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Disruptive Healthcare Innovation Initiative. Professor Daniel Steenstra Mr Simon Potter Overview. Personal Introduction. Royal Academy of Engineering’s first Visiting Professor in Medical Innovation Medicine Design & Innovation Management in Automotive sector (Jaguar) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Presentation Title 30pt Date, defused light 20pt Presenters Full Name, defused light 16pt Position, defused light 16pt

Professor Daniel SteenstraMr Simon Potter

OverviewDisruptive Healthcare Innovation Initiative


Personal IntroductionRoyal Academy of Engineerings first Visiting Professor in Medical Innovation

MedicineDesign & Innovation Management in Automotive sector (Jaguar)Consultancy in Innovation Management (Unilever, Alstom)HealthTech at WMG / University of Warwick (170 projects; 800 jobs and 50m in sales for SMEs)Developing and commercialising healthcare product and services (Innovations Factory based at Heartlands Hospital)

2OutlineHealthcare challengesNeed for innovationWhy disruptive innovationThe 1000 scannerCranfield Disruptive Healthcare Innovation initiativeVisionair DeliverablesOngoing project opportunities3Healthcare challengesRapidly increasing need for healthcareDemand to provide better quality of care No extra funding4Demand and Expenditure in the NHSSimon Potter5Need for healthcare and fundingtimeFunding()NeedPosition?6Need for healthcare and fundingtimeFunding()NeedPosition?7Increasing efficiency and productivity does not suffice8Need for innovationInnovation is critical to economic changeResponses to change in business environment: adaptive response Incremental Innovationcreative response Radical Innovation

Joseph Schumpeter The Theory of Economic Development

9Disruptive Innovation- Theory PerformanceTimeleast demanding customermost demanding customerSustaining innovationDisruptive innovationClayton Christensen The Innovators Dilemmae.g. SonyIBMAppleVirgin

10Disruptive Innovation- EnablersSimplifying technologyBusiness model innovation Disruptive value network

11Disruptive Innovation- WhyFocussed on the US healthcare system Lacks practical methods, tools and techniques

However disruptive innovation is most appropriate:affordable products and services shift diagnostics, therapy and care out of expensive hospitals back into the community.

121000 Scanner- HistoryDiagnostics in primary careInspired by $100 laptopBased on Open Source (OS) and PSS models

1,000 primary care medical scanner

13Scanning technologiesX Ray / CT UVUltrasoundNMR / MRIPET / Gamma ray

14Dedicated MRI- Positioning

15Dedicated MRI- Pathways

16Dedicated MRI- Layout

17Dedicated MRI- Infrastructure

Integrating product and service design

18Service design


Availability contract Vs Pay-per-scan

20Ultrasound image processing


Key ChallengesMarket pull instead of technology pushInvolving patients and other stakeholdersViable business model that provides return on investment for companies investing in manufactureIdentify sources of funding for product developmentPerceived threat to established OEMsAssess infringement of their IP rightsGet end-customer buy-in and supportPR campaignRegulatory approval Technical filesAccredited supply chain

22Disruptive Healthcare Innovation initiative- VisionDisruptive Healthcare Innovation Initiative supports sustainable healthcare by leading the development and implementation of practical methods and demonstrators of disruptive healthcare innovations.

23Disruptive Healthcare Innovation initiative- Elements

24Disruptive Healthcare Innovation initiative- Demonstrator

25Integrated system26Ultrasound scanner

OK?AneurysmFurther investigation

InterventionProduct / Service System27Ultrasound scanner

OK?AneurysmFurther investigation

Intervention?Product / Service System??????28Thank you29


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