.471300-1699 $1.401700-3099 $1.343100-4499 $1.274500-7499 $1.207500-9999 $1.0910000-14999 $0.9715000-19999 $0.8520000-29999 $0.7330000-39999 $0.6740000-69999 $0.6070000-99999 $0.55100000-999999 $0.50

SW,Support, Insight Discover, ASP


Number of Terabytes NA List0-500 $1.67501-1000 $1.531001-1700 $1.471701-4500 $1.334501-10000 $1.2010001-20000 $0.9720001-40000 $0.7340001-100000 $0.60100001-999999 $0.50

SW,Support, Insight Perform


Number of Terabytes NA List0-500 $2.92501-1000 $2.691001-1299 $2.571300-1699 $2.45

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 96

1700-3099 $2.343100-4499 $2.224500-7499 $2.107500-9999 $1.9010000-14999 $1.6915000-19999 $1.4920000-29999 $1.2830000-39999 $1.1740000-69999 $1.0570000-99999 $0.96100000-999999 $0.88

SW,Support,Insight Perform,INC


Number of Terabytes NA List0-500 $2.92501-1000 $2.691001-1299 $2.571300-1699 $2.451700-3099 $2.343100-4499 $2.224500-7499 $2.107500-9999 $1.9010000-14999 $1.6915000-19999 $1.4920000-29999 $1.2830000-39999 $1.1740000-69999 $1.0570000-99999 $0.96100000-999999 $0.88

SW,Support, Insight Perform, ASP


Number of Terabytes NA List0-500 $2.92501-1000 $2.681001-1700 $2.571701-4500 $2.334501-10000 $2.1010001-20000 $1.6920001-40000 $1.2840001-100000 $1.05100001-999999 $0.88

SW,Support, Insight Plan


Number of Terabytes NA List0-500 $2.08501-1000 $1.911001-1299 $1.831300-1699 $1.751700-3099 $1.663100-4499 $1.584500-7499 $1.507500-9999 $1.3510000-14999 $1.2115000-19999 $1.0620000-29999 $0.9230000-39999 $0.8340000-69999 $0.7570000-99999 $0.69100000-999999 $0.62

SW,Support,Insight Plan,INC


NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 97

Number of Terabytes NA List0-500 $2.08501-1000 $1.911001-1299 $1.831300-1699 $1.751700-3099 $1.663100-4499 $1.584500-7499 $1.507500-9999 $1.3510000-14999 $1.2115000-19999 $1.0620000-29999 $0.9230000-39999 $0.8340000-69999 $0.7570000-99999 $0.69100000-999999 $0.62

SW,Support, Insight Plan, ASP


Number of Terabytes NA List0-500 $2.08501-1000 $1.921001-1700 $1.831701-4500 $1.674501-10000 $1.5010001-20000 $1.2120001-40000 $0.9240001-100000 $0.75100001-999999 $0.63

SW Subs,SnapDrive for Windows


Number of Users NA List1-4 $10.005-9 $10.0010-14 $9.0015-24 $9.0025-100000 $8.00

SW SUB,SnapManager Oracle

Part Number : SW-SSP-SMO-CPU

Number of Users NA List1-4 $38.005-16 $33.6117-64 $32.9365-9999 $30.00

SW Support, SnapManager Oracle, ASP

Part Number : SW-SSP-SMO-CPU-P-R

Number of Users NA List1-4 $38.005-16 $33.6117-64 $32.9365-9999 $30.00

SW Sub,SnapManager SAP

Part Number : SW-SSP-SMSAP-CPU

Number of Users NA List1-4 $47.005-16 $41.13

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 98

17-64 $40.2865-99999 $37.60

SW Support, SnapManager SAP, CPU, ASP

Part Number : SW-SSP-SMSAP-CPU-P-R

Number of Users NA List1-4 $47.005-16 $41.1317-64 $40.2865-99999 $37.60

SW,Insight Host Utilization Pack,Host License


Number of Hosts NA List1-350 $25.00351-700 $23.00701-1100 $22.001101-2000 $20.002001-3000 $19.003001-5000 $18.005001-7000 $16.257001-10000 $14.5010001-15000 $12.7515001-20000 $11.0020001-99998 $10.0099999-999999 $8.25

SW,Insight Host Utilization Pack,Host Lic,INC


Number of Hosts NA List1-350 $25.00351-700 $23.00701-1100 $22.001101-2000 $20.002001-3000 $19.003001-5000 $18.005001-7000 $16.257001-10000 $14.5010001-15000 $12.7515001-20000 $11.0020001-99998 $10.0099999-999999 $8.25

SW,Support,Insight Host Utilization Pack


Number of Hosts NA List1-350 $0.21351-700 $0.19701-1100 $0.181101-2000 $0.172001-3000 $0.163001-5000 $0.155001-7000 $0.147001-10000 $0.1210001-15000 $0.1115001-20000 $0.0920001-99998 $0.0899999-999999 $0.07

SW,Support,Insight Host Utilization Pack,INC


NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 99

Number of Hosts NA List1-350 $0.21351-700 $0.19701-1100 $0.181101-2000 $0.172001-3000 $0.163001-5000 $0.155001-7000 $0.147001-10000 $0.1210001-15000 $0.1115001-20000 $0.0920001-99998 $0.0899999-999999 $0.07

Choice SW Support,Insight Host Utilization Pk


Number of Hosts NA List1-1100 $0.211101-3000 $0.173001-7000 $0.167001-15000 $0.1215001-99998 $0.0999999-999999 $0.07

SW Subs,NetApp Cloud-vM100,BYOL,Amazon

Part Number : SW-SSP-CDVM100-BYOL-AWS

Number of 6mos. Subscriptions NA List0-99 $1,125.00100-1000 $1,066.67

Choise SW,Support,Insight Host Util Pk,INC


Number of Hosts NA List1-1100 $0.211101-3000 $0.173001-7000 $0.167001-15000 $0.1215001-99998 $0.0999999-999999 $0.07

SW Subs,NetApp Cloud-vM100,BYOL,Amazon,12Mos

Part Number : SW-SSP-CDVM100-BYOL-AWS12

Number of Subscriptions NA List0-99 $1,013.00100-1000 $962.00

NetApp Confidential Edition - October 2015 100