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<ul><li> 1. Project OverviewSt. Vincent residence own a downtown Milwaukee building.First two floors are an art gallery owned by the couple and third floor living quarters.Space designed with barrier free components and ADA accessibility.Open floor plan with room for entertaining and family visits.The couple is in their early 50s and have two children who are married, retired to fulfill their passion of art.Style must reflect the couples traditional style with eclectic elements.The St. Vincents require a living/dining room, kitchen, bath, master bedroom and bath, laundry, and a guest room/den. Dining Room Prototypical Living Room PrototypicalMaster Bedroom Prototypical </li></ul> <p> 2. Concept Statement The St. Vincent home will be planned toaccommodate their gallery clients while still providing a warm, comfortable space when their children come to visit. The open floor plan will not only allow room for entertaining but also space for a wheelchair when needed. The style of the spacewill be shown by traditional elements but, withsome flair of their art eclectic style. A calming bedroom will help the couple relax after a long day of work. The second bedroom will be primarily usedas an office but also a bedroom when family visits. The highlight of the space will be the kitchen. It will making anyone proud to cook in that space.Overall, this design will serve as a multi-functional space that will provide efficient space for gatherings and family visits while creating a warm and invitingatmosphere. Furniture Plan Scale 1/4=1-0Building Shell Scale 1/8=1-0 3. Living Room West Elevationnot to scale Master Bedroom West Elevationnot to scale Living Room North Elevationscale =1-0 4. Project OverviewCreate a dream home remodel for the Stone Family.The parents are in their 40s with both children away at college.Needed updated furniture, finishes, and space plan to reflect the familys style.Wanted a gourmet kitchen for entertaining and master suite to act as a private getaway.As Built Plan- 1st Floor As Built Plan- 2nd Floornot to scalenot to scale 5. Construction Plan- 1st FloorConstruction Plan- 1st Floornot to scale not to scaleConcept StatementThe Stone residence will be designed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that will be complemented by an efficient and organized space. The kitchen will be expanded to include more storage and an updated design that willreflect that familys lifestyle. The master bath will be extended over the garage to create more space for the ultimaterelaxation spot. The master bedroom will be updated to provide a getaway from a long days work. Other rooms throughout the house will be updated to reflect that warm environment that will reflect that needs of the family. Thefinishes and furniture will enhance the style of the home, while providing the perfect place for any family gatherings. 6. 3 4 2New Furniture Plan- 1st Floornot to scale 10 14 15 13 11 7. 20 2122 26 New Furniture Plan- 2nd Floor not to scale25 27 8. First floor Second floor 9. W-2 C-1 W-3 W-43a4a S-1 WT-1 13a T-114aT-2F-1 10. 22a W-6 W-7 W-827a W-9 W-1T-4W-4 F-3 F-2 W-10 11. Project Overview Update the Heinzelmanresidence kitchen andpowder room. House was built in 1973and the couple would liketo maintain the style ofthe original house. Couple is looking toresell the house in 6-7years so resale value is aconsideration. Couple wants acontemporary style, opento outdoors, door leadingto the patio, and seatingfor four. New Cabinet Plan not to scale Kitchen Before 12. East Wall Elevation Finish Plan not to scale Perspective 13. Project Overview Dan and Steve Jones own afather/son chiropractic officewith two hired employeesAnn and Tracy. Leased a retail space inMurray, Utah of 1600 squarefeet in a strip mall where thespace is in raw shellcondition. Need a space that will meet Anns Office Prototypical Bubble Diagram their needs both as a businessand also for their clients. Space needs to meet coderequirements of egress, ADAaccessible areas and ADAaccessible unisex bathroom. The minimum needs for theclient include; customreceptionist desk, receptionarea, three exam rooms,Anns office, file room,chiropractors office,conference room, storagecloset, telecommunicationscloset, break area, unisexrestroom. Block Diagram.scale =1-0 14. Concept StatementThe Jones Family Chiropractic will be planned to accommodate patients of all ages. The spacious floor plan will provide ADA accessibility as well as functionality in both the common areas as well as in the office areas. The space will reflect a calming atmosphere through cool and neutral colors, soft textures, and calming aromas making any visit a relaxing experience. Overall, the design will be relaxing while also providing Furniture Plan high functionality, space andnot to scale adequate storage. Dimensioned Plannot to scale 15. Top half wall coveringWood flooringReception area floor plan not to scaleBottom half wall covering 16. Concept Statement To give a cozy, inviting spacethat will be a reflective spacefor all students after a longday of studying. The relaxingatmosphere will create aperfect hang out space forstudy groups or to hang outwith friends while enjoying agreat cup of coffee. Materials and FinishesBlock Diagram Bubble Diagram Dark wood tonesLaminate countertop withwood cabinetryComfortable and stylishfurnitureLighting wood flooringDark burgundy, burntorange, and light beige colorpalette Paint PaintCountertop Cabinetry Flooring Vinyl wall covering 17. Project RequirementsResearch cafs through case studies to create ideas and a Elevation concept for the design.not to scale Begin the design phase with a concept statement, bubble diagram, and block diagram.Design a new space plan for the existing caf in the student center.Create a floor plan, perspective and two elevations of the newly designed space.Floor PlanDraw both ink line and color not to scale renderings of all the plans. 18. Project OverviewGain experience working as a team to design a learning commons for a college.Learn to develop and document the first three phrases of the design process (programming, schematic design, design development) to the client.Learning commons must be a destination point for students and community members to engage with oneProject Goals another. The space should be an inviting and comfortable environment for students to study productively Keep in mind together or as individuals through usage of the flexible workstations. protecting the health, safety and welfare of the The learning commons should be an efficient and task oriented space by creating an open yet flexible public who use thisfurniture plan layout. space. An area of the learning commons should be designed to accommodate small groups for studying or Create a space that willpresenting material by usage of smaller group study rooms. be collaborative, flexible, and resource rich The space should be an inspiration for the students to relax and enjoy themselves in an academic and keeping in mind currentsocial setting by usage of vibrant colors and contemporary furnishings. technologies. When walking into the space it should be warm and welcoming for all students and visitors by createda space that all generations can be comfortable in. 19. Furniture Plannot to scalePurpose of UA- Auburn Learning Commons 1. The caf is a space will accommodate over twenty students to study or 5. The lounge chairs, with side tablet, provide a place for students to studyrelax while enjoying lunch or a cup of coffee. quietly while having a great view to the outdoor on a nice sunny day. 2. The walk-up coffee station will serve all the students studying in the6. The alternate lounge area features the comfortable Herman Miller tatinolearning commons, making it quick, easy and convenient to grab a cup ofbean bag chair for flexibility and conversation between or a snack while on a study break. 7. The individual workstations, with mobility, and functionality are great for 3. The walk-up computer stations have multiple standing stations with anany students that are working individually or collaboratively .ADA accessible station with computers for students to quick check emails, 8. The small conference rooms, featuring a projector, dry erase board, and aprint documents, or make copies on their way to class. television, are to accommodate small groups for presentations, meetings 4. The collaborative work area featuring ganging tables and backpack hooksand well as group studying.making it great for small groups of classmates or friends to studytogether. 20. Concept StatementThe learning commons has an overall collaborative work environment. Group workstations will be placedstrategically throughout the space but also be flexible for individualstudies. The space is designed to promote learning and assistingstudents in their researchand studies. Theatmosphere of the spacewill be fun and energeticfor students to not only study but also to gather and relax after a long dayof studying. Sketch-Up Perspective 21. Project Overview Founded in 1994, Aniworks Games is an independent game developer that is based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.Aniworks has leased a portion of an existing building of 13,438 square feet in Suite 101.Aniworks like to promote an environmentally friendly work environment to the design should reflect that philosophy while following all codes of egress, and fire safety issues.Aniworks employees use company- issued laptops, wireless internet network, minimal file storage, collaborative work areas, and each have their own 48 square foot workstation.Design should follow the companys five key principles: quality over quantity, innovation, collaboration, efficiency, and independence.The space needs to include: reception area, president office, thirty-three workstations grouped together according to teams, audio department, workroom, multipurpose room, storage room, data room, ADA restrooms, break room, conference room, and optional fitness center with lock rooms, bathroom, and massage therapy room. 22. Adjacency MatrixBubble DiagramBlock Diagram Prototypicalnot to scale not to scale 23. T5T2 T3 T5 C8 B1 24. VWC 1VWC 3VWC 2 VF 1 CPT 1 25. Workstation Typical Components Workstation Isometric Workstation Typical Panels 26. W5Rendered Workstation Isometric C3 W2W3W1 27. West Wall Testing Area ElevationEast Wall Reception Area Elevation not to scalenot to scaleCollaborative area for quality assurance team to test games. 48 square feet of desk surface space. Gathering area for all employees to conduct meetings or to relax.Complete routine office tasks in an efficient manner. Storage for gaming equipment and games.Showcase Aniworks Games for a focal point in the space. Two televisions for multiple games to be tested at one time. Seating for at least four guests. Flexible furniture that can be moved for small groups to gather. Secure door between reception area and offices for security purposes.S1C4T1 C2 28. Competition ScenarioGiven three hours to completeDesign a new cabinet planCreate a board with cabinet, countertop, backsplash, floor, paint, and window treatment finishes.Code all finishes appropriately and create a finish legend.Client needed:1. French countrydesign2. Bring outdoorsin to the space3. Serve forentertaining4. Seating for two </p>


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