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  1. 1. How to Monetize Yourself, Build a Thriving Brand, Business and a Loyal Community.
  2. 2. HIER STEHT DIE HEADLINEWhat are you going to learn? How you can find your "Sweet Spot and actually get paid to do what you love and work from anywhere How to Launch and Sell an Online Product in 7 Days or Less Based on What You Already Know How to build an awesome community of ravings fans based on being your own unique self
  3. 3. Who the heck am I?
  4. 4. How did I start out?
  5. 5. Where it all began in April 2010
  6. 6. Ive Learned the Art of Monetizing Me
  7. 7. I have six revenue streams
  8. 8. How Can You Find Your "Sweet Spot", Actually Get Paid To Do What You Love, Are Good At and Turn That Into a Real Business?
  9. 9. 4 Steps to finding your sweetspot 1. Know your fundamentals 2. Know your strengths 3. Listen to others 4. Find the solution
  10. 10. How I monetized my sweetspot FREE $1500
  11. 11. How I monetized my sweetspot $297
  12. 12. How I monetized my sweetspot $19pm
  13. 13. Real Life Case Studies to model and apply to your own life.
  14. 14. Are you an artist? Stuff I love to do Stuff Im Good At Stuff people will pay me for Art Creating Making Painting Journaling Yoga Meditation Painting small, Impressionistic landscapes Encouraging others to be creative Offering constructive criticism Original artwork Prints Iphone cases/other goods Art e-courses, books, retreats Adding yoga and meditation to my art courses?
  15. 15. Real Life Case Studies - Art
  16. 16. Do you love to cook? Stuff I love to do Stuff Im Good At Stuff people will pay for Cooking Eating healthy Cooking allergy friendly meals Converting recipes to be gluten/dairy free or even vegan Making healthy meals that taste flavorful Experimenting with recipes to add my own flair Ebooks Recipes How to go gluten dairy free Ecourse Book deal
  17. 17. Real Life Case Studies - Cooking
  18. 18. Do you love to throw parties? Stuff I love to do Stuff Im Good At Stuff people will pay me for Throwing parties Coming up with fun themes Making/finding decorations Party styling Party rentals Party in a box (subscription box?) Retreats
  19. 19. Real Life Case Studies - Cooking
  20. 20. How to Launch and Sell an Online Product in 7 Days or Less Based on What You Already Know
  21. 21. How to make money right now 1. Come up with a mini-topic you can teach in about 1-2 hours. 2. Pick a date in your calendar that you can run this training LIVE in the next 7 days 3. Make your offer to your email list for your training and if you dont have one, run a Facebook advertising campaign 4. Do the training via webinar (GoToMeeting or Live Hangout) 5. Record it and send people the recording.
  22. 22. Real Life People In My Freedom Plan Who Took The 7 Day Challenge
  23. 23. Healthy Food and Sports Niche Karen ran: Homemade Energy Bars, Chews and Gels Made Easy! She had 5 people register who paid $17 each. Total income was $85
  24. 24. Language Learning Niche Gareth gave a live training in Conditional Sentences Got 25 sales at 10 per person Total income 250
  25. 25. Presentation and Speaking Niche Helen delivered: How to Wow your Audience in English - Top Tips for Japanese Presenters She had 19 paying registrants. Total income 50,800yen (US$412)
  26. 26. How is Helen monetizing further? eBook repurposed from the training as a low price point offer 3-tier bundle 1. webinar recording only, 2. eBook only, 3. both A more in-depth training course delivered over a month live based off the paid webinar Monthly webinars on different topics, e.g., listening skills, participating in global calls, facilitating global calls and meetings Further in person workshops
  27. 27. How Do You Build Community of Raving Super Fans?
  28. 28. How do you create a community? There are two simple ways you can use your personality, brand and socialmedia to gain trust and credibility and build an awesome community. 1. Be yourself. Be helpful. Be outstanding. 2. Treat people (your tribe!) like you give a damn.
  29. 29. Be Yourself and Share Your World
  30. 30. Encourage your Tribe to Share Theirs
  31. 31. LIVE online events and FREE content
  32. 32. Hold Meetups and In Person Events
  33. 33. Meet your Tribe in person 1-1
  34. 34. Run Paid Retreats/ Getaways/ Workshops
  35. 35. Publish a Book, Manifesto, Speech
  36. 36. Stay True To You Openly share your failures, trials and tribulations Share real pictures and videos that relate to you + your brand Give great tips and provide a ton of value for free Share behind the scenes - seriously do! Let people be advocates, ambassadors and tribe members
  37. 37. So how are you going to monetize YOU?!
  38. 38. Keep in touch and tell me! suitcaseentrepreneur.com/freedom thefreedomplan.rocks @nataliesisson