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Leadership VS. Management

Leadership VS.Management

Created by:Brianna AllenKerri KeatonSierra StairZach HolcombePLOT SUMMARYSetting: Welton Academy All boys preparatory schoolProtagonist: Professor John Keating English and Poetry TeacherUnconventional Teaching MethodsChallenges Students to Think for ThemselvesPoetry Evokes Passion, Romance, and LoveMain Characters: Neil Perry, Todd Anderson, Knox Overstreet, Charlie DaltonSupporting Characters: Steven Meeks, Gerard Pitts, Richard CameronDead Poets Society MeetingsHeld in a CaveImpressionable Young MembersLessons of Courage, Integrity, Compassion and JusticeCharactersOverview of charactersJohn KeatingFree-Thinking English TeacherUnorthodox MethodsGoes against Welton CurriculumConfuses and Concerns other ProfessorsPreaches Importance of PoetryEvokes PassionCarpe DiemTaught Students to Seize the Day

Neil PerrySenior whos fated to go on to Harvard and become a doctorHas his own desires and dreams despite his fathers wishesIs thwarted in his attempts by Dad After learning about the DPS decides to resurrect the clubTakes the role as the clubs leaderWants to Join the School Theater ClubGoes against Fathers wishes and auditions for a part


New Student at WeltonHas to Face and Measure up to His Brothers ReputationOlder brother made many contributions to the school and was very well liked and very academicIs Unsure of Keatings TeachingsShyness and lack of self confidence holds him backIs scared to read in front of others, both in class and at DPS meetingsGains Encouragement through Keatings Exercises

Knox Overstreet

Romantic Character who Discovers the power of Poetry for Romance, Love and Wooing WomenBecomes Obsessed with Chris; the soon to be Fianc of Chet DanburyWrites Poetry about herGathers Courage to Call herGets invited to Party where His Goal is to win her overRides down to the neighboring school to see her

Charlie Dalton

Grasps and Revels in Keatings TeachingsEnthusiastic, Wild, RebelliousBrings girls into Dead Poets Society

Leadership ScenesScenes that demonstrate leadership and the impact leadership has on othersCARPE DIEMGather Ye Rosebuds:Carpe Diem DiemMeans Seize the day or make the most of the momentMr. Keatings approaches his curriculum with unconventional ideas to the students that strayed from the conventional practicesThe first lesson to his students was gathered from Robert Herricks famous lines: Gather the rosebuds while ye may,Old Time is still a-flying;And this same flower that smiles today,To-morrow will be dying.Alongside education, there is also a spiritual side and a duty that the students have to themselves to reach for more than just their education at Welton, to grow passion How is this relevant to leadership?Leadership takes more than just managing but adding to peoples life spiritually, that in return they will respect their leader, follow their leader and become successful. 12Contribute a VerseDiscussion: Why Do We Read and write poetry? Contribute a VerseIdentifies with the truth that we all exist for a reason, and we have the opportunity to become something great. Shows the true reason behind reading and understanding poetryPassion, Love, Hope, Beauty are what we stay alive for. ConformityFreedom from conformity this exercise Keating:Is teaching the boys to find their own way through life, not strictly by the schools and their parents principles and guidelines, but through their own.Shows that Sometimes giving freedom from conformity is what it takes to be successful.Shows the importance of living to your own rhythmDemonstrates how hard it is to retain your believes in the face of others

The Measure of a LeaderO Capitan My Capitan captain! My captain!Keating was a leader to his students.Lead them through high school and tough situations Encouraged them to try new things whether its following society standards or notFrom this scene of the movie, it goes to show people will follow a leader with great aptitude because that value the leaders honesty and integrity.

As leader in a business world, its important to educate your team and to motivate them to try new ideas, because new ideas are a working process to future success. When employees are happy, their performance is much better, theyre more motivated and they want to follow their leader, especially if the leader is upholds integrity and honesty to their subordinates.


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