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<ul><li> 1. DISTRIBUTEDFLIPMICHAEL CAULFIELD, WSU VANCOUVER@HOLDENHAPGOOD.US/Credit: flickr/Afroswede (CC-BY)</li></ul> <p> 2. WHAT IS A FLIPCredit: flickr/aceo 3. COGNITIVE CUTOFF(Robert Talbert, Casting Off Nines) 4. ENTER THEDISTRIBUTED FLIP 5. EXAMPLES OF DISTRIBUTEDFLIP RESOURCES Publisher Resources OLI (Carnegie Mellon, Stanford) AASCU Global Issues Course Kaleidoscope Project 6. (Credit: Audrey Watters / CC-Awesome) 7. NOT SYNCEDCredit: flickr / mrsir 8. NOT CONVERSING 9. IMPLICATIONS: DOMOOCS MAKE GOOD FLIPMATERIALS? 10. SUMMARY The Distributed Flip is an emerging model. Growing number of options exist for materials. When used in flips, MOOCs often functionprimarily as content. MOOCs can be used, but think carefully aboutbenefits and downsides of centralization. 11. THANK YOU.MICHAEL CAULFIELD, WSU VANCOUVER@HOLDENHAPGOOD.US/Credit: flickr/Afroswede (CC-BY)</p>