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Presentation given at National Collections and the Digital Humanities seminar at The University of Edinburgh, 14 February 2014. Presented by Gill Hamilton, DIgital Access Manager on behalf of National Library of Scotland.


  • 1. digitised collections and services gill hamilton digital access manager g.hamilton@nls.uk

2. digitisation since early 2000sin-house some in partnership mass digitisationScottish, topical, preservation, exhibitions 3. print & manuscript collections 4. image collections 5. film and sound collections 6. map collections 7. challenges selection descriptioncorrection use and promotion and that old chestnut . resourcing 8. selectionRequest a digital copy 9. description - transcriptionhttp://en.wikipedi.org/wiki/Massacre_of_GlencoeSomething out of Deen Swift and she said I was fit for the Stage and you may think I was primmed up with magestick Pride but upon my word felt myselfe turn a little lirsay lursay is a word which is a word 10. description - georeferencerhttp://en.wikipedi.org/wiki/Massacre_of_Glencoe 11. description semantic We think this is CambraiDo you think its this Cambrai?Or this Cambrai? 12. correction OCR 13. use The Historic Maps APIhttp://maps.nls.uk/projects/api/ 14. use various methodsWikimedian-in-Residence open metadata and digital content policy 15. Here today from NLS Gill Hamilton, Digital Access Manager Tony Stuart, IS Development Manager Fred Sanderson, IPR Officer National Library of Scotland NLS digital collections NLS historic maps API NLS map collections NLS Screen Archive collection Wikimedian-in-Residencehttp://www.nls.uk/ http://digital.nls.uk/ http://maps.nls.uk/projects/api/ http://maps.nls.uk/ http://ssa.nls.uk/ Ally Crockford a.crockford@nls.uk


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