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  1. 1. At Wilderness Ventures, young people can participate in stateside and international outdoor adventures. Wilderness Ventures features one program specifically designed to grow leadership skills in youth. With these programs, students play a greater role in day-to-day decision making during an extended wilderness experience. Learning leadership skills as teen can help prepare individuals for the challenges of adult life. In addition, many colleges look at leadership skills when making admission decisions. Although workplaces place high value on leadership, many find leadership skills lacking in new hires.
  2. 2. In fact, the Partnership for the 21st Century Survey revealed that leadership is the second highest skill deficit in recent college graduates, behind communication. According to the study results, only a small percentage of graduates earned recognition as highly skilled in leadership by their employers. As a result, devoting time to developing leadership skills can offer strong benefits to teens. Experts say that while some people are natural leaders, anyone can become a leader by practicing key leadership skills, such as listening and effective oral communications.


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