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    Chief, MIWOO

    Chief, of Station, C.; a



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    Et 'Alt (CHICK 'le OttoYAW 70

    /...--. . C , - EE Comments on idyll -It xtta MARKED FON I DE 0i NO NDEYING MUNE

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    nut4633, 14 Jenner7 1964

    1. Attached herewith

    relationship between Subject

    her death would have on him.

    2. In brief, LT 3

    not to conect Enver Hotta to

    they have spent some twenty

    add, however, that he doesn't

    changes, psychological or other,

    a leader of the Albanian Worker's

    is not a sauxtimentalisti he

    he has leaned on his wife for

    power. It is C as opinion

    Enter Kasha will seek the psychological.

    /east in the inarediate future.

    end result, therefore, will

    'ship between Enver and Mehmet.

    AttacatventsC a comeents on wifeof Enter licaha

    DistributionsOrig & 2, Chief, FR Vett

    3, cos, c :31 iiloNIES DISCLOSURE ACT

    S Section 3(b)cEv Declassified and

    is/Sources by the Central Intelc7in Rotations a Date: ef te,

    li- e? 3 ,yet AA.


    a top)

    1 1%4

    moo. MieRp. gm


    regarding the

    on the effect

    be extremely unlikely

    wife la death when

    c 'a hastens to

    be any essential

    as person or as -

    in the final. analysis,

    though undoubtedly

    in hie drive for

    of his wife,

    of Mehra% Shelly, at

    Subject's death the

    of a closer relation-


    are i.,- . -Os comments

    and Erin. r lioxha andC-- a

    feels that it would

    be affected by his

    years in marriage.

    think there will

    in/Enver Hozha

    Party. Eakha,

    has been his own master,

    moral escouragesent

    that in the abekence


    In the event of

    be the establishment



    114i :


    cc -


    c .) .

    Approved for ReleeAtli ence Agency


    paTh-7:77.-," USI ',MOO LEMON.

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    EXEMPTIO N(2)(A) Privac(2)(B) Memo(2)(0) Forel

  • SECOEVOCt. 1 1

    #14E 1 5A< 373


    Twenty years of living together is a long enough period in the'

    life of amp couple. And it is natural that the loss of one member

    has an effect on the other, -

    In the specific case of Enver-Ratite, this cohabitation, bee,

    besides its qualitative side (a period of 20 years), its quantitative =

    side (a period of turbulence that automatically loins the couple in

    symbiosis more strongly).

    In this compaction, it is worth stressing that the first stage of

    this symbiosis belongs to the last years of the occupation end the

    partizan wary the second stage belongs to the difficult years for

    Enter ten (1945-1948) Yugoslav pressure, always rising, was aiming

    at his replacement in the No 1 poet of the Albanian Cammudst Party

    with goal Imam in this second stage, the support, chiefly moral, of

    Flmcbmije to Enter, her spouse, has been enotradrdinarily important

    ,(it was being said in this connection in Tirana that at that time

    "Tbe letters of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (Bolshevik)

    of the U3SR Concerning the Situation in the Yugoslav Communiet Pea-Ur," -

    which preceded the resolution of June 1948 and the Belgrade -Moscov

    schima and which were handed in a confidential and secret manner

    to Enter Hosts by the Soviet ambassador in Albania, were made known

    indetailbyEnverIkedatohie wife a long time before they became

    known to the Central Committee of the Albanian Communist Partn itwas determined that time in Tirana that Enver made those Letters

    known first to his wife, that is, Nembnije, second to Mehmet Sheba

    and Bedri Spahiu, and third, he laid them officially and openlyCIICU I

    Eit/Itti !:ra rnsat%VI I

  • eee

    before the Central Committee for discussion). The third stage

    includes the absolute triumph of Enver Borba over loci Tome, that is,

    the time that passed frost the First Congress of tint Party, but at the

    same time, this stage includes also the rivalry of Enver %As and

    Mehmet Shahs (in this connection it is worth stressing that eMe)metist"

    elements have never bden received or placed in the apparatus of the

    Propaganda ant agitation. of the Central Committee, which has been

    continually directed by Nexhmije Heaths, in fact they have been

    parpoesly kept far away from this important Directorate). The foam%

    stage belongs to the period that began with the Tirana-Moecov schism

    and in this period, naturally, the Hccoba-Shelza rivalry, understandably,

    loess its intensity. (Also in. this phase, all indications show that

    Nexhadja has,reemined at the side of her husband.)

    In the Eirrer-Nexlmaje symbiosis, in my opinion, the stronger element,

    the, more powerful member has been Enver. And this because of his more

    outstanding personality.

    Tinder the mask sae bonhomie," Enter has always concealed [that he

    is] an Anatolian diplomat with great capability to maneuver among the

    parties, a politician of extreme solutions nth, although weak [7] in

    appearance, he, that is, Enter, has abeam' been a man of bold decisional

    (without having the excitability and capriciousness of )4ehmeth Le.

    the break in relations with Mukja during the weir; the abandonment of

    Tito and the open war against him; the last schism with Mosdow, all

    these are attributed primarily to Enver le insistence.


  • On her part, his wife Matadi' has never been so much a person

    of bo/d actions; rather than a wean of action, she has been a person

    dip soon yields to the pressures of others; rather than a leader in

    real polities -- a business wean -- perhaps (she has been] the most

    intellectual woman that the Albanian Comaronist Party has had. 17rammally

    self-taught, she in very fond of books. Durirrg the second stage,

    the story goes, Nashije Duna had taken annoyer, was a member of

    the Central Committee, end the "Benjamin" [favorite] of Loci Iwo;

    also at the time of the Tiream-Hoectni schism, some data show that

    both she and Sh)hmet t s wife (Piveto Sheht) were shaken am/ showed sign*

    of fear and absoiescing their posts.

    As a conclusion, one repeat* that in the inveranimije symbiosis,

    Enver was the decisive member of the pair.

    Hence, I do not believe that the eventual loss of Nexhmije will

    bring outstanding changes in Moses position, so much the more since

    the latter, basically, is not very much of a sentimental man. The

    outstanding characteristic of Enver U the disproportionate adoration

    of his "ego." This *ego " doee . not leave much room for others;:-although

    these others include his spouse with Yamaha has lived together for 20

    whole years, through days good and bad, troubled end peacefUl, dangerous

    and triumphant.

    However, the loss of Nexhmije will have some offset, even at second

    or third hand, on the person of Enver.

    , Placed for a/moet a quarter of a contra,. at the head of the Party

    ea person Number /, always present -- even when he did not %Wish it --


  • FZ711T

    it a circle of intrigues and rivalries, divergencies and enmities, open or

    concealed, personal ambitions and passions, jealousies and "cupidityt.

    Enver Ally ally had to open his heart somethmes, sometimes to be

    supported morally, sometimes to mourn his plight or to discuss his plans

    and desires. Amore suitable person than his wife, that Is, Nembeije,

    could not be found., Let us not forget in this connection the well known

    , psychological factor, bed, darkness, and feeling of oneness. It is

    quite natural, then, that Nexhmije has been for 20 years the complete

    personal "confessor of Enver, the depository full of his secrets.

    The retry nature of Nexhmije seemed to help Enter make confessions.

    In truth, in ray opinion, Neshmije Naost has been a most meek person with

    understanding and comprehension for the troubles of others. In the

    biograPhy that I have given previously about her , person, fled noted

    among other things: "Consider how one of the most liberal members of

    the Central Comedttee... polite andapproachable...different from most

    of her colleagues, enjoyed a kind of fellow feeling ("sympathy") among

    CommOniste who knew her for her meekness.. .end has many intellectual


    This trait of Nerimije --- meekness, although it did not influence

    her husband, had a kind of influence, hoverer ahmall, on the acts and

    position &the latter. When peopli live together fur a long time, their

    receive something, kkvever small, from one another and they make, however

    small, mutual concessions in this or that area.

    With the dieappearanoe of Nexhmije, / think therefore that the

    wildness present in Enver t s (intrisek) character will become even sore


  • 4

    Perhaps, in the absence of a person who was very close to him

    (with the eventual disappearance of Nembmije), he will seek elsewhere

    some moral ard psychological =met. NatnrelY, Just now, in the

    immediate future, I personally exclude the possibility that Sneer

    will seek this support in a woman. Certainly, at his Present ale

    of over 50, his children by Nextm


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