DAY 27: CHAPTER 4, CHAPTER 5, CHAPTER 6 & CHAPTER 7 Akhila Kondai November 20, 2013.

Download DAY 27: CHAPTER 4, CHAPTER 5, CHAPTER 6 & CHAPTER 7 Akhila Kondai November 20, 2013.

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Akhila Kondaiakhila.kondai@mail.wvu.eduNovember 20, 2013ANNOUNCEMENTsIf youve missed any previous MyITLab lessons, try to go back and do them for half the points any time between now and dead week (Monday, December 2, 2013).INSERTING TablesInsert ribbon > Tables

Click Tables

Select a 3x3 space to create 3 columns and 3 rowsInserting ChartsOLE: Object Linking & Embedding Can take a chart in an existing Excel file and embed a copy in our documentThis works in PowerPoint as well !

Download the following file, but do not open it:Excel_chart.xlsxInserting ChartsIn Word > Insert ribbon > Text group > ObjectCreate from File tabBrowse for Excel_chart.xlsxClick Insert and OK

Resize chart using fill handlesEquation EditorCan build Equation objects with symbols otherwise not available.Do not need to know math to make them, just build them one piece at a time

Equation EditorWe are going to build this

We do 1 character at a time and pick what we need from the menus for exponents and fraction.

Equation EditorFirst, select Script to add the boxes for number with exponent (superscript)Type w2 in the individual resulting boxesClick to the right of 2 to return to the main line

Equation EditorType + f w Click Fraction and select the Stacked FractionPlace another Superscript exponent pair in the top halfEnter e3

Equation EditorEnter 27 in the lower half of the fraction (denominator)Click to the right of the 27 to return the cursor to the main lineType =0Press [Enter] and click once on equationIncrease the font size to Cambria Math 28Voila!

For fun!Try to make this equation:

Symbols and Special CharactersTwo methods to enter these:

Insert ribbon > Symbols group > Symbol > More Symbols > Special Characters tab

Or, Word will automatically convert some standard characters into typographic symbols.

Common typographic symbols

Document ThemesDocument theme is a set of coordinatingfonts, colors, and Special Effects that give a stylish and professional lookGo to Page Layout Tab -> Themes

14Document protection and AuthenticationSet Password Set Formatting RestrictionsSet Editing RestrictionsInsert a signature line15Set passwordStep 1: Go to File Tab -> Save AsStep 2: Give name and click Tools -> General OptionsStep 3: Set Password and Protection16

Set formatting and editing restrictionsGo to Review Tab -> Restrict EditingIn the Right you will have a plane with several options : 17

Insert a signature lineWhere we will use this ?Go to Insert Tab -> Signature LineGive Details


HYPERLINKTo add a hyperlink Go to Insert tab HyperlinkTest the link by holding the CTRL key and clicking it.

Word to pdfYou can even publish your word document as an Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) file Select SAVE AS from the FILE menu and choose PDF option.

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