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Presentation delivered by Mark Letcher, Climate Works Ltd. as part of the Delegate Showcase session at Communicate 2012: Breaking Boundaries


  • 1. Moving beyond eyes wide shut Mark Letcher - Climate Works Ltd

2. 2012 3. Climate consequences 4. 1992 5. 2012 6. We know a lot about... 7. what doesnt work! 8. Frighteners 9. Shaming 10. We have anaversion to loss 11. And we are notalone..... 12. Reference dependence Here & now Cool summer So global warmingmust be wrong.Operation Noah 2012 13. We like to bepart of a group 14. 99% of people leave this woodexactly as they find it. 15. Do not destroy the forest. 16. We are not empty vessels 17. Sc ien ti ficefa c ncts eid EvTurnSlowly 18. Now II get it. ClimateNow get it. ClimateChange is a seriousChange is a serious problem!problem! 19. We see 20. the world 21. through frames of reference 22. FramingIts one of those! 23. 60 million frames! 24. Value modes (systems)1. Smooth sailing2. Brave new world3. Roots1. Pioneers4. Certainty first5. Happy Followers6. Tomorrow People2. Settlers7. Golden Dreamers8. Now People9. Transitionals10. Concerned Ethicals3. Prospectors11. Flexible Individualists12. Transcenders 25. Settlers - sustenance driven 26. Settlers - sustenance driven Security Comfort Family 27. Prospectors - outer directed 28. Prospectors - outer directed Position Right neighbourhood Keeping up with Jones 29. Pioneers - inner directed 30. Pioneers - inner directed Information Risk takers Individuality Knowledge 31. Parlez-vous No, but Im fluent in Pioneer? Prospector! 32. Opening a dialogue 33. NewContinueapproach & Hope 34. Thank you.Mark Letcher - Climate Works Ltd