david pinney ([email protected]) 7 november 2013 open modeling framework

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David Pinney ([email protected]) 7 November 2013 Open Modeling Framework

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David Pinney ([email protected])7 November 2013Open Modeling Framework1CVR Model

Powerflow ModelBattery ModelsConsumer Behavior ModelFinancial ModelsDemand Growth ModelTransformer ModelsWind ModelSolar ModelC02 Emissions ModelClimate ModelCVR ModelDiesel D.G. ModelOPENMODELINGFRAMEWORKFramework: because were connecting models together.Modeling: because were interested in a mathematically modeling grid behavior.Open: because its freely available (to coops) anyone can extend it.We are part of the marketing material for Gridlab.Data end relies heavily on Milsoft.2

Launched in July 2013The OMF is accessible at www.omf.coop.

3Initial Coops Active

Feeder model uploaded and visualized.

4OMF CVR Peak Demand Reduction

2. CVR peak power shaving converted to capacity cost savings and total cost impact.3. Control algorithm comparison.1. Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) control scheme simulated over 3 months.Here is an example of how the OMF can be used to design and evaluate a conservation voltage reduction scheme for peak demand reduction.

A Conservation Voltage Reduction scheme was simulated over 3 months; processing time was approximately 40 minutes.The impacts of the reduced power consumption during peak load is translated in the reporting layer to cost impacts to capacity and energy costs (red and yellow charts). Total cumulative cost impact of the CVR hardware is calculated over 30 years. Payback period in this case was 2.3 years.Impact of the CVR scheme on capacitor bank switching behavior displayed here. We can evaluate multiple control schemes (and/or grid products).5

1: Comparison of 3 systems over 4 days.2: Reverse powerflow predicted.3: Full climate simulation.OMF Reporting Output on Solar SimulationThis simulation compares the behavior of three feeders with different levels of solar installed: none, 100% penetration 5kW residential solar, and an equivalent amount of solar installed solar-garden-style directly on the distribution system behind a voltage regulator. Simulation length is 4 realtime days; processing time is about 1 minute.Simulation predicts cases where excess power is generated by the PV systems and returned to the distribution substationpotential for protective device failure and voltage regulation disruption. Energy calculation shows distributed energy generation is approximately twice load consumption.Solar generation results are based on a full climate simulation of temperature, direct and indirect insolation, wind speed, etc.


1: Overvoltage predicted in rooftop solar configuration.OMF Solar Simulation ContinuedIn the rooftop solar case, overvoltage is predicted during insolation peaks. For the same surface area of PV installed directly to the distribution system behind a voltage regulator, voltage peaks are flattened.7Framework in 12 kLOC

Compute Cluster and Job ManagementDatabase ManagementFeeder Import and EditingTen VisualizationsSAM and Gridlab Model Abstraction LayersSource Control, Testing, Demo, Servers, Tools, DocumentationBoxes sized according to code size.DATABASE 1940 2.20227155455REPORTING 995 1.57718102956FEEDERS 3133 2.79866039383CLUSTER 2162 2.32486558751MODEL 4051 3.18237332819TOTAL 12281 5.540983667188Mapping: mega-scaleReporting: rev-based monetization, reliability metricsPlatform: queueing, auto-scaling, distributed study execution, relational datastore, better job monitoringSolvers: OpenDSS for harmonic analysisCVRLines, TransformersDR, MarketsDGSFS, Advanced ControlsStorageConsumer TechnologyCommsGUI: better workflow, bug fixes, voltage mapAvoiding: MDM, Facility Inspection, Power Theft, Vegetation Management, Cyber Security, Inventory Management, Green Button, Oil Testing, Bill PresentmentData Import: Cyme, glm, improved MilsoftFuture: Optimization, Gridlab Performance, Real Time Interface, Hardware in the LoopTransmissionSimulationGoalsSupporting Software TasksNeeds and TasksTesting: comprehensive coveragePurple boxes are ones I am focusing on for 1 Jan 2014.

Theres a deep task list lying behind this summary. Its important that we constantly keep it aligned with the needs of the co-op community, which is the focus of the funding request we prepared.9

Grid Analytics AssociationGrid Analytics Association

DoE asked us to incorporate this non-profit organization. It is intended to own, and decide on the development direction for, GridLAB-D, DoEs most advanced grid simulation software (10 years, about a dozen developers). Craig Miller, our chief scientist, is the president of this association.10