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FLTR | Forward Looking Tech Radar | A simple, visual tool to track trends in digital marketing. Analyzing topics such as big data, responsive design, the Internet of Things and Apple's iBeacons, enabling companies to focus on marketing technologies and tactics they should be preparing for. Tech buzzwords and marketing topics are placed on the rings of an animated radar. Bogeys closer to the center of the radar are more immediately relevant to todays marketers. Bogeys further out may warrant some watching. And there is an area for Dead Tech; the stuff that you really shouldnt waste any time on.


  • 1. The Problem Every marketers worst nightmare is filtering through hundreds of Google Alerts to discover which articles identify new digital marketing trends or technology trends. FLTR | Forward Looking Tech Radar | provides marketers with a comprehensive overview of the most important emerging tech topics, defining when your company should plan for, watch and adopt new technologies. FLTR eliminates hours of research, allowing marketers to save time and become more accurate when reporting to their executive team.
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