day 9 worry. don’t be happy. research paper topics

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Day 9 Day 9 Worry. Don’t be Happy. Worry. Don’t be Happy. Research Paper Topics. Research Paper Topics.

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Day 9 Worry. Dont be Happy. Research Paper Topics. Slide 2 Quiz Gellerman asserts that we believe happiness to be something, but that this is not true happiness. What is happiness not according to Gellerman? Slide 3 Journal #6 Do you think that cell phone use while driving is a big deal? Do you text while you drive? What do you think is a good way to discourage people from texting and driving? Slide 4 Worry. Dont be Happy. How would you define happiness? Slide 5 Worry. Dont be Happy. Draw two connecting circles on a piece of paper. Label one happiness and the other pleasure. Read Gellmans article again and pick out characteristics he assigns to each of these words and write them in the appropriate circle. Then write any characteristics they have in common in the middle where the circles overlap. Happines s Pleasur e both Slide 6 Worry. Dont be Happy. How would Gellerman define happiness? Is his definition different than yours? What kind of things make you happy? are they selfish pleasures? In a well developed paragraph, agree or disagree with Gellermans definition of happiness. Slide 7 Research Paper Topics Read the prompt and complete the Do/What chart. Slide 8 Research Paper Topic Think of the topic you wish to research for your final paper. Turn that topic into a question that you plan to answer. Slide 9 Research Questions In groups, take turns reading your research questions. Are the questions too broad ( could you write a book on it instead of a 10 page paper) or too narrow (will there be enough for you to talk about). Discuss these questions amongst yourselves and solidify what your research question will be.