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Badging is a key component of Global Gateway, VIFs integrated online program of professional development, classroom resources and collaborative community for educators. Global Gateway builds on a professional development sequence that uses a project-based inquiry model to train teachers to infuse global perspectives, critical thinking, innovation and technology into their classroom instruction. VIF's Global Schools Network will provide Global-Ready Teacher Designation to educators who complete the training and demonstrate integration of global content and activity into their core instruction.


  • 1. Designation for the Global Ready Teacher: The VIF Badging System Julie Keane Ph.D Mark Otter Make Learning Global.

2. About VIF 27th Year 11,000 teachers from 75 countries 50 Splash dual language schools 20,000 Global Gateway teachers 3. The Global Schools Network: Teacher, school and district recognition Heres How. 4. About the GSN 4th Year 25 Global-Ready districts 250 Global-Ready schools 10,000 Global-Ready teachers 5. Global Gateway: Online community of practice with professional development and digital curriculum Heres How. 6. About Global Gateway Built on VIF Global Competence Grade-Level Indicators 7. Teachers earn badges by completing PD modules in four Learning Spirals About Global Gateway 8. Badges can be pushed from My Badges to Mozilla Backpack About Global Gateway 9. Badges can be viewed by others on My Profile About Global Gateway 10. The Global Ready Designation: Teacher committed to preparing students Heres How. 11. Global Ready Designation 12. Preparing Students for the World: NC State Board of Education Task Force on Global Education Heres How. 13. NC State Board of Education Commitment 1: Robust and cutting-edge teacher support and tools 1.1 Integrate global content through project-based learning 1.2 Global-ready badging process for educators 14. Get started today at