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  • 1. Paul Hamilton-Smith 2013See this presentation online atwww.innovationeducation.netDigital Stories

2. Storytelling has been going on for centuries. It is agreat way to communicate feelings and ideas. Wehear the term Digital Stories and can sometimesbecome confused. The most important part of theterm is story. The digital aspect makes these storiesmore widely accessible and created with manydifferent kinds of media.The Internet has taken digital stories onto theworld stage and now makes publishing to theworld a part of students everyday learning. 3. The World of Digital StoriesI see digital stories as anopportunity for students to sharetheir creations with more andmore people.There are so many kinds ofstories that can be shareddigitally it can sometimes behard to know where to begin. 4. Book CreatoriMovie for iPadiStop MotionPodcastingStorybook Maker iPadPreziOnline Comics 5. iStopMotionA great way to get your students excited about creating adigital story is by using stop-motion animation.Stop-motion is the process of taking many photosof an objects and slightly moving it each time to givethe impression that is moving buy itself.I used the program iStopmotion for Mac and iOSbut there are lots of Windows options out there(Stop-Motion Pro) 6. iStopMotion The process of creating a stop-motionmovie always begins with a planningsession that outlines the basic plot orinformation that needs to becommunicated I worked with students in small groupsbecause the process does take sometime to film. 7. iStopMotion Go through the basics of how to use thesoftwareHow to make a lego character walkaround your scene 8. iStopMotion The Process 9. iStopMotion First attempts 10. iStopMotion The First Fleet 11. Crazy Talk animation. Animate any picture! $49. Windows only. 12. reverses visual storytelling by starting withthe image and "unlocking" the story inside. Exploreartists, get inspired, and write. 13. Amazing ArtworkProfessional looking presentationsFull Screen booksCan be saved for laterCan be shared via the internetStudent / Teacher assignemnets 14. Submitted stories appear here 15. Microsoft PowerPoint PowerPoint and Keynote are a great start to makingdigital stories as most of us are familiar with them insome way. It is easy to introduce an interactive element into thePowerPoint story by adding hyperlinks onto objects sothat the story can take a different turn.Apple Keynote 16. The thunder cracked over his head and the hailstung his face as he stared into the darkness of thecave. Should he enter?EnterRun away 17. As he scurried inside the cave he felt the warm,smelly breath of something near him. Oh no it wasa.... 18. He ran off into the darkness feeling better aboutnot entering into that cave. What kinds ofcreatures would he find on his path through thesewoods? 19. Microsoft PowerPoint Apple Keynote Year 5 students were studying Forensic Science andI asked them to create a digital story that incorporatedthe knowledge that they had gained during lessons. Once students were shown the basics of hyperlinkingand duplicating pages they were able to set off andcreate some great interactive stories.It should be about the story, not the technology 20. Microsoft PowerPoint Apple Keynote 21. oVoice Thread add student comments via audio video or textoNarrate a story, excursion, some artwork, a class project.oTeachers can record their voice to explain concepts, ideas etc.To see many examples ofVoicethread being used inclassrooms 22. 23. oHave a look at this example of how you could use Voicethread. 24. Book creatorCost: $5.49Publisher: Red Jumper StudioApp Store rating: ****The simple way to create your own beautiful iBooks, righton the iPad. Read them in iBooks, send them to yourfriends, or submit them to the iBookstore. Ideal forchildrens picture books, photo books, art books, cookbooks, manuals, textbooks, and the list goes on. 25. Book creatorThe GoodSo incredibly easy! Prep students can create booksPublish to iBooks, Dropbox, Good Reader, EPub, email, iTunes filesSound is easy to recordEducational ValueCreate digital stories easilySequencing eventsGood for struggling writers (record function) 26. Book creatorOverview of how the app works 27. Book creatorExcursion RecountsUse the app to recount a recent excursion or event withthe help of photos and audio.Great for those students who have difficulty in writing asthey can narrate. 28. Book creatorStudent PortfolioInsert some images of key achievementsNarrate important events and achievementsInsert photos of key pieces of work 29. Book creatorBooks to read with your classCreate a book for studentsCustomise to their reading levelsInsert familiar text and imagesMake a meaningful text for them to read.A Prep Alphabet book 30. Book creatorBooks to read with your classCreating the Year 1 Rule BookCreate a class book for students to share 31. Exporting the Year 1 Rule Book to iBooks 32. Podcasting 33. Digital stories can be read and recordedonto podcasting software such as Garageband, Audacity, Audio Boo or manyothers. Sound effects can enhance stories butshould only be used when needed.PodcastingGarage Band(Mac / iPad)Audacity (Mac /PC)Audio Boo Mac/ PC / iPad 34. Audio boo is a free service that gives a 3minute recording saved to the internetthat can be easily shared over theinternet.Mac / PC iPhone / iPad 35. 36. Want more? 37. Keep and Share Your WebsitesoDelicious is an excellent way of keeping all your bookmarks togetherand sharing them with your year level. www.delicious.com Delicious weblinks..