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A UNION NEWSLETTER OF NPMHU LOCAL 307 - PROTECTING MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MAIL HANDLER The following pages contain Information or opinions that may be personal in nature and are not necessarily the position of the officers of Local 307 nor the National Postal Mail Handlers Union. Some of the items of interest and or articles may have been obtained and or copied with permission from other newsletters from other Locals throughout the country. As always any member in good Standing is invited to contribute his or her ideas, opinions or insight on any issue that they feel may be beneficial to the Craft. All relevant items submitted in an electronic format will be included in any future newsletters. Please contribute VOLUME 2ISSUE 3 DECEMBER 2011 Notice of Election Inside Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings from Local 307

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NPMHU Local 307 December 2011 Newsletter


Page 1: December Newsletter



The following pages contain Information or opinions that may be personal in nature and are not necessarily theposition of the officers of Local 307 nor the National Postal Mail Handlers Union. Some of the items of interest andor articles may have been obtained and or copied with permission from other newsletters from other Localsthroughout the country. As always any member in good Standing is invited to contribute his or her ideas,opinions or insight on any issue that they feel may be beneficial to the Craft. All relevant items submitted in anelectronic format will be included in any future newsletters. Please contribute


Notice of Election Inside

Happy Holidays and SeasonsGreetings from Local 307

Page 2: December Newsletter

Local 307 Headquarters

2929 E. Grand Blvd.

Detroit Michigan 48202

Mailing address

P.O. Box 2758

Detroit MI. 48202

Phone (313) 831-1334

Fax (313) 758-0675



Local 307 Executive Board

Jim Haggarty - President

Cell (616) 217-8342 or (313) 421-6155

Email [email protected]

Michele Combs - Vice President

Cell (313) 550-2463

email [email protected]

Mary Misuraca -Zerr - Treasurer

Cell (248) 240-0183

email [email protected]

Rita Tripp- State Rep

Cell (616) 301-5290

email [email protected]

Ellen Carpenter - Recording Secretary

Cell (269) 823-2867

Email [email protected]


Detroit GWY - Fayelynn Smith

Office (313) 963-2490

cell (313)421-9132

Detroit PMC - Billy Harris

Office (734) 722-6411

cell (313) 421-9287

Email [email protected]

Grand Rapids - Rita Tripp

Office (616) 776-1439

(616) 977-1060

Email [email protected]

Kalamazoo - Ellen Carpenter

Office (269) 353-5633

Cell (269) 823-2867

Email [email protected]

Detroit NDC - Bob Savage

Office (313) 337-2238

cell (734) 819-6167

Email [email protected]

Lansing - Alicia Moore

Office (517) 337-8858

Cell (517) 703-4207

Email [email protected]

Metroplex - Mary Misuraca Zerr

Office (248) 758-5788

Cell (248) 240-0183

Email [email protected]

Saginaw - Priscilla Willis

Office (989) 771-5805

Cell (989) 327-4375

Email [email protected]




Flint - Craig Sams

Cell (517) 410-8549

Traverse City - Jeff Velfling

Office (231) 933-1020

Cell (231) 288-6979

Email [email protected]

Jackson - Steve Noreika

Cell (517) 740-2090

Email [email protected]

Iron Mountain - Scott Denzer

Cell (906) 368-0028

Email [email protected]

Gaylord - John Yonchewski

[email protected]


The we care Union

Michigan Mail Handler December 2011 Page 2

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Consolidation Update

Michigan Mail Handler December 2011 Page 3

The plan calls for excessing 63FTR and 1 PTF. And somehow,they think they will reduce overtime hours in the process.

Iron Mountain - averaging 16.8%OT . Yet they want to excess 3FTR and lose the 1 casual and theplan is to have 11% OT ?????

Traverse City - averaging 6% OTYet they want to excess 3 FTRand the plan is to have 5.7 %OT ?????

Kalamazoo - averaging 5.9% OT .Yet they want to excess 7 FTRand l PTF and the plan is to have3.1% OT ?????

Lansing - averaging 11.7% OT .Yet they want to excess 10 FTRand the plan is to have 3.9% OT ?

Saginaw - averaging 16.5% OT .Yet they want to excess 5 FTRand the plan is to have 4.5% OT ?

Grand Rapids - averaging 10.1%OT . Yet they want to excess 3 5FTR and the plan is to have 3.9%OT ?????

The plan is to excess in a 100mile radius from each facility, butthere is nowhere to go to.

They can’t get the mail out now,but somehow by further cuts tostaffing, they think they can fixthe problem.

Right now, anything is possible.Plans change by the day. Theydo not know how to manage andthey do not have a realistic plan.

Whatever happens, we will be ontop of it to lessen the impact onthe Membership and we willensure that the Contract isfollowed in every instance

Minimal to no impact to the MailHandler Craft in Jackson, basedon the Flint model and the factthat there are only 10 (ten) MailHandlers in Jackson.

Greater Michigan District -management in GreaterMichigan is being a lot lessinformative of their plans.

Their destructive plan calls forminimal Mail Handler staffing inthese facilities -

Kalamazoo - 15 Mail handlers

Lansing - 22 Mail Handlers

Saginaw - 14 Mail Handlers

Grand Rapids will gain positionswith any mail that is moved infrom other facilities. Initialreports look like 56 positionsbased on Lansing mail and 45positions based on Kalamazoomail.

Nothing has been said aboutTraverse City, but we shouldgain some positions there withany mail being moved in.

Gaylord with 5 Mail Handlersand Iron Mountain with 13 MailHandlers should be minimallyimpacted based on the numberof Mail Handlers in the facilitiesand the most likely scenario thatthey remain open as transferstations / carrier hubs.

But, all this speculation is basedon a headquarters approval ofthe plan.

It seems that Greater MichiganDistrict management is notconfident in their plan becausethey already have an unrealisticback up plan in place.

Management has completedtheir consolidation feasibilitystudies and they have been sentto USPS headquarters for review/approval.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but ifapproved, it is possible thiscould occur.

Detroit District - initially, theplan called for the closing of theGWY, with the NDC, PMPC andMetroplex gaining mail from theGWY, Flint, Jackson, Saginaw,and Toledo.

That plan fell short of some floorspace. About 200,000 squarefeet.

Now it is possible that the PMPCwill close, with the NDC gettingmore parcels, the GWY gainingmore bundles and the Metroplexcould lose a SPBS to the GWY.

Management is being veryvague on the whole issue and wewill not know all the specificdetails until headquarters makesthe final decision.

Flint is basically a done deal.This was in the works prior tomanagement’s latest plan. Allprocessing should be out of Flintby January. 18 Mail Handlers willremain in Flint as a transfer hub /carrier station. We were able tofind landing spots for theexcessed Flint Mail handlers atthe Metroplex which is 35 milesfrom the Flint Facility.

There has been no informationabout the Jackson facility, but, Iwould expect that there will be

Page 4: December Newsletter

Michigan Mail Handler December 2011 Page 4

As previously reported, kisterwas found guilty of embezzle-ment from our Local. That convic-tion stemmed from the chargesthat I filed against him in 2007.When I took office in 2010, addi-tional items were uncovered andthey were forwarded to the Dept.of Labor, but the judge ruled thatanything after the original indict-ment was inadmissible, so wewill not be reimbursed for thelatest findings.

Other than the still unresolvedissue with the building lease, thiseffectively closes the issue withkister. I could truly write a bookon the damage that he and hiscohorts did to this Local, but it istime to move on. All records anddocumentation are available forreview at the Local office for anyUnion Member

The following is our LocalMembership numbers through-out the years;2002 - 14922003 - 15642004 - 14272005 - 14222006 - 15252007 - 14632008 - 14052009 - 14282010 - 1289today - 1044

As you can see, we are downover 500 Members from ourhigh in 2003. Normal attrition,the past VERA and excessinghas hit us pretty hard. The 102non members do not help thesituation either . Another VERA,if approved will further hit ourfinancial stability.

Our Convention will take placein Portland Oregon on August 6,2012 thru August 11, 2012.

Per the Constitution, The LocalUnion Council has decided tosend a total of 10 delegates. Dueto budgetary concerns, and thePractice of other Locals, theLocal Executive Board hasdecided that all delegates willReceive a plane ticket and a paidhotel room for the convention.There will not be any compen-sated lost time for any delegates.A notice did go out for Judgesand only 2 responses were re-ceived. To save additional Unionresources, I have decided to bethe third judge. Maxine Branchefrom the NDC will be the Chiefjudge and Lamar Jackson fromthe Metroplex will also be ajudge. The official notice of thenomination meeting is posted inyour facility and is in this news-letter. As always, I encourageeveryone to vote and participatein this democratic process.



Issues with the building are stillunresolved. It continues to beour biggest and most problem-atic liability.

We have several ongoingdisputes with the lease and thelease payments, but that is anissue for the lawyers.

The building was part of thecharges that I brought forth in2007. If those charges wereproperly addressed back then,we would not be in this messnow. We could have tried tobreak the lease, due to possiblefraud on kister’s part or at thevery least, we could haveexplored financing options. If itwas addressed in 2007, wecould have possibly owned itoutright by now or be veryclose to having it paid off.

Membership trends


There are detractors out therewith their own agendas spread-ing rumors that this Local isbroke.

While it is true that we are downabout $150,000.00 a year indues revenue, we continue tobe fiscally responsible in ourduties.

When I was elected LocalPresident in March of 2010, wehad just over $100,000.00 in thebank. Despite the ongoing andcontinued decline in revenue,as of this writing, we have$105,000.00 in the Local check-ing account.

Past administrations in this Localhave had a lot more money , alot less problems, but theyalways seemed to be brokebefore the end of the year

National Convention

Social FunctionsEach Branch is allotted a Budgetby the Council. And participationfrom the Membership is alwayshit or miss.

The Metroplex, PMPC and GWYcombined this year to hold aFormal dinner dance onNovember 20th, Thank you, LolitaWallace. The function had aminimal turnout, so the BranchPresidents are looking for otheroptions for the Future.

The Grand Rapids Branch hasscheduled their function forDecember 10th.

As with all Union functions, alldues paying Mail handlers arewelcome to attend

Page 5: December Newsletter

Michigan Mail Handler December 2011 Page 5

I find it necessary to restate thelongstanding policy of this LocalUnion, that Union Stewards donot act in a Union capacity whenthey represent in an EEO.

Also, the only authorizing Unionsignature on an EEO settlementis mine or the Branch Presidentfrom the complainant’s facility.

I personally disagree with thosethat charge Members for an EEOredress. It is not that hard, If youpay for an EEO , you are beingscammed and will be pressuredby them to settle at redress.

An NDC Steward has recentlybeen decertified for amongother things, signing off for theUnion that a PMPC Mail Handlerwas awarded a Bid without thatBid being posted for all. He alsosigned for the Union in anothercase, that a GWY Mail Handlerlost 11 days of pay and receiveda 5 day suspension for answer-ing a cell phone while sittingparked on a Hilo.

We are currently disputing theseso called settlements throughthe Grievance procedure. Theyset a bad precedent and call intoquestion the motives behind thesettlements.

Branch president Gary Hicks hasretired. The building is a mess.As Local President, I will take theblame. I bought into the smokeand mirrors.

I was mistaken that a formerLocal President and a formernational President knew how torun a Branch. The NDC was thehome to many Officers of thisLocal. It should be our power-house, but it is in fact our weakestbranch. It is an embarrassment.

Tour 1 bids were lost a long timeago. For over a year, tour 3 Mailhandlers have been detailed???Into tour 1 schedules.Management repeatedly asksselect Mail Handlers on all 3tours to change their scheduledstart time and no grievances arefiled.

The clerks, pse’s and manage-ment are running rampant overus and the Contract. Minimal tono grievances have been filedover these issues.

In one LCTS case that was sent tostep 3, it was argued that ourwork was secretly given to theclerks for over a year without ourknowledge, that argument isamateurish and admits theincompetence on the issue.

I can go on and on about thefundamental problems anddeficiencies' within the Branch.

I have decided to decertify ourstep 2 Rep / Chief Steward overthese issues among others andgo outside the box and appoint aBranch president that can beproperly trained and that has nopersonal agendas or ties to anycliques within the building.

Basic fairness and Representationto all will prevail at the NDC.

In the short time that Bob Savagehas been running the Branch,management has already agreedto sit down with us and create thenecessary jobs that are neededwithin the building.

It may take a while to turn theNDC into a properly run Branch,but until this mess is turnedaround, all Executive BoardMembers and Branch Presidentsthroughout the state have beeninstructed to assist the NDCBranch on any and all issues. Imyself have been there at leastonce a week . I am on call 24/7and I am posting weekly updatesto the Membership on the BranchBulletin Boards

The EEO Process

NDC Retreats

Newly appointed NDC BranchPresident Bob Savage and Iwere able to negotiate theretreat of 20 excessed MailHandlers back to the NDC.

Management at first offered 5,but we were able to negotiatethe 20 to return on December31st. They will not be in Bidsuntil the jobs are created,sometime in January.

The Detroit NDC

Contract Update

All Local Presidents met inWashington DC on December 1stto discuss the latest on our Con-tract. The National Office hasrequested that all updates to theMembership come from them aswe are in a sensitive time andwe do not bargain on the bulletinboards or newsletters.

ETC.Next newsletter - April 2012

Please Vote often but only onceeach election.

Join the PAC. We need you.

Check out our legislative issuesat

Work smart. Work safe.

Happy Holidays and SeasonsGreetings.


Jim Haggarty

President Local 307

Page 6: December Newsletter

Michigan Mail Handler December 2011 Page 6



In the next few months I will be taking the reins of the newsletter from Jim Haggarty. He has served ourmembership well by giving us a voice and informational platform that other locals envy. We are lucky hepersisted for so long and kept the newsletter alive when no one else wished to take over for him. I feelthis is something I can do for our union and maybe, if we are all lucky, do well. I consider myself a writerand have edited publications before, so this is something I have experience with. But, I will need yourhelp. As Jim has wrote before this is YOUR newsletter. By the membership for the membership. We needto hear your ideas and questions, even criticisms. This is what will help make a good newsletter great.

I would like to encourage you to be a more active part of your union. It needs you. You need it. With allthat is in the news about the government in partisan gridlock, the corporate fat cats taking our tax dollarsand running. Working people are being hung out to dry, those who just want to earn a living wage for agood days work; one would think our membership would wish to stand up to those who oppress andthreaten our way of life. But people are afraid and that is understandable. The world is not as easy tounderstand as it once was. The people we thought of as trustworthy have been proven otherwise, andnow we are frightened to place our faith in others. Management continues to rotate in and out of our State,getting worse every time the door hits them on the way out, and we seem to always pay for the privilege.

I won’t ask much of you (at first), just open your ears and eyes. Maybe write a statement to protect your-self or another employee. If you already write statements consider taking another step in involvementand write an editorial or article for this newsletter. Ask your co-workers what they have on their mindsand submit it to the newsletter. The membership wants to hear from you. We all need to collectively stepup and get more involved in being union members in whatever way is possible for each of us. Please askyourself what you could do. In the upcoming newsletters I will be offering ideas for ways to support yourunion and other unions in our struggle to support the Labor Movement. The little things add up, and theymake the union stronger, and our country better. Thank you for fighting with me for a better world.

Jennifer Wolf

Submit to the newsletter: [email protected]

Grand Rapids breast cancerawareness day.Think Pink Traverse City Branch meeting

Page 7: December Newsletter

Michigan Mail Handler December 2011 Page 7

Recording Secretary

Branch President Kalamazoo

Ellen Carpenter

Only You Can Protect Your Job - We have all heard people say at one time or another that the Unionsaved someone's job. Sometimes this can be a very difficult thing to do, especially in the recent yearswhen management is intent on reducing the number of employees on the rolls. Years ago managementwould be more lenient with grievances and discipline because they knew if they fired someone theywould likely not be replaced. Arbitrators were far more lenient about bring people back to work.Employees were given Last Chance Agreements easily, sometimes three or four "Last Chances". Thosedays are in the past. Management has become more creative in finding ways to discipline people. TheUnion has seen removals for issues that have never been seen in the past. The important thing toremember is that the Union can protect your rights, but only you can protect your job.

You can do this by making wise decisions and thinking about things before you act. If you call in sickyour supervisor is supposed to present you with your 3971 upon your return. Years ago time keeperstook care of that function, but now management wants you to use the preprinted 3971 generated by theERMS system. If you are given your 3971 immediately review it completely before signing. If there issomething on your 3971 that you do not agree with, fill out your own 3971 and sign it. It is YOUR leaverequest. If you are not presented with a 3971 upon your return, you have the right to complete one on theclock. Ask for a form and fill it out and keep a copy for yourself. It is much harder to fight an incorrect3971 weeks later than it is to submit the form the way you want it completed and argue over anydiscrepancies at the time.

Follow the rules. We all know that people run to McDonalds on break. We know that people put magnetson the doors to override the security system (yes, I mean you Kalamazoo). That does not mean that if youget caught you will be able to say "everyone does it". That kind of practice has to be well documentedand you will need names, dates, and times. The better thing to do is follow the rules. Work safely. This isimportant because management will stand by and watch you move three containers at once all night longto get their mail out, but they will be the first ones to issue discipline if you get hurt. You can say thatyou've seen others doing the same thing, but if you aren't willing to document that regularly it's mucheasier to work safely. Don't guess when filling out paperwork. Management will approach you with a1260 if you have missed a punch. Be sure that you remember exactly what time you should have madethat punch, even asking to see your door swipes first if possible. A 1260 is a voluntary document. Youmight miss a little bit of pay if you don't fill it out, but it's fraud if it's filled out incorrectly. If you genuinelydo not remember something, it is better to say that you don't remember than it is to try to come up with astory that can either be proven wrong or that you might forget if they ask you again.

If you are on sick leave, don't go shopping, on vacation, to the casino, or anywhere else that a sick personshould not be. If you get caught you can and probably will be fired. You probably know of people whohave gotten away with it, but it's very difficult to prove later on. Know where you are in the disciplinaryprocedure and keep notes about any discussions or reviews. You could be pulled into a Pre-D and have asupervisor claim that you received a discussion on a specific date. If you have documented yourdiscussions you would be able to counter this claim if necessary. Be sure that you are aware of thedisposition of any grievances filed on discipline. Management may claim to have no record of asettlement.This is very important if you bid to another tour or building, or you transfer or get excessed.

Page 8: December Newsletter

Michigan Mail Handler December 2011 Page 8

State Executive Board Member

Rita Tripp

In September I participated in the "Save our Service Day" in Grand Rapids. This was a collaborative effortwith the NALC and APWU. Like most families the Mail handlers and clerks may fight for jobs but we canstand together as brothers and sisters against management to save our jobs.

I attended the LIUNA convention in Las Vegas. Just prior to the NPMHU entered into contract negotiations.LIUNA promised their support and Terry O'Sullivan gave an inspiring speech to rally support.

In October I attended the MHBP health insurance training in Denver CO. It was eye opening on the state ofinsurance benefits in the workplace. The increase in cost and decrease in services with most of the FEHBplans was on average 30%.I have been assisting with the Flint excessing and the movement of those Mail handlers to the Metroplex. Allof the Mail handler excessing and operational changes should be complete 12/17/11.

I attended the Detroit Christmas party at the Crystal Gardens in November. Lolita Wallace from the GWY putthe function together and did a wonderful job. Thank you Lolita!

We had an E-board meeting 11/21/11. The board met with Chuck Howe to discuss operational changes thathave allowed the retreat of 20 mail handlers to the NDC and has moved a lot of mail in to the Metroplex. Thepost office is struggling to move mail and employees in unison. This has created high rates of overtime,improper use of casuals and a push back from management on attendance and annual leave. We are shortstaffed in all of the facilities and even one call in creates overtime.

In every facility we are facing understaffing, cross craft, management working and in some facilities a lot ofovertime. The best way to respond is with a grievance. This leads the battle for union time and takes onemore person off the floor. It is the only way to keep jobs in your facility and in Local 307. Support yourstewards so they can support you !

Open House

Sunday January 22nd. Conference Championship Games.

Food * Fellowship * Football

Noon until Midnight

Page 9: December Newsletter

Michigan Mail Handler December 2011 Page 9




Local 307’s finances have never been better. However, there are concerns and challenges that will confront us in the future. Bothregular and associate membership dues revenue continue to decline. With less dues revenue, Local President Haggarty and I havemade adjustments and lowered our expenses without sacrificing our primary purpose of representational activities.

This year, additional internal financial controls have been implemented providing even more transparency. Local 307 has beenenacting conservative spending practices since the year 2010 when the new Executive Board was elected. Effective cashmanagement has ensured the proper handling of union funds and reduced our expenses. Our long term financial plan is to be able toconsistently provide effective union representation for many years (decades) to come. Effective and efficient union representation isnot free and does not come cheap.

In 2010 several training programs were conducted, with more planned for next year. There are large expenses associated with thesetraining programs. Local 307 is committed to these programs to provide outstanding representation to the Mail Handler craft.Conducting these training programs is an expense that is, “money well spent, since it is an investment in our future.” Each year, Local307 complies with regulations regarding fiscal yearend reporting. The Local 300 annual financial reports are publicly disclosed toDepartment Of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service.

Local 300 Membership Report: Since my last membership report, the amount of regular members has continued to be in a state ofdecline. However, the percentage of overall membership continues to increase. We still have the ability to increase our membershipcomplement by being aggressive in signing up nonmembers. The decline in membership is due mainly to attrition (retirements, sepa-rations, and transfers). This decline in membership has affected the finances. Revenue from Associate Membership Dues have alsodeclined For your information, Associate Members are; any Postal employee that is not in the Mail Handler craft, or any FederalEmployee. Many Associates have sought membership in the Mail Handlers Union to participate in the many programs of the MailHandlers Benefit Plan (MHBP). Such losses in revenue would adversely affect most labor organizations, however Local 307 has beenreducing costs. These changes have had no impact on the quality of union representation. Each branch has been provided a listing ofall “prospective” members. Help your branch increase its 'membership. Sign-up a non-member today

Very important information has been posted on the website pertaining to Legislative Issues contains information on important issuesthat might affect the Mail Handler craft. Here you can find all of the relevant legislation, which are pending in the 112th session ofCongress. Please be sure to check on how your Congressional leaders have or have not supported NPMHU legislation. Everymember is encouraged to keep in contact with their members of Congress. Ask members of Congress to co-sponsor; H.R. 1351‘‘United States Postal Service Pension Obligation Recalculation and Restoration Act of 2011’’ and H.Res. 137 a House Resolutionthat the, “USPS should take all appropriate measures to ensure the continuation of its 6-day mail delivery service.” It is important toremain Politically Active. There are issues confronting us which are better addressed through legislation to change laws andregulations. H.R. 1351 would correct the overfunding of the CSRS & FERS pension funds and apply the surplus COLA 2006‐2011National Agreement. Please contact your Congressional Representatives, let them know that you are a member of the National PostalMail Handlers Union. If your representative is already a co-sponsor of H.R. 1351, thank him/her for their support. If they are not, askthem to support H.R. 1351 sponsored by Congressman. Lynch (MA). For your senators, tell them who you are and that they shouldonly support legislation similar to H.R. 1351. There are several pieces of legislation in the Senate, but they contain provisions thatwould be harmful to the Mail Handler craft.

MI Metroplex P&DC Branch Report:

At the MI Metroplex P&DC, thirteen (13) Flint Mail Handlers will be excessed into the facility starting in November of 2011 and endingon December 17, 2011. I like to welcome the Flint Mail Handlers to the facility and if you have any questions and/or concerns, pleasecontact me at (248) 758-5788 or (248) 240-0183.

During a District Labor Management Meeting on November 21, 2011, District Manager Chuck Howe agreed that the employees whohave vacation time after Christmas will be allowed to have that vacation time off work.

Again, I will represent the Mail Handler Craft at the MI Metroplex P&DC in accordance with the National Agreement.

Page 10: December Newsletter

Michigan Mail Handler December 2011 Page 10


Grand Rapids Branch Jennifer Wolf,Markeia Prepitit and Rita Tripp

Grand Rapids Presidents -NALC Gary Smith

APWU Amy Puhalski

NPMHU Rita Tripp

Kalamazoo Branch President EllenCarpenter and the K-zoo contingentat Congressmen Fred Upton’s office

Pontiac rally - Metroplex Mail HandlersUrsula Patterson and Tanya Brown

Page 11: December Newsletter

Michigan Mail Handler December 2011 Page 11

Our youngest supporter in Lansing

Lansing President Alicia Moore and Julia McCarty

Pontiac rally - Local President JimHaggarty, Treasurer / MetroplexPresident Mary Misuraca Zerr ,Vice President Michele Combsand m embers of the Zerr family

Scott and Laureen Denzer- Iron Mountain

Lansing Steward Tim Snyder

Page 12: December Newsletter

Michigan Mail Handler December 2011 Page 12


A Grand Rapids Branch meeting was held 10/30/11 and had a good turnout. Lansing and Kalamazoo Branch

Presidents were at the meeting and introduced. We discussed that the consolidations are actually centralizations.

Leaving some personnel in Lansing and Kalamazoo. Grand Rapids cannot take all the mail from Lansing and

Kalamazoo. Kalamazoo and Lansing to be Hubs staffed by MH. This reduces numbers of MH we need to take in.

Feasibility and equipment additions must be done by November 18 and submitted for approval to the area.

Proposed equipment and machinery: AI, Gantry Robot, 6 seater SPBS, 6 DBCS. Final determination should be

made by January. April 1, July 1, and Oct 1 are the implementation dates. These studies will require a 20 hour

operation window in all gaining facilities.

Realignment? May just be a 3 hour change. We will have to wait and see what new jobs and hour are offered. If it is

reorganization we will keep current positions and new positions will be posted for bid prior to gaining anyone

from Kalamazoo or Lansing. If it is another realignment I will try to settle the current realignment grievance and

post all the positions we had at that time a long with any new positions that are created.

While making all these changes we will be short staffed and management is taking on a lot of PSE clerks. We also

have clerks that management will try to keep busy with our work. Make moves on time clock, swipe your badge

and write more statements. PSEs do not know what jobs are what and just do what they are told and we will proba-

bly see a lot of cross craft violations. Please remember when filing to write accurate information. Who, what, when,

where, how long.

Job reversions are not being tolerated. They have excessed and realigned knowing those employees were not

available for duty. Grand Rapids has hired 9 casuals. At this time there are no acceptable triggers for any casuals.

Grievances have been filed based on the fact that Grand Rapids should not have excessed employees, reverted

nine jobs if they were in desperate need of employees.

Now that we have been designated as a gaining facility the powers that be have decided to put in place “Plan B”

and have issued another notice to excess 35 mail handlers. Management used work hours and volume prior to tak-

ing in any Lansing or Kalamazoo mail. The time frame also included hours from approximately 12 employees that

have left the facility for one reason or another.

How can we be so short staffed and still have BPI/VOL numbers that allow excessing? Because they used operation

hours with 12 more employees than we really have, added mail volume, hired casuals that are not working in

operational hours used in the impact study and limited the speed of the PIT equipment by approximately 35% .

These things combined have driven our BPI down, decreased productivity and raised overtime to nearly 11%. We

have been set up to fail.

I have filed a grievance and will pursue Labor charges . We will know in January if the equipment proposals were

approved and that will determine our fate. If we are disapproved they will excess. I f the proposal is approved

they will create jobs

The PIV Seniority placement has been an ongoing issue. They must honor 5 click leeways when they place PIV

operators in the beginning of their tour. Management has agreed to give employees their seniority placement if

they are aware in advance of any change in their start time. Make management consistent with their policies across

all tours and buildings.

Management has recently received $66000.00 in OSHA violations for inconsistencies in training and the use of

unapproved equipment. IE: tow bars, modified hitches etc...They have taken an aggressive stance on safety

violations with the craft employees. They will be issuing a license to PIT qualified mail handlers and it will list your

qualifications. We will continue to use the tow bars we have and management is fighting the fines on both charges.

Management has also asked to implement safety captains. They have proposed to give them more duties than in

the past. They will do the safety walk thru with a supervisor at each facility at the beginning of each tour and the

safety walk thru each quarter. They will be trained on the documentation of safety training in the employee (cont.)

Page 13: December Newsletter

Michigan Mail Handler December 2011 Page 13

training records, be involved in making new safety videos, JSA updates, SOP’s etc…I will not continue to participate

in the program if the safety captains take on a supervisory attitude and start turning in employees instead of

reminding them of safety rules and regulations. They should not be expected to give orders, suggest discipline or

in any way be in charge of other employees. They should be expected to set an example of being safe, assisting in

the abatement of a safety hazard and suggesting/reminding employees of safety rules and regulations that are be-

ing ignored. They are there to help avoid the violations and as a result avoid discipline.

As updates on the staffing, additional equipment and reorganization/excessing become available I will share them

with posted updates.

Detroit area Social Recreation function

Alicia Moore, Markeia Prepitit and Rita Tripp Maxine Branche and Sandra Jones -Quartey

Fayelynn Smith and Lolita WallaceLocal President Jim Haggarty and PMPC President Billy Harris

Page 14: December Newsletter

Michigan Mail Handler December 2011 Page 14

Door prize winners NicholasGaines and Debbie Wynn withLocal President Jim Haggarty

Local President Jim Haggartyand Markeia Prepitit

Page 15: December Newsletter

Michigan Mail Handler December 2011 Page 15

A WOMAN'S PLACE IS IN HER UNION - Rita TrippOn July 27, 1935, Polish and Black housewives began to picket Hamtramck butcher shops, carryingsigns demanding a 20 percent price cut throughout the city and an end to price gouging in Blackneighborhoods. When men, taunted by onlookers who accused them of being “scared of a few wom-en,” attempted to cross the lines, they were “seized by the pickets… their faces slapped, their hairpulled and their packages confiscated… A few were knocked down and trampled.” That nightHamtramck butchers reported unhappily that the boycott had been 95 percent effective.

This was the beginning of what led to the sit down strike that made history in Detroit, MI in 1937. Thecelebrated Meat Strikes of 1935 were led by Mary Zuk, she should be in the Michigan Women's Hall ofFame. Gaining a national reputation for leading the meat strike in 1935, Zuk went on to becomeHamtramck’s first woman on its city council and a premier union organizer. During her campaign forHamtramck council, she actively sought and received help from the African-American community, a“revolutionary” tactic in 1936. By 1933 Detroit was the focal point of 70 per cent of the unemploymentthat gripped the state. One-third of the wage earners of Michigan had been partly or totally unem-ployed for four years in succession. When the depression was only two years old, the army of 211,000dependents on Detroit’s relief rolls was equal in size to the entire population of Grand Rapids.This was a direct result of not the depression but the reform that came after the depression.Ford created communities for his employees by providing housing, company store, credit etc...The corporate paternalism seemed like such a good deal then. It had had dire consequences. As Fordand other factory owners started to recover and make money with a 609% increase in profits they nolonger needed to offer so much to their employees. The rich had gotten richer and they stoppedproviding housing, called in credit and laid off employees. Leading to evictions, starvation and socialunrest. Mary Zuk helped organize the mostly women employees of the 5 cigar factories in Detroit toprotest poor working conditions and call to Labor to be represented in the all-white male Union. Thebroad range of workers at this time with the integration of black, polish, Jewish, and women in the workforce caused a ripple that turned into a sit down strike. This independent political action forced theAFL-CIO to represent all employees. They now had strength in numbers. They also had the dedica-tion, strength and maternal instinct that drive women to protect what they produce. If that production isan idea, a Labor movement or a family, women are formidable. The women of Hamtramck proved thaton July 27, 1935 when they held the line and took their place in history.

* The main source for information and quotes was the Hamtramck Star.* The inspiration was the Troublemaker workshop presentation by Steve Babson

retired labor educator, Wayne State.

Special Thanks to Glen Shelton for the invitation to the workshop and his continued support to the Laborcommunity and Local 307

Meat strikes of 1935

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Michigan Mail Handler December 2011 Page 16

Political Action committee - I always encourage Mail Handlers to Join and contribute to thePAC. I donate at least $500.00 a year. I am not asking you to match my contribution, but can youafford $10, $5, or $2 a pay period? Even $1.00 a pay period will help.

Consider the fact that the NALC has $5 Million in their PAC fund while we have around $90thousand. That’s pretty pathetic.

Consider the Fact that Senator McCain wants to greatly increase our Health Insurance Premiums.

Consider the Fact that Jim Demint wants to do away with all Collective Bargaining at the FederalLevel.

Consider the Fact of Union Busting activities in Wisconsin, Ohio and Our own State of Michigan.

Consider the Fact that we need to donate to Labor Friendly politicians to protect our livelihood.

Consider it an Insurance policy.

Consider It, Think About It, Do It

Check out our legislative issues, those we support and those that we oppose

Jim Haggarty

Remember if you do not fill out a complaint, you do nothave a Grievance. Do not automatically assume that youare part of a class action case. Check with your Steward

On page 18 is an advertisement from the Blue water group. If you are injured at work, one option, is tocontact them. They have been in the Chicago area for several years and have had success with assistingPostal employees in the OWCP arena. They have recently expanded into Michigan. I have heard goodthings about their service and as I understand it, there is no employee costs for utilizing their services

Page 17: December Newsletter

Michigan Mail Handler December 2011 Page 17

You can make your PAC contributionby bi-weekly salary allotment through


Dial 1-877-4 PS-EASE -- (877-477-3273)Press # 1 for PostalEASEWhen prompted, enter your eight-digit USPS employee identification number.


When Prompted, Choose Option # 2 (to select payroll allotments)Then Choose Option # 1 (to select allotments)When prompted Press #2 to continue •

When prompted Press #3 to add the allotmentWhen prompted for the routing number enter 054001220

Whenprompted for theaccount# enter the following:11260001 -____ - _____ - _______(the last nine digits of your account number is your social security number -this info will allow us to identify you as the PAC contributor).

Press #1 if-correctWhen prompted Press #1 for 'checking'When prompted, input the bi-weekly dollar amount of your PAC allotment.Press #1 if correct

When prompted Press #1 to processYou will be provided a confirmation number as well as the start date for the salary allotment.

Recordtheconfirmationnumberfor your records

Record the start date of the salary allotment

Press #1 to repeat or Press #9 to end call

Or, to initiate your bi-weekly PAC

contribution on the web

Simply go to www.liteblue.usps.govEnteryour eight-digit USPSEmployeeID Number and your LISPS PIN

Follow the link to PostalEASE- you will again beasked to enteryourEmployeeID Numberand USPS PIN

Follow the link for PAYROLL- Allotments/NT B Continue to the ALLOTMENTS section


Your ACCOUNT # will be

11260001 _____ -______ - ________

(the last nine digits of your account number is your social security number - this information will allow us to identify you as the PAC


For ACCOUNT TYPE - please select "CHECK ING'

When prompted, please input the AMOUNT that you would like to contribute to the PAC each pay period.

To process your PAC allotment, you will need to select the VALIDATE button, and to finalize the transaction, please select SUBMIT. Be sure to

print out a copy of the confirmation page for your records.


PAC contribution by personal check, money order, or credit card: (cut here and return to NPMHU PAC)

You can contribute directly to the Mail Handlers PAC by filling out the following and mailing it to the P.O. Box listed below. Please enclose your

check or money order, or provide authorization to charge your credit card.

My contribution of (please circle one): $26 (member) / $52 (sponsor) / $250 (leader) / $ 500 (Ambassador) / other amt. $______

Name____________________________ ______Visa ______MasterCard Expiration Date:_____________

Address___________________________ Acct.#_____________________________

City__________________ State______________ Zip____________ Please Charge my credit card as indicated above.

Mail To: Mail Handlers PAC, P.O. Box 65171, Washington, D.C. 20035 Signature:_______________________________


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Michigan Mail Handler December 2011 Page 18


Page 19: December Newsletter





This is to advise all members in good standing that on Saturday January 7, 2012 ameeting of Local 307 of the National Postal Mail Handlers Union will be held at the timeand place set forth below for the purpose of nominating candidates to serve as delegates tothe 2012 National Convention, to be held in Portland, Oregon from August 6 throughAugust 11, 2012. The Local Union Council already has determined that Local 307 will besending a total of ten (10) delegates to the Convention, including the Local President whois an automatic delegate, and therefore Local 307 will be conducting an election to choosean additional nine (9) delegates to the Convention.

If you are unable to attend the Nominations Meeting, you must send your nominations via registered, certified, or

express mail to:

Judges of the 2012 Delegate Election of Local 307

P.O. BOX 3560 Highland Park Michigan 48203

Mailed nominations must be received prior to the Nominations Meeting.

After the nominations have been completed, the Judges shall determine whether or not each nominee possesses

all of the qualifications for serving as a delegate. Any member wishing to protest the eligibility of a nominee must

communicate his/her objections to the Judges as soon as possible, but in no case later than five (5) days after the

close of nominations.

The date, time, and place of the Nominations Meeting will be:




Maxine Branche Lamar Jackson Jim Haggarty

Chairman Judge Judge

Michigan Mail Handler December 2011 Page 19

Page 20: December Newsletter

Jim HaggartyLocal President

NPMHU Local 307P.O. Box 2758

Detroit Michigan 48202

Phone: (313) 831-1334

Cell; (616) 217-8342

(313) 421-6155

Fax: (6313) 758-0675

Email: [email protected]

Michigan Mail Handler December 2011 Page 20

“What the heart has known, it shall never forget”

We extend Our deepest sympathy to the family and friendsof Mail Handlers who have passed away and to those who

have recently lost a loved one

In support of

the occupy


“To have a Grievance is to have a purpose in in life”Unknown author

This newsletter is about Mail Handlers, by Mail Handlers and forMail Handlers. It’s goals are to inform, educate, protect, defend,serve, organize and empower Michigan Mail Handlers.

This newsletter will be published periodically. The editorreserves the right to determine if material submitted shall beprinted and reserves the right to edit as needed for length,clarity and content.

Any opinions expressed within this newsletter are personal innature and not necessarily those of the editor, the officers of local307 or the National Postal Mail Handlers Union. The Local andNational officers of the NPMHU assume no responsibility for thecontent made by any contributor to this newsletter


P.O. BOX 2758