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  • 1.DISCOVER ARBONNE An extraordinary business opportunity

2. What do you really want?Begin with the end in mind Stephen Covey 7 Habits of Highly E!ective People 3. What is Important to YOU?Financial FreedomDebt"FreeTime FreedomSpending time with FamilyHelping other peopleVacationsRetirement Savings 4. or maybe...justgetting the bills paid on timeMost bankruptcies can be avoided with an extra #200"300 income per month 5. Business Ownership Key to Wealth4 Things to look for in a business"Marketplace Demand "Consumable Products "Timing and Trends "Ability to Leverage Your Time Source: Dr. Charles King, renowned professor of business practices, HarvardGraduate, University of Chicago 6. What is Network Marketing? Leading traditional retailers are known to spend 25$30% of every sales dollar on advertising,media and other promotions, while network marketing uses those same dollars to reward individuals for "word"of"mouth" promotion.ABC Chicago News Story 7. Network Marketing = Word of Mouth How many times have you recommended a good movie or store sale? Wouldnt it be nice to get paid on that referral? Imagine how that can add up! When you love a product and youve seen results, other people want to try it too! 8. Multiple Streams of Income 35%"50% Prot on Retail Sales4%"17% Overall commission &additional' 15% on Discount Buyers #800"#1000 MBenz Bonus Cash Bonuses at every levelExotic Incentive Trips Yearly Cash and Jewelry Recognition Gifts 9. ARBONNEBenecial Pure, Safe Personal Care Products Non Toxic,Nutrient and Antioxidant RichProductsSomething for Everyone 10. The Arbonne these products get DifferenceRESULTS! Botanically BasedNo Mineral Oil or petroleumbased ingredientsPh Correct HypoallergenicDermatologist TestedNever Tested on Animals No Animal"Derived IngredientsVegan Certied No Chemical Fragrances or Dyes 11. Christina Chambers The Arbonne Intelligence Exfoliating Masque with Thermal Fusion is basicallya chemical peel in a bottle, but it's all"natural. Your skin will feel like butter. It's simply amazing. ( Christina Chambers&Marty, One Life to Live' 12. without with Reverse The Visible Signs of AgingEveryone wants to look and feel YOUNGER! 13. SeaSource Detox Spa Release toxins as you pamper yourself 14. Over 400 productsto fall in love with... 15. Arbonne Allows You to Use incredible products Work alongside your main job Begin with minimal start"up expenses Blend family, friends and fun with income 16. ARBONNE PURE SAFE BENEFICIALAs an Arbonne Consultant Take the Mercedes Benz quiz...withyou are entitled to #800"#1000 a month for your MB Bonus, which would you choose? Are Enjoy a 35% discount o! the suggested you more of a Sedan or SUV person? retail price on all products Maybe a sporty convertible is more your style! Unlimited income potential Mercedes"Benz Cash Bonus Program Upline support, training, achievement recognition and awards 17. D R E A M 18. Family Practice Physician wanted more time with her children Deanna has replaced and more than doubled her successful physician income and is full"time mom to her 3 kids Pastors Wife, Dance Studio Ownerwanted money for college educations Lisa has been able to send her kids to the colleges of their choice and has freed up her husband to be in full"time ministry with or without pay. 19. Corporate Exec unsatised with long hours and no future Ed now has the freedom and exibility in his schedule to spend more valuable time with his wife, his kids and family.Trial lawyer worked 70"100 hrs week Kathleen began working Arbonne part timearound her law practice. She now does life on her own terms and can be there for her children and husband. 20. Small Business Owners wanted to own their own life Mark and Becky Potterbaum have been able to be fully present parents to their 6 children, pay for college educations, give to Missions projects, go on family vacations, hire a nanny and cleaning help and go on exotic trips alone! Will you be next? 21. Whats Your Why?Shake hands with yourself in 5 years...will things be di!erent? 22. GIVING BACK LOVING BIG FINDING PURPOSE Good works are links that form achain of love Mother TeresaThere is more hunger in this world for love and appreciation than for bread. Mother Teresa DO SOMETHING BIGGER THAN YOURSELF 23. 2 WAYS TO GET STARTED 1. Preferred ClientSign Up for #29"receive 20% o! No Maintenance Requirements !50 Bonus for every RSVP, 4" override on personally sponsored orders 24. 2 WAYS TO GET STARTED 2. Consultant Sign up for #109"receive 35% o!Minimal Maintenance Required Starter Kit includes catalogs, samples, forms, presentation aids!50 Bonus for RSVP sales Pay the difference 4"#17" overrides at any time for Paid on depth 15" prot on Preferred Client ordersinstant upgrade Mercedes#Benz Bonus from PC to 35#50" Retail Prot on retail sales Consultant! Incentive Trips 25. PurchaseYour RSVP Right Start Value Pack YOU decide what you want in it!!700 inproducts for !350! 50" O$Time Sensitive O!er Available to Preferred Clients and Consultants 26. This material was compiled by Arbonne Independent Consultants and is not o)cial materialproduced by Arbonne International.