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Download viewFall 2016 Mystery Dinner Theater: Parent Information. 6. th-12. th. Grade Production. The MArCH Enrichment drama department will produce . Mystery at Shade Acres

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Fall 2016 Mystery Dinner Theater: Parent Information

6th-12th Grade Production

The MArCH Enrichment drama department will produce Mystery at Shade Acres theatrical play. This is a 75 minute, two act play full of twists and turns with a large cast. It is a family show full of great characters that takes place in the 1920s. The cast can expect a dance or two scattered throughout the production with fun amazing 1920s music. This production will be held in a dinner theater format and the audience will get to vote during intermission on their thought as to Whodunit?. Please read below for additional insight to this fun and exciting mystery.

Your audiences help is needed to solve the baffling theft at Shady Acres, a cozy hotel tucked away in the remote English countryside in the late 1920s. The hotel staff is frantically preparing for the arrival of their most prestigious guests ever the wealthy and famous Fairfaxes from America. Everything seems to be going awry as the hotel is turned topsy-turvy with zany activity. Finally, hotel manager Mr. Clifford manages to usher the English Tea Garden tour group out of the lobby early and to straighten out the confusion between the Fairfaxes and the Brighthams, another pair of wealthy guests. Just when he thinks everything is going smoothly, Mrs. Fairfaxs valuable diamond necklace is stolen! Who could it be? And who is the mysterious man lurking about who signed the hotel register as Mr. X? The police discover that practically everyone at the hotel has a motive. Having a flamboyant but ineffective detective and his assistant arrive on the scene competing to solve the case first only makes matters worse. Good thing your audience is there to help point out the clues and analyze characters motivations. This lighthearted whodunit has enough twists and turns to make Agatha Christie smile! Pioneer Drama Services

Auditions are open to students who will be in grades 6th-12th in 2016-2017 and who have had the prerequisites (Theater 201 and 301). If you are an incoming 6th grader and or 9th grader that has completed 101 or 201 you may take the next level 201 or 301 during the same semester to be eligible for the production. If you have questions regarding if you student is eligible please contact DeAnna Stone at to voice your questions. Rehearsals will be during class on enrichment days, on all high school days and some outside rehearsals. A complete tentative rehearsal schedule is attached.

6th 12th Auditions: will be May 13th, Friday from 2:30pm-4:00pm at Stonebridge United Methodist Church in the Upper Alley. This a classroom style audition, no one will need to prepare vocals as this in NOT a musical. The following includes a link to the sample scene; however, there may be a few additional scenes to read in the audition. Complete audition packets will be provided including a sample scene and character descriptions. There will be a sign up genius link provided. Please keep in mind that the student just needs to sign up that they will be attending the audition from 2:30-4:00pm not for a specific time. The audition committee will consist of DeAnna Stone (Director) Abigail Doust (Assistant Director), and Melinda Bellatti as outside casting support. A board member will also be present to monitor the process.

Performance Dates: 2 Performances Thursday, December 8th evening tentative 6:00pm-9:00pm Friday December 9th (evening) tentative 6:00-9:00pm location TO BE Announced at a later time. The call time for actors and crew will reflect a different time on the rehearsal schedule. The 6:00-9:00pm indicates the dinner and show time for the guests.

Time Requirements: Students are expected to attend all rehearsals. Dress/Tech rehearsals are REQUIRED; student must attend all dress/tech rehearsals in order to perform; they will be December 2nd, 5th, 6th, Tech and December 8th and 9th performance. Students may have up to 2 absences from regular rehearsals per the semester (not dress/tech rehearsals); additional absences may result in dismissal from the show. Please review your calendar and audition only if you can make all of these time commitments. Tech week is extremely important and there are not exceptions so please make sure your schedule will allow for your prompt attendance.

Scripts: The full scripts for this show will be available to review prior to the show on an as needed basis. Please contact DeAnna Stone at if you would like to review the full script and I will send you that information as you will be allowed to review it on-line. If the scene provided and description is sufficient for your participation it is not required that you review the full script.

Commitment: Auditioning for a show is making a commitment to the show, the cast, and the experience. By auditioning, you are committing to participate in the cast in any role you receive and not just if you get a particular part. Parents and students will sign the following commitment before auditioning:

I understand that by auditioning I am making a commitment to this cast. I am choosing to participate in this production regardless of the role to which I may be assigned. I therefore commit to fulfilling the responsibilities of a cast member by attending all rehearsals (1-2 absences acceptable per semester), all tech and dress rehearsals, learning lines and blocking on time, and having a positive and respectful attitude. I will inform the director in advance and as soon as I am aware of any absences. I understand that my family must volunteer in some way to support the production. As a parent I will support the authority and decisions of the director and will refrain from coaching students; I will communicate any questions or concerns with the director in an appropriate time, place, and private manner and not during rehearsals or performances. I understand that if I do not fulfill these responsibilities that the student may be replaced in this production or suspended from the program and parents may be excluded from attending drama events.

Registration: Students (6th 12th) who are cast will be pre-registered for the 4th hour production class in the Fall semester. There will be a Tech Theater class offered as well during 4th hour for the Fall semester for those students that prefer behind the scenes. It will be beneficial for the tech students to see the full production unfold as they work have input on the show; therefore, the tech class will be offered during the same hour on Enrichment days. The tech students will not be requiredto attend extended enrichment rehearsals.

Parent Volunteer Commitment: Parent volunteers are needed to support the production by helping with tickets, backstage, props, sets, publicity, programs, tshirts, and concessions. Parents will sign up for volunteer opportunities in the Fall. If you have a special request of an area that you feel you would be able to serve best please let us know.

Costumes/Class Fees: The $40 class fee per semester covers scripts, royalties, facility, printing, set, props, rented costumes, and the drama storage unit. We will rent or purchase a few specific costumes for this show but you will be responsible for a few costumes or accessory items.

Communication: Please communicate freely with me during the entire audition process and production. I am available at or 214-384-7126. I am honored to teach your students and share this experience with them! Communication is important through this process and is welcomed.

DeAnna StoneHead of the Drama Department and Director

Abigail Doust Technical Director and Assistant Director

Shannon Olinksi Theater Administrative Director

Please read below for your checklist regarding How to Participate:

How to Participate:

1. Decide if the time commitment, script and process will work for your family.

1. Sign up for an audition via. The sign-up genius link for May 13th from 2:30pm-4:00pm letting us know of your attendance.

1. The audition packet will be emailed to students who sign up for an audition via. The sign-up genius. The students will receive the material via. E-mail or if they are on the blog Monday, May 9th.

1. Print, complete, and sign the audition form; students will not be allowed to audition without it. They will bring the audition form with them the day of auditions

Thank you,

DeAnna Stone

MArCH Drama Department Head