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The 2012 issue of (dis)ability addresses career-related issues unique to students and recent grads with disabilities. The cover story features b-boy group ILL-Abilities.


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  • CONtENtiNdEX04 SUCCESS StOry Elizabeth Novak, a historical interpreter for the City of Toronto, tells us how her career path landed her a rewarding mu-seum job. Sponsored by Rogers Wireless.

    06 CarEEr CUpid Bacon. Its not just for breakfast anymore.

    08 takiNg thE EXtra lEap How do you adapt to a word-heavy cul-ture when you have dyslexia or hearing loss? Mary Michaela Weber talks about innovative adaptation.

    11 COMMUNity. hEaliNg. grOWth. aNd a rOUNdhOUSE pUNCh. A karate club in British Columbia is teaching self-defence to survivors of brain injury. Strength, focus, and inner peace: you can find it at the Leonard Cheshire Budokai Karate Club.

    15 FiNdiNg CONFidENCE iN yOUr abilitiES We chat with motivational speaker Alvin Law, who talks about how employees with disabilities can make superior employees and how he used to play the trombone with his feet.

    19 SElF-dEFiNiNg yOUr jOb hUNt You have a disability. Your job search shouldnt. Heres how to search for jobs and find an employer who sees YOU, the professional.

    29 SpEak yOUr MiNd Assertiveness training isnt about bully-ing its about communicating what you need at work and creating positive change.

    31 rECOgNiziNg ability We profile the companies who are doing their part to create an inclusive (and eq-uitable) work environment for employees with disabilities.

    22 iNSpiriNg thrOUgh daNCEIn the b-boying world, some of the best dancers, or even whole crews, merge to form super crews. Montreal-born, Luca Lazylegz Patuelli, decided he wanted to form a super crew of dancers with disabilities. He came up with the idea of ILL-Abilities. We profile the crew members and talk about how they defy the law of gravity and inspire crowds around the world while doing so.

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    WhOShiriNgIFC CSIS03 Bank of Montreal07 TD Bank Financial Group09 Canadian Pacific09 Imperial Oil13 The Home Depot14 Air Canada Jazz14 FINTRAC14 Domtar18 Target21 Export Development Canada

    28 Wood Manufacturing Council of Canada

    WhOElSE?05 Rogers Wireless10 NEADS21 Media Job Search Canada30 Humber, The Business School, Alternative Dispute ResolutionIBC Career EdgeOBC Humber, The Business School, Global Business Management

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    jobpostings publishes disability issues twice a year. issue dates are september and january. 20,000 copies are distributed to over 100 universities and colleges. available by subscription: 2 issues for only $8.00 (plus hsT). contents of this publication are protected by copyright and may not be reprinted in whole or part without permission of the publishers.

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    CONtribUtOrS mary michaela weber, michelle hampson,

    NatiONal aCCOUNt MaNagErS Sarah-lyN aMaral, Mary vaNdErpaS ShaNNON traCEy

    iNtErNS amir ahmed, chantelle rodrigo

    ON thE COvEr ill-abilities Photo by ben li, raw edge Photography

    Published by Passion inc. 25 imperial street, suite 100 Toronto, on m5P 1b9

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    ediTors noTe


    NO EXCUSES. thatS What thiS iSSUES all abOUt. In life, there are many who limit themselves, who stop themselves from reaching out for those goals they dream about. It happens to the best of us. It happens to the able-bodied. And it happens to persons with disabilities.

    Unfortunately, the odds of this happening to the latter group are higher. Growing up with a dis-ability isnt easy. But at the same time, growing up not being able to do what others may take for granted gives you a

    unique perspective on life. In fact, it gives you an edge.

    We live in a world where the majority of able-bodied people only use a fraction of their potential. Its easy to see. And for persons with disabilities, youre in the unique position to recognize that best. What better motivation then to get out there and apply yourself, to achieve those things so-ciety says you cant do?

    In this issue, we profile a variety of individuals who do just that. While each has their own per-sonal disability, each

    has gone on to lead successful and fulfilling lives, lives that dont just inspire those with disabilities, but every-one. We also profile a selection of Canadian employers who have done a great job of fostering an inclusive environment for their employees with dis-abilities and their sur-rounding community.

    Read on, friends.

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    Turn your potential into performanceAt our company, we have been helping our customers and communities for over 190 years. Working with us means being part of a team of talented, passionate individuals with a shared focus on working together to deliver great customer experiences. We stand behind your success with the support you need to turn your potential into performance.

    BMO Financial Group is committed to an inclusive, equitable and accessible workplace. By embracing diversity, we gain strength through our people and our perspectives.

    Now hiring: Customer Service Representatives**Opportunities for People with Disabilities**

    If you are a person with a disability, please email your resume and cover letter to [email protected] and include Job Postings in the Subject line.

    Visit bmo.com/careers to discover other opportunities with our team today.

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    success sTories


    COMpaNy: Todmorden mills heriTage siTe pOSitiON: hisTorical inTerPreTer lENgth OF EMplOyMENt: 2 years dEgrEE: masTers of museum sTudies u of T, faculTy of informaTion (2012), hon bsc universiTy of guelPh (2006)

    ElizabEth NOvak

    What drEW yOU tO yOUr CUrrENt pOSitiON?

    When I was accepted into the museum studies program, I thought [the position at Todmorden Mills] was a really great fit. It just worked really well for me as I pursued my academic studies.

    tEll US a bit abOUt yOUr rESpONSibilitiES.

    With most museum positions, you have a hand in pretty much everything. Im doing educational programming for groups, run-ning a variety of environmental and histor-ical education programs about the history, heritage, and ecology of the Todmorden Mills site and the Don Valley.

    What iS thE MOSt ChallENgiNg aSpECt OF yOUr pOSitiON?

    The most challenging thing is the current financial climate for museums and trying to stay adaptable, while meeting the needs of the public. No shift is ever the same. There are so many interesting people coming onto the site with different needs and wanting to learn different things.

    What iS thE MOSt rEWardiNg part OF yOUr jOb?

    One of the most rewarding things is when visitors tell you at the end of a tour, Thank you so much for the information. I learned a lot! For me, its really rewarding if Ive inspired somebody to learn more and make

    them want to come again.

    What aCCOMMOdatiONS dO yOU USE tO hElp yOU SUCCEEd ON thE jOb?

    At Todmorden Mills, I dont really need that many accommodations. When I worked for Scotiabank, there was a lot more deskwork and being in front of a computer, so I had ZoomText and the of-fice lighting was adjusted for me. I have a visual impairment, so lighting is very chal-lenging sometimes.

    CaN yOU tEll US abOUt thE hiStOry OF yOUr diS-ability aNd hOW it haS aFFECtEd yOUr CarEEr?

    I was born with low vision, which has really restricted my ability to drive. My past ca-reer goals involved working in the environ-mental field where you really need to have the ability to drive to do biology field work. This has really structured and changed my career path and the sectors Ive looked into. Working in the museum field, you dont necessarily need to drive a car, but you still have to be flexible and adaptable.

    iS thErE ONE aCCOMpliShMENt yOU arE MOSt prOUd OF tO datE?

    Ive just completed a masters degree, which has always been a dream of mine. Im also really proud that I have a job that is giving me lots of valuable experience as I come

    out of an academic program. Just finding your career path is a huge challenge, so being at this stage of my life and knowing what job field Im really passionate about and suits my skill set is really rewarding.

    What adviCE dO yOU havE FOr StUdENtS lOOk-iNg tO laNd thEir FirSt jOb?

    For any person who has a disability going into an employment situation, you need to be prepared to come in and say, Here are the techniques and strategies I can bring to help accommodate my disability. If you come [to a job interview] with those strate-gies in mind, it shows initiative and that you can work with your disability.

    iS thErE aNythiNg ElSE yOU WOUld likE tO add?

    I went through the Workplace Essential Skills Program (WESP), which connected me with the Ability Edge internship pro-gram. Seeking employment as a person with a disability can be really challenging and WESP really helped me develop job searching techniques.

    Its all about timing, networking, and put-ting yourself out in the community as much as possible. Im a year-round volunteer with the Toronto Zoo and Ive found that vol-unteering can provide valuable networking opportunities while also adding experience to your rsum.

    SUCCESS StOriES sponsored by